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You are correct White Stone, and good for picking up that to consider being assigned a new Constellation organization goes against the grain of universe organization as we were taught in the Urantia Book.  You speak to it succinctly.  That is why Michael sought clarification and why I think we have to read between the lines. 

If you will recall in the Paper on the planetary transitions and universe transition into the Light and Life epochs, it is the Supreme Being's actualize presence in the time universes now 100 percent in Light and Life , that the Supreme designates all natural Local Universe borders dissolved.  It seems that the Supreme has categories only he can resolve for what we may, as time beings, learn to call groups and clusters of these units without formal borders anymore.  Michael likely knows what the Supreme will call these new constructions, and I assume must ask permission to use some of that to name what is happening to our own local space area.  XYZ as I showed is very simple, but the hierarchy in a developing degree of Supremacy is billions of years too early to use Supreme designations for what has occurred here.
Now, as far as Poeta is concerned:  I too wonder why some things get dictated and to us confusingly so.  I have no reason to give you why that was linked to you if, as you say, it means nothing to you.  When these faux pas' occur it is best to admit they mean nothing and move on.  Thank you for pointing out the truth.

Finally, I am not easily irritated but I do mind getting involved with statements which criticize without being totally aware of what is operating in all transmissions, and in mine particularly, as God the Supreme is premierally active in me due to the fact I have some fusion issues in the Supreme and they do not sit comfortably in a mind that is mine to use only in the material realm right now.  Those Supreme connects are a mystery to me and those same connections royally screw me up at times both to those admissions of transmitted truth and unhappy consequences I suffer because of them.  You have no way to understand the battles for those of us who get so much information the Supreme tries to rescind in us due to the fact we get ahead of Supreme development in the Supreme itself.  It is quite a planetary issue and I am unfortunate enough to be the first to show the problem to our Local Universe Sovereign, Michael of Nebadon.  Truly I do not mind having errors pointed out, but some sensitivity should be developed as to why they may occur to you as errors and not to me sometimes.  I make no further issues of it for now.

SUE WHILEY, you concur with White Stone but are nice enough to let me look bad for readability in fact better than things like spelling.  I likewise thank you for being sensitive, more so, than the usual person because you alone know the problem of speaking without a limb to stand on sometimes and yourself wonder what do you have a hold of that is so hard to put down on paper.  I do not complain about that problem either, but all need to understand I work under disabilities most of you would not participate in ever, such is the horror of near blindness and a blood problem that decapitates my ability to walk easily at all.  My job is to pass on changes since the Urantia Book was written, and I need a bevy of secretaries to work with my output but I do not have that pleasure yet.  Thank you for showing you do care and that it is irritating for errors I make but recoverable in spite of them.


MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "You Sue miss the boat so often we are congratulating you on learning that Ron has disabilities including dyslexia now to the point he has to continuously correct wording because of it reversing of letter in the brain first.  He corrects easily when he catches them but the work is intense and hurried every day for him.  You reach that level once in a while and you wonder why you bother as he does.  However, the problem we now face is that he is under constant attack from God the Supreme who fails to understand that he operates near the a full morontial level while living on earth and it creates terrible requirements to keep Ron's feet on the ground.  It happens daily now and he is truly outraged at the results sometimes.  In any case, Sue, learn that you and Ron will be working together truly and that your presence in the Untied States can happen so long as you stop playing the fop and learn to be truly useful again in these transmissions as you provide excellent transmissions when you allow them.  It can harm your chances to fail to pay attention to what is to be done by you for the care of Ron's own view he suffers no fools in spite of bad spelling.  He is a power house soon in that God the Supreme, in spite of Ron yelling at Him to get out of mischief with Ron, is ready to grant him a full pardon for the heartsick view that nothing he does grows well enough to accomplish the work of God on Urantia.  That will change yet it takes a few more weeks or days to accomplish that for him, and if for him, for you too as well as all fused humans at this point.

Lemuel has saved the day for Ron several times already this year to help with the costs of running this web site and all he has to spend for to get paper and ink and publishing's out of the door.  If he had ten Lemuel's expenses could be paid down well but he has one and thank goodness for that!  I also point out that Lemuel fails to understand his own nature and cries more than he should over issues that will dissipate but he does not know that and Ron is battling a truly nasty Supreme Being that will not release his life to him at all and no one on Urantia shall ever suffer that again!

"I conclude this to White Stone.  Ron admires your intelligence and knowledge of the text known as the Urantia Book.  Do you realize White Stone, Ron has written about 12 long Papers that are included in concept form in the new SER?  That has never happened on any planet in my Local Universe of Nebadon, and I refuse to leave him in the spot he must suffer all the time.  These past seven days have been very harsh on four individuals sitting around his dining room table to learn the protocols of dealing with incarnated beings.  They left exhausted and Ron was exhausted yet he had to deal with God the Supreme once they left and is still upset this morning over these issues.  You White Stone are an up and coming person to help field God the Supreme onto Urantia, and if Ron survives the moment, he will be there to prevent you from learning the wrong way to move among the elite of the coming Magisterial Mission human personnel.  Ron has that in charge already but must battle things you will never see or hear for yourself and thank goodness for that too.

"I close with this:  you White Stone catch the problem caught with my problems with a borderless organization of five Local Universes right now.  Ron has not bothered to explain why five local universes had to be band together and knock down their administrative borders.  I know Ron purposefully declined to explain a very important aspect no one seems to realize, and he feels as I do, no one really cares on this list to know it' but it is this:

"Nebadon is a powerhouse of nomenclature.  As such it carries huge reserves of experience no one else has dealing with crime and sedition.  Other Local Universes around Nebadon are also rich in experiential times, and together we form an immense powerhouse that cannot be duplicated anywhere else in time.  I asked the Father permission to grant we five Local Universes a change to combine our administrative work with each other and changes occurring in our local areas of influence.  Ron is quite aware as you should be that no Local Universe like we are is ready to begin Light and Life yet.  I have exactly five planets that have entered early phases of Light and Life for them, and yet I hear nothing from them with regard to problems they face undergoing the work of God the Supreme on the.  Ron has reached a plateau of work for us on Urantia that is frankly spiritual in some cases and almost always morontial.  No one else on Urantia has reached that ability, and it is driving God the Supreme to recognize Ron for his work on his level that the Supreme cannot compensate for.  As a result Ron receives "attacks" by God the Supreme where he has objects around him dematerialized.  It drives Ron up the wall and we understand why.  But Ron reacts violently to these so call attacks and give no quarter and makes it ten times worse and he just will not tolerate these thefts any longer and lets them know it is, in his view, evil.  We happen to agree with Ron on that very issue.  All of this leads to the explanation that Nebadon is a source of experimentation that leaves other Local Universes wondering why things like that do not happen to them?  Well such things would happen to them IF they understood what Michael of Nebadon has always tried to do:  eat his lunch as it is being cooked.

"I have several good reasons for doing that, but then along comes Ron, and he states to Me, why do we not prepare the material world for a spiritual mission that is incarnated before they get here?  I said, why not?

"The only problem that arose is that God the Supreme never ever did a spirit mission that was before and balked at the idea it was a good idea at all.  But it is a good idea and Ron has put it together very nicely; however, now God the Supreme factually cannot determine its worth because the Universal Father decreed the idea workable and Ron now sits at the apex of two power centers on Urantia:  1 --  the material work of formal corporations to handle our input into human society;  2 - - the ability to reap the benefits of personal satisfactions (if the Supreme ever lets him do that) of serving in a material capacity that brings a satisfaction of service never recognized on a material planet before. 

"I am helpless to prevent the attacks the Supreme launches against Ron at his table or trying to sleep and cannot due to the pain inflicted by an unrelenting angelic corp that refuses him all comfort there.  They are not evil to themselves, but to Ron they are an evil band of women in his views that cook the books too much.  I have to stay aside while the Supreme does his bad work because of things Ron never realizes about God the Supreme--  He is too slow yet to allow abnormally quick and original changes happen at all and Ron has instituted such changes for me on Urantia.

"Now, all of that said, remember White Stone, you are pouring out invectives Ron recognizes to be true.  But he has no time to change that which the Supreme moves in and messes up for him.  fully twelve percent of the errors you see are caused by God the Supreme crossing brain wires in his head and he know everyone but does not have the time to keep going back and correct and correct and correct.  You would get a lot less output if he did all of them.  I close with the idea that Nebadon still has barriers up for our realization of our own purposes and the life forms in each Local Universe are greatly different from each other in most cases.  Only Nebadon has the horse!  Only Avalon has a discriminatory Elk that can run sixty miles an hour yet faint at the site of blood on one in the herd.

"Ron correctly laughs at that description, yet I know it is true as I have observed them with the help of the Creator Son of Avalon, and so it goes for the others in our new what every you call it.   Our work is Supreme and not Ultimate but Ron approaches Ultimacy as I do as I wonder why Ultimacy is so difficult to comprehend even by my band of spirit helpers.   Last but not least:

"The past seven days in York, those meetings went on to the point that Dominick had to get up and stand awhile; Gossett had a Crone's attack, and Steven Gitz started to daydream so bad Ron had to stop and ask if he ever heard what Ron said?  Steven did not hear what Ron said and had to spend t en minutes relearning what he did not the first time.  Ron considered the work essential to all of them including himself, and Ron actually came up with the term Round Robin to teach them all the courtesy of transmitting rapidly and efficiently what the Gods wished the transmitters wanted them to say to people at that table.  It works so well I will institute it elsewhere too.  He is a power house of ideas, and we must keep him available.  That book on AIDS will generate a fight we feel sure in the medical profession.

"I wish you all a good day.  Michael."

"I am sure Ron knows nothing about how God the Supreme can get up set.  Well, He does!  Ron is a pain in the neck to administer too and I catch the raw edge of his tongues when I surreptitiously de-materialize objects around him.  Last night I de-materialized his address stamp when he sat down to do his bills to mail.  This morning I de-materialized his work on his own behalf for himself and let be have it again.  You have no idea what it is to lose memory and material objects you need including two sets of his car keys to the only car he owns now.  In any case realize I do it not on my own volition but have a band of about 60 angels who do the work for me in that department and they get busy on Ron when he least expects what he calls an attack.  I am sure Dr. Sadler had a few moments of scare too as he was subject to the same thing in lesser form than Ron is.  Ron has no real reason to be living on Urantia, except he asked the Father to remain long enough to accomplish some work of the Magisterial Sons on Urantia.  That was granted but no one thought to ask me and I would have refused Ron the position.  However Michael intervened and said he wanted Ron in position too, and so he stayed.  I am never sure what my authority is since I am too undeveloped for someone like Ron to work this way easily, but Ron makes up for it by being a good God the Supreme person and lets me indwell incessantly to learn the figures and the numbers for such creativity we have seldom seen in the Local Universe.  I am still wondering how Ron found Dominick in the millions that come before Ron to choose who works for Me and the Magisterial Sons too.  It is quite a talent when someone on his level can say to a man like Dominick, boy do you have something!  And he is right and Dominick from the Supreme's point of view is one lucky dog to have Ron anywhere near and around him, as it will work like a charm when Ron realizes that Dominick now refuses to work anywhere else but in York when he can afford to do so with the help of the Magisterial Sons. I am God the Supreme and wish all a good day."



White Stone,
You are not correct about the broadening concept.  What that Creator Son was telling us is that amalgamation is not the expansion as shown in another post in another thread where  drew boxes to illustrate the difference.  Hensalon or Henselon which is the UB spelling,  is recognized by me as a variant.  I took the dictation with the a in it as also done with the a in it as Sensalon.  If they wish to correct it let them do it.  I am a scribe only in these matters and yes, I do notice things like this. and yes I pass on the way I receive the words.  I rather talk about the facts instead of being blamed for what you may think are mistakes sometimes.

Gilium was spoken to several weeks ago in several posts using the term and was named as the amalgamation which Michael called Gilum then and now.

The Contact Commission was awarded a peek at the new formation that goes beyond an amalgamation however.  They chose then to remove the name Gilum as it now apples no longer.  Please understand that the amalgamation was an entity of its own and was prepared by Paradise to be seen as a separate space construction called Gilium.

But Michael of Nebadon discovered that Paradise inadvertently assigned only four local universes to be in Gilium.  Michael objected and Paradise told him he had to reconstruct the space design of the amalgamated Local Universe, and if he wanted more than four local universes in it then he had to form a new construction, that he had to form a brand new constellation as that is how the Master Architects of time and space saw any local universe expansions into one to be done so (i.e. to constellation status)and if so, Michael was to abandon the amalgamation if he wanted five or more in the new unit.

Now I wish to point out that the mortal view is that the term constellation as the Urantia Book uses it, is composed of  Planetary Systems and not Local Universes.  The Creator Sons know this and so does the Father, and Michael has appealed the case not to call XYZ a Constellation, but the name of a Light and Life Universe agglomerates.  So far the Supreme has not recognized the design Nebadon and four other Local Universes have created.  So Michael of Nebadon must repair to Paradise to find out what is decreed right now as a new Constellation, and as such, should be called what a Supreme Construction not yet revealed to time and space.  That is where we really stand this week on the matter.

Michael of Nebadon - "White Stone, as usual you leap before you think and it will cost you if you are not more careful.  Ron sees the chip on your shoulder and it comes from your frustration with Ron on his inability to totally overcome his dyslexia.  May you never catch it!  In any case your tone is of a spoiled child lecturing the parent over their total inability to fully surround you with all the needs you have at present.  Ron just spent seven straight days with meetings of 10 hours or more each day to clear the rubbish from their minds over who is doing what and who helps to do it.  Ron is bombarded with plans and no resources and today we promised much and still could not deliver what he felt he owed to those at the seven day straight of meetings that would peel most of you off into the funny farm they are so concentrated.  In any case think before you criticize and it will go much smoother for you in the future.  Michael of Nebadon."

Mother Spirit of Nebadon =  " White Stone, Ron recognizes you as to your relationship with your brother whom Ron knew as Poeta.  Poeta shot himself in the foot a charged nothing for photos Ron was willing to pay a small monthly stipend to receive and he quit before he started.  Watch your tone of response and think before your leap about situations that do not need correction but better understanding of a transmitter.  Mother Spirit."


Clency, please look again.  These numbers represent LOCAL UNIVERSES and not Superuniverses.  The XYZ box will have five local universes in it with no borders as administrative work from mostly now on.  They still retain their individual government to pursue their purposes for every Local Universe has their own purpose to work out with God the Supreme, but they can share Melchizedeks and Angels and a lot of other kinds of entities we do not know about, with each other.  Now Avalon can share angels with us without having to issue a passport if they share one of their angels with Nebadon to get some work done that has piled up on all of these capitals.

The XYZ name is not revealed yet.  God the Supreme probably has a lot to do with naming the new space entity this borderless design is.  It is the first time several Local Universes, in any Superuniverse, had become borderless to each other's administrations ever and all of the universes will be watching to see how this might work.  We are waiting for a name and I used the letters XYZ to stand for what will come later in this year to know what they call it.

The number of Local Universes in this new entity XYZ for now are Hensalon, Sensalon, Wolvering, Avalon, and Nebadon.

It is designed to last in Nebadon and the others until they enter Light and Life, Clency.  thanks for your question.  Ron

MICHAEL OF NEBADON = "Clency did you have some wine?  That is the worst misunderstanding you have every shown.  We ask all to stop drinking if you are going to participate with Q and A on the forum here.  I personally know that a few of you do a lot of it and enjoy chatting while sipping your wine and other kinds of tastes when going through the postings here.  If you are ever going to understand the changes you are going to have to keep your mind clear and wine is the worst habitual habit one can get into as it really dulls the senses totally.  My best to you all this day and beyond.  Michael."



The Magisterial Sons announced today a change in Local Universe Organization.

Nebadon has received approval from Paradise to end their amalgamation with other and surrounding Local Universes where they tentatively shared their partnerships together to swap personnel to help run their respective universes with each other's help.

Paradise announced through Master Spirit Five, that hence forth the amalgamated universes so far would drop their territorial borders with each other a fully join as one administrative unit.  The amalgamation was called Gilum.  The new borderless space object now must rename itself in accordance with the Supreme practice of naming new units whatever God the Supreme assigns to it.  For now we elect to just call it XYZ until a name is given to it.

The graphic below should explain this action and what it is clearly for you.  Thank you.
Michael of Nebadon

Day 6 information is continued to day 7.

Agenda is large and must be carried over.

Today accomplished three Board of Director Meetings placing Dominick Orhbeck on two corporate Boards of Director as part of the ongoing assignments to provide these subsidiary organizations competent reviews of policy coming out of the Magisterial Foundation.

We received a list of protocols when humans deal with incarnated Deity or divinity.  I will post the protocols with permission of Monjoronson when I have time to review all that has been provided today.  right now my list has 17 items.

Round Robin practice instituted today.  A Round Robin is when a radio transmitter starts to transmit practice sessions to many other transmitters with the understanding the test is a round robin exercise.  The practice transmitter connects to as many as 100 or 10 or at least 5 transmitters located in distant places and the object to make it a closed circuit where the testing transmitter receives back from many transmitting stations the identical test message routed through those antennas to determine the testers signal strength and its ability to receive good messages from the outlying transmitters.  We in the United States simply refer to this as round robin testing.   Today we introduced the same thing to the Contact Commission by asking the universe to take new transmitters sitting at our meeting table to start messaging them and to take turns around the table with no prompting by the Chair until he calls the round robin off.  We successfully test four rounds non stop and I personally was very well pleased how it went.  Al least we proved all at the meeting could transmit on the spur of the moment and well.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON = "I told Ron to makes the test and it went off very well.  Each member at the table freely transmitter unknown assigned teachers when the transmissions went off for them to receive without them knowing who or how long or what subject.

"I also saw Ron wince when Mother Spirit hit him unexpectedly too and he did just fine.  And we report further more that Dominick Ohrbeck successfully practiced with a full Paradise Father connection very well and it was of considerable length as a benediction to the group.

"We concluded the day with nothing more than to continue the draft Agenda for this day into the final and 7th day of the Contact Commission meeting.

The Local Universe of Avalon stopped in and spoke to each member in a round robin test of their own in Avalon while these were going on in York in the Local Universe of Nebadon.


4th Day/Day 4 of Meeting Contact commission Summary link here:

Day five of these drawn out meetings is made sense of if you are sure you understand what happened on Day four and I put the link there for you to take a peek again if you like to.

These Contact Commission meetings are at times difficult and hard to swallow even by the Commissioners.  Day Five seems easy but it is full of news we have a hard time explaining unless you are there too.  We hold not meetings in secret, but often what we speak to is secret because exact dates get named for certain things to happen.  Day 5 is full of dates to happen first, and full of thoughts we do not express directly to the forum because , in some cases, the conceptual decisions have never been fully discusses on the this debate forum.

In most cases it is up to me to determine how long the meetings last and where we go in reporting what is to be done when the Magisterial Mission is opened for the public welfare.  Day 4 was hard to put together with a summary and I see it has inspired no comments.  That is find but odd.  Day 5 is just as esoteric as that day was except we cut the meeting for day five (5) short during the day, and reconvene this evening at 7PM EDST.   That is to afford the participants a bit of a rest before we tackle what we must this evening for a change.

I am being asked by the powers-to-be to keep this summary short because there are about 2 or 3 hours yet to go with this day's meeting before it is over but I now have the time to look over what has happened so for and write it out briefly for your mutual interest with your won need to learn that we are not going to produce a day six or seven is summary forum until permission is granted to speak to six and seven at all.  I leave those comments alone for now and report to you that Day Five, today, is soon done later tonight when we determine the next set of meetings in York, proper to take place.  further we need to take lectures and toss them out for the remained of today and concentrate on the well being of Urantia as our next concern for these Missions, and that includes not just a Magisterial Mission, but a renewed Michael Mission. 

The Proposed Renewed MICHAEL OF NEBADON MISSION fyi:
The Contact Commission will renew its dedication to serve Michael at the same time the Magisterial Sons, (See Paper 20 and other places in the present Urantia Book to define why and how they are used on a planet), and that is for all of you to learn about later, as we need to clear the deck for Reasons of State, to learn our new places in the Magisterial Deities minds, as we work hard but without largess on the planet just yet.

What I am talking about is still new to me, but our session this evening and for Days Six and Seven (6 and 7, is to replace ourselves with something even more exciting if that is possible.  Says 7 and 7 are filled with new instructions to us about changing the idea of the Contact Commission to an obverse factor of what we are doing now and to make ourselves available to other places not only in Nebadon.  Today I spoke as a transmitter of the First President of the Untied States, Georg Washington, and Alexander Hamilton, the First Treasurer of the United States, and this evening likely there are others of the Presidential Commission rounding out tonight's meetings.  If you think there is some importance to suddenly hearing from the Founding Fathers of the Untied States, you are not wrong.

Before I close for the day, I want you all to know we summarized the views of our meetings to this point and I am doing Day Five while I have the time to speak to Day Five.  Our work commences in a few hours from now and I am ready to learn just what Michael has in mind for a renewed Michael Mission on Urantia and what that means again for the our Commission, which is your Commission too.  I will inform as much as I can sooner than later.

Thank You
Ron Besser for Michael and the Magisterial Sons.

MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK,   Planetary Prince once more!

"Once more, I am an acting Planetary Prince much to my surprise and Ron laughs smugly as he writes this dictation from me which I was not supposed to do, but when writes well he never misses the opportunity to mention all of the spirit family that belongs to all of you to recall as your universe family at all times.

"I am telling you no fib.  I am the new Planetary Prince, and Ron and the Contact Commission are not longer under my direct care and the Commission is assigned to the Mother Spirit on High, (Havona) and Ron is directly under Michael of Nebadon again.  Most of you who read this were under the Planetary Prince Lanaforge for sometime.  We as a Melchizedek Corp are now directly under the guidance of the Might Trinity of Paradise and must report directly to them and not to the Michael Corp oi ascenders known as Finaliters of yore.

"The entire Finaliter Corp has been removed from Urantia in a surprise move by the Deity Absolute.  That Corp number 5,000 (five thousand) individual Finaliters.  Ron capitalizes them yet and I am happy as he does because we think the book went too far without capitalization, and frankly, Finaliters are so close to being Deity anyhow, they need capitalization of their Order an Names as we Melchizedeks do. 

"In making my final statement, Ron is completely surprised by this as you should be, but Ron does not realize that Nebadon is now a fully amalgamated SuperLocalUniverse (SLU), and I am remanded back into the custody of Nebadon no more but report directly to the head of Cilium (still pronounced "Gill' Yum").  Ron was told to spell it with two "L's" but we want one "L" now.

"For now the Contact Commission will have to grapple with the fact they have been demoted to a sandbox of action called the SER and then to be moved in a more exalted position with the Magisterial Sons, AFTER they deal writing a new book of Periodic Revelation, and that is to start immediately Ron for your first chapter to be dictated by the new Melchizedek Order of Perceptual Beings called Mantutia Melchizedek and Mother Spirit on high, the Original Melchizedek Father, of the masculine function, now of the feminine function on behalf of Urantia.


"Our work with the Contact Commission is slightly curtailed for the moment, and Ron you have your work cut out for you as you are going to produce another book for Phyllis Simpson (Newstarsaphire) to be the text editor or transformational formatter for immediate publication on the book store you used in the past, Kindle and as a paper back under the auspices of the URANTIA PUBLISHING INTERNATIONAL (EIN 47-3524071), ad Ron you are to write the chapters as it has to be done quickly and fully and without attenuation. I am formerly the Urantia and Nebadon Father Melchizedek asked to take on the lead as a Creative Spirit designed to be the Creative Spirit of Gilium, as the Father wishes to head Gilum until it is a settled Constellation not. but a SLU in the truest sense.  Father institutes a new formation of Local Universes with this signal to God the Supreme, that all things which consists of Gilium and or Andover, as Avalon and Wolvering and Hensolon are forming their own SLU.  Nebadon is now amalgamated with Sensalon and Sensalon alone, east of the old borders of Nebadon. 

"I am the true and Original Mother Spirit of Havona, and the Father Melchizedek on Urantia was not the Original Creator Son, but Creator Son Number Two, such was the importance of Urantia to the dreams of the Father to make it a super sensory arm of Paradise which the Contact Commission now signifies as a creation of Father beings and Father ascenders only.  Ron represents a departure of this plan mostly because he read a revelation far too advanced for most beings on Urantia still today and is now ascending under the guise of the  Paradise Trinity.  His expansion of knowledge and know how has expanded so far as to include the Magisterial Son SERARA saying he is the equivalent of a Melchizedek in personification already. 

"We have gone through all of this to announce that the Contact Commission is far from being rescinded. but it will be tied back to do an epochal revelation before the SER itslef and that epochal revelation carries not number as it is prior to the SER being distributed later this year and earlier than proposed by a recent announcement on this site earlier.  Those of you who have requested the SER will first receive the UER One Hundred Fifteen revelation which stands for the Urantia Epochal Revelation 115.  I have here the Creator Son of Hensalon who declines to be calle d Michael but father Himself."

"We now breach etiquette and allow you to know that the Creator Son of Hensalon is right now the Universal Father.  We are not broadening the SLU Nebadon-Sensalon into the SLU of Nebadon, Sensalon, Hensalon, and Wolvering combined into a new name of amalgamation not a SuperLocalUniverse type, but a new CONSTELLATION, and that Constellation is to be called [censored].  We will announce that name and number brand new from the Paradise List of Names for us to use.  This is more like a marriage than a local universe amalgamation and much more is forthcoming in the new book the Contact Commission will write for Nebadon users on Urantia only.  Gilum is no longer the name and the Contact Commission is no longer the Contact Commission.

More revelation is to follow.

Ron - "This transmission was made from Paradise and I am still trying to untangle the connections in my head to expand it enough to hear all the right players to speak.  The Contact Commission is now under the Paradise Trinity, and I suppose that is Margul over us directly in some way.  We have our work cut out for us the 16th and 17th of March if we can get it all done at that too.  For now good day.
Ron for the assembled Deities of Hensalon, Avalon, Sensalon, and Nebadon including the Paradise Father and Welmek and Paul of Tarsus and we will provide one little song for you Ron, eat quickly and be done by seven ten as they are delayed until then as they are getting it good in their rooms of rest and you listen.  K


4th Day of the Contact Commission. Thursday 14 March 2019, York, PA.
This day is hard to summarize mainly because it was a practice session more than anything to learn how to Chair meetings like this as leaders of other meetings held in the interest of the Contact Commission, or Commissioners, themselves.

We are learning from the spirits of God that since the Contact Commission is not only going to produce periodic and epochal revelation for future publishing, we also represent the functional interests to selected municipal governments as to precisely what plans the Magisterial Mission will foster that will have some effect on the government involved.

These concerns result in two major ways for the Magisterial Mission to reach out to various levels of community government from the State level down to the small village or Borough level, not only in Pennsylvania but with surrounding States and perhaps nationally depending on the need.  The requirement to be able to conduct our own meetings as invitation to communities must also be consider as outreach to the public for educational purposes.  This requires that all members of the Contact Commission be capable of production of business like meetings with or without the Robert's Rules of Order  is essential.

Today's meeting at 2709 Sunset Lane in York, used the exchange of moving the chairmanship to various members of the Commission and to actually run the Commission meeting up to one hour with divine instructions to do that.  I must say every member who was trialed with that assignment surprised me as to how well they did with really good natural talent to do it and transmitted some instructions to the group I learned from as well.

In addition to these sessions for future uses of Contact Commission members how to learn to chair a meeting, we used the time as well to learn who was going to fill what position to get the Magisterial Mission move in actual walk in offices in York.  further, it was revealed today to the Commission which members will take charge of what function for human participation in the Magisterial Mission.  Briefly, it was provisionally shown that:

Steven Gitz will be chief of the York Pre-Particle Technologies Corporation, and act as co-chair inside the Rayson Corporation for human assignments to the factory that will fabricate new machine with new technologies for world use of clean water and sewage plant building and output; t o provide machinery for the technologies of air transportation and fuels for the use of non carbon fuels to power their engines.  Seven Gits is a high powered graduate of the Louisiana college system as a nontechnical engineer as well as an entrepreneur in various self-employed businesses, providing him an excellent resume to take this on for the Magisterial Son, Rayson.

Larry Gossett is provisionally assigned to work in the office of Social Responsibility and Issues and is well known to the Magisterial Sons to provide solutions disagreements both in the work place in the political issues of the day.  His work is headquartered in York but he will be used to represent the Magisterial Mission in other countries as well on the same problems we face here in the States.

Ron Besser is potentially going to be used for national government offices on the Federal level and will head some diplomatic representations to heads of governments on issues of Magisterial Programs on debt reduction and reissuing their Reserve Banks to reopen without debt as a gift of the Magisterial Missions toward a world currency.  I am also to be involved with the other Commissioners in providing at least one more book the will presage the Sixth Epoch Revelation to the world,

In addition to all of the work done today, Michael of Nebadon has promised that our physical office building will be operational at least by May 5, 2019.  That is less than two months from now ladies and gentlemen.

Resources. (i.e. money and other value object finds such as gold reserves) will be available through Magisterial Foundation, which I may draw upon for these functional actions is now available for check cashing shortly.  This release of money to come  will probably allow the transfer the personnel around distant places to York for assignments to the functional offices noted above for each of the Commission members who head them.

I was appointed to be the Chief of Staff to the Magisterial Sons of Serara and Monjoronson, and elected to remain Chairman of the Contact Commission and to serve at the final pleasure of Michael of Nebadon.  In practical terms that means I am human resources chief and deal with every individual to be hired as staff members in the York offices of the Magisterial Mission.

Readers must realize I cannot hold that title forever since the employment figure for York alone is estimated to be four to five hundred people (humans) on the payroll to manufacture machines and engines in the Pre-Particle plant, and world wide in about ten years (a decade) to be about 14,000 employees in Europe, the United States and Canada.  Eventually employees will number, easily, over 100,000--  if we can find that many as the world will slip into rebellion in places and in other case have a catastrophic weather change and it remains a prediction that the tectonic plates will buckle in places and the jet stream will deviate in places creating deserts where once crops easily grew.

Thank you.

This is Ron, and I think as I read these comments taken after Steve and Dominick have had their say, you in particular Clency and then Sue, are being a little too sentimental.  Let me get at it this way:

Put your feet on Paradise and you are as big and as important as the Father might be if he had other feet to decide these things, and you see a group of mortals in Superuniverse Seven who did not have a soul when they died to be candidates for the promised ascension career.

First of all, how do you give someone an ascension career that requires as soul to resurrect when there is no soul?

Right off the top on this problem about no soul, is the question about how is it possible that this did not take place?  You are then informed by the angelic realm, that the groups what had no soul to resurrect. never experimented with life, nor did they join any organizations with other soul to gain experience, nor was there anything in life they said or thought they wanted?  That is not so much a question from the angelic realm in their report to you, but is the question the angel says to you, how is this possible?

God the Supreme then reports to you, and advises you these were full grown adults who pilfered everything they ever had of value away, and that He, God the Supreme, never got anything from them to evaluate.

Then others reported to you from higher realms, that these names of the souless departed ones never appeared in soul form before them to work out destiny privileges; nor did these souless ones ever ask for an exemption to run an ascension career with or without their significant other.  The truth is nothing ever showed up in the entire life span of the ones who could not go on because they never entered life with any interest to get on a list for life extensions or thought processing to help them live life better.

Now this group of souless ones are up before the judges to determine how they might be passed on now that they have died.

You now ask the Creator Son of the Local Universe they lived in, "where were these pople in your review to see what they needed to improve their lives?"  

The Creator Son of that Local Universe reports back to you none of them were ever reviewed!  How can that be?

The truth of the matter is that every Creator Son endeavors to look at each life at least at once, and then to register them as a life form on the planet of origin.  In the cases before the judges now, they never got registered by the Creator Son, although they got registered as a will creature, and registered by the Holy Spirit to be removed if there is a planetary disaster where evacuation had to be made.  They did make that list. 

So the judges have looked today what is before them to adjudicate either to move on or cease the life form for lack of a soul.  The judges learned that the individuals with no souls had no real interest in life and went to their deaths wantonly disregarding leaving any help to disturb Michel into declaring them ready to ask the question, "can we ascend then?"  Michael will pass them on if they ask the question astutely enough to be reconfigured as an ascension candidate.  None in this group even ever asked that for consideration.

Michael takes all the judges and their information into consideration, and learns he has noting to recommend to the Father for a future career, in what he never really knows.  The Ancients of Days.  They see it as a list only with no demarcation on it and say to the Father we have no reason to pass these on as no reason is given to do so.  And so the group fails to be passed on.  They have no redeeming value at all to be considered further and they are dropped from the life rolls.

Now I have given you the reason this group was dropped from the life rolls.  Now it is up to you on Paradise to decide.  What do you decide from the evidence given they need to be passed on?   The answer is given from those  you use that these people have little ot offer and are not going to do well even if they life given to them all over again.  In this case Father says I have enough humans who do care, they take priority and those who could care less are excused, and out they go. 

On Urantia most people how die never get beyond their 5th circle.  Most stay in the sixth util they die of old age or  something else.   And that is where Steve Gitz gets his numbers and stats as to how awful it really it on Urantia that no sould really ever grew in these people at all. 

Ron for Michael and Mother Spirit and others in the life function departments.

General Discussion / Re: Temporary goodbye !!!
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I would like to see that very much.  We need language sites of native speakers and I would hope you also post the English version if you can.  Congrats on finding work and we look forward to seeing you back on line with us as soon as you can.  Ron



The Deity Absolute, above, provided the fact of the office space to be provided is likely to be the L shaped building noted years before as the logical place to choose to house the Magisterial Mission in York.  I am indeed familiar with the building and once visited the Mayor of York there for business. 

In addition to this there were many personal issues discussed for the Commission members.  Moving and disruption to do it and whether funds would be ready to help with moves to York .  They indicate that "yes" that help would be available.  They also gave permission for the universe epochal revelation of the Urantia Book to be produce through the York mailing center for those on the List established over a year ago for same.

I have used this meeting to explain how the Contact Commission would become permanent on Urantia and that it shall become the original conduit to speak with humans officially on Urantia when the time comes.  The present Commissioners are invited to stay as long as they may.  Now the Contact Commission is recognized as a full time agency for contact with us and it will always be hosted by the present members until it because time to finish the idea with friends of the court now fulfilling its total numbers.  No further agencies except the Urantia book distribution offices in the Magisterial Foundation will take their place ever.

This means that the Magisterial Foundation and the Contact Commission are combined offices in the L shaped building or until new offices which are proposed to be drawn up for  later years will replace these when the time comes.

Here is a screen shot of the interior of the L shaped building as it comes with a media center and meeting room we will make use of.

2nd Day Meeting of the Contact Commission Summary

Deity Absolute speaks =  The Contact Commission was enlarged recently to four and it will further be enlarged to seven when it is finally done putting itself together.   Today was mostly small talk and I attended observing through the mind of Ron Besser.  He was aware of me and so was Michael who also indwelt him did.  Our work today was to ascertain whether Ron could complete the mission assigned to him through the Contact Commission, and he did very well.  In spite, he did so well, we outlined that the Contact Commission was to establish its presence east and west of the placement it now resides in York.  That will require placing others in spare offices here and there to take the workload with the York Contact Commission when the time comes too.

Further, the present Contact Commission will have further work for itself over the next few months as the offices for the work are to be established in the "L" shaped building in center square York.  It is worthy to know that Ron had offices in the build in the mid 80's as Velzy Associates of New York.  He never dreamed he would return there as a leader in the Magisterial Foundation Mission work of today.   Ron has a picture of the L shaped building below for your edification.  


AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / TRUTH
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White Stone, let me add an additional fact about matter that you may not know. and if is from the perspective of the infinite.

Matter as the Urantia Book explains it, is made of preparticles that form the essential parts of the atom of every element of matter found on earth.  Did you know that the Ultimatons that make up preparticles which in turn construe the atom have two little plasma rods in each one?  And each rod glows in one color or another signifying destiny of that Ultimaton?  Each Ultimaton obeys the glowing plasma rod which is the FAther's will for that dot of energy to make up a preparticle or otherwise for each atom of matter.

This information was disclosed to this forum about four years ago but no one ever seems to want to take the investigation further.  I am totally at sea as to why we must learn all these lessons the hard way, and yet I see we just stand around wondering rather than investigation.  Your research into matter they report to me is highly circumscribed by your belie that matter is so inert it cannot decide anything, yet the very basic Ultimaton is a prideful chit of energy that goes to make up all solid creation to either live on, or consume, or drive to the bring of catastrophe as we have done on our planet Urantia.  The atoms that evolved out of the atomic testing has so destroyed our upper atmosphere about 30 thousand feet we no longer have a normal atmosphere but one so full of Ultimatons with red plasma rods, and extremely rare type of Ultimaton, that the atmosphere will never cool down with them in it.  Research would show us that those red plasma rods hate heat but they cannot remove heat without placing the atmosphere on fire and the Father forbids those Ultimatons from doing so.  Be assured I prefer we understand all this better but for now we are placed on probation on Urantia to figure some of this out for ourselves. and we have now a science so smug and happy with itself it does not lift a finger to look at things realistically. Global warming is a process of red plasma Ultimatons, carbon tetrachloride, and burning in excess of seven trillion tons of carbon difluorides into the atmosphere daily!!!!

I think a person like you has the power of mind to look at matter through the eyes of an infinite Creator is you would realize that, no it is not animated as life itself, but it is almost intelligent is what it does as existence proves over and over again.  Thank you for your very good insight and comments on the subject.
RAYSON = "I see Rpn bemuses such subjects without explaining his role in them.  He alone is capable of finding the truth of the matter of matter and I am one who helps hom quite a bit.  I am going to be your Science Officer when Monjoronson opens the York office of the Magisterial Mission. and my job will be to go to CERN and tell them how dangerous that cyclotron really is and to speak seriously about matter they are only playing with right now.  I wish you well White Stone. for as Ron says. you are bright enough to get on the ball and see some of this for yourself as to what the truth about matter really is.  Rayson"


Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Our prayers are needed
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Hello Lemuel.  I too thank you for this wonderful gesture to help us along.  And, I agree with you as I have asked the powers to be, how are we going to last a full seven days of meeting everyday as that is hard hard work!  They tole me to have plenty of coffee and tea ready and to allow them to stretch their legs now and then by walking outside if they can do that with our bad weather lately.  Thank you so much.

I also want the list to know I received a grand donation from you Lemuel that helps so much to run the costs down to keep the web site up. healthy and running.  It is with much appreciation that I salute your ability to get in there and bump us forward with a great big push on our back.  MY sincere gratitude for your work. 


Julio. I encourage you to put up that Portuguese language web site and I will make sure you ahve messages to translate from the Magisterial Son and the universe as they come to us.  You will have to translate for your web site and use it like a blog and there are templates from people called Word Press and many others who let you select the design of the site and then find a way to host it for you for not that much a year.  We really need a world wide effort with lots of web sites to tell the world what is going on.  Thank you very much!  Ron

White Stone, in hindsight I should have used the term nitrous oxides, plural, as they are the more dangerous by productions of a gasoline engine.  Certainly carbon monoxide is dangerous too but the monoxide ingredient actually can be dissipated by sun light.  N2O3 is the real devil at work in our atmosphere and it is hardly regarded by the auto industry to be rid of it due to the fact they think is really is N4O5 which is relatively harmless.  What they fail to understand is that N2O3 actually escapes into the atmosphere when you fuel your vehicle and that is the smell, mostly, of gasoline we all rather enjoy in a garage.  I for one would like to see converters change from platinum pebbles to some other heavy metal such as gold or silver.  One can microplate the converters with gold for example and then recover the gold by recycling the converters by forcing manufactures to pay enough back everyone will feel protective of the converter they own.  Gold microplating would cost twice what it now costs to produce them but they would last four times longer!  Gold in the converter would change N2O3 to N4O5 easily and it is not a bad radical to be rid of as it also changes to plain nitrogen gas and water in sun light.  Thanks for your post and I agree with your statement except I was talking about the real poison of emissions and cloudy skies in big cities which is mostly (not all) the fault of N2O3.

RAYSON SPEAKS:  "White Stone you appear to be interested in chemistry.  Are you a student and taking courses in it?  Please let Ron know as he must staff our plants with personnel that know chemical engineering and everything in between.  Please do it quickly as he has a bit important meeting coming up on the subject in a day.  Thank you. Rayson."

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