Author Topic: Mini Intelligence Report AS It Is FYI 041518  (Read 51 times)

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Mini Intelligence Report AS It Is FYI 041518
« on: April 15, 2018, 04:43:25 PM »
Intelligence Update and The United States as Policeman Problems to Bear Soon
The need to Ban Social Internet Software
York, Pa noon local time
April 15, 2018


"The United States now carries the bulk of the world necessary policing forces against the willful concerns of China and Russia to remove the Untied States as quickly as possible from world affairs by bombing a coastal city if required to.  They are unfamiliar with our defenses however, and the United States will have diplomatic immunity to world war affairs by signing a peace treaty with the powers of the Magisterial Mission.  No one need ever concern themselves with the power of the United States so long as there are peaceful intentions to stay the course and remind all that the Magisterial Son carries the full authority as to what shall be done in case of belligerent attempts to challenge other world powers for dominion over land and sea near or away from their borders.  Thank you.

"The Most Highs just spoke and we are helpful in this respect:  The United States is run by goons.  It is not familiar with genuine diplomacy and fails to provide proper responses to entreaties from foreign governments who wish to have a diplomatic approach to Trump other than through Tweets.  Ron Besser, through Gabriel, has actually petitioned the Ancients of Days, to consider removing social publication of all Tweets beginning in May of 2018.  He has also asked that the Ancients of Days consider banning Facebook for the mischief it causes the world governments trying to hold back critical information that would damage national security to the point measures taken against hacking and public misuse of data is now better secured.  Ron wrote page after page of requirements for the Ilok technology production for security purposes and we kept a copy for ourselves as he understands that public is useless in preventing their own capture in war or peace and must be left to drift in their own worlds of conspiracy and uselessly spoken to without a world wide dissemination such as Facebook, Twiter, and the half dozen or so copy cats on the Internet and elsewhere.  We concur with this request and have made it clear that we must control and curb rumors and rebellions by reducing the foot print of would be assassins and murderers and rebellion elements allowed to exist in all countries too much these days.


Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania