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General Discussion / Re: Glitches of Blackout In the Mind/Consciousness
« Last post by Clency on July 21, 2018, 10:26:24 PM »
From what I gather about the human brain complexity as it is defined here in this thread and in another one, is it right to say that the Alzheimer disease is derived from a dysfunction of the ‘wafer’ or ‘string’ or whatever it may be called that allows an individual to perceive where he is located and by extension a lost of memories ? Domtia
General Discussion / Re: Glitches of Blackout In the Mind/Consciousness
« Last post by Ron Besser on July 21, 2018, 05:02:26 PM »
I am quite familiar with it, particularly after a momentary phase of "cosmic sleep."   When you fuse Sue, the trial to the mind is to let go of certain familiar aspects of location.  It was demonstrated to me one early morning, still dark, and the window blind was up so the night time ambient light came into my room.  When I awoke I briefly saw strings from my head to every object in the room I could see.  I knew instantly that is how we orient ourselves in our location and that is how we use memory to repair any sense of loss of what is up or what is down and where am I located withing the room or the outdoors or the kitchen-- you name it.  How that demonstration worked I do not know but it taught be an immense amount to me how the brain remembers where its strings are and how it is tied to them.   Cosmic sleep is when the brain is let go and your spirit guides and others detach your memory of the business of material locations.  I still must use my strings or I get lost too when I wake up if they used cosmic sleep on me to teach super math or super understanding they cannot teach on earth.  Play with the idea Sue and try to get a sense of how you relate to your body location for if you are totally dependent on t he strings your mind connects to objects, you awake disoriented as the strings are temporarily not evident.

The thing called a string is an imaginary projection the mind makes when you visually walk into a familiar room.  The brain likes to be home and home uses the linear project between the space you occupy to the objects you know well and the space they occupy, especially critical when you sleep as the brain wakes up looking for orientation and if no projection, where are you?  That is how the brain reports it to the personality.  Think about it as I am sure your Adjuster will fill you in with some of this later.

General Discussion / Glitches of Blackout In the Mind/Consciousness
« Last post by 7inOcean on July 21, 2018, 04:11:30 PM »
Hi dear ones,
Has anyone been getting glitches of, well, how do I call it, "blackness" or "forgetfulness"? It happened to me twice on separate occasions, one this Thursday night and another a week ago, when I am sleeping or dozing and suddenly during it, I lost my bearings and had an urge to open eyes to see where I was.

It is a weird sensation to have happened. I recall I had it occurred years ago in my mid-20s when I was younger and it was disconcerting to me then. Now it has happened infrequently and I am not sure why. If it is health related or just a freak of the brain when in a state of sleep mode, all I know is that it is a brief few seconds of blackout and then once I open my eyes I get my bearings and familiarity back. Can anyone shed light here on this? Meanwhile I will confer with my Adjuster as to what this may be.

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / An Assurance
« Last post by Clency on July 21, 2018, 03:24:06 PM »
Transcribed from Lemuel’s audio transmission


Prius : Good evening Lemuel. Yes, I am Prius, I have come again. I have come primarily to assure you that your future work with Us Celestials is indeed important, you and other fused ones. We, of the Circle of Seven and others that are still here of Mentori are very desirous of encouraging a very close relationship with you all.

Understand this is an experiment for Us as it is for you and therefore the hope of learning together, as Celestials from our side and you mortals in your side. As you have already been told there is a tremendous amount of information that is and will be available for the seeable future, in order to bring you and others the information necessary to elevate the consciousness of the population.

This is not an easy task and it will take time but your presence, your co-operation will help tremendously when others can see some of their fellow human beings delivering such information that is so new for them, but nevertheless will ring true and they themselves will be encouraged to learn more from you and this is why we emphasize the importance of your works so much.

You may look at it like this we can and it is our desire to give you the information, but it is your job to disseminate in such a way that it will be really acceptable wholeheartedly by those who receive it. Not all are ready for it of course, many will reject it outright, but that does not mean that you must stop disseminating the information that you receive from Us, on the contrary.

This will only give you the sense of satisfaction that although there will be those who reject, the others will accept and why will they accept from you, it is because the way you disseminate the information, the way you are and the light that you display.

Although to those who receive these informations they are not aware of your spiritual status, they do not see your light, but they will sense it somehow, they will feel it, they will be touched. Those who are  ready to receive it they will be touched because Spirit always bear witness with Spirit. This is the most joyful thing for us as it is for you.

Yes, you have been thinking of Me this evening and I have come and as I said in the beginning, just to reassure you that we are here for you and there is much to do together. We will learn both of us, Celestials and humans alike, we will learn together as the weeks and the months and the years pass by. Yes indeed it is our intention to be here for the foreseeable future.

So Lemuel, relax in the knowledge that not only we are here for you, there are many others who are standing by and observing what is going on here on Urantia. It really is like a very beginning of the most wonderful theatrical play with much drama, much tension, much action, but above all the most wonderful plan the story from beginning to the end of this play is already written.

The Author of this wonderful play is Father. There are many actors and actresses, there are many scenes and acts within the scenes but they will be played and the actors will come on the stage and they will leave the stage after having played their part. This is correct and this is normal but each part is important and acts to the drama of the play.

Very interesting and exciting times ahead, yes because the curtain call has already been called and the curtain is about to rise on this magnificent play to be acted out here on Father’s planet of Urantia. Thank you Lemuel for being here for me this evening and thank you to those who listen and those who read. Thank you all. I am Prius and I bid you all a good evening. Domtia
AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission/ How to help.
« Last post by niant2 on July 21, 2018, 02:24:06 PM »
Wonderful brother Lemuel,..., I pray that Father give me the health, the strength and the courage to face what the future holds for me and that exclusively to do according to his will!!!
(   Merci Clency pour ton travail exceptionnelle!!!   )
AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission/ How to help.
« Last post by Clency on July 21, 2018, 02:04:40 PM »
Transcribed from Lemuel’s audio transmission

How to help

Beloved/Lemuel : Good morning everyone, our talk this morning is simply « How to help », how to be of service, how to help your brothers and sisters in the upcoming period of darkness and other things that you will all experience soon enough.

How to help, depending on your individual circumstances of course, it is and will be your natural innate desire to be of service and to help those around you, but how can you help. You will not all be called upon to perform some heroic acts, that will hardly be the case.

Mostly it will be only necessary to say some comfortable words spoken with love and understanding to someone and those words will go straight to the heart of that person. As parents, many times your children will need exactly those loving words from you and immediately they are comforted.

It will be exactly the same to those that you help with your kindness and your sincere words. Also remember, if there is any doubt as to what you should do, turn inward to Me and I will inform you. Trust Me, depending on the circumstances of course.

Something can happen so quickly, instantaneously, when you across upon your own devices without time even to think, but nevertheless you will informe the very moments of such dire need when you don’t have the time to think but you will put into action and this comes from Myself or from your Guidance Team.

We are quite able when it is strictly necessary to perform what is necessary to perform, specially to save the life of the person. I am sure you all know that there are stories and accounts of tremendous bravery, not only of soldiers on the battle field, but there are also other circumstances with normal individuals have perform the most valiant of actions to save lives and then they remember nothing about that.

This is an indication of their own Beloved Indwellings and their Guidance Team to perform these deeds when it is necessary. So the circumstance requires all of you to remember, to trust Us, your Beloved Thought Adjusters and your Guidance Team. When you have doubt, if you don’t know where to go, if you are not sure what to do, turn to Us.

It will not always be necessary, there will be many circumstances everyday, things that you can do and you will do successfully. As I previously mentioned, it will not always be the case to be called upon to do something really, wonderful, brave and heroic. No, not at all, it is possible of course, but I enlarge now, you will be able to perform normal deeds of kindness and care for your brothers and sisters.

You have superior knowledge and experience, much more than your brothers and sisters and you will be able to use these experiences to help your brothers and sisters and so be confident in your own abilities. Yes be confident in yourself, the thing that you are able to do.

So, how may you help. Think about these things now to-day, in preparation of what is to come very soon and face the future with confident, confidence in your ability, confidence in your unwavering faith and trust in Us, your Thought Adjusters and your Guidance Team.

We will never leave you astray, you will always be lead in the right direction, you know that and trust that. We are always with you…always and we will never leave you. You can help and we know you will help. We have total confidence in you and in your abilities.

This is all we have to say this morning, we wish you a very good day. Be happy, be joyful and be with Us….yes be with Us as we are with you. Bye-bye and thank you. Domtia
AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Audio Transmission / An Assurance
« Last post by Lemuel on July 21, 2018, 01:32:15 PM »
Speaker: Prius
Subject: An Assurance.
T/R: Lemuel.
Place: Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
Date/Time: 21st July 2018  19:31 Local  17:31 Z
Reading text blindfolded is of interest for centuries.  I personally was unaware that it was of modern interest and practice until I viewed the video tape linked to in the first post above.  That video shows youngsters doing it so routinely I had to think twice about what I was seeing was unusual and then to the pedantic self it was, almost,  miraculous.

As it turns out people have been showing how this can be done for centuries.  I copied over a passage from an email sent to me called “Chasing Down Emma.”  That is an email that is sent out by researchers who are particularly interested in one of my favorite readers and prophets, Emma Hardinge.  Today she is consider just about the best of that group that came out of the new world of what then was called Spiritualism.  Today we would call it many things, and among them, she was a close friend to Stainton Moses, another of my favorites, who was involved with the Guide IMPERATOR, the name of what in those days they called a Spirit Guide.

Now Imperator started the revelation called the Urantia Book in 1877, and because Hardinge was not interested in what Moses was receiving, he had to find a new salon to provide T/R (they called it simply, 'dictation') and readings to the aristocracy and the new wealthy industrialists of the time.  Imperator objected to this frittering away of time when the epochal revelation sat all dusty in a corner because Moses did not want to take the time away from paying work to receive and record its dictation to him.

In any case, the reader must get rid of the bias that spiritualism was a swamp to drain, as Houdini declared when working Dr. William S. Sadler in the first third of the twentieth century.  It is far too valuable to dismiss and it instructs about things that are possible then but not allowed now.  Houdini is involved with almost everybody in spiritualism in the 20's and 30's as the epochal revelation, both as an outline and actual writing,  was being transferred from England to Boston to Chicago.

In the late 1870's and 1880's Houdini was also fascinated with spiritualism and was ready to expose all the fakes he could, and the Fox Sisters of New York– they are credited by spiritualistic historians for starting the movement known to Dr. Sadler as Spiritualists, hence Spiritualism.  Houdini and Sadler both detested the worming of rich and not-so-rich of their funds by fake readings and all sorts of theatrical devices to convince the unwary real spirits were about.  However, do not throw the baby out with the bathwater, as some of it was quite genuine.  Among the Spiritualists were genuine prophets and psychic phenomena the Salvington authorities used to bring attention to the fact there was an after-world at work, and that that after-world was not constrained by mere physical impossibilities.

This brings us to this video and the ability demonstrated so keenly in it of blindfolded individuals reading and “seeing” objects by their minds on the floor to pick up.  As you watch the video be aware there are other things going on I doubt the videographer or the Supervisor knew about at all and they are not noted or explained.

Here is an extract from an 1849 Journal which describes the ability of some to be able to read remote objects and setting and to read messages either hidden or blocked from sight.  We have no further insight into it today that our cousins did in the mid 19th century.


Another, less illustrative, example [reading sealed or hidden messages]  can be found in Lee's Animal Magnetism and the Associated Phenomena (1849) p. 39:

At the third seance there was again a tolerably large assemblage of persons, and among them a gentleman who produced a sealed letter, the contents of which he was pretty confident the somnambulist would not be able to make out. I had the day before mentioned to an incredulous physician who had not previously seen any similar experiments, that they were to be repeated; he accordingly came at the beginning. After the exhibition of rigidity [MD: think of breaking rocks on the stomach of a hypnotised subject laid across sawhorses on stage, c. 1890] and insensibility to pricking the rigid limbs, I again applied the padding over the eyes, while Dr. ____ tied the bandage; on some one's inquiring if it could not slip, the somnambulist appeared annoyed, and asked for a second handkerchief, which I placed below the other, so as to leave only the end of the nose free...[MD: the somnambulist plays cards while blindfolded, and reads documents while blindfolded, and reads the tag attached to a key]. The gentleman had previously given his sealed letter, which he [MD: the somnambulist] undertook to decypher, and after some trials, said it is writing, which was denied, though it appeared on opening the letter that the letters and figures were in writing. He then said there was a picture and some figures; on being asked how many figures, he said five. He was then asked the letters; of which there were several small ones, not forming words, and four capitals. He named three of the capitals, which on opening the paper were found to be correct, as also a small colored picture, which had been enveloped in the paper containing the letters and figures. He was then awakened.


I leave one last impression to you reading this.  I have not tried the preparation to learn to read blindfolded.  My eyes are very bad now and I need some aide to be able to read at all, and if it is possible for me to pick up the trial of reading without glasses, I will gladly do it.

To read blindfolded spirit instructs you must have a little wafer in your brain they supply. (the wafer is a frequency inducer that touch senses and the wafer converts to visible text impressions and seeing.) The children in the video noted above have that wafer implanted by spirit as well, and they are totally unaware of spirit surgery.  I have had lots of spirit surgery and unless you have to be injected with a serum for other work in medical needs you may have, you feel nothing except maybe a slight itch on the scalp or arm.  I have now had that implant and I am told I must concentrate at least twenty minutes a day sitting with a blindfold and absolute dark over my eyes, and to do this for six weeks in a row, and I MIGHT get to do it.  Children are so much easier to work with because they are using brand new equipment inside of them and nothing like a new machine to easily get done what we much older humans attempt to do.

That is it for the time being.  Best wishes to all of you too if you attempt this ability to be yours.  If you make it let me know as I am delighted to hear when experiments succeed!

Ron Besser
Discuss This Web Site / MOVED: xx test
« Last post by Ron Besser on July 21, 2018, 12:20:41 PM »
Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Re: xx test
« Last post by Sharon on July 21, 2018, 03:21:24 AM »
You had many of the same questions that I had, Ron, and the picking up of dropped items without peering down also made it more convincing. I looked into available training for adults and there is some but, of course, not as much as for children. Guess the older a person is, the longer it takes because of all the junk we have stored in our subconscious. Watching the video and the degree of blinding the kids wore, it seemed like a great way to remove some of the many distractions that get in the way of successful TRing, or even communications with the Thought Adjuster. I kinda liked the idea, actually.

I hope you do get some help from the universe to ease the pains you have suffered from for a long, long time. (This getting old is definitely not for ninnies!) Meanwhile, know you're also getting some healing coming to you from the Pacific Northwest and all it offers.
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