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RESURRECTION HALL - Chapter 4 ~ First Morning, Call to Service ~
After bidding their guests good night at the front gate, Saro and Kala turned and walked toward their new residence. They moved quietly, arm in arm, stopping, observing, simply breathing the magnificent air. Their new bodies were exquisitely healthy, and marvelously sensitive, surprisingly strong and responsive. They certainly weren’t tired or needing rest. Looking up at the moonless sky, with faint light from several nearby suns, evoked a kind of joy they hadn’t felt before. They kissed under those stars for the first time. “Well, seems we are no longer married,” said Saro. “I was wondering about that.
Think we will be separated?” They entered the cottage, turned off the interior lighting, and laid down for the first time. On their backs, staring up at the stars from their ample and divinely comfortable bed, Kala wondered aloud, “What direction is Paradise?” “What do you think happens to the water we drank?” asked Saro. They laughed at the vast difference between their questions. “These bodies are amazing, aren’t they! Maybe water is evaporated through our morontia skin.”
Kala pinched Saro’s left arm, “take off your wrap.” she said. “Take off yours.” They stood up, removed their garments, and looked each other over. “No genitals, no anuses,” Saro noted. “But you still have your female form.” “And you are still wedge shaped. And I like your hair.” They ran their fingers through each others’ short manes. “Your morontia hair is beautiful and lush”, said Saro. “Yours too!” “Hair style appears to be optional here. You noticed we newborns all have the same color and length hair? But our relatives have different colors and lengths,” said Saro. “Apparently it’s a choice. Everyone starts out with this.” They lay down again and observed the stars for long while.
Then Saro began massaging Kala. She did the same for him, something they had always done for each other while in human bodies. It was unhurried and especially pleasurable. “The feelings and senses I get from this body, so far, I like very much,” mumbled Saro as Kala massaged his new shoulders. “And this is just the first of 570 body versions. Remember that from the book?” asked Kala. “I do. Aren’t there eight moronita versions or phases provided on Mansonia, seventy-one at the constellation level, and 491 more between Edentia and Salvington?”
“That’s I remember,” replied Kala. They were both now recalling much from the Urantia Book text. It was the teachings of this book she had embraced as a child, thanks to her parents, a book Kala and Saro studied and talked about many, many times while traipsing around Urantia, disseminating its text and its teachings for over 50 years. “Let’s take a walk, Saro.” This time they exited from the lodging’s back gate. It was dark out, but they had no trouble seeing under the starry sky, morontia night vision being excellent.
They discovered the heavenly little park behind their abode, with crisscrossing paths and perfectly formed shrubs, beautiful statuary, an array of trees great and small spread throughout, and a broad variety of lovely flowering shrubs and plants. Along the paths were low walls with embedded plaques bearing inscriptions. All were in languages they didn’t recognize. Stopping at one, Kala reached out to touch it. Instantly the script translated to English.
They looked at each other, smiled, and said, “Should have known!” Saro read it, “‘Human things must be known in order to be loved, but divine things must be loved in order to be known.’ Blaise Pascal, Urantia.’” (102:1.1) Saro recalled, “That quote’s in the Urantia Book. Wonder who else in Urantia’s history resided in this place?” They noticed another inscription across the path. He touched it. “This inscription is by someone from Anova, the System’s oldest inhabited world. It states this being was the first to reside on Mansion one.” They lost track of time, wandering through the park, sometimes stopping and simply taking the beauty in, sometimes sitting quietly watching their passing thoughts and filing away questions. The urge to worship arrested their attention several times that night. It felt good to indulge the urge whenever, wherever they were. At times Michael’s and Mother’s spirits felt closer, then God’s. Passersby completely understood, because they too indulged the urge.
Apparently it is universal in the humble, grateful, newly resurrected children of God. As the pair watched their first dawn appear from atop a charming, three tiered gazebo at the park’s center, morontia animals began skittering to and fro. Colorful birds with long feathers flew, chirped, and sang. It was an unforgettable experience, combined as it was, with the growing realization of the implications of life eternal, everlasting friendship with the Universal Father, serving forever in the great cosmic family whose innumerable worlds are indeed ‘cities of God.’ “Guess we’d better return,” whispered Kala in Saro’s ear. “No.” She laughed. “Let’s go, you bum. Aren’t you curious what the Receiver wants us for this morning?” “I miss the kids. It could be a long time before we meet again.
We may have to wait for a millennial, or even a dispensational resurrection.” Saro said thoughtfully. The short walk back to their lodging was with few words. About now the ambiance of this place was becoming evident to them; here is love, fearlessness, progress, spiritual joy and God’s peace. “No war, no weather, no wind,” mused Kala. “I feel wind just a bit once in while,” said Saro. “There has to be some atmospheric movement...but the temperature here is just right, isn’t it?”
The Receiver hadn’t yet arrived, and the twilight sky was irresistibly appealing, so they sat for a moment facing each other, on a low, round, sculptured seat that was soft, but shone like polished gold. They gazed over each other’s head at the gradually dawning sky of their first full day on this paradisiacal world. Before long the Receiver arrived at their cottage and called out. Meeting at its front entrance, Saro invited her in saying, “You are a beautiful creature, more beautiful than yesterday.” The Receiver smiled and thanked him.
“Ready to go to work?” she asked. The pair stood silent a brief moment, then simultaneously replied “Yes!” “Your help is needed, but certainly not required. There were several Urantian Anglophones in your resurrection group, but none have ever been exposed to the teachings of the Urantia Book. For some resurrection can be a bit of shock to the soul. We were hoping you two would volunteer for a short period this morning, before your ceremonial welcome, and briefly convey your understanding of where they are, how they came to be here, and where they are going. Then answer questions that most assuredly will be asked. We have found that hearing the facts from one of their own sometimes helps ease the impact of transition. You are in no way obligated, of course.” Kala and Saro immediately let her know they would be delighted to be of service in this way.
They then asked about the welcome ceremony and were told it would begin this morning in the Banquet Hall, adjacent to Resurrection Hall. “Please meet me at the hall mid-morning, at the same chamber where you resurrected. I will have the group gathered there,” the Receiver said. “Between now and then, you may wish to study a chart of the being-types to be encountered on M1. And a tutorial about your new bodies might also interest you. Your harps will connect you to our central library and all archives.” “How will we know it’s time to meet you?” asked Saro. “Your harps monitor the local time beacon. And I will alert you. Is there anything else you need?”
“No, nothing,” answered Kala. Saro shook his head no. “Thanks very much to you both. The meeting will be short. Afterwards, we will attend your formal welcoming, from representatives of your creator parents, among others. And from two of your long ago predecessors, the first souls to graduate from Urantia.” They thought for a split second, “Andon and Fonta!” When Saro and Kala arrived at Resurrection Hall on this first morning of their first full day on M1, the Receiver led the group to a relatively quiet, semi-enclosed area where they could be seated. There she introduced the group of nineteen somewhat mystified souls (along with their assigned Receivers) to the pair. She informed them that Kala and Saro were fellow ex-Urantians who speak their language.
The Receiver went on to say, “Speaking for the Companion Corps of Mansonia 1, we hope you all enjoyed the first night on our world--now your world. Your Pilgrim Receivers deliberately put off your less pressing questions until this morning, in order that you might acclimate overnight and somewhat absorb yesterday’s experience before receiving instruction from one of your peers this morning. “You have all been informed Urantia is the name of the world from which you ascended?”
All affirmed it. “The mansion worlds became known on Urantia through celestial agencies present on every evolving planet, by their contact with certain men and women, like Paul of Tarsus, and John Zebedee who was an apostle of the one you may know as Jesus, who sojourned on Urantia well before you incarnated. Some of you may be recalling those teachings, teachings that were expanded upon in a little known revelatory text that Kala and Saro found early in life. “In this Urantia Book, which was given to your former world as an epochal revelation, there is a detailed description of the seven worlds to which you have ascended.
Some of you have a better idea than others about what has happened to you, because your soul was touched by Michael’s Spirit of Truth that now hovers over Urantia. The name of the planet you died on is Urantia. The sphere on which you now reside is Mansion One. M1 is not made of cooling star matter like Urantia, it was built, constructed for just such a purpose as it now serves. Soul nurseries like Urantia provide ascending souls to the Mansion worlds, where your journey to God continues.” The Receiver stepped back and asked Kala and Saro to give their history with the revelatory text discovered while on Uranita, and its effect on them.
Kala related how her parents had discovered the Urantia Book and introduced it to her, adding, “Saro and I knew each other since childhood, but we didn’t become good friends until college. I talked with him about my life-long interest in the information and teachings in the book. Almost immediately he embraced it just as I had. After school we married and spent the remainder of our lives studying and spreading its teachings, along with our work of course. We were musicians and teachers of music. We are also parents of three who are still on Urantia.” Saro added, “This book that we so treasured, and couldn’t stop studying, painted a million word picture of the universe with a God of love at its center.
A universe with God’s descending offspring functioning as co-creators whose work it is to seed the cosmos with a broad diversity of ascending life. There are not only billions of inhabited planets like Urantia, there are billions of galaxies that have billions of stars whose planets will sooner or later bear life--life of inconceivable diversity and potential! Every part of Our Father’s vast universe is under the supervision of an order of beings. Even your inner life has God at its center,” he explained passionately. They had both done this very thing many times on Urantia--introducing the teachings of the Urantia Book to small groups.
Flashing in their minds were memories of hundreds of presentations given to a wide variety of humans during their former lives. Saro continued, “When mortals die, they can be resurrected on another and better world--like this one. We have been reassembled in a new body/mind with our soul values intact, our original personality, and the very same fragment of God that indwelled us on Urantia. This is what has happened to all of us. “We learned back on Earth--and you now know its true name is Urantia--of the existence of the seven mansion worlds through the Urantia Book’s revelations.
We were taught--and we rightly believed!—that resurrected mortals take up life in a new body, and will gradually pass through all seven Mansion worlds on the way to achieving perfection and sometime be embraced by God on Paradise. We’re in different bodies now, aren’t we? So this has to be true.” Kala then added, “We all take origin in a ‘local universe’ whose co-creators are always a Michael Son and a Divine Minister.
There are hundreds of thousands of local universes in the vast ring of galaxies that encircle Paradise, God’s home. Our Michael bestowed himself seven times across this universe, called Nebadon. He bestowed himself, in native form, from the highest to the lowest levels of our local universe. He even incarnated on Urantia, as Jesus, the last of his seven self-bestowals. The Divine Minister is his equal in creation, but they each have unique functions and roles.” Most of their nineteen hearers were stunned by all of this, but they couldn’t deny they woke up in a better place with young healthy bodies, and with beings who seemed to be in charge and know perfectly well what is transpiring on this magical world.
They especially liked hearing about these things from their obviously knowledgeable peers, Kala and Saro. The group was attentive to their every word, but not grasping all that the Receiver and the pair were trying to convey. Kala and Saro continued offering revelatory details and personal insights, with the Receiver intervening as needed, explaining and reviewing that Nebadon is a creation of Michael and his mate, the Divine Minister of Nebadon. That this divine pair will eventually co-create ten million worlds with a vast and unique variety of mortal life forms to inhabit them. And that the co-creators of Nebadon are also children of the God of All Creation, now serving faithfully in the domains of time and space.
Then began a series of questions and answers. Some Kala or Saro answered, some the Receiver. This group of nineteen survivors was intensely curious, therefore good students. They had come from a variety of religious traditions of Urantia, but without exception all were happy to be alive and in this peaceful place of amazing beauty and divine appointment. None complained in the least. They were very interested in knowing more about Michael and the Divine Minister, especially the relation of Michael to Jesus. And they were informed of the greetings from ambassadors of the father and mother of Nebadon at the banquet reception they were so soon to enjoy. Even though the nineteen Urantia survivors had more questions for Saro and Kala, the Receiver ended the meeting in order that they not be late for the reception’s beginning. As the group strolled toward Banquet Hall, more questions were asked and answered. ***
Thank you for the Classroom of the Spirit.