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Purpose Behind Schools
« on: February 03, 2017, 12:25:00 AM »
Teacher: Califax
T/R: Overmind/Arthur
Location: Durham, North Carolina
Date: February 2nd, 2017

“This is Califax.”

That was fast. Normally I have to ask if anyone is there. (One of the few times a message started without me asking for it.)

“I was already here waiting my turn to speak.”

Okay. Well, welcome.

“Thank you. Keep your hands loose, as this will be a long one.”

Oh boy.

“Let’s begin. This is again about the Adam and Eve schools. You may question why this topic is ongoing since you tend to get bored with one thing quickly. We wish to establish more teachings about what to expect on the forum as these schools get rolled out in the future. The simple answer is that lawmakers, government officials, and even teachers and future students will want to know what the fuss is about. Naturally, both Adam and Eve will tell them along with Serara, Michael, Jesus, Monjoronson, and even myself included (though not in the flesh).

“The point is that there will be plenty of authority figures to establish our dominant form of education that will eventually be appreciated by the millions. It will take several years to reach that stage, but we hope to get there as soon as possible. Such words here are likely to be used to reach out to the smaller groups of people that want to know just a little bit more than what they are hearing on the TV, radio, or through social circles. Since the content provided here has to be transmitted or come from a celestial directly, it can be rare to get updates.

“People will have a hard time looking for reliable information that is not from you guys (human transmitters part of the Magisterial Mission) or the official statements from those leading the mission itself. Sharing such information will be imperative for people to accept these changes. Things need to remain open so that others realize we attempt to make these changes fairly by informing enough people of them before they occur. This will also get people mentally prepare to take part in such classrooms in the days or years ahead.

“As I mentioned to you, there will be a trial period that you and many others will be a part of that will gauge how successful these classes can be. The teachers involved will need some time getting used to teaching humans in the physical, so it is a given that we will train such teachers as we also see how you all learn in such an environment. Updates will be provided to the Magisterial Mission headquarters that you will eventually work at, and you will be tested on what you learn. However, because we can essentially look into your minds, this testing may simply take the form of a temporary indwelling followed by a quiz on paper as well as an oral section. We must make sure you can write and speak about what you learn. It may be in your head perfectly, but it won’t always come out that way, and there are also more subtle transient things such as behavior that we will be working on impacting. Naturally, we cannot test you the way we will test millions of other students, so you will be special in that regard, but you will have to make sure that you absorb the material.

“Short pause there. Let’s begin again. What do you suppose is the overall point of this (the schools)?”

Humans need better education to have a more beneficial life experience. In other words, they will learn how to benefit their soul and mind in life. It will also teach them how to be good people and form a relationship with God.

“Good. That is a big part of it. Essentially, we want children to all have the same starting point. On the mansion words, and the nursery worlds specifically, children are educated in a uniform manner by marvelous teachers. They must be marvelous, for these children were not given a full human life to live, so the degree of freedom and experience they have is much smaller. We cannot say how many will gain lives that can roam outside of Nebadon. That is not truly a bad thing, as Nebadon is a wonderful section of space, but that would not appeal to you personally. You know you want to reach Paradise and you will so long as you will it to be so. That is the main driving force of your current learning. It is a spiritual urge to be with God, and the Eternal Son directs you where that urge and force of will can be satisfied.

“Do you not wish for others on this planet to be able to reach Paradise? The true role of the Adam and Eve schools is to make it possible for most on this apostate world to reach Paradise and become Finaliters. For one thing, it is destined that many Finaliters originating here are to do well in the outer space zones during assignments in the next universe age. The kinds of strange experiences and forms of suffering on this planet invite these kinds of conditions that provide monumental growth when taken advantage of. You may see things in this one life that others on other worlds couldn’t hope to see, and these may be things people do not want to see or experience.

“As I said, it may very well be a unique kind of suffering that does not exist elsewhere, or it may be a bizarre set of circumstances in life that teach you something very fundamental or change you in a way that others cannot imagine. It can provide a flexibility to your character that others would not expect. There are many other traits and reasons involved in this that I could not hope to explain, but the fact of the matter is that we expect great things from you and many other humans here once education is done correctly. It is about changing universe destiny and personal destiny.

“All people here (given their survival) will maintain some kind of role in the universe, and adjusting what they learn or how they learn early on provides benefits that can be felt a billion years from now. The starting experience of a human can be vastly important if the physical world is properly taken advantage of. You must learn from your trials and mistakes here because such will help you build your character that will last throughout time. Everyone will undoubtedly go through changes, but this life must be used as the proper springboard to get you involved in your future ascension career, and as future promise turns into current results, you will see a real expansion of both self and purpose.

“In a nutshell, our ability to educate you will help get your planet in Light and Life in a few generations [meaning the complete life and death of such generations]. Once the social structure of all those living in the world is impacted by our presence, we can make real progress to where your planet should have been thousands of years ago, but was stolen from you by Lucifer and Caligastia. Once the Luciferian influence is forever gone in the humans of this world, the progress being made will grow exponentially because humans themselves will no longer work as the greatest obstacles against positive change. After education has been adjusted all over the world, we can focus on improving the genetics of society [or humans specifically], and after that, we can allow you to partake in interplanetary relationships in order to expand previous social limits.

“Eventually, it is our hope that Urantia will be as well off as any other world that did not suffer the effects of rebellion, but we know this will be a difficult task. Its difficulty has already reared its ugly head in the past, and it continues to stare down at us. Spirit has its own new challenges to face just as mankind does. You would be wise to remember that. Michael has learned a lot in this endeavor just as he learned a lot during his final bestowal. The attempt to alter the lowest of God’s creatures always creates some level of challenge for a celestial. Was this not the reason Caligastia, a being so well-established amongst his peers and colleagues, rebelled? As a decimal planet with new forms of life presented its own unique challenges, the celestials had to deal with newer and newer problems, and one of those was as simple as the slow progress of mankind. To not see the fruit of your labors grow from generation to generation can be maddening for those in the position of a Planetary Prince because it almost feels like the work you do is meaningless or never lets up.

“Similarities between Caligastia’s failure and the current mission can be drawn because in both cases we deal with approaching mankind’s slow progress and lack of spiritual insight. The number of Adjusters that have left should help you draw that conclusion. It would be tough for any one individual to bear, and even with ever-expanding teams, those in charge of this mission have wanted to quit. It has been very difficult to arrange the details of this mission that both benefits mankind and the Father in the best way possible. We have always felt we were close, but there was something else in the way. That is the nature of the learning process, but as long as there is something that can keep you going, you will succeed and you will benefit greatly from it. As we hope to educate man in the future, a lot can be said about the possibilities ahead of us. We treat every child and adult as a new Finaliter in the making, and we know what needs to be taught to help people choose that goal for themselves. Sometimes, it is as easy as directing them to the Father, because the Son will naturally do the rest.

“That will be all for today. We hope you enjoyed this lesson.”

Well, you were right that it was a long one. I appreciate your time and thank you for the information.

“Good day.”
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Re: Purpose Behind Schools
« Reply #1 on: February 03, 2017, 06:14:38 AM »
Overmind,  I just read this beautiful one you received from Califax, I love how well explained the circumstances and the challenges that are detailed in this written transmission. I wish to thank you for this incredible piece and how well you received this, I find it an impressively realistic and understandable given how much we already were revealed by the Urantia Papers and how challenging it is even now. Califax has stated it well and is truly frank with his perspective of the case of Urantia. It made me think how really slow we are and you wonder why scientists are trying to unravel the origins of life(as you discussed in another thread on the Origins Of Life), that we are very, very, very slow midgets that's for sure! Thank you and Califax for a wonderful lesson in reminding us of our very evolutionary experimental origins and still going strong!!  (By the way I know about the Stromatolites in Shark Bay, Western Australia as they are found to breathe out oxygen, hence the unique properties these life-giving plants generate.  This makes this region in Australia truly ancient, rare and unique. That is why it is sort of like a holy grail to scientist even when I was studying this back in the 1980s in my earth sciences studies at university at the time. It both confronted and astonished me in coming to grips with the very terminology of the word itself, that is, "e-v-o-l-u-t-i-o-n" as opposed to solely relying upon the creationist legend. The fact of the matter is our material earth is evidently evolving over a very, very long time and it is also a dynamic one with a very hot molten core).

Sorry to merge the two different threads here but they are very much related in that Califax explains it well our evolutionary status and we must all come to grips with it as it is a reality confronting the Magisterial Son Mission, just as I was dealing with it in my own way and I had to accept some things that forced me to really think outside the then box I was in at the time.  While on the subject, I think the whole purpose of "evolution" as it is revealed to us in the Urantia Papers is truly something like a jigsaw puzzle to figure out why does a Master Planner design it like that in the first place? Why have us crawl before we can walk when we could just as easily be positioned in a more progressive design like eventuated beings have it.  What is the point of a slow process? Is it more to do with the extraordinary experience to be had or is it just the sheer Life to be explored? What is going on when every ten planets gets to be an experiment planet? Is this a gardener's playground to replicate and reproduce better forms of specie/Specimens/cell development? It's almost like a mathematical production that is teeming with lifeforms that derive from far, far, far back in the very origin and source of life itself. We know that the "I Am" is outside the circle of time as He/She is a parent figure as well as the reality totality of existence and is truly the Infinite and most intelligent of all that is ever known. Our minds are incapable of grasping the Infinity of the "I Am" and yet here we are the tiny limited mites we are that He bothers to even have a fragment of his bigness in our little frame is truly got to be the most confronting and astonishing discovery to be realised, cherished and deeply valued as it can only be appreciated when we are so totally small, vulnerable, limited and truly dependable like leeches that seek what it truly needs even in its darkest hour. God is amazing, how big He is and how small can small be and truly fathom what it is to love and be loved. That is our experience and it is a gift of the Deities for us to see it in all its glory.



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Re: Purpose Behind Schools
« Reply #2 on: February 03, 2017, 11:51:36 AM »

I have to comment on how much I gleaned from your transmission through Overmind.  I found it connected a lot of dots for me and provided a lot of relatable information.  Clarifying intents and purposes of the spiritual education we so desperately need is not just enlightening it is fortifying.  To know of a certainty that the stumbling blocks of life challenges we have uniquely faced as Urantian mortals can; not only be turned into stepping stones for our own progress; with proper attitude and spiritual guidance influence universe as well as personal destiny.  To know that the negative experiences of our existence can be used to shape us eternally into an instrument for the common good in some way is truly humbling.   This is not new information to me but it is a timely reminder, and I appreciate and welcome the guidance and training of spirit in aiding me with the transformation of my shortcomings.
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