Author Topic: Using solar after earth changes  (Read 1258 times)

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Using solar after earth changes
« on: April 28, 2016, 09:24:12 PM »
At one time I thought we had a solar area here, but I may have missed it. Not sure if this fits in here with Ultimatons or not...feel free to move it.
I post these links to share how to build and use solar stuff for when the grid is interrupted and we may be called to help people.  Those of us left may need to know some things, and to be able to show others how to use solar is a win.
Here's one about disinfecting and distilling water. Always good to have a few quarts of 'safe' water put aside.
I have so far 10 'instructables' posted ( put up one today about solar brulee') on using and building inexpensive portable solar ovens, and my goal is get folks to start using and learn about them now, not later. You might want to bookmark them or even hard copy the ones of interest to you. I made them all public domain, so share please.  Also my facebook page of Secret Solar Institute of Northern Nevada has even more solar things to share.  (website of same name I can no longer access to add content...blah don't bother)  

I am adding parts of a post I did here a couple of days ago, so that you can appreciate more what our sun will do, offgrid, all by itself without infrastructure.
"....The sun will directly as I have personally discovered: cook our food, heat our water -- and disinfect it, distill alcohol (for chemical processes, drinking, disinfectants and fuel) and other essences, roast coffee and grains, bake bread, melt and cast lead (looking to cast aluminum eventually) and with direct use of small PV panels (offgrid) run 12V motors to grind grains, run pasta machines, power sewing machines, charge cell phones, and perhaps even compress air, etc.  I've made colloidal silver and removed rust with a single small solar panel in distilled water (solar distilled...) and electrolysis opens the way to experimentation. BTW, if/when the grid goes down, those rooftop solar PV arrays will probably not work, sorry. 
In view of collapse, peak resources, earth changes and catastrophe, it will be good to know and teach others how to do these things. And they even work before then.
We can give a man a loaf of bread, and feed him for a day...or teach him how to make his own, and he might feed us all.
Love to you, and thank you,
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Re: Using solar after earth changes
« Reply #1 on: April 28, 2016, 10:25:05 PM »
Hi Coberland
Not sure if this fits in here with Ultimatons or not...
Can I come to your house for Correction Time survival?  :)
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