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I have had experiences like this before, but nothing like the intensity of the dreams I had last night.  I was confronted with challenges like I have never had before.  I woke about 4:00 in the morning and wanted to make this posting at that time but I could not remember where I had read about "schooling of the soul during sleep."  I fell back asleep and had a series of even more intense dreams relating to earth changes and new policies, until I was rudely awakened about 8:00 AM.

I have difficulty maintaining stillness for long because of frequent interruptions, but I try as I am able.  I truly wish to be of service to the MM as much as I am able to, but I have been interrupted five times already while writing this short note.  If one of the Melchizedeks wishes to visit me He will be most welcomed by me, and I would hope by my roommate as well.

Domtia, Roger
General Discussion / Schooling of soul during sleep and meditation
« Last post by Michel on Today at 04:38:43 PM »
Schooling of soul during sleep and meditation

From last session of Mezzaverde website.

This is an excellent session from Wivine about Melchizedek Schools and it fit very well in our recent discussion:




Thank you Daniel and Father Califax. 
Thank you Daniel and Father Califax, as Salvingtonians use to say; Urboytia (let us work together).
General Discussion / Re: Panoptia
« Last post by Lundco on Today at 02:17:21 PM »
Thanks Ron and Allie. Hope your doing better Ron. Exciting times!  Lundco
General Discussion / Re: Panoptia
« Last post by Ron Besser on Today at 01:06:34 PM »
Roger, there is not much to report.  It happens that the Panoptia Magisterial Mission was delayed to start with ours again and what was started was held back to coincide with our start very soon.  This message hardly conveys the difficulties of what is to be done on Panoptia, for although they are our twin, they carry a different set of problems than Urantia, and therefore the Magisterial Son of Panoptia must revisit our Magisterial Son to justify changing what was proposed there to what is to be found on Urantia.  All of that sounds very confusing, I agree, and I suggest you ask this question again in about a year when we have actual results to report.  Ron
General Discussion / Re: Panoptia
« Last post by Allie on Today at 01:05:32 PM »
Hi Roger,  I already asked for an update on Panoptia.   I was told by Father Michael to let those kinds of questions alone and to spend my time learning to seriously transmit.   He told me that questions like that will be answered at a later time.................Allie
Thank you Ron, Michael and Califax. I would like to sincerely learn the Nebadon Universal language before departure. So, put me on the list of these learners.
A small spelling mistake Ron:

Bynotria (Bye Note Tree Sha Tria): Let us pray together for each others love of God).


Father's boy for Africa
AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Giving us your time
« Last post by Ron Hammar on Today at 12:28:58 PM »
Speaker: Nebadonia
Subject: Giving us your time
Category: Audio Transmissions
T/R: Ron Hammar Mt Shasta, CA, USA
6-23-17 1714 Z
AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Use time wisely
« Last post by Ron Hammar on Today at 12:22:31 PM »
Speaker: TA Presoerba
Subject: Use time wisely
Category: Audio Transmissions
T/R: Ron Hammar Mt Shasta, CA, USA
6-23-17 0914am Z
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