Author Topic: Assale's meeting with Pr. Donald Trump  (Read 452 times)

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Assale's meeting with Pr. Donald Trump
« on: November 22, 2016, 02:11:47 AM »
Time of the trip: 3-4AM
Place: Office
Nber of people met: 2
Assale as an Assistant to Donald Trump
Date: early Nov. 22, 1016
I went to bed after 3 a.m. after some teachings and UB reading online. I was too tired that I even couldn't pray properly before falling deeply asleep.

All of a sudden, I was taken to an office where two State Presidents were expecting my arrival: Donald Trump and my country's President.

Meeting purpose: The two Heads of State had to read, review and ratify a document, a sort of an MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) regarding bilateral relationship of business or any other issue likely to be of interest to them. Donald told me to crosscheck his notes of the working document as the original text was in French and thought the English version was not quite understandable.

So the newly president-elect gave me his notebook and I clearly read this:
Au sujet de = about (au sujet des affaires: about business)

With a few other notes he wrote down for better understanding of the French version. But before we went straight into discussions, the Ivorian Head of State pointed out to Donald that he had a grudge against him, as Donald prior to the election was very bitter with my Head of State, so the latter told Donald: "Mr. President I'm expecting some apology from you.", and Donald Trump diplomaticly made some excuses to my President and the meeting began soon afterwards.

Donald's soul mindset during the meeting: Donald showed humility and was by far very different from the boiling Donald we'd seen during the presidential campaign. He was not talkative, he was sincere and aware that things were going to change in habit during his 4 or 8-year term.

Father, Nebadonia and Michael, I'm sure one of you is the instigator of that meeting, therefore allow me to humbly thank you for making this meeting possible in the Spirit, it is a great miracle as I a couple of days ago said on the forum I would meet and talk with the soul of the newly president-elect Donald Trump, and you've made that project come true. I'm certain that you're cooking a very special mission for your boy in the Spirit, as you've concluded that I can be of service in this pre-morontial way of going about your business.

Again, accept my sincere regards.

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