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Notice of Important Urgency
« on: March 25, 2018, 10:36:08 AM »
Yesterday I was asked to take a reception concerning what is discussed here.  I was also asked to send it to Ron before posting it as he would also being receiving some additional information on this topic that can have serious consequences for many here.  I took this reception shortly after my dinner time  but only sent it to Ron at 9:45.  He promptly responded and did make a suggestion that I edit it since there was a couple of references that might cause readers to think  that the Rebellion that we have learned so much about and that have been so far reaching  for Urantia for so long was somehow involved or at least it might be taken that way.   I tell you that  that is NOT the intent here and I have hopefully editied \out those references that could easily be misinterpreted.
I was also  informed that since that original request  that the situation has been assessed although not the final  adjudication of those responsible.  I have no other information to share with you about the outcome but I believe Ron wanted me to post it  in any event just to stress  that we have been under an attack of sorts.   In our world today there are what is referred to as  the “dark web” and the “black hats” that are responsible for much  mischief and  there are also many in various groups and individuals who would like  and who are actively seeking to disrupt our site and it’s membership and we should all be acutely aware  nor should we have an aire of naivete about what confronts us now and certainly in the future.   
During  my communication with Ron about this, as we were talking via phone, I was fortunate enough,  through Ron, to  hear from the Father, Michael Mother Spirit,  Lanaforge, Gabriel, and Margul; all discussing this issue with Ron and I.
Regarding  the Rebellion, let us always remember that Michael, our SuperCreator Son and Mother Spirit, as Divine Minister and Representative of the Infinite Spirit  have received honors, acknowledgement and a high change in status for their work in  the Rebellion and in making “impossible” for future rebellions throughout  Nebadon.
I share  this with you as requested.
One High in Authority -  Notice of Important Urgency – Larry Gossett – 24 March 2028 - Florida
Subject: Notice of Important Urgency
Speaker: One High In Authority ( Name Withheld)
Winter Park, Florida – 24 March 2018 – 21:45 EDT
New  Transmissions
T/R: Larry Gossett
This is One in High Authority and I come  this evening to briefly discuss and disclose with all of you a serious  dilemma and crisis  that is taking place on Urantia and in particular, with this site and all upon it who so revere the work done here.   
It is no small problem that is in play and all should be made aware of the serious transgression  of this event.  All are in that mode of discovery and determination of the  origin, source, and  means of this encroachment and will  work with dedicated perseverance until this situation is brought to inevitable conclusion.
Ron  has tried to brief  you, in so many words, for he is in as much of a quandary as are was as to  who these perpetrators are and the reasons,  motives and intentions creating this crisis.  This is very likened  to a maligned energy and intent and we want all of you to take  particular precautions until this crisis is averted.  These are rare events that now occur and it is of the utmost importance that all of you surround yourselves with that prayerful
light and protection.   Just call on these protective energies through your prayers and will. Those of you who have the abilities and fortitude to take these troubling circumstances  to bare are asked to do so with every possible assistance at your side.
This disruption in transmissions and receiving is cause for great concern.
Be at a state of alertness and look for all anomalies that come to your notice and attention..   How long this situation will continue is unknown at this time and we in Spirit are always concerned for your spiritual and physical safety and wellbeing  and  this is one of those times when you must be keenly aware of everything that does not feel and appear as it should .   This is not to unduly alarm you but simply to make you aware.
There is, as you say, much afoot, but together we will find the appropriate solution and remedy at  this emergent and urgent situation in good time and will share with you  more  details as they are accurately gathered and disseminated.  This receiver and Ron have been asked to come in reception and take a message concerning this rather volatile situation as it’s effects have serious consequences.
This may be coming from an outside of the forum’s influence or possibly with Urantia  at large even perhaps a malcontent or serious miscreant.  We will ascertain this as it occurs and when stability will be reestablished.  So ome of what we already know is that the circuits that are used for transmissions are being jammed and information scrambled and infused with information to confuse and mislead and cause misunderstanding.  While that may not sound serious, it is quite the predicament  not only for Spirit but for each of you as well, especially here on this site. This is a far reaching and grave breach and violation to all concerned and cannot and will not be tolerated or permitted.
  Having a clear, and secure circuit for the exchange of information is especially vital  right now and many of you have reported this near assault on your  hearing, understanding and wellbeing.      I tell you in confidence and in truth that this is not a good time for Urantia, which is why we are coming with this information. And with this call for you to be alert and sharp.
Many of you are searching for clear understanding at this difficult time  at what has been presented in the past 48 hours and we are with you to see it through to acceptable conclusion.  Until then, dear children,  be in that state of heightened awareness and resolve.
This is of significant importance and our reasons we are discussing right now and yet I do not want to create  a false state of panic or  fear for that will not serve you now or at any time.  This is not a situation of  fight or flight, just one that is serious enough for me to come  and deliver this message.
Just be on notice and more will be shared with you as the perpetrators are discovered and dealt with.  This is not a time for any one you to withdraw or lessen your attention and focus.   Quite to the contrary.   
These are perilous times but take heed and keep abreast of all around you.
This is  One High in Authority and that will have to suffice for good reason. 
I thank you for reading and encourage you to heed what is written here. Be in prayer and in the Light of the Father’s Love and Protection as I speak for  all of your Universal Administration.   This is One High in Authority Good Evening.
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Re: Notice of Important Urgency
« Reply #1 on: March 25, 2018, 12:22:08 PM »
Thank you brother Larry for this post.
I felt it in my soul that something strange was going on, that I didn’t understand. That’s why I asked, on March 23, if someone could please explain, in plain English, what on earth was going on here? I was totally lost.
I will certainly remain alert to further postings from Ron, you and other bonifide transmitters for updates on this critical and urgent situation we  are now traversing on our beloved Urantia.

Bless you!

Jose L. Vargas Núñez
José L. Vargas Núñez (TA Veyoptia-9-III) (Pre'Msha)

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Re: Notice of Important Urgency
« Reply #2 on: March 25, 2018, 02:54:38 PM »
Steve you are out of your league at the moment and need to still yourself.  I just deleted your last post and none others and let that be a reminder that your posts have to address the issues and not the personalities associated with posts you reply to.  You are in dangerous territory because you are not equipped to deal with the true issues just yet.  I happen to care you are brought into understanding with the work and purpose of this site, but I'll be darned if I am going to let wild shots from anyone to keep coming up for others to read and to have to scratch their heads to know what you are aiming at sometimes.  Advice: calm down. Attempt to understand what is being told here today in particular.    I am Admin and I take my work seriously as should you.  Wait for it to dawn on you the fifth epochal revelation is soon history and a new Foundation is coming forward.  Larry Gossett is also fused with his Thought Adjusters, and your Thought Adjuster hovers close enough to me I can hear him speak.  Here is he is for your own discourse:

Steve Hughes' Thought Adjuster speaks via transmission through this individual and his Thought Adjuster -
"I am your Adjuster Steve, I am new to the business at hand  too, and because you elected to read this site more and more, you have brought me great pleasure to be able to at least speak offhand to a valid transmitter of what Adjusters really say to their human wards.  I am that Thought Adjuster who volunteered to be for you on earth, Urantia.  I am slow and Ron has type to slow until I can catch up on this technique of typing electrically through what you call a keyboard.  It is a difficult task if you are a new Adjuster to Urantia and have not learned all that gets in your hair too Steve,

"I bring this to you Steve.  You are running Ron ragged with statements you really do not mean, but his mind races to earn trust and you keep slapping it down.  Learn to stay back and wait to post responses so the ink dires on the one you post to.  I am really happy with this person as he attempts to be understanding, but in all honestly you are rushing your responses and that they make no sense as you do not state really what you mean,  You are falling into Jargon, yes jargon, and that is hard to swallow for Ron as he knows you can to a lot better,  He takes you as bright and honest and ready to do real work but not until you learn what is actually to happen,  You are being appreciated by a person who is genuinely fused with his own Adjuster and that makes a huge difference in what a human can understand.  Believe me this could he you in ten years if you will forget your learned biases from Urantia Grouping you subscribe too.  They are mostly off course in what they say and teach and that is not their fault and they will be corrected someday elsewhere.

"Look forward to your incantations with Michael someday when Ron can teach you to use the tools he uses, as they are not exclusive to him at all.  Mind your manners as there is nothing worse you can say than to accuse somebody of unethical statements about their closeness to God.  You do it because you are frustrated by Ron and his insistence you understand more than you are willing to hear, and that is a sign of a jackass and not a student of God.  I am your Thought Adjuster and your age approximated to Ron is about twenty-four or so earth years after birth.  I do not go by your birthdays but by your attitude.  That is what tells you what psychic circle you are in, and I promoted you recently to the fourth psychic circle.  There you will stay until you learn to learn and not fabricate problems for your teachers.  I thank you for your time to listen to this and I pray we can get over the hurdle of facing Ron down with statements that hardly hide your disregard for superior forces at work for you.  Your Adjuster."

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