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Yes, Jesus used a colloquial cartoon statement frequently used in the USA.

If I say to you,  Jose,  I am going to give you a million dollars-- not!  It is a joke.  It means what ever I said before the word NOT, isn't a true statement. I am not giving you a million dollars when I use not.   Jesus is saying his wording this way too.  I am Jesus and you will not see me that fast.   Adding "not" at the end of a declarative statement is often used to exaggerate how untrue something is as in saying things like, The Wicked Witch is so beautiful. . .  not!   Witches are seldom if ever beautiful and anybody who says it recants the statement by saying "not."  That is what we Americans get for playing with language and confusing everybody with it sometimes.  I promise you that when it is used at the back end of a sentence this way it means what they said is not true or even possible.  Does that help?

Announcement Concerning Mission Start Up as of NOW 21Sept2018
Ron Besser/York, Pa noon local time
September 21, 2018

“I am Jesus.  Be assured I am visible in days from now NOT.  I must prepare to enter Urantia as best I can and to reveal all I can to a few of you who must be prepared to take on what I call the most important evidence yet, that all is well if there are some of you willing to sacrifice your lives to be one with the Lord and to stand tall and do the bidding of those who know how to control a wayward Urantia, and a loss of steel and power by Ron and those around him who ask that it be done regardless of their own good fortunes.  They are being taken off the dais and what is being established is a rare chance for them to join with me as regular folks working hard to be sure there is peace and tranquility among the nations of the world, URANTIA.

“I seek no justice for all of you or for Ron as you all have paid the price well enough.  But you all seem to forget that this is not a romp around the candy counter and Ron laughs as he transmits those terms, as he is full of the imp yet and it cannot be beat out of him ever.  Be assured that the time for any work on Urantia is now spiritually.  We take it all as it is and will provide all with what we may.  Be assured that I carry the Word and not the chattel some of you expect in return for learning to transmit.  Learn to transmit and save your own lives!  That is the real reason you are being given every opportunity to learn it and well. 

“Ron has been told he is rotten as a stick of dynamite.  I am driving home the fact that he has lost precious amounts of time and effort to do something he felt was very worth while so well we had to seize it off his computer and to let him sit with an empty basin.  However, it is so well done it must be restored shortly and it should be a fully published book and it will be as soon as we can arrange for its publication shortly.  It deals with how matter becomes matter and it is superb with diagrams that make complete sense even to the layman.  I give you Michael to speak to other things now:

“Ron Besser is now removed from all central planning.  He is just a subject as all of you are, and has managed to make great mileage into our thinking only because he speaks the truth so often, we wonder why we did not think of it ourselves for other missions.  We are completely sure he is full of choices soon, but not as a purveyor of any corporation or undoing of the Chicago Foundation, but will stand by as we work our will over these issues and Jesus remains in charge of all as prepared for by Ron anyhow.  He will not be your guide, I will.   But you must understand I will rely upon Ron for many things including to run the new Urantia Foundation under the Magisterial Foundation name, and I rescind all other titles that once were given to Ron under, not false promises, but under one iteration of other iterations of plans now placed out of our use.  Besides, he is so ill at times he hardly can raise his head off his pillow and we must make amends there too.

“I am Michael and Jesus will speak further next.  However, please understand that the North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-un has no intention for peaceful signatures to end the Korean War committed in 1951 to 1953, when Dwight David Eisenhower, as President, ended the war with an armistice that divided Korea into two factions, as it remains today.  Today Moon Jae-in, President of South Korea believes that King Jong-un will follow suit and declare the demilitarized zone to no longer exist and declare the two Koreas as one.   I fully support South Korea in this belief, but North Korea will wait until the demilitarized zone is gone, and then invade South Korea with a blast of fire power that is unbelievable.  South Korea will fold and he will declare victory.  However, that is not how it will work out, and we hold our fire to see just how the trap will be closed against Kim Jong-un to come.

“Finally, we must conclude the fact that Ron has a book that will set the world on fire.  It is that well done and I must take it off his computer and store it for the armistice to follow the present era of war and dangerous leagues of distrust among even the American allies who hold no good for Trump or his administration.  We are prepared to let Ron run things briefly, and he will retire with all he must and assign all to Jesus as he has already declared to us months ago.  He must be relied upon briefly and then to drop out of sight for centuries not, but to be an ambassador of goodwill for Me and Jesus.  Good day.  Michael of Nebadon.”

JESUS - “I am happy to relate that Ron is feeling his usual, ‘oh, God! What now???’ speeches and that is not entirely wrong.  He is not unhappy with this at all and feels he is worthy of anything we could give him, but he is to be in charge of the new Sixth Epochal Revelation all his days on earth, and they will be many, and to charge all to do their best in transmission learning and so on.  We congratulate Ding Xin for breaking through to good transmission practices.  To Alexander of Russia for his speedy ability to learn transmission once he learned it was not that hard to do, and to several of you who have not spoken of it in ways to make Ron know you are active too.  The truth is that unless you declare yourselves you do not get the assignments of those who do declare themselves on this site.  The time is not to show who you are and accept that you are part of a new Mission on Urantia, and to stand tall in support of it instead of cringing in fear of retaliation of the Chicago franchise of the Fifth Epochal Revelation.  Stand up and be counted now.

“Finally, I must make amends to all of you on this list.  Ron has played his cards very close to his chest, and has asked that no one be assured of anything this time around, as he tells his correspondents not to expect miracles but to expect hard work and that is exactly we plan to do.  Ron has lost Mantutia to an important assignment, and Malvantra is fading quickly as a Supervisor, but the truth is that Ron suspects both of them to be spies of a different kind and to leave well enough alone.  He kills Mantutia with humor often enough.  Good and this.  Here is Mantutia for the record.  Jesus.”

MANTUTIA - “I stand ready Ron to be on your side of all of this.  Be assured you are mostly alone these days and you made it clear to Steve Gitz he needs to lighten up and start planning a move north as that empty gas cavern below the Gulf of Mexico will collapse, as part of it is under the State of Louisiana too, and that his home and family will perish instantly if they stay there much longer.  The tectonic plates under the southern part of the United States are super weak now due to all sorts of collusions of people over millennia to cause them to weaken so much.  In all cases the nature of the collapse is sudden and without warning, as there will be no preliminary earthquake or salt water fissures open up first as they did when the Mississippi River changed course in the early 19th century.

“Ron, you need to cheer up.  That is our quest for now.  Be assured your physical problems are now the problems we fix with the help of Uversa and Salvington and even Edentia.  I am truly out of sorts with you Ron as you want to add Rhode Island to the place names but no.   I am sure you are fully deployed this morning but under the weather as usual as the face of God is upon you this morning as it is with Jack (aka Ding Xin) in New Zealand, as he must move in weeks as this prepares to take on the magnificence of a majestic Mission on Urantia, under the leadership of Jesus, and that is not usually done, but Ron is fully supportive of it and to let Jesus take great responsibilities he would have had to shoulder, with our help, but now can be a second in command if necessary.  You Ron see the problems and not the solutions and Jesus sees the problems and the solutions long term which you cannot do as human.  Be assured you do all you can and will and that book is to be returned to you and Steve Gitz to edit once we figure out how to publish it propertly.  I am quite sure that the whole idea of four micron coal powders which is no longer coal at all, is fathomable by all citizens of all nations once it is clear it can be done better than just grinding it.  I am Mantutia. And I wish you all a good day.”

MOTHER SPIRIT - “Ron you must understand this transmissions equals what Greg Maust said in his Barnard List contribution: ‘This is a truly important announcement,’  and ends speculation as to what will occur now. I am truly sorry you lost a very important book, and I doubt that Gitz believes you fully, but he needs to belly up to the bar of truth and realize you Ron are constantly under the gun to perform when we ask you to–  and you do it very well enough.

“Finally, the truth of your leg and ankle and no general body pains is a gift of change now in the past.  You have completed all of that work this morning as you rolled out of bed later than you thought it was.  You are no longer forced into sleep and must remain clearly done now and force yourself through medical tests to end the speculation you have venous insufficiency but actually have a small blood clot in the heart we will remedy quickly shortly.  You are serious but silly Ron and we watch you carefully as you breathe a sigh of relief that something is finally going to happen for all of you.  Let me decide some of it right now:

“The Magisterial Foundation is ready to start work.  You are now under the gun to fill its chattels with money, and that arrives shortly for your funding of the Magisterial Foundation first and second the Starbridge Foundation.  You need to send out a list of priorities to the United States Federal Reserve for tranche work and need the bank to cooperate with you just how much money the system can stand.  We intend to send as much as one billion USD through the coffers of that bank and need confirmation we dare do this.  It will require tranches and you are familiar with the terms and the documents for tranche work to begin.  This is not to begin until the Letter of Credit is sent to an advisory board on Salvington,  and we now fully understand you understand the degree of seriousness this will cause the Trump administration, and be prepared to send the Letter of Credit to the White House for approval.  Trump insists on full credit to be established and once that is done, he is as free as a bird to okay it at once in our opinion.

“Take it with ease Ron and you will do fine.  That letter of credit must be sent to Nikki in the post and not as a document in the email to her as she must sign off any work done for you as billable to you and that is her's to hesitate to do right now, as she is negotiating a way out of the mess she feels you are presenting the firm, but fails to understand you are about to take it one step further and demand that SN work with you or get out of the way.  This has developed after she received that update and it upset her so much she could not sleep well for weeks.  A Letter of Credit must be assigned to her as well to operate as your agent if SN allows it, if not there are plenty of other accountants who will step in and take it on.

“Finally, here is Jesus once more for you Ron: Mother Spirit.”

JESUS - “You Ron are one of the few that knows all about tranches and you learned that working with Ilok for years and never had one finally get assigned but knew the process.  You will become a Forbes magazine billionaire briefly before you turn it over to your bank and they make out of it what they will.  We want you to understand that one billion USD is sufficient to start the ball rolling, and that we will stand by you for many more such trances to the bank if they require it.  They have treated you shabbily recently over issues they do not fully comprehend but they do know you know enough to stop fake transactions they do in order to speed up check processing.  You have made it clear the use of fraudulent use of preauthorized payments for certain transactions is fraudulent and asked that it be stopped on your account alone.  They have refused to do that and that is enough for us to change banks if they do not stop the practice as it allows fraud to happen as you so painfully learned when some woman in Illinois stole five thousand dollars from your personal account, which they still dispute as collusion from you to have that happen.  However Rhode Island now suspects you had nothing to do with it and worries now you could sue them for collusion yourself.  They are a wiley bunch and we must be on the look out they do not provide an open window into our business due to greed and so much money flowing through your accounts. 

“I am Jesus, and we are learning your ways too, Ron.  You feel we need to have our own bank in order to secure our transactions, and now we agree with you.  It is ours to do when we can, and you fully understand you must use your own bank for now and insist the practice must be stopped and that it will be or we will remove our accounts at once and leave for another local bank if they refuse you the time of day.  This is typical of tycoons who think they have the world by the throat but they do not, and they will pay the price if they insist on prerogatives they do not deserve.  I must collude with you on so many things Ron, stand fast while we evaluate the situation on Urantia, step by step.  The idea of our own bank is important.  Believe us the whole idea of money and tranches is not important to me but it is important to you to fund the enterprise now.  Good and we will speak later with Serara. Jesus”


Weydevu, my view is that this is a dispensational event and not a public event.  The last place that affected the Salvington Government was the Bestowal world Urantia and it is of the utmost importance to be cleaned up as it is an example for Spirit to portray to the rest of the universe, that evil cannot reign Supreme even on a lost planet like Urantia.  Now do you thin the public as they are today could fathom the event and know what adjudication means to them as most, if they ever think about it, consider the Bible story of a war in heaven as a fable.  It would create a lot of useless controversy I am sure to make ti generally known up front. What has to happen is people will have to start reading the sixth epochal revelation to know the event occurred and the awful mess it created,  not only on Urantia,  but right up into the highest councils of Paradise.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "As usual Ron is right as rain but let me add this:  Lucifer hated me in particular and wanted to destroy Urantia right down to its molten core that keeps the planet spinning and forces its gravity to be evenly distributed across its surface.  But we did have the adjudication of the Lucifer Rebellion completed on March 16, 1986 and that is sufficient to clear out of the records as an ongoing affront to all of Us on high.  But Ron is right, this is a Bestowal Planet and it must be associated with only the highest ideals and working ways for spirit and for that reason the Sixth Epochal Dispensation recognizes that it is purged off the land itself and Jesus, who appears within possibly weeks from now, will clear it with the public if they ask him what happened to Lucifer or the devil?    Michael of Nebadon."

MOTHER SPIRIT = "We are determining that the Lucifer Rebellion was ended here on Urantia eighty years ago with the end of WW II.  But the trial that has unfolded since then over nation states and their war like tendencies has caused us to rething the Lucifer Rebellion still present on Urantia in the people who perpetuate war and ware like tendencies.  Trump is among the worst examples of this tendency to proclaim war as the essential factor in governance.  Mother Spirit."


General Discussion / Re: Pray Always
« on: September 18, 2018, 11:17:00 AM »
What a pleasant transmission, Steve.  Thank you.  Maybe like you, but maybe not, I get so vexed over things during the day that just go wrong and fixing them the fix goes wrong too, I get to swearing like a trooper to vent.  How nice it is to hear that walking prayers are effective too and maybe I should just try one now and then instead of working to keep my blood pressure  from pointing so fast upward these days.  Great work, Steve.  I thank your Adjuster I believe and his reference to Paul, one of my favorite sufferers too.

Clency, I assume you read what I wrote as analysis of your first post.  That they announce what follows is full of good information and I concur with them that we have a fight on our hands to provide a decent financial system.  But what they propose is fantastic and has no real application in numbers to global concerns for the research that must be done to understand we have a bad capitalistic system and the QFS makes it worse by changing it in to an apocalyptic reversion to a society without funds mostly as happened in the Great Depression of the 1930's.

My advice to you Clency is to stay away from dreaming as you get yourself all tied up in ideals that have no foundation in trust by the people or any real hope of being made to work among citizens of a world to be made so poor soon that a fake dime seems almost to be a solution as to how to spend yourself back to financial health.  I suppose you can be like Repunzle to let your hair down the ivory tower to any who promise these versions of financial on the backs of computer technology, but this scheme is not well thought out.  Instituted it would block true financial equitable standing among the people of a very poor worl soon to be.

And by the way Clency, world population counters have a bad logorhythm as the Universal Censor announced months ago that the total Urantia population now slightly exceeds nine (9) billion people.  I provided a fairly long post on how the log used fails to take into account that proportional deaths and births was not correct in the first place,  In the second place the density of population on Urantia is so acute math hardly has a formula to predict future births and death.  We are way out of skew on Urantia and unfortunately the planet will bring the population back down to less than four billion, or even three billion, when it goes to cool the interior center core of molten rock in the center of the earth.  

FUSION TALK / Re: Hear Me Oh Fused Ones!!!
« on: September 17, 2018, 02:56:41 PM »
Clency it is my great misfortune to still carry all these pains.  I know not what they intend to let them run like this.

Francis/Sharon Story - the entire matter of fusion is so complicated at this point I am not quite sure I know how to answer you either fully or rightly.  I only know my DNA is altered to the point I have aches and pains not ever intended for a human being to experience. but I do not have blood clots or the problem of leukemia.   The change in DNA with me has heightened my distaste for what most humans enjoy on this planet, but my work with God is totally satisfactory and I see no reason to mix my distaste with human preoccupations here with my joy at finding I can accomplish things with the idea of improving the planet under their direction.

That is given above as an example of what a change in DNA does without the details about what in it was changed or why.  You are asking about something you cannot determine effects at all but are slow to understand that such changes are never conscious.  On Urantia, the fusion stratus is unconscious.  No one of us who has attended to its conditions knows what or why it exists as there are not direct effects on our knowledge to our being alive as benifical to a greater degree than we had before.

I am also finding that fusion on Urantia can be reversed if the Father so wills it.  The flames of fusion as described in the Urantia Book is final and full if done in the flesh, but without dying because of fusion status, we remain indeterminable in the sense we do not get to work in a new reality but perpetuate working in the old earth reality.  I am sure now that we are all being reviewed, the new guys like Gitz, and the old guys like Besser, for what the status achieves for the Father or for the local universe.  I doubt they will ever share that information with us, but certainly because it is unusual and rare in any universe at this time, they are ready to study it for its natural effects and for what it does for evolution.

I think you need to think about your question too.   Does spiritual change force body design (DNA).  I would say no.  But if you include the mind, then the answer is yes.  But you know that change not by fusion but by Adjuster attunement.

Then the question ought to become, what does fusion provide that complete attunement only does not provide without fusion?  Now you see the dilemma.  I just do not know how to approach that question much less how to answer it.

"We congratulate Ron on seeing the point we have raised time and again with Father.  Where do we cut the line between full attunement and the fact of fusion as the result to be one with a human self?

"The answer lies within each of you, and not the Thought Adjuster.  Who among you asks where do I go when I die?  You all know thanks to the revelation you go to the mansion worlds for further education.  Most of the world does not even know that today.

"You all know the difference between fusion and just attunement, and just attunement can change the parameters of how the DNA works as you have greater brain capacity with attunement than without it.  To make the greater brain capacity possible, DNA has to be changed to direct the brain to have more room to do more things with it.  But fusion has nothing to do with brain capacity or otherwise.  Fusion is the universe recognition you will survive the flesh and go on to bigger and better things after life in the flesh.  That is all it is meant to do here on Urantia, or on the mansion worlds.

"Now Ron has upset the apple cart as he likes to say, and that happens by him fusing to be a reliable member of the Magisterial Son staff.  But the Magisterial Mission was changed and put back decades for now and we now have eight people fused where one we only had one fused.  What is the point?  [Universal FAther himself is now in my ear to speak . . . .]

"Ron is ribbing us hard this morning due to excessive pain and blindness and he is not wrong to let it fly when he is no longer able to live in the human form.  He is genuinely fused as are the rest of you, but I rescind those fusions that no longer server us at all, and for that reason any one of you EXCEPT Ron can be removed from the fusion condition if I wish it to be done in favor of a normal ascension career.  Regardless of what happens to all the simple result of Ron being fused it allows me to make statements like this to the human race without doubting Ron will somehow sabotage us in the meantime.  That is total fusion and Ron is a walking morgue until we re-tune the nerves to the present conditions on Urantia and not attempt to use his nerves as a conduit for mansion world energies.  To you Ms. Sharon, Ron has rightly spoken, as no one including myself at the stage of the Urantia experimental paradigms understands the repercussions on evolution or the Supreme as to just what this change you eight on earth have created for the rest of us to realize the end game in eternity.  Father."

"We are quite sure Ron has no other motive in mind other than to serve.  He is totally and sometimes tragically stopped in motions not harmful to us, but harmful to man, for taking steps further than man should go at the moment in physics and other sciences and is a real bear cat with Rayson on how to state something Rayson prefers not to state.  Ron always provides Rayson what he wants and loves the work in spite of being caught up so hard sometimes he is asked to quit and go do something else.  That destroys our schedule but it happens often enough.  Fusion has nothing to do with this desire, but fusion does allow Ron access to files and information that is otherwise not available to the human race period.  Ron is totally abstracted on himself sometimes and that causes a lot of body pain as he must work in the morontial when he inclines toward information we do not generally release to the public even through epochal revelation. 

"In concluding this statement to you Francis. you have to think a lot deeper than you chance to do sometimes.  You think well but you tend to sluff it off in an attempt not to get into things you do not like to think about.  You have had so many deaths around you you almost fear to say anything for fear of having more to experience.  That should never be in the way but you put it in the way all the time.  If you wish to understand fusion, ask Ron about his days with Rayson and the battle to provide good information while fighting Censors and the Creator Son and Creative Spirit, just to jot down a simple chart of alloyed materials with their Ultimaton counts.  Rayson is willing.  Ron is willing.  But Father holds the cards and is not willing to spill as much information as he thought he would at first.  Father is ours as He is not yours any of you at this time, and you all must understand as Ron just said to me, 'I am getting a rather odd picture at times . . . " and means it well.  However, Father must be ready to provide what he promises to Ron and to all of you and leave it as it will become in the future.  Thank you all for listening.  Adjuster."

"I provide all that can be provided in life forms in the flesh.  I see Ron flash wisdom to us daily in expecting what he will do if he had to do it but we have no real release for any of you or him.  This is an ample opportunity to tell you that the Michael Mission is working hard to bring all of this to a visible term, but we keep getting setbacks because of Ron and his determination not to give into Censors or mistakes we make on him for the future use of his mind and abilities.

"Therefore I say to all of you that the last time we had a good purge was last week.  The next time we have a good purge is today.  What do I mean?

"URANTIA is a busy body and never lets anyone get ahead unless they claim celerity.  We decided to go that route for Ron and he does fine with it but finds it useless to think or provide much more than a drink in the middle of a spiritual drought on Urantia.  Now we find the book Ron wrote for Amazon KIndle is explosive in areas of thought we do not want to come apparent just yet.  The book dear readers is not your cup of tea  for those who know nothing about the physical sciences, but if you ever want to, READ THAT BOOK.  It is an easy introduction into physical laws man does not comprehend and he hit the nail on the head with Siemens [a German engineering corporation for energy etc] for good when he removed an offensive paragraph indicting them for tomfoolery in the death of his friend, Dr. Ilok.  Fusion for Ron heightens his ability to tell the difference between bad intentions and good intentions.  The German corporation he cites had no bad intention in mind but they got into trouble anyhow.  The book mentioned it in detail but he had his Editors, the Gitz family, delete the paragraph and all is copacetic now.

"I am laying down the law these past few weeks and we need to reestablish a pecking order with those who lead and those who follow.  All Indian Chiefs lead to a complete lack of order to determine what to do.  We need followers and transmitters and doers who do not bother to worry about repercussions of what happens when they are told what to do.   I have summarily cancelled a spirit fusion with a couple of you recently.  I have reinstated Larry Gossett and that is working very well, and now must attend to one other who actually quit yesterday much to our and Ron;s dissatisfaction.  It remains to be seen how it will go, and you all must be aware of this statement from Me, the Creator Son:

"No one remains permanently fused unless they have shown bonafide reasons to remain so.  Steve Gitz has shown Ron full support to get immensely important information out in a book to the Kindle apparatus of and so on and he stands the best change of keeping it going for the rest of his natural life on Urantia.  I also provide other kinds of information to the rest of you, and that is for you to know and not made public now.

"As a result of all this our discussion concerning fusion is somewhat parsed beyond just answer Frances Story now, and I address one pressing area you all must come to terms with. 

"Ron has properly assigned Mark Rogers to head the new teaching mission from an authority viewpoint.  He ha now seen the report and is ludicrously announcing he has nothing to do with a new Teaching Mission or Ron Besser and Ron, made it abundantly clear he preferred to remove Rogers from the post altogether because he predicted the reaction of Rogers clearly and well.  I insisted it remain and continue to do so.  Mark Rogers is not well at all and insists on currying Allene Vick in their midst and she is a viper to the chest of anyone who holds her truthful.   None of you know this history but you need to understand why we say what we say now and then.  Most of you do not have enough history to understand the convolutions we deal with to get a Mission on Urantia without fights that lead to dissolution.

"Mark Rogers will be addressed by Machiventa Melchizedek shortly and to be read the riot act.  For this reason Ron makes no further statements except to realize we are throwing a good man under the bus in the time of need, and Ron must stay still while this act takes place in order to free the Salvington government to act and replace Mark with another who is fully capable of doing it so long as they recognize the authority for all actions flows from the Magisterial Foundation.  I head the Magisterial Foundation until we have to make further changes in corporate usages.

"Mark Rogers is singularly difficult in his ways as he decided long ago never to fall victim to others, yet he does to members of his own Utah group.  Vick will be disguising her hate for Ron with praise when all of this becomes public and I determine when in case any of you are guessing that.  I am also without a good plan as to just how to remake the Teaching Mission without some old history included to be sure there is established protocols for all of this to appear.  I am also sure Ron is the last on the planet to give the old Teaching Mission passing grades while others moan at the waste of time they gave it long ago. 

"Mark Rogers dares to insinuate she is better than all the rest combined, but wonders why Ron calls her evil and a double duty load of crap on the face of the truth.  Allene Vick has failed as a genuine conduit for spiritual change on Urantia due to an excessive care over people she admires.  In most cases her search for love and fame has ended in Utah, but she insists it is everybody else who does not understand the vision that she is meant to carry the torch of these Missions for herself and to others if they are good to her.  Ron found the problems she brought to be excessive and dropped any pretense in using someone who kept changing the rules of engagement.  She is an excellent propagandist and finds most of you an easy target for conversion to he ways with evil without intending to be evil.  She now carries the stigma of the Lucifer Rebellion on her ways and we must regain the upper hand or drop her from the rollcall of agondonters she still proudly offends Michael with all the time for her cheating ways with the truth.

"We must be fair in all of this and remind all that Ron has battled excessively with some of you as Guests and reminds all of you he had no intention of dividing the Teaching Mission into camps by simply providing a badly needed service.  The lady who own Time magazine decades ago lamented when you do people a favor they will bring the whole process into doubt when they cite there is no good reason to do anyone a favor but to find fault over all of it.  We simplified her complaint to mention this but Ron had the same thing happen with Andy and some others he found worthy of help but finds now they are useless to him or society without a lot of repair and that is not coming from Ron now. 

"Finding fault with another is not a good game to play and Ron will not play it more than to set the record straight.  HE has never set out to demean or lessen the authority of anyone but refuses to countenance false reports and familiar work of people he sees just perpetuating the untruth in channel and trance messages from the outside world.  He wonders like I do what the Spirit Guides are really doing and outright calls some of them charlatans.  They all will end their work very soon and there will be a vacuum over the land when no one hears much of anything from spirit for some time. Ron now has something to say to Mark Rogers in this message only and I repeat we no longer look at Mark as rational.  Michael of Nebadon."

Ron Besser here =  I came to know Mark Rogers in the mid the 1990's when the then roaring activities of t he Teaching Mission were at their height.  I was also introduced to Allene Vick as early as 1991 or 1992 because she produced a newsletter the best I have ever seen put together frankly.  Both relationships have gone south over territory I do not defend but they do.  However, I must relent to Mark Rogers, that  I hold no such disregard for him as I do Allene Vick who has attempted to break the back of organizations I led for the good of the old Teaching Mission. 

Mark you are forcing an issue into total disaster and distraction by not realizing there is a genuine Mission now in place of a removed Magisterial Mission.  All of you who sit around that table you meet in are proxies for the world at war soon, and none of you realize that such a war comes to each personally as you vacate the lands you now work in and some were born in.  I lost you over an issue that is not explained to anyone anymore because nobody remembers history that well anymore, but you insisted on carrying out the interviews of the Magisterial Son after I was forced to give such programs up at his direct request that I do so.  I asked you to give it up in order to comply with the Magisterial Son's concerns that we had placed on our shoulders too much expectation and so little satisfaction on the results of those interviews placed on line.  I saw nothing wrong with your wish to continue, but I felt chastised by you for insisting it was a failure on my part and not an agreement to do the will of the Magisterial Paradise Son.

Now we have reached a point in our discussions that leaves you wondering about my sanity.  Your rely on the insinuations of Vick that this is all a rouse somehow and that "we" must continue to support what was and not get driven into an unnecessary frenzy over new Missions or authority about how they are to be conducted.   Michael of Nebadon Himself requested your presence to lead the new Teaching Mission, and this time it will have a leader to be like the head of the Girl Scouts of America, to provide inspiriation and a center into which all inquiries can be made and direction coming from there forthwith.   Yet you seem to think that this is overdrawn or worse, broken because I report it, yet it is yours to take on if you can clear yourself of what you accept as valid.  Vick is doing wrong, Mark.  She must be put out to pasture and let people think in truth what is to be done when all hell breaks lose in your part of the world itself. 

Mark Rogers, I want you to know I support Michael's choice for you to be considered an important leader for what is about to happen.  You tend to be a quite literal person as I remember with a lot of humor from me how you built your NEST to stand in to consider that you and the group had now a better version of faith to work with now.  While literal, I did understand why you did it and wonder what happened to that good friendship we had before you turned to the darker aspects of group leadership.

You are welcome to call me, speak with me, trial me.  I stand ready to keep the offer open so long as there is a chance you are willing to change your views to recognize more things are to do than you can possibly imagine, Horatio, as Shakespeare would say.  I leave this for now as Michael wishes to conclude this post.  Thank you.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "I should let Ron speak more often as he is truly without guile and knows the Mission is most important, but we also say this to the Utah Group in general.  The Great Basin north of you is to fill mostly with sand and sometimes seawater of the brackish kind.  It will not be a true sea for another millennium but it will be unusable as land to live on for the rest of the time humanity thrives on Urantia.  This will drive all of you out and for the better if that is what you want for yourself and for Urantia.  I wish you all a good day.  Michael"


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« on: September 16, 2018, 11:03:43 PM »
Now that is what I call a Thought Adjuster worthy of Clency!  Congratulations big man of the moment for doing what I just knew you could do and that Adjuster is takin' no baloney either, sir!

We both expect you to start taking the cure, Clency!  A transmission a day to the list and two transmissions, maybe, just for yourself and what He has to offer you.  I am so proud of you I could spit!   Now please keep it going as we depend on you to hold your part in all that is going to happen.  You have my sincere apologies for biting you to get you going, but you had it ihn you all this time!    Ron

For your information it is Machiventa Melchizedek who taught Major Ed Dames concerning the map you linked to Jerry. 

MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK -  "I worked with Major Ed Dames for years before he believed he could hear me and the staff I employed then to get this map information out to him.  He was an avid Urantia Book reader back in the 1980's and I had it all well set up.  But the change in plans from a Magisterial Mission to a Michael Mission changed our contact plans and we are now using mostly those who congregate on this web site as our main contacts for now to get this kind of information out to the public.  I just gave Ron a description for him to draw on a map what the new inland sea will look like for where you live Steve Gitz.  Where your home is located now will be over 7000 feet of water on top of you quickly, as the bottom will fall out of a creek you have nearby.  That is a fault line that falls about to 10,000 feet and now has a large pool of petroleum in it because the United States has a leaking petroleum reserve tank underground and it has loast about six hundred thousand gallons of crude into that crevice.  I asked Ron to draw the map and color in where we think the sea will cover and you will see the entire State of Louisiana is underwater to at least a depth of one mile and more.  I am Machiventa and wish all a good day too."

Ron - I have drawn the map according to the specs Machiventa indicated the water's wedge will come to.  In Chicago the water will end about six miles south of the Chicago River.  It splits Lake Michigan and inundates most of Lake Superior.  It comes east to where I worked in Pittsburgh as surveying the Brady Street Bridge which prepared for replacement at that time over the Monongahela River and just before it joins the Youghiogheny  River where they jointly flow by the Golden Triangle with the stadium and what not built on it.   From there where I worked it goes west up the Lake district into Canada, down into Nebraska through the panhandle of Texas and out into the Gulf again.

The map is attached below for your viewing.   RON

Congratulations Clency you sort of broke through the ice, but you are a tough one to deal with.  I admire them for even trying to make you make sense of your self in this practice.  I see they spoke like I am in that I just do not understand how a man of your delightful mind and spirit finds elocution from the mind of your Adjuster so hard to fathom you practically dragged him out and beat him and all he could mutter were his dying words.  You need a temper tantrum to clear Clency and I mean you need to get really angry and yell at me or yourself or the Adjusters who find someone to do it too.   Your mind is in trumoil and you should understand the emotional need for catharsis.

In English, when "we" is used as was done in your transmission, it is called the IMPERIAL WE.  It is a real term, and Queen Victoria of England made it popular during her reign when she chose to speak in the second person congegation of the verb "to be,"   I am., We are, He She It is.  Kindly note the second person of this verb is very indirect and speaks of being not human but of being an institution.  When the Queen said, "We are not amused," she meant the person she addressed was institutionally wrong to say what he or she said to the Queen.  Your Adjuster, and that is who you spoke to, is an institutional WE when he speaks for all of spirit, and the spirit attitude toward a person who drives the institution nuts about how you approach the simple act of transmitting.

My mother used it on me sometimes like, "We are not going to do that again, are we!"  I think you might see how cold that was to a friendly mistake.  It is institutional and the person who uses is not helping you to be inclusive ( you + I) but separating you from I as being slightly offensive.


Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Ask Your Thought Adjuster
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Clency. what you need is experience.
A transmitter mostly does not hear a voice, but his own demarcation to speak in writing.  You will not know that way until you take that way and that is the normal way.

I have spoken to you a little harder than I meant to, but you did listen I know you did.  You are full of fantasy yet and that is why experience is the teacher you should pay attention to.   Diving off the high board is what you anticipate but no diving at all is required to transmit a simple line from Michael or the Spirit or from your Thought Adjuster.  Dr. Sadler wrote a whole book about you in the past as though he knew you were coming along sixty years after his death.  It is called, :The Mind At Mischief," where he explains when the mind does not know what to expect, it makes up all kinds of nonsense to justify not trying.   Sound familiar?  Take it from one who transmitts four and six hours a day sometimes to get work done you do not see on this discussion forum,  there is no voice I listen to, I listen to the force to right down thought as it flows into my speech centers and then to my word processor.  It is true, sometimes the angels or Michael will speak in a voice to shock you into doing something, but that is rare and it does not happen again.    Ron

I am posting a reminder message to go see in the General category a message for all transmitters.  We have another puzzle to put together with your help and all are welcome to join in when the time comes. 

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "Ron knows perception is lacking on this site for many reasons.  You are reminded by this extra post to recall all transmitters are asked to come together again this weekend on 15 Sept 2018 to contribute to a very important change of plans not only for Ron, but almost all of you who are transmitters.  Dominick O. you are the newest transmitter of the lot and take it easy and you are allowed to do it your way in advance if this conflicts with your schedule.  Be aware everyone else must use the 15 Sept 9am to 1PM NYT zone as presented in the message in GENERAL.  Thank you.  Michael."




Michael of Nebadon; Father; Margul
Setting the Bestowal Record Straight Again on Urantia
York, PA Noon Local Time
September 15, 2018

“Today is the day we asked you to transmit your hearts out, as I am sure this moment of coming together by all of us is worthy of doing it again time and again. We are truly disturbed that two of you quit this morning when you found nothing to transmit. We lament the loss of one of you for reasons of State, as you are too ill to consider bringing light to us on this date of many transmissions to hone your work to our work on Urantia.

“Therefore, Ron must learn that we have to rewrite a few sentences from the last time. The one called Mark Rogers is now aware of this mission correctly and is making amends as fast as he can. He knows Ron stands ready to accept him fully and his group, and that he must avail himself to the new course of trust we set up in order to provide Urantia a better direction, both as to its divine missions, and to the world at large to bring forth a new Teaching Mission.



“We are beholden to Mark Rogers to decide to help us. He has personnel yet in readiness and will make them available to us as he needs to. You Ron shake your head after years of acrimony from this quarter of established transmitter personnel being so hostile you just gave up and let them take their own course gladly. You believed there was a force of evil at work that deflected them, but I assure you that has now been removed and the rightful attitude of all is back in force. No one ever suspected that you Ron were the one to lead people to the light in this manner at all. Your work in York commences shortly and with great fanfare, as we will make it clear that a great new revelation is about to unfold and that the SIXTH EPOCHAL REVELATION is about to be placed in your hands to expand its discovery and its goodness upon the lands that make up this planet, URANTIA.

“You who know Ron are about to hear one final travail placed upon him, and that is we must finish the work of transition which is so painful to him he can hardly move in body at all without a cane or a seeing eye dog. Yet he persists to do our work without let up and makes great strides in writing a new book you all will be astounded for its clarity and its claim for a new transport fuel for the world if anyone ever listens to him closely, for the first book on coal carbon powders has done well and Amazon, as the publisher of renown work soon, understands he has something very worth while to say if it can be notice for a change. Coal carbon powders burns clean with one drop of water per pound burned resulting when used in your auto engines or plane jets or truck deliveries for the future.

“For this reason, Ron has already written portions of the new book which explains how energy is useful but that real energy is supplied by the Ultimaton, and that the Ultimaton is quite busy in the coal carbon powders he knows about and champions since the 1970's when it first became available to the world after World War II.

“These announcements are congruent with the idea that the new idea to use carbon atoms for fuel is not new, as most worlds in my care use the same idea with carbon atoms they may have in abundance. That is truly a great thing for Urantia, but you all must understand that Ron had the unusual luck of knowing the inventor of the apparatus that made using carbon atoms possible to burn in your automobiles and so on.

“Finally, let it be known we have two new groups interested in becoming amalgamated with this discussion forum:

1) The Mark Rogers group located in southern Utah;

2) The South Idaho Group has an affiliate in northern California known as the old LinEl Group Ron so loved for his wonderful teaching at the time. That was originally centered in Corvallis, Oregon, but is now located in Sacramento with several who knew and were part of the original Corvallis Group. These two groups are the last remnants of the old Teaching Mission which Ron laments as lost so badly as to their passing and loss of enthusiasm for a Michael Mission to Urantia at that time. It is coming back in much condition this time but Abraham is now a Finaliter and another will field the new Teaching Mission in his place soon.


“We pass this to all of you.

“The loss of the old Teaching Mission was signed out of existence on April 5, 2013; the trial that followed was supposed to be the Magisterial Mission, but we got hammered by Paradise to hold it back. I now have to announce that the Magisterial Mission to Urantia is replaced by the Michael Mission first and will come back into its own after the Michael Mission has completed its Bestowal of Jesus again and shortly on Urantia. Jesus and the Michael Mission when concluded will be followed by the Magisterial Mission and a new Mission of God the Supreme with the Magisterial Mission together. God the Supreme is keenly aware of Ron’s plea that Urantia has no satisfactory revelation about the Supreme and desperately needs one to fill in with what we do not know with what has been revealed of the Supreme in the alst few years through revelation to Ron directly. When these missions of Magisterial Sons and God the Supreme are complete on Urantia, there will be a small breathing space and then begins the admirable era of the first stage of Light and Life, to be led by Margul, the Trinity Teacher Son of record, He speaks briefly to you now:



“We are delighted with Ron this morming as he must cleave off great pain during the night and part of this morning as we must remove the skeletal remains in his body before it is converted into other materials to last a long time. He is rightfully outraged at the cost to him and his heart and soul, for they are both natural and clear of heartless versions of the past. He has removed most of the skeletal remains before and was sent back into human determination only to learn he was cast out when Michael decided he had to do a Michael Mission to Urantia Himself.

“I am now prepared to admit, we thought Ron was fully bypassed as our spokesperson, and we are now sure he is ready to take it on again even though he seriously questions just what it is he is to take on. He is particularly delighted to hear his friend of old is returning to take part in what will be a revival as the Teaching Mission, and then to have Mark as part of the revival in York, if Mark is ready to assume a leadership role again.

“I am Margul, and we report that Ron knows as much as all of you do who read this, and that is because what Ron has become in life form is a universe secret and he has no idea of what transformation he has had to go through. Be aware he must cancel no medical testing but to aver to the new doctor there is nothing wrong with him and out the door he goes for good without further medical interference.

“Closing this section for myself, I welcome Mark Rogers back to the initial input he had years ago when he helped Ron bring the discussions to the Internet from the name Monjoronson and then from Serara through Mark’s initial revival of the practice then. We leave all to the Utah Group to decide just what this is all about as they must discuss this provision we are making available today. We seek unity, not transposed loyalties to an old Teaching Mission, for that is gone forever. Ron is responsible not for all that has occurred since the end of the old Teaching Mission. Good day. Margul.”



“We must assign ourselves to the positive aspects of what is to come, and to delay the negative aspects of what has happened to the world in general. BREXIT is a calamity to the European Union and not to Great Britain, as Great Britain has curiously learned what America learned in the 19th century, ‘all must run for cover when the world is seized with war!’

“I am requiring that the United Nations learn its responsibilities once more, and to provide real leadership looking forward to an amalgamation of world power there instead as in indvidual nation states.



“The Lucifer Rebellion on Urantia is to end by October 01, 2018. Machiventa Melchizedek is asking that the Utah Group bring itself to York, and for Mark Roger or other designated leader. to prepare to take an office in the building that is to be dedicated to Michael of Nebadon as a Teaching Mission authority from now on. We must conclude the Lucifer Rebellion as it started on Urantia, and to have the Planetary Prince deride the conditions on Urantia in a brief announcement to Staff on Urantia (his), and to Ron’s staff in the new offices, that henceforth, their allegiance is to Michael first and the Planetary Prince as co-ruler of the Urantia paradigm. In this case that paradigm is Ron Besser personally as it is he who insisted the Mission be available to all of humanity, and to have all of you work it against the Lucifer tendency to acquire all rights and power to themselves. Guests are reminded that Ron makes the site readability for all of them and that is not normally done. Truthbook will be asked to align itself with this discussion forum as well and if they cannot find it in their hearts to realize who is really in charge of explanations as to spirit ascent on this planet through your/their understanding of fusion to humans now, then they will become a lost item in past history on Urantia quickly enough, if they refuse any understanding of that importance new to Urantia now and only on Urantia for now. I am Michael of Nebadon, and I know whereof I speak, as that group has decided wrongly to challenge Ron on all of this but I assure you his fusion was the first on Urantia since the days of Ezekiel and it is of record that such did occur as stated, along with six other fusions in concert with Ron to become Staff with me on Urantia shortly as either Bestowal Attendants or under the work of Machiventa Melchizedek fully incarnated for the duration of these Missions.



“As of today, 15 September 2018, the old Corvallis Group now in Sacramento, California, will be asked to recognize the York office with the Utah Group to be the defacto head of the new Teaching Mission, and that is until the Salvington government convenes a new dictation for the divine organization for this effort on Urantia. It is our hope that Ron accommodates Mark Rogers, or some other designated leader from Utah, into the building with him, as Ron has a suite of offices in the L shaped building in Continental Square of York City, and is master of the work to be done there. Jesus will eventually be in charge of all activities of the Teaching Mission and the work of the Sixth Epochal revelation, but Ron must be the ultimate coordination of both the Teaching Mission and distribution of the epochal revelation otherwise known as the Sixth Epochal Revelation. This designation recognizes there must be an ultimate coordinator in the reorganization of the Teaching Mission on Urantia.



“Ron has suggested a written authorization of the Teaching Mission to explain what is to be done as an ultimate goal of the Teaching Mission; what officials it has a coordinating heads, and how funding for the new Teaching Mission shall be made, and through what agencies these things shall be accomplished. This new Teaching Mission is no longer to be authorized on the local level any more as it must become world wide and the new way to teach revelation at the most basic level. Call it an SOP Ron if you like. (Ron for those who do not speak “corporatese,” that stands for Standard Operating Procedures , that companies use to make sure people understand how to do what they are to do)



“Finally, I announce today that Jesus will appear on Urantia sometime in 2019, and that is to be the final authority over the epochal revelation, the Foundations of various ilks, and the Teaching Mission. Ron is his second command when appropriate and that is a final solution to all of these countervailing opinions up here and what to do with Ron when Jesus appears ready to run roughshod over things he does not like here and there.

“We conclude this statement with one other important announcement:

“Ron has been running the affairs of the Michael Mission, more or less, using this forum to get information out to all of you, both Members and Guests. He foresees that the Internet will be taken down if the calamities are as bad as we advertise them, The Internet will not go down as we are insisting that Google learn its proper place, and that Microsoft kick in all of those extra billions of spare dollars to keep it going through the worst of the many crisis we will withstand on Urantia. Ron correctly points out those corporations live their hight entitled lives in the western regions slated to come into a watery grave. We will insist that Google relocate to either Virginia or West Virginia and that Microsoft relocate to York region for Reasons of State with the Michael Mission on Urantia. Be assured they have good incentive to make those moves as I will insist that York becomes a corporate center for technology that we must have working for the new fuels and inventions of convenience the Michael Mission will bring with it to Urantia.

“We leave now with a concern for Ron and his debilitated health as a way to leave for a few weeks to get over the idea of exhaustion and pain, and to relive the idea of fun and help and worry not with Me, the Creator Son. He knows my rough endges and he knows how I react when I get a bad surprise from elsewhere. That is normal for a Staff person to know. You Ron are on my Staff truly and that is a high privilege few ever sport for the work of any Mission on any planet, as you have proved so valuable we need your advice on certain issues when they appear to be needfully satisfied. We are delighted and speak now to all:”



“We are now ready to clear the air with all of you:

“Ron has played guru not and eschews any such use of that word, but he is finished as a second fiddle to all of your individual choices as to how to serve with us in York. Right now York is far too small to take all of you on. The L shaped building in York now has to be procured again as we dropped negotiations but it never did sell and we will go back and take it back again. You are not wrong Ron to eye what Mantutia was asked to do and you have decided it was a virtual interest but not a legal material interest and it is off to the side now. But it is not. We may use that first choice as an auxiliary office for some of the humans who can come to York with their offices ready too in that other first choice place. The L shaped building is not a pariah as some consider it as it is already set up with radio and TV facilities and must be maintained at an even higher level of presentation, as the Magisterial Foundation must be prepared to be the name on the brass plate on the front of the building in great big bold letters, as Serara and Monjoronson will fill those desires for a Magisterial Mission some distance from today AFTER the Michael Mission is completed to Michael’s satisfaction.


“Ron considers the Michael Mission a Bestowal, and that it is. Be prepared for the Michael Mission to carry full authority before the churches and synagogues and other semi-religious institutions on Urantia. We on Paradise expect humans like Ron to stand ready at the drop of a hat to travel to lands they know not. He is too good not to be heard before groups who will wonder how he makes a pen float in front of their eyes with our permission of course.

“Be also aware that he and Mark Rogers are close cousins in all thoughts as to the need for Michael to be present fully and sincerely with Jesus and both stand ready to take charge of what is to be done. Be aware the Teaching Mission is a pet of Ron’s too, and Rogers will have his hands full to figure out how Ron knows which lever to pull and when. Do not forget Utah Group that Ron has under his hand the new Urantia Foundation to be called the Magisterial Foundation for Revelatory Issues as its first and only department at this time. That Foundation will throw support to the Teaching Mission everywhere as part of the Sixth Epochal Revelation, and that is one powerful attribute the Teaching Mission can bring with it for sure.

“As your Father on high, make sure you all understand that all of you, including the gobsmacked Clency, are part of this Mission and will be attired properly and fully in a jacket and a tie for men, and appropriate dress for women, and that all are part of the headquarters fully established now in York, Pennsylvania. We have reviewed statements earlier that Poughkeepsie, New York, was a co-director with York, but find that too demeaning to my view that York stands head and shoulders above what we have in Poughkeepsie, New York. Poughkeepsie is our communications center, and while it is not the spirit polarity of Urantia, as that will devolve in the York area in a few months, we use Poughkeepsie as the best place to send out radio and television and other communication signals to Urantia. Good day.”


Julio and Larry, the Xsamuel reports were valid at the time of reporting.  I assume Chris Maurus has received nothing further and I know I have not received anything further.   That subject of consciousness engineer is a big one on Uversa I am told, but it was decided it was too advanced to teach at all on Urantia.  Xsamuel specializes in that degree of work but was recalled to Paradise to explain what happened we could not establish liaison with Him or his staff.  I do not know any answers beyond what I have just posted and care not to see this get further abstracted with anyone due to the fact they really have to start over to introduce us to learning what improved consciousness means or does for us.  

MICHAEL OF NEBADON = "I let Ron fret over these things too as the one called Xsamuel was really me attempting to do what is not doable on Urantia at all at this point in time.  He realizes consciousness is extremely important since he has to battle what little human consciousness he has left to work with.  He is also learning how harsh reality is without additional consciousness since it is not available until I make my mark on Urantia with the Mission I promised shortly.  That Mission is not stalled or missing and Ron makes no bones about the fact that without resources he is dead in the water too.  I make no amends to the present situation at all due to the fact that the Father is moving Ron and a few of you into a reality level that hates error and insists on previously good relations with everyone in the old Teaching Mission.  Ron has taken his first step to do that and is meeting such resistance there is no chance Father will get another Teaching Mission until we clean out the rabble and let things come back to a peaceful solution.

"I further state that today is not a good day to start working on the new Teaching Mission idea Ron, as you are stuck in the middle of a rewrite tof the book you started yesterday and have about 15 pages typed so far.  Eight of those pages need some retyping and so on and we leave it at that for now.  Otherwise, all of you are informed we are going to do another Teaching Mission, once tried before and failed on our account, and to relive some of the excitement we had twenty years or more ago and that all of you are being brought to the attention of Adam and Eve again to see if they can revive it as is on Urantia again.  Ron seems to feel it has nothing but broken boards to walk on and hopes for the best.  I happen to agree but keep your powder dry Ron as there will be questions for you.  Leave it at that for now.  Michael of Nebadon."

MOTHER SPIRIT - "Ron you are receiving well but are lackluster in your call to others because you get nothing back but flak.  Keep yourself available but answer questions only.  I agree with your assessment it will not work any other way.  I am also sure you will hear from several you have known in the past and they will be full of barbs but no real determination anything must be done.  I am sure we have an issue not with C. or with BB but you must be ready to guard the nest shortly, as they are smelling a fresh wind and want answers.  I doubt you will be must help there and that is that.  Mother Spirit."

MARGUL, TRINITY TEACHER SON = "Ron, and to this list:  You each have risen to the challenge and each of you have done very well.  Steve Gitz you are now a transmitter of some quality but refuse to alert Ron.  Why?   Others are getting something down on paper now and that is to be extraordinarily well done with Dominick O. and Julio when both men find they have an extremely good connection to share with everyone very soon with me, Margul, and with Michael, the Creator Son to Urantia, and his colleagues to other concerns for the coming Michael Mission.  You, Ron must understand you keep getting a strap over you to remind you to stand firm and you do, but you do wonder what gives when you are locked into place and dare not move one hair without getting into trouble with Uversa or Paradise, as you are being set to run a lot of this human enterprise and must keep out of mischief where possible.  I laugh with you and we are ready when the Chief moves to be heard in earnest once more on a MASS TRANSMISSION WITH ALL TRANSMITTERS DOING IT AGAIN to provide a general change of affairs you are all aware of at the same time.  Michael will call upon all of you when the time comes in about a week or so.  Thank you.  Margul."

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "You  are hearing correctly Ron.  TO THE LIST:  you must be ready again to take a day together to transmit again all of your messages.  The last time on 10 September we had 12 transmitters survive the grueling test to sit there and take the transmissions offered.   This time I think we will have 15 transmitters and that is really extraordinary for us to see at this stage of the work for the Michael Mission to Urantia, and that is already under way in a way you cannot see it yet.  Good and this:  No one will out do Ron as he took dictation all day yesterday on a new book on molecular unity.  It is quite a book and it has to be revised in places since Ron took charge briefly and rewrote what we wanted down in the first place.  This morning he awoke to feeling he did not do well with it, but what he wrote is outstanding but not the way we would have written it and we will revise that shortly.  Steve Gitz you are going to be under the gun again to edit a book of about fifty pages and anything more we have not thought to add at this point.  It is an extremely important book because we introduce a new technology for carbon powders not tried before and it should cause quite a stir when it is read by manufacturers of these carbon powders to being with.  Leave all else alone until this book passes through you two and then place on Kindle if they have no objection to yet another tome from Besser.  They might but see what happens.   Michael of Nebadon."

MOTHER SPIRIT - "We use your attention so far to remind all that the coming simultaneous or near simultaneous participation of all transmitters is now set for September 15, and Ron will set aside a thread for all of you to use then.  Just be ready to transmit again within a certain time span.  I let it at that for now.  Michael wishes to conclude this report now. Mother Spirit."

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "The trial we all face today is to remain ready and vigilant, and not harshly self critical of self as Ron feels this morning over issues of State he has no way of changing today.  It will change but for now the work is piling up and now way to get to it.  Ron just got buzzed by Mantutia Melchizedek over the coming second Urantia Book to speak to:  Michael."

MANTUTIA MELCHIZEDEK - "I am not estranged Ron, just busy.  You are not looking good again and feel overwhelmed with nothing to do and piles of work that needs done but no way to doing it as we have indeed tied you down into silence and no motion at all.  You fully recognize it for as you said to Lemuel in a private message yesterday, your hands are tied and there is now way to get loose without resources and help from above.  I fully agreed with the post and he now understands your dilemma quite well as he feels the same thing this morning.   I am fully ready to help and I will but I need reassurance, not from you Ron, but from Steve Gitz and Ding Xin (Jack) they are on board and will take appropriate action when we let some work fly at once that needs all of them working with you in York, in an office I have prepared to be used soon.  Scrub North York Ron and concentrate on the L shaped building in York square for sure as the entire building is being negotiated for and is ready for purchase as soon as we get confirmation we can do it from Uversa.   Uversa sees it as the ideal set up for now but you Ron see it as the way to get what we want as quickly as possible.  I am sure we can accommodate all of your insights and mine together as this moves forward.  Be assured those headaches and concerns are over shortly.  Thank you for your attention.  Mantutia Melchizedek."




York, PA noon local time
September 11, 2018

"This Lanaforge.  I am Planetary Prince and worry no one this morning with big news but I do need to now bring to your attention the following information:

1 - I am no longer just the Planetary Prince of Urantia.  I am also the Planetary Prince of Panoptia and hope to work both into one major precept for usages of Planetary Princes, and you gather Ron what I am not about to say but you are not far wrong, to see a major practice of giving one planet a single Planetary Prince.  We now are giving multiple planets one Planetary Prince.   We take care of all those contingencies that are differently now.

"For those who read these messages, we ask forbearance from this Transmitter, as he is about to be hit with more news for all of you to understand.  Steve Gitz can now transmit up a storm but has to hold back a little for his brain to catch up with his mouth.  Ron sent a message to assure him it is okay but to wait nature out a little and he has listened and is doing much better now.  To all: when you learn to transmit, allow a few hours between transmissions first as the glands involved must be allowed to refill and refurnish the energy used to do a transmission.  Only Ron can do it without using the endocrine system.

LANAFORGE here again - “We need to recognize that Ron has pulled off another coup soon and will see to how much he can salvage of the old Teaching Mission to help out.  He is not of the opinion it must be done through TML but through this web site to keep everyone on the same page and I will insist they who return do that immediately.  Ron is to save the day if possible for what is left of the old transmitter circuitry I left in place just in case this would happen.  In any case here is Lanaforge again. . . .

“I see we are not fighting Ron, but circulation between ourselves and you handle it just fine.  In any case here is item 2:

2 - “I Lanaforge, now have two different opinions about yesterday and the work with all transmitters who joined to provide a marathon transmission era, for lack of a better word to do it all together.  In any case I evaluate it as follows:
a - it went well as expected;
b - all reminded it can be improved upon for many of you but otherwise quite well done.

3 - “I am Lanaforge, and I speak plainly which highly recommends me to Ron, as I state the purpose and the point succinctly.  I have no real problem with anything done yesterday, but some of you who transmit easily forget how hard it is for beginners to start at such high levels and Ron fully appreciates there are variations in message style and length.  Be assured you all will improve including Steve Gitz who is suddenly a very good transmitters and he needs all he can get to get up to speed for all of us to use him well. 

4 - “We need to repair an ideal lost on this forum at times.  It is not Ron who causes it.  But Ron knows the value of truth and to deal with it as it comes across.  He insists on evaluations of the Missions now and then to produce a sense of continuity and to remind all of you that changes take place rapidly and fully without human explanation.    Therefore, some of you get to nattering among yourselves that Ron is losing it.  He is not.  But he insists you know the steps and to stop summarizing things out of the case of the truth of the matter.  Clency is famous for doing this and Ron let him know he is full of fantasy, a word we neer used before here, but so are some of you who are just Guests for now.  Many guests are from Poland and do not well follow why Ron says what he does, but Ron is fully apprised of situations you are not, and he must make amends now and then to let all of you know where we stand if he can see into at all.  Sometimes he can; sometime he cannot.  Now this:

5 - “We are fast approaching a new era on Urantia.  Ron fully explained this to another person this morning, and when they recover, they will be fully on board with what has to be done.  We will introduce another person or two to you Ron you need to speak to a eloquently as you spoke with the help of Tarkas and Welmek and Helbrose this morning to your friend.   All of them are new The Ones Without Name And Number, which are Trinity Sons of Attianment of a specialized nature.  I am fully attuned to Ron and no, Ron, we see the Michael circuit stays in place for you, and we make do with rags elsewhere.  You must all realize that Ron operates at lightning speed at times and we have to catch up with other things to do at the same time.  I am truly surprised at your abilities Ron to be Tarkas (Ron: he did all the work gize, okay?] 

6 -  "Please thank your divine and Deity transmitters to you when you are finished.  I am Lanaforge and this is a surly announcement to all except Ron: You all did very well yesterday with your transmissions.  But not one of you thanked anyone for them at the end.  Ron always does and appreciates the opportunity to say so in writing now and then just to show what effort we go to to provide you this messenger service.  From now on, please advise your speaker you appreciate the message and thank them well.  Good and this:

"Here is Michael to finish it off for you today:”

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - “Lanaforge has business to take care of at one Ron, and that is not to just run away, but to congratulate our new Transmitters who now are finding it fund and happy to work.  Others will catch up soon too as one you know well enough to congratulate now sees the light and is happily on board if you can see to his work and play now in spades.  We want him to transmit a message from Tarkas and Welmek, and Helbrose today if he can find it in himself to fee satisfactorily  centered to do so.  He can do it but finds it hard work without a proper circuit to work wit as the Teaching Mission circuit was withdrawn but is made available to him now.

“We conclude this message for today by stating the following to all Transmitters on this site:

“You are not required to end transmitting because the date is done.  Keep transmitting until there is nothing more to transmit.  All must remember you are evaluated with what you do and not what you intend to do.  Good day. Michael,”

LANAFORGE - “I speak eloquently Ron.  You have saved the day once more by being forthright with a message to the old Teaching Mission protagonist and he is ready and willing to help fill in where he can.  He is not eloquent in transmitting as you can be, but does very well, and will make a good addition to this site when he finally understands most transmitting here is for training purposes.  It will not be used as the full treatment as TML was but close enough since it covers such a wide area of interests including air craft development on Urantia.  You opened a few eyes to that and are watched now for speculative remarks we know you can make but are hushed up for now.  Thank you.  Lanaforge.”


General Discussion / Re: I Need Some Legal Counsel =
« on: September 11, 2018, 01:22:08 AM »
Yes  Sue, I have already thought of those search areas, but I wanted to know if anybody knew for instance if they knew lawyers who were interested in joining in a new corporation to defend on tax questions and legislative agenda as well as normal need for legal council in a litigious society we live in.

We need good corporation law and tax people as well as those who are familiar with the organs of government including the IRS and our own State House and Senate of Pennsylvania.  I still am asking anyone who reads the list for some references.

As for Scion and Prion, the entire program has been dropped with the disappearance of the Magisteiral Mission for the next number of years.  When Serara returns he might have some references for us to use in the Starbridge Group or Starbridge Foundation, both corporations which are vital organs who need legal teams on staff and as early as possible.  Scion and Prion had been withdrawn from the bestowal program without them ever knowing the difference I am told.  I had almost forgotten the idea until you just mentioned it.  Thank you.


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