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The Advent of Jesus in Jerusalem
« on: December 10, 2017, 04:43:58 PM »
Note to readers, I have added more material that was not in the original which I have deleted entirely to get a fresh start with this important and newsy post.  Thanks to all for your patience and excuses to read this again with better annotation than the first transmission afforded us.

The Advent of Jesus in Jerusalem
An Edit of the Original Post on this subject with redaction and additions approved by Michael of Nebadon this morning 10 December 2017

York, Pa
T/R Ron Besser
December 10, 2017

This is Michael and I call upon all who are listening to their own concerns about what is about to happen.  Ron is transmitting me from Salvington right now and I have a message for all to carefully listen to.  

I am leaving Urantia one more time as the Advent of Jesus began with His visit to Jerusalem December 8th 2017, and I request that all of you pray for his appearance any moment and at any time elsewhere on Urantia.  He needs support, and pray for him as a modern and living example of God on earth, and goodwill to man.   He is ready and poised to go at a moment’s notice, but the Father Himself has no real inclination as to the time and place of the planetary announcement of His Return.

You must realize that of the many things that may be corrected in the future is the precise dating of the birth of Jesus.  Looking at your calendar and the history on Urantia makes it nearly impossible to trust your present calendar, the Gregorian Calendar** established about 500 years ago.  From our records we note that Urantia, skipped a beat in rotation sometime around the 5th (fifth) to the 9th (ninth) of September, 7 or early 8, BC by the Gregorian Calendar**.  In actual fact the true date of the eruption of Vesuvius in 79AD was a true calendar event we date as early 39AD (after correcting for pole shifts and other planetary anomalies you do not know of)  but that forces the birth date of Jesus back to 45 BC which goes completely against what tradition has established.  It also goes against the Midwayer research in the Urantia Book, so we are happy to keep the written research of the Midwayers given in the Urantia Book as fully correct for now.

[Note ** The Gregorian calendar was a reform of the Julian calendar. It was instituted in 1582 by Pope Gregory XIII, after whom the calendar was named, by papal bull Inter gravissimas dated 24 February 1582. See  For its history]

This is Michael and I saw the event called a pole shift shortly after Jesus was born*** in Bethlehem. and wondered why historians never took it into account, for the earth shuddered and the sphere slowed down by half as the magma beneath the feet of Italy and the Persian lands of Artabanus III.   Artabanus III, took the name of Arsaces XXVIII on his ascension to the Persian throne, as he was one of ten kings that ruled Persia in different areas, but he was among the most powerful and we reference him and his son Darius V or IX, depending on which author you read for Persia’s history.  We prefer to call him Darius V as that is the trued designation of this man, for it was he who me Jesus in Damascus.  It was in Damascus that Jesus was the camel master of a large number of camels transporting goods to Damascus in return for payment to help the new teacher Jesus obtain a lesson on how to finance his mission at that time.   Darius V wrote in his Parchment (number 17) of the transaction and this dates precisely the value of using good historical documents to date such events as the Bestowal on Urantia of the said Jesus Christ.  Darius V referred to Jesus as a merchant of Damascus known as the Scribe of Damascus and referenced the transaction to be easy and fair for what the camel master brought the Persian Empire that day.  

[Note: ***The tense in the sentence is correct as Jesus was the seventh Bestowal Michael needed to become sovereign of the Local Universe of Nebadon, but future scholars will question the tense and for good reason: How could Jesus and Michael be separate enough for Jesus to be unaware of the pole shift and Michael does see it take place from his Salvington Headquarters of Spirit Administration?  The Midwayers often conjectured that Michael of Nebadon was frequently elsewhere quite alive and doing the triumphant business of a Creator Son being sure that Jesus had completed the Bestowal and he was free to work secret sectors of Nebadon quite alone and assuming great responsibility to the Nebadon future universe.  No where better seen is the Midwayer narrative of the tomb where they write that Michael was somehow alive and watching the terrible scene as it unfolded as Jesus died on the cross and the tomb itself empty in spite of two men carried the corpse of Jesus to lay there.  The reader must gather that section for themselves to read.

[Note ****URANTIA Book 188.3.14 “There is good reason for believing that some personality sat in the seat of Caligastia in the system council of the Planetary Princes on Jerusem which convened while the body of Jesus rested in the tomb. “Michael indicates it was the Trinity Ambassador for sure and it may have been Gabriel briefly and it surely was Michael to see to what could be done for Jesus.  Imperator has spoken these things into my ear that I may know what did occur at that time.”  And this for the reader’s consideration: We are led to believe that Michael could be about the rulership of Nebadon, but Salvington could never find where he was on Salvington on this Bestowal and the earlier Bestowals such as for the Melchizedek version.  This suggests that Sonarington, as part of the secret concerning the Bestowal ceremonies all Creator Sons must go through, provides these Creator Sons a place to observe that replicates their powers on their capital spheres, but where they may work alone to either observe urgent Local Universe business on their own orders aside from the Trinity Ambassador, who is always called Immanuel regardless of what Local Universe that may occur in, and who is in charge of the day to day occurrences for resolution on Salvington or other name of a headquarters for a Creator Son.  The statement of the Midwayers which I quoted at the top of this note indicates not one, but probably five personalities who assumed the mantle of the Group of Twenty-four (24) Counselors, now disbanded,  temporarily, to see to it that Jesus entered the morontial properly.  If this is true and you can doubt me, then Michael can transfer his administrative concerns aside from the body of Jesus enough so to see to it that Gabriel understands the nature of the transfer.  All of this is a secret never disclosed to time creatures like ourselves, but we have enough evidence that this Secret of Sonarington, does replete itself well enough that any Creator Son bestowing themselves in human form, can and does use the Sonarington premise that the ability to be and move about as a Creator Son as a human can act independently of that human mind and/or Bestowal.

The Midwayers also report in Paper 155, that the Life and Times of Jesus was a tough assignment, and reading between the lines, they indicate they knew less then than they do now just what happened when the Group of Twenty-Four arose to the occasion by establishing not twenty-one Counselors but twenty-four Counselors as 1) The Governor was assigned to Midwayer ABC-01; 2)  the Planetary Prince was assigned to Machiventa Melchizedek; and 3)  the Prince of All,  known on Salvington, was Michael of Nebadon.  This is not related in the Urantia Book for good reason, as I am broaching a process that Salvington believes is to remain secret and holy, but I do not ever intend to disregard the status of these things, but to speak to the human mind that Sonarington does accommodate the Creator Sons in providing for independent action while they are about the business of the Father is one of their seven Bestowals to earn their Universe Sovereignty.

I am making this digression in this Paper about the Advent of the Second Return of Jesus for good reasons.  In my original paper I omitted a whole section to be spoken to on this subject alone, but got side tracked into the Kings of Persia statements which are so critical too for scholars someday to work out better than I did with a mere half-tracked transmission.  These are hard transmissions today to get a hold of because of the secrecy surrounding the Magisterial Missions which I keep hitting into and getting difficult assignments to stay away from (re: a tape recorder that can’t record for the time being).  In any case we have not looked at something that is quite secret and must move on to where Michael feels more comfortable as he now discusses the heart of God through Jesus in his visit to Jerusalem.  I remind all of you that the Second Return of Jesus must once again INVOKE SONARINGTON to provide Michael alternative speeches as he does with me now while Jesus is stationed in Jerusalem.  I end this note surreptitiously for now. Ron Besser ]

MICHAEL OF NEBADON continues . . .
“I beheld the city of Jerusalem as a mighty fortress in those days [as Jesus], and today I behold it as a little lamb being torn apart by the warlords of the Palestinian clans and the Israeli choice to stand forth with the Trump decision to name Jerusalem as the only capital of Israel.  He has created a great furor but he must never stand again on American soil with out the perjury of disease on spirit, for spirit never meant Jerusalem to be any capital but of Israel, but Israel bowed before Satan once too often and allowed its lands to be confiscated by the trial of Hitler too, for when Hitler seized Egypt, he appended Palestine to his ways and the entire matter will be resolved now with the Paradise Sons of the Magisterial Mission to be published by decree later this month (December 2017) for all to see and hear.  Palestine will have its own state but not next to Israel but next to another Shiite Kingdom they are in full agreement philosophically with today.

The birthplace of Jesus was Bethlehem, and a little village called Bethany, was the closest to the actual site of the Baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist.  Today it is spelled Bethany ( and differently many times in past history)  but scholars evade checking out why this place is so dear to Jesus himself.  That is because it gets confused in learned texts with Bathsheba or other little villages then with similar names near the Jordan River.  John the Baptist baptized Jesus in the Jordan almost inside Bethany but the exact site really has no real name associated with the event except as the Baptism of Jesus.  To the reader who enjoys historical dissertations by Seminary students, here is a read of one such doctorate from a seminary student at the time and the name Bethany is discussed as a miss or hit proposition.   Open:
(,_by_J_Carl_Laney.pdf) * A doctoral dissertation by J. Carl Laney (Dallas Theological Seminary, 1977.


I was King of the Acropolis at the time Jesus was Bestowed on Urantia.  I met a young man of 30 I thought and I decreed him a fair and equitable man at that time, never realizing he was a Bestowal Son of the Great God of Paradise and as far as I knew at the time, also of Egypt, Palestine, and the Hittite Empire elsewhere.  My knowledge of Jesus and what He stood for was not greatly impressed upon me until I heard that he had been executed by the Romans.  As I lay dying and waiting for my son to appear to succeed me, I rose briefly to hear him declare Israel no friend of Persia, but I died before there could be any action taken against what the Sanhedrin did and Rome carried out to Jesus.  We knew by then he was a great man but had no idea how he was sanctioned by the Father of All on Paradise.  In Parchment Eighteen (18) of my life, I state I met the strange fellow with a golden beard in Damascus and admired his ways as he made sure all the camels were well watered and ready to go after resting for a day and one half.  He ate figs packed in a case he kept by his side and that case also contained his life savings– exactly twelve (12) of your US dollars today.  That was enough to buy a camel in those days and little else, and I had great wealth and no where to put it.  In any case Jesus got his camels together and after unpacking them before me, took them to rest at a hassia on the desert floor nearby.  That term is meant to be understood as a spring in the dessert with palms surrounding, and Jesus went there to refresh his camels for a day and one half and sleep a little himself, as it take five days of being awake all the time to bring the camels to Damascus from what is now Israel today.

As I was King for a long time, I could remember the encounter and taught my people what a great man Jesus was, but they quickly forgot what I told them as we were always at war with someone in those days and that took all the energy the kingdom had to keep awake and vigilant against barbaric raids from our enemies to the north.  I am Darius V or IX as I am sometimes known in the fictitious  histories some scholars write these days.  Good day.

We must come to the conclusion that what is written here is important history to establish once again, but until someone of authority and note grabs hold of these writings we must wait for time to ascend enough to prove them wrong or correct.  What is presented here today is mostly correct and slightly exaggerated with Darius V in order to be sure the modern mind understands that Jesus met kings and princes who noticed nothing or never wrote of him, but Darius V  did write in his parchment records of meeting this man he knew as the Damascus Scribe well enough it stands yet in a museum to be interpreted and read precisely, as it dates the birth time of Jesus very well, as Darius spoke of his age as about 30 and standing tall and well proportioned for the time of beggars and sooth sayers usually danced or rode their way through Damascus in rags and filthy language in order to attract those who did not care what they heard as prophecy in those days.

I am not exaggerating to tell you that Jesus stood out so well as he was kempt and had on clean white robes*** that shone in the dazzling sunlight of those days before the industrial revolution clouded Urantia’s skies.  In our estimation Urantia has been besmirched for a thousand years for between volcanoes blowing their tops off and the coming of the industrial revolution, the skies over Urantia appear a smoky blue compared to planets who had no such thing happen so frequently.

[Note: *** When I got these words about the dress of Jesus I got a picture of him standing in what looked like a classical 18th century painting, and in it he was standing with gorgeous white robe but it had a black, olive green, a maroonish red strip flowing down on his left side of that garment (on the side of his left arm), and I asked Michael I keep seeing the garment with this striking stripe of color.  Michael responded thusly: “Jesus is me Ron, and that is the white robe he wore that day he met Darius V, and the picture you mentally received, that robe belongs to me and not Jesus.  Someone pulled that painting picture to show you and I never wear the robes any more, but they are preserved in my private museum of my Bestowals of the seven types of Creatures I became to become sovereign of Nebadon.  I put that stripe on as a way to dignify that robe I love so much.”]

I speak fully now and briefly.  

The robes the day I met Darius V were of a clean white damask.  As you women may know, it is sheer, light, but very strong and I greatly enjoyed wearing it.  Ron said truthfully, I feel you wearing it Jesus!

Now to business.  I have been in Jerusalem today and yesterday and the day before that as the violence is truly terrible and the rocks are think in the air from hooligans tossing them and firing them as David did to Goliath so long ago in the same manner with the same type of cowhide slingshot in some cases.

I have been in Jerusalem for days, and I see the rabble at its worst.  It is not a pretty picture but understood as the last hurrah over the issue of a capital for Israel as it was truly meant to be.  The Moslem population is not revealed to as Christians are, yet the Christians hold nothing sacred anymore and trample the roads I did once upon a time and never realize they walk where divinity stood and pondered the creation much more deeply than most men do.  Our Transmitter insists to stay out of it but he is also a deep thinker and I will use him to get the message across that God will not be mocked!  I said this in my teachings of long ago and I say again for the people of Urantia, for they think they own the place.  Wait until they learn they own nothing but the shirt on their backs and we are ready to take the citadel of the City of God of Augustine, back and use it as a ruler of decency all over Urantia once again!  I am Jesus. Good day.

“I crept up on Ron as he was ready to send this edit back to the list.  I wish to add this: No one can count Jesus ready to universally acknowledge what Trump has done, but we recognize that He sees it as an opportunity to break the crystallization of diplomatic play down and to start over again as he did by smashing the old rule of not moving the American Embassy there.  He singlehandedly removed the single problem that kept a solution from appearing for half a century, and we are glad he heard the Most Highs whisper in his ear it was time to do it.  We also are glad to see that Trump is an unabashed supporter of the Saudis as they will break up the hegemony of the Shiite axis between Iran and Syria and now Iraq which originally was to remain a Sunni bastion for good, but the Gulf Wars thanks to the stupidity of Saddam Hussein ruined that idea permanently.  We in infinity are very much aware of material developments and see the end before the beginning as to what should transpire and seldom does on Urantia at least.  There should have been a peace conference after the first Gulf War but the Bush family decided to stay out of the affairs of the Middle East until Saddam Hussein insulted his father’s Presidency.  Now we are faced with a split that will never heal until the Moslem religion is defeated for what it should not have become.

“We speak of the Second Return of Jesus and I am apt to remark He has picked a very bad time about Urantia Politics to enter into that realm at this particular time, as the world is in alignment to start yet another World War and this time the United States gets bombed and may never recover as New York City is always a prime target for its financial power and stress concerning the capitalistic life these days.  I am the Deity Absolute mostly as God the Absolute when I speak these things in a transmission to Ron Besser, and he recognizes that I speak through a third party in order to keep infinity out of time and he also recognizes I use Ocilliaya, Master Spirit Four, to transmit these words as I do so today.  In many cases I wish to say hello to this transmitter quite often and he listens but it puts a buzz in his head that almost puts him to sleep and I see why: He carries nothing in that case today as Michael has wrapped him securely into the spirit zone with a white light that astonished even me and it should be seen for its beauty and pageantry as it clears the way for all to speak with Ron if they have business to attend to with him and all of you.  Good day.  I am the Deity Absolute speaking from the Circle of Infinity on Paradise as it weaves its power into the the time zones of the seven Superunvierses.”

“You have completely, or almost completely rewritten the entire first post this thread and post was to appear in.  Write a new thread and call it The Advent of Jesus in Jerusalem and delete the other one.

I also delight in your reasoning concerning the Sonarington secret but in this case with Michael of Nebadon, He never lets that out and did not say anything, as I am Immanuel, the Trinity Ambassador to Salvington, and your explanation satisfies me greatly as it is understandable to human mind as you state it.  It works approximately that way and we will let it stand for now.  I also congratulate the Deity Absolute for being able to finally become somewhat chummy with a human creature the size that exhibits itself as Ron Besser on Urantia, as he calls them as he sees them and his painful situation must cease immediately says the Father but it does not get enacted on in Nebadon because Michael uses it to bring the House that Jack built down to its knees in several situations important to the sixth epochal revelation.  Our work there is tedious and complicated due to the situation on Urantia and the place we had working to disseminate the fifth epochal revelation, but it has failed as well and the Paradise Trinity is not about to loose the sixth epochal revelation as we lost the fifth.  Ron Besser uses the Urantia Foundation as a whipping post because they have failed so often, but the truth of the matter is that the Urantia Foundation failed before it even got off the ground and did not heed Mantutia Melchizedek when he said they must pray daily for help from the Universe and we see you listen carefully Ron and do as we bid.  That is so useful we cannot describe how that will be used in the near and distant future for all.

Now this: As Immanuel I listen to the Paradise Trinity, but as a Day I am subordinated to only the Trinity and the Paradise Father and wield considerable power in the hierarchy of choices available to God to make things work well. I dare not leave this unsaid but the pain you suffer Ron is designed to harm you not yet it distracts you entirely at times and is most unwelcome by all who view you wince to walk at times.  Be assured that will be removed and that medicine called Gabapentin is not badly construed but contains strychnine to calm leg pain and must not be used heavily or you will die of its poison since you have no medical ability to keep it out of your tissues including the heart which is now slightly tinged with that ingredient.  In any case this entire matter ends shortly as the Second Return of Jesus is imminent and we must pray together that it works this time!  Good day. I am Immanuel.”

“Immanuel is correct and I will leave it at that but you cannot figure it out Ron and I do not give you clues but you need rest and relaxation when it is over soon enough as the Jesus Second Return signals the end to all preliminary work you have done as to corporations and set up for personnel to come to York at that point.  It leaves us all gasping for air sometimes but your heart and legs will soon be clear as a princess’ consciousness for divine rulership through the many ways you gave us to be around Urantia all the time.  Good day.”

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania


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Re: The Advent of Jesus in Jerusalem
« Reply #1 on: December 11, 2017, 12:55:32 AM »
Jesus, my beloved brother, ..., I only think about you, I dare to imagine the heavy task in front of you, ..., I just want to tell you that I wish you full protection by the Father in Paradise, I wish you immense success and hope that the Urantian people will accept you and accept you as ‘’Son of God’’.

I hope that the Urantian people will receive you in their hearts and that your presence on this earth will change everything in their lives, that is the way of seeing life other than that which Lucifer and Calagastia unfortunately gave us as a legacy, despite their modification of our DNA.

Father, ... I beseech you and I pray for total protection to my brother, to your son Jesus!!!!

Father, ..., I pray for total success when Jesus will make his presence known to the whole world!!!!

And for you, my brother Jesus, ... you know how much I love you,..., if I can help you, ... do not hesitate to ask me to give you a helping hand to help you give back '' Urantia '' to our Heavenly Father as he would like to find it.

Yes, Jesus, ..., I do not have unfortunately the faculties of my brother Ron Besser possesses, ..., but, ..., you are able to read my intensions in my hearts and you know to what I would like to help you and how much I would like to do the Father's will.

Jesus, ..., Jesus, ..., Jesus, my brother whom I love with all my soul, ...., I wish you a huge success and for the '' Magistral Mission  ‘'!!!!
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Father, if it is your will, ... I would like to express to you my intention and my desire to have the possibility for the fusion with my Personal Thought Adjuster during my life time on Urantia and this of course in order to serve you better Father, to better serve your beloved son Jesus.

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Re: The Advent of Jesus in Jerusalem
« Reply #2 on: December 11, 2017, 11:46:12 PM »
     Ron, thank you for this most interesting information you have reposted, a fascinating read to say the least.  I also thank all who transmitted thru you, Father ,Diety Absolute, Jesus, Father Michael Mother Spirit, and if I missed anyone, my apologies.  I pray the  United Nations, all who are able capable on Urantia, especially government officials ,open their hearts, minds, bodies, and souls,  to the Father, Christ Michael, Jesus, Mother Spirit, and all who are here being about the Fathers business, divine attributes. And Ron, I thank you for all of your hard work, dedication and consecration to being about the Fathers business.  You are one brave and courageous soul, I applaud your patience and ability to withstand all this pain you are going thru.  You are one fantastic T/R.  You and all of my forum siblings are in my daily prayers.  Domtia Charlie
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