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York, Pa Noon Local Time
April 15, 2018

"I am of the Infinite Spirit and cut no grass but eat well anyhow,  Be assured Ron Besser knows me as other names but right now I am Sordon of the Infinite Spirit,  I am truly a distinct order and am particularly interested in the sciences on Urantia and will work with Rayson when I get my marching orders temporarily. I am surely known to many of you also by other names Ron does not know and that is because so many of you fool around with other web sites that will be curtailed or removed in the coming months of eradication of false or childish information you should have long given up yourselves.  I am to make sure we get along Ron and that is to hold back your tears about no photography of the new Urantia Book and that is because use it to make sure you are heard clearly, and that is not our purpose right now.  I am truly an unusual Order in that what I say goes before anything else is put into place, and Ron has my direct orders to stand down for a few days while he battles to completion those awful transition chills and blains he hates to death.  He is barely able to see either due to a crushed eye socket he did not know about until now.  It will be repaired Ron at our expense.  I also wish t o affirm that Ron is truly our choice to lead the human contingency out of the wonderland of truth and into the harsh reality of its taking hold when earth's crust collapses in several places and we have mayhem around the world as millions disappear beneath the waves of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and its subsidiaries.

"I am still worrying not about Ron, but about Lemuel, and he is so ill today, he is not even aware of his sleep process, and that is usually true even asleep with most humans.  I am truly concerned that Ron hears better about his illness with many others who have travailed against him and he permanently has barred their existence away from his person and his work.  They are truly forlorn shortly as he controls vast amounts of thinking to be through us and his ways to get it out the best way possible.  He will have TV and radio and so shall some of you if we can get Lemuel back in any way or form.  He is truly sick to death and his lungs are full of mucus and bad blood, and he dare not breathe on his own until he is well enough to sit up again.  Your life Ron surrounds the unfortunate you do help in spite of negative reports to the contrary and be still will you!  I am Sordon genuinely and that is to show the power of my spirit as it can stop you dead in water if I want to.  Be assured you will taste my wrath now and then over matters you are not allowed to touch for the foreseeable future.  Be assured that the tiral for your banned people will erupt with anger and disassociate from you until they learn the truth and you are set free to forgive.  Be assured you will under duress of Michael who squeaks now and then you are the best we ever ran into bar none.  Only Jesus was better.  I beg to differ, and that is to say you are the best we ever met on Urantia.  Others on other worlds outdo you ten to one.  We are of the opinion only one other world has something like you and they just rebelled out of the clause for close cooperation for a millennia. 

"We want to end this diatribe against all who think they are great stuff in the Urantia Book Foundation when they can write a Paper parroting the text endlessly and you Ron are sparing in its use.   I say use it sparingly and bring fresh insights into it as you do Ron and let endless parroting to those who cannot be original if you paid them.   I am trying to finish this and I will end shortly after I tell you Ron that your pills are working magnificently since we dare now run high power through your legs better and end the painful tingles and shooting stars you get.   I am Sorgon, and you broke the holding pattern to do that with a little help from us.

"Now let us go to Michael and his report on an earth change most of you will like.  The end to high pressure in the Atlantic that causes so much drought and heat in the United States coastal areas.  Sordon"

The Bermuda High To Be Broken Down and The Naming of Sordon

"What you as readers did not hear was Ron trying to name Margul's associate Order which is never revealed to mortals unless they can handle the implications of its meaning which is: 'Take Me or Leave Me, But I Mean Business!' 

"Finally, this is a day of rest for most of you and you do not tweet or post much of anything.  However, I let it be known to Ron subconsciously he has a lot to say but holds back because he has nothing truly finished in his own mind as to the last corporation coming off the assembly line (The Starbridge Foundation), and to require of himself to finish certain projects around the house that is tearing him wide open with constant frustration to get them done before hot weather gets there in York.  I tell you now.  York is in for a treat this year over hot weather as we prevent the worst of it arriving there by diverting the southerly high pressure systems from the area entirely and the so-called Bermuda High is history for now.  That high pressure system is useless except to cause drought on the American east coast and it causes floods in Bermuda by pushing water up against its eastern shore over and over to the point they have had to build bayous to force water back to the sea level from which it comes.

"The trial of earth changes will clear those Atlantic high pressures systems and return Urantia to normal with weather patterns more dependable for buildings to stay put on the shores of American cities once more.  For now hurricanes of ferocious proportions will kill many for about six more years and then leave the rest of the world along too as we decrease the power of the sun to remake ocean waters of the latitudes of the south remain more calm and less hot and the tropical forests of what remains of Central American become lost visages of what was once a world-wide phenomena of tropical jungles and what not.  Monkeys and cats will survive but certain anaconda snake species will disappear along with the great apes known as gorillas and chimpanzees as these are true tropical beasts and will never survive the plunge into a winter like scenario for awhile to reestablish a mini ice age on Urantia to cool it down basically to when it began as an inhabited planet.

"Finally, York Pennsylvania is a backwater itself and has little choice but to depend on the capital of Pennsylvania, aptly named Harrisburg, as its founding member was a Jesuit Priest who is up here yet on the mansion worlds so naughty we must transfer him, not to the no-no room on Salvington, but a special prison for those who forget they are not dead in life on a material planet.  I am reaching hard to be with you Ron, stop joking with Sordon who watches what you do for us on this list.  He is ready to laugh you outloud in order to keep your mind at work on this kind of material, but you duck in once and awhile and a hard to bring back without you getting awfully silly.  Be assured your work is never done today either.  You are posting a huge streak of information and they will read as they catch up shortly.  I also wish it to be known that York is particularly well suited for Thunderstorms and will leave most of them alone this year as we have a lot of work to do on that place called your home Ron.  It will be sealed and patted into place in order to withstand torrents of rain and the roof needs no reinforcement as the roof is already sealed by your roofer who will be around for a long time as he is so dependable.  His sons are included as they clear you snow for you by hand. 

"I will forgive Ron from complaining that my "finally's" are long goodbyes but then I pull rank all the time up here and people get used to it.  I am Sordon and I see why Ron laughs so much when we transmit as he makes Michael listen to him only because Ron listens to Michael on a few different frequencies than are authorized and that is thanks to Michael who enjoys unusual humor spates that Ron has all the time.  Michael continues:

"America in particular we will have a change in the westerlies to the more favorable easterlies in the mid-Atlantic states and those winds allow coverage by clouds and add moisture from the Atlantic to the barren east coast that happens with so much dry heat in the last few decades.  Cold fronts as Ron calls them will be few and far between to change to the northwest winds mostly in York at this point and they usher in snow and flurries quite a bit in Pennsylvania.  Pennsylvania is not the culprit to bring these artic cold fronts down, but is the average problem of Siberia lately to fail to produce sub zero temperatures on a regular basis.

"The American west shall be reprieved of great blizzards but will fall victim to more than usual dry weather since the mid-Atlantic ridge will come above the surface in the next millennium.  It will make crusies popular again and then a surface low pressure sytem will develop of to the ridge's east and cause Great Britain to have regular gales until it is released from them by collapsing. not into the sea but internally as a nation without any real land to govern.  The Hebrides and coastal Scotland and western portions of Wales will likely be flooded but not submerged entirely.  We greet all of those days to come to see how you are doing.  I am now Margul and say this to all of you reading this:

MARGUL - TRINITY TEACHER SON OF CONSIDERABLE EXPENSE TO THIS ONE - You have just finished and additional transmission we want to provide earlier but could not due to the problems of having the entire matter sustained no where but on Uversa.  That means they just released these forecasts for us to publish,  However, Ron, let it be known you only have a quarter of it for now.  I am Margul and thank you.  Here is Michael again."

MICHAEL - "I finish this in good humor as Ron still has some work to do and this is to show you how you can provide transmissions galore if you go looking for them as Ron does all the time.  Ask him how to do that.  In any case we are finished with this for now.  Good day.  Michael."


Introducing SORDON

"I represent the Paradise Trinity on this planet, both to the spirit government now reestablished on Urantia. And I represent myself as the Trinity to the spirit government of Salvington, and both governments are beholden to the trial that faces Americans and other world countries in the very near future.  Now that you know my importance and my placement, and that is as a permanently assigned to Urantia until my part in this work to establish Light and Life on the planet.  Your planet is now declared dead and useless to the universe, and must be revived as a full standing member before the universe due to its importance as a new university sphere for spirit to teach the foibles of universe rebellion.

"I am Margul and I introduce a member of my staff as Lanaforge not, but as another Trinity Teacher Son whom you do not know yet but will since He is teady to prepare Ron Besser to run the new Urantia Book Foundation with the help of Mantutia Melchizedek, how to disseminate important material through our publishing arm, the URANTIA PUBLISHING INTERNATIONAL.  It is already formed and ready to go as a non profit for the dissemination of other revelation including additions to epochal revelations in the coming years.  It will also be activated as of May 03, 2018 in a special meeting between Ron Besser, Myself in Spirit, and my honored helper: Sordon.

SORDON is a mighty ORDER of the INFINITE SPIRIT, and can and often does become a spokesman for the Infinite Spirit both to Ron and to us at times says Michael.  Ron has heard Sordon for weeks now and assumes it is the Infinite Spirit which does speak frequently in Ron's ear and in his back channel as he calls it where he hears no words but is quite sure what he has to do to save the day.  Sordon makes no laughter greater than Himself when he approaches as he has a sense of humor close to what Ron is-- a very funny man when pressed for a comment on present day culture.  His Order remains secret until the days of Light and Life on Urantia occur, then he will be affable enough to tell all of you what his Order may be.  SORDON is ready to work with Ron on publications he needs to transmit quickly for dissemination to others around the world and those are the books that will be translated as an adjunct to the sixth epochal revelation when we are running the full program to disseminate what we want out of the Urantia Book Foundation in the future.  Good and this:  We complete our statement for all of you to say that the last of the horizon placements of what is to occur will come in a post from Ron in a few hours from now.  For now we clear the decks by saying that the Fusion candidates still waiting will be addressed in the next Counsel Meeting of the Group of Twenty-Five now enduring Ron as their guest on the table they sit around for purposes of consultation.  He is truly one of ours and stands to gain in strength very soon and be rid of his conference with the Most Highs who hold him well but full of hyperbole they do not use soon,  Good day.  I am Margul with Sordon at your service."

General Discussion / Mini Intelligence Report AS It Is FYI 041518
« on: April 15, 2018, 04:43:25 PM »
Intelligence Update and The United States as Policeman Problems to Bear Soon
The need to Ban Social Internet Software
York, Pa noon local time
April 15, 2018


"The United States now carries the bulk of the world necessary policing forces against the willful concerns of China and Russia to remove the Untied States as quickly as possible from world affairs by bombing a coastal city if required to.  They are unfamiliar with our defenses however, and the United States will have diplomatic immunity to world war affairs by signing a peace treaty with the powers of the Magisterial Mission.  No one need ever concern themselves with the power of the United States so long as there are peaceful intentions to stay the course and remind all that the Magisterial Son carries the full authority as to what shall be done in case of belligerent attempts to challenge other world powers for dominion over land and sea near or away from their borders.  Thank you.

"The Most Highs just spoke and we are helpful in this respect:  The United States is run by goons.  It is not familiar with genuine diplomacy and fails to provide proper responses to entreaties from foreign governments who wish to have a diplomatic approach to Trump other than through Tweets.  Ron Besser, through Gabriel, has actually petitioned the Ancients of Days, to consider removing social publication of all Tweets beginning in May of 2018.  He has also asked that the Ancients of Days consider banning Facebook for the mischief it causes the world governments trying to hold back critical information that would damage national security to the point measures taken against hacking and public misuse of data is now better secured.  Ron wrote page after page of requirements for the Ilok technology production for security purposes and we kept a copy for ourselves as he understands that public is useless in preventing their own capture in war or peace and must be left to drift in their own worlds of conspiracy and uselessly spoken to without a world wide dissemination such as Facebook, Twiter, and the half dozen or so copy cats on the Internet and elsewhere.  We concur with this request and have made it clear that we must control and curb rumors and rebellions by reducing the foot print of would be assassins and murderers and rebellion elements allowed to exist in all countries too much these days.


The Reclamation of Urantia Through Spirit Missions in Corporations
 York, Pa noon local time
April 15, 2018 

Ron here - I think it is important members start paying attention to their role in the Missions that will open on Urantia in this coming May.  I have explained in other posts this morning approximate or drop dead dates for four corporations to start their work on Urantia.  I am the little boy with his finger in the dam that is leaking pretty hard right now, and I am asking for at least some semblance of preparation-- and I do not mean to move away from home, at least yet--  in your minds as to how to cope with demands on you to actually do some physical work on these projects.

I note in the following remarks by our Creator Son that in particular certain names have been mentioned and while I do not like that publicly to be seen, those who are mentions are king pins in the forecast of things to get done that take a lot of preparation.  You are not singled out Steve Gitz for anything but your professed expertise in certain matter given below and you need to seriously address how to handle what is developing.  Rayson, the Magisterial Son, is prepared to make a full revelation concerning the Ilok material I sent you several weeks ago and there needs to be an understanding you are, or are not, part of the building of the communition chamber to begin with.  I am open to personal communications most certainly on this issue alone.

I am being authorized to sit with an incarnated Melchizedek when the time comes and to take my orders as the human who transfers spirit wishes into actual physical, and hands-on projects, and I will be calling upon some of you to take your place in York especially for accounting purposes and for dissemination of Urantia Books, which will be in my possession sometime during May.  Photographs are not issued now much to my disgust. But we go on.

Finally, the corporations in my command will be sold to Mantutia or his Representatives on the May first meeting of the club we have to call ourselves in order to get some discipline and who does what and for whom and when.  I am told I will have other guests assembled with us on May 01. 2018 after noon to detail the precision of the turn over and how to modify Starbridge Trust a new one I must enfold with an S style corporation.  We also must abridge the Magisterial Foundation as a two for one stock offer to any who wish to buy stock in it as a gift to the future.  The value ofthe stock is what you paid for it and no one gets dividends. 

Now, we forecast that the entire matter of me running the Starbridge Group will eventually end as I must pray for furtherance of my career as an acceptable minion of the Father who knows when to quit with all of this corporation business now so necessary to get started.  I am fully employed typing these days and will let that go for better communication in the future with all spirit guidance.  But be assured I will not let got he four other fused individuals who have helped make this work easier by a jibe or two.  But I must remind all readers and members this is not an easy task for me to spring here and there and let it drop-- I just am not designed that way to work.  However some amends will be available for me including a place in the country for our mutual satisfaction of being.  Our work is surely for the best and I amend myself accordingly to take on my responsibilities as I best can do them for any and all corporations founded by me in my alone work over the past six years.   I am fully convinced we need more people on board but right now I go with those who have signed up and done their work to be fused and fully comprehending what is to happen so soon. 

As I conclude my own remarks here, please be advised I have no use for money now.  Translate that wish to making donations to Starbridge because I have high costs legally and internet wise plus what it costs in materials to keep me on the Internet too.  I am making the best use I can of money but it soars and running a million dollar requirement makes it very difficult to make ends meet with what I personally owe or own and I let that to your conscience as best can be.  Here is Michael to conclude this post.  Ron

-A mini intelligence report is in the text from Michael too concerning China Russia Great Britain


"Slowly the wind twists us into place.  Watch what happens near the first of May to understand the role some of you will play.  Some of you will be pressed to stay home.  Some of you will be asked to move elsewhere and not York.  Only Steve Gitz and Larry Gossett will be asked to move to York for important project development at or around that time.  Steve Gitz and Larry Gossett  are officers of the Starbridge Foundation and will be required to apply that position in real terms in York for additional meetings of the Starbridge Foundation after May third (05/03/18).  Good, and that brings to our attention that Steve Gitz is essentially fused already but unable to produce a proof of procedure.  As we near the first of May, this site will light up again as it must provide the information all of you need to understand what is to be done and what is happening in general for Urantia.

"Steve Gitz is surely an important issue to Ron, and he believes as I do he must resolve issues he does not speak to to any of us.  However, it is so important that we have an understanding concerning the Ilok technologies and the music for the future Symposium, that Ron counts Steve out if he has to in order to move forward on issues he must address himself or die a broken wand in the matter of technology and celestial presentations for music production at the first Symposium to be held late in 2020.  By then we know where we stand vis a vis the current Urantia Book readership and the powers of State we must presently address as Trump and Theresa May of Great Britain, as these two leaders call the shot around the world right now.   Prime Minister May is slowly learning that the old Russian Empire is reasserting itself under Putin and stands ready to slap him back into his own native loonery.  Besides Russia, China has now staked its claim in the North of the China Sea, and is ready to squabble good with the American Sixth Fleet to free itself of being watched day and night by the United States.  Be assured they will be watched by the United States and more should they collude with North Korea to stuff the American Fleet out of existence with nuclear weapons which China already holds as one for Uncle Same if he gets too nosy over installations they place in the South China Sea.  I am Michael and wish you a good day


for additional dates for new operation of these corporations beginning in May of this year.

Discuss This Web Site / List Membership Approval Considerations/Admin
« on: April 15, 2018, 04:03:31 PM »
List Membership Approvals

 April 15, 2018 noon at York Pa

Ron/Admin - I will have to be more careful when being asked to approve people who want membership on this web site.  It is impossible for me along to know ulterior motives before hand but I can look at other evidence at my disposal to tell me if it is possible someone is deceiving me for rants or ugly surprises we have been getting in the past month and one half.
Therefore I let it be known I have petitioned Salvington for spirit intelligence to suggest to me if there are serious motivations to the contrary of the purposes of this web site to operate openly and honestly while we can.  I see the possibily that the day comes we have to have a password to even open the home page of this web site, but for now I am not doing anything but letting all of you know that I am going to be hard to convince that I need to pass all who come before me for membership.  I alone approve choices to be members and I think the current membership now understands why it is a hard task to clear such a board from becoming manipulated by those who hate the subjects, or me, or others on the site, and have their dander up to be destructive.  In that case in particular spirit advises me the one time member Daniel Alderfer is at it 24/7 in his ways to produce a real schism among readers of the Urantia Book as to what we do or any do as he seems to hate all of us without being real specific as to why.  I advise all to keep out of his reach just for your own peace of mind as the time will come to pass him by too.

Salvington through Michael of Nebadon has also advised me that the trial we went through with Andy Vines is nearly over as Andy is at a loss to the point he finds no time to bother us much anymore.  I cover a lot up by not saying much but I genuinely feel sorry for Andy and the mess he placed himself in when he left York and my home where he was truly cared for and helped as much as possible to regain places where he could maintain himself once more without debt or personal crisis to undermine him in his life process.  I will let all of this lie as unnecessary waste of words and trials I will learn to forget with all of them.

Truly spoken, I have washed my hands of the present situation entirely.  This forum is useful but not much now and I will just let it float until members either take and interest or leave or just stay quiet as Guests.  However, I will start using it in a slightly different way to inform  the other four fused persons who are members here as to what and how they will achieve with Spriti as we prepare for full operation through the URANTIA BOOK FOUNDATION AND THE STARBRIDGE FOUNDATION AND THE URANTIA PUBLISHING INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION AMD THE MAGISTERIAL FOUNDATION, and I capitalize these because you should learn as a Member in good standing, and you are all in good standing with me and our purposes, that these corporation will start operations as follows for your information:
1 - May 01, 2018  The URANTIA BOOK FOUNDATION;
2 - May 03, 2018 The Starbridge Foundation Incorporated - a for-profit corporation to lend money to other Mission corporations;
3 - May 05, 2018 The Urantia Publishing International Corporation to begin publishing new works attendant upon the operation of beginning dissemination of the new Urantia II Book. subtitled: The Course of the History of Planet Earth.  This corporation is a subsidiary works publisher and is not representing the second Urantia Book itself;
4 - May 10, 2018 or soon thereafter - The Magisterial Foundation will begin official operations without Ron (me) entering the premises as it is strictly an official operation in Spirit to begin with and I will be advised if I have any role in it at all shortly thereafter.

These dates are mentioned because this web site will be used to make announcements for all four of these corporations and I will amend the web site according to our needs to make announcements and make trouble free presentations of what is going on in each as to their activities and wishes to be understood.

Finally, I have to make amends to some of you I have not been speaking to very much and that is because my days are kind of grim with pain and consciousness issues that you would not understand in a million years if I told you all about it.  I am supposed ot be cleared (Michael: and he will be!) of all of this shortly but sure is taking a long time to feel any real difference.  For those reasons in particular I do not take the time to enter conversations that have no immediate personal need for you.  I will conclude with the statement I will be more attentive as soon as this problem is removed from me. I thank you all for your patience and forbearing while I right myself to get started on behalf of the sixth epochal revelation and your help to retard the evil that is being done in government and personal affairs all over Urantia these days.  Good day.  Ron

"Finally, Ron is no longer confused about what is happening on this web site.  He has declared it closed in his mind until we have an open and visible Mission for him and you to see.  Those five who are fused are carrying most of the activity on this site on their backs and do it easily.  However Lemuel is so seriously ill we are not sure he can carry any responsibility other than to maintain his own health and life as he needs to for a few months at least.  That requires Ron to redo some of his planning as Lemuel is or was to be in York with him to arrange for the dissemination of the new Urantia Book, probably beginning in late May or early June of this year.

"I am convinced Ron knows even more than I do how to approve new requests for Membership on this web site as he has been burned several times by people who have ulterior motives and wish nothing to do with the mission of the web site you now are reading.  I, for now on, will ride the decision making of who gets on and who does not and that will seriously reduce interest in the site as most of the Guest traffic is either Jewish or Moslem, and neither wish this site to produce more than it already can as it is established in many countries to tell the truth as to what is happening in national states and motivations that are hidden there.  We also note that the Most Highs eschew using it since Ron is ready to become one of their reporters by association.  He is ready to become a Minister of certain importance to the Serara style manifestations that must be brought forward quickly once the May First Meeting of the new Urantia Book Foundation takes place that day.

"I add one more thing to this post:  Ron is truly out of issue when we bring him the finality of his mission to him as he lock steps with us what we want and how we want it done.  His mission to rev up the place to accept the appearance of God on Urantia and to participate in its doings until he is no longer needed.  We estimate that will take at least three hundred years, and then some if required and that is enough for him to get a belly full of the routines he will find common thereafter.  We, for now, let the entire matter lay as it is unpredictable just what will happen in that period and will choose his successor if there has to be one at all.  We intend to start Light and Life on Urantia in six hundred or less years from now on Urantia.  We intend to produce a successor to Ron shortly if he fails to work well with our needs and that is no shock to Ron either as he knows the situations pending for him as well.  He is fused with Deity from the Father down to four Master Spirits and a seventh partition of God the Supreme already.  He is likely to fuse with at least one other Supreme partition in the near future if we can get it in before May 01, 2018.  We also astoundingly report his fusion with the Creator Son is fully operational and he takes his Orders fully and well and Mother Spirit is still grousing she gets no respect from Ron over personal issues she sends envoy after envoy to him about.  He laughs and sends them home.  In any case, realize that this web site will have to undergo change too.  We leave this all for now and allow the post to be completed."


FUSION TALK / Fusion and Current Policy To Continue With Or Not
« on: April 15, 2018, 03:25:50 PM »

Fusion and Current Policy To Continue With or Not
York, Pa Noon Local Time
April 15, 2018

This is to the list, and in particular, to the five fused individuals we already have on Urantia at this time.

The Universal Father has decreed that the population on Urantia should have every opportunity to appreciate their spiritual progress to the limit that can be experienced with still being in a flesh and blood body.  The Father opened the door to those who completed their essential spiritual work on earth long enough that those who knew of the rewards of such an honor of brain fusion could and would take place.

As a result of that policy, the Father saw to the fusion of the five of us starting in 2014 for me and a little later for the other four.  We did have a sixth person fuse and then to refuse such an idea and that resulted in the absolute obscurity of that person at the present time.  I have no idea how that Adjuster will cope with her at this point but it is a tragedy for all of us that she could not handle the slightest idea that such was possible.  But, in any case, we have better news than that, and that is find that Michael saw to the fusion of two more individuals who know nothing of this web site or about the possibilities of so-called fusion to them.  That makes a total of seven fused humans on Urantia at this point in time.

I wish to make a general statement regarding this type of fusion on Urantia now:


"I am Michael and Ron is writing off the top of his head with the help of his Thought Adjuster to complete some generalized thought to keep alive the idea of Fusion with Father on Urantia with your type of humanity.  Ron personally made it possible to have fusions on Urantia, and that was unless he fused he would be seized and taken on high and then be unable to work directly in the Missions on Urantia as we then defined them.

"I am sure all of you know that Ron fused on December 25, 2014, at noon that day at the lunch table of his brother who knows nothing as the entire family knows nothing and will likely stay that way.  In the case of the other four they know their fusion dates as they are not in Ron's memory this morning.  However they date from 2016 through early 2018.  As of now (April 15, 2018) the door is temporarily closed for additional fusions until we are sure we have a group of people close enough to the idea of fusion who can know each other and be friends in spite of vast cultural differences.   The two added to the five known ones on this list are Chinese and are Buddhist in their practices.  They wear pale yellow gowns are prowl the gardens for miscreant Chinese who steal their lotus blossoms to make saffron which is a loft herb and so pricey it is like gold bullion in its value.  We also see they like to talk about a vegetable diet only and that is hardly what Ron can afford to use himself as he needs lots meat protein to keep him going.

"As a result of my closing the door for now, we will have no more human fusions on Urantia for about one year.

"As a result of the door temporarily closing, we also will have to depend on the five on this list to carry a lot of weight in that category and then ride herd on those who are close but not yet.  There are four more persons who frequent this web site who are close but they practice silly putty to pray and work their game and cannot get any closer to fusion at this point in time.

"This is Michael once again, and keep all of this material together in spite of it going off into a different subject from your fusion concerns to report here today.

"I would like to say to those of you who dislike long posts, this one is especially germane to what you want to do in the coming months of 2018.  I am sure we can allude to a few more subjects related to fusion, but unfortunately that material is still classified as top secret and only those fused to date are ready to understand they stand at the opening of the current Mission as the top people to use the work of spirit to improve Urantia through our offices and ways to manifest these changes best.  Ron Besser in particular has fought the hardest battle of all by being sure and steadfast in the face of fierce opposition to his ways of doing things and even on this site are people who would like to see Ron take a lick he has to apologize for what he has done in various means to make sure the list has not destruction or does it have complaints using untruth to make it clear how horrible Ron really is in real life.  That will end too as they must dive for cover in their own areas of concerns soon enough.  I hold Ron as the single most important version of humanity we have on Urantia right now and the four other fused individuals are right behind him to suffer the good or the ill for what the Brotherhood stands for and the Starbridge Foundation has to do to get noticed and respected in affairs of State with the Magisterial Sons and the Adam and Eve Schools which will teach how Ron set us up to run as a material object using spirit power to push it to completion on Urantia.  Watch around May 01 and see how things start to gel for our corporations and the rest who would detract from their use of the new Epochal Revelation, the Sixth Issued since the world was declared an inhabited world.  Besides, the time is now evident we must allow Ron, and the rest of the fused ones, to show what they can do.  By surely understanding what has happened in the past six months, and when we can better narrate those things that have happened, we will clear the boards for action quite soon on Urantia.  Good day. Michael of Nebadon."


Just a brief report to all of you.  Last evening I awoke from a nap, and as I got my eyes open, there before me was a tall figure, over seven feet tall, and I saw her from the arms up as she gently reminded me they have no feet.  She was truly beautiful, a real yummy being with lots of energy and a lovey bearing.  She spoke to me and may have chuckled too at my surprise.

I asked her (as the appearance lasted a full minute and one half) if it was easy to show me the physical form she presented me and she said she was exhausted but glad to do so.  I asked her why I saw no spirit down to the floor, and she told they do not have legs, but that is the blue white energy of spirit and it has no physical equivalent.  She said she wanted to do that for a long time now, but that she wished to reward me for getting the Michael award I did not know I had.  Now let me tell you what came about earlier in the day as it her appearance may make some more sense after you know this:

About 4PM yesterday I screwed up my courage and went to Walmart to get some odds and ends like milk and grapes.  I am so physically impaired I walk kinda slow pushing my cart, and I started hearing voices in my mind as though someone was transmitting to me.  I have occasionally spoken with some angels that attend to that store and they are fun and humorous with me and cheer me up considerably.  But on this occasion another voice came in quite strong and with a lot of authority which was not familiar to me at all.  It was the Chief Angel over this part of Pennsylvania, and the funny thing, she asked me why I was all lit up?

Well, that was news to me and I said I did not know.  She said, "you walked into this store and one of my subordinates in the store called to ask if you were Jesus? "  She continued, "You are not Jesus I know that but you are so brilliantly lit we wanted to know if you knew?"  Dumbstruck, I said,  "No.  I do not know anything thing about it."

The Creator Son, Michael came in at the moment (and remember I am pushing a cart as this was going on as the store was full of people, and you had to keep moving or get run over),  and told her I was awarded a special light to carry that day and all angels ought to see what a brilliant light a human can have on Urantia if he has done his work properly.  Then Michael was gone and the Supervisory Angel (working hard to be a Completion Seraphim soon) chatted with me even as I went out to the car to load my groceries and go home and even on the way home.  Now that was quite an honor to me!  And to have an angel whom I did not know and was not the Supervisory Angel I spoke to in the store, tell me she wanted to do that for years with me but did not have the courage to do so until I showed up with all my lights at Walmart!


« on: April 06, 2018, 02:56:34 PM »
April 6, 2018 York, Pa

*Michael of Nebadon
*Mother Spirit
*Trinity Teacher Son, Margul
*Serara an Monjoronson, the Paradise Magisteria Sons of Record for Urantia returned.

* We also speak to the need for invite the personnel of the Urantia Foundation to work with us.

"The URANTIA BOOK FOUNDATION, is now conversant with a new Declaration of Trust.  It reads similar to the old one given to the Chicago administration long ago.  There is one importance difference you must know now: The Declaration of Trust (DoT) is now the first document in history in Nebadon, to be driven onto the shoulders of the leader of this divinely administered corporation,  It will be legislated before the IRS and the Pennsylvania government that it is to be tax free and lost to their idea of tracking such corporations.  In addition Ron has provided the entire menagerie of corporations of which there ar now eight of them, with a new "S" corporation which has one hundred stocks to bear in it.  Ron valued the stocks at 0.001 cents each and will distribute those stocks to, not the Brotherhood, but to the visible Planetary Prince as the sole beneficiary of all its capital goods.   The new "S" corporation is called the Starbridge Foundation and it is a for-profit organization to avoid regulation of the movement of money and goods through the coming Magisterial Missions, which are on again in SPADES!

"I am Serara, and it falls to me to deal with international concerns of this Magisterial Mission.  I am fulfilling my desire to have Ron on board to announce that we will have ourselves a Minister of probity soon enough but he is the Minister of justice and sobriety for the on-going concerns of international play and worship on high and on Urantia.  If it is not playable it does not get Ron's attention.  I watch Ron play with words as that is his favorite game, but he is a damn good fisherman and loves pickerel fishing in New York State.  I conclude that the message to be delivered Michael is now complete?  [Michael: "Yes."]

"We have one more thing to add to all of this today.  The physical disrepair that Ron suffers must go one for days yet and he hates the stuff as you can imagine.  Uversa has reversed course and made him morontial again as that body is an old one and functions  acceptably, but it will not stop deteriorating and so the decision.  I make one thing clear to him and that is that eyesight is a function of the human brain and without changing that we do not have clear vision to give back. We decided to place the eyesight out of his own brain,  [and Ron quips, 'now I have to chase good looks'] and that is to be done on his last day on earth as a fully human respondent to all stimuli except one, eye sight, and that is to be done automatically that day.  That day will be May 01, 2018 and God Bless you all for getting through all of this!"

"I am preparing remarks for May 01, 2018 for Ron's speech to the Melchizedeks to work with him that day, as they hold their first and preliminary meeting that day.  In our briefing today we saw Ron cry at the loss of Lemuel and it turns out it did not happen and will not happen in spite of Lemuel triggering all this with a good bye message this morning to Ron.  He felt horrible and sent the message out to a few so they know the seriousness of  the problem for Lemuel.  But Lemuel took a draft of beer from Michael this morning and it changed everything as it should have.  Lemuel now knows how he feels about him and will nto relent one moment to become the tbest transmitter in the world alongside Ron too.  Be assured that the Paradise Trinity looks at Ron and Larry in particular with Sue in particular to stand aside bigotry and offer full service without prejudice to the old Foundation, and the Father inquired of Ron his plans for the Brotherhood, and surprisingly, Ron announced his full participation with members of the old Foundation to serve therein if that was ever their desire.  That ends this statement and we add this, members of the old Urantia Foundation, if they find it in their hearts to understand these events transpiring in York and with Ron Besser, will be accorded full honors to join and work with the Brotherhood, but any present Trustee of  the Chicago-based Foundation may not serve in the York-based Urantia Book Foundation, until at least twenty-five years have passed.  The reason for this is that the new Foundation must gather its regulatory needs and policy for use of the Sixth Epochal Revelation, and well in place, as Jesus will conduct it meetings and we all shall learn how that leadership will accrue to this marvelous and divine organization we all are proposing to be started the Firts of May in Twenty Eighteen.  Good day.  Margul."

From the Magisterial Sons and their Election to Return to Urantia
See announcement below:
06 April 2018

"We did not return to Urantia to collect our belongings, okay?  Ron?  You have created a storm on Urantia Ron and it will not abate until we move the entire matter before the Urantia Supreme Court for adjudication.  The adjudication is not the petition Ron requested of the Ancients of Days (and it has been fully granted to establish), but to admire the proximty of two great minds in Nebadon:Ron and his fellowship of musketeers of fused ones with him, and Michael;s mind finally understanding that Ron has something so unusal in him that good hosing down will not remove. 

"I am Monjoronson, and I relate the following conversation oh high recently verbatim:  "How is Ron Besser doing?"  And we replied, he is organizing the Magisterial Mission beautifully and we look forward to working with him on it."  To which the hig spirit replied, "Oh, so I hear from Father."  To which I replied, "Father is no fool and he got the right mammal to do it too."

"We who do Magisterial Missions routinely never got into this position before we a human has made huge strides in professionalism and spiritual accusatory replies that we had to change our look at what he proposes and let it settle in our own divine minds that he is right in certain areas of production that are marvelous and excellent.  I saw his proposal to the Ancients of Days, and by the way, Gabriel affixed his seal on it so they would look at it, and they did and see it is a worthwhile thing to do on Urantia so hungry for spirit leading and without a Church to really do so.  In any case the trial was sent to us to comment on and when I saw what he proposed I was gobsmacked at the sheer poetry ofthe proposal.  He is absolutely correct it needs to be done and why nobody saw it until he mentioned it I do not know.

"I am gladly affected by this turn of events.  Michael asked me if this changed anything in heaven?  I said that yes, it did change things, because this is our entrance we should have made the same with the delivery of the 1955 production of the epochal revelation, and to have supported the Chicago Foundation with our visible presence.  The adjudication of the Lucifer rebellion was ongoing in 1955 and we dared not make an approach on Urantia with Caligastia still have influence there; however, this time there is no Caligastia and only a fringe of lunatics to get in our way this time.  Yet, I say to all, while we have returned to be available again as the Magisterial Sons of record, we need to remind all of you this Magisterial Mission has a funny way of weaving in and out of epochal revelation, and that is to the point we dare not abscond with it before it is announced, photographed, and published, so all can have it and see it to read.

"You Ron are not cherished by anyone and that is because you will not take their guff and they know it.  You have shown true courage and truth to the point none of us knows you for, but you work hard to keep things up and well and honest and above board so all can see what is happening, and that is often another mess, but this time we have wormed our way back to Urantia with good results.  Be assured Ron your pecuniary problems are at rest today as that man saw to your needs with a proposal we hoped he would make and lighten your load considerably and takes it kindly that his firm is chosen to make an excellent product yours too,  He will propose this installation is for his show too and will cut the cost in half.  [Ron here - the furnace is on its death bed yesterday too and Lemuel just added to the gloom today.]  We take great pride in knowing you Ron and you are totally daft enough to see the cracks in our ways only to gently remind us that there are other ways of going about a Mission than just flapping open our sales brochure on the planet and asking people to buy what is offered,

"I am Serara, the other one, Ron:  Be assured we know what is offered and how it will play and what is to be done with Urantia.  We all reform ourselves to learn that Lemuel lives and mammal Besser is a mess this morning, and that we hold all of you in no contempt in our Supreme Court but your soul Ron is fully established on the mansion worlds.  It will stand for you as you are and contemplate the error you made to petition the Ancients of Days directly as that is always through Gabriel and he affixed his seal to the petition which they read at once in their own language and loved it.  It now stands as the first petition by a human anywhere to be affixed by the Bright and Morning Star to actually be heard before the Majesty of the presence of the Ancients of Days.  Be assure you are not Igor ent before them at this moment.  You glow brightly today with the bright light of the majesty of Michael before you and behind you and on top of you.   The Light of Michael follows you fully now and no one in spirit dare broach it without the encouragement of Michael Himself.

"As Serara, it was I who beheld you at your computer screen one night long ago and tweeted a nursery rhyme you knew mostly and you responded with a great gale of laughter and thanked me for the kindness for that approach.  Ron says to me now that my approach was a master stroke as the nursery rhyme made him laugh and he did not know all of it that I spoke to him that evening and he listened even harder to hear me.  I look at his work and marvel he gets through the maze of charters that keep an epochal revelation in the air on a planet.  We do it all the time to make sure people are curious, but in this case the epochal revelation, the Fifth of its kind on Urantia, and now the Sixth Epochal Revelation, is about to hit the news stands too. I am sure Ron knows less than I do and he admits to being lately informed about much these days for all sorts of reason, but he is wearing his mantle of Light well today and we congratulate him on becoming the first human in history to wear the Michael Mantel on his flesh and bones body ever in Neabdon and only once or twice in other Superuniverses. 

General Discussion / LEMUEL LIVES Horray!
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The title speaks for itself.

I cribbed this from an old teaching mission speaker this morning and thought it so good I could not wait to share it with you too.  The early teaching mission actually started fully authorized in February, 1992, and was so announced by Ham at a conference in Los Angeles, put on by the Urantia Book Fellowship, and who were the unwitting host to dozens of born again Urantia Book readers in the newly begun Teaching Mission of that day.  What excitement they engendered and it ended in total failure because inside the Teaching Mission were the very people we have today in the Urantia fellowship of readers who have become so rigid in approach, nothing survives their either.  Here is Ham talking about how to use STILLNESS to get the best results for yourselves:  Ron Besser

Ham on '

In-concert with 'Rebecca'/Jan


This evening I wish my lesson to begin with a few words on the stillness. Once again, I wish to instruct you in your personal devotions. The stillness is not meant to be an end in itself. It is the beginning of personal communion with God. You will receive in the stillness a consciousness of a feeling of higher self-awareness. It is in this higher mind state where communication between your Indwelling Spirit and your consciousness can take place. Often the older seers were content with only the God-consciousness sensation awareness. I am asking you to go further than this, to do as Jesus did and reach communion, two-way communication between your conscious mind and your Thought Adjuster (Indwelling Spirit).

Praying is most efficacious in this awareness feeling of God. That is, if you speak to Him in prayerful attitude of childlike humility often, there will be a response, whether it is an inner change of attitude, peace-awareness of His overcare, or the more direct directness of consciousness of intent, direction, or awareness of another, another's intent or direction. Or still further, there may be direct word-message flashed within into your consciousness even as word-message is received through Rebecca to you from myself, Ham. Also, this can be effected from your own Indwelling Spirit into your own mind-consciousness level. Many of you have received already this type of communication and are aware of my words. Then again, many of you are in the earlier stages of change of attitude-awareness of others and their attitude and this, in itself, is life changing.

God has His manner of communicating in allowing us a broader sensitivity awareness to other people and ourselves. This inner awareness is now developing within all of you and you are becoming more and more of who you are meant to be. Self-realization is a word often used in connection with meditation. It is these early stages of meditation that is referred to. At even later stages of self-awareness realization, God consciousness, communication between the Thought Adjuster (Indwelling Spirit) and the consciousness, further there is a oneness.

Future time, there will be no communication between two minds; they will be one mind. In doing the decisions of your greater self, your own Indwelling Spirit who comes from the Father, you are increasingly becoming like Him. You are doing His will for Him and for yourself. You are more closely attuning your will to His, your mind to His, your awareness to His, and, in future times, as I said, they will be only one. And on that day when there is only one, you are immortal, and you will come to understand the saying that there will be no more weeping, no more tears of sorrow, for He will wipe away those tears. There are no more sins, for all you sins, though they be as scarlet, are white as snow. For you have become true and noble and eternal citizens of the Father's Kingdom where there is still adventure, still uncertainty, still reward for effort, still effort to reach the Eternal Father, but your success is assured.

The way is truly open, and the faltering is truly no more. This time of oneness is sought by all will creatures, on all worlds, in all the universes, in one way or another. This attuning of the creature will to the Divine will is the Father's command: be ye perfect as I am perfect. This is the Father's one and only command of you.

Q: The lesson tonight seems like its developing within my own mind, clarifying, the thing that I do. I meditate without any papers or tape recorders, but I ask my Indweller to stay with me in my conscious mind long enough to write down the messages that I receive. I feel confident that they are there, but they are so powerful that sometimes one wonders whether its wish fulfillment. Can you instruct us as to the difference between wish fulfillment and instructions from our Indwelling Spirit.

A: Yes. It is a difficult and dangerous ground for each person to decide which is real Thought Adjuster (Indwelling Spirit) communication or is inner thought wish, and so forth, which is unduly glorified by our own inadvertent thought process. It is always hard, and especially in early times, to know. There is distinctly otherness which, as my speaking to you, is not your thought but received thought. It is still difficult, yes. Even Rebecca, who has been doing this for many months, also can make errors by her own thought obstruction. It is very difficult, but in time and with practice, you will begin discerning the difference. And also, even if it is wonderful and good for you, it is known to be from Him.

My lessons are also meant for wish fulfillment in a way. I teach how to become more aware of God, and do His will. This is wish fulfillment, also. Much will be thought this way. Many examples in earthly life may be given. Your Indwelling Spirit is always working with you even, and I say this with authority, in this life, for your earthly betterment and happiness. In many teachings, this life is not to be cherished. The next life only is important. I say with authority, cherish this life. Cherish your souls, your bodies, your spirits. Love yourselves, your brothers, your God, and your life. That is all.

Q: The session with the stillness lesson tonight, if your Thought Adjuster (Indwelling Spirit) is gone, what can you say about doing the stillness with your detached Thought Adjuster (Indwelling Spirit)?

A: Yes. Even when your Indwelling Spirit is not immediate, he/she is still in awareness of you and can respond, even over great distance. It is still good to practice stillness even when no immediate response is forthcoming.

Q: My next question concerns the stillness. It seems to me that if we're supposed to clear our minds of all thought, but at the same time be more conscious of our bodies, or have a higher consciousness I should say, it almost seems like a paradox to me that we can clear our mind of thought and have two-way communication. Could you like explain that to me?

A: Yes. It is after clearness of mortal concerns that there can be communications unhindered. In active thinking, there can be no clear communication. The thought activity should be slowed and centered perhaps on a prayerful message to Father at first.

Q: I've been wondering for a while how wonderful it would be to be able to see our fellow humans as what their potential is rather than what they are, and I wondered if this is how you see us or if you see us differently.

A: You're learning much. Yes. You are coming into great awareness at this time, indeed.

Q: Can we as mortals, by spiritual advancement, see further into the potentials of other mortals, as opposed to actualities, as we get to know them? The communication of things that took place in the past. Can we see more of their potential in the future by higher levels of advancement?

A: Yes. Certainly.

Q: If you know a person who claims to be an atheist and they die, and you believe that they are a very fine person, is there anything you can do to petition the authorities, including all the way up to the Ancients of Days, on possibly having them have another chance, say on the mansion worlds? Is there anything else we, as mortals, can do other than petition on the decision like that on personality extinction?

A: There is nothing which you can know which is unknown by his Indwelling Spirit. This spirit will provide all necessary chances for decision making on this world or the next. You needn't have anxiety. All is known and mercifully prepared for.


Petition To Establish the Urantia Book Foundation Brotherhood

Release Date: 02 April 2018
York, Pennsylvania
The Urantia Book Foundation
Petition to the Uversa Ancients of Days:
To Establish a Second Urantia Brotherhood And for Its Purposes
Within the Urantia Book Foundation


I, Ronald Besser, as Sole Contact with the Administration of the Ancients of Days, Do Hereby Petition the Ancients of Days From Urantia, Number 175 of the Planetary System of Triagra, for Their Mandate to Establish a Brotherhood, to Be Included with the Recognition of the Salvington of Nebadon Authorities; Thereby, to Operate a Brotherhood Within the Capitalization of Financial Resolve, as Follows:

1 - The Brotherhood will operate within the organization of the Urantia Book Brotherhood, in order to maintain decorum and supply the personnel for the dissemination and education of the Sixth Epochal Revelation to Urantia; to be known by a new title not disclosed here for these purposes at this time;

2 - The aforesaid Brotherhood will repeal all past associations and chapters of its operation as originally part of the Chicago based Urantia Foundation, and will be recommissioned for its new use as summarized within these pages; and that forthwith, the Urantia Book Foundation Brotherhood, is to be recognized as an organic part of the Urantia Book Foundation to portray the audience of Faith, Belief, and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, as its work to portray that which the second Urantia Book shall teach as the Sixth Epochal Revelation, and as the current Fifth Epochal Revelation has also taught:

3 - The Brotherhood will take on the duties of the Father’s Temple, for its maintenance and preparation for the daily worship to be attended to therein;

4 - The Brotherhood will share all facilities with the Supernaphim who are charged to deliver the Father’s Temple to Urantia as soon as the petitions for such an edifice are fully vetted by the Ancients of Days, in order to establish a Trust Fund for its operation and maintenance in York, Pennsylvania. The Father’s Temple will be constructed near the offices of The Urantia Book Foundation as it may be fully vetted at that time;

5 - The Brotherhood is charged as the outreach arm of the Urantia Book Foundation, and has a formation Committee to be attended to by the Salvington Authorities shortly. No one is hereby appointed to that Committee until Gabriel of Nebadon produces the Mandate from Salvington to establish the Urantia Book Brotherhood until it is ordained by permission of the Uversa Ancients of Days;

6 - The Father’s Temple already exists on Mansonia Number One in the Planetary System of the former Satania, and Satania is renamed upon the production of certain usages for Urantia as an educational sphere and as a way station to produce the higher type of a human species to be known on Uversa only as Homo Spiritus, and it will be a matter of controversy as to how this new species is to be attributed to Urantia, but the Father’s Temple is to be organized by the following Leadership, to wit:

            a: No one shall inhabit the Throne of Temporal Existence until the Creator Son of Nebadon is recognized as the titular leader of the Urantia Book Foundation, and under his leadership, the following personnel are provided access to the Father’s Temple, to maintain and provide personnel before the High Alter for ceremonial worship and plain speech by the Temple Curator, whose identity is to be announced;

            b: The Father’s Temple is to be a threefold hiatus of spherical design as follows:

There will be the outside of the building three hundred feet wide by six stories tall and it includes the dramatic aperture of six crystal Arms of Thought.

            One: The prime thought of Father’s love for all creation;
            Two: The second thought that the Father cares for all to live and be free of tyranny;
            Three: The thought that all Creation be included in the worship before the Father as presented by those who officiate in side the Temple of the Father;
            Four: The thought that all who abide in the Temple shall wear no shoe or gain access by any other means other than through the front portal, and then to be seated in the foyer until they are called to worship in the space provided: that personal space is decided as follows:
                        *          By individual or by group;
                        **        By group or by congregation;
                        ***      By concourse or by session as for the original dedication of the Father’s Temple beginning in May. 2020 or thereabouts;
                        ****    The Father’s Temple will carry six natural stones to be delivered to the Temple by the Father Himself through the Creator Son of Nebadon, and these six stones will bear the marks of His Ancestors: the Father, the Eternal Son; the Infinite Spirit; the Deity Absolute; the Universal Absolute; and the Unqualified Absolute, and that these six stones bear the mark of the Heart of God to remain on Urantia to its eternal destiny to be explained elsewhere when appropriate.

The reservations for these individual spaces for personal worship are conducted without ceremony before the Alter, but that a magnificent organ will be constructed at the front of the apse, and there in the Angles of the Harp, will conclude all worship sessions by playing the Hymn of Nebadon, known to them but never played before on Urantia, except once, and that was the death of the Apostle Peter when they laid him to rest in the Vatican vault still undiscovered at this time.

            Five: The death of the Apostles of Jesus; for their thought and remembrance is the Fifth Key, and it stands before the sixth rock described above as the memory cue that all who enter the Temple are considered Apostles of Jesus Christ and that shall be their dedication to their memory of serving in the Temple or by worshiping in the Temple;
            Six: The last Crystal Arm of Thought is the hardest to discern as it lies between the fourth and the fifth stone, and bears the inscription: “Here Lies the Heart of Jesus,” and that the inscription invokes not the trial of the cross, but of the Heart of God, as Jesus shall be present for all services for the next thirty-five years of Urantia time when officiating in the Temple Himself.


7 - The Urantia Book Foundation Brotherhood shall supply the Acolytes, seven in numbers and perfectly matched for service in their training before the Alter by Jesus Himself. There shall be seven more Acolytes in training, as all Acolytes are to be used three times and their service terminated, except to help prepare the worship service before God the Father as they occur. We may not alwasy have that number of personnel to serve as new groups of seven Acolytes and the Rector of the Temple will select from those who have already served their share of time in the Temple as Acolytes to fill in the ranks as need be.


The Second Advent of Jesus and Its Relationship to the Father Relationship to the Father’s Temple


The Brotherhood of the Urantia Book Foundation and Its Relationship
to the Second Advent of Jesus on Urantia

Neither the Urantia Book Foundation and its Brotherhood will impair the Second Advent of Jesus as He appears shortly before the world of Urantia and his place of Nativity in Nazareth and Jerusalem of late belonging to the nations state of Israel.

By decree, the Second Advent of Jesus, is to be considered an international event on Urantia, and that He shall bodily appear before the Assembly of Nation States in what is now called the United Nations, and there, to pronounce his Return and that it is Holy and prepares the whole world to Worship the Father and the Creator of All that Is.

This announcement is not timed. It is too far into the future as of today (April, 2018), but the Second Advent of Christ is scheduled before 2030, and must be recognized that what the world travails until then is not personal but a huge decision to cleanse Urantia of all turbulence, war, and historical inaccuracies that have accrued to this day in spite of a Urantia Book already given that has corrected nearly all of those historical Inaccuracies with regard to the Lucifer Rebellion, its adjudication in March, 1986; the end to time to be announced with the Second Advent, whereas we may expect the following to accrue to the Father’s Temple, much of the following to report at that time and not included in this announcement today.

Jesus will abide, at that time, in the Father’s Temple, and He is to officiate as His time allows. His work briefly is to:

            a - To cover the alter for the Father’s will to be announced daily for Urantia;
            b - To provide a liturgy for the celebration of the Father’s presence in the Temple;
            c - To insist that the Acolytes know their duties and perform them well;
            d - To insist upon full decorum from the Head Acolyte who is the permanent instructor for all other Acolytes who attend in the Father’s Temple;
            e - To see to it that the Temple is warm and ready for service at all times;
            f - To maintain schedules for worship with the Head Acolyte and to insure that those who spontaneously wish to enter the Temple for worship have their own enclosures;
            g - To observe all religious holidays of which there is only one: Christmas.

The Urantia Book Foundation Brotherhood is assigned permenantly to the Temple as its main duty, and its second duty is to maintain teaching centers for the Urantia Book Foundation where students may gather and hear lectures on the sixth epochal revelation, and to provide all who attend such lectures a warm welcome and explanations about those lectures then heard to any questions that may arise. Urantia Book groups are not encouraged to form until there is better decorum and a deeper interest in the revelations of the present and past before them as they may be.

Gabriel of Salvington
for the Local Universe of Nebadon

“I am Gabriel of Salvington, and with me today are seven Leagues of Angels to pronounced these proceedings closed as of today, the Second Day of April, in the year of our Lord, Michael of Nebadon, Two Thousand and Eighteen. This petition is forwarded to the Ancients of Days by My Authority for the work of the Creator Son on Urantia. This message is for all to see and to understand that the Sixth Epochal Revelation is on Urantia and is being prepared for distribution through the Urantia Book Foundation, and, with its Brotherhood, to establish the Arm of Gon on Urantia as it was meant to be. I am Gabriel of Salvington and we thank all who helped to prepare this public document and to advise all who read it that the time of gross negligence of any and all prepared authorities on Urantia will cease upon implementation of a Brotherhood designed to serve all mankind, and not just the interests of a few. We bid you a good day. Gabriel of Salvington of Nebadon.”

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Dear List,
The more we try the more we loose.  Unmitigated evil happens and we have been visited by it in an attempt to assassinate our wishes to provide the latest information concerning the spiritual Missions to come to this poor little world of Urantia.

I had email sent to me this morning, Pronto advised me he had duped us, and that he was really an alias for Afro Assale.  Afro Assale was placed on ban months ago for unsavory practices and legations of dreams induced by what I suspect were some very strong halluciantory materials.  It began to undermine the idea of prayer and the use of good spiritual living as the antidote to normal human problems.  At the time I told Assale he was worthy to post on the site and when he decided to stop practices of that nature I was open to removing the ban.  However that never came to pass and he choose to come back to the site using not one aliases but three.  Pronto,  he admits to, but I find no evidence of the other two yet and I have combed the list looking at the evidence and yes he was on this morning as a guest as Pronto got banned good and proper today.

One little note to our members in good standing:  Admin or Moderator on sites like this routinely take on people who are very unhappy they had some action taken against him.  Today I had the unfortunate necessity of banning Pronto whom I liked in his current incarnations by Assale.  Unfortunately I was taken in once again and have no taught myself to look very carefully at proposed memberships by noting the evidence they present asking for membership.  Assale is gone forever now if I can count on all the principles actions I can take working, and this software on this forum is horrible because it leaks all the time to allow the unsavory to sneak in in various different ways,  I have had to resort to looking at detail evidence I find very hard to control but it should knock Assale out for good and Pronto and the rest of them.

Second:  Unknown to all of you, and I am not giving you full details because it is dangerous, we have had a cult approach us and started using names in approved memberships and who started passing code words to ask me to thrown this site in their direction for use to spread their work.  I dare not speak closely to it but I detected what I had to and they are now history too.  But we cannot let our guard down.

I say this:  Do any of you realize that this site is watched by persons of considerable note who use this information from time to time to see what is really happening in the world?  It is true, and I tell members and guests alike, it is not unusual for a Moderator or an Admin person to take personality assassination, and Assale has promised to let loose on Facebook and other web sites really assassination type crimes I supposedly committed by being a member of the trust organization of steel and fabrication of the Magisterial Missions for Urantia.

In case you decide yourselves to open up with accusations of untruthful nature, I have no real means to prosecute unfair or libelous statements but the site must be kept clear of that evil, and I do not doubt there is in the background means to curtail people of this nature.  What I have to do is to make sure that when a person asks to be a member I know better what I am doing if I can figure out motivation early enough.  I also warn all who use any site that details with religion and its concerns, that you are involved with the most portentous reasons people get mad at each other about the subject and what other people say and do about religion.  Religion and what you believe to be true is guarded by all of you internally by a ferocious anger if it gets crossed by a stupid or evil person who has no idea what they run into with any of you or me.  That said, this:

I want to close this site down sometime around the beginning May 2018.  My reasons are peculiar to the subject of the Sixth Epochal Revelation and I dare not relate why at this point, but I will not tolerate what is going to erupt when we go public with what we have to in that approximate time frame.  All of you have my email address and if and when I have to do that (closing the site down for a period of a few weeks), use that address to write me to keep in touch.  Remember that it is a privilege and that we have taken all we can from God and what He is willing to share to this point.  I can be guilty of a lot of bad vibes myself but lately they cannot be bad enough with an attempted cult use of the site to pass codes and a man who lies and cheats with the best of the on the Ivory Coast of Africa.

Then too you must understand, members and faithful guests, that the time is near that I will not be the one fully in charge of what happens and how we work this discussion forum.  It has its problems, I know, and if I can afford it I will change the mode of operation to a better code software to end using that horrible menu for the text window to post your words.  But more importantly, I am assuming that when the Missions go on Urantia, they will want to control this outlet for news and information to all who read it regularly.  I do not know how that will or if it will work but I am forwarned even today by controls on the site and my intentions which infuriate me but I have to deal with them.  Banning is never a pleasure to me and I was shown this morning that if they do not want something banned I cannot get rid of it or is the software allowed to do the work I commanded it to do.  I also relate after yelling at the powers to be to stop it, once I carried out certain insturctions, the software was allowed to do its work.

You who are unaware of how spirit works must or will learn someday you cannot struggle against it.  Twice in the last twenty-four hours I have been shown the door against what I proposed to do and twice I screamed at them (not just a little yell) for reasons I was justified in doing as no one says, 'now Ron we are going to do this or that and just relax when you can;t start this or that for awhile,' as they seem to think I understand more than I possibly can.  This is why I say t o all who read this post, that you begin to appreciate the time is coming that many of you will experience what I do in the past six months and it has me so frustrated I kick tires now and yell at any infringement of my will to get things done as I see it has to be done.  In any case I also suggest to you that those who are banned on this site for the past three months have a lot of explaining to do for what they have attempted to pull the wool over my eyes to unprotect the site from their evil and their condescension toward Spirit.  I do not doubt it can be costly to them in ways I cannot imagine right now.

I close with this thought:

My nerves, honestly, shriek at the very life I have to live with for now.  No one comes to the aid of endless difficulties with my nerves, the aching muscles and capillaries in my system, or the painful pressure I suffer in my head all day long at times.  That does not come from transmitting, that comes from eating even well and often lately to keep my muscles from failing completely.  However let it be known that if I die it will not be by my own hand but a decision on high to end this difficulty of living between two reality systems I have to straddle daily,  I am not yet free of that difficulty and may never be left alone in a normal sense of life again, but I will have made enough statements around to let those they are important to, to decide what is right for epochal information to make its way into the minds of all of Urantia, and that I declare invalid those attempts to pursue revelatory or Mission decisions to be disregarded by the self important leaders that have seized the Fifth Epochal Revelation and made it trite before the eyes of the usual population living on Urantia.  Spirit dominates my mind but I am unfamiliar with its trait to harass when it cannot make its mind up how to handle as simple human request to participate fully in a divine Mission without being a Bestowal Son in the first place, and in the second place, why the Magisterial Sons insist on returning to work with us when the place is clear of those who just don;t care about what happens to them or the world and the rest of us living our first lives on Urantia.

You are now informed as to my life in the past ten days or so, and I lament it has to be spilled out so quickly and without many listening anyhow.  I hold all members in high standing with me and thank the Lord for you to the Father,  But we are also under unrelenting attack from sources that are supposed to be out and done for but seem to have a surprising lot of life left in them to harass me and sometimes you without you knowing the causes.  I am sure we have entities on Urantia who know the score and can deal with the problem when it surfaces.

We are getting very close to the time when the Spirit Clorox will bleach them out and done forever, but until then both man and his inborn evil of holding nothing but false testimony against innocents to get them out of the way of their nefarious plans to run Urantia their way, and to harass individuals who have thrown their full support to God the Father, that they must reap what they have sown and I do believe this entire matter is even being discussed on Paradise right now a we write this,

There is no devil anymore,  He died as he lived: without influence to change any history whatsoever!  But they were leaders of tens of millions of celestial life and that celestial life influenced all of us through a civilization over communities of folks who seriously mean to do well and to live well, but they are flawed in expecting reward for doing nothing but wait to see Jesus, or to go to a Paradise for being masters of the deceit of leaders who mean death, and not life and its rewards for being good and to live the life of the First Commandment: Thous Shalt Not Kill!

What has befallen this web site in the last four to six weeks is an attack on our purpose and our will to serve as best we can as we are addressed now by our Father on Paradise:

FATHER: "I am nonplussed with this report and I favor its wide dissemination as fast as it can get out.  Ron is seriously harmed by what has happened in the last days and weeks and yet bounces back with help for us when he can.  He has correctly reported the CULT and the serious breach of protocol by Daniel Alderfer, by Afro Assale, and a number more I have my eye on.  The truth is the evil is afoot and you need to curtail discussions right now about what we are doing about it.  A high Paradise Council has convened and the subject of all things is Ron Besser and his fight to keep this site clean and free of the evil that applies itself to generously in the past hours and days against all of you.  Not that you would fall to this evil, but that it exists at all.  I am sure we have celestial interference against Ron and he blew a fuse yesterday over that happening at all and warned us he would quit before he allowed it to keep taking place.  This is very serious business and we will make amends soon Ron to tone you down as you are nearly ready to throw the baby out with the bath water.  I am calling all on Urantia who can hear God in any way to cease production of works of thought until we can ban or end this interference as Ron calls it properly.  He also points out that it is an extraordinary coincidence that the three men who fused first on Urantia, have suffered unusual amounts of accidents and repercussions that have greatly weakened them physically.  He also consigns the fact it can just be coincidence and the fact that the three men are fairly old now too.  I concur with this thinking but I agree the coincidence is very odd,

"Finally, as your Paradise Father see no harm in looking at Infinity as Ron has well done, but some of your are greatly upset at thet look because you consider it somehow harms me as the central figure in universe creation.  That is not so and Ron has gone to extraordinary lengths to make sure you understand that is not so.  However, some of you read so poortly and comprehend so little you take the worst inference possible and run away scared and broken in dreams of a cohesive web site full dedicated to Me and My Creation.  Look aside and learn your revelation and stop being such dandies you cannot take learning something new as Ron has actually introduced a revelation to be made to Urantia not in 100 years but in 500 years and he will get more as soon as we can consign the time to give him Part III on Exposition on Infinity. "

"Once again Ron has broken ranks with me over an issue I hate to bring up but it has to do with thought processing that leads to evil and the corruption of the mind with it.  Afro Assale has managed to invade this site with two different monikers we know about and Ron has banned both of them completely now.  But he is working hard to undermine the site through Facebook and other web sites he is familiar with and who look favorably on this web site,  He will not get far as most people know the truth and will counter his work fair enough.  But let me remind all of you that evil is getting a good workout these past few weeks as Ron can attest to you.  That cult Ron refers to is murderous and must never be allowed near you or us again.  They also saw Ron as an easy target and he turned the table on them with our help be assured.  I also point out to the readership that nothing happens on Urantia without me knowing about it and the work to discredit not only Besser but some of the rest of you by Andy Vines and Daniel Alderfer is reaching a feverish pitch in Oregon and they have managed to bring down one web site already - the Rayson web site was running on a parallel station and it was cut off by the owner unknown to Ron or the rest of you,  Why Andy Vines did or does what he does is unknown to Ron or even to Me, but I assure you his days are numbered and he will see it indifferently Ron when he learns you have no use for him but do not hold him as a wasted human.  He has a marvelous gift and you know all about it, but it will not save him long.  I leave this small discussion into what we know on Salvington and what is better known on Paradise.  Ron is embarrassed over screaming and yelling at the spirit interference but because of it we learn his limits.  Those he trusts he trusts full and never will let us down and he is particularly well familiarized with the Cult styles of the Nazis and will never allow them near him or  the materials you read.  This should be a rude shock to many of you but your protection against evil has seen nothing yet as it will be let loose in ways that will sicken you soon enough.  I am Michael of Nebadon and I wish you a good ay as best as you can manage after hearing all fo this."


"I am now prepared to lay the law down in no uncertain terms.  We have individuals on this web site who will be removed for sedition in the Local Universe of Nebadon and have spoken crudely and openly in false testimony against several of you and you all must understand it is done to create the idea this web site is not as it represents itself.  It fully represents what we on Paradise want to do and Ron has never strayed from that purpose.  Andy Vines has achieve the goal to fully discharge the service Ron rendered to him to see to it he had a chance to familiarize himself with Adjuster contact, and then repudiated it when Ron showed him how to do that.  Instead that Adjuster kept Andy at bay and Ron let the matter drop and was more or less forced to keep Andy in food and shelter for a year.  Ron to this day cannot fathom a mind that is doing what it is doing to him without any offense whatsoever known to Ron for him doing this.  His hate for Ron is real and is based on the fact that Ron did not want a housemate but needed peace and quiet to conduct his important work with Rayson and Ultimatons and Ilok Powder Communition plans none of you know anything about.  It would not help for me to digress but believe me the world of electric power grids will sit up and take notice very soon as he Ron worked with Ilok for twenty years deep in discussions how to make that system work.  He remembers it all and has written a disclosure.

"I am particularly dismayed at Afro Assale who has bitten off more than he thought he could chew.  As Ron relates above he suddenly came forth this morning and resolved a mystery concerning his various identities on this web site Ron never thought to look at.  Now it is all in the open and we are glad Ron knows procedure well enough to fully Assale from ever using the web site again.  All he says falls in line with what Andy Vines and Daniel Alderfer are talking about and they will get no where now as the entire matter is out into the open.  Be assured those accusations are imagination only!

"I close this with an announcement:

"As Margul, I represent the Paradise Trinity on Urantia entirely.  I have a staff of seven, and in that staff of seven there are two Supernaphim who work with Ron almost exclusively to hold him back in his personal life and his professional life to represent Spirit with the Sixth Epochal Revelation, and to provide him the wherewithal to hold  the old Urantia Foundation as well as can be expected.  I have been in consultation with Michael about Ron;s ideas about the Urantia Book Found Brotherhood, and we are delighted to learn the Father affords Ron the highest honors for what he proposes.  I am asking Ron to make a post to this forum in the Second Urantia Book Category and to let people know and see his vision for that Brotherhood when it is fully cleaned of his own mistakes of view.  He also has a better view than I thought and we remind all he has full Adjuster contact in a way few ill ever have even on the mansion worlds before fusion there usually now on the third world of Mansonia.    

"Finally, and we close this post now:  the trial to be a Moderator or Admin on this web site is daunting yet Ron fields it so well we will not ever allow him to pass that responsibility to anyone else ever.  We see his fair and Adjustered consideration of who is allowed to become a Member never fallacious and always fair to those who stray sometimes in bitter water of untruth.  Yet he sees Afro Assale so deceitful and the Cult so bad and Alderfer with Vines the Judas of recent experience, he will be unremitting in their prosecution with our help and the Salvington Government.

"Be assured evil is afoot but it will last only as long as to when we find their hiding places and remove them unceremoniously and deal with them on Uversa where they should have been in the first place millennia ago.  I close with this approbation against Ron and his sillies only because I want to.  He is unremitting in his belief that God must accurse what is Urantia today and to leave it barren if it cannot understand God at least in the smallest amount possible to recognize Him as Great.  You all are also under the gun to understand Him better too as many of you write incorrectly about his abilities and his wishes and that is ours to retain for another time in another post for now,  Good day, Margul."

"I am the last to criticize Ron for spelling but this is awful Ron.  I am Michael not Mitchel and stop laughing at how you are falling all over the keyboard this morning.  You night has been hell as you burned all night and this morning were subject to an Assale jibe that was painful for you to learn as you thought Pronto was promising, [yes]   In any case that deed is done as you wonder why Pronto confessed?  The truth is you laid it on so hard and thick he could not stand it anymore and confessed.  Let that be a lesson on how we work sometimes.   You also must be aware of your exhaustion about many subjects you hold dear for so long and you will be please with what comes to you as a gift of Father very soon.  Be assured it is meant for you alone to figure out completely some day.  The trial to learn how to be good when exceedingly vexed as you were yesterday and today Ron is to pretend you know nothing.  I also see you running to eat well again today as there is a show on TV concerning the end of tie you need to see soon Besser.  Good day to all."



The link to the PDF document of Part I to Infinity now reformatted with the help of Newstarsaphire is as follows:
Part I, Exposition on Infinity  PDF

Link to Part II, Exposition on Infinity PDF


I wish to make an up to date and definitive statement with regard to:

1 - The fact of a new text of epochal revelation that is in reality a second and new Urantia Book edition;

2 - What the relationship is to present authorities who have cared for the first Urantia Book published in 1955;

3 - My position with regard to the new publication of the Second Urantia textbook;

4 - My longing to reestablish the Brotherhood and dismiss the replacement operating today with it.
- - -
I have deleted the old Category on this discussion form that was called the Second Urantia Book, as it was hopelessly outdated due to so many twists and turns in changes in policy by the Salvington authorities, and the following information I provide the List below is sanctioned by the Ancients of Days as true and correct as of today, the 25th day of March in the Year of Our Lord, Two Thousand and Eighteen, Forthwith:

1 -  The Second Urantia Book edition now exists as the Sixth Epochal Revelation to Urantia, and is being prepared for Release at this time:

The Second Revelatory Commission assigns the following by authority of the Ancients of Day of Uversa, the capital of the seventh sector of time.  The book is constituted and bound and ready for dissemination when the permission is granted by the Sovereign Lord of time, Michael of Nebadon, Creator Son 611121 and the Creative Consort of the same series.  There are conditions for release but I will not speak to them here.

2 - The Second Urantia Book has a new title and placement on the cover and inside the 2,145 page text.  It is no longer specifically designated as just the Urantia Book.  It is bound in azure blue leatherette and contains ridges on the back binding with the new title stamped in 24 karat gold.  This is designed to last and the ridges in binding will keep the cover(s) from falling or breaking off as they do not in the original edition of 1955 printing.  The relationship of the new Urantia Book as  the Sixth Epochal Revelation, is to the new Urantia Book Foundation established in Pennsylvania incorporated December 18, 2017 as a charitable and non profit organization (501 (c) 3) EIN 82-2412121.  The Pennsylvania Corporation, hereinafter referred to as the UBF, will commence operations in May, 2018.  It will afford offices for the operation of the UBF.   The First Urantia Book printed for distribution in October, 1955, will be allowed to dissipate into history and be replaced by the later appearing Sixth Epochal Revelation at the request of the Ancients of Days, who lament its early disappearance and will compensate the present Foundation for its work to redress its wrongs shortly.

3 - I am Ron Besser, a reader of the first Urantia Book since the 1970's.  I have placed it highly and am consequently greatly disappointed that the epochal affairs terminates the first Foundation and reestablish the sixth epochal care in the trust of the Urantia Book Foundation located in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, shortly.  I have openly cooperated with the Salvington Government, and with the authority of the Ancients of Days directly and through their representatives, namely the Trinity Teacher Son, Margul, and His good offices to represent my intention to provide the means and wherewithal to the authorities of the Salvington Government.  I now confess the following for public information regarding this change that will provide plenty of history to come when it is fully realized by the readership and corporations formed under the auspices of the Chicago, Urantia Foundation for the past decades of work they have achieved together.

. . . .

The Declaration of Trust now resides with the current Urantia Foundation and should remain there until the Salvington authorities are ready to make the official transfer of the Declaration of Trust to the UBF in Pennsylvania.  It is my assigned duty to accept the Declaration of Trust as directly established upon my authority to direct the affairs of the Urantia Book Foundation.  It is my assignment by authority of the legal and spiritual counsels of Salvington, to see to the safe and direct dissemination of the sixth epochal revelation to schools and universities, Seminaries, and other institutions,  high on our priority list to have this book on their shelves quickly and fully protected from theft and the discharge of certain religious groups who have sinned mightily by removing these texts as  quickly as they appeared in these institutions.  Al seven thousand four hundred twelve books of the first Edition as published in 1955 through to the current times, are noted as a loss by the Salvington government and those who removed them will undergo remission training at the appropriate time.

4 - Reestablishing the Brotherhood within the new Urantia Book Foundation
No other disappoint about the present Urantia Foundation disappoints me more than the dismissal of the Brotherhood in the early 1980's.  I understand the issues and the hot heads on both sides that destroyed this budding institution of religious activity for the betterment of mankind and  the true cooperating arm of the fifth epochal revelation as originally established in the early 1950's by the then operating branch of the proposed Foundation and known as the Contact Commission.  Dr. Sadler has proposed since then that all Commissions established in the name of the original Urantia Foundation, be abolished and a new Foundation be established to replace with a new creed to the love of God on behalf of man's woship before him.  I second that proposal from the Contact Commission which were the exact words taken from the now destroyed diary of Dr. William S. Sadler, inadvertently, but tragically lost to posterity now.

It further accrues to me to decide with the help of God through Michael of Nebadon, the Creative Spirit, and with the help of the Ancients of Days, to reestablish the Urantia Brotherhood of God to all people who have the intelligence and the will to obtain a God centered life before the Majesty of Our Father in Heaven.  I expect loud and noisy distribution of pamphlets and complaints and probable legal actions against my decision to revoke the current Fellowship, as unnecessary and intrusive into the affairs of epochal revelation in general, and in particular, the Sixth Epochal Revelation to stand before all creation on Urantia until the days of Light and Life are declared on Urantia in less than five hundred years from now.

Let me say that no other act of the present Urantia Foundation has discouraged so many who would have loved to be included in the Brotherhood in particular, and in my case, as a dedication of my own life to what it did and what it stood for, imperfectly mostly, but fully funded in spirit to work as a group who worshiped the Father and gave all to it in His Name.

After long discussions with the Creator Son and Mother Spirit, and with due consultation with Lanaforge as System Sovereign, and soon to be appointed to the majestic position of Urantia's Supreme Planetary Prince, and to be afforded all honors associated with the position of Planetary Prince and God the Supreme as His representative on Urantia to afford the mechanisms to establish Light and Life on Urantia, I have concluded the following and offered them, these, my thoughts concerning the Brotherhood of first priority to me.

The Urantia Book defaulted in the early 1980's over a battle between necessary changes of policy and production of on-going and new revelation to the Foundation.  The Foundation reared up and destroyed any life it found as apostate or heresy.  I have reviewed this history endlessly with the powers on Salvington and they conclude as I have that misdirection is one thing, but a declaration of war against the genuine intentions of the readership and counsel to the Foundation, was also manipulated by outside forces to the detriment of the fifth epochal revelation.  I felt after reading the indictment and the decisions by the Urantia Foundation, that a grave and unjust service dealt by the Urantia Foundation, would eventually force their replacement by the divine governments of Edentia and Salvington,  Today realize I have been an unwitting instrument in most of the decisions of those two governments, but I also stand four square to defeat the kind of drift that took away  the religious heart by the administration of the Urantia Foundation, and that it forever destroyed the check on Trustees to prevent over zealous compulsion of law to a revelation that distinctly sets itself against such treatment forever.  

In the tenderness of worship I was accompanied by grief and the Father often counseled me to stay the course.  Inventions of facts and heartless legal actions followed quickly from that administration.  The balance was all in the favor of unacceptable leadership and continues to this day over issues they know nothing about unfortunately.  I see it as my duty to redress the balance between religion and business and arbitrate between the two, and my first announcement one the new Urantia Book Foundation is operating, likely in May of this year, to reestablish the presence of  the Brotherhood and appoint an independent counsel to advise the Chair.

I therefore conclude this address and advice to those of you who simply have no understanding of the rocky history that adjusts itself to the Fifth Epochal Revelation. and in their wisdom, the Ancients of Days declare enough is enough and we reestablish the intentions of its new Chair to reestablish things once more as they should be.  

I have invited a word from the Editor and writer of many Papers in the present Urantia Book known as the Fifth Epochal Revelation to speak:

"I am he who edited for  the First Revelatory Commission what is known to today as the Urantia Book you read, some daily, and with glowing words for its warm reception in your hearts.  I ask all to remember that even epochal revelation must march on and further enlighten with additional revelation you all need to remind yourselves, it is still revelation, and it is not what is on your beloved Urantia.

"As a result of this discourse today, I am encouraged to recognize Ron Besser as the titular head of the Urantia Book Foundation, unless or until. Jesus of Nazareth shall step in as what Ron calls the Chair of authority to run it as it should be run to be fully inclusive and open to its deliberations, and no longer will a Foundation interpret what lines in it mean, and no longer will there be any copyright of its text or, if any, translations.  I, Mantutia Melchizedek advised the Contact Commission, that they were to establish protection for the revelation and that was, as they saw it, copyright of the book and text and trademarks of certain symbols.

"Be it known that no symbols will retain trademarks or any other legal protection so long as there is no egretious use of them in unsavory political or cultic activity.

"Further, let it be known that I Mantutia Melchizedek will Chair all meetings that the administration of  the new Urantia Book Foundation, as I am incarnated to do so; and this:  We further stipulate that Ron Besser is our agent until further notice and it is through his hands on a daily basis that the York, Pennsylvania location of the Urantia Book Foundation, will rest until adjustments to its administration are made by the divine will.  We further stipulate that the reorganization of the representation of  the sixth epochal revelation will be under the jurisdiction of the Master Son, Michael of Nebadon, and that all of us are beholden to the idea that Jesus will take his rightful place as the head of  this epochal work at the Urantia Book Foundation shortly, for we understand that it is this Foundation which will be acclaimed around the world as the suitable place for Jesus to make and stake His claims as the Second Return of the Urantia Bestowal Son, the son of man and the Son of God as you have been taught."

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "I address this post quickly and well.  We have discussed for weeks how to make it clear what is to be on Urantia shortly.  It has been an arduous six or seven years since this was first conceived but all have pulled through to get this point today.  I further state that Jesus and Ron are well known to each other and that this decision was the result of Ron fully acknowledging Jesus must have or can have or however it best can be said, the running of the Urantia Book Foundation for as long as Jesus can manage to stay on Urantia before returns to Paradise to His duties there one.  I congratulate you Mantutia for having someone who knows the business Sadler established in all honesty in great trust and foreboding in Chicago before his death.  He is at work on Salvington now and is enjoying a small conversation with Ron from time to time, as Ron Besser is adequately entreated to speak with anyone in the universe including his Father who has fused him on Urantia for just serious work to be done here.

"I am the Sovereign Son of Creator status in my Local Universe of Nebadon, and I speak grandly and supremely sure that the transition from the old Foundation to the new one will go smoothly once all is understood by all participants in this immense drama of epochal revelation and the re instituting of the Group of Twenty-Five in days.  Michael."

. . . .


"I am greatly happy for all concerned today as this discussion from Ron has really set well with all of us as it clears months of speculation and ends the problems of rebellion not on this sphere but on an outside sphere known as little Panoptia where the rebel Midwayers have been resting for eons waiting for release and then rebelled when they were not released as promised.  This is a story for a later post but just understand dear folks this site got hit out of angst over so many reverses they though they did you a favor Ron and you let them slip through your hands on purpose.  We let this reside in your own minds all of you and await for further developments from the Ancients of Days. Good day,  I am Mother Spirit."

Ron Besser - I must conclude this long instruction and pray that it is definitive for your own information and what is to come slowly before your eyes.  You all know that I have transition problems unresolved and our Lemuel is patiently counting the days for his transition problems to be resolved too, as he is the second Father-fused individuals done on Urantia to date.  It is my intention to live up to what has been spoken to in this message to all you, and please feel free to comment on your posts here as I will not freeze this one so it is open to all who wish to have their say,  Thank you and blessings to all.  

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