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General Discussion / Re: Obadiah - Let us Pray
« Last post by roger krupa on Today at 12:53:14 AM »
I thank you, my friend for these words of encouragement.  I have been going through some hard times lately, and only getting harder, but I have faith in God above and God within.  While my comments on this forum have been infrequent of late, I try to follow it as much as I can.  I am truly saddened by the loss of some members who I thought I could trust, but this Mission is serious business and requires top notch people who can toe the line without faltering.  I am very careful about what I think and what I perceive.  I rely on my inner spirit as much as I am able in these troubled times.  I know I am loved and have true value, but I must bring it out.  I am but a tiny seed who has the potential to develop into a mighty tree, but I must apply myself with the will of God in order to do it.  That is what ascension is all about, growing to the realization of God.  With faith we can find our way though the darkest caverns and the hardest ways.  We need only know what is right and have the courage to do it.  I must confess that I get a D- in courage.  I pray for more help from my Celestial friends and I sincerely apologize for the chaos around my place that has been driving them away.  I pray for some peace and the courage to enforce it.  I ramble, so I will let this go with a simple affirmation:

I am of God, God is in me, I will do His will as He desires, as I desire, for We will be One. 

Domtia, Roger K.
General Discussion / Obadiah - Let us Pray
« Last post by newstarsaphire on April 18, 2018, 02:34:41 PM »
Teacher:   Obadiah
Subject:  Let us Pray
18-Apr-18 12:46 PM  EST  
T/R:    Newstarsaphire, ON, CA

I received the name "Obadiah" earlier this afternoon and asked my Adjuster if there was a message he wished for me to receive from him.

My Adjuster:  “Yes my ward there is a message here for you from Obadiah a faithful servant and son of God.”

"Obadiah is my name and the spoken word of God is my fame.  

"As you here as transmitters have experienced for yourselves it is not easy speaking the word of God to your earthly brethren.  Receiving the word of the Father can be comparatively easy for some yet “the receiving” of Fathers words by our brethren [through us] is a different story altogether.

"Unfortunately, in this respect, not much has changed on my nascent sphere of Urantia where fears and misconceptions run rampant in the mind of man; with neither resistance given nor correction found.  It will be a hard pill to swallow for many mortals in the days to come who will use their well honed skills of skepticism and malcontent to hurl open threats and accusations at those who dare to come forward as representatives of the living word of God. The population is well schooled in the arts of deception and misleading information and will judge by their own warped standards.  

"Nevertheless, now as always, is the relevant word of the Lord a guiding light required and available for all.  Even the words of the incarnated representatives such as the Melchizedeks and our beloved Jesus himself will be subject to the preconceived ideas and ideals of every man, woman and child who will attend to their words.  The task is still a daunting one and the results subject as always to free-will choice.  So let us pray for our brethren that courage will well up in their hearts should they choose to dare to believe.  Let us pray that the living word of God will find faith in the hearer.  I bid you all a good day."

General Discussion / Re: New Era Transition 36 - Machiventa
« Last post by SophiaVeronica on April 18, 2018, 06:49:18 AM »
A very good reminder to get our attention again. It is a wonderful site.
Thank you Evan.
General Discussion / Re: New Era Transition 36 - Machiventa
« Last post by Pliktarious on April 18, 2018, 05:54:28 AM »
Thanks Evan for posting the TM Russia links, am reading through them at the moment and they are a refreshing reminder of how we agondanters should live our lives before God. Great to see that our Russian brothers and sisters are on board, Namaste. 
Threads for New Transmissions / A Brief message from Sordon
« Last post by amethyst on April 17, 2018, 04:04:32 PM »
Teacher: SORDON
Topic:     My Energy Signature
T/R:        Amethyst
Date:       April 17, 2018

"Amethyst, after reading the post I gave to Newstarsaphire, has chosen to invite a transmission from me and I am happy to accommodate, but for reasons of Amethyst's energy, will keep it short.  I carry an intense energy signature and Amethyst must increase her spiritual muscles more to be able to sustain more of it.

"I am making the rounds, so to speak, to the transmitters, and  especially to the fused ones on this forum.  It is my intention that each of you learn to hear and recognize my signature frequency so I will have a wider access to the population of this planet who are willing to learn greater and higher truths.  I started with Ron, and will be knocking on the door of all transmitters with the goal of reaching you prior to the end of this month.

"I remain from an undisclosed order of the Infinite Spirit, but my purpose will be to get the ball rolling on the first of the earth changes and want to do all I can to see to see to it that as many as possible will not be caught off guard.  

"Already Amethyst is feeling the intensity of my energy.  She was feeling fine when she started this transmission and after just five minutes of receiving she is experiencing fatigue.  My energy signature is strong and can be held by this transmitter for only a brief time.  

"But I have completed my purpose with her for now, as I am now able to reach her and transmit through her.  Over time, she will be acclimated more to my energy and be able to hold it longer.  I thank her for her effort, and wish you all a good day."

Amethyst:  Thank you Sordon for this.  I only hope I got it right.
Threads for New Transmissions / Sordon - Invitation - 16-Apr-18
« Last post by newstarsaphire on April 17, 2018, 01:11:01 PM »
Sordon - Invitation - 16-Apr-18 - Newstarsaphire, CA
Speaker:   Sordon
Subject:  Invitation
16-Apr-18 4:46 PM  EST   19:46 hrs GMT
T/R:    Newstarsaphire, ON, CA

“Sordon, Unrevealed Order of Deity:

“Welcome once again to the voice of God through those who would hear and hearken to its beckoning call.  There are many more of you who can and will indeed heed this call, should you, by your own choosing and willful participation, take the time and make the effort to  connect with the higher spirits available to enlighten your minds and your world to truth, beauty and goodness.

“It is unbecoming to those who could willingly participate in this exchange and relationship opportunity, to merely sit back and depend on the faithfulness of a few to feed the wants of the many.  Here on this Forum the efforts have become stagnant for various reasons and that will not do to get the job done.  

“You and I are not subject to the whims and attitudinal outlook of those who would besmirch what the Father wishes to convey to a needy and hungry people.  When it is the will of the Father to permit and welcome mortal participation of those who have chosen His will and ways why do you sit back and permit the confused ranting of the outcasts to deter your personal relationship?  Is it not the Father’s desire to call you individually unto Himself and is that not of your mutual choosing and benefit?

“I adjure you not to take these opportunities lightly and recognize that what is offered is not a limp handshake.  Make your choices wisely rather than allowing your circumstances to make those choices for you.  Heed my words, or not.  Accept the invitation or not.  The choices are yours to make.

“I am Sordon speaking my words through this one.  Good day.”


Affiliate sites:
Rayson Science
General Discussion / Re: Air To Share: Moments In Time To Share
« Last post by newstarsaphire on April 17, 2018, 11:12:42 AM »
Dear Sue:

You speak of two of my favorite examples of humanity on this planet who embrace grace and charm and balance it with accountability of our existence.  Our beloved Queen such an example of womanhood, motherhood and rule by example was recently in a one on one interview where she watched (apparently for the first time!) personal and public footage of her preparation and the event of her coronation day and snippets of the balance of family life. 

Sir David Attenborough a pioneer and trail blazer in his personal quest to to understand and convey to others the nature of plant and animal life on this planet and our part in its ongoing health and vitality.  He recently televised a comprehensive series on the Great Barrier Reef which was stunning and insightful, with flashbacks to film footage as well that he recorded even in the days before color.  Even in black and he emoted and emitted the necessary combination of appreciation and concern for the welfare of the harmonious existence of man and nature that he has so faithfully and wisely passed on to all who will listen.

Queen Elizabeth an examplary visual of maternal guidance to her people and Sir David Attenborough an equally splendid example of personal and philanthropic giving of self for a panoramic view of responsible life on the greater good.
FUSION TALK / Re: Fusion and Current Policy To Continue With Or Not
« Last post by Ron Besser on April 17, 2018, 10:03:17 AM »
FYI: He deleted his own account.  Good riddance as well as he contacted one of our members to see if she should stand the administrator of this site at all.  He is a businessman and travels elsewhere outside of Japan as well as supports the radical ideas of the Middle East.  If he wants to come back, I will call upon the angels of flattery and ban him good with my pitiful ways.
General Discussion / Air To Share: Moments In Time To Share
« Last post by 7inOcean on April 17, 2018, 06:12:12 AM »
Air To Share: Moments in Time to Cherish

I just watched something on the news tonight, and to my delight they put on a bit about Sir David Attenborough who took a walk with Her Majesty, Queen Elisabeth the Second,  in her garden and they had a stroll, a talk and some humour to boot and with charm to their demeanour how they inspire so much from their years of service respectively. Age does not weary them nor does the years condemn them, they just beam with so much life to yet go on in enthusiasm of more can be done to better nature, the environment and our ways and so on. If there are those people I admire and give some moments of endearment, it is people like these that stood to bear their skills as best they can. What a marvel to behold. I hope to meet them one day and be so inspired by their experiences. I did have a dream some time ago that I saw the Queen (believe it or not!) in her private chambers somewhere and she is as normal as you and I could be, just with a little more air of grace and charm she holds as her own in giving. She is a natural and one that I as a citizen of her Commonwealth will cherish for years to come. God bless her and may she move on to her new life our Father has for her in the life eternal. Sir Attenborough is amazing and I love his work in granting us some incredible moments that he and his team of amazing photographers has shown us some footage (e.g. Earth Part 1 & 2) that changes the way we look at creatures in their natural habitats. His narrations is truly good to hear and take a lesson or two from him too.

I thought to share this as so much is going on and it pays attention to it as it is shaping people's awareness and perception as well. Technology is a powerful medium and is so widely used in our lives, hence this Forum Site is also used to better our spiritual development and understanding from the study of The Urantia Book. To me, it is a go to book to know where it all began for us here and as to our destiny thereafter. It is so, so good. 

And now for our climate, here in the land of Oz, it has been an unusually warm Autumn, now it has turned suddenly cold in where I live in the far south of the continent.  Now is there any of you who have some "air" to share as a caption of our times we live in as we do now? Care to share it please, because soon we may enter a whole different chapter of time to evolve in.


See following link re the Queen with Sir David Attenborough:
FUSION TALK / Re: New insights after learning of my fusion
« Last post by 7inOcean on April 17, 2018, 04:52:39 AM »
Gorgeous Amethyst, I love this Fusion Talk and you chose to put it in the right category!

"Trust in me" is the key and I agree my dear Sister! Thank you for sharing such intimate moments such as these. Love this, love Thee! Keep up the good work in with your Adjuster.

Your Sister in the same way as you,
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