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Res. Halls CHAP 8
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RESURRECTION HALL - Chapter 8 ~ Orientation ~
The pair was awake before dawn. They remained in bed thinking of the day ahead, intermingled with periods of communing with the God who created the Creators who made Mansion life possible. They made it not only possible but inviting, thrilling, and most of all, spiritually edifying, soul satisfying.
Kala and Saro each knew when the other was in worship mode. Worship was their habit as humans, it felt perfectly natural to continue that here. Notwithstanding the many inspiring ideas surfacing in their new and marvelously efficient minds--plus the myriad attractions and powerful stimuli of this super-rich environment--worship was still their uppermost thought.
After a while Saro said, “It feels like my attachment to Urantia is beginning to slip away. You?”
“Yes, now that you mention it. But you know we’ll never forget Urantia. Besides, our kids, grandkids, and great grandkids, are still there. This world is peaceful; it knows its purpose; there’s a single focus. I like it because everyone is on the same path. There’s no worry here, at least so far. No one I’ve met seems worried, or fearful...But I’m recalling speculating about how many, what percentage if any, give up the Paradise journey after resurrection.”
“Not you, nor me, nor any of ours!” replied Saro hugging her firmly. They kissed and smiled adoringly at each other.
“Let’s wake up Will, Joy, my parents, and grandparents. They’re all leaving M1 today.”
“That’s right. Let's go,” said Saro.
They leapt from bed, looked in the mirror and literally giggled in the delight of being freshly alive, then pulled on their wraps and shoes, dashed outside and playfully pranced to the adjacent lodge’s doorway. Both were thinking how good their strong, light, healthy bodies felt.
They announced themselves and entered. “You’re all up!” said Saro on seeing the six sitting around a wide, solid gold table.
“We’re about to eat. You two hungry?”
“Not at all,” said Kala. Saro shook his head no.
“Did you have your first rest last night?” asked Kala’s mother.
“We did,” Kala replied. “I had a vision. It was vivid and beautiful, about one resurrection after another until I reached Havona. I was in front of a huge door, knocking away. The door swung fully open and I walked in. That was it.”
Saro said, “I dreamed of graduating from the last of the Melchizedek universities on Uversa. There were millions of us in the class. And our angels were standing by, ready to fly us to Havona right after graduation. We were congratulated and certified by the Ancients of Days, immediately enseraphimed, and then took off together in a mass launch!” They laughed at the dramatic way he said it.
“So you both had visions of Havona,” said Kala’s grandfather. “I had a similar one during my first night’s rest on M1. But I was flying to Paradise, just after circling Havona’s billion worlds. Then I landed on Paradise and was immediately escorted to a holding area where new arrivals wait to meet God. I was ecstatic. We met and embraced. That’s all I recall.”
They conversed until dawn about a variety of subjects. Saro asked questions about the similarities and differences between M2 and M3. Kala wanted to know how long each of them spent on M1. They both wanted advice about how best to spend their ten day liberty.
When the day had fully dawned, Will looked out and noticed a visitor approaching, “Here’s your Receiver, Saro.”
The relatives embraced a final time. All agreed to keep in touch, and to have more reunions with more family members after Kala and Saro had settled and chosen their route to Jerusem. They exchanged fond so-longs and Saro pledged jokingly to “catch up to them in order that they might all fuse off Jerusem at the same time.”
On the way to Orientation Hall, the Receiver answered questions, telling them some of what to expect on their third day as mansion world citizens, adding that they would be obligation-free at the end of the day.
Orientation Hall, like Banquet Hall, is another gigantic high-walled roofless arena linked to Resurrection Hall and the Temple of New Life. It too is surrounded by stunningly beautiful and perfectly sculpted shrubbery, large flowering plants, and a variety of spreading trees. Many of the plants had violet colored leaves, but all colors were present in one form or another. Jewels, crystals and glimmering metals were hanging from, or embedded in, almost every thing on this world.
The pair was more fully realizing that art and beauty are central here, not an afterthought. The Receiver informed them the landscaped plants are not of the edible variety as are Banquet Hall's encircling gardens, all are ornamental. Ornate indeed! they thought.
The same pilgrims with whom Saro and Kala had spent the previous day were pouring into the orientation arena. Each one now eager to enter this new world, each one feeling they had had a taste of Paradise reality and wanted more. It helped that they were all third circlers, beings long accustomed to following the watchword of the universe—Progress!
Kala and Saro immediately noticed that Orientation Hall’s interior has features of both Resurrection Hall and Banquet Hall. It is bowl-shaped but segmented into thousands of square cells instead of table rings. It too is vast.
The Receiver told them, “I will meet you at day’s end, after your last session, and escort you to the exit where you may depart on ten days liberty. Or you may wish to return to your lodging, rest, and begin tomorrow. As long as you are on M1, that will be your home.” She then conveyed their seat assignment and pointed them in that direction. The three embraced and separated. Aids were stationed at cross-aisles to redirect lost or confused pilgrims.
There was a soft musical interlude that allowed time for everyone to find their place and settle. All was in readiness for a long day’s instruction on orientation to a new world. What is it like outside the resurrection complex? Kala’s and Saro’s curiosity was beyond piqued, and they were just a day away from actually experiencing and exploring this new world full of strange beings and apparent mysteries, new at least to these two hundred thousand novices.
On the instructor’s platform at the bottom of the great bowl, a being took a position and indicated a wish for quiet and attention. Kala immediately recognized her as the Morontia Companion who hosted their banquet the day before. It took a moment for Saro to realize it was she.
 When all was quiet, the Companion spoke, “Welcome! Anyone experience a visualization last night?” Saro and Kala watched the translation before them, and immediately heard a roaring response. They looked at each other knowingly and joined the applause.
“Happens every time,” said the Companion with a big smile. After a pause she went on, “Today, we hope to give you enough information to enter Mansion one on your own. Your lodging in the Melchizedek sector will be your base, your home, until you depart for Mansion 2.” Everyone was watching their translation of the Companion’s words, at the same time listening to her beautiful voice enunciate the morontia language.
She continued, “There is more diversity and variety here than on the worlds you so recently left--physical, intellectual and spiritual diversity. You may be overwhelmed at first. Here on Mansionia you will find transplanted artworks from far away Havona. Some of it will be visible to you, some not. Some beings here you may see, some you can only be told about. Not because they hide, rather because you have much to learn, acquire, and assimilate. Doubt not your vision, indeed all your senses, will improve greatly as you progress.
“Permit me to quote an Archangel who very wisely stated: ‘To material beings the spirit world is more or less unreal; to spirit beings the material world is almost entirely unreal, being merely a shadow of the substance of spirit realities.’ (44:0.15)
“And always, as you ascend upward on the scale of life, will you retain the ability to recognize and fraternize with the fellow beings of previous and lower levels of existence. Each new translation or resurrection will add one more group of spirit beings to your vision range without in the least depriving you of the ability to recognize your friends and fellows of former estates.” (44:0.18)
The audience was completely silent and hanging onto each word. The Companion went on, “Some of you will be on this world only ten days. Some longer. Celestial Artisans agree to tarry in Mansonia for a thousand years of superuniverse time, at least. Yesterday you were introduced to Andon and Fonta, the mother and father of the human race of Urantia. Those two arrived here long, long ago, over a million planetary years.
“Some beings pass by the Mansion worlds, those coming from spheres in the advanced stages of Light and Life. You are here to learn how to reach Light and Life within yourself, to bring your soul up to that level where it may unite, where it may fuse, with your Paradise Partner, your Indweller, the real you.
“While you are in Mansonia the Broadcast Directors will supply you with information and news, while the Thought Preservers will gather and store your gems of mentation. And the Morontia Recorders will capture your image. These two groups preserve your thoughts and appearances for the archives of the morontia halls of records.
“There is a real economy on the Mansion worlds, and you shall have a place in it. Here you will live, serve, learn, rest, play and worship. You will earn credits for your labors that may be used for travel, for sustenance, for any number of personal wants and needs.
“There are seven mansion worlds, and all seven are satellites of Transition World One, The Finaliters World. The Finaliters are another order of being you will encounter as you explore this first heaven. In fact, one day, you will number in their ranks. The Finaliters World and its seven mansions orbit yet another sphere, one hundred times its size; Jerusem by name. There are six other major worlds orbiting Jerusem, so-called transition worlds. Like the Finaliters World, each of those six also has seven satellites in orbit. In all, there are fifty-seven architectural spheres in the System. Jerusem, the largest, is at the center of all. It will now be your goal to become a citizen of this capital world.
“You have already become a part of the history of this System. Before you leave it your contributions and rewards will be many. Afterward, you will move up to the next level of spirit training, the 771 worlds of our Constellation, Norlatiadek, with its capital Edentia, abiding place of the Most Highs.
“In the local universe of Nebadon there are 647,591 worlds. Each world is built and maintained by a vast legion of beings, many of whom you will come to know and love. And consider this fact as you build a larger concept of universe life: Nebadon is only one third complete. Nebadon has more than three million worlds with life of some kind, and will, some far-away day, have ten million.
“No one being does everything here. There is a vibrant economy, with specialized workers for every need and ministry. While you are traversing Mansonia you will repeatedly cross paths, even collaborate with, the Vocation Builders, ones who design and construct our residences. And you will meet and interact with our numerous Supervisors of Morontia Power. They are providers of energy drawn down from the ever-circulating currents of space, and made available to all, everywhere, and in a useful form. Many are the kinds of beings you will find here on Mansonia. And all ascenders are siblings in one great and diverse family. Many more types of beings will be revealed to you at every level of your Paradise trek.
“You will find Spornagia everywhere in the System; they constitute Mansonia’s workforce, adorable super animals who are helpers on the physical level. Beginning on Mansion two and beyond, you will find another type of being called Spironga, caretakers of everyone’s spiritual needs.
“While you are here you will learn. And you may be certain your education is well-planned and carefully administered by our Celestial Overseers, beings drawn from diverse orders, ones who watch over Nebadon’s many schools.
“The methods employed in many of the higher schools are beyond the human concept of the art of teaching truth, but this is the keynote of the whole educational system: character acquired by enlightened experience. The teachers provide the enlightenment; the universe station and the ascender’s status afford the opportunity for experience; the wise utilization of these two augments character. 37:6.3 (412.3)
“Fundamentally, the Nebadon educational system provides for your assignment to a task and then affords you opportunity to receive instruction as to the ideal and divine method of best performing that task. You are given a definite task to perform, and at the same time you are provided with teachers who are qualified to instruct you in the best method of executing your assignment. The divine plan of education provides for the intimate association of work and instruction. We teach you how best to execute the things we command you to do. 37:6.4 (412.4)
“The purpose of all this training and experience is to prepare you for admission to the higher and more spiritual training spheres of the superuniverse. Progress within a given realm is individual, but transition from one phase to another is usually by classes. 37:6.5 (412.5)
“The progression of eternity does not consist solely in spiritual development. Intellectual acquisition is also a part of universal education. The experience of the mind is broadened equally with the expansion of the spiritual horizon. Mind and spirit are afforded like opportunities for training and advancement. But in all this superb training of mind and spirit you are forever free from the handicaps of mortal flesh. No longer must you constantly referee the conflicting contentions of your divergent spiritual and material natures. At last you are qualified to enjoy the unified urge of a glorified mind long since divested of primitive animalistic trends towards things material.” 37:6.6 (412.6)
The Companion then gave an overview of M-1’s transportation system as correlated images and maps appeared beside her. The professionalism of the Mansion world administrators very favorably impressed Saro and Kala.
Next she instructed the group on using their harps to obtain information of every imaginable kind, to find individuals, and to locate places. She then asked a company of Mansion World Teachers, who were already in place and standing by in each occupied square, to begin a question and answer period for their group. Kala recalled these teachers are ‘abandoned’ angels, cherubim and sanobim whose former wards have gone on to Edentia.
This pattern of offering general information from the instructor’s platform, then following it with question and answer sessions about specifics, led by two Mansion World Teachers within each square, repeated all day. The pilgrims were loaded up with useful advice on ways of doing things, and ways not to. The Companion showed them charts of the types of beings here, some of which Kala and Saro had examined the previous morning at their Receiver’s suggestion.
Around midday the companion sent the group on break, for sustenance, for rest, for worship, however they wished to spend it.
Saro and Kala spent the break strolling around the outsides of all three halls, enjoying the aesthetics of morontia gardening alongside and integrated with shimmering and bejeweled architecture. Most structures, art, and sculpture are made from lustrous morontia materials that well resonated with their quickly expanding sense of aesthetical appreciation. Kala spotted a group of spornagia tending the gardens. They moved closer, pausing to watch the creatures working, and quickly confirmed Malavatia Melchizedek’s statement about their extraordinary beauty. And a Bright and Morning Star’s description of these lovely and useful morontia animals. She wrote in part:
“...They are devoted to the care and culture of the material phases of these headquarters worlds, from Jerusem to Salvington. Spornagia are neither spirits nor persons; they are an animal order of existence, but if you could see them, you would agree that they seem to be perfect animals.” (37:10.3)
During the last half of orientation day the pilgrims were presented with the fundamentals of morontia culture, a culture “designed and built for transition,” said the instructor. But many of them were surprised to hear her declare, “If your new body should be injured, you will be taken to one of many care facilities on M1. Yes, your morontia bodies may be strong, but they are not invulnerable. They may be injured by mishaps of ‘a mechanical nature.’” (50:3.3)
The pilgrims were also informed of the eight body changes, morontia adjustments, to be experienced during the Mansion ascension, and that there will be a total of 570 alterations before arriving on Salvington.
They also learned about the world they were standing on, its overall construction from the core to the sky; the regulation of its water and its atmosphere; its power supply and distribution system including some of the beings involved in building and maintenance. They received information about the mansonia economic system and the wide variety of service venues transient pilgrims may choose from. Practically everyone had questions about their next step after ten days of liberty.
The Companion dwelled on the real purpose of the seven mansion worlds: Spiritual progress and the shedding of the “mark of the beast.” (47:9.1) Pilgrims who hadn’t already realized it, learned that the mansions are rehabilitation worlds, a planned and well ordered system of spheres designed to orient all categories of beings coming up from the evolutionary worlds ascending into cosmic reality, and beginning the Paradise journey.
She went on explaining that, “The Mansion regime fully compensates for the lack of higher spiritual training on the evolutionary worlds. Eventually mansion worlds will no longer be needed for rehabilitation, when all 1000 evolutionary planets of the System have achieved the highest level of Light and Life.
“You passed through spiritual infancy during your former life, and now you find yourself here on Mansonia about to enter primary school. When you leave Jerusem for Edentia, you will be graduate students. And by the time you reach Michael on Salvington, you will be fully fledged, Adjuster fused, sons and daughters of God, well on the way to Uversa and Havona. And some wonderous day you will receive your doctorate degree. You will meet and be personally embraced by the Universal Father in his abode on Paradise.”
In the question and answer session that followed the Companion’s plenary speech, Saro used his harp to access the System’s library and retrieve a line from the Urantia Book he couldn’t quite recall word for word, and read it to the group in his study square.
“...On the mansion worlds the seraphic evangels will help you to choose wisely among the optional routes to Edentia, Salvington, Uversa, and Havona. If there are a number of equally advisable routes, these will be put before you, and you will be permitted to select the one that most appeals to you. These seraphim then make recommendations to the four and twenty advisers on Jerusem concerning that course which would be most advantageous for each ascending soul.” (48:6.5)
Much useful and fascinating information was given the pilgrims on this afternoon, so much their minds were reeling. Even Kala and Saro were taken aback by the intricacies, facilities, and provisions of this one world. And from what they had seen and felt, it is a true poem of living harmony to experience. The host Companion thanked and dismissed the group just before eventide, right after a touching and satisfying group prayer and moment of worshipful reflection on the day’s experiences.
When the meeting ended the pilgrims moved en masse to Banquet Hall where the service staff had set out a moving buffet. Diners could choose from a tremendous variety of dishes, all works of art, and all perfectly keyed to the morontia palate. Saro and Kala enjoyed a leisurely dinner, talking with newly made friends, getting to know this diverse family from many evolutionary worlds now gathered for the first time on a mansion world.

When the pair had finished their second delectable meal as mansonians, Saro asked the inevitable question, “Shall we make our exit tonight, or rest first and leave early tomorrow?” ***
Thank you for the Classroom of the Spirit.