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Your Task At Hand
« on: March 11, 2018, 01:25:37 PM »
Speaker: Michael of Nebadon
Subject: Your Task at Hand
Category: Threads for New Transmissions
T/R: Michael S. Queen, Kasaan, Alaska USA  
Sunday, March 11, 2018  1700 UTC

Slow down, dear one – pause with Me here on this quiet Sabbath morning. Open your heart, still your chattering thoughts, that the two of us might spend some time together.

Though this is not the spring you had planned, you have made many rapid and unexpected transitions with improved Spirit-led grace. Making that mental shift to, no matter what or when or how, keep the perspective of full participation in the divine right order of your path upon the planet serves you and Spirit well.

Be careful, lest the day-to-day come to dominate your consciousness and the primacy of connection with Us, slips to second, or worse, place. It is easy, I know — but We have put this challenge before you to strengthen your resolve, to sharpen your spiritual acuity.

We urge you to focus wholeheartedly on the fellow son or daughter of the family of God before you. The myriad events and restructuring, realignment of the planet and peoples to occur; that complex process is already well underway. All the same, it serves neither Me, nor you, ever to be looking “over your shoulder," rather than addressing the service and growth opportunities before you. You do not drive your car solely using your rearview mirror, do you?

Be prepared as you are able to prepare and continue so to do – but not at the expense of loving service to even the least of these, My children, as they intersect with you each day. When all is said and done, I Am your providence, ever sure support, and guiding hand. Always have I provided for you and that shall never cease.

Recall Joshua ben Joseph's recapitulation of the first and second greatest commandments… and proceed accordingly. In the midst of all else occurring or about to occur here on your planet, or any planet, Love, and the service out workings thereof, are your vouchsafed instructions… Indeed, what you are admonished and commanded to do. For the son or daughter truly born of the spirit, all else is secondary and a distraction from the work before you in this moment.

Fear not, for the flesh passes for you all as the prerequisite for receipt in the Resurrection Halls. Nothing here, save but for your free will choosing, can or will prevent that blessed arrival. I have said it, and it is so—

Go in my peace this day my son – go in My love for you all.

michael s. queen
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Thorne Bay, Alaska 99919-0470


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