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Mr. X and York; Timing of the Mission for York
« on: December 14, 2016, 11:33:02 PM »
Speaker: Michael of Nebadon
Subject: Mr. X and York; Timing of the Mission for York
York, PA Local Time 22:20
December 14, 2016

This is Michael and I carry two words for all of you now: get ready!

Ron has been tempering the whole idea for over a week now as he is despondent to the point he does not sleep well and knows so little he cannot easily throw back the covers in the morning and hit the ground running.  You all have various versions of this and I wish to state that the House that Jack built has broken its main supports and the world will change dramatically in a few years.

I have asked Ron to settle an argument with himself and he is glad to do so.  He wanted a certain person to be taken care becasue he is in the process of outing his Adjuster to the point he is quite ill.  He cannot take care of himself well because he is being fused and Ron did not know that until today, but knew the Adjuster was coming out strongly.  He is being fused because he is the one on Urantia who can write and speak so clearly he needs to be heard by all.  When the time comes you all will know who this is, but for now he must be brought to York and cared for.  Ron will see to it.

In other news be assured that the individual now being fused is differently done from all fused except Ron.  Ron has made a point to all of you that there is a difference between transmitting and Adjuster and fusing with that Adjuster.  Those of you who have fused can speak as the Adjuster when you learn to; but others, as they may be, must still transmit him from his superconscious perch.

Larry Gossett and Lemuel are fused in the central core of their brain stem.  They are eternal beings.  But X and Ron have additional changes.

Ron Besser and Mr. X are fused in their brain stem and also in their cortex medulla and that explains why they are experiencing leg pains and eye disruptions and schisms of thought as until Adjusters clear those areas for thinking again, thinking is spatial and non linear and that cause the subject to say some unusual things that people will think they are, to use a term uses, “beside themselves.”

In my choices for these two, I have asked Ron to throw out plans he was making with Daniel Alderfer and as Ron calls it, to upset the apple cart and bring him to York for care.  It is far too dangerous for X to move about as he has been doing for all of his life on Urantia, and he needs to lay back and not worry about room costs and meals and so on as Ron can establish that pattern well enough for him to get himself back in the pink of mortal life in about a month and one half.

Because Ron has changed the scenario permanently from the original plans, and to bring X to York instead of elsewhere, we must be able to change the living arrangements for the moment and these will be assigned to Ron to make sense of shortly.

Let us reconsider what else now will happen:

We need to recognize that Urantia is coming under the gun and that there has to be help extended to the larger human family.  Many of you live in homes and in some of those homes there is room for passing visitors who need spiritual help.  Consider this a wake up call that your homes will become a place of refuge as the spiritual climate changes on Urantia.  Your resident expert is me Michael, and in the material, it is Ron as he has been through these changes personally and with great effect.  We now address yet another problem you all will have to face shortly:

In the coming months when we are openly seen as incarnated bodies from the divine spheres above, we must address the need for good works from all of you who can afford to help out without finding fault with charges for money and other regular considerations that put debt on people who cannot afford to pay you anything.  This Jesus would call the greatness of human spirit and it must be afforded to especially by people who work for the Magisterial Mission and the two Paradise Sons in charge of it.

You all need to know that Ron is the incessant Guinea Pig, and as such falls into the gloom of planning that has no precedence.  His work is so unusual we have no category for him to work in except as himself and that is labeled the Besser File on high.  He is unique in touring our work above and has no memory of it in his mortal brain although it is there for future use.  Our work for man is to bring him peace and a better world.  Ron’s work is to make it work on the ground in a way we never did before and we must both get used to the idea we have a mortal who can do that for a change.  Other planets will be looked at to see if there is a mortal among them that can seize the day this way.  Our work meanwhile for Urantia is as follows:

Urantia will become a Magisterial Planet in about four months and will be seen on high as sutted with divine being incarnated to the hilt to help Urantia out of its problems.  Meanwhile, within this month of December, 2016, Ron will receive his back salary and a few helpers to see to his ways to produce a workable ground scenario with the Starbridge Trust organization which is not yet formed, and his own Starbridge Group corporation to handle the dirty work of arrangement of all of the other corporations we will populate with you humans.  We must be sure that Ron is capable to do this with the help he has and as such we will see to Jack Ding Xin and Wendy Winter and a few more to grace York with him and to be in an actual office to transform York from a paltry little industrial town to a might spiritual capital on Urantia.  This will take place before Christmas ends at the last of the December Solstice.  If this occurs as we see it, Mr. X and Jack will have their opportunity to change their arrangements with our blessings.

One last thing: Our work in York is super spiritual now and we have Ron on leave for the moment except his work keeps crowding our work and we are ready to pitch in with him to see his attorneys and their work and the accountant and their work for Starbridge Group and the other institutions that must be founded to keep us happy.  Good day.

Ron - In conclusion I have to state this week is a whirlwind of choices and the remaking of much I had not foreseen a week ago at the very least.  I genuinely look forward to seeing to the working out of spiritual changes in and for X and we will tell you all about it when we dare.  For now we need X secure and happy in his molting to become a spiritual being of renown on Urantia when the time comes.

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania


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Re: Mr. X and York; Timing of the Mission for York
« Reply #1 on: December 15, 2016, 01:31:45 AM »
The Magisterial Mission has been postponed for about 4 (four) months? Will 2016 now retire as its predecessor (2015)?

Thy Will be done,


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Re: Mr. X and York; Timing of the Mission for York
« Reply #2 on: December 15, 2016, 12:08:47 PM »
Dear Ron Besser and everyone

Thank you very much for knowing the latest news.

For the last two days I have been quite spiritually agitated, as if I have a high spiritual 'frequency', causing thoughts of many matters to come into my mind.

The response of my Thought Adjuster to this state of mind is that the spiritual changes on our planet are happening rapidly. Also, it is for me to access more frequently the Serara Forum, to be able to keep up with events that are evolving rapidly.

My prayers are for success and all good things for you, Ron Besser, and all the members of this Serara Forum, as well as all participants in the "Magisterial Mission on Urantia" as well as for "the return of Jesus" and " Missions of God, the Supreme, God, the Ultimate and God, the Absolute "on Urantia, both for human beings and the heavenly beings of various orders involved in these various Missions of God.

With much love to all.



Caro Ron Besser e a todos

Muito obrigado por saber estas últimas novidades.

Nos dois últimos dias eu estou bem agitado espiritualmente, como se estivesse com uma alta "frequência" espiritual fazendo com que pensamentos de muitos assuntos vem em minha mente.

A resposta de meu Ajustador do Pensamento para este meu estado mental é que as mudanças espirituais em nosso planeta estão acontecendo rapidamente. Também, é para que eu acesse mais seguido o Fórum Serara, para poder acompanhar os acontecimentos que estão evoluindo rapidamente.

Minhas orações são para o sucesso e tudo de bom para você, Ron Besser, e a todos os membros deste Fórum Serara, bem como todos os participantes da "Missão Magisterial em Urantia", bem como para "o retorno de Jesus" e "demais missões de Deus, o Supremo, Deus, o Último e Deus, o Absoluto" em Urântia, tanto para os seres humanos, como os seres celestiais de diversas ordens envolvidos nestas diversas Missões de Deus.

Com muito amor a todos.

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