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Transcribed from Lemuel’s audio transmission

Jof of heart and peace of mind

Beloved/Lemuel : Our talk this morning is entitled « Joy of heart and peace of mind ». How many people in the world, I wonder, can truely live with joy in their heart and peace of mind. Those who can are blessed beyond measure, because consciously or unconsciously they have embraced their Beloved Thought Adjuster, and not only embraced their Thought Adjuster but have handed over to Him their free will.

There is a saying that goes : « to know is to love ». How can one love if one does not know, starting with oneself, one must love oneself before you really capable of loving someone else and the love I am talking about is not human love. This word that is used for all sort of reasons, but nevertheless human love can lead to Divine Love, when one knows for a certainty who you are and what you are.

Members here on the forum, you all know and it has been told many times before, the fact that you have been lead here means that your Belove Father Fragments have been successful in bringing you to this point of spritual awareness. Consciously or unconsciously everyone is trading their ascension path, but you members here on the forum have the greatest advantage now, with the knowledge and revelations that you have received.

This type of revelations and knowledge does not exist anywhere else on the planet, not to the same extent. How can one know oneself ? One can read all kinds of books about philosophy, psychology and religious books. One can watch films in cinema or television. One can receive information from a fellow human being or friends or family. All these things give you an individual appointer towards something that you are aware of slightly bur do not understand.

This is a very difficult period in our ascension because it is as if you are between two doors. One door is closed behind you but the one in front of you is just slightly opened, but you do know what lies behind that door. Your Beloved Thought Adjusters unceasingly try to lead you to the point where you, with faith, open that door and enter and when you do, you acknowledge who you are and what you are.

Joy of heart and peace of mind come to those automatically as one progresses on one’s ascension path. The gifts of Spirits are of such things : joy of heart and peace of mind. To-day is Friday and everyone looks for the weekend and your weekend activities are notable but I suggest to you that what you feel in your heart is what you intend to do and so the feeling of joy that bubbles up from deep inside of yourself causes a reaction in your mind and one wants to jump up and down with joy.

It is quite an ecstatic state of being when you have joy in your heart and peace of mind and these things can only come about by knowing yourself. If you do not know you will never have joy in your heart or peace of mind. How blessed are you all here on the serara forum. It is my hope that all of you here can live everyday with joy in your heart and peace of mind.

These two things are indeed gifts of Spirit that unable all of you to proceed further along your ascension path. How wonderful this is for all of you, such a blessing the wonderful gift of Spirit. So I wish you a very good weekend and  hope that you all for a moment in time may enjoy joy of heart and peace of mind. I thank you for listening. Domtia
Speaker: Beloved/Lemuel
Subject: Joy of heart and Peace of mind.
Place: Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
Date/Time: 25th May 2018   07:20 Local 06:20 Z
I never considered the Melchizedek technique to be teleportation because the humans (or targets) still have to be moved via seraphic transport. It's there in your quote. The book seems to indicate that while the bodies are altered at the molecular state, they are not actually moved in space during that process. Immediately changing the location of the new body seems problematic for the soul that would get left behind.

When it comes to time travel, I am not dismissing the idea that midwayers and spirit beings can somehow reach back a few hours in their environment, but that is far different from going back to see Lincoln in the flesh, and what they are able to alter in the world is likely limited in scope. Also, for those in astral travel, time seems a little more malleable. The future and past blur together a little with the present, which is why I see it as a moving band of activity instead of a single point. It probably doesn't help that our senses alter our sense of what the present actually is. There was an interesting study a few years back (which I can only paraphrase at best). Doctors stimulated a section of the brain that was associated with the arms. After a brief pause, the person felt as if their arm was poked or manipulated in some way. The feeling should have been immediate, but it was not. Meanwhile, directly stimulating the arm created an immediate reaction even though the signal had to travel up to the brain. The conclusion was that the brain was somehow receiving the nerve signal and then sending its reaction to it back in time to make the process feel instantaneous. I think it has something to do with how the mind operates through Mother Spirit, but it was interesting nonetheless.

The Mission Efforts To Begin With

May 24, 2018 at York PA 2230 local time
To the list:
From Ron Besser
This is not a transmission but an informal chat today

I am Ron Besser and I just sent an email to about five first start participants in the divine missions to York starting shortly.  This is for the start up Michael Mission, and that entails opening shop with an office in the center of York to work to disperse the fresh new copies of the text for the Sixth Epochal Revelation.  We are already in the Sixth Epochal Dispensation as of March 3rd of 2018.

The Sixth Epochal Dispensation carries the symbol numbers of amd that symbolizes the 6th epochal dispensation, that has today now 15 addendum's or modifications made to it by Uversa, and it was declared by calendar year on Urantia on 2018.  The 25 number is a serial number reference for Uversa and Salvington to know it was made on a planet with a name change, and then a Planeatry System change, and it remains constant.

Yesterday I was informed that Salvington request a modification on Urantia to take place under the 6th epochal dispensation, and that was to allow me to find a location on my birth planet where I can live and work without publicity.  They now allow me to go to the Adirondacks where I just love to do pickerel fishing and to find a summer home there which I may live at as long as the fishing is good.  Serara and Monjoronson know I love that place and find the lapping of lake water outside my bedroom window so restful and happy times are always remembered there too.  AND:

I will also be allowed to live at or near my present home by this dispensation modification, and that gives me great latitude to hire grounds keeper(s) and/or handyman to keep the place in repair and order repairs when necessary. 

I also need people to come and go out of the York office and I sent to five people the needs they will be hired for at York when it all comes together soon enough.  I will use my own bank, Citizens, and another bank called Sandana nearby for these services as I will receive very soon enough money to fund all the major corporations to be used in the first divine Mission, the Michael Mission, to be followed by the Magisterial Mission, to be followed by a second phase of the Magisterial Mission called the Supreme Mission.

I would like to spend a paragraph or two about the Supreme Mission.

This morning I wrote Wendy Winter my discontent of having to figure out just what force field I was working under.  One day I was working under God the Supreme and the next under Michael of Nebadon, and they hold different ways of administration than I am used to when it comes from God the Supreme.

God the Supreme holds no human should ever try what I did and then survive to use it.  I understand that without getting into it.  Michael holds that we humans are an integral part of administration development and should participate with a divine mission as I set the corporations up to do.  However, I was and still am caught betweeen the two views which I cannot arbitrarily sort for my own peace of mind just what does which administration want to do first?

I told Wendy that there was no way to settle what happens now until I was cleared of double indeminity and this evening Michael made it clear what was what and I now share that with you for your information too:

Michael is in charge through working with God the Supreme who has declared Michael the Chief of Operations and we will do what he says and that makes it a great deal easier for me to know what is expected of me and how it is to be done.


1 - The Michael Mission will occupy the L shaped building in York as noted months ago.  Offices for Machiventa and Mantutia and Malvantra Melchizedek, wil be there on the first floor above an excellent restaurant located in the entry floor to the building.  A shield wall will be built to prevent customers from entering our private offices the floor about the foyer.

2 - The Michael Mission has already started through Ron’s continuing work to prepare for them with you and those first invited to work at York who are as follows:

Wendy Winter  - Accounting
Larry Gossett - Properties Manager
Dominick O. - To Be Assigned
Steve Gitz - Technologies and Book Dissemination
Lemuel will come to York when he completes his training in Spain

All will be well salaried.  All will have to pay income taxes for now.

Not all will arrive at the same time until we have temporary housing ready for them.

3 - Ron Besser has full authority over all employees hiring and firing and making sure educational requirements are fully met.  Adam and Eve will give all listed a six week course starting in October, 2018 on deportment and protocol as workers for a divine mission and a Certificate of Achievement will be issued upon successful completion and Ron intends to hang his certificate on his office wall for sure.  He also has a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Geography as do several who are coming to York.  I suggest you hand them on your office walls too.

4 - Besser required us to modify our Dispensation for this era as he now is a modified Melchizedek by Order of the Father Melchizedek and he is delighted but he must remain a human so long as he works on the planet.  This order requires Ron to acknowledge Machiventa Melchizedek as his Captain and Chief Boos and his direct supervisors are Mantutia and Malvantra, and when required, Monsonloran Melchizedeks all.  These will constitute the reform package of spiritual liaison work between the Deities of the Universe and the humans on the ground including those listed above.

5 - Because these human operations begin in York, we must dispense with the Chicago Urantia Foundation immediately.  Ron has received instructions from Michael of Nebadon to inform them of such by letter when we assing the date for that letter to be sent to them informing them that the fifth epochal revelation is no longer supported by the Salvington Government, or by the Ancients of Days of Uversa.  Edentia will support all useful contentions by the existing Urantia Foundation to be heard in York and may be invited to state their case in person before the incarnated Melchizedeks serving with Ron in that place.  Ron has no intention of bring suit or anything else, but to exit the work of the Urantia Foundation in Chicago, and then proceed to dispense the now materialized Urantia Books newly printed this month in York itself.  We have a copy for Ron maybe as early as this weekend–  who knows when it can be materialized there as to specific day.

6 - We expect offices to be open and running by June 9th, Ron’s human birthday and to hold him honored in a message from Uversa that tells him he is loved and waits for a formal respond from his heart that day.  His Adjuster is mighty proud of this willing client of the Father’s will pm such a planet of ill repute.  I further stipulate that he will travel to England and to meet the monarch to tell him he is welcome in England anytime he knows where to park his weight in gold before her. She is a lovely mama and a wonderful monarch too. 

7 - This post is meant to fully inform you of two additional messages from Uversa and the Ancients of Days and the Hierarchy Presidents, the Eternal Son and the Father and the Infinite Spirit as the Holy Paradise Trinity. It will be delivered later in a separate post. 

“I am the Creator Son of nature in Salvington too.  Ron watches his Locust Trees die and the blossoms torn off far to soon this year.  That is a species of tree we will let die out and Ron will be denuded along his long driveway that them in a big row up to his house.  The house needs siding and a new driveway and so on and he will have a ball doing that soon.  He loves construction and home beatification and we wanted to tear the place down but decided not to for years now.

“Our work together has taken about six years and he is truly ready to go when he is relieved of the fake power to laugh so hard he cries and that is not to be kept except as is without the crying sometimes.  He is truly a funny mand and hates to be called anything but normal but he is not.  He lives alone because circumstances forced that on him and he cared for his parent until they died and that is always honored up here too.  He now lives squalidly at the house because he hates not being able to care for the property full time due to all the pain and brain operations he has had from us and Uversa.  That is over now and he is settling into this post to inform you he feels awful tonight too and tough titty as he says to witches.

“Finally, we must make amends to Lemuel who is doing so well now and has gained six pounds almost he is ecstatic and will carry himself to York when he reaches the required 145 pounds to earn yet.  Ron remember Lemuel as a stout manakin at the piano and Lemuel will have a piano again when he gives him one of his.   Our friend Gitz has pianos no longer but he did not save the one he thought Ron should have but he can get it back as it is on loan to the local opera house is it not Gitz?  In any case we think this fully informs you to the point we have it developed and Ron sends his greeting to all who carry this interest for the hopes that this world benefits by this work coming so shortly from Salvington to York.  Thank you.  Michael.”

“I am the last to congratulate you all for waiting for this near moment when we open offices to start a divine mission that has no precedence anywhere in any unit of time space.  It carries so many unique stamps including giving it over to God the Supreme to complete the parts of the Magisterial Mission usually assigned to God the Father to provide the benediction to the Planetary Manager and the Creator Son.  This time the benediction will be to Machiventa Melchizedek, Michael of Nebadon, and God the Supreme, as this is the first planet to be administered by that Deity without having Light and Life first declared before He sent His administrators to rule the planet.  We fully expect that Ron will see that opening and then declare himself null and void and proceed to the Father’s Temple to provide a light show as he transcends his remains to Father and on to his ascension career properly done this time.

“We risk all of you to come and see it as this is how a good planet sends off those who die on the sphere and have claimed the requisite paraphernalia in spirit to do it.  Good day all. “ 

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / Traditions
« Last post by newstarsaphire on May 24, 2018, 02:38:26 PM »
Thank you our dear brother Lemuel and your wonderful Adjuster for once again revealing the heart of God and His great love for us to draw us unto Himself.

Light surely dispels darkness and eventually will effectively destroy the fears and their belief systems and traditions that entrap its followers in its web of ritualistic continuity that serves as a false sense of security via sacrificial duty, rather than the supporting relationship of love and trust that The Father offers to every will-creature.

I have been perceiving that traditions and rituals are false security blankets we all choose to wrap around ourselves in many ways and means rather than risking not being accepted in the fold and/or pursuit of the unknown.

In the revelation of ‘the life’ of Jesus we are privileged to peer into via the current Urantia Book, I am shown time and time again how Jesus couples understanding with love and patience as well as his exemplification of being the “living word” of example to others.  Perhaps it is this “life” example as well as the “light” of truth that is the catalyst of lasting change in the heart and mind of the truth seeker and the coming days of “light and life” we all look forward too.

Jesus said we are the light of the world and to “let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and be led to glorify your Father who is in heaven.”  Could it be that the phrase “good works” has perhaps been misinterpreted as “ritualistic and traditional behaviors” instead of living the light of revelation as we each receive it?

..."Let the childlike and darkened minds of my people serve their God as Moses directed; it is better that they do, but let us who have seen the light of life no longer approach our Father by the darkness of death. Let us be free in the knowledge of the truth of our Father's eternal love." 127:6.6. TUB

127:6.6.TUB:  On this visit occurred one of those periodic outbreaks of rebellion against tradition—the expression of resentment for those ceremonial practices which Jesus deemed misrepresentative of his Father in heaven. Not knowing Jesus was coming, Lazarus had arranged to celebrate the Passover with friends in an adjoining village down the Jericho road. Jesus now proposed that they celebrate the feast where they were, at Lazarus's house. "But," said Lazarus, "we have no paschal lamb." And then Jesus entered upon a prolonged and convincing dissertation to the effect that the Father in heaven was not truly concerned with such childlike and meaningless rituals. After solemn and fervent prayer they rose, and Jesus said: "Let the childlike and darkened minds of my people serve their God as Moses directed; it is better that they do, but let us who have seen the light of life no longer approach our Father by the darkness of death. Let us be free in the knowledge of the truth of our Father's eternal love."

127:6.7.  TUB :  That evening about twilight these four sat down and partook of the first Passover feast ever to be celebrated by devout Jews without the paschal lamb. The unleavened bread and the wine had been made ready for this Passover, and these emblems, which Jesus termed "the bread of life" and "the water of life," he served to his companions, and they ate in solemn conformity with the teachings just imparted. It was his custom to engage in this sacramental ritual whenever he paid subsequent visits to Bethany. When he returned home, he told all this to his mother. She was shocked at first but came gradually to see his viewpoint; nevertheless, she was greatly relieved when Jesus assured her that he did not intend to introduce this new idea of the Passover in their family. At home with the children he continued, year by year, to eat the Passover "according to the law of Moses."

Lazrus and Mary and Martha obviously received the "light" of truth into their hearts and chose to reflect that truth in their "life", it was not forced upon them, I see it as a change of heart and mind and therefore action.  Obviously Jesus mother was not ready to receive this enlightenment into her heart and mind at that time and Jesus actions followed his own counsel he had given on  how to treat another family member who among other traits was very zealous and patriotic: "Be patient. Be wise in your counsel and eloquent in your lives, that your young brother may first know the better way and then be constrained to follow you in it."

Concerning ourselves he said above “Let us be free in the knowledge of the truth of our Father's eternal love."  

Freedom is not acquired through rituals and tradition but “by the knowledge of our Fathers eternal love”.  The knowledge of our Fathers love is acquired through the personal relationship Father offers each one of us.

(40:6.2) It is a solemn and supernal fact that such lowly and material creatures as Urantia human beings are the sons of God, faith children of the Highest. "Behold, what manner of love the Father has bestowed upon us that we should be called the sons of God." "As many as received him, to them gave he the power to recognize that they are the sons of God." While "it does not yet appear what you shall be," even now "you are the faith sons of God"; "for you have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear, but you have received the spirit of sonship, whereby you cry, 'our Father.'" Spoke the prophet of old in the name of the eternal God: "Even to them will I give in my house a place and a name better than sons; I will give them an everlasting name, one that shall not be cut off." "And because you are sons, God has sent forth the spirit of his Son into your hearts."

Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Re: Believe It or Not - see message inside
« Last post by LarryG on May 24, 2018, 09:20:08 AM »
This has been and is a fascinating subject.   When I read the references to "spiritual vectors" I immediately remembered the equally fascinating discussion we had:

Learning Esoteric Mathematics
« on: January 15, 2017, 03:02:06 PM »

I did some further research since this is so interesting and that in truth,"all things are possible with the Father," and when I put "vectors in the search engine of  the TM Archives there was  quite a bit of information presented, and interestingly enough, it was presented to Daniel Raphael and the Teachers were none other than Monjoronson, and Machiventa Melchizedek.

In the discussion about Learning Esotheric Mathematics one of the papers referred to was: “New Era Transition #10 – Events and Vectors of probability; Urgency of the Default; Revelation Continues – Jan. 9, 2017"   I tried to locate  this but so far I have been unable to find it.

Hopefully both Daniel Raphael and Jerry Lane will be able to find the means  to join with Ron and settle their differences since I have enjoyed the work of both of these  Transmitters and feel they would be a definite  help to the Missions.

The information disclosed about Harry Loose and George Barnard is very enticing as we learn more about this subject.

When I read Ron's reply to Overmind stating : "
Spirit vectors are present today for you Overmind and it depends on how you adapt to them that determines what opportunites you take.  Ambivalence of acceptance of any proposition is countered by a spirit vector that finds its mark and more or less trains the person who receives them to turn off ambiance and brings back enthusiasm for a particular mode of action or adoption of a whole subject to learn about, I began wondering, as we all might, just what and how this might apply to my own "spiritual vectors"  as far as my personal hopes and dreams of "possible" and probable futures.... What immediately came up is my deep interest in  attaining some experience, however far into the future, with "Spiritual Diplomacy",.. not Political  but Spiritual.   Our planet is just so lacking in anything thing resembling truth, beauty, and goodness that on a Global Level, Spiritual Diplomacy is really something to reach for in our eventual work with the Father, Michael, and our entire Universal Administration as we aspire to Light and Life.

Anyway... just a few thoughts about this wonderful, enticing, and fascinating thread

I would like to write more on this but I have to get to a Cardiology appointment..... not looking forward to it either...........LarryG    May we all feel empowered, encouraged, and inspired to  be at one with all that is happening on Nystoria....I pray it be so.......

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / Traditions
« Last post by Clency on May 24, 2018, 02:49:56 AM »
Transcribed from Lemuel’s audio transmission


Beloved/Lemuel : Our talk this morning is about « Traditions ». Throughout the world people have their own culture, their beleifs, their traditions and they practice them regularly every year. There are traditions that are based on fear, there are tradtions that are based on religious ceremonies.

In some countries there are traditional practice of black magic and vaudou.There is the tradition of celebrating the birth of Jesus on Christmas time. There is the tradition of celebrating religious beliefs that contradict and go totally against someone else religion and belief.

You all know that differences, the scismes in Islam for example, where brother is killing brother because of the difference in interpretation of the belief of their own religion. It is nothing more than brother killing brother. There are traditions that perpetuate the hate and the mistrust on the difference between people. Catholics against Protestants, Muslims against Christians, specially in countries like Egypt.

With the coming Missions, it is hoped that in time all people around the world will eventually stop these traditions that serve no purpose other than to perpetuate the difference and hate between peoples.People want to change, but when change comes knocking at their door they become frightened and they have the attitude : better let the devil that we do know than the one that we do not know.

Serara, Monjoronson and all the Magisterial Teams, they will have a tremendous job, slowly but surely, hopefully to so instruct people through various means of radio and television, teaching people a new way, and when they can see the advantages and the sincerity and the objective of dropping traditions that serve no purpose what so ever, then it is hope that people around the world will stop and put an end to these traditions.

We also know, there are many people and tribes and various countries, in Brazil, also in Africa, where they are so ignorant of religion or spirituality, but they still have their own traditions. Aborigenes in Australia, they have their own traditions, culture and beliefs.

To bring all these different peoples of different cultures and different traditions, it is going to be very difficulty, but nevertheless, hopefully as the Mission goes forward over the next centuries, little by little these traditions will pass and fade away.

There are traditions that are really beneficial and serve a purpose. The traditional and religious ceremonies in some countries that remember the soldiers who have given their lives for their countries. The traditional day of thanks giving in the United States of America.

There are other traditions throughout the world that honor various work of individual nations, like the days of remembrance, May Day for example, the traditional May Day holiday for workers throughout the world. The tradition and religious ceremony of other time where for example here in Spain and in other countries, they have their own culture by parading through the streets with Jesus on the cross and thousands of people in a state of frenzy almost, of enthusiasm.

You know, you members here on the forum, how much Jesus dislikes these cultures, these customs and  He will put an end to it when He can. So, we want you to think about your own individual traditions, why you keep them, on what are they based.

If the tradition produces peace, love, beauty, goodness and truth, that’s wonderful. On the other hand, when your tradition perpetuates the difference between peoples and their cultures and their religions, they serve no purpose at all and it is these traditions, hopefully in time, will cease due to the influence of the Magisterial Missions. It is our hope that this will come to pass.

Many of the wars that still going on every day throughout the world as you know are based on the difference between peoples and their beliefs that perpetuate the hate between these people. It is these very situations that one day will disappear from the face of this earth.

This is all for this morning. This is Lemuel and my Beloved, thank you for listening and we bid you all a very good day. Domtia
AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Audio Transmission / Traditions
« Last post by Lemuel on May 24, 2018, 01:24:27 AM »
Speaker: Beloved/Lemuel
Subject: Traditions
Place: Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
Date/ Time:  24th May 2018  07:23 Local  06:23 Z
Overmind: You wrote:
“Also, how do you deem teleportation of a human possible if no one, morontial or spiritual, can do that to get around? Even the transport seraphim, who's sole goal is to transport beings around the universe, have to utilize the streams of energy in the universe to move about the environment (and while they're really fast, it's not instantaneous).”

Ron here Overmind: We have in the Urantia Book a good example of teleportation.  In the description of vacating a planet in an emergency, the Melchizedek use a design that scramble our molecular bodies to moves us to a new residence far distant from the emergency on their planet.  These machines are huge and they can carry up to fifty thousand people at one time according to Machiventa Melchizedek and Mantutia Melchizedek in my ear right now.  In an emergency the teleportation of people is routine and not at all science fiction, at least for the Melchizedeks that is.

Paper 51:
51:2.3   “51:2.3 While there is this dematerializing technique for preparing the Adams for transit from Jerusem to the evolutionary worlds, there is no equivalent method for taking them away from such worlds unless the entire planet is to be emptied, in which event emergency installation of the dematerialization technique is made for the entire salvable population. If some physical catastrophe should doom the planetary residence of an evolving race, the Melchizedeks and the Life Carriers would install the technique of dematerialization for all survivors, and by seraphic transport these beings would be carried away to the new world prepared for their continuing existence.”

The Melchizedek machines are what is referenced in the above quote and Machiventa Melchizedek says that only one world was evacuated by such machines and that was nearby Panoptia which is a statement that got cut when the Urantia Book was edited down for publication in 1955.

The point to be made is that teleportation, which can variously be defined as moving the body of a human being (or a material object) from one place to another often quite distant and reassembly of that human or object at the new site.  This is successfully done on earth too and I point to Harry Loose who could move from one place to be seen speaking to people in another place.  Teleportation does not have to have a linear transit, but it appears it can be modified according to the need of the teleporter which is the Melchizedek case is a machine, and in Loose’s case is the personality of Loose.

I just wish to make the point Overmind, that materialism is an assembly of molecular patterns and patterns can be deconstruction both by Deity and by divinity although we in the case of Harry Loose cane dematerialize through a side technique I think is called teleportation without nemesis.  What that means is that Harry did not dislocate his molecular body structure but lost it along the way in a storage facility inside the morontial grid we have so often talked about.  We cannot motivate science well enough to provide a molecular deconstruction machine but the personality of man can teleport itself in the local areas such as on one planet through the process of teleportation witout nemesis.

There is something else we have to be careful not to dismiss, You state Overmind that the natural construction of human reality is always and truly in the present.  That we cannot view the past by stepping back.  I do not argue strongly you are wrong, but the past I remind you is part of the present and so is the future in potential.  I do not think that is hard to figure out.  What is hard to figure out is how man can review the past in memory and reconstruct its present effects as a changed future.  Teleportation though throws that askew somewhat and it is very hard to describe what you cannot see, but teleporation sets spirit vectors free, Do you know what I am talking about?  Let me explain spirit vector(s).

When I say I want to be a doctor at age 20, that is a potential stated in the presence of a now 20 year old as a material being who is locked into present reality at that point.  However, the all-seeing Father knows that I will find the present spirit vector which is a parallelogram of spirit pattern in absolute space, as it is unleashed from the codification of potentials as Absolutes in the circle of Infinity probably through the Deity Absolute,

Picture this vector unleashed by the Father for me as a paper air plane.  It is quite real and it carries the assemble circumstances to reorder one future for another.  For me to use it, I have to be somewhat like Harry Loose and open the door to changed perspective of view to deny certain other vectors that alter my future and select the circumstances that paper air plane passes to me to act upon to become a doctor.

Let me explain this way and now Michael is helping me:

Spirit vectors are sent by Father to certain personalities to order their future early in life.  Ron saw this in high school where certain classmates knew exactly what they were to become and went right to it when they graduated.  For myself, I had no such vectors whatsoever and languished for decades to find womthing to be employed by I really liied to do.  But such a vector never came to me until I was 46.  That year Father unleashed one hell of a vector for me to grasp and take advantage of and I did and I now seek work in a Magisterial Mission.  That means some spirit vectors are useless until time matures the receptor (me) and that is true of the man Dominick is talking about.  That individual Dominick knows can do teleport and can do past regressions with the help of spirit forces on our planet we have never discussed.

Spirit vectors are present today for you Overmind and it depends on how you adapt to them that determines what opportunites you take.  Ambivalence of acceptance of any proposition is countered by a spirit vector that finds its mark and more or less trains the person who receives them to turn off ambiance and brings back enthusiasm for a particular mode of action or adoption of a whole subject to learn about.

The literal and mass presentation of the real past does not exist.  However in personal spiritual experience it can be reentered and plans differently layed to alter present circumstances and all future changes when one knows the vector is position over one’s head to use for opportunistic development.

Finally, I admire Dominick’s way of telling you you do not understand what is truly being talked about.  He is not wrong to point out that teleportation is a genuine spiritual phenomenon, but that individual persons have to adopt it uses by modifying what works for which mind and how that body of the chooser is safely reacting to the mode we call teleportation.

“Ron asked me to speak to this in closing.  Ron has no use for the technique because he sees no point in learning something he is not interested in using.  Harry Loose used it effectively over and over again and he is famous on the mansion worlds to be able to appear on two mansion worlds at the same time and be conversant with all meetings in both places too.  I dare say that you Dominick are quite capable of doing that, and George Banard scared Ron out of a year;s growth by appearing in a chimera in his bed room many years ago to have a small chat on mutual interests.  George Barnard is quite capable of doing all these things yet he tires of them too like Ron does, and if there were an important use for them, both men would take it on.  Ron carries the antecedent gene to all men who can become Melchizedeks but fails to care enough about it to develop it in the past.  His spirit vector had to be held back almost 47 years and then he nearly lost it due to the heat of terrible cirumstances happening at the same time.  He survived as does George Barnard and a few others still on Urantia, but I will close that port down until we have fully established the sixth epochal revelation on Nystoria.  All will find the subject of teleportation useful but not practiced in a few short years.  Good day. Michael.”

Kind of strange for there to be years of talk about joint magisterial missions between here and Panoptia if their planet was destroyed before the rebelling Planetary Princes were rounded up years ago. That planet has been mentioned multiple times as populated, both here and elsewhere. I'm also wondering how it's super easy to blow up stars for beings just tasked with directing the evolution of mankind. Apparently, it can be done from a jail cell with just a snap of the fingers.
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