Author Topic: OBAMACARE under discussion on the astral level  (Read 299 times)

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OBAMACARE under discussion on the astral level
« on: January 30, 2017, 01:02:26 PM »
Topic: Obamacare
Trip: astral trip night of January 29-30
Place: Sheraton Hotel, WASHINGTON DC
Traveller: Assaley A. 
As usual I felt deeply asleep after my usual prayers and meditations, to find my soul in Washington at Sheraton Hotel  soon afterwards, (I don't know if this hotel has physically a branch in the city). I was with my two children and I was given a magnetic card to have  access to my room. But the card couldn't open the door, so I left my children at the door and went back to the front office for another card.

When I came back, my children were not where I left them, but I opened the door and saw an indescribable scene. My children were kidnapped by four strong and armed men in black. And one them pointed his gun at me and asked: "Where is the Obamacare Wallet?"

Remember that my soul is already assistant to Trump's soul, so I was not surprised of what was happening. Fortunately I was holding a wallet, so when they asked me the question I handed the wallet over to them, on which it was written: "OBAMACARE." They took the wallet and set us free. I woke up after that and wanted to post the trip immediately online, but the scene was so clear in my mind that I was able to relate it in detail in the morning. 

I felt asleep again a few minutes later and found my soul again dealing with OBAMACARE,

------ To be followed. 

Thanks for reading.

Thank you for the Classroom of the Spirit.