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Speaker Lemuel
Subject: Man Proposes, God Disposes
Location. Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
Date/Time: 17th Jan. 2019  07:36 Local  06.36 Z
Hi Occerpa.  You are correct all accounts have to be approved by me and I do the best I can without knowing either the credentials of the member applicant or what his or her intentions are.  Normally that is fine and we get some really nice new members through that process.  It is only when aberrant behavior develops do I begin to understand that the motivation of a new member is not for education or to have a discussion, but when they show they are here more to disrupt the membership on the forum in a way that would quickly dissolve the forum for any good use again, I generally remove them.  This time he removed himself by going to his own account and deleting it.  You can tell when that happens when suddenly the name in past posts shows them as a GUEST only.  That is what Silva did.

Now I had no idea what he really was complaining about other than he just spewed untruthful gibberish.  He then committed suicide and deleted his account.  My question was directed to you since you responded to him well and that made me think you saw reasons better than I did for his recent behavior.  I am at sea over this and have ended any concern by accepting he left on his on accord now and I am happy he did.  Thanks for your post. 
Ron -

"Occerpa you must be more caring when you respond to a new member as he took your response better than Ron responded, as both of you missed the point he was claiming to be Jesus, and that he resented Ron speaking as though he knew Jesus, which he does.  The truth of the matter is you are in your cups sometimes and it shows in your writing.  Ron just ignores that part of your response and knows you have a problem of clarity sometimes because of your enjoyment.  You are a respected member of this forum and I hope you understand Ron looks to you for thought he cannot get anywhere else.  This is Michael and you are soon to find yourself up a tree on some other issues around you and we  wish you well to handle them for yourself.  Good Day.  Michael of Nebadon."

General Discussion / Re: The mid-january meeting
« Last post by Ron Besser on Today at 01:00:17 AM »
JANUARY 16, 2018

The purpose of a Contact Commission is to set itself up to receive revelation from the Local Universe of Nebadon.

Establishing A Salvington Contact Commission in Spirit to Direct York
It was confirmed today that our work is to do that exactly again, and that we represent three individuals who are concurrent with another Contact Commission that meets on Salvington when we do. 

Today Salvington’s Urantia Contact Commission on high met and adopted two measures that support our work as Contact Commissioners:

1 = No more Contact Commission members will be assigned for now to the present three member Commission ow meeting in York;

2 - That Ron Besser was unanimously selected to head the present Contact Commission and no further changes for a year will be made either to the number on this Contact Commission or is the status of this board to change at present.

Executive Committee idea Rescinded and Revived Differently
Fully deployed, the present Contact Commission is to destroy nothing of the present corporation set ups to run Missions on Urantia, and that the Contact Commission is being reviewed to organize an Executive Committee to act like the Sadler Forum in the 1930's and 1940's.  We now rescind the idea of forming an Executive Committee from list members due to the list members being so far distant for weekly meetings which is now mandated for us to do when the Executive Committee if formed and running.  More on this later these coming months as we wish the Committee to have these members on the forum due to the fact they are experienced and meet the qualifications well, but the airfare is too much to keep moving them around to York and back to Australia and so on.

Confidential or Secret Plans Examined
We were advised of timing schedules that approximate what the Magisterial Mission dates to being in full view of the people on Urantia would be.

Security issues were discussed.  Assignments to the Contact Commission were considered.

Ron made several statements to questions from Trinity Embraced entities over his views on morality and how he would handle certain problems if he suddenly had to deal with them.  The Trinity entities proposed several different scenarios and asked him what he would do and why.

AT one point the Universal Father intervened and spoke to all three Commissioners that they had to consider, once as they began taking revelation for publication the end of 2019 (Periodic Revelation), that family had to come second and the demands of time was to the Trinity and to the Staff of Michael of Nebadon. 

If I may speak for all three of we Commissioners, we all agreed that the time table to provide what the universe wanted in epochal revelation and periodic revelation, it was so tight, we would have volunteered that priority to the universe even without them stating it had to be done.

This second day of meetings was not difficult but quite busy with various entities coming in to question how we viewed our work and to what degree we felt we were fully partnered with the Second Revelatory Committee and the Salvington Creator Son and Creative Spirit to accomplish this once the Papers are underway.

Here is Michael of Nebadon to speak directly on his view of today’s meeting:

“You all would have been proud of them as they fully embraced the work we presented to the Commission.  We reminded the Commission that it had so much work to do that moving to York was absolutely essential to meet several times a week to begin plans for publication of revelation and other documents that remain secret to this moment.

“Further, Ron received benediction from the Paradise Father as to the importance of being well enough to see this entire project through.  Salvington promised to get on it again.  Further more, Steven Gitz was reminded he had to make a move soon to York in order to bring the organized center of an executive committee with him in some form.

“Ron was asked to dictate a one half hour tape to future executive committee members who never hear of the idea of transmitting and producing written text in this method.  Ron and Larry Gossett were deemed ready to go with dictation status and Steven needs some prepping to take long dictations at this time.

“We concluded the meeting around 6PM York local time and the third day of meetings is to being regular time at 10 am Thursday morning York time. Michael.”

“I am of the Paradise Trinity, and I did not speak this time since was on patrol duty in the Local Universe.  That is done to see to the suffering children on Urantia that we must take care of almost immediately.  Ron indicate he would adopt if it became necessary, and some of you may be asked to do so yourselves if it develops there are so many children in want we cannot take care of them all by ourselves.  Further we are reminded all that morality and justice must precede any adoption and we look to Ron to lead the way if this scenario develops as it looks as though it may because of the way these Missions are going to be handled by Uversa and Edentia and Salvington.  They are shaping up to be not hasty but harsh and you all need to remind yourselves that the trial that comes very soon is not all the fault of the universe.  I am Margul and I thank you all for listening. Margul.”

Ron, in order to be admitted as a member, my application had to go through your approval, so I understand that no one can be admitted as a member, without your approval. In such a way, if Silva could publish his revolutionary message behind your control, he has to be who he says he is. Now I am the one who asked you Ron: Where did Silva go? and how did his message appear in the forum without the intermediation of a T / ring ?. Thanks
According to my software dashboard, Silva removed his account.

Occerpa if you understand this character please tell me about him as he had promise but blew a gasket and disappeared in a cloud of white smoke.   I hardly understand people like this as he was welcomed and invited to participate in a discussion.  Silva if you are lurking now, there is no chance coming back until your get a new gasket.
While we are waiting for a new reporter from Ron, Larry or Steve, I want to take the opportunity to make a very short annotation to justify my last post about Silva's surprise appearance in the forum, to wash my hands with Ron who questioned him as an impostor of Jesus: "If he walks like a duck, if he eats like a duck, if he shits like a duck and if he does quack, quack, quack, you can not confuse a duck with another poultry. " Thanks
TRANSLATIONS / Re: Wiadomoci po polsku (Posts in Polish)
« Last post by Andre_P on January 16, 2019, 10:17:26 AM »
Ta sama wiadomość po angielsku :
Napisał : Ron Besser, administrator, członek-bohater
Kategoria / Temat : Dyskusje ogólne / Spotkanie w połowie stycznia
« Odpowiedź nr 22, 15 stycznia 2019 r., godz. 22:55:38 »


Drodzy członkowie, muszę się streszczać, bo pierwszy dzień spotkań przebiegał bardzo dobrze, głównie nad modyfikacją podejścia do Misji Michała i Misji Magisterskiej. Kiedy mówię o "modyfikacji ", mam na myśli to, że musieliśmy wziąć pod uwagę, że czas, w którym Urantia otrzymała te Misje jest teraz i że zostaliśmy poinformowani, że Syn Magisterski Serara był na planecie i przeprowadzał wstępne testy, żeby się dowiedzieć, które części społeczeństwa reagują lepiej niż inne. Na przykład ci, którzy pracują w dziale produkcji i postprodukcji wyrobów dla gospodarstw domowych i biur, okazują się być bardziej gotowi niż kierownicy i dyrektorzy tych samych zakładów produkcyjnych. Skoro tak jest, to publikowanie informacji trzeba będzie ukierunkować odrębnie dla pracowników fizycznych i dla pracowników umysłowych. Sama Misja Magisterska testuje setki takich sytuacji w tym samym czasie. My, którzy jesteśmy na linii bocznej, prawie nie zauważymy, jak testy można widzieć lub zrozumieć, ponieważ testy są osobiste dla poszczególnych osób z różnych sfer kultury.

Po drugie, rozmawialiśmy o tym, jak radzić sobie z pieniędzmi. My, jak wszyscy dobrze wiecie, nie możemy się ruszyć w ogóle bez środków smarujących do wynajmowania usług, biur i sekretarek, dostaw i pensji. Jak wielu z was widziało, będąc ostro odrzuconym z wszechświata powoduje, że prawie nic się nie da zrobić, ale sam Ojciec, jak nam powiedziano teraz na tych spotkaniach, jest gotów poprzeć Lokalny Wszechświat Nebadonu i wydać część swojego cennego złota i zamienić je na dolary USA. . W ten sposób uzyskamy gotówkę na finansowanie Fundacji Magisterskiej, która jest już gotowa do działania.

Zostaliśmy poinformowani, że Fundacja Magisterska jest statkiem flagowym Misji magisterskiej i innych Misji i musi zostać wkrótce sfinansowana, aby uruchomić nasz Komitet Kontaktowy, żeby zaczął działać. W związku z tym nakazano nam wykonanie następujących czynności w imieniu komitetów operacyjnych, zarządów i komitetu wykonawczego z nazwiskami dostarczonymi nam do wykorzystania jako mianowani członkowie tego komitetu wykonawczego. Oto polecenia dla nas jako korporacji, które dziś otrzymaliśmy :

1 = Zmienić nazwę Starbridge Group na Starbridge Coventry ;

2 = Zmienić status Starbridge Group z publicznej organizacji charytatywnej na korporację typu "C", która zostanie zadeklarowana w Departamencie Skarbu jako działająca dla zysku, co pozwoli nam uzyskiwać fundusze bez ubiegania się o pozwolenie od rządu federalnego, ponieważ korporacja przyjmująca darowizny również zapewnia ulgi podatkowe i pracownicy biura podatkowego chcą wiedzieć, jak zużywamy każdy grosz. Ponieważ jest praktycznie niemożliwe, żeby powiedzieć urzędowi skarbowemu, że otrzymaliśmy darowizny od Salvingtonu, więc wybieramy finansowanie pieniędzmi nie jako dary, ale jako dochód i zapłacimy za to podatek, jeśli będziemy musieli.

3 = Założyć nową spółkę o nazwie Spółka do Spraw Pilnych i zadeklarować ją poprzez Stan Delaware jako spółka typu C i EIN dla urzędu skarbowego. Jej cel, jak mamy z niej korzystać, dotychczas nie został ujawniony.

4 = Zapewnić nowe sposoby wykorzystania Komitetu Wykonawczego. Jest prawdopodobnie, że jutro będziemy głosować nad ustanowieniem składu Komitetu Wykonawczego i zaczniemy mianować jego członków z tego forum. Kiedyś w tym miesiącu otrzymacie prywatny e-mail z informacją o mianowaniu was. Jeśli otrzymamy potwierdzenie, to zrobimy to później w tym tygodniu, ponieważ w tej chwili jest bardzo płynna dynamika przebiegająca przez plany i czasami zmieniamy plany po omówieniu konsekwencji tego, co jest proponowane.

Co będzie robił Komitet Wykonawczy ? Po pierwsze nowy Komitet Wykonawczy ma doradzać Komisji Kontaktowej w sprawach obaw i życzeń tych, którzy chcą mieć jakiś wkład w proces planowania, kiedy Komisja Kontaktowa zacznie otrzymywać epokowe i okresowe objawienia. Kiedy rzeczywiścieie rozpoczną tę pracę, Komitet Wykonawczy będzie działał jak dawne Forum Sadlera i krytykować wyniki Komisji Kontaktowej, jeśli będzie na co narzekać. Spodziewamy się niewielu skarg, ponieważ istnieje bezpośredni wkład przekazujących poprzez dokumenty i inne materiały docierające do Komisji Kontaktowej do przejrzenia przed Komitetem Wykonawczym.

Na koniec, proponowany Komitet Wykonawczy składający się co najmniej z dziesięciu członków, którzy będą musieli się spotykać od czasu do czasu w celu omówienia postępów Misji, pracy Komisji Kontaktowej i innych Komisji, Komitetów i Zarządów, które jeszcze nie zostały utworzone ani omówione przed napisaniem tego sprawozdania dla was.

Podsumowując całość, dzień poszedł gładko i zrobiliśmy to, co oni mieli nadzieję, że zrobimy dzisiaj. Następujące osoby duchowe mówiły do nas podczas tych spotkań i to da wyobrażenie o zakresie i poziomie, z którymi mieliśmy dziś do czynienia jako grupa spotykająca się z duchami :

Pewien Wysoki Autorytet ;
Szef Gwiazd Wieczornych, Gavalia ;
Ojciec Wszechświata i jego przedstawiciel z Havony ;
Bóstwo-Absolut - na krótko ;
Synowie Stwórcy z Nebadonu i Avalonu oraz Stwórczy Duch Nebadonu i jej współpracownica z Havony, Natalia oraz dwóch innych nienazwanych z Havony ;
Trzy Dusze, takie jak my, mogły krótko mówić do nas.

Od dziś zwracamy się do idei, że te Misje stają się bardzo realne dla ludzi na Urantii i że musimy stworzyć miejsce do pracy i salę konferencyjną, która będzie musiała pomieścić coraz więcej osób, aby mogły one uczestniczyć w specjalistycznych spotkaniach, takich jak Komitet Wykonawczy podległy Komisji Kontaktowej i Komisja Kontaktowa podległa bezpośrednio Foundacji Magisterskiej, a finansowana w sprawach wydatków i wynagrodzeń za pośrednictwem Fundacji Starbridge.

Ron Besser, Szef Komisji Kontaktowej
Thanks for your reply Occerpa and I question a little more than you do, but I see Silva is quite a thinker.  And to you Silva, first welcome aboard, and second:  you are quite familiar, I see,  with the fifth epochal revelation and that is by judging your vocabulary in your first post to this forum.

Silva, I ask you, why did you post this in the US Dollar category?  Yes, we have a financial and monetary system that is ruthless.  Seems to me all financial systems are or can be ruthless and teach only the difficulties of making a living on Urantia.  But I am interested in the connection in your ways of mind association as to how your message this morning points to the dollar category as somehow relevant to your view of the corruption of man and the loss of the Semite thought once again, that all things are one and that all things consist in God.  This is not a criticism but a thought in me that I will learn your reasons for taking this thought category to explain what you have in mind that is helpful to us and myself.  That is not an ironic statement but a curiosity of mine about what drives your heart here and how you see it.

As I write this I have less than an  hour before we start these difficult meetings on behalf of all of you and you Silva seem to be aware of the process we three are going through this morning at my home in York, Pennsylvania.  In less than one hour from now as it is approaching half past nine am in York right now, and that is to resume the second day of four days of meetings where we directly address many subjects with the divine over how to organize an answer to your (almost) prayer that the Semite Kingdom is profoundly disturbed and lost over the rest of mankind totally miscalling the Advent of Jesus once more.  The entire matter this morning is so obscure to me, yet I am in the middle of such a discussion with the divine with my two other colleague Commissioners with me this morning.

Because of imprecise timing this morning and the soon convening of a Contact Commission meeting, I do not have the time I usually would place on your post.  What I am seeking from you is to explain yourself a little more so I can get on the beam of your views as they potentially are a fresh breeze to listen to and work with you.  The problem with a discussion forum you cannot see my body language or can I see yours except by inference, and so I need to ask some more words from you on this question:

Question to Silva:  "Where do you stand and view Lucifer and his present role in our presentation in York that the Second Advent is soon to appear to wipe Lucifer off the map?"  Thoughts please.

Ron Besser
Co-Chair of the Commitment to destroying all that Lucifer stands for.
What a surprise this post from Silva and what well in line with the political reality that governs the planet today with that of those days. Thanks Silva; I can understand is your first post for the forum, WELCOME, we can surely expect many more posts as extraordinary as this one. How similar Jesus writes as Ron Besser writes. Thanks
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