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TRANSLATIONS / Re: Wiadomoci po polsku (Posts in Polish)
« Last post by Andre_P on Today at 06:16:45 AM »
Ta sama wiadomość po angielsku i po rosyjsku :
Podał na forum : Prozonov . pełny członek
Kategoria / Temat : Miejsce na nowe przekazy / Przygotowania i sesja przekazywania, ….utrzymajcie rozpęd !
« Odpowiedź nr 3, 24 września 2018 r., godz. 06:48:10 »

24 września 2018 r.
Rosja, Samara, 14:30 czasu miejscowego

- Czuję, że przyszedł do mnie rajski nauczyciel Margul.

Tak, to ja. Pisz.
Musicie wiedzieć, że Dostrajacze mogą na jakiś czas opuścić śmiertelnego człowieka i pozostawić duszę pod opieką aniołów. Aniołowie są stale przy was i opiekują się śmiertelnikiem w ramach swoich kompetencji. Nie powinniście ignorować ich obecności i wrazie potrzeby zwracać się do nich z prośbą o radę lub pomoc. Oni nie mogą się mieszać w fizyczne procesy życia człowieka, ale w skrajnych przypadkach mogą zapobiec problemom, jeśli otrzymają takie wskazanie. Wiedzcie, że anioły, które was otaczają, są najbardziej niezawodnymi waszymi pomocnikami. Są mistrzami w sprawach manipulowania waszymi "przypadkowymi" spotkaniami, bo nic przypadkowego nie dzieje się na ziemi. Wszystko znajduje się pod czujną kontrolą Ojca wszechświata.

Niektórzy uwarzają, że są panami własnego losu, że ich wola jest ponad wszystko. Są w błędzie. Samowola często prowadzi człowieka do tragicznego końca. I jeśli w swoim życiu nie udało mu się narobić grzechów śmiertelnych, nie doszedł do odrzucenia Boga, to wciąż ma jeszcze szansę kontynuowania życia w światach-mieszkaniach. Człowiek jest panem własnego losu tylko wtedy, gdy podporządkował swoją wolę woli Boga ! Jest moją wolą, żeby twoja wola się spełniła, to jest hymn wolnej osoby. Samowola jest drogą śmierci, spełnianie woli Bożej jest drogą do nieśmiertelności.

To szystko na razie.

- Dziękuję Ci mądry rajski nauczycielu, że mi zaufałeś."

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Audio Transmission / Hitting the jackpot.
« Last post by Lemuel on Today at 01:30:39 AM »
Speaker: Lemuel
Subject: Hitting the jackpot.
Place. Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
Date/Time: 25th Sept. 2018  07:30 Local  05:30 Z
Yes, there are Urantia Book readers in groups we do not know yet and I converted an email from the Urantia Book Fellowship of their newsletter with several groups pictured some celebrating the birthday of Jesus too.

This is a word document  and I could not get the html to take because it overloaded out data base, so the link will open your Word and display the pictures and text for you if things do not go wrong for us.  I do not know them myself as I am so out of date it is not funny, but let us see what the Michael Mission does to reunite readers and Mission workers!  Enjoy.   Ron

Link to Word doc with pictures:

Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Worship
« Last post by Clency on September 24, 2018, 08:33:30 PM »
Hello David from Ouganda, as a start you really kick it off as a long-timer, you tear it away my friend. Thanks for your participation and hope to read more from you. Domtia
Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Love
« Last post by Clency on September 24, 2018, 08:15:05 PM »
If we go by the explanation given here by Mother Spirit, Love is an energy that creates and pervades everything, so, on a human level, we see It as a pure emotion, but in the spirit realm, It transcends all what we can really fathom. Thank you SophiaVeronica, thank you Mother Spirit for this transmission. Domtia
General Discussion / Re: A Few Words From Michael
« Last post by 7inOcean on September 24, 2018, 08:02:41 PM »

Thank you Julio for your supportive words as I too join you in consolation with and for our brother Antonio. Antonio sent me a private message at some length last night for which I replied as best as I could under his circumstances, and it occurs to me that although it is a private missive on his part of his struggles in life, there are so much in life that so many of us have also endured to a degree. Although variable in certain areas of struggles, I think it is wise to find someone you trust and speak up about those struggles and get help where it is appropriate. Some years ago, I struggled with the sudden change in technology that the hearing-aids have developed from the analogue to the digital version. The sound quality was so different, I sort of went into a shock of sorts as to the change and never recovered well from it. The depression and the confidence slide coupled together and I was so shattered as to how to cope with the new digital hearing-aid. Gradually, I had to endure and wear it and let it grow on me and get used to the newer version of hearing. It took a good month before it became second nature to me. The first week or more was harrowing, but then, as I kept wearing them it wore in better over time. Pretty much how eyes have to adjust to wearing new glasses.

To explain the hearing aid difference above, let me elaborate here:

With the analogue In-The-Ear (ITE) hearing-aids that I got and wore between 1995-2006(circa), this allows for all-around sound reception and everything is picked up even loud jarring noises, voices and other sounds. It was nice and loud for me to hear well in normal hearing environments and I found them terrific and comfortable and functional. But as the years went, the machines wore out and it was time to upgrade to newer ones, only to find they do not encourage analogue and instead introduce the digital format as it lessons the damage to hearing that the analogue is prone to do.

Now when I got new hearing aids(circa 2006), they were privately bought top brand Behind-The-Ear (BTE) hearing-aids (one for each ear and they were costing in the thousands which I also had difficult accepting the prices, but my husband wanted the best for me and to hear well with the children and him,o.k. fine!) Anyways, the BTE aids were digital and what these ones do is soften out the loud noises so I can directly hear the voice that is speaking in front of me. It made hearing that much more directional. The hearing parameters is directional and in front of the wearer in the vicinity of 180 degrees in front of me, anything behind me gets dulled out and is not picked up as well as in front of me, hence why it is dubbed, directional hearing-aids. The digital version is very mellow and subdued in noise reduction and concentrates on voice recognition. Upon first introduction of wearing these hearing-aids, in normal everyday environments, this was vastly different to the loud and all-surround analogue version and the shift was very much dramatic in sound quality. The digital ones were so mellow and subdued that when I went grocery shopping in the supermarket and then went to load the car with the bags, there was someone behind me speaking and I did not know that was there! It freaked me out big time, that I couldn’t hear behind me and that made me more alert to keep a watch on behind, as the BTE did not function to do that. Over time however, my ears got adjusted and used to the softness and I kept up the habit to be ever alert to my surroundings more.

Now for the last few years, I wear another upgraded ITE and they are great to wear and I am getting used to the digital format with the habit I keep up to always look when I need to hear something directed at me as they are so directional. Hearing people must understand the nature of these machines that hearing-impaired or half-deaf ones wear as they are designed to pick up things in front of them and not behind them! It is so important to look at a deaf person when speaking as deaf people tend to use their visual senses more strongly than their hearing senses. I pick up the body language, the way people speak and what is being conveyed and so on. It is a natural instinct to do that.

Now when life has it moments, mine is the shift in hearing-aid technology over the years as I have been wearing them since the age of three to four years of age. Due to congenital rubella, I was born half-deaf and was monitored later as such and was given government hearing-aids at the age of three/four. Hence, at such a late stage, I have missed out on a lot of development in language and comprehension, simply because I did not hear many words. Fortunately, my mum is an elocutionist, and being in a large family, as I grew up, I was constantly corrected in speech and word pronunciation etc. Hearing specialists and counsellors have told me how well I speak in my condition as most others would normally and usually do mumble in their speech. That is good to know how much influence, my mum and dad and my siblings have had on my development years of growing up. Over the years, I have waxed and waned in the changes of hearing-aids and have found it often creates swings of mood and depression as to absorbing such significant changes in hearing. It is not an easy process, yet a vital element I rely on to survive in a vicious world of taking certain things for granted. The hearing world have no idea until they get old and can’t hear, that’s when I have the last laugh!

So this is typed up this morning with me sitting in front of a computer without wearing my ITEs and it’s so silent and nice without them. Again I live in two different worlds, the hearing one and the silent one. Some years ago, I read this book(can’t remember which one it was)  and in it was said that those who cross over the veil after death (I think it was on the stories who have had NDEs and come back to tell some experience), have experienced a notable silence on the other side which is so deafening that it was a shock for these ones to be in as they realise just how noisy it is in the here and now in mortal reality.  When I read that, I understood completely and know of this silence very well. It is so natural to me and it is not unusual for me to face it. The silence is a blessing for me as I find it calming, peaceful and very much where I find solace and commune with the divine within. It is a vital element that I have realised over the years that it has allowed me to concentrate deeper in this way in what the silence brings to me. Most hearing people will not understand this, but that is a part of me that most people do not know about, for that is the real me in most cases, I am that free and unencumbered person to just let it be as it is, silence is beautiful and most certainly not deafening as the other NDErs have made it out to be. Like adjusting to the new machines, the silence is something that can be tuned to if you just allow it to grow in you.

Anyways, this is something that I share because like many struggles in life, we all do have those difficulties, be it big or small, they do present challenges, decisions, preferences, alertness and absorption of change that does develop more processing abilities as you go along in them. Although, Antonio’s struggles are very different to mine, they are still the difficulties we all face one way or another to overcome and be stronger for what they have been for us to endure. Sometimes we do not know the ‘whys’ of the moment, but we know that given time, things do become clearer and more manageable as it goes. It is really up to me to cope with so much or I could choose otherwise, but that is not the case. I chose to stick with what it is for me and let it ride for now.  Certain things do work out in the end but only if you stay strong in yourself and be confident and believe that things will work out for the best. Often times each day, I speak in prayer with the Father for his help and his guidance as that has been my consolation in the years that has gone by and even now. I walk with Him in every step of the way and I know Him as He knows me. If anything, the silence has brought me closer with Him than anything else. Prayer is a powerhouse when you find that quiet time and place to be in His presence. It is a holy sanctuary. May peace abound in all of you and may His peace be with you. Shalom.


Ankara wishes to speak here:

“It is good to share these human struggles, although you must be aware the human body has been left undone in genome improvement as it is subjected to the Caligastian corruption that permeate the genetic build up that you all contain in the Homo Sapien specie development. Over the course of time the degradation is notable and has resulted in the many retardation, diseases and imperfections in the human makeup. Hence, why you see so many humans with various forms of brokenness. Yours is in related to a disease that stems from the second World War the soldiers inherited and brought back as you discovered in your research. That is only part of the story. While it is true, certain diseases did emanate from the years of the World War, there were also apparent malaise developing that caused more imperfections to develop over the course of human occupation on the planet. Sue is letting this run as I speak it and that is because she is very much aware there is something remiss here in the telling of human suffering on the planet of Urantia. Urantia has been subjected to a gross unfolding that occurs and results from a rebellion and that is now showing up in the human genome as a viral infection that caused certain types of imperfection to emanate. This is a main driving concern for the Dr Mendoza camp to unravel the human sequence to get it twitched in areas where it needs correction, modification and improvements in order to salvage a mechanism whereby the human strain can develop a more robust and pure formation of cell survival. The Ultimatons are a building block in the pre-matter of the biology of human production, it generates its own code of perfection. This is to be introduced in the human stock in the years to come. The fused candidates have the code in which can unlock the necessary improvements that Mendoza and company can decipher and infuse in the human genome generation.  

“While this is to do with the human cell production, the struggles you all face is a result of the Lucifer Rebellion, you all have been victims of its demise one way or another. The financial world, the business cycle and the government block are the hallmarks of the social structuring to control the flows of power and wealth. That is not surprising to say that as you are all aware of the flaws of the problems of disparity between those who have wealth and those who are living in extreme poverty. The struggle is ever present for the masses who find themselves overwhelmed by the sheer disparity of wealth and greed. This must be corrected and be balanced in favour of a mechanism of sustainability and planetary management. Michael is to pan out the disparity over the course of time it takes to make the adjustments, the time it takes for one structure to fall, and the time for another to rise in its place or wherever is safe to be in a planetary geologic renovation.  That is wide sweeping as the earth has to move in ways that has to find a gravity balance. In turn, certain sweeps will see whole nations wiped out and then communities relocated in areas that require revamping. This and many other impinging problems will emerge in and through the dark transition that will require the best of the best among the human stock to rise to the occasion to rethink the way to live in a new world they find themselves in.

“The Michael Mission is a go as you all know and that is introduced in a soft landing to get the mission of thought and education in the nerve centre of religion, science and the philosophy of social order and justice in the lands that has changed under their feet. There are so many areas to improve and so much work yet to do and be done, the work is in front of you even now to get transmitting as urgently as this requires. We need more transmitters and more able hands on deck, as the saying goes, to enable the Michael ship to float and be recognisable in the waters of Urantia. I leave it there for now as there are incoming announcements to be made in the coming days and weeks as the world is soon to reel in the disasters that will grow upon them. Keep up the work folks and this is a vital service to be about in informing and educating the public to be aware there is a need for awareness and understanding on what is about to be for the people on this planet. I am Ankara, I speak in brevity and in the length it takes to make the point as it is here and let this sink in for all to care and be ready for the business of God’s service to this planet. I bid you a good day. Domytia.”

End.25/09/2018 9.25am-10.30am(AEST)

[Thank you Ankara for this revelation and we are to learn more as this one has just flowed and I am most grateful that the Michael Mission is in readiness to be involved with all of us, thank you Father Michael. Sue]
Thank you Christ Micheal and Ron for your response. May Father's will be done.


General Discussion / Re: A Few Words From Michael
« Last post by JuliodaLuz on September 24, 2018, 10:57:40 AM »
Antônio. We care about what you feel, for you are a beloved brother. Remember these words. Whatever happens, have faith and trust in God. Rely on your Thought Adjuster as your destination guide. A big brotherly hug. Julio.
Antônio. Nós importamos com o que você sente, pois é um irmão muito amado. Lembre-se destas palavras. Aconteça o que acontecer tenha fé e confiança em Deus. Confie em seu Ajustador do Pensamento como guia de seu destino. Um grande abraço fraternal. Julio.
TRANSLATIONS / Re: Wiadomoci po polsku (Posts in Polish)
« Last post by Andre_P on September 24, 2018, 10:46:13 AM »
Ta sama wiadomość po angielsku i po rosyjsku :
Podał na forum : Prozonov . pełny członek
Kategoria / Temat : Miejsce na nowe przekazy / Jeden bez imienia ani numeru – Orkiestra życia
« Odpowiedź nr 2, 22 września 2018 r., godz. 13:15:55 »

Rosja, Samara, 19.10 czasu miejscowego
Nauczyciel : Nebadonia.

Tu twoja matka Nebadonia

"Dziękuję Ci droga mamo."

Wołanie Dostrajaczy to niesienie prawdy o Bogu śmiertelnikom. Kto może odpowiedzieć na ich wezwanie - żyć będzie wiecznie. Dostrajacze są waszą szczęśliwą przyszłością. Nie możecie sobie nawet wyobrazić, jakie doświadczenia są przed wami, przechodząc przez wiele światów morontialnych w przyszłym życiu morontialnym. Ale jesteście zaślubieni z Bogiem, z jego cząstką, więc wasze wysiłki i wysiłki Dostrajaczy nie poszły na marne. Wy się z nimi zespalacie, a oni zyskują osobowość. Obaj jesteście zainteresowani kontynuowaniem wspólnej praktyki poznania. Ty i on jesteście jedną całością. Dbajcie o ten związek, nie zdradzajcie się nawzajem. Boskie cząstki nigdy nie były zamieszane w odstępstwo, bo są cząstkami Boga, więc są samym Bogiem, jak napisano w Księdze Urantii. Są nieomylni. Słuchajcie ich, postępujcie zgodnie z ich radami i zaleceniami. To jest przesłanie dla tych, którzy dopiero zaczynają obcowanie z wewnętrznym Dostrajaczem, którzy jeszcze wątpią w ich istnienie. Nie należy wątpić. Bóg daje każdemu ten cud zmartwychwstania w światach-mieszkaniach, bo wszyscy, którzy się urodzili, muszą przejść przez bramy śmierci.
Chcę jeszcze powiedzieć, żebyście bardziej aktywnie zaglądali do Księgi Urantii. Są w niej odpowiedzi na wszystkie wasze pytania. Trzeba tylko chcieć znaleźć na nie odpowiedź.

Wasza obecna sytuacja jest bardzo skomplikowana. Wam praktycznie nikt nie wierzy i uważają was, łagodnie mówiąc, za nienormalnych. Ta sytuacja wkrótce się zmieni. Bądźcie gotowi w dniach boleści odpowiadać na wiele pytań, wyjaśniać ludziom, co się dzieje.

- Dziękuję Ci mamo za nauki ...
General Discussion / Re: Flu
« Last post by JuliodaLuz on September 24, 2018, 10:32:26 AM »
                   Hi, Larry. I hope you will soon recover from the malaise in your health. A major storm (or hurricane?) Recently hit the US East Coast. I think it was relatively close to where you live. Take care to recover soon.
               Hi, Evan. Similarly, a typhoon struck the Philippines almost the same time a few weeks ago, if I remember correctly, where you live Evan. I hope you and your family are well.
                 With climate change, we often become ill or sick.
                 Perhaps when major catastrophes happen, there will also be sudden changes in time in different parts of the world, and somehow we must prepare ourselves for it.


                         Oi Larry. Espero que você se recupere logo da indisposição em sua saúde. Um grande tempestade (ou furacão?) atingiu recentemente a costa leste dos EUA.  Acredito que foi relativamente perto de onde você mora.  Se cuida para se recuperar logo.
                        Oi Evan  Da mesma forma, um tufão, atingiu as Filipinas, quase no mesmo período, faz algumas semanas, se eu não me engano, lugar aonde você mora Evan. Espero que você e sua família estejam bem.
                          Com a mudança do clima, muitas vezes ficamos indispostos ou doentes.
                          Possivelmente, quando acontecer as grandes catástrofes haverá, também, mudanças repentinas no tempo em diversas partes do mundo e de alguma forma devemos nos preparar para isto.
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