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General Discussion / Re: To be late?
« Last post by Michel on Today at 07:01:32 PM »
Dear Allie, 
This message is simply a wink of Machiventa humor without more.
You must know that Machiventa has an excellent sense of humor and already this morning he had advised me that I would receive a different and rather funny message this afternoon in order to relax a bit the atmosphere of the Forum.
General Discussion / Re: To be late?
« Last post by Allie on Today at 06:54:42 PM »
Michel -  Are we to read between the lines of this posting from Machiventa?
I'm thinking there is more to this message than the words I am reading.................Allie
New Members Forum/Introduce Yourself / Re: New member! Hello Everyone!
« Last post by Kyle22 on Today at 05:26:16 PM »
Thank you Roger!
Welcome, Kyle.
We are all famly here.  A fledgling brotherhood of man.  Each of us is destined, each in his or her own way, to fufill the purpose of God in some manner.  

I just wanted to give you a warm welcome.
Domtia, Roger
General Discussion / Re: To be late?
« Last post by niant2 on Today at 05:01:21 PM »
Very interesting this message my beloved Machiventa!!!
When this will happen to me, you can be certain that I will think of you!!!

Thank you Michel for this fun reception of Machiventa!!!  :D ;)
New Members Forum/Introduce Yourself / Re: New member! Hello Everyone!
« Last post by Kyle22 on Today at 04:55:33 PM »
Thank you as well Bernadette!
General Discussion / To be late?
« Last post by Michel on Today at 03:57:52 PM »
Teacher: Machiventa Melchizedek
Subject: To be late
TR: Michel, Quebec, Canada
16 August 2017

Hello my friends, Here Machiventa who wants to talk about a lighter topic that will probably amuse you or at least that will seem more fun and less serious.

I want to let you see that sometimes there are situations that happen as much to you as to us and that we have to face and how we can react differently depending on our approach and how we see it.

It certainly happened to you getting up late one morning because the alarm clock did not ring. You were 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes late and even more. You have undoubtedly reacted with a little panic and your morning routine has taken the edge. You missed breakfast, you dressed very quickly and I dare say, several women have omitted the usual make-up (because they did it while driving in the car), you hurried to Entering the car and left thinking that you had forgotten to bring lunch, thinking that your boss would be furious, or any other consequence that this delay might cause you. During your journey to work, you are grumbling because people do not seem to be riding fast enough, you take shortcuts that only delay you a little longer. You are stressed from the late awakening until you arrive at work (and you have undoubtedly stressed your children and your spouse too). It can certainly be said that getting up late is a very bad way to get in on your day.

But have you actually made the effort to continue your usual routine despite the fact that you are late? What would have happened if you had reacted in the same way as if it were a normal day, then you would have taken the time to read the newspaper, take your coffee and breakfast, make your toilet, leave the house With a smile and a relaxed way to get to work. Drive the car normally or take the bus as usual. Get to work with a smile and tell the boss with a broad smile that you fired the alarm clock because it was missing or something like that. Then start the day at work as usual with a smile and without worrying about you was late at work.

You should know that we are also late on occasion and the reasons for these delays can be very many, but the difference between us and you is that we always keep the joy and good humor, we are under no stress and none of our colleagues or team members judge us or make negative comments, except a few small joke of good taste occasionally, to laugh a little.

So the next time a situation like this happens, think about me and this message, and act in a relaxed and smiling way. All those of you who will be working for the MM and other Missions, and know that if you are late one morning, we will welcome you with a broad smile and we will never reproach you as long as you do not do not take a habit to be late all time. ;D

Enseignant : Machiventa Melchizedek
Sujet : Être en retard
TR: Michel, Québec, Canada
16 Août 2017

Bonjour mes amis, Ici Machiventa qui désire vous entretenir sur un sujet plus léger qui vous amusera sans doute ou du moins vous semblera plus amusant et qui se veut moins sérieux.

Je désire vous laisser voir que parfois il existe des situations qui arrivent autant pour vous que pour nous et que nous devons faire face et notre façon de réagir peut être bien différente dépendamment de notre approche et de notre façon d’y voir.

Il vous est certainement déjà arrivé de vous lever en retard un matin car le réveil matin n’a pas sonné. Vous étiez 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes en retard et même plus. Vous avez sans aucun doute réagi avec un peu de panique et votre routine matinale a pris le bord. Vous avez omis de prendre le petit déjeuner, vous avez fait votre toilette très rapidement et j’ose dire, plusieurs femmes ont omis le maquillage habituel, (car elles l’ont fait en roulant dans l’auto), vous vous êtes dépêchés à embarquer dans l’auto et êtes partis en pensant que vous aviez oublier d’apporter le lunch, en pensant que votre patron serait furieux, ou de toute autre conséquence que ce retard pourrait vous causer. Durant votre trajet pour aller au travail, vous maugréez car les gens ne semblent pas rouler assez vite, vous prenez des raccourcis qui ne font que vous retarder un peu plus. Vous êtes stressés dès le réveil en retard jusqu’à l’arrivée au travail (et vous avez sans doute stressés vos enfants et votre conjointe également).  On peut certainement affirmer que se lever en retard est une bien mauvaise façon d’entre prendre sa journée.

Mais avez-vous réellement fait l’effort de poursuivre votre routine habituelle malgré le fait que vous êtes en retard? Que serait-il arrivé si vous aviez réagi de la même façon comme c’était une journée normale, vous auriez alors pris le temps de lire le journal, prendre votre café et votre petit déjeuner, de faire votre toilette, de quitter la maison avec le sourire et de façon relaxe pour se rendre au travail. Conduire l’auto normalement ou prendre l’autobus comme habituellement. Arriver au travail avec le sourire et dire au patron avec un large sourire que vous avez congédié le réveille-matin car il faisait défaut ou quelque chose du genre. Puis entreprendre la journée au travail comme d’habitude avec un sourire et sans se soucier du retard.

Vous devez savoir que nous également sommes en retard à l’occasion et les raisons de ces retards peuvent être très nombreuses, mais la différence entre nous et vous est que nous gardons toujours la joie et la bonne humeur, nous ne subissons aucun stress et que aucun de nos confrères ou membres de l’équipe ne nous juge ou ne porte de commentaires négatifs, sauf quelques petites Joke de bon gout à l’occasion, question de rire un peu.

Alors, la prochaine fois qu’une situation de ce genre vous arrivera, pensez à moi et à ce message, et agissez de façon relaxe et avec le sourire. Tous ceux d’entrevous qui seront au travail pour la MM et es autres Missions, et bien sachez que si vous êtes en retard un matin, nous vous accueillerons avec un large sourire et jamais nous vous ferons de reproches en autant que vous n’en prenez pas une habitude. ;D

Thank you for that LarryG. I have a quote here that goes to the heart of this matter. "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." Edmund Burke I believe said that. If we don't as a people DEMAND they have term limits or get out of Congress, we will have the same merry-go-round we have. The Founders missed that because in their day nobody in their right mind made a career of public service. That is why it was called public service because it was a service, not a job or a career move.                           There are two ways to change the U.S. Constitution. The first way is the way we usually think of, passing a bill through congress with a two-thirds majority vote in both the House of Representatives and the Senate. That is why so many people think we would never be able to get term limits on Congress. ‘Why would Congress vote to term limit themselves?’ We agree, that would be a tough sell. But that is where the second, and lesser known way of amendment, comes into play. The second part of Article V of the Constitution allows us to bypass Congress. We would be able to call a Term Limits Convention which would ultimately allow us to impose the necessary term limits on Congress. Here’s how it was set up by our founding fathers:
  • 1. Two-thirds of state legislatures (34) pass bills applying for the Term Limits Convention.
     2. Congress is mandated to call the Convention.
     3. The Convention, which features delegates chosen by the states, proposes one or more term limits amendments.
     4. Three-quarters of states (38) must ratify the amendment, either by legislature or state convention.
With this process there are checks in place to make sure that there is a narrow agenda for the term limits convention to discuss ONLY term limits on Congress. This will ultimately help us accomplish the goal because over 75% of Americans agree with term limits. It means no other divisional issue can sneak in and prevent the people’s progress.
So, that is the way to address the problem and as for Trump, there are other things that can be done too but that is food for another post. 
Waouh!  Welcome  in this  spirit  Forum  dear  Yong  brother délicious Kyle :-*  TCHEK" ; ;)  God is  Perfect*
What joy to your coming among us, I join siblings "patriarchs, ancestors, and seniors to wish you Good luck in this wink Divine eye, our celestial instructors sent us the renewal of future generations beginnings of light and life of this sublissime education of all generations, evidence of this divine love
by your delicious adjuster Thought we welcome this shared momentum :'(
Dear little brother, Kyle Playboy;), in his promises of The Spirit that dispatches through your presence here, to persevere courageously to your family, your country, your friends, your relationship may be worthy of that Divine Grace be of good cheer, services and activities as all of us on this Primitive UR 2017.Merci to exist by the size of the one that your leads up here, thrilled and honored in a spiritual Embrace meteoric ..ETERNELOVE
Bernadette France Light Lady
General Discussion / Re: I have faith in you my Father!!!!
« Last post by niant2 on Today at 03:07:17 PM »
In reality Pliktarious, I am mostly sorry for them and yes sometimes their answers and their arguments frustrate me and I say to myself in the depths of me, that they represent "the lost sheep" as often mentioned by our beloved Jesus and I ask my Thought Adjuster to want to help their Thought Adjusters to direct these lost souls to the light of God. Even I feel sad to see how far "the legacy of Lucifer and Caligastia" is firmly anchored entirely in the smallest cell in their bodies...., persevere my friend and anyway, one day, people close to you will have no choice to believe in all this.

roger krupa
You wrote: “...Only when all free willed beings behave in harmony with the Will of God will the universe be settled in Light and Life.  Then the real work begins...”
Wowww !!!!, this is very powerful my brother, ..., very powerful !!!!

God bless you my friend, Pliktarious and Roger!!!!!
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