Author Topic: Audio Transmission/ Dance to the Music of your Soul  (Read 203 times)

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Audio Transmission/ Dance to the Music of your Soul
« on: March 19, 2018, 02:21:27 AM »
Speaker: TA/Lemuel
Subject: Dance to the Music of your Soul
Place: Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
Date/Time: 19th March 2018  07:20 Local  06:20 Z


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Re: Audio Transmission/ Dance to the Music of your Soul
« Reply #1 on: March 19, 2018, 12:42:26 PM »
Transcribed from Lemuel’s audio transmission
Dance to the music of your soul

TA/Lemuel : Our talk this morning is entitled « Dance to the music of your soul ». We say this because so many of you, not just you members on the forum, but people generally are not aware of the music of the soul, and by that I mean, when you are able to turn inward, even if you are not consciously aware that you have a Thought Adjuster or just you have a soul because most people are most totally ignorant of this fact.

But if you turn inward and relax, very soon you will find that you need to move your body, in fact you want to express your body by movement and this is what we mean when we say : dance with the music of your soul. Now to those of you here, brothers and sisters on the forum, I am sure that you have experienced this many times, but perhaps you have not associated it with your soul and remember it is your Indwelling God Fragment that cultivates your soul.

If you like, your Thought Adjuster, in many respect can be regarded as the parent of your soul. When you have this feeling surging up inside of you of excitement that releases you, you literally needs to stand up, jump up and down, flings your arms about and dance. This is what we mean, this is dancing to the music of your soul and those of you who have experienced it, you have proved to yourself that it is indeed the most wonderful exilarating experience.

Of course, you can have this at any time you wish, it only needs you to become mindful, ever mindful that you have within your being your Beloved Father Fragment and your soul and if you allow it to happen it will happen and you will feel so accelarated and therefore simply allow it to happen and dance, jump up and down with joy, because the main reason people do not do this it’s because they are afraid that someone will see them and think perhaps they are having (…) or whatever and so they are not inclined to do this or to allow this to happen in public.

But I can tell you that Lemuel has done this many times and he does not care because the feeling is so strong, in fact it is irrestible. As you know we are both accustomed to go for walkies in the countryside almost everyday and there are many times when Lemuel has the urge to put his arms around a tree and bless it and send it love and light. Ther are of course occasions when passers by notice this and may be they raise their eyebrows or whatever, but they don’t say anything but it does not matter, these things do not matter.

I am happy to say that Lemuel does not have a prolem with ego and so if other people think, this makes a fool of themselves, that is their problem, it is certainly not Lemuel’s problem. Anyway, perhaps I digress slightly. So my little talk this morning is to help you to become aware that in fact there is a music in your very soul and it is so profound and wonderful and joyous, above all joyous when you allow this to happen and experience it.

So, dear friends here on the forum, don’t be shy, don’t worry about what other people say or think. When you feel this surging deep from inside yourself and you have this urge to stand up and jump up and down, well just do it and beleive me it will really make your day and in fact if someone does have the courage to come and ask you : what are you doing and be honest and tell them what you are doing, you are dancing to the music of your soul. They can do exactly the same if they are interested in finding out.

This is all for this morning, this is my Adjuster and myself, signing off and thank you for listening. Have a lovely day. Domtia
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