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General Discussion / Re: This and That from Michael of Nebadon
« Last post by Antonio on Today at 11:02:41 AM »
Hello Ron! Thank you very much for your explanations! I wish you a nice day!
General Discussion / Re: This and That from Michael of Nebadon
« Last post by Ron Besser on Today at 10:56:19 AM »
Hello Antonio, as best I can tell it was an oblique reference to your hard time getting back to things your want them, and as I took it, an affirmation is hard on you, but he does hold out the help that you will regain your work or employment in a relative near future.  I find these personal references very hard to understand for myself as I just sometimes do not know what he is referring to in a person's life and rather wish we do not go too deeply into those things.

I will also say that while Michael has indicated they are almost through working with us a lot right now, that we get such a variability in the degrees of information coming through.  I did a five page transmission after that one and it was just not something I felt would do any good to post so I deleted it,   Maybe to their displeasure, perhaps, but I am really just saying there is some difficulty yet to understand why we get so much difference is the seriousness of transmissions these past few weeks.  IT has something to do with their own rules of conduct, but I admit I am not able to tell just what those rules are or may be.   Take the transmission reference to you as a passing comment and it changes nothing as you are for now.   Thanks for the post.  Ron

Subject: Training with informal transmissions and receptions
Speaker: Margul
Date: October 19, 2018, Friday
Time and Place: Brasilia / Brazil - 07:11 AM local time - ie 6:11 AM (New York time) - 10:11 AM - Z
Category: New transmissions
T / R: Julio da Luz (JDL)
                             - Good morning, I'm Margul and I'll talk to you today.
                             The title of today's message is training with informal broadcasts and receptions.
                              The evolution as transmitter and receiver is graded according to the practice.
                               However, only a small portion of the messages are published in the Serara Forum, that is, there are many informal transmissions, true dialogues between the transmitters and receivers and the celestial family.
                              Look for the continuity of these informal dialogues, even without publishing in the Serara Forum, because it is a message, for example, personal, or the subject has already been informed and it is only the confirmation of the previous message.
                             Relax and let the message flow.
                            Try to keep doing what you're doing, that is, by allowing time for the transmissions, even if they are only informal, without publishing in the Serara Forum every day. In your case, even having momentarily overwork, it continues with the time from 07:00 to 09:00 with availability for this service as transmitter and receiver.
                            You have already learned that there is a headline and a substitute throughout the organization. Similarly, in this Forum Serara, ie the holder is Ron Besser. It is being evaluated who will be the substitute, that is, will act together with Ron Besser.
                           This information is important. This message is for all transmitters and receivers to practice daily the transmission and reception, with dialogues with the celestial family, even if informally, without publishing in the Serara Forum in order that there is a significant increase of the capacities of each one.
                            On the other hand, it is always good to remember that for the advancement in this service, each transmitter and receiver also has to evaluate what can advance in their own personalities.
                            With this simple and fast message, I send to you and to all a good day. Domtia.
                       - Margul: - Thank you very much for this message about training with informal messages, without publication in the Serara Forum. Yes, even in the period when there are no official transmissions, I have also made conversations with the celestial family in the period in which I intended for this purpose, that is, between 07:00 and 09:00 local time in Brasília, every day. Eventually, on a weekend in which visits arrive I reserve this period at another time, usually at night. Yes, I know that all organizations have a title and a substitute, and that the continuity of services here at the Serara Forum is very important. On the other hand, I am available to God for the fate that God so desires.

Assunto: Treinamento com transmissões e recepções informais
Orador: Margul
Data: 19 de outubro de 2018, sexta-feira
Local e Horário: Brasília/Brasil – 07:11 (AM) horário local – ou seja - 6:11 (AM) (horário de Nova Iorque – EUA) ou 10:11 (AM) UTC - Z
Categoria: Novas transmissões
T/R: Julio da Luz (JDL)
                           - Bom dia, Eu sou Margul e irei conversar rapidamente contigo hoje.
                          O título da mensagem de hoje é treinamento com transmissões e recepções informais.
                         A evolução como transmissor e receptor e gradativa de acordo com a prática.
                         No entanto, apenas uma pequena parcela das mensagens é publicada no Fórum Serara, ou seja, existe muitas transmissões informais, verdadeiros diálogos entre os transmissores e receptores e a família celestial.
                         Busque a continuidade destes diálogos informais, mesmo sem publicar no Fórum Serara, em virtude de ser uma mensagem, por exemplo, pessoal, ou o assunto já foi informado e se trata apenas da confirmação da mensagem anterior.
                       Relaxe e deixe fluir a mensagem.
                       Procure continuar a fazer o que está fazendo, ou seja, reservando um tempo para as transmissões, nem que sejam apenas informais, sem publicar no Fórum Serara todos os dias. No seu caso, mesmo tendo momentaneamente excesso de trabalho, continua com o horário das 07:00 até as 09:00 com disponibilidade para este serviço como transmissor e receptor.
                      Você já aprendeu que em toda a organização existe um titular e um substituto. Da mesma forma, neste Fórum Serara, ou seja, o titular é Ron Besser. Está sendo avaliado quem será o substituto, ou seja, irá atuar conjuntamente com Ron Besser.
                      Esta informação é importante. Este recado é para todos os transmissores e receptores praticarem diariamente a transmissão e recepção, com diálogos com a família celestial, nem que seja informalmente, sem publicar no Fórum Serara a fim de que haja um aumento significativo das capacidades de cada um.
                    Por outro lado, sempre é bom relembrar que para o avanço neste serviço, cada transmissor e receptor também tem que avaliar o que pode avançar em suas próprias personalidades.
                   Com esta mensagem simples e rápida, eu envio para você e para todos um bom dia. Domtia.
                - Margul: - Muito obrigado por esta mensagem sobre o treinamento com mensagens informais, sem publicação no Fórum Serara. Sim, mesmo no período em que não há transmissões oficiais eu tenho feito, também, conversas com a família celestial no período em que destinei para este fim, ou seja, entre as 07:00 e as 09:00, horário local de Brasília, todos os dias. Eventualmente, em um final-de-semana em que chegam visitas eu reservo este período em outro horário, normalmente a noite. Sim, eu sei que todas as organizações têm titular e substituto, e que a continuidade dos serviços aqui no Fórum Serara é muito importante. Por outro lado, eu estou disponível a Deus para o destino que assim Deus desejar.
Threads for New Transmissions / Re: 360 Degrees of God
« Last post by 7inOcean on Today at 06:00:05 AM »
Beautiful! And I so enjoyed reading this Amethyst, thank you Master Spirit Kuwaya and Father Michael and Mother Spirit for such reassuring love and concern. The "360 degrees of God" viewed by so many different groups in religion could not be any more truer and that is one good way to have this made clear,  but unfortunately, as history has shown, too many of these end up in fights, wars and division over things that really is sad to think about as we all have come to realise how much we depend on each other, no matter the difference. Thank you Amethyst for such a powerful message in which we all can learn from. The Urantia Book is the best read, and the more of us in this world that read this, the greater the understanding there would be in our world in which we all share. We badly need this read and more of it to create that universal awareness and deeper God consciousness and so on. I am just so grateful for Michael and Mother Spirit for such a beautiful gift that is given us in The Urantia Book. Thank you.

Threads for New Transmissions / Re: 360 Degrees of God
« Last post by wendy.winter on Today at 02:19:43 AM »
@Amethyst, if these be the last words I read before I leave Urantia, then all is well with my soul. Thank you for the transmission. Love, Wendy
Threads for New Transmissions / 360 Degrees of God
« Last post by amethyst on Today at 12:56:12 AM »
Topic:              360 degrees of God
Speakers:        Master Spirit Number Two, Kuwaya
T/R:                Amethyst
Date:               October 19, 2018

“Urantia is a unique planet in its fracture of various religious beliefs that separate people with claims by the different groups that their religion is the only true religion, while all others are in error in that the others do not understand God as much as they do.  Sometimes their assumed superiority is quiet, and sometimes overt.  

“On a normal planet, after the arrival of the Material Son and Daughter, there is a tangible couple that has a direct connection to the higher spheres that keeps this division in check.  The Adams and Eves on these planets have the capacity to connect with upper regions to help guide and develop the spiritual growth of their planet.  They lead the population in the direction of the Father’s Will and eventually the planet is readied for the Magisterial Mission when adjudication is applied to make adjustments if needed, that improve the trajectory of the planet’s evolution forward.  

“Urantia has been deeply deprived by the absence of a functioning Material Son and Daughter.  Without guidance from this very important element of spiritual direction, humanity has had nothing beyond  human substitutes, and  while many are sincere, they are a paltry substitute for an active Material son and Daughter on a planet.  

“Human minds and egos get in the way and call out to all that disagree with them that they are in error, and history has witnessed a very, very bloody slaughter waiting for those that disagree.  Such is the unfortunate state of Urantia.  Not only was it denied true corporeal spiritual leadership, the planet is deeply anemic of healthy spiritual vitality.  Too many are not even able to respond to the Spirit of Truth poured out upon all flesh with the resurrection of Jesus.  

“I ask you to consider a mental exercise.  Imagine if you will that God is in the center of a huge circle.  The circle is divided into 360 degrees.  At the edge of the circle where the degrees are delineated stands humans from many different religious persuasions.  At degree number 12 for example, those look inward to God and see a part of God that is true.  At degree 72 is another group of humans who also look inward to God and see another part of God that is equally true.  The same would apply at degree 200, and all the rest of the degrees.  Each group assumes that because they can see some truth, that has to mean all the others are wrong.  It does not occur to them that no human is able to see or understand all of God from their mortal perch.  Taken together the entire circle of all 360 degrees does show a limited part of God that humans would be able to begin to understand.  

“The coming missions will begin the long and arduous journey to correct the trajectory of this planet.  First the planet needs cleansing, and then healing can begin.  We understand you all wait and wonder.  What will happen?When?  Will we be involved?  Oh you dear beloved children of God, know how much you mean to us!!  We actually have a few who can read these words and know exactly what is being told to you.  Some of you have fused, and more of you will.  What a gift you give us.  Some of you may still remain on Urantia to assist us with the initial operations of the missions, while others of you will be on various areas of the morontia levels.  But we anticipate that wherever you happen to be, you will be working with us on the reclamation of your beautiful planet.  The bonds that will forge with us and each other will forever remain a blessing that you will carry with you into eternity.  

“This is  also intended to be a simple ‘thank you’ to each of you who have made the commitment to help us in the ways we chose for you.  It may delay your forward movement in your universe career, but in the long run it will prove to be a great asset and blessing to you.”

Amethyst:  Thank you for this encouragement Kuwaya.  Is there anything else you want to say?

Kuwaya:  “Not at this time my dear.  Your Father Michael is standing by to say a few words.”

“I simply want to reaffirm what has been told to you and let you know that even though there are many intricate details that humans will not be able to help us with, there remain many ways that your help can affect the success of these endeavors.  It has been difficult for most of you because there has been so much information given here on your forum that is difficult for you to accept and digest, and you have seen many come, and so many go because what we bring to you is more than they can absorb and grasp.  We understand this and do not judge their decisions as each must follow the leadings of their Adjusters.  It is just that there are so few who can maintain faith while they do not understand exactly what is occurring.  But then is that not the definition of faith?  If you understood it all, faith would not be needed because your human minds would be able to understand.  

“We wanted to get these messages out to you before there is a risk that communications on Urantia could be temporarily severed as the earth undergoes her transformation and healing.  Your Mother and I want to reaffirm out deepest love for you and let you know we recognize that you carry qualities that are so very rare on Urantia.  If there comes a time when you are not able to hear from us, please just remember this and continue to keep the faith that you have so bravely and wonderfully given to the Eternal Father and Us.  And with that said, I conclude this transmission and wish you a wonderful day and evening.”

General Discussion / Re: This and That from Michael of Nebadon
« Last post by Antonio on October 18, 2018, 11:25:34 PM »
Good evening Ron and Father Michael of Nebadon.

Michael, you mentioned this in the third paragraph and I site you:
"Niant2 has lost the battle and stands disheveled at the door of the poor house as he worries about finding employment again as a musician.  We see him being fully and gainfully employed in about a year, which does not help a lot right now, but he has funds to last a year if necessary"

Father Michael, when you said this "... as lost the battle ...",..., is it because I lost the battle for becoming a TR Person or is it because I cannot find work?

Yet even in this period of tranquility, I did my best to be in stillness and practice for my sessions of TR to receive transmissions!!!
General Discussion / This and That from Michael of Nebadon
« Last post by Ron Besser on October 18, 2018, 10:31:52 PM »
Speaker: Michael of Nebadon
Subject: This and That
York, Pa 2230 local time
October 18, 2018

This is Michael.

We are today delivering one last warning to all who choose to sin in spite on knowing better and learning to revive the chasity of your ancestors: eat and let the world flow by and you will finish your life in the table of heart for those who love God and do not wrong.  I am truly sorry for those who do not know the difference, and I am truly sure we must ply the oceans for your bodies when they wash ashore after a disaster of the proposition we offer all of you tonight.

I have asked the transmitter to place this in the General section as most people see that section first, and it is worthy to note that our Chinese friends appreciate the note in Mandarin and wonder if Ron himself translated it?  No, it was Ding Xin who did the honors very well at my instigation to Ron to ask him to make that translation for us.  Ron took it well and considered that part of Ding Xin’s assignment, but I want him to take a bow anyhow and let others know he is our official translator for messages to and from China, however we do it. 

I also wish to commend others for their steady work in transmission.  Niant2 has lost the battle and stands disheveled at the door of the poor house as he worries about finding employment again as a musician.  We see him being fully and gainfully employed in about a year, which does not help a lot right now, but he has funds to last a year if necessary. 

In seeing to all who work for us on high, I suggest that we salute others before we salute ourselves too much for getting this movement so quickly into the mainstream of the population on Urantia.  Ron continues to support that work and has many irons in the fire all the time but lately it has just slowed down to a crawl, and he does not especially care because there is scant evidence of any true interest among even the Urantia Book readers on line or elsewhere.

We also must care to be sure Lemuel and Ron learn to not sleep so much.  Lemuel complains of a total lack of sincere interest in anything just because he needs so much sleep now.  Ron wrote back and identified that fact he has the same problem and wonders if he will ever spend more time out of bed than in it.  I adjust that statement only slightly because Ron makes every effort to have a normal day regardless where the sun is in the sky.

I am making these standard reports only because we are about to have a schism at work soon, not in our part of the world, but on Urantia as the United States fires the Saudis as partners in the Middle East and relies exclusively on Israel and that is because all of the Arab states, except Jordan, find Trump so distasteful they rather go elsewhere for support.  Yemen and the United States will never be allies either as they are both fighting for safey of life, Yemen with Saudi Arabia and Israel with the United States.  Jarad Kuschner has been working on a peace deal with the Palestinians for two years now and it never seems to quite gel well, but this time a saving grace appeared in Saudi Arabia and its murderous crown Prince who, by the way, will be history within a few months as he faces execution by the State if it is clear he ordered the murder of the Washington Post journalist a few weeks ago now.

In any case we are near the end of the quiet period as Sue Wiley branded it.  Ron had no such quiet period for Reasons of State and still wonders what we are doing that makes life so difficult for him too.  He soon will be done with his intemperance with bad health as will Lemuel and we can start in earnest as both men need health remedies they will get soon enough. 

I am sure we have a good view for all soon.

There are two reasons for the quiet period to happen:   One– it is our contention that Urantia is really bad to the point we have to move carefully to avoid causing one more catastrophe at all, and so we stay silent.  Second, the Saudi trial was totally unexpected but it resets the scheming in the Middle East with a new slant, and that is to provide Saudi Arabia graceful way out of refusing to go public with Aramco, which is their corporation which supplies the world with Saudi Oil.  We also note that many who depend on Saudi oil are ready to quit for the cruely they exhibited under the childish Crown Prince who knows very little except he is clever to the breaking point for his crippled father.  No one will ever nominate a crown prince to do the king’s bidding again but replace the king into retirement instead.

Finally, this announcement.

I am trying to locale another person to replace Ron if things ever happen to him we cannot control.  He must be ready for assassination attempts and that is because he and Jesus are pals already and that is not amenable even though Ron wonders what happened to Jesus’ taste in warriors. In any case Jesus understands that Ron is an odd ball but what an odd ball as Ron keeps the fires burning regardless of him hitting the skids with such discomfort he can hardly move during the day anymore.  In any case his friend Gitz will be a marvelous help if Gitz can ever figure out how the course of action he needs to be complete with Ron occurs.  Right now we leave that as it is for the reasons we must save our course for discussion later is that Gitz is being upgraded to be a second in command over many issues Ron now commands for us on the ground and will continue to do so.  Be assured there is no assassination but the work is arduous and ling to carry out and we must make no amends but to do it right and fully and well.  Good day.  Michael of Nebadon.
General Discussion / Re: BE ALERT
« Last post by Clency on October 18, 2018, 09:31:30 PM »
Thank you Sue for your best wishes. According to statistics, 50% of all surgeries for the over 60’s of age are cataracts practices, it is a common thing here and there is a very high level of success due to the technical progress in this field, so I am going for it with light-hearted and much hope. I am confident I will be 20-20 in a few days and in full swing to participate in the Missions ahead.  :) Domtia
Threads for New Transmissions / "Declaration of Emergency"
« Last post by Rene A Duran on October 18, 2018, 07:53:49 PM »
775) Declaration of Emergency.

Teacher: Mother Nebadonia.
Topic: Emergency Declaration.

T / R: René Durán
October 18 2018.
Phoenix AZ.

-René !!

-I'm René !!

-Who speaks to me?

- "I am your Mother Nebadonia in a short message to my readers, in an unprecedented dawn, the Universal Father is making a 'declaration', in which, all sectors of the Urantia inhabitants should pay attention to the 'emergency call' ', on one occasion without parallel that we are facing the doors of natural disasters that will decimate the population.

-"I am your Universal Mother Nebadonia, ending this message".

775)Declaratoria de Emergencia.

Maestro:Madre Nebadonia.
Tema:Declaratoria de Emergencia.

T/R:René Durán
Octubre 18 2018.
Phoenix AZ.


-Yo soy René!!

-Quién me habla?

-"Yo soy tu Madre Nebadonia en un corto mensaje para mis lectores, en un amanecer sin precedentes, el Padre Universal está haciendo una 'declaratoria', en la cual, todos los sectores de los habitantes de Urantia deben poner atención al 'llamado de emergencia', en una ocasión sin paralelos de que estamos ante las puertas de desastres naturales que diezmarán la población. 

"Yo soy tu Madre Universal Nebadonia dando por finalizado este mensaje".

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