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General Discussion / Re: change in energy?
« Last post by niant2 on Today at 12:20:08 AM »
 ::)   Not being an individual "merged with my adjuster" and it is very possibly I do not have the same sensitivity as you my dear Amethyst at this moment,...., I do not perceive any change of energy since the name change of our planet and when I look at the sky in the middle of the night and I am able and even identify some constellations of stars that are always in the same places when I look at the sky and even they told us we were in another "system"!!!,....,
nothing has changed, ... it's still the same star configuration.
I always see the same stars that point to the horizon, example: "The constellation of the Great Bear" and so on ..., I'm just confused now!!!!!   :-[ :-\

Thank you to all those who have taken the time to read these messages. I know its a rather lengthy one. It took up a number of pages in my notebook. Dorian, thank you for your kind words, I think you have much to contribute, so do keep up and please dear brother believe in yourself more. Amethyst, you are kind to let this help you and I hope it has been helpful in many ways for most who read how it works for me to take it as it comes. Larry, please feel free, I have no objections to your re-posting what seems to jump out to you so much, I am just pleased you are taking these messages well and have thought it through. It occurs to me that so many of the personal messages have in them so much clarity that deserves to be shared more often and that is why I share these ones and surprise visits do come as Jesus came and that is very much how these things develop and is obviously shared. I am learning a lot in the way how this flows and let it be as it comes. So often, I cut too much out and I need not do that as I soon realize it has a certain flow to it and connection to what is given. Thank you.

Much love, 
General Discussion / change in energy?
« Last post by amethyst on May 21, 2018, 11:50:45 PM »
hi all,
OK, am I losing my marbles or do any of you sense a change of energy in the air since the name Urantia has been changed to Nystoria? Even when I speak the word 'Urantia' and then the word 'Nystoria', I feel a softer, gentler energy with Nystoria.  I wonder if there is more to the name change than we currently realize.  I am going back and re-read the post that informed us of the name change and see if I can find more specific info on the exact reason for the change.  I wish I could put into words better what I feel.  I feel its a softer energy where some of the rougher edges are being filed off.
Did any of you see on the news how a computer says the same word, but it is heard as a different word by about half of those who heard it.  One word heard was 'laurel', and the other was 'yanny', yet the SAME word was being said.   How could that be?  When I listened I heard yanny, but after hearing it a few times, I heard laurel. I did a search on line and found  that at some frequency or waveband, it sounded more like laurel, while others heard it on another frequency. It just depended on which frequency was heard by the listener, even though the frequency at which it was broadcast was the same.  I found that fascinating.   Are some humans experiencing reality itself differently from others?

Amethyst: I just read in the post that Nystoria was to be an "..extension school of Salvington and Uversa concerning schooling of the Urantia rebellion...".  Could it be there are also some more subtle changes occurring?  Just a thought.
Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Re: Believe It or Not - see message inside
« Last post by overmind on May 21, 2018, 11:45:59 PM »
Hard to say whether it is credible or not. I'm certainly curious what the portal is actually for if it's real. Doesn't seem to match the technology of the ships described previously.
I Love it, so beatiful a glance into the future has the power to make us  dream on a better life for our descendants.
Very well done Sue and hats off for this informative transmission, eventhough it took me some time to go all over it. It is of great assurance to know that the plan in regard to Jesus, His Second Arrival, His Speech before the UN assembly, is still in the agenda. I pray for that event to come sooner rather than later. Domtia
Teachers: Sue Whiley, Pre’Mtor and God the Supreme
Subject: A Glimpse and Thoughts of a Future Time Impressed
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 21/5/2018 6.53pm(AEST)

A brief glimpse flashed before me this evening while I was washing the dishes in the sink and it occurred to me to stop washing and write the following down quickly as it flowed.

At some future time, say some 300-400 years from now 2018 date, I saw that there it was a class of students who asked a particular question that was on everyone’s lips to learn and know about. It was as follows:

“Can you tell us what it was like in the times before the Michael Mission came to be?”

[I would also like to ask all of you here to answer this too and add it to the list I share here as it gives a sort of kaleidoscope of the experiences we all have in these times, please feel free to share yours as well here for future archiving for our children’s, children to learn and be better informed of how it was like for us to live in these days.]

Imagine a period or time there was peace, no wars, no poverty, no lack of good things and a great learning of the arts, history, religion and philosophy like no other times before, that is the sense I got in this room of budding potentials. Well, believe it or not, I was the teacher to these students and I chose to answer the question in the following list that is only the tip of the iceberg of what it was like, the list was only just a few examples of what we, the homo-sapiens, had to live with some centuries ago and to these students, it seems a distant time and place, so unrecognisable in the day they are in. So here goes the list:

Imagine a time where there was, in many points and layers in society, various sorts of disparity, of discord and contention. It was a time when it was politically diverse, economically favouring the wealthy and the poor just simply got poorer. Poverty was existent everywhere and the quality of life varied from place to place, it was more severe when the scale of quality of life failed in providing those essentials others take for granted. It was a time of struggle, internal strife to survive, fiercely competitive and a period so disjointed with inequalities in various forms, women were still treated unfairly both in income and opportunity, it was a time when the male dominated the social ladder and it was prevalent in most countries; marriage and divorces were increasing and the family unit increasingly became dysfunctional, suicides were commonplace due to the problems of social integration, drugs, depression, unemployment, poverty and various forms of abuses that marred so many and led some to suicidal tendencies.The list can go on and the hardships many faced even more severe when one has a disability or is physically handicapped to function and our population were aging more and more as prescription medications kept improving the body to live longer. And yes, death was around in those days.

There is however one abiding string of hope. That one is when one is touched by the abiding Adjuster and is somehow impressed, inspired, nudged or prompted to seek the magnetism that “still small voice” represented. The Agondonter in those days is truly one who believes without seeing and this occurs in a time of great turmoil in the one who is of potential to acquiesce the Spirit renown that we know of today.

We do so with ease this day, but it was not so in those days as it was like a mouse trying to find the cheese only to be trapped by some unforeseen circumstances in doing so.

[The future time impressed was a foreshadow of what it is to come and we, in our day of 2018 and time,  have no idea of what it is and how valuable a lesson it is that we have before us right now before the age of reason begins as Father Michael unfolds his Missions as he plans it.

This is a foresight, a foreknowing of times different to our own era. In some small way, I have seen an era(grandparents) gone and a new era(our children) begin in my lifetime and it is not too difficult for us to see this again in some far future time as it happens here. So now, why this far-reaching anomaly for us to perceive? I think it is for this reason: Today, you live it, tomorrow you will teach it, as you have lived it and endured the trials of the ‘old house that Jack built’(old civilisation). It would, in all fairness, take for students in the universe schools aeons of time otherwise to learn all that we have experienced in such intensity of struggles to learn and know of. That I see is God the Supreme in this even now with us. We are truly teachers-in-training to perhaps be helping our children’s children and so on to know the pains of rebellion-life and to inspire never to want it to be entertained again. All this due to the impatience of those high sons who were tasked to oversee the evolving planet(s) in their care. Is it not far better to let the weeds grow among the bed of flowers, than to have the flowers stand tall in a pretty row all alone? It all seems so bare without realising that thorns, thistles and weeds do exist and occur anyways. Well, we all do get pimples, don’t we? That is part of life, we all have to deal with. In the far future time, it is a school of great learning, one of supreme example and true stock-taking before one takes on the universe call of ascensionary service. That is not too hard for us (in this present time) to see as inevitable. Our Father is truly wise.

It is interesting to note too, even in the future time, our people will look to the past history, ours too, to learn and be so enamoured by our experiences.]


Thank you so much Sue and Pre'Mtor.  You have a way of saying things that help soften our apprehensions, and I appreciate the time you take to explain what you experiences as I think it can be helpful to all of us.
General Discussion / Re: Welcome David
« Last post by niant2 on May 21, 2018, 10:36:22 PM »
 :)   welcome home David!,..., I can not wait to learn more about you my dear brother!!!!   ;) 8)
General Discussion / Re: Welcome David
« Last post by bradcooke on May 21, 2018, 09:47:06 PM »
David, Welcome! 
I concur with Larry...please tell us more about yourself, experiences, etc.
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