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Teacher: Lanaforge
Subject: Inauguration Day of the Planetary Prince, the Magisterial Mission, Universal Circuits Open for Receptivity and More.
Category: Universe Announcement
T/R: Sue Whiley/7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 22/05/2017. 1.29pm (AEST) 3.29am (GMT)

“You note the mechanism through which we speak and it is time we wish all transmitters to put themselves to task to receive from us as we are turning up the notch to get going with a Magisterial Mission of the likes not seen before in a Local Universe as this is one of both sacrilege and profundity.

“This is Lanaforge, I speak pertinently here with Sue with a voice strong and with punctual exercise. She knows I’m getting her attention to listen up; we have work to do and I need her to get this in writing here now. The reason being we have a political storm, the Most Highs, sees as dangerous to the extreme and no, I kid you not, nuclear war is looming fast and will wreck havoc both politically and economically upon nations who are yet to fancy meals on wheels.  Well, that is not going to happen as we are not allowing it.  I, as Lanaforge, who is to be inaugurated shortly as your Planetary Prince will put out all the bells and whistles to call in the bad dogs for a change and make it known who is king on the hill as Serara (your Magisterial Son) and I make things quite clear: Enough is enough!

“Sue is rightfully thinking that someone has got to bring in the whip to bring the herd home. The bad dogs have taken it too far and we will have to do just that as Sue suggest and we are not very far from her thoughts on so many issues that plague her. We watch what happens to those of you who care less about life and more about how God will intervene in a messy playground, the Father considers as atrocious.

“Right you are; but how we go about this is yet to be announced and we have some changes coming for most of you and not so becoming as to put you off, but to keep you as safe as we can possibly make it for most of you.  This world is a dangerous place. Mark my words. It is ready to plunge into a world of violence as we make ourselves known and we intend to do so very soon as things get from bad to worse and we can no longer hold the tide, much less tame the torrents of abuse that runs rampant.

“This is a universal broadcast announcement to all concerned.  Note the severity of our words and intentions as I must do the Father’s bidding as it is panned out for me to usher in a whole raft of new thinking that needs to be made known to the people of Urantia. Urantia’s name will be renamed and given a rank in terms of her infamous status as a rogue world. No longer can she be described as the “World of the Cross”, but a world reclaimed by the Father who is to take it and make it a totally new world to begin over if it is to be habitable to animals again. The humans on this world can no longer abide the ‘House that Jack Built’ (modern day civilisation) and it will be torn down instantly. The House of God will be standing where I stand and utter the words of the Father Himself.

“There is no reason for any man to hide in bunkers or in mountains as that will no longer be safe, the earth is as dynamic as the rivers that flow on her, make sure you know Plate Tectonics as that is to occur everywhere, and we the Divine Sons come to assist you and prepare you for disaster awareness, rescue and management.

“We will assist you in how you can sustain yourselves and co-exist with one another across borders in order to survive the coming tribulations of earth changes. This is so that you all can find it in yourself to heed the Father’s call and respond to Him as your Father for yourself. Soul survival is your main focus and we are to assist you in this universal endeavour that is your heritage and inheritance.

“We also advise each of you to remain calm, prepare yourselves with enough food, water and fuel to keep you going for at least ten days or more to last you until unruly people, mobs, rioting and so on calm down and get back to some normalcy of moderate sensibilities as the reality we speak of becomes a real and life-changing one for most of you.

“No one is spared, you are all to feel the pressure that such changes will bring to bear upon you. As it will affect you for the most part for a decade or more and it is not any tribulation for humans to cope with alone. There are those of you who are realistic and prepared for such a challenge as this represents, you will be required to assist your brethren when the time comes.

“Know it in yourself, the time is soon coming when man and God will meet and soon will be a reality that changes the course upon which you once trod.  We are here to steer it and ensure that you all know that you will and never will be alone ever as was under the old house that Jack built.

“We are certain of it, as you are certain of it that your world is ready for the change that is inevitable and is far overdue. That is soon to be at your door.

“I am Lanaforge, making progressive moves in the direction in which I can be of use to you and your people and I appreciate good transmitters who can just take down a good note from me to you as this is done here.

“Standby and await for further instructions as I make it clear the Universal Circuits be running well for receptivity by some of you.

“It is now drawing near to the time for my inauguration as your newly appointed Planetary Prince and I do no wish that this should be something you all are waiting on, but to be aware that the Universe is still in business and we merely are operating to open the door to this business you all are going to be very busy about in both learning and growing in things that is of great worth to you.

“Your world was shut off for way too long and we are aware of that and for this reason we will not, I repeat, not come in to shock you all at once, but to go about the business in a manner that is reasonably acceptable and nations can be happy to abide with as we offer a solid base for which we consist of.

“Sue is thinking: Is that the gold bullion you bring with you? Well, I say No. Rather, it is not the gold we bring, it is how much it is worth and how no one can offer such to anyone unless it is in holding nations in keeping the peace and stabilising their peoples they serve.

“This and much more do we offer to bring about solutions to the age old problems your world keeps falling into and that is the constant fight with one another in gaining better than the other, and this will soon end when the earth does it’s dance and all hands will surely be on deck to pull off the best that man can and will do for one another in order to survive the challenges of the lack of food, water, shelter and hope.

“The health of nations will be soon seen by its manner in which her own people strive to live in peace and seek better ways to sustain themselves and each other in a changing natural environment. Social life will of course take on a real meaning as these schools we initiate will enhance the sonship of God and the brotherhood of man. It is an early stage of evangelism and outreach as well as re-educating the minds of men to see a better path to walk in and live than what was previously lived before. The comparisons between the two “houses” will be obvious and quite real to these survivors as they realise the truth for themselves.

“This is enough for now as I allow Sue the time to get this typed up and issued for public perusal and I hope all goes well on my Inauguration Day as I wish it well for what the Father has in mind for you all. Thank you and good day.”

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Bless you Sue and Lanaforge for your so very timely message.  I pray for the spirit to help us all.
Please keep yourself safe and God bless you my friend,
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Dear sister Sue,
I really appreciate the words and dose of reality that Lanaforge has provided to us through you. How I admire your transmitting skills.  It is my hope that one day all of us here will be as proficient as you are.  Many blessing

kindred shall forever remain unbroken


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What a beautiful and inspiring message! Thank you Sue and Prince Lanaforge.
Thank you for the Classroom of the Spirit.