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Michael, Others- Fusion and Other Subjects dated 05March 2018
•          Michael of Nebadon
•          The Universal Father
•          The Apostle John
•          John the Baptist
•          The Creative Spirit
•          Consummator of Universe Destiny and of Justice

Subjects on:
•          For those who need a Summary, see the bottom of the transmission as Michael Summarizes.
•          Fusion
•          Homo Spiritus
•          The Five Fused Humans to date by name below

York, PA local time 0830AM
March 5, 2018


“I am Michael of Nebadon. I wish now to speak to the subject of Fusion with your Thought Adjuster while still in the flesh on Urantia.

“We are now in liaison with the Universal Father, and He wishes to make a statement first before I proceed with the lesson today,”


“I AM seldom well done on this subject ever, for Ron suspects that fusion in the flesh on Urantia holds back vital information for reasons of State, and he is correct because we keep finding Ron doubting the efficacy of the situation in one important area he is correct in. I never fuse completely anyone unless they are to be converted to a spirit form immediately. Ron understands that completely. Yet, he also avers that they are fused– him and Lemuel and Larry G. But he also understands I do not give anything for the notice of this fusion in the flesh Besser-style.

“I trust Ron implicitly to tell the truth as he knows it and he is very careful not to enter into conversations about Fusion, because he believes it is a modification of the true version on high, and it is, but it is also replete in that you who are fused in the flesh on Urantia, are already on Divinington records as fused as of such and such a stardate there. But I remind all who read this that fusion in the flesh is a modest accomplishment until you are each fused with my sub-absolute Deities in their own ways and Ron has been so fused and therefore can do superior reporting. He wishes others wold follow, not to take any burden off him, but he has today, or should I say, it was early this morning in pre-dawn exercises, was fused with the Universal Father through an additional way: I fused him with God the Supreme at the Supreme’s request. It was painful for about ten hours and Ron had to go to bed way early to rest a very painful head and headache and even his body tone was defeated and as he said in prayer, ‘this bag of bones just hurts Father.”

“He was then injected before sunrise with a painful series of shots to the underside of his right foot and nearly bled to death in the morontial because it was not the right serum and it hurt tremendously to take it. We have modified its contents to help him get through this day too, as recover from fusion with God the Supreme is painful and harms everything from the heart to the libido to the ipso facto reasons to live well at all. I say this because God the Supreme wishes to make Ron a good example of what to do when living in the flesh: ‘Be yourself and stay yourself regardless of who presses you to be something you cannot be.’

“In doing this fusion this early morning, Ron barely slept but was so tired he missed some discussions about his whereabouts soon on Urantia. We introduced a very detailed dream of him walking the streets of Dresden, Germany– the place fire bombed by the American allies in WWII. He say how lovely it has become and while we represented the buildings pre-war, it remains one of the beautiful cities that still exist on earth as it used to be. But why should I direct such a dream to appear to him? He was hunting for a store front that sold something even he could care less about, but it gave Me the opportunity to show him what a good and clean and happy city was like and he loved it and the fresh spring air that was so comforting to him. I say this now: he is starved for good people and easy people to know and love in return. He hates the arguments that abound in some souls over minor issues and never gives them the time of day once there is character assassination included in their vulgar speech. Yet he allows he does see why they yell at him and that is because he alone takes on subjects that are usually left to clinics and not the normal web site service this discussion forum allows others to see, sometimes in horror of the out right discussion that follows. But we digress slightly. Here is a point that needs to be said to all of you who aspire to fusion and comfort levels you just do not feel right now:

“As Father, I tear down barriers all the time. As God I am demure in doing so to avoid strife. But as the Father of All, I must abide in the trust that Jesus gave me too, and to a certain extent Ron does too: I love all but carry all deliberately as one of uncounted billions. Yet, Ron knows the difference between the good and the sublime and he knows the Consummator of Universe Justice is sublime and feeds dearly into that source to understand Me better and he does but more with awe than philosophical exactitude.

“I am the Consummator of Universe Destiny, pre-I AM, and I am the Consummator of Universe Justice in time, which was never discussed in the old Urantia Book currently held by all of you at this moment of writing. In any case we must allow that this transmitter is without succor in his own mind and feels defeated most of the time by the endless wanking of heartless versions of proper operation of from corporations to personal life in this version or that version. He is not beholden to the world as most of you are, but enough so that his choices matter right now and today, as we must proceed to the Urantia version of what Jesus once was so many centuries ago.

“In preparing these remarks, I now give over to Michael of Nebadon, the trust in his version of what happened this date in 2018 to Ron and is being prepared for others who fuse in the flesh as Ron has, yet knows that there is more to fuison than what all of you get on Urantia today. There are now five of you, and the fifth one has now been advised of the Fusion experienced. However, all of this may become moot, as God the Supreme tells Paradise, that unless Fusion in this modified form is better addressed by God the Supreme, such fusion languishes in the personality of heart, and not just in the heart for that is where true fusion lies. I leave the rest to you Michael.”

“We now report that the fifth candidate for fusion on Urantia is now informed as to the fusion status she holds. Sue Whiley is now considering a new life in a new world she does not recognize very well this morning. Her version of the old self is fully determined to reinvent herself as she needs to be reinvented, just as Ron had to reinvent himself to portray what I asked him to become: resolute and sure of statements others can only guess at. Hitler and Mussolini never survived as their souls truncated with the spiritual horrors they perpetrated on man on Urantia. Stalin and others could have survived if t hey treated the Judges much better, but they hated life as they felt they had to lead it to get control of the State apparatus they wished to guide in their version of what had to be. I also see Sue wondering what Ron meant by stating that her Thought Adjuster was not in error to state some personal things to her, but he wished that Adjuster held back somewhat in what he wished to state as it forced Ron to write roughly over certain issues that Sue seems impossible to close off. In any case we wish to speak to fusion further at this point.

“Fusion in the flesh on Urantia these days assigns to the person who so fuses the right to individual and personal ministry by the universe others dare not receive because a fused individual on Urantia, is without a coat or tie or hat to wear in public and they are barely able to speak to anything until we transmit it to them. That is and was the plan when we first hatched this possibility with the Universal Father several decades ago. Father demurred a little and than agreed that it would be a tremendous benefit to anything I wanted to do on Urantia. Ron was the first to step up to the idea and won us completely over with is work for the Magisterial Mission.

“However, several complications erupted to Ron alone and are still operating to clear him of work he no longer should do, but he perpetuates such in a way to bring some peace to his mind and to find an anchor among the flesh and blood he lives among yet today. I find it ludicrous that Ron must live in such squalid circumstances but the position he holds today is high with us and not existing on the flesh and blood social life on Urantia today. That will change dramatically soon, but he must abide his conscience and allow other things to drop aside for awhile in order to bring life into balance with circumstances we must bring to Urantia in a suite of harmony and sunshine he also adores for life as well.

“Fusion on Urantia in the manner that has been decided upon, is unusual and tremendously effective for the personality involved. It is also the saving grace for Lemuel and Larry more than it is for Ron, for Ron has always understood the nature we represent and allows us to get it across in ling post after long post considered essential by us to present to all of you to wade through. You simply, dear reader, have no way into some of this revelation without taking the time to parse through a lot of words to inform you of what is being done and why.

“Fusion in the flesh with the Thought Adjuster is essentially the first step into personifying what must then follow and that is the replete understanding that life on Uversa has full fusion with all of the Deity unions possible for the human mind to accommodate and is essential before your enter Havona as your finishing school to come in the Deity Adventure you must take on to become a Finaliter. Ron recently spoke to John the Apostle, and my best friend in my life on Urantia. The Apostle John died on the Island of Patmos at 100 years of age, although John feels it was 99.9 years of age but John forgets that the records of those days were so scattered that his true birth date was missed by enough time that he was actually 101 when he went to the Mansion Worlds as they were in those days. John wishes to speak to all of you now:

“I am the Apostle John, and my Book of Revelation is still dismissed by me today as I progress twoard perfection while I am stationed on Uversa these days. It has been rewritten by novices over and over and should have been let alone as it was originally produced and it would have been a whole lot easier to read and even easier to understand, that while I stated prophecy, I did not predict the Apocalypse, and for that reason alone I disown what you have in the Bible these days, Scholars pour over that text as though I was Nostradamus, and I am not, as Nostradamus was a poor chap who struck gold by getting a few things right way ahead of his time and still is considered the premier tattle tale of the future that ever lived on Urantia. Nonetheless, Ron can outdo them all if he just holds back now and then and waits out the fruition of prophecy he utters to all of you daily, and he has enough backing to get it right most of the time in spite of egg on his face in earlier versions of his development. I assume Michael is knowing well enough that I can briung fruition to the Book of Revelation, now to predict that Urantia becomes quite the girl on high with Father becoming the proud Papa of excursions to correct if fully and completely as is for centuries to come. The end to the American Presidency under Trump is allowed to feather its way out of existence in a short burst of radicalization that Trunp tries to produce and is probably impeached rather than exiled as Ron stated recently to a friend. Good enough for now. I am John the Apostle and John the Baptist is on Uversa too and is willing to speak if he can.”

“I am suddenly on Uversa, and I never expected that so soon, but Michael is a good God Father and moved mountains to get me here with the Apostle John, as we are both undergoing the final instructions for our Deity Adventure very soon. We use Ron often to explain to our classmates from other Superuniverses, that we hold mental aberration on Urantia to be extreme, but Ron is one of the rare few that can tell the difference between a pig’ ear and a silk purse, and we obey the Censor over Ron to make thi work better. You who read these pages are suspicious Ron has no such connections, but I assure you he does, but he needs translated to English and we placet him through a Midwayer who can speak the universe language as it is done in Nebadon and even Paradise when it is essential to get the words precisely correct. That is why the verbiage sounds the same. The final translator in messaging to all of you is through the indwelling Thought Adjuster still situated in the mind, even with fused ones on Urantia, in the super consciousness of that individual mind. Only Ron has the Thought Adjuster superimposed on his frontal lobes of the brain and it still abides there Ron.

“As John the Baptist, I so wanted to be on Urantia when Jesus reappeared, but the powers to be preferred me out of the way. I installed a device on Urantia before I left that allows me to speak to all of you when Jesus is ready to address the people of Urantia. It goes something like this:

“‘People of Urantia, for that is the name of your little planet on high, we prepare you to earn your respect for the appearance of Jesus once more to save you from the weight of sin and iniquity upon your souls, as Urantia is so completely destroyed by the uncaring and the monsters who start wars over really minor issues at heart.’ And it goes on to speak to other matters for Urantia to come. I tell you this because all Adjusters who can speak at all, will repeat this to all of their wards that day before Jesus Himself speaks to Urantia itself over you television new works which will be blanked out to carry the transmission of the Second Return.

“I am John the Baptist, and we are now commencing a new series of instruction up here and I must get on to my class in personifications of individuals on a world like Urantia. You see them as people as they do, but until they are attuned they are radiograms of heart and soul and not ever of who they seem to be. This is a new revelation to all of you and is unlikely to make sense to most of you. But hear this:

“URANTIA is likely to remain a mostly hologram of logic rather than of new born children for a few years and they must be fed and taken care of as all humans do, for their bodies are flesh and blood, but they are as smart as whips and will not take guff from oldsters who insist on rebuilding the House that Jack built. I say this reminding Ron there are real humans but they have no direct soul connection to you but to the Father, more and more, and will represent the very first wave of Homo Spiritus to come. I can say this through Ron because he fully understands that the new species owes allegiance to God first, and civilization second. What that means to all of you is very uncertain even to the mind of Ron as he contemplates how this is to betold in a way you who read this may understand well enough to get the conceptual information required to understand what you will behold even now.

“HOMO SPIRITUS is a misnomer in a way since it deals with rectification of bad genes and even bones these days. Homo Spiritus holds the record for better ways in everything and when they grow old enough, they will be the ones that convert the Magisterial Mission to a full throated roar to redo the world as the Father requires. Homo Spiritus, when they are born as all children are on Urantia, will make the grade in their understanding that they belong to God, and that their allegiance is to the Father. In some sense they are a robotic projection first as they must lean through human life experience, that all things are consistent in application in spiritual growth, and in spiritual wisdom. They come with a huge relationship problem and will never be installed as fully flesh but more consistently as a morontial extensions, as some of you will become, as you convert to Homo Spiritus status. Ron is Homo Spiritus and is therefore quite abit misudnerstood in speech as his syntax is more Uversa like than human like and he makes mistake after mistake in keeping quiet to people who think he knows more than he does, but stays silent. Lemuel is working on it, and Larry utterly fails to get the point ever and is let to thrash around in circumstances he is truly tired of to almost death itself.

“As John the Baptist, I revolve around Jesus profoundly, and I hold people like Ron and Lemuel so highly, I wonder why I do not just come out and say it? They represent the cream of the crop of Homo Erectus, Homo Spencer, and others you will never know who dropped out of the evolutionary race to become Homo Sapiens, much to the loss of Homo Sapiens.

[Ron note here: John the Baptist when speaking of Homo Spencer, is just grabbing any old name from my vocabulary, and it is meant to signify that there were species of early man that have never been recognized by anthropologists due to ignorance of how the human evolutions came about. I doubt Urantia will ever have that tree fully excavated for us, but it contains more than 100 subspecies of pre man and over 150 species of man himself not recognized as part of our evolutionary ladder to today. Homo Sapiens absorbed only about ten percent of available subspecies and about sixteen percent (16%) of the true human species, all of which arrived first in the Levant and certainly in what is now Pakistan and Afghanistan to name the primary areas of first human development.)

“I am John the Baptist, and Ron inserted a very important note as he is connected to the Deity Absolute at this moment and I wish we could get that as it is tremendously helpful to have as a side note to all of this. That note should be preserved and sent to every anthropologist alive on Urantia as they would enjoy knowing the big picture of their work. In any case what more I have to say is this. Ron Besser represents the worst and the best of what we have to work with and he understands why, but he is trapped in a man’s skin without a way to free himself into a morontial existence, as there is no provision to allow this to happen on Urantia in particular. Lemuel is the same and Larry is approaching the same condition, and Amethyst and Sue also hold the same areas in themselves as well and feel trapped and unreleased for a more full and better life than they currently can do. Homo Spiritus has no such conflicts and will love all of you as the guides to future existence and meaning in a new Urantia to be. I conclude this as follows:

“I am John the Baptist, and I hold one issue very well with all who have fused now on Urantia: They all hold God high and honestly and do not pretend anything but to be themselves as they know themselves. Ron finds himself overworked so frequently, but the rest of you do not put into this what he does, and therefore does he reap rewards before the rest of you do. Lemuel in particular gets so out of joint over personal issues he gives up so frequently, but he is learning from Ron that it is not all roses with Besser either, and we give this transmitter full due for varying the text slightly when called for too as just explained to me John the Baptist. In any case we deliver this final admonition to all of you including myself:

“Be aware you will be viciously attacked as I was and I lost my life because of it. You five, so far, have made the grade spiritually, but not on Urantia as one of your fellow humans, and Ron is tremendously aware of that and is careful now how he approaches lots of controversial subjects. Be aware we are all missing a piece of Ron for lots of reasons as he feels protection is silence when you do not wish to stir the post over so many kinds of bias in the US alone. Be prepared to dive into a peculiar existence for awhile as you are fused and have no real issue with life except that the evil that persists today will go soon tomorrow and life on Urantia will resume much better than it has for decades, and for too many decades already as we see Ron struggle with counter pressures to get done this morning as he has the usual things to accomplish too. I am John the Baptist and I will now greet you often now that I know I am fully vetted to do so with Ron as the Apostle John also relates. It is hard to find transmitters at all and on Urantia they cold abound if only the effort to do were fully pertained to. Thank you.”

“I close this, not with an admonition as John the Baptist had to do for you, but to remind all of you who are fused on Urantia, that you hold the key to our Mission in a peculiar way: None of you are purposefully chosen for your good looks, but chosen for your effective way with words and thoughts. “In the annals of revelation, Mantutia is king, and he refuses not to share his insights with this person called Ron, as he is a natural when it comes to the work of revelation too. He is also a fast learner and that makes working with him a pleasure.

“As the Consummator of Universe Justice. I am leaving Urantia alone anymore, as that is seen to. However. As the Consummator of Universe Destiny, I am remaining on Urantia to see how the first days go with the return of Jesus. I will wait until he is well seated and then return to Uversa, then Paradise, and off to my own abode outside of Infinite. Good day! Consummator of Universe Destiny.”


“Now that we have heart established between the Transmitter and my former friends as found with the Jesus Bestowal, I greet you briefly with one other bit of news:

1 - Sue Whiley is listing herself among the lect easily. Good. She is informed of her fusion on January 14, 2018 at about 11:30 am her local time;

2 - In summary we continues: Ron Besser was fused with God the Supreme and needs another day to recover from nausea and profoundly hurting head. We congratulate him and for a secondary fusion he is not sure why or what it does, but that is with the Deity unity of the Fther-Spirit creative purpose. It is for the lasting self impression we all have Ron: you are a good man to know and we will use to death;

3 - Homo Spiritus is coming to town and is slightly differently done by having souls preformed slightly and well and their allegiance is to God and not to the House that Jack built;

4 - The House that Jack built is fully out of operation now and a vacuum exists on how to proceed with so many policy issues for the nation states on Urantia. This will be dealt with immediately when Jesus appears and orders Russia and the United States to patch things up and to remove Syria as a bone of contention for nation states as they exist now;

5 - The loss of Sue Whiley for awhile in Ron’s mind was to warn all that should any of you cause that thing of mental liaison to break with you from him to you, you have me to answer to as he represents a lot of what I need to say and speak to in all of these doings for changes to Urantia now;

6 - Mother Spirits speaks now - “I concur with all of this Michael but Ron cautions all who read this he has not such powers of his own, and that any misbehavior of personalities on this discussion forum will be met with universal acclaim through Michael or others at the time. Besser won our hearts long ago but persists to help you understand that granst no power on his own to sting anyone for bad behavior except to remove them from a place where thier voice cold harm the rest of you. I am Mother Spirit and I pledge cooperation on the human level too, and that is not entirely new to me, but to the degree it must be stated now, is unusual and welcome at the same time.”

7 - I am (Michael) not tired of acting as a vicegerent parent to Ron, but he needs to rest for a few hours as the eyesight is getting blurred and he is getting nauseous too, individual gas plates are fighting for attention since he eats too little at times and eating will help there. I say this because we make long posts and I summarize this one for others who need a summary and who do not like to wade through length like this to get the full measure of revelation given in most of them.

8 - We are soon to dispatch to Urantia the ability to run these longer transmissions to Lemuel and Larry and to Sue. Amethyst is too small in mind to get a long transmission yet, but she is fused and capacity will be restored to her so she can come to the table to write some revelation for us too. I wish you all a good day. Michael”

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Re: Michael, Others- Fusion and Other Subjects dated 05March 2018
« Reply #1 on: March 05, 2018, 01:38:26 PM »
Ok, all this stuff is good to know, however I still remain on my thirst, not really knowing where all this production leads to. I was not yet a member of this forum when I learnt on this same forum that it takes several thousands of years for a mortal soul to reach Uversa and Paradise, and now, all of a sudden two recent disciples are already on Uversa, if this is possible, then it is good news for us.

Ron: I write in your post to make it a complete document for you to study.  Depending on your destiny and degree of service before the ascension career, one is either accelerated for their ascension career or left to be more casual to  the recognition of your work in this universe age (destiny).  Jesus was a Bestowal Son, and as such created a whole new category for Bestowal Sons by coming back a second time (shortly).  They must accelerate ascension careers, and remember Michael had done almost all of the work already, from the intercession of Evantod on Uversa to Jesus on Urantia, as these were really premeditated souls for such a rapid assent as Jesus in particular did to become a Finaliter and later as a Transcedentalier.  When Jesus died, it took three months (Urantia calendar 3 months) to finish the mansion world experience.  It took him twelve months (Urantia calendar 1 year) to finish the Edentia studies of the Constellation studies mostly on governance and government regulation in wise ways.  He had already completed the Salvington phase of spiritual studies in his Bestowal studies as a Melchizedek, a pattern Angel, as a Lanonadek Son, as a free wheeling Planetary Prince on a nearby planet to Urantia the time, as a Seraphim, and as a Material Son as well as some sort of morontial creature undescribed further in the Urantia Book.  When Jesus finished Edentia, he was escorted to Havona by a Seconophim, who describes the trip as raucous and fun or both of them, as they had the equivalent of spraying fire boats along the way, much as a new ocean liner was greeted by New York when it was to dock.  When he was met in Havona by officers of God the Supreme and others unrevealed to us on Urantia, he was escorted to the House of Job, a place where all the woes one has, are evaporated as though they never existed.  It is not personality extinct of a bad personality, but the mental equivalent of a basketful of Foregetmenots destroyed forever.  One no longer remembers those slight and hurts any more.  From then on to His Deity adventure, Jesus took about six months (Urantia 6 mos) to do his work in Havona and move to the Receiving Circle to take the Oath of Service before the Trinity.  All told it took Jesus about four (4) years of Urantia time to finish what others can take millennia to do.  The same is true for all of his Apostles as they are now just becoming Finaliters as the Apostle John spoke with Ron this morning as did John the Baptist did and they are all in the final preparations for their Deity Adventures.  When they are done soon they will all come back as Finaliters and join Paul of Taruses, Abraham, and a few others you know, to serve Urantia as part of the Finaliter team.

Questions to Michael:

1. So far, how many Urantians have already reached Paradise since Andon and Fonta?
Ron - No record exists says Michael but he estimates about 15 to 25 hundred thousand (150,000 to 250,000)

2. Where are today Andon and Fonta and Mary mother of Jesus?
Ron - Andon and Fonta I just spoke to this past Saturday and they are still at their station of greeting and have met over one billion humans personally.  Big groups get a lecture from them only.  Small groups might get the equivalent of a hand shake.  They will resume their universe career at the conclusion of the Second Return of Jesus.  Now I am surprised about the last part of your question as Mary the Mother of Jesus abounds on Urantia in appearances yet.  The Catholic Church has a library of her appearances especially before children,

3. Why does Ron suffer during spiritual medical surgery when the BIG BOSS the Universal FATHER HIMSELF is part of the surgeons?
Ron - That is a slightly askew questions but in general I suffer because I must be in the present here and now to receive any kinds of change while I am in flesh and blood.  If there is transport I do not feel that at all.  If Adjuster fails to hear anything I ask, the Adjuster remains silent, and I wind up knowing nothing of the surgeon or nurses or guards.  If he is asked by me what that twinge was or that needle was about, he will allow the surgeon to answer and I still learn absolutely nothing except to be quiet.  That is about it.

4. What are Celestials trying to show us through these revelations and how can we identify their effectiveness and usefulness?
Ron - You speak of revelation in general and that is done to enlighten you so you can work harder and put two and two together better.  Its usefulness is that it improves the speed and style of evolution.

5. Michael of NEBADON and Prof Jesus for Transcendental Sons, when are they the same person and when are they different? And where does that mystery lead to? And what do we have to understand from these complexities?
Ron - Jesus was embraced by the Trinity to become a Transcendetaler.  Look up Transcendental name in the Urantia Book but it gives little and we still have little to say to that question.  Jesus is not a human, not a Finaliter, not a Trinity Son of Attainment, but embraced to be the Transcendental student and teacher he now is.  He is one person period.  The description is provided so you know what Jesus attained before he came back as a interlocutor int he flesh to we on Urantia in our first life experience.  The rest is up to you to figure out.

6. How can the COUD be here on Urantia while he is Absolute and the whole time/space universes are still imperfect?
Ron - Now aren't we raiding the cookie jar!  You did not understand the revealed source of the CoUD did you.  I will not explain it here but look at the original post for his explanation of his relationship to infinity for example.

7. Can an Absolute Deity pervade imperfect universes? The Urantia Book says that if Father leaves Paradise for a second there will be pandemonium of disasters in the universes, how can the COUD be here and go back as a mere Personality?
Ron - Well, of course they can.  What do you think is the omnipresence of the Father, Son and Spirit is in time space?  They pervade all space and time, but--  and this is what you are really asking I think--  they do not interact with time to pervade space and/or time but use sub-Absolute Deity to address their natural concerns.    What this list needs is a good lecture on reality: its LEVELS; its UNIFICATION with Paradise hence into Infinity.  Most never bother but that understanding is at the root of understanding the Urantia Book and more revelation to come.  I also see you do not understand that the Father and his infinite Coordinates have no problem staying on Paradise and projecting themselves into worlds they visit regularily out of time.  If they projected into time it would end time, simpe as that, and that is one of the reasons He created Thought Adjusters who are depleted of Infinity before they get here so as not to convert us to Havona in a flash!

8. With my Absolute Free Will I think I'm allowed to ask all these questions without rebukes, because it is my right to know what seems strange to my mind. What does all this really lead to?
Ron - Okay okay okay -  your assertions are already understood on Paradise and in the Grand Universe in general.  But you will a lot more flies if you do not sound like your rights are violated in the first place, and you could have your beelly full of Celestials coming to you with help to satisfies your appetite for catching  them.  Your question really is "What is the meaning lf life?  Everyone has their own answer.  Next:

9. By the time of Jesus in the flesh, all sicknesses were healed by Father through Jesus, why did the same sickness get back to Lazarus and kill him in his sixties? Is it normal?
Ron - You have Biblical mania on your brain now.  Your assumptions leading to these questions are false and I do not have pages to answer you so I let it go at that for now.  In actuality sickness is biological as is spirit when a human is indwelt only.  Otherwise illness is a result of many contagions on Urantia that can kill an otherwise healthy human.  Why Lazarus came back is probably not fully understood by most of the universe anyhow and other than the explanation in the Urantia Book, I do not know either or does anyone dare to tell me.

10. Even when I go through the Urantia Book, there are still some pending questions with no convincing answers. Why?
Ron - Your spirit hunger is gnawing at your innards again Pronto.  The Urantia Book is truly incomplete but the best on the planet to nibble on for the answers you seek.  I think you need a serious update on understanding what you read in the Urantia Book and you cannot get all of that from a web site.  I doubt you could stand a full course in the book either as I used to teach it, and all of my classes got worn out by the end of Part II.  They can read the Jesus Papers much better after those Lessons too, but many just do not make the effort to penetrate on their own all that is on the table in that book.  I am hoping that Adam and Even or the Melchizedeks take on teaching courses that help people understand the new book better than they did the first book.  Best wishes on your journey as I need the same in my version of understanding revelation too.  Ron Besser

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "Ron transmits me at my request this time, and you Pronto are a little lad full of mischief too as you darn well some of those questions are loaded and Ron catches that and says so.  What you have to do to get the answers you want is to provide better questions and try not to be too clever as you are up against a person who knows what you do in some of those questions.  They are good as far as they go but you could do a lot better the next time and you should list some new questions as you presented the ones above he answered.  I let him answer them as he knows almost exactly what they entail as basic information, and the details would take a volume to answer as he indicated above too/  Let others see what you did here so they can copy you to ask questions on their minds' too and you will all be gratified at the answers if you bother to ask them.  Good day.  Michael of Nebadon."

I think all the Teachers and Deities who have produced the stuff above, but I'm still not satisfied in terms of spiritual food. I may need more.

Thank you all your efforts.

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... as the Sun is setting, I wonder where are the Days of Yesteryear.


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Re: Michael, Others- Fusion and Other Subjects dated 05March 2018
« Reply #2 on: March 05, 2018, 01:54:55 PM »
Dear Ron,
                   Another avalanche of information and revelation that needs time to be digested
and assimilated.
It really is so amazing that we, here on the forum, are so very blessed to be the recipients of such
as these.

For now, I would just like to offer my most sincere thanks to the Consummator of Universal Destiny,
Michael of Nebadon, Mother Spirit Nebadonia, John the Apostle, John the Baptist and of course
our beloved Ron.

May we all, who partake of such revelation and information, be blessed with the ability to fully
comprehend its significance.



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Re: Michael, Others- Fusion and Other Subjects dated 05March 2018
« Reply #3 on: March 05, 2018, 07:00:11 PM »
I join with Lemuel in his most beautiful way of response. I agree, it's a lot to digest, yet I am curious and excited to hear about the Homo Spiritus to make its presence. I am hoping I am not getting this muddled up with the so called Indigo children or is that part of it too? In any case it is good to know our species will go through a process of upgrading like Ron to a morontial form of transformation. I gather this may take some time for this to occur or are the group of Homo Spiritus being introduced entirely different to the evolving species we have it with the Homo Sapiens? Just my thought developing as I think this through at this stage and thank you for such informative news in all. May I thank all of you in advance as well as my beloved Adjuster to be so patient with me in all that I put Him through!  I pray I may be more trusting and sensible.

Thank you, Sue/7inOcean


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Re: Michael, Others- Fusion and Other Subjects dated 05March 2018
« Reply #4 on: March 06, 2018, 02:37:00 AM »
Thank you Ron and Michael for taking time out to address some of my concerns, and the answers provided above are really satisfactory. I'm preparing a list of questions for the CoUD.
... as the Sun is setting, I wonder where are the Days of Yesteryear.