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« Last post by Clency on January 21, 2019, 12:35:44 PM »
Thank you Sue for sharing your experience ; I have also my own, not that I am physically concerned, but it is on a personal and emotional basis. In 1991, at her three or four months of pregnancy – I don’t remember well – my wife was informed, during a regular medical followup, that the fetus was showing some abnormality in its development and the practioner in charge made it clear to my wife that she had the choice to keep on, with all the risk that it represents, or to interrupt the growth. We already have two sons and a daughter, one more child was not really expected, it was accidental. After discussion and reflextion, my wife and I decided to go with it, leaving the rest in the care of God. At her birth in November, the babygirl – Florinda is her name – was diagnosed with the DOWN SYNDROME.

That is what brought me to ask a question in my precedent post in that same category : ‘Is it wrong for the parents, when a disfunction is noticed in the early development of a fetus, to opt for an abortion ?’. Let me say that my wife and I do not have any regret whatsoever in making the choice. All along the years, there have been many ups and downs, but we take them with care as they come our way. Florinda does not speak, she cannot do everything by her own, but since she attends a specialized establishment during working days, she is now able to eat and drink by herself. She has just turned twenty- seven (27) this last november and it seems that DOWN SYNDROME individuals can have a life-long of sixty years(60) and over.

There was another question in my precedent post that I asked : ‘Do those individuals with a DOWN SYNDROME or AUTISM, obviously with a mental and intellectual disorder, endowed by a Thought Adjuster, since He is lodged and work in the upper mind of a human-being ?’ I also want to know, after their passover, are those individuals with DOWN SYNDROME are looking after with the same care as those with AUTISM or aborted fetus ? This is a very tricky affair to deal with, we don’t know all about the avenues, we can only let things go their way and hope for the best in the afterlife. Domtia
General Discussion / Web Site Updates Daily Earth Changes fyi
« Last post by Ron Besser on January 21, 2019, 10:29:23 AM »
This site seems to think the pole shift is underway.  News items on the site this morning are:

You have to go there to read the titles listed here.
Earth News for 21 January 2019

1    Strong explosive eruption at Bezymianny, ash to 10 km (32 800 feet) a.s.l., Aviation Color Code Red
2  Total lunar eclipse of January 21, 2019

3  Two dead after very strong and shallow M6.7 earthquake hits Coquimbo, Chile

4    Asteroid 2019 BO flew past Earth at 0.18 lunar distances

5   Earth Catastrophe Cycle: Pole shift

6   New lava dome observed in the summit crater of Cleveland volcano, alerts raised
    Boiling mud pot opens at Ixpaco lagoon, Tecuamburoo volcano, Guatemala

Dear Steven. Thank you for your message. It is very good and comforting to know that there is a possibility of the survival of the fetus with the resurrection in the heavens, that is, that people who die in pregnancy have the possibility of continuity of evolution in the heavens. It is good to know that your wife asked to serve with the children in the heavens. I like the good humor of all of you (Jane, Steven and Ron), about marriage to three (logically the meaning is a great friendship between the three), especially when you answered Ron: - just do not forget Ron that Jane is mine wife, plus I'm younger (I'm 70 years old) and I'm prettier. In my view, in our lives we have to have a little joy and humor. Julio.


Caro Steven. Obrigado por sua mensagem. É muito bom e confortador saber que existe a possibilidade da sobrevivência do feto com a ressurreição nos céus, ou seja, das pessoas que morrem na gravidez terem a possibilidade de continuidade de evolução nos céus. É bom saber que sua esposa pediu para servir com as crianças nos céus. Gostei do bom humor de todos vocês (Jane, Steven e Ron), sobre o casamento a três (logicamente o sentido é de uma grande amizade entre os três), principalmente quando você respondeu a Ron: -  só não esqueça Ron que Jane é minha esposa, além do mais eu sou mais jovem (tenho 70 anos) e sou mais bonito. Em minha visão, em nossas vidas temos que ter um pouco de alegria e humor. Julio.
Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Re: Hug Day
« Last post by JuliodaLuz on January 21, 2019, 09:19:48 AM »

Dear Clency and everyone. Thanks for the message about hug day. Is hugging day a special date in France, or in Europe? I did not know this commemorative date for the day, January 21, as Hug Day. I searched the internet now and found that in many countries there is hugging day, but it is also celebrated on another date, that is, on May 22nd. Whatever the date to be celebrated I believe in this, that is, in the fraternal embrace with much love. Many times I close my messages, with this phrase, a big fraternal hug. The hug, in my view, means affection, a very good feeling for the two or more people who embrace. A big brotherly embrace to all the members and visitors of the Serara Forum, with a lot of love for everyone. Julio.

Caro Clency e a todos. Obrigado pela mensagem sobre o dia do abraço. Dia do abraço é uma data especial na França, ou na Europa? Eu não conhecia esta data comemorativa do dia, 21 de janeiro, como dia do abraço (Hug Day). Eu pesquisei na internet agora a pouco e descobri que em vários países existe o dia do abraço,mas que é comemorado também em outra data, ou seja, no dia 22 de maio. Seja qual for a data a ser comemorada eu acredito nisto, ou seja, no abraço fraternal com muito amor. Muitas vezes eu encerro minhas mensagens, com esta frase, um grande abraço fraternal. O abraço, em minha visão, significa carinho, um sentimento muito bom para as duas ou mais pessoas que se abraçam. Um grande abraço fraternal a todos os membros e visitante do Fórum Serara, com muito amor a todos. Julio
Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Hug Day
« Last post by Clency on January 21, 2019, 01:48:49 AM »
In Paris, France, the main place where huggings are more put into practice on that particular day is on the ‘‘parvis de Notre Dame’’, in front of the cathedral. Some years back, it was at that place I was hugged for the first time by a young lady and at that time I just started studying the Urantia Book. I did not expect such a hug, it took me by surprise and I was so confused that I said to myself : ‘ What is going on ? Is it a sign of our brotherhood ?’ Yes, it was…..this is what I was informed later on. A BIG HUG TO ALL OF YOU. Domtia
Farout! Does everything have to go back to Germany and the Third Reich!?  The German measles and the Wegeners (also German name), I highlight it in red to think that does there seem to be some correlation to what happened in Germany for some reason? I know too that the German Measles have been discovered by Germans and that I got it due to some Aussie soldiers coming back from the horrid fields of World War 2, I came across this in my readings about CRS and I seem to be so infuriated that things seem to originate in Europe and has something to do with the war and makes me wonder about it all. How bad was it? The signs and symptoms in the victims cannot lie. I am intrigued to get to the bottom of what caused so much suffering. Grrrr!! Am I right to be so annoyed or am I wrong to see it that way when there could be more to the story, if there is any to explain better? I am hoping some history to come out as to explain the diseases and cancers that have emerged so much in our current age. Does it go back further in human time to do with the Lucifer Rebellion?  I will try to contain my emotional tirade. Sorry about that. Can't help being so reactive, I guess it sparks me to think more and as to the reasons for such to happen and so on it goes. 

Hi All,

I wish to thank RonB for a very revealing paper on the subject of Autism and other related malformations of the brain. I waited until this morning to be fresh to read it properly as I attempted to read it last night after work but kept falling asleep and could not concentrate any more and decided to just sleep it off and read it in the morning when I am fresh and bright.  A few things happened as I read it this morning and I am now wondering if it is a few underlying intentions that were supposed to hit me to see it as I read into it.

Let me put two things in the background of my mind and life experience, as I read the paper.

  • Recently, for some weird compulsion, I was curious as to what caused German Measles to happen in the first place and for that to be an interest in my search about its origins. I googled it online and found a treasure trove of info on it and also out of such that affects the unborn child is the term called CRS, which is Congenital Rubella Syndrome, which I am born with, by my mother catching the German Measles from my eldest brother who got it at school one day and came home with it and it all occurred in the first trimestor or in the first 12 weeks of pregancy, back in the year 1963. This being the critical phase that affects the fetus in the womb. I turned out mostly classed as “half-deaf”. Officially stated, as with a ‘moderate to severe sensorineural hearing loss’ in both ears at a government audiography test performed at the age of 3 or 4 years of age. It was corrected at best by supplying me with one hearing aid at the time. I presently wear two hearing aids to better perform in hearing in normal listening environments. Without them I am severe in my capacity to hear much at all. And over the years, there is a deterioration in hearing that occurs due to aging. As it occurs in my research on the CRS subject, this German Measles causes the fetus to fight back but it cannot do sufficiently on its own, hence it falls victim to damage in the areas of the ears, the eyes, the brain and the heart. That one Australian opthalmologist Norman McAlister Gregg discovered CRS in 1941 (see link:  ) I note too that autism is among the list of signs and symptoms in children with CRS in the wikipedia paper on CRS.
  • The other disease that weighs on my mind, that occurred to happen in my husband and was treated for some 2 decades ago, namely, a very rare autoimmune disease called Wegeners Granulomatosis. There is a lot more to say on this type of disease, but suffice to say it was treated with small doses of chemo each week for over two years until the immune system was reduced to a point where it can be restarted as soon as the chemo can be stopped and, hopefully, the body can restart the ability to fight back with its own mechanism. So that is how I think of it and to this day after two decades he has been in remission. He will know if it flares up if it comes up into his sinuses. Nothing yet has happened, so he is one very lucky human to have it nipped in the bud when it sprouted in the brain when it did and not in the organs as this disease usually crops up in the patients that get Wegeners Granulomatosis. Indeed, it is a very complex one for the medical profession to find what my husband had when it happened at the time back in the mid 1990s. Ever since, I think they are still trying to find out what and how it is caused in such patients. It remains a mystery so far, yet my hubby was promptly treated and came through rather unscathed which is probably rare as well. Most patients are affected in their body organs and do not fare very well so we have learned in due course.

Now as you can see I have two of these things in the back of my mind as I am reading this astounding paper. What gets my attention and for some reason I wonder if it is true to think of it, is that when seeing how language is affected by one with a brain malfunction and how the recipient human has to learn language, I somehow can very much relate to this development in myself as language comprehension in my childhood was something of a challenge for me due to my inability to hear and absorb word terminology and so on. If it wasn’t for my kind and patient mother and siblings who gave me constant speech correction and language understanding, I would most probably be stuttering, slurring, mumbling etc in my speech. Most deaf ones do that anyway, but, in my case, I have been able to get pass the problem of speech and move on to comprehension in more doses as I grew up. I can see how the spirit ministry has kicked in to work me more and more as I grew and develop over my young years. This also tells me a lot about the Holy Spirit being active in my second decade of my life and going forward maturing and becoming with spiritual acclimatization, if I can call it that. Now, where am I heading with all of this with this paper?

Somehow I feel both ways. A victim too in the sense of what is a disease that has affected me before I was even born. Where that disease/measles originate from and how it can do so much harm to the fetus in the womb? In any case, the paper on Autism highlights just one aspect to the developing fetus and I appreciate how much influence the spirit ministry has on brain cell development and so on. WOW!! What a revelation! I can see I could have fared a lot worse but came out mildly affected although deafness is modest in most cases who are subjected to CRS as pointed out in the wikipedia paper above in the link. Autism, like the classic triad of CRS (eg. hearing loss, eye defects and heart defects) are in some ways interlinked in this manner of brain development and hence immunity function. To sum up my mind at work in reading all of this is that is good to know the intricacies, as complex as it is, that is pivotal on how we humans are to be developed and function as intended. This is an intriguing paper on many levels and I am so pleased that people like Jane Gitz is up there to assist those unfortunate little ones to develop and grow well enough as I have in my childhood years being so nurtured by a loving family that helped me along.

I thank you again Ron and all those responsible to illuminate us on this subject that affects so many in various ways.

Oh I just saw the next paper Part 2! Oh dear, more to learn…..yet I will place this so you know where I am at in absorbing this on so many levels. Thank you all so much! Mwaa!


P.s. oh I got that Ron for that was Part 1 as I already have Part 2, sweet thank you for your amazing work and I just received the Mullins paperback book (in the slow mail) on A History of the Urantia Papers and so I have a lot of reading to do! Sue
"Ron has been fighting the flu all day and finally was able to get our of bed at 330PM local time in York.  He has had to battle not only flu symptoms but has beat them back until they are almost zero now thanks to complete bed rest for 15 hours lately.  I also wish to speak to all of thos who have read this astounding Paper on Autism, and those who copy the article really should read what else (and some do), nut most flee before looking at anything else including Part I.  Ron has gone in at 430 PM and added the link to Part I which is crucial to understand Part II as to its origins and why it is so astounding.  I fully agreed with Ron  that Part I is separate from Part II, but see that the hobgoblins who come in and steal information take only Part II.  In any case, this"

"Ron runs the course as a damaged individual over so many issues he cannot cooperate with spirit when it counters his real reason to be on Urantia at this point:  he wishes to serve the highest purposes possible and that stands well with me.  However, this autism information came out at the dining room table in his home on the fourth day of a four day meeting, and he was delighted to receive it and have it understood by all three Commissioners.

"What he does not know and I dare not let the cat out of the bag any further, is that the meeting on January 19th, was supposed to be the last meeting forever for those three as Contact Commissioners for the Sixth Epochal Revelation (SER) brewing up here to be released shortly.  The SER has a section on AUTISM that is replete but Ron is fully aware that the Paper he presented is partial and understands already what most of those who took this information for world distribution do not understand at all, is that there is one more cause for AUTISM. 

"I repeat, when Ron uses caps he uses them so you can find relevant key words in the text and for emphasis.  I also point out it makes the text easy to spot important changes in what Ron calls voice and in what I call de-emphasis of matters now considered more important than they really are.  We must point out too that to deal with this text editor is to deal with a software design from hell and the fellow who designed has no idea how bad it can be when trying to format well.  

"The point to be made right now is that the Paper on the Causes of Autism is brilliantly conceived and beautifully presented by Ron.  It was not meant to end the controversy as to how autistic children get treated as Ron and I left that completely alone.  Therefore we are going to add a Part III to the Paper and finally get this problematic Paper alone and I will rest easier when the people who copy information learn to check to make sure they have all of it and not part of it as it is now presented.

"Hereafter, Part III, will be called:


"As a Creator Son,  I have to deal with all sorts of contingencies on over 3.75 million human habitation planets.  That is 3,750,000 +  inhabited planets in my sector of space rule alone.  We have seven more Local Universes, even bigger than my sector of space I rule, and all of them are surprised I have an elephant  running the show on Urantia, who can do revelation almost as good as our Chief of Revelation in our Sector called Nebadon.  Let me list the seven other Local Universes that we have in the process of amalgamation into one space unit for administrative purposes:



"I am convinced that the moron who did this text editor was not working well as it is so full of syntax errors it should not ever be sold and we see it has been withdrawn and a much better text editor has been supplied but you have no one who can fix these things anymore and that is to be returned to normal shortly as LK must learn his lesson and sop practicing guru materials on his own. But let us continue as we must do now.

"Ron has inadvertently triggered one of my hot spots in mind by asking to do something and then doing it so well I have to fly tot he defense of Nebadon to undo some side effects of what he triggers to be done.  Several doctors are now sure they are right and that they can start publishing their findings but Ron did not know what other causes for Autism are and we must amend that with a Part III as noted above on two other causes which are treatable.  That which he presented is not treatable because it is an evolutionary mistake and we will deal with that one a day or so later. 

"Rayson, a Magisterial Son comments that the Paper, particularly Part II, has no erroneous information in it at all.  It is perfectly well presented.  However, Part I which speaks to the set up of the revelation around that table on January 19th sites several concerns we no longer admit to.  First, abortion by itself does not destroy the life of a future child as a fetus.

"Second the fetus on Urantia is protected from inception and will never lose its life so long as the mother is available to take care of that child when she is resurrected too.  Both cases are now in court over how to deal with Ron Besser and his use of revelation to inform the general medical profession of our views just how something is viewed by spirit and in Nebadon in particular.  Ron is unaware of the diseases contagion when he starts writing information that is, frankly, partial.  He uses the old idea that you have what you have until you get more to improve it.  Now we see him not disagree with this at all,, but he is better than that and told me there has to be more reasons than this but provided the verbatim transmissions used to reveal the major cause of autism on Urantia.

"Finally, Part II is brilliantly played out for all to read.  It is precise and adds nothing whatsoever than what was supplied to Ron at the time with the other two Contact Commissioners.  What Ron precipitated though, was a head long rush to judgment by certain doctors who hate this kind of information gathering into believing that Ron is too close to major sectors of insanity until they read this piece.  I agree, this piece is brilliantly conceived an put together and so we must present a Part III later on in hopes the medical profession reads that too.  Ron indicates that must put them all together and post as a locked topic note at the top of the thread.  We could not agree more.

"At this point we are losing our temper not for one other item has surfaced.  Ron also inadvertently struck dead a whole chapter in the Sixth Epochal Revelation on this very subject and we remove it now in order to keep ourselves from getting into hot water with Paradise over duplicate revelations from one source or another.  Ron gave full credit in Part II just how the revelation was provided and we are satisfied it is sufficient to keep it going among many circles up here.  Fully done, this Besser revelatory experience has cost Nebadon, one sleepless night, and one awful day for Ron as he was pressed into his bed for 15 hours after we saw the virus attempt a run at infecting him.  The place is clear of most dangerous infections but this virus is in the air all the time and plenty of people are sick around his place that the air is full of it.  In any case, we now must this to bed once and for all and Luminaya will provide Part III, Ron as soon as you are well enough again to take all the diction it requires to provide you the additional causes of autism.

"As we leave this, understand Ron is in misery most of the day over cramps and strains and pain and you name it and  that is clearing slightly but not enough to give him pleasant life.  He is not going to leave Urantia yet but we are determining he has so much to provide the mansion worlds he will be elevated tothe point he will go willingly in about a month or two after serving about a thousand years on Urantia.  I have decided that he is so valuable to Urantia he must stay and take his medicine for applying for the post of human who knows epochal revelation so well he can do it himself when helped a little bit to do it.  We also see a side comment to Mantutia, the Chief of all Epochal Revelation in Nebadon, that it is no different than the ABC Summaries or the FLURRY, yet we see it quite different in its full competency of presentation.  Part III will need no editing.  Further, my office as Ron calls my administrative power is seriously looking at Ron to work with Mantutia for other causes to do epochal revelation in GILIUM and that would be a major step forward in human evolution as well.  MANTUTIA MELCHIZEDEK speaks next:

"I am MANTUTIA and this is a brief essay on Ron's power to write.  I saw him struggle with this revelation for 24 hours as how to present it and finally he hit on what you read above.  Now it is unusual for him to take the time like that to conceive a process, but he had two overwhelming problems.

"First it was a secret communication given to the Second Contact Commission;

"Second, it was the wife of one of the Commissioners who intervened and told the group what she was doing to the thrill of all present including Luminaya who had no idea this would happen in his presence.

"Third, there were two other individuals present when this revelation occurred.  The Universal Father was there to see to it that it was presented completely for what it was.  And then Father wished Ron to absorb it perfectly, which he did and that is how you got such a succinct telling of the revelation.  He worked with Commissioner Gitz so he got it too and Commissioner Gossett finally got it too after listening to the teaching Ron gave the other.  For that reason, this revelation on autism was seen on high as perfectly ready for telling on Urantia, but forgetting that it was already a Paper in the new Urantia Book.  We discovered that later after Ron posted Part II above.  He is to be lauded only for timely presentation, for we necessarily did not provide other reason for AUTISM to occur.

"Lastly, I Mantutia Melchizedek, was sleeping at the switch for I should have stopped this Part II from taking shape but I had urgent business else where.  I am told that Ron laughs at this and wishes he had a dollar for every time we miss something, and I say this to those who read this carefully, Ron is a card when it comes to being chastised over things that have nothing to do with his vision of how these things might appear in later years.  In later years Ron may see it as purile but for now he is delighted with the Part II he did get done.  Part III will be succinct too and maybe ten more pages at best although a graphic or two might add a page.  Good and this.  I am Mantutia . . .

"And I want it known that Ron Besser is still chair of the Contact Commission, after we looked at his work on high and see it is verbatim from what he received verbally as he dicated it first and then only wrote it down as Part II.  That is an amazing feat of a man who in the skin on Urantia.  He tells me that we must be fair about this as he received most of it as dictation from his Indwelling Spirit.  The Adjuster concurs and now I know why it was so well done,  Thank you Ron!  In any case we see it as a fait accompli and we leave it alone for now.  Mantutia Melchizedek. K"

"I am exhausted going over this since it maintains excellence at a small cost to spirit but to rewrite a new Paper in the place of one Ron really parroted as Part II above.  I am similarly inclined to reduce the rank of the other two Commissioners since they are dealing with a power house in Ron who can do anything if given the lead to do so.  I see he does not really concur with that and I see why as he requires them for ideas and input and support too.  I happen to totally agree with that.  Good day."

Ron here -  So be it.  I am exhausted fighting a flu epidemic that last about 12 hours and I feel much better now and as well as before the virus hit.  Nonetheless I have to get this day out of me somehow and close it by going to be early again as the whole episode is exhausting and I need some rest.  Thank you all for wading through all of this but we got ourselves a dandy of an explanation about AUTISM and that is, to me, worth a very great fortune which we will never see as others are going to grab the credit but that is fine too.  Good day to all.

"I come in at the end only to say something to Ron and therefore to all of you:  When the universe gears up for revelatory causes, we are ready to open the ports that make it possible.  Ron is right there as first in line and probably the finest person on a material planet we ever had for this work.  Ron looks at his Adjuster and says to Him: 'You alone are responsible for this Adjuster,'  and Adjuster admits to it with one proviso:  there is no other who can do this so easy as you Ron.  We are quite a team and he realizes that too.  Good day from his Adjuster.  The DEITY ABSOLUTE continues . . . .

"I am sure we have also  taken stock of the device that got this revelation out so well for a change.  It is through a Contact Commission that wavers on its ability, and Gossett you are being unfair and wishing yourself away from the trial of doing the SOP and you should not quit it ever, but you are wringing your hands over it especially after you see Ron and his work which is your work too.  You were there and your strengthen the signal by making so easily hearable to the others as you are a battery in some respects.  Do not be alarmed when Ron says you are going to hear dictation to me as Ron receives it and that was a request from Ron so you hear it double strength.  Gitz is so full of buzzes in his brain it is going to take him a year to settle down especially after Part III will now appear with some dictation from Jane Gitz on other causes and the remedies involved in dealing with them.  Ron never stops amazing me with his extraordinary ability to speak clearly and well even without the teeth that would make it easier to do so.  That will be fixed shortly and those doctors are now under the press of spirit to get it done and over with with as little fanfare as possible.   Ron just hear Dr. Heisenberg come in.  Extraordinary believe me!   Heisenberg, have you something to offer?  This is the Deity Absolute signing off."

DOCTOR WILLIAM HEISENBERG, PhD on mansion world four and fused now and ready to get to work again on the Ilok four micron coal powder book with some juicy stories to tell the world too.

"I am ready to start the book again with Rayson as Rayson knew I was close to fusion on Mansion World Four, but had no idea of the consequences.  The consequences are I am not perfectly normal in attributes and wonder why I bother talking to this guy as he seems to know why I am here.  Be assured we are ready with that book on coal powders and ready for that book on Infinity which you love to work with but are causing rippling effects on high with it as you are so close to falsehood it is not funny and that is truthful when it comes to listing attributes.  Stop that and listen to us.  Good and this:  Be sure that Gitz and company understand this new book on Ilok has to be with a real copyright and place it on some attorney that specializes in copyrights as this is a powerful book coming and you are jealously guarding nothing as you feel that when something is freely given it is freely given back and that is excellent, but this next Ilok Book is over their heads in places and will be misunderstood and therefore must be realized as copy right for defense purposes.

"As Dr. Heisenberg, I want it understood I have a lot of copyright material still left on Urantia and its rights are now suborned to your work as I am in it and that is delightful for me to do with Rayson and others at his command.  Be assured this entire matter was moot until you appeared as the Chief of a new Urantia Contact Commission you call the Second Contact Commission and that is most useful to refer to as SCC right?  [Ron: much easier to write, yes, thank you]

"Finally, we must amend one thing.  Eva Braun works with us up here and she survived that disastrous suicide as she had nothing to do with the murderous mayhem of her boy friend.   We will cull the history of the Third Reich as well and to tell the sorrid stories as they occurred in my view.  We have special permission to do  a book on the Third Reich through the eyes of science and that will set back some historical readers for years trying to glimpse how all this came about through a little old man on Urantia.  Good to see you again. Good day.  W. Heisenberg PhD."


The first part of the Paper on Autism is now up as a PDF if only for some symmetry to balance with the fact that Part II is only up as a PDF too. 

* * *
« Last post by occerpa on January 20, 2019, 03:03:01 PM »
Thank you very much Ron, Father Michael and all those who made this document possible and revolutionary for the entire Humanity. This fills me with joyful contentment, and immense gratitude to my Adjuster for bringing me to this forum without comparison. Thank you
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