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Here we go again.  Zao, you fully misunderstand too much to plea for your return,  God speed to your ilk and profound joy to learn Father speaks through you too.

Michael of Nebadon = "Ron just threw his hands up when he saw this message.  He says "fine," but Zao is out of his head right now with too much of a foreign substance in his blood right now.  "So unlike Zao," Ron says, and lets it go.  However, there is a problem developing among a few who read this site.  They are not used to the idea we have trained Ron and many of you to transmit and that is to speak the Voice of God.  Caligastia sewed so much doubt about hearing God, he convinced us to stop making it possible until the 18th and 19th century when we alone started the idea of being able to speak with spirit.  Ron knows the details so well he can do it without blinking an eye and we follow suit by providing him startling detail that is truly appreciated by all of you on this site except newbies.  Zao doubts everything but usually has it under control but today he slipped a little and took a nibble of what we think is an opiate and it spells the end of his spiritual life he does not recant it immediately.  Zao, if you watch this,  get yourself back and leave those blues and wanderings to others who are truly spiritually in jeopardy.  Ron has no trouble accepting you as you are, but you just threw a punch you will regret too.  Michael of Nebadon."


Pole Shift
July 22, 2018
Ron Besser at York, PA noon local time

The idea of a Pole Shift, which is a short hand expression to say that the compass point for north, reverses completely and now turns backwards and points to what we now call south.   The earth is a giant magnet, and what makes it so is not gravity, but a churning ball in the core of the earth that is made of magnetic metals that are so hot, they reach nearly the temperature of the sun that shines on us daily from deep space.

Let me first describe the metal core for you.  It is molecular iron and tungsten and is comprised of nearly one billion tons of magma, for if you could see it, it would glow white hot, almost too hard for the eye to focus on.  About one billion years ago, earth got into a terrible situation where it started too cool too rapidly, then due to some chemical reactions on the surface of the planet, the cooling cycle suddenly ended, and a surface temperature began to grow until it was so hot on the face of the earth, nothing could live on it again.  This all occurred in the geological stage known as the Neoproterozoic (1 billion to 500 million years ago), and the tremendous heat was dispelled about 500 million years and ended this particular geologic era.

The Neoproterozoic age started earth’s real problems by starting a blanket around the metal earth’s core in order to protect itself from too fast cooling.  It started this way because the early earth’s core was more iron ferrite than metallic or molecular iron we know today.  Chemistry changes from age to age on our planet and in the Neoproterozoic Age it was mostly iron ferrite.  Iron ferrite stays put well and was found as a satisfactory substitute for better metallic cores but it did well until the Bronze Age on earth reached its zenith in about six hundred (600) BC.  Then a huge lava eruption occurred and the entire planet started to melt and when it melted the rocks inside the earth, the modern tectonic plates formed.  From 600 BC to the present day, it is the tectonic rock plates the continents rest upon, that when they shift, causes many serious earthquakes.

Ever since then the metallic core has tried to cool itself with magma discharges but failed to cool itself sufficiently unto today when it has reached, we think, about absolute boiling point of matter.  That is so dangerous it can only be addressed by the earth itself calling out for some solar intervention, and our sun, has suddenly begun producing huge volumes of beta ray radiation.  Beta ray radiation is a combination of solar wind and high progeny discharges of a radium nature and while not radioactive, the discharge is so potent it forces the temperature on earth to rise dramatically and can be seen as a part of our earth warming man inists is due to burning carbon based fuels and so on.  The truth is that the sun is mostly the culprit and no amount of gas trimming for fuels and aerosols will stop it.  But then what will stop it is a Pole Shift engineered by the earth to recreate better ecological conditions on the planet while cooling its core by transmitting its metallic content to another kind of molecule since cooling the current magma will convert iron into Molybdenum (symbol MO; atomic number42).  It does not occur naturally on earth as an ore but it can occur as an oxide of lead, and this is why it will work so well inside the new earth core when the poles switch very soon.

Molybdenum on the earth surface as a lead oxide is a dull grey to look at.  It melts only in very high temperaturs and is used to make components in glass furnaces and so on in factories around the world.  It carries an additional atomic weight 44 and 47 when it is super heated, but it can hide itself as Molybdenum at all by producing an unusual oxide known as the ion characteristic of Molybdenum Ditrioxide (MO4), which exists briefly as a cooling agent in certain magmas produced from deep earth fissures.

The Pole Shift has been explained easily above, but when MO4 is added to the core, it will expand to double its present size.  That will cause the earth tectonic plates to rupture around the world where there are plenty of weaknesses evident to suggest that certain sliding of the dross (loose stones and earth debris).  The Continental Shelf on the North American West Coast is littered with dross and much of the land mass of California, Washington state, and Oregon, are composed of terrible stacks of dross to the point, that if the tectonic plates are shaken under them, the dross will slide off the plate in one big whoosh and take all life with it to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.  This cause and effect of earth cooling after the Pole Shift will bring huge reductions in earth population as well, and while lamentable in the extreme, God does care enough to resurrect most all to restart their lives as themselves on our local mansion worlds far above us.

This Pole Shift is so pending, it is predicted by those in the know, to happen at any moment.  It could happen as early as tomorrow or as late as next month or even a little later, but it will happen.  For Bible fans, one of the early Pole Shifts was recorded in the Old Testament Book of Joshua 10 -12:3:14 known to scholars as Joshua’s Long day (circa 1500 BC).  Today we have an even greater problem than Joshua had, and that is because this time the Pole Shift is so severe, that the axis tilt we revolve with, it will tilt about another 10 to 15 degrees east.  Visualize the planet on a stick.  Now tile the stick left and right about 20 or so degrees to the left and to the right, and you are demonstrating the tilt we already have.  For this Pole Shift, tilt the demonstration stick 30 degrees left and right again to get the idea of how much or little more that is to you.  But there is Murphy’s Law elements in this one too nobody ever seems to think about, but you will see it with this one: While the tilt on the axis may be as much or more than 30 degrees, kick the stick at the bottom a little more to you.  That brings the current south pole closer to your body in this demo.  We think the new tile will have the present south pole swing closer toward you in the demo, and that places my home town, York, Pennsylvania, further north of the present equator.  York, in this case moves as far as cooling is concerned further north and it will cool rapidly and change its weather considerably.

Finally, this Paper is about the Pole Shift, and we must take into consideration the science of metallurgy, of mass extinctions, of troubled dynamics of gravity, and even the medieval idea of retributiion to the Paper.  It would take me a small book to tell you all the implications of the coming shift.  But let me tell all of you this:

The immediate implications to your lives on earth is we will had Joshua’s long day, as much as thirty of them.  It depends on where you live on the globe whether t he long day is night or twilight or day.  The tilt is severe enough that the gravitational forces must recollect around the planet to pull it up from a more severed tild of almost 37 to 50 degrees further east that is presently experienced.  Day and night will never be quite the same for millennia now as this Pole Shift will reset the diurnal cycle to much longer in the sourther hemisphere and much shorter in the northern hemisphere.  The nation known as England will almost be polar in its light cycles with summer being being long days no longer but short days, perhaps four hours a day, and long summer nights that are quite cool.  The EU may expereince drought since the Pole Shift will turn the weather of normal rains off and start a cycle with little rain in the Mediterranean Basin, but plenty of rain and wind in the Hebrides of Great Britain.  China will be much like the United States, with shorted days and longer night in both seasons due to the southern Arctic region being pushed into the position that tilts the northern hemisphere further away from the sun,

Finally, we have spoken of the implications to material things and lives on earth.  But there are spiritual implications too.

Spirit actually controls the science of earth through the various agencies.  Nation States are under the direct care of the Vorondadek Sons, divine beings created to evolve nation states and their civilizations and who shall survive the rush to power and who will not.  The Pole Shift falls under a different group in the spiritual agency that controls the metabolic degree to which an earth science is allowed to achieve, and then to control how much it may know.

Earth science, as good as you think it may be, is essentially in its infancy, much as the Neanderthal society of the early ice ages on this planet developed.  The material controllers are generally known as Power Directors, and they exist in myriads of forms depending on what level of matter they must control.  The Power Directors speak the language of physicists everywhere here, and are proud to announce this is complete as it must be advised that this Pole Shift will change civilization quickly, for transport will not work well during the long light/dim period, and radios and television may go down for lack of satellite synchrony.  Further radios and batteries must be reconditioned by lifting your batteries out and turning them around when anything works again.

Be assured this is just a brief over view of what will become an historical outage of vast proportions until we on earth can redo our grid systems for electrical use and so on.  Automobiles will eventually become useless due to the over use of petroleum and natural gas, and cars we call electric, are poorly designed in spite of the Tesla hype.  I also recommend that this message be purloined into the deep six for now except for the list.  Thank you.

Below is a link to a video that talks about the pole shift and that is a case of impending action very soon.  Thank you.   Ron Besser

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - “I recuse this from showing up on Facebook, as Ron sat down to write this for deploment there.  But Power Directs 4, 5, and 7 saw tp it that Ron got a full report with the help of Rayson and Ocilliaya in other deportment.  I told Ron to forget posting it there as science would conjecture him to death on this report until Rayson gets there and starts to clean house on what science believes and what it should not believe.  This report is so accurate, I asked the Unvierse Censor in charge of Ron’s work to let it fly and then to decide what to do with it.  You have an up to the minute report of what is to occur, and I am not so sure you will not see this shift tomorrow or before July 31 on earth.  I also feel Ron needs a heart and soul returned to him as it is written as a cold hearted scientist would and that is very good for this era, but many on Facebook would swoon at its cold calculation of the loss of life.  How do you report this otherwise?   You do not so enjoy the post here on the this web site where it is entirely appropriate but a little harsh on bleeding hearts that live for the most part in the United States only. Good day, Michael.”

Here is a very casual talk on video about the impending pole shift.  I find it tedious but it has good graphics and that is what we want to show.  Ron


To all who try to understand this.  You know if you were an astronaut and you fell outside of your capsule, you are in such vast space you cannot even tell if you are right side up or upside down.  Mind in your astronaut head would eventually find the brightest star and relate to it with moving up or moving down in your spacesuit.  The same thing happens in your home.  Mind figures out your up or down position or how much you travel by locating objects to reference unconsciously.  I happened to have had the pleasure of being shown that in very graphic detail showing how I almost was ship and was moored by ropes (strings) to my room dock.  It is one more example of how Mother Spirit gives us the ability to move around in our environment quite comfortably and without fear of falling into the sky for some reason.

Michael of Nebadon - "I speak slowly for all of you.  This man is brilliant in his analogies.  He can tell you the idea that mind is doing things you cannot perceive, but many years ago he awoke from sleep so disoriented we had to show him that he was still connected to earth and his familiar pattern of life.  We showed lines to his blinds on the window, lines to his bookcase and various other elements in the room.  Once he saw how he was still attached to his room and familiar objects he was capable of fully understanding his belonginess to his bed and his room.  He was completely happy to be there too, we might add.

"But Sue has another problem Ron never ran into.  She is partially deaf even with her ear devices.  That removes a string or rope or two from the mind working to stabilize beingness as all of you understand that.  To Be is to Stand well in the middle of your Universe.  Ego likes things around it.  The ID, which is normal cognizance is happy to let the ego figure out how it relates to beingness and until something disrupts the normal calculations mind does to figure out its placement among earth objects whethere that is your room or the sky and the diurnal cycles, you are fairly happy with the idea of being.  Sue has the problem of deafness, and her life is full of shocks and bumps attempting to figure out her placement as a physical body in the world.  that night when she awoke with a diabetic cramp inside her inner body, she could not relate to where she was right away,

"Sue you are in danger of being diabetic (type II) if you do not stop guzzling soda sweets as that brand of cola is made from corn fructose and is highly destructive to the organs of the body due to its malnourishment,  and it will cause the body to stop making insulin and then you will be in for it and become completely disoriented to walk or play, and that is entirely destructive to your life style and you know it.  Ron had diabetes for awhile and starved it to death and took glucosimine for awhile and so improved his system he kicked diabetes out of him.  

"Your dislocation or sense of being temporarily lost to the idea of where you are located and are came about when the body you live in fell into a little coma, and could not bring out the normal sense of being refreshed when awakening.  Ron loves a deep quick sleep and he feels wonderful with that, but diabetes put an end to that until recently.  Now he has osteoporosis and that killed his ability to even walk propertly.  Today he is free of the osteoporosis and must make amends to the body to walk well again and we are working hard for him to do that.  However, Sue, if you come down with diabetes (II) you will not walk at all because your deafness fails to rememdy balance as Ron remedies his balance to attempt walking in spite of the failure of leg muscles to hold him up well and well oriented to the earth's surface.  This is not an easy thing to explain to you Sue, but you got a bonus out of your inquiry of sorts by learning how the brain orients itself without somebody (meaning Me, the Father of my local unvierse) telling you how to walk again.  I relate this to you though:

"You Sue have two terrible problems always to be yourself:  the first is your inability to grasp normal earth orientation due to the inability of the mind to hear its environment too very well or at all.  Second, you cannot relate to people well as you never learned lip reading.  That normally takes place with deaf people, but you are so stubborn you do not bother to look at a person when they speak because you take their speech as a learning lesson.  When you learn, you cast your eyes down to absorb through concentration what they may be saying.  Watch a person and their lips as an experiement to see if you can catch all they say when they speak,   This is Michael and I wish you a good day."


Clency, that was a darn good question.  My surmise (meaning I do not know the answer really but I am guessing) is that Alzheimer disease will obscure the sense of actual placement of the personality as a person afflicted with Alzheimer disease is going by abstruse memory and not relying on the brain to be familiar where they are.   Alzheimer disease is destroying the recent memory patters because it attacks the frontal lobes last and the cortex first.  My dad died of that disease and it is horrible what it does to a loved one.  The brain stops producing a protein that balance fatty acid production with the protein proline and when that protein as a hormone is the majority primary serum content in the brain, the brain produces a plaque that coats the brain tissues to protect them, but then the plaque and more snuffs out ganglia synapses to fire properly and eventually memory and cognizance is lost and death ensues.

This brain string projection is what my eyes perceived that one pre dawn morning I saw and I have no idea why I did but it was quite a personal revelation.  Now I understood that the brain memorizes familiar home spaces and work spaces.  But when anyone sleeps very deeply where they cannot remember how deep they slept even, then the brain gets cut off from its docking strings and you awake disoriented and have to work a bit to remember what bed you are in and where the windows are and so on.  I do it often enough that I know it when it happens and do not panic, but years ago it was fairly rare to happen and I really noticed it when I got awake and didn't quite know in what position I was laying in bed and had to count windows to become familiar with a known room, my own bedroom.  I never had it happen as a guest or in a hotel or motel when traveling for business.  It happens almost always when I am very tired and go to sleep hardly remembering to count sheep at all.

MOTHER SPIRIT - "Ron is quite unusual Clency.  He did see the strings that starry night. But he counted the strings too and as a curiosity I asked why, and he said they attached to things I did not know they wanted to attach to.  He had a string to a blind tassel, a book case, a chest of drawers, and a coffee table he used to put a lamp on in his room.  He never knew I had a string to him that night as he was disoriented from working in a Urantia Book class that got rowdy and the brain went camping when he fell asleep and he awoke with not connections to his room.   Ron saw strings!  I never quite got used to that presentation of revelation to him, and all should recognize all of you use your brains in similar ways, and you all project connections to items and objects around you to orient yourselves at all times.  That is why you feel so much at home in your own bed and in your own home in spite of great hospitality elsewhere.  I am Mother Spirit and I wish you all a good day."


I am quite familiar with it, particularly after a momentary phase of "cosmic sleep."   When you fuse Sue, the trial to the mind is to let go of certain familiar aspects of location.  It was demonstrated to me one early morning, still dark, and the window blind was up so the night time ambient light came into my room.  When I awoke I briefly saw strings from my head to every object in the room I could see.  I knew instantly that is how we orient ourselves in our location and that is how we use memory to repair any sense of loss of what is up or what is down and where am I located withing the room or the outdoors or the kitchen-- you name it.  How that demonstration worked I do not know but it taught be an immense amount to me how the brain remembers where its strings are and how it is tied to them.   Cosmic sleep is when the brain is let go and your spirit guides and others detach your memory of the business of material locations.  I still must use my strings or I get lost too when I wake up if they used cosmic sleep on me to teach super math or super understanding they cannot teach on earth.  Play with the idea Sue and try to get a sense of how you relate to your body location for if you are totally dependent on t he strings your mind connects to objects, you awake disoriented as the strings are temporarily not evident.

The thing called a string is an imaginary projection the mind makes when you visually walk into a familiar room.  The brain likes to be home and home uses the linear project between the space you occupy to the objects you know well and the space they occupy, especially critical when you sleep as the brain wakes up looking for orientation and if no projection, where are you?  That is how the brain reports it to the personality.  Think about it as I am sure your Adjuster will fill you in with some of this later.


Reading text blindfolded is of interest for centuries.  I personally was unaware that it was of modern interest and practice until I viewed the video tape linked to in the first post above.  That video shows youngsters doing it so routinely I had to think twice about what I was seeing was unusual and then to the pedantic self it was, almost,  miraculous.

As it turns out people have been showing how this can be done for centuries.  I copied over a passage from an email sent to me called “Chasing Down Emma.”  That is an email that is sent out by researchers who are particularly interested in one of my favorite readers and prophets, Emma Hardinge.  Today she is consider just about the best of that group that came out of the new world of what then was called Spiritualism.  Today we would call it many things, and among them, she was a close friend to Stainton Moses, another of my favorites, who was involved with the Guide IMPERATOR, the name of what in those days they called a Spirit Guide.

Now Imperator started the revelation called the Urantia Book in 1877, and because Hardinge was not interested in what Moses was receiving, he had to find a new salon to provide T/R (they called it simply, 'dictation') and readings to the aristocracy and the new wealthy industrialists of the time.  Imperator objected to this frittering away of time when the epochal revelation sat all dusty in a corner because Moses did not want to take the time away from paying work to receive and record its dictation to him.

In any case, the reader must get rid of the bias that spiritualism was a swamp to drain, as Houdini declared when working Dr. William S. Sadler in the first third of the twentieth century.  It is far too valuable to dismiss and it instructs about things that are possible then but not allowed now.  Houdini is involved with almost everybody in spiritualism in the 20's and 30's as the epochal revelation, both as an outline and actual writing,  was being transferred from England to Boston to Chicago.

In the late 1870's and 1880's Houdini was also fascinated with spiritualism and was ready to expose all the fakes he could, and the Fox Sisters of New York– they are credited by spiritualistic historians for starting the movement known to Dr. Sadler as Spiritualists, hence Spiritualism.  Houdini and Sadler both detested the worming of rich and not-so-rich of their funds by fake readings and all sorts of theatrical devices to convince the unwary real spirits were about.  However, do not throw the baby out with the bathwater, as some of it was quite genuine.  Among the Spiritualists were genuine prophets and psychic phenomena the Salvington authorities used to bring attention to the fact there was an after-world at work, and that that after-world was not constrained by mere physical impossibilities.

This brings us to this video and the ability demonstrated so keenly in it of blindfolded individuals reading and “seeing” objects by their minds on the floor to pick up.  As you watch the video be aware there are other things going on I doubt the videographer or the Supervisor knew about at all and they are not noted or explained.

Here is an extract from an 1849 Journal which describes the ability of some to be able to read remote objects and setting and to read messages either hidden or blocked from sight.  We have no further insight into it today that our cousins did in the mid 19th century.


Another, less illustrative, example [reading sealed or hidden messages]  can be found in Lee's Animal Magnetism and the Associated Phenomena (1849) p. 39:

At the third seance there was again a tolerably large assemblage of persons, and among them a gentleman who produced a sealed letter, the contents of which he was pretty confident the somnambulist would not be able to make out. I had the day before mentioned to an incredulous physician who had not previously seen any similar experiments, that they were to be repeated; he accordingly came at the beginning. After the exhibition of rigidity [MD: think of breaking rocks on the stomach of a hypnotised subject laid across sawhorses on stage, c. 1890] and insensibility to pricking the rigid limbs, I again applied the padding over the eyes, while Dr. ____ tied the bandage; on some one's inquiring if it could not slip, the somnambulist appeared annoyed, and asked for a second handkerchief, which I placed below the other, so as to leave only the end of the nose free...[MD: the somnambulist plays cards while blindfolded, and reads documents while blindfolded, and reads the tag attached to a key]. The gentleman had previously given his sealed letter, which he [MD: the somnambulist] undertook to decypher, and after some trials, said it is writing, which was denied, though it appeared on opening the letter that the letters and figures were in writing. He then said there was a picture and some figures; on being asked how many figures, he said five. He was then asked the letters; of which there were several small ones, not forming words, and four capitals. He named three of the capitals, which on opening the paper were found to be correct, as also a small colored picture, which had been enveloped in the paper containing the letters and figures. He was then awakened.


I leave one last impression to you reading this.  I have not tried the preparation to learn to read blindfolded.  My eyes are very bad now and I need some aide to be able to read at all, and if it is possible for me to pick up the trial of reading without glasses, I will gladly do it.

To read blindfolded spirit instructs you must have a little wafer in your brain they supply. (the wafer is a frequency inducer that touch senses and the wafer converts to visible text impressions and seeing.) The children in the video noted above have that wafer implanted by spirit as well, and they are totally unaware of spirit surgery.  I have had lots of spirit surgery and unless you have to be injected with a serum for other work in medical needs you may have, you feel nothing except maybe a slight itch on the scalp or arm.  I have now had that implant and I am told I must concentrate at least twenty minutes a day sitting with a blindfold and absolute dark over my eyes, and to do this for six weeks in a row, and I MIGHT get to do it.  Children are so much easier to work with because they are using brand new equipment inside of them and nothing like a new machine to easily get done what we much older humans attempt to do.

That is it for the time being.  Best wishes to all of you too if you attempt this ability to be yours.  If you make it let me know as I am delighted to hear when experiments succeed!

Ron Besser

Discuss This Web Site / MOVED: xx test
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Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Re: xx test
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Sharon, this is so new to me, I do not know if it helps that way.  I have no opinion and I would like to try this myself when I can get back to a normal routine.  I am getting some medical help  from the universe to reduce pain in my torso and we shall see just how that works out in the near future.  So I have to put this test off until I can get back to more normal circumstances.

I also point out that people like me who have poor eyesight, would really rejoice to read books without eye strain and all the bother goes with bad eyesight.  I am only a little suspcicious over all that was presented because they did not just read but seemingly could see objects to retrieve that fell on the floor like the caps to their pens.  Now if they can see in general, does that suggest that some of our blind people might learn to see their rooms and television and books too?  I tend to doubt that but then what was the nature of the nature of those boys who picked up fallen objects without taking their blind folds off?

And this:  Why was this called a test xxx?  Answer:  I tried an experiment in the wrong category as a test and forgot to erase it.  But you found it anyhow and I am glad you did and thanks for your question and post.


What the Universe Millennium Has To Do with Urantia

July 20, 2018 from Rayson of Galilee New York and the Poughkeepsie Transmitter in downtown Poughkeepsie:

T/R: Besser

I am Rayson and I write this BLOG for certain as Ron has nothing to do with its expression. Today we talk about politics on Urantia and how hard Larry Gossett takes Ron’s criticism about where he has been that he suddenly sees the rats on the woodpile today instead of a year ago. In any case listen to ol’ Rayson tell you something about the day and what is happening July 20, in some capitals of the world governments.


Russia today exclaims it is ready for detent again. Trump is hiding in the weeds in Washington, meanwhile. Truth is Trump banged his head good and proper and is leaving trails of blood over the political landscape he may never recover from. His wife is so embarrassed she quit public appearances today for the most part, and tomorrow wishes to repair to the New York apartment which cool and serene compared the house quarters of the White House lately.

Russia considers Trump their boy and will make overtures to our Joint Chiefs of Staff to blend destruction wares over the entire world as joint policeman and that is horror to you Ron, as you explain if you take Russia on as a partner policeman, you give tacit approval what they do is as you as a policeman does, and we know that does not work as the ideals of the Russian oligarchy hold not the same values as the American founding Fathers do at all.

We propose that Washington DC find another President and quickly, and then remove Trump into exile because he will not shut up. Bonaparte on Elba was a trial to the French government when he failed to conqueror Euripe, and Trump on Bermuda will escape and cause national intrigues everywhere with his influence and wealth.


I am Rayson, the Science Officer of the proposed Magisterial Mission. It is my duty to see to it that the United States is secured against all foreign threats while our Missions attend to this land of the free and brave. You are a great nation with great promise yet, but the electorate has got to be rid of the idea that Trump is their piece of t he world pie for justice and changes you have been seeking ever since the Clinton Administration failed to complete its work with trade agreements decades ago.

The United States is without a proper foundation today. And by that I mean it carries no parallelogram of art and science it did once two and three centuries ago when it was the capital of ingenuity and change for the rest of the world to be amazed at. Today you crawl in productivity. You fail to produce good leaders. You trail the financial settlements of most other nations daily, You are fully out of mode in trade usages and contrary to this transmitter’s views, immigration is not out of control.

In so many ways, the truth is you have failed as a good nation for over three decades and must come back to the fold or lose all the United States has worked for centuries as a bastion of freedom and consequences for the rest of the world. Today the American highways are clogged with shiny automobiles and eat up resources so fast there is hardly anything left for the rest of the world to speak to. I now conclude this blog with a very serious statement:

We are approaching the millennium of trust on Urantia which you do not know about. Every millennium of universe time– and that is every 10,000 years Urantia time, the universe reviews what it has accomplished in its name. Today Urantia is an embarrassment to the Creator Son of Nebadon, and he must now either clear his name or send Urantia back to the dust from whence it came. You are all familiar with the problems Ron has physically and they continue today without let up, but Ron faces the final lap today or tomorrow and he will be back with quite a story to tell you as he is part of the Michael Mission as a fused being on Urantia with five others to date, and they all will have to face what Ron is completing today. Now how does this tie into my sorry story about politics and science on Urantia today?

I am the Science Officer to the Magisterial Mission on Urantia. Oh, yes, it is coming all right. It is full of the beans to throw away the evil and win your trust. But be assured it also carries a very bad news for the Trump administration, for it will be cleared out entirely shortly, and there will be true government installed much to the joy of all other nations around the world.

The Universe Millennium is here! We clean out our closet of mistakes! We also hear this salute the whole idea and we are glad as he is a great leader in sheep’s clothing. But he must have cooperation from some of you who just lie back in the weeds and make no difference what so ever. Our intent is to advise all of you that this blog is for good and all time as well, as Ron has decided he either lives well or not at all and that the Universe Millennium and its policies will decide today or tomorrow for sure.

In so many words, the confluence of Ron and his work, the fused six and their work, the Michael Mission, the Magisterial Mission, the Science Officer and the Paradise Trinty seek each other out to decide who wins and what for. That includes how the United States is to be dealt soon; that includes how Russia will be dealt and Saudi Arabia and Great Britain and the Philippines, and Ethiopia and China, and all the rest will faire for the rest of the time that humanity inhabits earth.

In most cases we see Ron already in full control of his side of what is to be done for us as various Missions, and I vote for him to survive as he does but he questions the sincerity of the medical profession in spirit to be fully truthful about him, and so on it goes. But the real press is for all of you to understand that the politics and the science, which I have not spoken to as I should have now, are up for grabs as to how successful they will be and so on. We shall speak to this more often now that I have my own blog on this web site now. Believe me this web site will protected now. I am Rayson and wish all a good day. Rayson.”


Message Blog Number 2 - The Technique the Voice of God T/R  RonBesser 20Jul2018

These are little notes I speak when not transmitting but I do have a lot of experience with the various methods that allow a human like myself to speak the Voice of God, or as we call it here after the late and lamented Teaching Mission of twenty years ago teaches, I T/R (Transmit & Receive) the celestial life who have great lessons to teach.  We need more T/R's desperately and that is what I want to talk about now.

As Ron, I walk a thin line between the disorder of two parts of the mind everyone of you has with me.  Freud is responsible for naming them and while the mind hardly knows it is so divided as such, we can all pretty well tell the difference between the sex drive (the libido) from worship (the super consciousness).   In between the highest and lowest of these places in the mind, lies the normal mind the ID (how he named it that I do not know), and the sub conscious - a place you store your ideas and beliefs and it is far from the divine, but you something think it is divine.  Now the time is coming I feel pretty sure, that these Freud divisions will cease to mean much anymore.  

The current Urantia Book recognizes the super consciousness as the place the Thought Adjuster references for contact with your self as a personality.  While I recognize that, I also know it recognizes the super consciousness is a place, but in fact, it is an area of brain cells right above your right ear.  I scratch there all the time and wonder why?

Scratchy, as I sometimes call my self when so irritated, knows there is no divine itch involved, but you know when the hair follicles get brushed on their under the skin roots, they react with a slight tickle and it itches sometimes.  That itch, folks, is your Thought Adjuster coming and going to and out of the superconscious.

I suppose this is of little use to you in knowledge, yet I am so well attuned with my Thought Adjuster, he decided to set up his household in me in my forehead--  the fancy place name for that is called the frontal lobes of the brain.  That is what is behind your forehead if you ever wondered.

The funny thing is that I dare not make too much of it since we are fused now, as I am the first on Urantia, to figure out that we are much more valuable to God by working for the material edification of God's will on Urantia in the flesh quite often, that flying off into the cosmos in a shower of flames, which is how the Urantia Book describes fusion in its pages.  I do not intend to lecture on this now, but the modification of fusion styles is being imprinted on Urantia even as we speak, because the Father on Paradise, holds that all men should work off their--  what shall we call it?  Karma!--  that all men shall work off their Karma before they ascend after they die on earth and land on the pristine mansion worlds known too in the Urantia Book descriptive Papers.

Freud taught the Sadlers to be good and let God take care of the details when it came to understanding how to hear the Voice of God or T/R.

Dr. Sadler teased his lovely wife Lena who is also a doctor and worked with her husband in the medical offices at 533 Diversy Parkway in Chicago, Illinois, and when he finally grasped how that was done, he returned with Lena to Illinois and began the practice of psychiatry.  Now why might this be important to know?

It seems the Contact Commission the Revelators set up with Dr. Sadler, had to have a Transmitter among them to call the Commission meeting to order.  Lena, the other psychologist in the family, was chosen to do this, and until her death in 1936, she did so regularly by calling upon the Archangel Michael, to establish order, prayer, and on to the business of preparing the fifth epochal revelation for the masses on Urantia.

Doctor Lena Sadler died of breast cancer and if she had modern facilities today, she would have been saved from dying then, but breast cancer is insidious as almost of you know, and as such she succumbed quickly when the final day approached and she said a tearful farewell to her husband and child,  W. S/ Junior, of considerable fame of his own later.  Lena used two distinct approaches to be attuned to her Thought Adjuster to do T/R as the Voice of God to summon the Archangel Michael.   One was to allow them to say hello on their own which today we call a prompt.  I often get prompts from Michael and so on so I know what she is talking about in those days.   The second method was to assign her name to the Father, and then pray for the appearance of God near her, and that was always signaled by a white dot in her right eye.  I have experienced many dots in my eyes too and I know what she is talking about very well too.

Now we must align ourselves for you so I can hear Dr. Sadler message us through the Voice of God technique he later learned to use when Lean left them, and he now practices it with me now:

"I am Doctor William Sandford Sadler,  and I learned to hear my Thought Adjusters, just like Ron did in 1988, and he went to the hospital six weeks later accused of a psychosis.  It is not that folks, but it rattles the mind so much, and he was the first one to do that on Urantia since the Sadler's did it in the 1930's. as it took that long for them to get the hang of it to conduct the  Contact Commission meetings formally under way.  Christy learned the technique early on and helped Dr. Sadler as much as possible, and the Kellog's who attended in the Commission meeting could never get the hang of it.  In seventeen years of working this way, Bill Junior, could never get the hang of it but today does very well with it on the mansion worlds.

"As the Doctor of renown at 533 Diversy Parkway-- the "mansion," we called it --  the way to get Bill Jr. onto it, was tot tell him he would be digressed outside of the Commission if he did not belly up the right instruction to do it.   The fuuny thing about all of this, is that in much later years, Vern Grimsley discovered the secret too, and was so severely castigated by the very Foundation I had founded, that he had to leave in exile.  Poor verbose people at the Foundation today still think it is the work of the devil and I will not tell them otherwise, as they are mean and petty, and almost singlehandedly ended the brief career of this transmitter and all who caan transmit like we learned to do in those early times of the Urantia Book beginnings.

"Ron asks me to state categorically for all of you, that I never used a transmission as the text of the Urantia Book, and I do so.  We spoke with the Archangel Michael to clarify a sentent structure or a spelling or even how to handle a Forum question then about our pay grade to answer.  Now all of you know that transmitting the Voice of God was used to give our meetings meaning and that Paul of Tarsus was using the technique even in modern Rome of his day."


FUSION TALK / A Thought Adjuster Speaks: I AM YOU!
« on: July 20, 2018, 11:57:35 AM »
Audio Tape:

Speaker: Beloved/ Lemuel
Subject. I AM YOU
Place: Valls, Catalunya, Spain.
Date/ Time: 20th July 2018  07:25 Local  06:25 Z

Note from admin:

When we finally realize we are indwelt by a spark, a real entity, of our Father, it makes a huge difference in our approach to ourselves as living much longer and further than we thought life gave to us.  Thought Adjusters are a piece of the true spirit of the Creator of All, and they are sent to us around, mostly, about age six or seven, and then are in our hearts and minds until we breathe our last and leave the body.  They come back when you are reborn as yourself as you prepare for eternal life among the stars and moons of fate forever.

I have riposted our Member by the name of Lemuel, a friend and a fellow traveler with us as in human form he has mastered the ability to speak the Word of God, sometimes called the Voice of God, and in recent memory T/R (to Transmit and Receive the Voice of God as reminder lessons we have an obligation to know more about our place in the universe.).

I have a little surprise for you as you listen to the tape above, because Lemuel has come close to God, and that is what the Father calls "attunement," and that means the spark called the Thought Adjusters is willing to speak to you audibly and fully, and as this tape demonstrates. Adjusters can impart profound messages to you as you listen and even speak for him to us outside of you.

The surprise I have for some of you is to tell you that Saint Paul, the Apostle, could speak the Voice of God, too.  He spoke his indwelling spirit's voice of lessons for the brand new Christianity developing in the Roman Empire, Greece, and elsewhere around the great inland Sea, the Mediterranean.  But did you know that Saint Paul wrote down his teachings which the Bible codified as part of itself as the New Testament?   Here is a small list of the Books of the Bible Paul contrinuted to or entirely wrote that became Chapters you read daily some of you.   He writes the Voice of God as himself today as Paul lives eternally. not as an historical figure, but with us again on our very earth you live and breath upon today.

Here are the books in the Bible penned or dictated by Paul:

Galatians (A.D. 47–49)
Considered as his first epistle, Paul defended his apostolic authority from Jews.

1 and 2 Thessalonians (A.D. 50–51)
In the first epistle, Paul was elated by Timothy's encouraging report about the church in Thessalonica. In the second letter, he rebuked followers who were doing nothing while waiting for Christ's return.

1 and 2 Corinthians (A.D. 55)
Paul might have been staying in Ephesus when he wrote these epistles. The first letter covered mostly church discipline and the observance of Holy Communion, while in the second, he talked about the New Covenant.

Romans (A.D. 55–57)
Written about the same time as his letter to the Corinthians while residing in Corinth. In this book, Paul explained the connection between the Old and New Covenants.

Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians (A.D. 60–62)
These epistles were written while Paul was under house arrest in Rome. He talked about family to the church in Ephesus, more particularly the relationship between husband and wife, and how parents and children should live with each other.
In Philippians, Paul talked to his favorite church and related how thankful he was despite his imprisonment.
Epaphras set up the church in Colossae which Paul didn't have the chance to visit. He repeated his message to the Ephesians on family relationships.

Philemon (A.D. 60)
While being imprisoned in Rome, Paul was ministered to by a slave named Philemon. Here, Paul writes Philemon's master and pleads for his freedom.  This Book is Apocryphal and is considered to be lame and useless, but Paul attests it was altered by a Roman centurion after that Centurion saw Jesus die on the Cross, and was so angry he took what Paul wrote decades later and persecuted his own countrymen with the blade of his sword.  He was crucified as a murdered and sent to a prison ward in heaven until some sense could be talked into him.  Today he made Finaliter Status and works as a Finaliter on Urantia with Paul as his medium of information such as I am speaking to you here today in this note.

1 and 2 Timothy (A.D. 62–64)
Paul wrote to Timothy, a Gentile convert, during his second Roman imprisonment. He warned about false teachers in the first letter and the importance of trusting God's Word in the second.  The trial of Timothy is that he was stoned to death for repeating these instructive words of God and Paul to his catechism teacher in the Jewish Temple around him that day. 

Titus (A.D. 64)
Written during Paul's fourth missionary trip, he counseled his favorite protégé Timothy on how churches are to be organized and structured.  This Book is not part of the New Testament but part of the Apocrypha of legends installing new Christian churches in Turkey and the Levant.

You who read this must realize that the brilliance of the words of Paul are also the inspirational words of his Thought Adjuster.  Paul is a brilliant fellow anyhow, and he makes great strides on our planet today as a finished spirit fused with his Adjuster and is now a Finaliter and works on Urantia now to help spiritualize the population as best he can, 

I close with the admonition that psychic teachings here and abroad today are full of total gibberish and misinformation.  You who would like to T/R need only to sit in prayer and ask for the privilege.  If you hear the Voice of God when you T/R, be assured you will be instructed on best how to speak the truth in human terms all day long.  I now T/R Paul of Tarsus for your edification:

"I am that Paul who speaks in Books of the Bible.  You who are guests and read these things sometimes must learn to appeal to your fellow Christians, I still live!  Ron even jokes with me as he hears me speak, and I speak tongues yet which Ron considers hysteria, but they are rooted much deeper in the soul than emotional froth of illness over issues of heart and emotions.   The Quakers of Pennsylvania spoke tongues as a matter of faith, and Ron has heard one of his students speak in tongues, and found her truly to be of the hysterical nature.  One must so careful to know the Voice of God or T/R as we speak of it today, and to realize it is a rational process and not an emotional one so many call upon "tongues," these days.

"I confess when using Ron to have him type out what I had to do long hand, is now tribulation ever, but he is so well attuned to his Thought Adjuster, that spark of t he Father fused him in his mind and now he can relate to any spirit who can translate into English the lessons they wish to impart. 

"When I died in Rome in your calendar year seventy-five (75AD), I was hung upside down on the cross.  That story has remained obscured by changes to my text by Christians hundreds of years later, and many of my books have been so regulated, they are no longer fully and truly my sayings direct anymore.  Beware the sloth of Christianity today and favor the truth always over those who betray Jesus daily over slights they wish corrected in their own lives.  Christianity is not what it was when I walked the areas of the world then, but has become slick and ugly in the eyes of true spirit.  It must be reformed and it will be reformed, but not until Jesus walks upon the earth once more!  Be Redeemed in CHRIST!  I wish you all a good day.  Paul of the Bible."

Ron here again - I concluded with a Voice of God statement through me from our Creator Son, Michael, who is God and the soul of Jesus:

"Be wise as serpents, but gentle as doves.  You who hear me hear me not well enough yet to understand I am Jesus and I am the Creator Son of all you behold on earth.  Take with you the ideals of Christianity, but bid Christianity farewell for a far better religion of Christ to appear soon, and that shall be from the very mouth of the divine and holy One, known as Jesus of Nazareth.  I am He and you are sinners if you prevail with the pulpit as it exclaims today, "I am God the Father, for God the Father is different and fully more powerful than Me or I ever could be.  In Thessalonians we learn Paul at his best when he declares man a sinner, and God to be the One who arises daily as the sun does over field and mortuary.  Take him as he is called to serve even today on an earth so sinned soaked we must works hard and grudgingly for its redemption!  My heart goes out to all of you who search yet find not your Thought Adjuster to speak to.  Good day. Michael."


Blog to start this category off -

From Ron Besser:
JUST A CHAT WITH YOU (I am not transmitting for this one)

It has occurred to me that we are such a moment of transition that we can leave a lot of people sitting along side the road to Nirvana, who like the time out but forget the road does go somewhere.  If we continue to Tarry in confusion, we might forget to follow the road entirely, but I am here to state a few things that maybe you did not know, and it might cheer you enough to determine the road, while chary, is to be followed again.  Let me put some of this into headers too:

The Political Scene on Urantia as lived in the United States:

This editor gags.  I am not going to get real political, but would you believe the election of a certain Republican to the White House, actually upset the plans of the Magisterial Mission?

That is because mostly over the lack of cooperation by the United States to invite and sustain a divine Mission on its own soil.   Serara once said they had counted on Hilary Clinton to take it easily, and felt whooped when Trump made away with it.  I recall speaking to Serara on election night waiting for Michigan and Wisconsin tallies to come in very late, and expecting Hilary to squeak it out from them.  But noooo, it went the wrong way for the Clinton’s totally.  In any case I heard Serara speculate this “will not pass up here real easy anymore.”   I fully agreed and I did not suspect either that they had to pull the plug on several big projects they wanted done with Hilary working for them in some sort of home weapon control and drug remedies.  We never got to them when it literally became impossible to get cooperation.

It is the same today, by the way, although we have glimmers now and then it could be otherwise.  Stay tuned, for the natural governments in American democracy may still want to help out especially if Jesus drops by.

The Second Return & The Lottery:

That sure brings up the idea of Jesus and a cloudy set of steps coming down to earth to say, “hi!”  Do you think he will stop at that and maybe take a souvenir back home with him in an afternoon visit?  He has to pay for it you know . . . .  But there are enough pennies thrown away he need only look down a lot to pay that bill off.

Seriously, the visit is truly planned for.  The trouble is there is no hotel we can set up for him while we do not cooperation, and some sense of how many sheets we need to make a bed for how long?  Last time I spoke with the Creator Son, we agreed not to talk about it, but I slipped and asked him how his headache was after trying the old Bestowal clothes back on?   Nonetheless, I suspect Jesus is getting Yancy waiting in the Magisterial Mission green room to go on TV, or whatever you do when the even the cows are to be informed too.  That is one powerful news station which by the way the transmitters are in Poughkeepsie, New York on the Hudson River.

The Second Urantia Book:

Boy has this been a hot potato.  I started getting notices, oh, about four years ago a new Book was in the works.   Then two years ago the Chairman of the Second Revelatory Commission, got slap happy in a discussion over my questions what were they holding out for?  Another Moses to take it down from the mountain.  You all know the renown Dr. William S. Sadler, a heart surgeon turned psychologist along with his good wife Lena, managed to put one together you are reading now, and he worked his tail off keeping secrets to the point he didn’t like it any more.  His life was complicated with the Sleeping Subject who always did it when he wanted to go to bed, and then they waited abouyt 31 years to actually get a book cover published.

For us, the only sleeping subject was me for staying up too late asking the Committee where they were in the project, and getting sappy answers, like real drawn out soooooon’s.   Suddenly I am told it is done, but the politics upstairs got so hot they forgot what to call it and I am still tgrying to find out if it is a titled dignitary or a scrap book for the memories of the first volume.  Stay tuned.

Finally, THIS:

We are actually on the cusp of big doings on Urantia soooooon.  Old Urantia they keep telling us in for a tipsy few days with a pole shift they swear is ready to darken your day, maybe, or lighten your night– to hard to say which ‘cause it matters what part of the world you live on when the old girl tilts on its axis another 10 to 15 degrees more and stays that way for a month or less.  You know don’s t you chicken little is going to be finally recognized as a trie prophet!

Oh yeah, and this too: the last year we ever have Christmas on December 25th was last year.   Maybe.  At least I think so.   The Spirit above says they are sick and tired of translating our dates to their dates and still not getting it right!  Serara, the Magisterial Son insists that he is going to rectify the entire matter of dates by establishing a new calendar when he gets to Urantia for his Magisterial Mission with his other Magisterial Son colleague, Monjoronson.  One of these days April showers may well fall on December’s Towers of good will and peace to all on earth!

Thanks for the follow along.
Ron Besser

Amethyst - I love your picture - thanks! 
And Clency - and to both of you.  I spoke briefly with Michael before I had to do another transmission tonight I hope to post late tomorrow.  As I said in my post above he shrugged meaning he was noncommittal to what I saw take place in this video which I really enjoyed watching.  Now he tells me to leave him alone, but let me feed you my impressions anyhow.

First, it is real.  Second reading this way I tried when I was much younger and utterly failed and I never tried it since.  I am going to try to train myself to do it because I could read the books I cannot read now due to loss of vision by accident about three years ago this December.  I heard a voice tell me if I tried it out to allow me (and that is different for everybody really) six to eight hours for the celestial helpers to install a wave sensor in me, and then to attempt it with my present Urantia Book and see what happens.  If I can do it with that wave sensor they have to place in my brain, it will take me about sixteen hours of stead practice to realize the vibrational frequency I have to learn to recognize from my finger tips.

Now if my finger tipes are still agile enough that will work.  But I do have some arthritis and some problems because I type so much, and that can hamper reading since the bone marrow is almost gone from me entirely.  That may mean I cannot do it but that is the way life is.  The point is you have to learn technique, not to lose faith in the ability to read like this.  It works.

"Amethyst, you dear reader you.  I bet you can and this is Michael overriding this idiot who loves you and wants you to take on everything new you can and astound your friends.  Clency you can do this already you just do not know how good you are already.   Both of you must be sure you have full blindfolds and they used an undercover bandage of type and probably two layers of dark cloth as a blind fold securely tied around their eyes so NO light is visible inside.  Ron asked a very serious question and it should be observed, except for the piano player, they had good overhead lights on.  The player sat next to a full glass door or window and had lots of bright indirect light,  I recommend you try this with a bright light on your text to read with your fingers and not try reading with the fingers in the dark.  A;so pray for a wave sensor we are installing in Ron tonight so he can try this over the next few days.  Ron has no dark blindfold at home but he has a hood from his winder coat he can detach with snaps at the base that should be total darkness for him with little effort.  This is Michael.  Good day."

Ron here:  In case you did not notice, the small kid on the right side of your screen is pretty extraordinary.  Notice his friend on the right at one point wrote with a marker on his tablet the number sequence 1 to 10.   The instructor behind him then erased the number 4 out of the sequence and the little boy on your screen right got the impression without looking that his friend erased a number and then correctly wrote on his pad the missing number 4.

He was blindfolded and reading with his fingers.  Somehow that reading child also saw in his minds eye the for sure missing 4 and wrote it down without hesitation.  That is not just finer reading that is a psychic marvel nad it is not explained in the video.  Take a look at it all as you will miss some of this if you do not check it all out.   Ron 

I said to Michael of Nebadon as I watched all of this video.  This is a sense I never knew existed!!  (Michael transmitted me a shrug.  So much for that!) Watch it with patience as it is in Spanish with English sub titles and the kids do it so easily.  They are fully blindfolded, open a book and read with their finger tips on the page and the words are transferred to the imagination!!  What else??

If you know this technique, tell me!  Comments, post here.  Thanks Ron

Please note also the thread called xx Test is on the same subject.  It just got mislabeled and moved here.  Thanks R.

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