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Dear List:
Ron: I was writing a reply to a private post and what came out of that was really information that should be generally posted to the discussion forum, which they mention below and asked me to post this separately from the narrative in that private post.

In general it reaffirms some things, very important things, and Father makes it clear we are to proceed as Margul announced about three days ago.  Here are their comments and please note the post was to Larry about how to schedule vacation dates with this mission brewing.  You will see Mantutia first address that as we open this excerpt to all of you.  Thanks for your patience on all of this and maybe someday things will return to normal - that is a quick insight by Margul the Trinity Teacher Son. who by the way, is not longer stationed on Paradise but on Urantia until these Missions are done and he has to take on giving Urantia its first taste of Light and Life.

I am with Ron the whole way with this as Ron is entirely secure with Michael's view and that should secure you in your choices for now.  In any case, Ron is terrible wronged on several issues and we will makes amends when possible.  In any case we must assign you to the thought this is on the way but we have no direct decision to make about those buildings until the Father decides how to handle the situation being so material and direct in its approach.  Ron has set an agenda that has never been attempted before.  I also regret you cannot see the pictures that Ron receives from Serara on this where his closet is full of mink coats to deal with finite temperatures near zero degrees Fahrenheit.  We must secure those buildings quickly as they are necessary for our plans and that is something Ron cannot do without our help as we will move all them in a twinkle of an eye if we get permission to move on here.

"You Mantutia are to get busy at once.  Those buildings are secured in our mind already and need your flair for negotiation immediately, and Ron you fear the worst but get the best as you are MY choice for Minister of the Interior.  I spoke to Margul on this for months and we looked at your ways and they are entirely compatible with what has to be done as a negotiator and planner with Serara and Mantutia to provide the Magisterial Mission the money and the means to provide a second chance for Urantia I as we now call this Mission on my table of thought.  Urantia II is no longer viable; Urantia III is coming with the help of these Missions.  You are most welcome Ron and thank you for doing it that way this time as soul and you are both concerned that nothing you do will work without me and I am too distant at times to know the need for permission and my will regarding these subjects.  Serara will speak now:"

"You need to post this to the discussion forum.  I am sure that keyboard will do better shortly but in the meantime your eyesight is missing and we understand the mess you have with it.  In any case let me stall you just a tad and let you know that Mantutia will not see you shortly but sooner as he must clear up the problem with the tape recorders and the problems you have with your heart bouncing all over the place.  It happens you are ready to go and are happy to stand down but you must understand I am not ready to go so quickly to those offices as they represent a change in plans I did not hear well when it was first produced for me by Paradise and ths so-called Minister of Interior concerns as I though I would have full control of those decisions.  But we see the Minister of the Interior has no intention working independently of my choices and that is as it should be.  I am happy therefore to say that the House that Jack built does not have the Minister of Interior working for it instead of me.  Good.  Now this: I am now Michael speaking Larry and Ron and others:"

"The trial Mantutia speaks to on those recorders is fixed Ron and you can try them out today.  You are not wrong to be outraged at what happened and we will not speak to it here, but suffice to say it was not meant ot be permanent but we got lost in other planning and the trial on those recorders has been lifted.  In future do not work yourself up into depression again as we have no reason to harass your work anymore.  You have proven yourself to be right on the spot for us in place of my misgivings at times you were a stray bullet and not helping me design what will be a spectacular Mission now.  Serara wish to have an additions note:"

"This is directed to the future Minister of the Interior as we should call it.  It is a full office with its own floor of interests in that L shaped building Ron pictured for all of you.  However, that castle across the street will just be torn down Ron and we will commandeer that block for our own uses later.  It is not ours to take castles and remit them on another block as was stated by Margul although maybe Margul has some other version in mind I do not know about.  I have little time today Ron so keep this going.   By our standards nothing we do today is worth the trouble it takes to do it , but I have to go to Uversa for a fact check that all as stated is true and that we are now proceeding according to what Mantutia is told to do and that Margul is fully on board with all of this.  MANTUTIA here:  "Be aware I can tell you Serara that the choices suggested by Margul are exactly as we requested of him last week.  However, Ron got so upset over the recorder issue we postponed saying anything more and let the entire matter stand until he is back in his normal mind.

"Serara here again:   We are satisfied then with your assurances this matter has finally been settled.  I am of the opinion that you Ron have never been fully involved with a Mission before and you need to understand that it is grueling and hapless in its performance until it is running smoothly.  Be kind enough to back off sometimes when there are serious glitches in your operation that will refuse to work when you approach them without telling me what is going on that makes the situation untenable.  In any case you are not the only one who ran into the recorder problem as Lemuel had it happen once and you have had it happen permanently as the glitches are Uversa commands not ours to do.  Your four new recorders are fixed now.  Be at mic. "

"I now stand adjourned until after Margul speaks now to Ron and Larry and all on this board."

"I see Ron was so upset with what happened with those recorders he just repacked them away until something could be addressed by them.  For those wondering what happened, we jimmied all of his recorders so they did not recognized recording chips placed in them (SDC) and they are now all available again and you Ron must not apologize for becoming apoplectic over the break down for you got out of your sick bed to try to find a power supply for them expecting you had a power supply problem and finding none, you broke into the pack of new recorders and recovered a power supply there.  All power supplies are working again too.  Now this:

"Ron does not understand what happened and we hardly do.   But you all must remember the incident back in October of 2017. Ron playfully made a recording for the discussion forum and dropped the jaws of Michael as he understood that Ron would not make recordings without his expressed permission.  Thinking that Ron broke the agreement he asked Uvers to disable all of his recorders which number four in anticipation of giving them to staff associates to do audio transmissions if they were required to do so.  Michael pursued the issue to the point that Uversa cracked down on those recorders and when Ocilliaya asked Ron to make an audio recording three days ago, Ron found all the recorders to not record or even recognize there was an SDC chip in them.  That brought the house down and we now have the full permission to operate them again on the proviso that Ron not make recordings unless we ask for them at all.   MICHAEL here: "Ron never heard my proscription and that was not my fault or his fault in that he never works more than he has too on recordings as he deletes almost he does because they go sour or he gets to laughing at blunders and we shut it off.  Ron just told Paul that it is like a room full of kittens dealing with Michael sometimes.  Paul is off on a tout because of it and says he knows the cat is in play all the time up here.  Ron countered with do you realize Paul all the other Superuniverses will have to feed the cat for a week if he gets lose?"

"I also admonish Ron to let our humor between us but it goes out of range when others join and Paul is helpless with our transmitter as funny things just happen in transmissions of this length.  In any case the recorder issue is over and peace should surround the issue again and Ron now knows not to record for the discussion forum unless we say so.  Be also aware that Rayson has a nuance too. and that is he will have a recording made by Lemuel and Ron on the subject of Ultimatons shortly and Ron I know looks forward to such quickly but I mean in about a month or so as Ron is desperate to get out of the sick bed and work a regular day again.  I am admonish no one over this aspect of life as it is truly harsh and difficult for Ron to even breathe right such is the irregular heart beat in this individual.  He will be right as rain shortly.  finally, all be aware those office buildings are for real and they will take us a few months to get them ready once we move the new mayor out of his plush offices there and we will redecorate accordingly.  Be also assured Ron you have work to do to get out of the house as soon as you can walk again.  Thank you all for helping Michael become more human this morning as he has had a difficult period with a Michael of Nebadon who hates pleasure craft of the nature Ron can represent but it is a pleasure to hear him this morning as he is.

"I am always ready to speak but I get cut short by the humor Ron produces when he is squeezed to take something he did not know was coming, and we make no amends today.  The truth of the matter is that this message will be truncated and Larry will get his own answer and the rest posted to this forum.  Good day."


Christ Is In Charge This Time & Jesus Abides the Change - The Trinity 20Jan2018

The Paradise Trinity
From Margul: The Trinity Teacher Son
From Michael of Nebadon as Super-Deity
Also from Senadad, Gravity Messenger
York, PA 14:00 local time
January 20, 2018 19:00 Zulu

“I am Margul, and I greet all of you this day called Saturday on large parts of Urantia momentarily.  We are prepared to speak shortly but let us see what actually happens as we go about the business of being sure you know the difference between Jesus and Christ.  Here we go:

“Jesus, indeed, is a Son of God, as well as the son of man, and properly spoken even today.  Our work must first allow all of you to adjust your seat belts to understand that the Finaliter status that Jesus holds is extraordinarily hard to handle as he was so fast moved to that status he had to fight tooth and nail to keep his earth groundings in place.  What do we mean by “grounding?”

“Grounding is a term Ron uses to mean he feels peacefully in place on the soil of the earth and he knows his circumstances moment to moment.  He is not dizzy or dreamy but wide awake and knows the circumstances he is in the chair or walking in a store.  He is connected well to the environment and can carry a conversation on with full understanding to what he is saying.  To have no grounding is unpleasant and one feels tensions inside the stomach and head and it is so unpleasant you rather lie down and sleep some of that unwelcome tension away.

“Jesus felt ungrounded on Paradise.  He was rushed through the environmental situation so swiftly he could hardly catch his breath before he moved to the next stage of his Paradise perfection ascensions.   But he fully understood what he learned and how to to do it,, but he could fined comfort even in rest periods as he was truly without a memory of earth and his life as a youth in the hazy and warm sunshine of spring and fall anymore.  He just lost some of that for sure.  That was when the Father asked Jesus if he would like to go back for a spell to those days he did not have THAT much to do as anyone but himself.  Ron remembers with great heart his second grade end of school day for the summer vacation, and going to the meadow to see a beautiful cherry tree in full blossom with not a soul around but for him to see it in all of its glory and how good he felt at that moment in body and young soul.  This is true grounding and as such is without parallel in the human body and mind and spirit.  Ron was fully indwelt then and that Adjuster saw the reaction of mind and body and stored that memory for Ron to enjoy once in a while too.  The Adjuster in Jesus did the same for him but the memories got lost as the lives of a Bestowal Son are without parallel anywhere and memories get shuffled in and out and sometimes lost to view.  Ron speculates the horror to the mind of the crucifixion surely caused memory loss to say the least.


Senadad: “I am an Adjuster become a Gravity Messenger, and on that day at the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan, and about Jesus, I report nothing could be done to lose more memory than He did when he was killed on the cross to bear us all yet.   I sought the Father in earnest Adjuster prayer to prevent what was to happen to Jesus, as I saw clearly where this bestowal was to lead.  I am not a personalized Adjuster but a Gravity Messenger, and we are so powerful I must leave this alone as Ron is moved to tears whenever we speak of this horror called a crucifixion.  But I report to you that Jesus lost about one third of memory he had of childhood and the Father recommended he return to earth in body form and live life there for whatever it took to re-ground the Bestowal Son to his life as a child.  He lived his life once more as an average citizen in Judea in the 1935 expansion of the fifth (5th ) epochal revelation and was happy as a lark to bring it to an end before the Nazi’s started pilfering the Holy Land for artifacts in their poorly shaped minds to recreate Nirvana in Germany.”

“This is what I mean for Ron is truly a magnificent clover leaf to bring in someone I thought would never speak as a Gravity Messenger of the status of Senadad, is so powerful they rarely get through to a mere mortal on Urantia even when they transmit well enough to avenge the frequency of such a being.  Gravity Messengers are in your Urantia Book, but very little understood.  Ron remembers they are not assigned to all Finaliter Corps but on Urantia you ahve several Corps of Finaliter status that have several Gravity Messengers in them.  Ron asked their purpose and recalled they were used by Finaliters to get critical information from Paradise in an emergency, but they also make sure that the Finaliter Corps assigned to Urantia are ready to take drastic measures to save as many good people as possible from the treasons of politics and war on Urantia in particular. 

“I also see the possibility that some of you will work with Gravity Messengers in the outer space regions, as there are few of you who are qualified and so many of you of fusion status soon-to-be are also qualified.  A Gravity Messenger needs sentient beings and they work hard to keep them that way and the upset Ron has had in the past twenty-four hours is most troubling to that force that keeps all things as they should be together.  In any case they are near us as we report this information to you.  Now back to Jesus and The Christ:

“I wish to explain that Michael explained much to Ron several days ago and most of it got lost in a long winded transmission Ron never posted mostly due to length.  However we reference that post and recopy some of it here to save me breath:

Entry Message from  18 January Not Posted from an extract of earlier discussion about The Christ

“Why does Michael use the term the return of Christ?  Why did he not use the term the return of Jesus?  He also asked all of you to write a response to that question.   [and many of you did and we add this information to your own explanations as follows - Ron 01/20/18]

“In that reply he made a saleable point: If you do not carefully listen to spirit announcements you can miss the real import of what that announcement is about.  He suggests that spirit is changing your minds and that you, in some cases all who are members here, are being revised in PERSPECTIVE and that means a change of mind you cannot follow or understand at all because it lies in such a deep part of the mind you are unable to touch it.

“You may not know what is happening in your own sensing of this Return,  but you are signaled to by the change in vocabulary Michael uses to announce what is to happen, and hopefully ground you in your mind changes.   Information has been withheld for sometime that deals with the idea of three shades of the planet Urantia which is called: Urantia I, Urantia II, and Urantia III, and Michael explains how these three planets are to illustrated in the coming Christ redemption plan of Michael of Nebadon.  Ron was given this information months ago and let it sit because of the problems otherwise many members were then expressing.  In that private review of this concept, Ron was told the Christ word was used and that Besser automatically assumed some minds were being taken into possibly Urantia III as Urantia II has been destroyed (as informed by Michael earlier) and Urantia I is as currently used by the current population on Urantia.  You did not release that post because you felt it would confuse almost everyone and did not have the full understanding how these three planets would explain very much at all.  I concur with your willingness to stand back when you feel no one knows what you are talking about.

“Ron reports correctly that whatever title you use, either Christ or Jesus, it refers to the person of the Bestowal Son.  But he also makes a point to all of you listening that the Bestowal Son is both Christ and Jesus and Michael and the Father now.  But who are we talking about when we see Jesus announcing his presence again in some media message to be given soon?  The answer is you see CHRIST.  Jesus is no longer present regardless of what you think you see/

“The son of man is the Bestowal Son only; the Son of God with Michael is also the son of man, and as such one is divine and the other is a human representative of how God and man are one with full attunement available.  However, Jesus has become the CHRIST and you are not to assume that means just Jesus anymore.

“CHRIST is a Universal. As such a Universal, the Christ  represents all men through out all of Nebadon and probably all of Orvonton! 

“Ron called Christ the Universal and is exactly correct.  He found with some help, that such a Universal was a particular representation all mankind on all planets in all superuniverses, to the Universal Father.  Father hails the CHRIST as the spokesman for the idea of what a human really is, even if a human goes by so quickly in material life, it is the most important thing that is done in the realms of time and space and is the real arbiter of what happens to man finally before the Father in serve to the Trinity.  Jesus is the Urantia finite example of an excellent Bestowal Son, but the promotion of Jesus to Christ is the everlasting desire to be Supreme before all the Deities on Paradise and will lead God the Supreme to his destiny to rule the minds of all men in the coming age of finality as a Supreme Finaliter or as a Supreme-Ultimate Finaliter in the coming revision of the space age to come of the Supreme-Ultimate universe of the first two outer space levels.

“Now how did the CHRIST suddenly appear on the scene as no revelation to date ever dared to speculate this development?

“The answer lies with Christ Michael.

“Most of you do not remember or realize that Ron made an announcement about four months ago tell you the Michael was now super Deity.  That refers to the fact that the Father considers Michael of Nebadon a super hero in a horrible drama between rebellion and murder and suicide and all those terrible negatives that came with the Lucifer Rebellion.  In that mess, the Father foresaw why Michael reacted the way he did and gave Michael a special pass to leave the world Urantia alone until the Ancients of Days, decided what to do about evidence gathering on Urantia.  They decided to forbid Michael or Gabriel or Mother Spirit to go to Urantia and bar Lucifer and Caligastia from breaching the protocols of human ascension.  Urantia lost ten million human sould and about forty million angles and associated Sanobim and Cherubim.  In any case the toll was even higher among Material Sons and Daughters who were reported to be almost decimated by the intrusion of Lucifer into their nurseries to render their children unfit to serve as Material Sons and Daughters as biological uplifters of race on the planets they were assigned to in Nebadon.

“In Ron’s post he mentioned that Michael was taken to Paradise and remodeled into a super Deity much as the Father can be beheld, and in so doing set a new precedence for looking idiotic to the Father when He, Michael, did not know what the Father was talking about.  Michael had never been instructed that such a thing was possible and had no idea what the Father had in mind.  The Father instructed Michael of Nebadon, that his patience was so rewarding and the help of the Ancients of Days was so forth coming, that the Ancients of Days of Orvonton, are also assigned a special place among the Deity friezures on high for Absolute correct measures taken on Urantia to prevent further spread of the rebellion beyond Urantia.  For Urantia was the 35th planet of 37 planets that sprang to the aide of Caligastia and Lucifer at the last minute.  Gabriel nearly saved Urantia from its fate but the Circuit Supervisor seized control of the communication network to Urantia while posted on Urantia, and the message sent  to Michael, was: ‘Abandon all hope and send reinforcements to Urantia to save it from rebellion.’

“I am Margul, and let me explain we never saw Deitization happen like this before.  Immanuel from Salvington came to Paradise; I as Margul was there too, and we had Michael of Nebadon, Gabriel and some officials not revealed to humans on Urantia to be there to attest to this unusual Deitization of a Finaliter.  In certain cases it could happen to anyone including one of you but be doubtful of it since none of the work of God requires this highly specialized representation of the Father to men of all races and births throughout the all of the Superuniverses.  But this is an example of the time that Michael and Jesus fought together, as one,  to stem a horrible rebellion that nearly wiped clean thirty-seven plants of all humanity.  Both Lucifer and Caligastia were determined to destroy Urantia and a the others because of their close association with the Bestowal Son Jesus.  The fate of Jesus is known everywhere to everybody.  I takes an obvious division of thought for people who read this narrative to fully understand what did happen and how terrible the consequences were for everyone who even touched Jesus as a friend or even a foe, for the Sanhedrin was cleared of the Chief Priest immediately as he fell ill within a year and collapsed and died thanks to Caligastia finishing the witnesses to death to the Bestowal Son’s life however well or bad they did that.  The Sanhedrin priesthood was decimated within five years after the death of Jesus, and by the time the last vestige of the memory of the life of Jesus were known, none were left to attest to His life.

“The Sanhedrin, in principle was a bastion of forget me nots who lived life lavishly but did little harm other than to run the powerful Sanhedrin Temple which Jesus loved so much.  None except Josiah would ascend, and the others named did not get out of Purgatory, as that was a special assignment Lucifer gave to those the distrusted above all and he kept them in the astronomy grid that bounds Urantia even today with morontial energies to keep souls alive before they are transported to the mansion worlds on high.  In looking at the death toll caused by Caligastia, alone, we speculate he killed well over one hundred million souls when he ruled on Urantia in those years, and he got meaner and meaner as time went on as he knew his life was forfeit soon enough.

“Michael of Nebadon now holds the Deity slot we can only call super-deity, as he now is capable of spelling solutions to problems on all human worlds through out time and space.  Jesus therefore is the Bestowal Son who is universalized by the promotion of bothe Himself to Deity and to Michael as super-Deity and together they reign as Father and Son, and probably in the heart of Ocilliaya, as the unity of Deity prerogatives of the existential Father-Son union on Paradise.”


“You who read this passage must understand that our transmitter finds unusually high grades when he tears a section written for review which he trying not to do for length alone, but he also remarks that Urantia is always in great danger to destroy monotheism and revert back to the practices of Abraham’s day, and that Abraham executed those who insisted on giving Baal his due in the context of his army and rule.

“In particular Ron feels that the idea of the MESSIAH will raise its head and in that we must report to all of you that must NEVER come to be as the idea of the Messiah was soundly trounced in the Old Testament when Malachi reported that if there were a Messiah, such a god would be weak compared to the Father high above.

  “You who read these pages, especially some the Guests here, are prone to getting the idea if a Messiah mixed in our reports of Jesus and Deity and so on.  The Messiah is an ideal of Jewish theology, but it is never fully understood that the ideal is shot through with the practices of Baal and must never be mixed in with The Christ or other manifestations of the coming divine Missions on Urantia. 

“I have asked Ron to sit for another couple of hours in the near future to take a dictation on the muses concerning the Messiah and how it must not become a reference to what happens on Urantia soon enough.  The trial on Ron is not harsh but on the rest of you, long passages such as this one are tiring and to people, but just please stop reading for long stretches as I suggest you copy and past the messages that get too long for you and read them as separate posts at your leisure.   Good day for all.  I am Michael of Nebadon and I do not take up my new posts for decades of earth time.”


I am Michael and I say this unto you:

Never smile again until you hear Ron speech to Saint Paul this morning.  Someday the statement he made will bring the House of God down in serious laughter.  Jesus reports the remarks has made it to Paradise already and the Father forbids nothing about it as it is so funny no one dares criticize Ron for saying it.  However, we let the whole idea alone for as Ron often says, Michael. humor like this never carries well in writing.  So we leave it until someone speaks to one of you in a transmission soon.

I am JESUS, now.  I am speaking as He is and as I am and as we are for a short turn in the flesh together very soon on Urantia.


I am Michael now and Jesus has spoken as he should before the assembled on this electronic site of words and muscle of God.  You are all pardoned for sins and the loss of hair and of the heart that skips beats and leaves you weak in the flesh as you stand before me.  I am no longer Jesus, I am no longer just Michael, and I am no longer the Creator Son, and this must be told another time.  Listen to Ron when he says there is no time left for him or for Lemuel or for Gossett, but there is time for Sue and Dominick, and for several others such as Alderfer and Ken and Mark and Bruce - you know who you are in spite of not being a member here on this forum.  I speak to all of you as a Father for I am now more Father than Son, and I keep my pressure on in Nebadon to be as all of you have become, and that is as of the lamb of God.  I speak no more and introduce you to Serara, your Magisterial Mission leader and Paradise Son. 

I am Serara and Ron was told like Michael told him, do not quote me this time to get through a lot of words without hunting for the darn quote key anymore.

I tell you this:  Ron has made the supreme sacrifice to allow all to come forth as he is not well and breathes with difficulty again as we have to redo him in a hospital on high.  Lemuel is too ill to continue well either and only Larry carries the flickers of health as the other two should be tonight.  Ron made a grievous error by telling all of you of another death under terrible circumstances but what he does not tell you is that we forced that story on him to break his heart and it did break and he cried for her.  He is so unusual in stature we dare not force too much on him in that the Father sees him as a one of a kind human we wish could be replicated, but it could only be done on Urantia.  He will sire many children and most will be his to know if possible as he loves children very much.  Be assured he loves and lives another day soon, and that is not funny Ron, and we continue.  Be assured that the man you call Ron is not difficult but so perceptive he lauds Paul with the funniest remarks I ever heard bar none.   It will be not reduced to a saying in the mendation file, but placed in one of the funnies statements ever made about a man, Paul, who was crucified upside down at Saint Paul's request and the Roman Emperor, V, allowed it.  Ron knows of the circumstances that led the Roman Emperor to do this and Paul was heard griping it was not unbecoming  to bite the knees of his captors in retribution of this deed.  Only Ron spewed it out as an affront to Paul and his mechanization to be good even in death and applied the revengeful scene of biting the knees who dared to put him to death.

Further more, I know of the Jesus freaks who inhabit the ecclesiastical fonts around the world and they are about to get an eye opening introduction to the real Jesus that comes as Christ this time.  Michael and Ron are planning a post on the difference but Michael asks me to give a tease on it just briefly.

Christ is universal.  He attends superuniverse seven and superuniverses 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, as well as seven.  What happened?  Jesus is the boy son of Joseph and Mary and that is an indication Ron ofthe heavy censorship on you tongith as you have been opened to the secret planet of the Father where Jesus and Michael just left with an impromtu meeting the Father of All to discuss The Christ and not Jesus per se.  The Christ belongs to all the superuniverses of time and space and will be rewarded with his Deitization for the Father of All's thanks for taking on such an important assignment as this is.  Where Christ now ministers is on all planets with their Bestowal Sons too.  Where the Creator Son bestows as a human there is Jesus too as Christ.  We now have an example of all that Jesus does when we look at the temporaty assignment of Paul to Ron this morning and that is to allow an outrageous statement to be made and to be heard to all in all seven superuniverses.  Ron is heard to wince at that as he has no idea that was done or allowed but we saw it coming and let Ron have it as it was also mixed with some of the funniest line ever heard from that youngster we call Ron.

I further comment that Ron has been severely ill since Nikki died before him and was suddenly resurrected by an email the next morning chastising him for wanting priority work done on Starbridge Group.  He flew into a wide eyed rage and then laughter at himself and wondering how he tells the truth about this mistake he made this time . . . . .

I am not offended by what happened this morning when Ron let loose with that statement concerning my crucifixion by V, but he will never admit he did it and blames on his Procounsel Nero,  That is why your history books say that Paul was crucified by Nero instead of Vespasian, and all those single "V's" above now have a name.  Vespasian and I were great friends and I believe him when he says Nero got ahead of him and ordered my death by crucifixion.  But we know that a greater crucifixion was relayed by Rome to kill our Jesus and we never forgave anyone for doing that ever.  We see it in Ron as he hates the story and hates the Jews of the Sanhedrin who could so cruel ever to kill an innocent and good man out of a fear that never would have attacked them or the institution.  I leave this now for one last statement by Jesus for your edification.


I am now speaking as Jesus and not as The Christ,  Michael has a great deal more to say about this differentiation of titles I hardly know myself but it is so grand I wonder what it brings tome?  You Ron wonder the same thing if you can get bad health off your back and we all wonder what happens to Michael when he takes his new office this spring.  It happens to coincide with the beginning Magisterial Mission just as Margul predicted in an earlier post to this site you all read and wondered what it really was about.  I am make particular emphasis for you Ron to hit the keys correctly on a keyboard now too small for you reach of both hands and it must be expanded an inch or more either side of what you have now and those early keyboards need to be replicated as that is what you learned on.

In curing Ron of frivolty we accidentally cut all of his power to procreate and that will be rescinded no longer than we need him productive in providing Urantia some of his offspring for future use on Urantia.  He has also suggested if it were possible to change his name from Besser to something else and we laughed at first but we saw him look at old history and we are glad to recommend a name change for him is possible and we will make the change first, okay.  In any case we must now learn that all of his heart is for others at times and he bothers very little about what he wishes in private life,  BHe assured I follow my proscription on all of this and let things be as they must lie.  In any case Ron, as Jesus I give you my best and you do not bring any picture up as we do.  All will pan out as Father plans.

And finally this:  all of you who are members with but a few exceptions are interested in what follows the buildout of those buildings on York square.  They will be part of a glorious restructure of York itself and Ron will not believe his eyes or will the Commissioners which sit higher than the Mayor, believe their eyes and hearts when the Castle is turned into the favorite of favorites of buildings in the world, as we will produce opear and symphonies in that building when the time comes and it is the home of the Urantia Book Foundation.  Nonetheless, we state categorically that Ron will be greatly improved in health enough to ring the bells for all of you as you enter, as staff is accorded a ting of the bell when they enter the building and now when they leave it Ron.  I am Jesus and I thank you for your time and attention and believe me I will visit all those buildings when I arrive for my work on Urantia.  I am Jesus and I wish all a good day.

I am that Creative Spirit that flashes those picture Ron and you are right they are hilarious.  I am fruitful for all of those who carry an abnormal amount of tension as Ron does as he never sleeps alone without my pictures and he never finds them unfunny at all as he accepts he is vulgar at times and thinks of things no decent human being whould ever know, but we are all grateful for the production of pictures he brings to me and I finalize them into though bubbles even Midwayers can see. The truth is all of you could see them too but you are too small in your thought to extend the frequency range you have to do to catch them and picture them for yourselves.  I suspect someone like Larry Gossett or Sue Whiley could do it but Lemuel you are too pedantic to find them ever.  Gitz you might be able to do it once you know Ron as they are some of the funnies comedy even the Far Side never thought to produce.

Finally, Ron has to take a day off tomorrow as he will be under the weather due to surgeries tonight and he just asked me does he have to go to bed early tonight?  The answer is no but he will be groggy all day tomorrow and no trips in the car please as you will be very dizzy too as we extract lots of blood and must replace it with replications of the Urantia blood bank to keep all of you healthy too.  We also note you are almost blind tonight Ron and that must stop soon as you have great need to read and that fellow on the Delphi list is ready to leaver no more as he now sees how solid you can write and does not object to revelatory advances he can really understand.  You spoke nothing he misunderstood at all.  Good day.


I am treacherous only when i am facing divisions Ron and you do not bring that to me at all.  You are gentle and funny and that is a good way to be in a world that will collapse so soon as to leave many wondering what happened.  I am making something perfectly clear as Monty Python show used to say, and that is that The Christ is real and magnanimous and is ready to work with Ron as he is and that is he is sometimes vulgar because he still must use the bathroom you will never giet a mansion world students to admit.  He also thinks sex in terms of no majesty but a tear through the woods with or without clothes on. 

In relying upon Ron to find corporations for us as instigated by Michael of Nebadon in concert with Ron's ideas, we are not living life on Urantia with real buildings and real corporations and we will but them for a dollar as you promised Ron as you want them off your back too.  I wish to announce that the one we call Ron will have a quick surgery tonight to replace the heart yet again and give him a robust organ (Margul this is Ron: don't stop with the heart! Okay?) and we will see to the end of time how well this transplant will be for Ron.  In every sense this organism called Besser will learn to be better done in all things once he can walk without wincing and be alert without drooling.  [Margul this is Ron:  my cup runneth over sometimes and thank you for the new and bigger beaker.]  I also am forbidding him to write more in my message.  Nonetheless, we also add that those buildings represent a lot of planning for York to learn the ropes when it becomes an Imperial City for the trial is always to understand that The Christ is many time nearby and that will be shown with a massive flag in his honor as royalty has when they are home. The Castle is a case in point and we will expand its design for a warehouse and a placement of theater and orchestra but not for film or other entertainment.  I close this with a few winks at others on this site:

You who call yourselves GITZ; those who call yourselves DOMINICK, and those who call yourselves gentle as rain unnamed, your lives are soon transfixed for your work in York is also assured once we have the basics up and running as Ron is determined to have all who can stand it in attendance at the Golden Bear and other restaurants we wish to bring him, and Ron just told Mantutia Melchizedek he will giver him broiled scallops if he plays his cards right.  We leave now for a moment and return with a benediction to all of you.


With all said that was not really intended this post, we are ready to move before March 10th to meet Ron and get him squred away with money and to pay off some debts he has accumulated with some of you.  We are ready to dance soon with the State partners and the City Council which will be rudely ejected and promised new digs according to their own architect.  Be assured the new mayor will not know what hit him as he will have the money to pave streets and get bridges fixed and new sere plants built and so on.  Ron knows the business but he is out of a job there as he must make available his good graces with Margul and his physical representative (you know him not), and it is your job to be sure you know what you are talking about for you will be asked questions about geography around the world,  You are our State Department too and I wonder if we should differentiate that only by name and let the Minister of Interior represent  our life as a representative of the Magisterial Mission?  In closing, once again you get a rare look at a meeting this message represents as Ron easily learns our protocols and ranks and so on and he will teach that to you easily when you are in York and you have your own cuby hole offices to work in family friendly atmosphere.  Good day.


And this:

I just lost an important post and I will never find it again because this site is so unstable I am worried it will come crashing down suddenly.  In any case I need to rewrite some of this and hope you can follow it:

***              My Sorrow-post yesterday has been taken down and the category is removed because it said what had to be said.  Now imagine my horror and my simultaneous happiness when I receive a post from Nikki this morning telling me in a terse professional announcement that she was so busy I had to wait my turn!  She is supposed to be in a coma in a hospital after killing her ex husband!!!  Really!  what turns these stories into my total embarrassment in public over issues that should never happen to anyone?  In any case Michel made a good point about the entire matter and that was that spirit learned a great deal more about me as to how I operated with people who work with me: I care that each is accorded a place in my life profession or friend or both and that I give you protection as best I can from the slings and arrows of a rough life on Urantia.  Serara would like to speak to this briefly. (Thank you):

SERARA - “I see Ron lost a really great post not because we did anything but this discussion forum is about to fall down if we are not careful.  It has too much traffic on it and we have made a lot of changes to it so we can see it when we need to follow a conversation you all start.  I am beholden to Michael to allow me to speak to this episode of the Sorrow-post as Ron calls it now as he was heart sick for a wonderful lady he cares about her immense talent to understand the American tax system as great as any expert in the land.  Ron though he lost her and her talent to keep us working trouble free with tax issues and she is to be remanded to our offices one way or the other Ron as you rightly cried a little before sleepin last night for her plight as we told it to you.  However, do not go there the next time someone breaks down or is harmed as we must make amends to our own rules how to get information out that is important to each human on Urantia.

“Further. Ron, she is totally absent on your work because she sees it as routine as you do and you can file for her this time and she will not object except for the LLC corporation which you do not fully understand as to reporting standards.  Good. And this: I have authorized that those buildings you picture on York square are indeed the ones to use for us.  The castle you show (as you call it) is to be moved a block south and serves as the Urantia Book Foundation in its entirety.  It will have guests removed and reset in a new building even further south on George Street as we have planned a complete reconstruction of Continental Square for six blocks either side of its center.

“The Urantia Book Foundation will have the center floors of the entire building and will house the Brotherhood and the Foundation and the storage warehouse for books and other paraphernalia that will be overseen by the Estates, Property, and Holdings Corporation that is now a proper 501 c 3 approved by the IRS this morning and it will be in our hot little hands shortly,

“Ron has been through death and back with the Nikki story and he is ready to toss spirit a handful of matches for what they did to him to make think Nikki was truly gone.  Stambaugh Ness has conspired with Nikki to hide her presence in the corporation and when Wendy Winter went to their web site no such person appeared on the roster, Ron is working with a secret society in that firm to take care of him and her as this Magisterial Mission thing erupts in the public quite shortly.  Ron is protected but not from spirit tales he needs to learn from.  Further we remarks that the pictures Ron found are on the Internet but you have to look high and low to get the good pictures he rescued from oblivion.  He knows a picture exists for the 1876 US Centenial but cannot locate it as it shows the square all bedecked with bunting and columns rising to six sotries at each corner of the square with magnificent depiction of the world of that day.  It is around Ron but we cannot find it either,

“Ron also sees Nikki as beset with a horrible husband, but let me make it clear he is the perfect mate for her as he clears the table and makes supper and eats with the kids when she cannot be t here.  He is six feet tall and lean as Ron and makes Ron look like a super dog as he is handsome and well groomed.  Nikki allows him out for some time with the guys playing poker. In any case erase that picture we presented to you in that tale of woe he has taken down to be rid of the mistake as well."

Ron - I cut this post in half as another huge issue is surfacing with Michael and the Father who need to post their views once I can get the time to take the message in fully.  I want to point out to all of you that the use of the word CHRIST in the announcement has a huge meaning to changes on how  Jesus appears and that needs to be vetted by Michael himself.  Meanwhile = what do you the reader think is the difference between Christ and Jesus in conceptual terms?


Discuss This Web Site / Site Loading Problems
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Are any of you having site loading problems?  Let me know please.  I sometimes get the site fully picture on my screen and sometimes it stops midway and sometimes the site acts frozen.  I think these things are erratic Internet use or stability issues perhaps on the server.  I just cannot tell.  If you are having problems getting the site to show or whatever else is happening just let me know please.

Meanwhile I sent our maintenance company a question to see if they would check to see if there is anything wrong in the operation.  Today I lost a long post and cannot replace it and I get locked sometimes where I cannot move window to window.  I also find the Internet in particular so loaded with people there is no bandwidth left to get a fast connection any more.  Thank you.  Ron

« on: January 17, 2018, 10:30:16 AM »
Michael of Nebadon

York, Pennsylvania at 1030am Local Time
January 17, 2018

“I am announcing quickly for now:

“Christ returns to Urantia in about six weeks.  This places that appearance about mid February this year of 2018.  It will be near the York area for publication of the announcement and the appearance of Jesus there in some manner.

“We rebuild those buildings Ron showed you in pictures at

“I make this announcement shortly after receiving a cup of coffee from the Father this morning and it was so fantastic I could hardly wait for Ron to become conscious again and to let you all know what is being favored here today.

“I close this quickly because now we must arrive in York with no fanfare and clear those buildings for our occupancy and then leave you all to gauge what will happen when Ron takes his Oath of Service in the building he calls “L shaped” in those two photos.  The castle across the street is just as impressive as it was when they built it in 1878 and not 1873 as Ron reported.  It will be MOVED down the street and Ron suggested a grassy plaza with a large spray of water in it and I suggest that it be used for another building we will built even more impressive than the castle you see there now.  Good day.  Michael of Nebadon.”


First Office Steps For York PA for The Magisterial Mission
York, PA 1230PM Local Time
January 15, 2018


“I am speaking off the Mount of Jerusem this morning because we have a special guest.  I dare not name him as you will never meet him but the higher authorities use him to understand the attitude of the Father on Paradise.

“He is the Father in personal form visiting Michael of Nebadon to discuss the Magisterial Mission about to erupt on Urantia in a few short weeks.  We have assigned March 10, 2018 as the official start of the Magisterial Mission and that it remains, but Serara has already assigned to Ron his view of what will be done immediately even before March 10th noted above.

“It seems Sue missed a cue which Ron reminded her to look at again.  He asked the right questions to a transmitter who is quite good but she thinks in spurts and misses pertinent cues otherwise.  Let this remind you Sue to keep your thought processes alive and stop when you feel alerted and do not pass it by until you sense you have to as happened in this case.

“The Visitor is available as a speaker now.


“I am Immanuel, and I arrive to train these Melchizedeks how to use God the Supreme in administration.  Ron knows how tough this is when he used some of it months ago and was very glad to give it up as it was harsh and basic training in its ways.  Ron will not be subject to that administration at first but will later be forced to use it as the Planetary Supreme will work with Ron for days to train his mind to the business at hand and stop worrying about money and house appearance and so on as all of that is being tended to for him now on high. 

“I affirm that the offices in York, Pennsylvania, will be ready in a short while as we intend to take the entire north-west quadrant of the former square of York, Pa., and make our offices resplendent once more in what has become a very dull little town/city.

“Larry and Lemuel will not arrive in York until we have the offices ready to use and we intend to take the entire building for our use and they will move gladly once we have them moving at all.  Our work is to provide York and the State of Pennsylvania a new lease on life and the Mayor of York, one named mayor elect, Michael Helfrich.  Be assured we are going to clean house and that means that Ron’s office as the Minister of the Interior will have not only its own floor but the top floor as an office used by the public.  In it will be Lemuel and Larry Gossett and Sue Whiley and Wendy Winter.

“Now I have made myself clear on who goes where but have not indicated who fills the first three floors.  The first floor will have a first class restaurant. The second floor is the grand conference room already wired for televison, radio, and internet streaming.  This is where the present York Council meets and they will be moved with the Mayor elsewhere.

“The Second Floor is also for Melchizedek offices as are third floor offices for Mantutia and the Magisterial Sons and their Guests, and the while the first floor will have a snazzy restaurant in it, it is also large enough for shops we will install for souvenirs and other things the public can buy to take home with them.  The new offices cover about all of the northwest quadrant of a circular square once upon a time, and it will be restored to its former grandeur of a round square and lots of tall building in the southeast quadrant where big banks and one of two Court Houses now resides.

“Our work commences soon and you believe it is one of the best ever jobs you will ever have had as it is everything with perfect direction and no money problems as you experienced with every civil engineering firm you worked for as that is the nature of that business.  We work to save the planet and it starts in your back yard Ron.


“I affirm all of this news today.  I also affirm the pain problem for Ron is ending tonight again and this time for good.  We see tears of gratitude flow as it has been awful but it is ending now.

“Ron made an impassioned plea  after Lemuel broadcast Majeston in an audio tape today.  Go look at it for your own information and this should answer Bryan_G’s vitriolic attack on Ron this morning and who was removed for now until he cools down.  Ron did experience hacking into our normal communication system and Majeston now insures no one can do it any more. Go read it.

“Finally, all of you must congratulate Dominick this morning as he now sees what is really going on with Ron and wishes him all the best, and that is because Dominick reached out to Ron after the attack was sent to the list by Bryan_G whom Ron still thinks is very important to take on unless he cannot be cured of a paranoia that swoons his mind when he does not eat right and so.  Dominick now knows he has a chance to come to York if he fails not to fuse, and Ron rightly predicted that so long as Dominick proceeds as he does now it is possible to have another fused human to work for the Magisterial Mission with the others who have fused to date from one to three years from now.  Quite a heady experience for one so young yet.  In any case we close this and our visitor from Paradise who shall remain nameless will report to out transmitters too.  Sue you watch out what names you transmit without asking if they are new!  Good day. 

END Speakers: Margul, Trinity Teacher Son; Immanuel of Salvington; Michael of Nebadon; and indirectly, The FATHER through the unnamed Entity -
MESSAGE TO BOARD: First Office Steps  at 1230PM 011518
York, PA


“I am speaking off the Mount of Jerusem this morning because we have a special guest.  I dare not name him as you will never meet him but the higher authorities use him to understand the attitude of the Father on Paradise.

“He is the Father in personal form visiting Michael of Nebadon to discuss the Magisterial Mission about to erupt on Urantia in a few short weeks.  We have assigned March 10, 2018 as the official start of the Magisterial Mission and that it remains, but Serara has already assigned to Ron his view of what will be done immediately even before March 10th noted above.

“It seems Sue missed a cue which Ron reminded her to look at again.  He asked the right questions to a transmitter who is quite good but she thinks in spurts and misses pertinent cues otherwise.  Let this remind you Sue to keep your thought processes alive and stop when you feel alerted and do not pass it by until you sense you have to as happened in this case.

“The Visitor is available as a speaker now.


“I am Immanuel, and I arrive to train these Melchizedeks how to use God the Supreme in administration.  Ron knows how tough this is when he used some of it months ago and was very glad to give it up as it was harsh and basic training in its ways.  Ron will not be subject to that administration at first but will later be forced to use it as the Planetary Supreme will work with Ron for days to train his mind to the business at hand and stop worrying about money and house appearance and so on as all of that is being tended to for him now on high. 

“I affirm that the offices in York, Pennsylvania, will be ready in a short while as we intend to take the entire north-west quadrant of the former square of York, Pa., and make our offices resplendent once more in what has become a very dull little town/city.

“Larry and Lemuel will not arrive in York until we have the offices ready to use and we intend to take the entire building for our use and they will move gladly once we have them moving at all.  Our work is to provide York and the State of Pennsylvania a new lease on life and the Mayor of York, one named mayor elect, Michael Helfrich.  Be assured we are going to clean house and that means that Ron’s office as the Minister of the Interior will have not only its own floor but the top floor as an office used by the public.  In it will be Lemuel and Larry Gossett and Sue Whiley and Wendy Winter.

“Now I have made myself clear on who goes where but have not indicated who fills the first three floors.  The first floor will have a first class restaurant. The second floor is the grand conference room already wired for televison, radio, and internet streaming.  This is where the present York Council meets and they will be moved with the Mayor elsewhere.

“The Second Floor is also for Melchizedek offices as are third floor offices for Mantutia and the Magisterial Sons and their Guests, and the while the first floor will have a snazzy restaurant in it, it is also large enough for shops we will install for souvenirs and other things the public can buy to take home with them.  The new offices cover about all of the northwest quadrant of a circular square once upon a time, and it will be restored to its former grandeur of a round square and lots of tall building in the southeast quadrant where big banks and one of two Court Houses now resides.

“Our work commences soon and you believe it is one of the best ever jobs you will ever have had as it is everything with perfect direction and no money problems as you experienced with every civil engineering firm you worked for as that is the nature of that business.  We work to save the planet and it starts in your back yard Ron.


“I affirm all of this news today.  I also affirm the pain problem for Ron is ending tonight again and this time for good.  We see tears of gratitude flow as it has been awful but it is ending now.

“Ron made an impassioned plea  after Lemuel broadcast Majeston in an audio tape today.  Go look at it for your own information and this should answer Bryan_G’s vitriolic attack on Ron this morning and who was removed for now until he cools down.  Ron did experience hacking into our normal communication system and Majeston now insures no one can do it any more. Go read it.

“Finally, all of you must congratulate Dominick this morning as he now sees what is really going on with Ron and wishes him all the best, and that is because Dominick reached out to Ron after the attack was sent to the list by Bryan_G whom Ron still thinks is very important to take on unless he cannot be cured of a paranoia that swoons his mind when he does not eat right and so.  Dominick now knows he has a chance to come to York if he fails not to fuse, and Ron rightly predicted that so long as Dominick proceeds as he does now it is possible to have another fused human to work for the Magisterial Mission with the others who have fused to date from one to three years from now.  Quite a heady experience for one so young yet.  In any case we close this and our visitor from Paradise who shall remain nameless will report to out transmitters too.  Sue you watch out what names you transmit without asking if they are new!  Good day. 


Discuss This Web Site / Bryan Banned 011518
« on: January 15, 2018, 12:24:33 PM »
January 15, 2018 at York Pa at noon local time

I am Michael.

We just banned Bryan_G until there is reckoning over the matter between him and the Magisterial Son Rayson.  Ron waited a long time to take my advice as he considers Bryan_G and to ban him a moral issue because Bryan is considered a working member on the science team that Rayson chairs to provide better graphical devices and drawings to explain universe workings.  Ron considers Bryan helpful and always read to decide how to change the posters or drawing you all like to receive.  We also have another problem in that the Rayson web site is locked and we cannot get access to it for now.

Let me return to the situation with Bryan.  Ron correctly guesses that Bryan has ingensted ingredients foreign to his mind and body.  The result is paranoia in the extreme as the post that was deleted showed signs of hallucination as Ron told someone in a private email when they spoke to what was going on.  The only way to restore good will and not dwell on untrue accusations from an unhappy member is to ban them and let their own health and sanity return and then see if they wish to continue on this site to make their sterling contributions to understanding our universe better and its potential.

Ron has also noted with great interest to me that we suddenly have a spate of unhappy campers who dwell on admin as the culprit in these doings.  Well not so as the culprit is disillusion of faith in all of them and Ron in admin understands perfectly well that the non appearance of the Magisterial Mission after so much expectations were forwarded to us in prayer and supplication.  But Bryan is a special case and we dare not explore the history that got him to go to Tobago, but it is germane to say he fled there under threat of arrest for something he did not do.  He is to be brought back to America and lead a perfectly normal life soon as living the hell he has had to in the Caribbean.

Before I turn this back over to Ron, I have this to say to Rayson and Ron together:

You both value Bryan but the tail must never wag the dog, but the dog must be assured the tail is worthy at the end for good balance in walking and running and saying how happy the dog may be for his master.  In any case Bryan_G is to be welcomed back once these difficulties are worked out between him and Rayson and Ron stands ready to put him back on the list in good graces.  We cannot have messages from a mentally deranged members for a day and it has been deleted to preserve a good garden appearance and no the mess Bryan made in the garden this morning.

I am Michael and I wish you a good day as usual and as well for all.

Ron - I was going to let this all lie until the real situation became clarified later today as I am now about to take a message for all under a new thread to be seen in an hour or two from now I hope.  I hope you all or some of you understand being Admin is no fun when something shakes too lose to keep the body politic operating well.  We are so fortunate that we have so few incidents of this kind of behavior I feel grateful to the powers on high to help us keep it that way.  Michael has chosen to let you know more than I wanted to be seen until I knew the story better, but the Creator Son has now lanced the boil that I considered unhealthy to allow to stay there myself.  Thank you all for your time and patience in dealing with another disruption to the otherwise excellent diplomatic ways of dealing with each other here.  



Before you read the message below, I want to warn you that a great deal of new information is written below.  I caution you that the Trinity has made it clear to me that they are going to appear in the suit of Mantutia Melchizedek to guide me and a new office, a government office of the Magisterial Mission, that I will head in the material realm.

This may come something of a shock to you, but the Trinity with Michael and the Order of Melchizedek (Melchizedeks as an Order do the will of the Trinity), our personal Supervisor Mantutia Melchizedek, will guide me and the rest of you who work in the new Ministry of the Interior, a sub post to the Chief of the Magisterial Mission, Serara and Monjoronson jointly.

They say I will be appointed as the cabinet official who is the Minister of the Interior and my job and all those who work with me which includes Lemuel, Larry, and perhaps the ladies known as Wendy and a few others, will travel with me to meet government officials around the world.  You can read the details below, along with a lot of things I am being told on.

Here then is the transmission for your edification:

JANUARY 14, 2018

Let me explain something to all of you that Ron exudes perpetually.  He does not like being the limelight but he is a natural leader in spite of his mother being a recluse and his father running for political office all the time. His work is real and lasting but right now he feels like a seal without fish.  Did you ever hear of such a thing?  It means his natural relationships that he needs to live well are sealed off and he must play the sphinx today to avoide calamity in his own household and in the culture around him.   That is because so many people have no real regard for thought but for status and how they related to people who matter for work or for play as in sports.

Spirit loves calm waters and easy streets to negotiate life with for the future and for ascension.  Not all ascension careers are easy and Ron has made his so hard we wonder sometimes if he wants to ascend or direct a small space station on his own.  I doubt we could afford that for any ascender, but we made his ascension career a little easier by promising him to wait and be good and to lift the weight of a few tons on behalf of Urantia.  So be it, I said.

Now what has happened is that the Paradise Trinity is working to establish a kind of bank for Ron to work in to see to our funding and to our proscription to pay off the nation-state debts as those countries, including the United States, cannot afford to pay back that debt all at once but they might have to, and that is depending on how bad the crash is in a year or so.  But we are going to intervene and close the debt cycle once and for all,  even for the Americans who run everything for awhile and then disappear because their debt is astronomical and we will have them pay some of it back just to keep them busy.

We have the Trinity approving the cash flow already and we now see that Ron has been named by the Trinity to offer people sums of money in order to keep them out of bankruptcy in the city of York and other places.   In any case the deal is to move Ron to the front of the line to make sure people do not starve to death or die for lack of heat and so on.  The Trinity is sure he has the right stuff to do this, but he is not happy with people who cannot even figure out what day it is much less which day they got out of debt thanks to the help of the Magisterial Mission and its follow up Missions.

Let me speak to what I call the “follow-up missions.” 

These follow up missions are treble cleft songs to the base mission of fueling the world with righteousness again.  Ron says to me, please explain righteousness to me Michael as I am not entirely sure what righteousness is.  Well, simply put: justice is served.  Righteousness is Justice.

That said we will spread the word that debts are forgiven for signing on to cooperation with the Magisterial Mission.  Whole countries may do so and individuals may do so and that is so long they did not cause the problem in the first place.  Ron’s work among many other issues he has to take care of, is to visit people and nations and write a check before their eyes for what ails them and that is all I will say about them. 

Further more, and this is the Paradise Trinity speaking now:


“I am Margul and insist on being quoted so the quote marks now appear.  We have decided Ron is the one individual on Urantia who could discharge these duties with flair and happiness to the people of the world.  Ron says now to me, ‘you mean you are going to personalize the debt riddance problem with a man of the realm who stands before my betters and pays them off?’

“”The answer is yes and yes and yes and let them swallow their pride when you arrive in a small boat called the Britannica which arrives at every airport with a Magisterial Mission Symbol on its tail rudder and speaks no language but English to the subjects who will learn to hear him speak it well and in a slight treble sound as that voice box is good but not deep.  He will be met at the airports to be greeted by foreign ministers and members of the State Department of the United States, as he is to be recognized as our Minister of the Interior, a special office to set him above other workers in the Missions themselves. 

“Ron enjoys hearing these things but he has no real idea just what it entails and we will have Mantutia give a binder called an SOP (Standard Operating Procedures), and then to study it for days if necessary as he will start life on in the Mission, first as Chief Counsel to the Urantia Book Foundation, and second as our Minister of the Interior which takes care of the revelatory issues on Urantia and sees to the debt riddance of nation states and people alike. 

“Further evidence indicates he has a special duty to find good relationships with all around the world to remember their hearts and souls to others who need their help too. 

“We close with the situation he faces at home now for your edification.  He laughs somewhat we honor him with so much but he can do it so well we have not other candidate, Be assured there is little left for all of you to imagine how all this gets done as Lemuel and Larry will be key players in the Minister of Interior’s Office.  That is likely the place we will use Wendy Winder and Nikki Bardon too, to serve as accountants and keepers of the flame of righteousness for Urantia, as we as the Trinity will operated from the Ministry of the Interior ourselves and Margul will have Mantutia deputized to resist Ron’s generosity.  This is Margul and good day to all for now.”

“I have you know folks reminded me I was better off to make an appointment to see him if I wished to.  Thank you so much Ron.  We close with this offer to all of you who need to hear better when this thing hits the ground later this month.  We are tired of waiting too, and that is simply done on Ron with a small laugh of irony and we tell you this, this list is entirely too quiet for what is about to happen.  We watch to see the enthusiasm grow!”

That concludes what will be an ongoing transmission to update all of you on the pending Magisterial Mission maybe with a surprise or two thrown in not announced here,


Speakers: Michael of Nebadon; Margul Trinity Teacher Son, Mantutia Melchizedek and by implication the Deity Absolute

Announcement: The Magisterial Mission Redoubt Restart
T/R Ron Besser
York, Pa at 02:30am  Local Time
January 14, 2018

We are announcing that the time for the Magisterial Mission is over and that the Magisterial Mission we originally proposed is to take place immediately.

This means the original plans for Serara, the Magisterial Son, are revised to include the human element as well as the original plans to use the Corporations that Ron built are included without changing anything at this point.

In about seventy-two hours from now the House that Jack built will be removed from Urantia and a new civilization put into its place.  This will reform nation state governments on Urantia and provide education for humans who are never sure what they are or who they are to trust anymore.

In doing this I am again reversing the entire order of what was proposed only a few short months ago and that is to provide no Phases but to provide one Magisterial Mission without going into different versions to provide backup for Paradise which has finally seen the light that all of you have been taken through the weeds of service and to have never had the satisfaction of service in spite of years of hanging on with faith and trials to your own selves.

I am rescinding, once more, the appearance of Jesus first and any announcement proposed with that individual in mind.  He is ready to serve as is Ron as are all of you and I am not asking for one iota of change until we hit something so hard we have to restock our choices as to how to proceed.  Now this:

I am asking Ron to find office space in the square of York and Mantutia will follow with money and choices he figures is best for Ron.  We want Ron to take the conference room used by the mayor and pay her to build one in her own administration building on South George Street.  You will all see that building in the future as the one building which was constructed to actually fit the architecture of York from the get go.

Finally, I am rescinding all work stations until we know precisely what we need and that affects all but Ron who is in York to piece together what we need to start this finally.  We are already so late that some of the better parcels of land we need to use as a headquarters have been sold on the open market and we dare not go further than to guess what acrage we need for the foreseeable future at this point.  Here is the Paradise Trinity to speak to this issue:

“I am a Trinity Teacher Son who enjoys your representative Ron with gusto.  He is the one human who finds humor everywhere and makes us all laugh.  He as two terrible problems he tries to laugh about but finds it impossible to obtain any sense for those problems to happen at all.  This evening Ron went to lie on his bed for a few hours as the intensity of a headache and backache and arm and leg ache was overwhelming and he needed to take a load off his feet he says.  We surrounded him when he did this and tried to make sense for him that we were really there on a mission and we utterly failed to convince him anything important was happening.  Now though he is wide awake and the pains have remitted enough he listens well and what we tell him we now tell you:

“The Paradise Trinity is the boss of anything that happens in time space too.  It is infinite yet is able to deal with infinity as a secondary case and not let it get in the way.  Your hearts are totally misapplied in what has happened and I am here to set the record straight.  It is this:

“We are rescinding all plans for Jesus and for the Magisterial Mission as rearranged for the past year and one half.  We are now in the fifth epochal dispensation not and we are now in the sixth epochal dispensation now and for the far future.  Ron went to extraordinary work to figure out when all these dispensations happened as he considers them the foundation for what happens on Urantia schedule wise and for other reasons of state as, for example, how do we treat persons differently who fuse in different dispensations.  Ron, Lemuel, and Larry fused in the 5th epochal dispensation period.  Anyone who fuses now will have fused in the 6th epochal dispensation, 

“The Magisterial Mission is ready to go forth as originally proposed by Michael several years ago before we got all tied up in knots over Ron Besser serving in human form which has set a precedence, and how Larry and Lemuel managed to fuse under such difficult circumstances has also set two more precedents.  Now we find that Serara has laid the law down and shot the idea of Jesus first as ludicrous when the planet, as Ron said when asked about it, Jesus is never going to be appreciated for what he can do unless we have a real mess to clean up first.  We agree with this erudite human who finds friends everywhere but here on the list sometimes.

“In accordance with Trinity law, we asked the Father why not just revert the Magisterial Mission as it was presented to all of us in the spring of 2005 and 2006 when we suddenly had to change it because Paradise did not agree to let Ron serve on the Mission on Urantia as a human.  We then replanned it and made Ron go through morontial transition we had to redact, and that redaction caused severe pain all over his body because we had to flush out cells that grew well in him and revert him to normal human body cells.  In doing this we forgot about the mitochondria injected into his bones and he had severe swelling of the lymph glands and the circulatory system blanched lots of blood into his pelvis over and over.  He is one sick lad as a result of these misalignments and we are making amends by dispelling the early changes and reinstitution Ron back to the morontial cellular structure his mitochondria produces best at this point.

“We point out that the Magisterial Mission has been hounded by Paradise over Ron volunteering to work for the Magisterial Mission under any condition Serara and Michael insisted upon and he was surprised by the injection of mitochondria in October of 2010.  That failed and he was reinjected on October 5, 2011 and again on November 3, 2017 in order to keep his body from deteriorating to death.  Since then there has been nothing but pain and unwise remarks to the Trinity over what happened as he was not advised as to why all this was be redone again and the consequences are genuinely very painful for all to observe.  Now that we have gone over all of that let it be known that the Paradise Trinity prefers Ron to work on the morontial spheres of Mansion World four and five, but Michael says that would transfer Ron out of the Urantia Magisterial Mission to a quiet place he does not desire at all.  Now we have the crux of the matter and the Trinity took it upon themselves to see to it that Ron will have a place of quiet at home at 2709 Sunset Lane, and to let the chips fall there as they may fall.

“Further more, the Trinity has parted ways with Lemuel and Larry on two important points:

1) They are to remain as they are and to work from their respective homes until York is ready to start operations with Serara all over the world’

2) All shipments of currency and gold is not rescinded as Ron, Larry, and Lemuel will receive a salary starting the first of March this year.  They will be paid that salary directly into their bank accounts and none of you are to pay taxes on it until we figure out how to make you and York tax exempt.  Further more the trial to fix up 2709 Sunset Lane with offices and a meeting room is considered exempt under our decision not build anything right now and we will have Mantutia help decide what is to be done as fast as we can get this done with Ron at his home perhaps as early as the end of January 2018.

‘I am Margul and we will have more to say about all of this shortly and we will make much more available through Ron as he must be the one who decides how to operate with Mantutia, perhaps Wendy Winter Nikki Barton as accountants, before we bring anyone else to York as we must lay the foundation to work with and in for York and Ron at the same time.  Good day.”


“I am used to such high flying titles when I am writing but this time I make it clear and simple.  The trial for Ron has been so difficult and so suffocating we have never had a chance to thank him without him wincing from pain in sore feet and burning legs and feet without interruption for nearly two years now.   We are sure the eyesight problem is to be fixed shortly and that the burning soon enough and so on and that we are happy to see Ron wince at my characterization due to the length of time it takes him to get up in the morning until he finally falls in bed after midnight all the time.  He has friends galore but they say nothing and he assumes they are not intrested, but on a list you know not he has forty five people reading him with gaping mouths as they never heard any of this before and he singlehandedly brought another thirty-five or so into the Kingdom.  Jesus brought millions and Ron thinks Moses is swell too but would like to compete better than third place for now.  In any case all of you must realize that you have to change your stripes again and let me suggest it this way:

“Beginning the 10th of March, 2018, we will begin the brand new Magisterial Mission.  Phase I died on us several times this year already, and we must revise our expectations somewhat lower and start small in York with relatively small offices in center square of York and decide immediately to confiscate the conference and public meeting room of the mayor to consolidate out use of the building in its entirety.  We ourselves will build out the offices while spending time preparing the world to accept a divine mission they know nothing about.  I see Ron do this easily \and with aplomb but he is very nervous about all of it as he should be as the twig is weak he handles and he knows it.  In one case he supplied one with how to attune to the inner being and he now understands it exists because he has stirrings of it in his own Adjuster and is marveling at Ron’s ability to strike at the heart of a question before it gets self confused.  Many of you should follow the process Ron uses and then see if you can do the same on the Delphi Forms.

In any case, March 10th we start building (negotiating for) offices in York and on March 15, 2018, Serara will arrive to christen them and meet Ron.  He will ask Ron to bow as a knight of the Kingdom and swear the Oath of Fidelity before the public in ceremony as Ron suggested long ago to do.

“I conclude this announcement with the following statement:

“We narrowly missed giving Ron this ceremony several nights ago but he was in agony with feet swelling and bleeding internally in such a way he would not behave to hear us.  He now is better situated and he has already gone down on his kness to me, to Margul, and to Monjoronson and Serara, but Ron insists that the public have a tape to play when appropriate ro play over our own TV station.  Ron has asked for a genuine practice session so he can get his body to work right and bow without falling over as he does not because of weak leg muscles.  He will have practice with Mantutia who seeks his advice on who he really is sometimes as there is far too much precipitate in these Ron suggestions to say he is not reading the Deity Absolute since we are setting one precedence after another with Ron present in all of this.

“Finally, all of you must understand that this change means business.  We are sure this moves quickly now as Jesus is back in spirit on Edentia now and plans for another day when he can assume the mantle at the Urantia Book Foundation and work as its head disseminator and its head policy maker.  The Urantia Book Foundation is already set to run and we must abide with the law of Pennsylvania until we have a sure reading just how we may operated as a charity instead of a working Foundation for now.  Some of these corporations must have a status change and Ron will not be involved with that after we get our offices in York.  You will have the Urantia Book, the new one as promised probably as early as the end of January.  Good day."


“We have one small announcement for all of you on this subject today.  The 3,135 page second Uranta Book is now published in one volume again after providing one small update on the Magisterial Mission plans for this year.  The new Urantia Book text will contain a modicum of Magisterial Mission changes we are announcing today in this narrative above and below.

“You also will be sent a new Urantia Book free of charge if you are on Ron’s list and that you must make sure you have reserved on by telling him you want one by email and do so now as I am counting them and we are down to 5,000 copies after I have figured in all that we will donate to science and religion and their institutions.

“Meanwhile, Ron will get a dedicated copy signed by Serara and Major Deucum Textum Mantutia Melchizedek and it will be unique among all Urantia Book for it will have columns of print instead of wide page print because Ron has to lean to read again and we need a good text for him to do so.

“I am Mantutia Melchizedek, and I assign my ward Ron Besser to bed now as it is well after 2am taking down this message. Michael wishes to close this.  Good day.”

“I am Michael and I state the following for all of us: the trial to get started has come down to just doing it, Ron reminds me of the men in WWI who did trench warfare and it finally came down to those men storming out of the trenches just toget some fresh air and that is what the Magisterial Mission will revise itself with now.  We welcome all with questions now. Good day!  Michael.”


“We on the Circle of Infinity are fascinated with time and its awful way of getting things done.  Yesterday Ron went in his small shop building looking for the flashlight.  Instead he found glass shattered on the floor.  We had to take half an hour out of spiritual examination of Ron for Ron to repair the broken pane of glass in a large windwo full of twenty panes of glass all little and all to thin for that window.  He fixed it by scotch taping four shopping plastic bags over the shattered remnants of the pane in the widnow.  He left looking at it as a terrible job but that it would keep the rain out that was coming shortly as an arctic front swept in once again over York.  The truth is it will stay that way until he can get a crafts man to cut the odd sized glass pane and Andy will be gone without seeing all okay again as Andy went into the shop earlier to place something in storage no longer useful in the house.  And never saw the broken pane and they both decided a large hawk hit the outside window and made off with some witless bird to feat on.  Ron also suggest the entire matter may be thermal, and in that he is right on.  I will tell you Ron that no hawk hit the pane but it got so cold inside the shop that warming up to 63 degrees that day the window expanded so swiftly it shattered.  Good for you Ron!  Always thinking!  As for the Magisterial Mission, I am a solid observer how a human like Ron will connect with York city proper and then explain to the Commissioners that they were under the gun for security and police help and other duties to keep order when the residents learn they have a divine Mission ensconced in the center of the square and holding public meetings regularly to explain their presence before TV cameras.  Ron you can handle this well and so can Mantutia, but Serara will be there with bells on to kick such a meeting off.  Now this:

“We conclude to state that nothing in all the world will shatter the tile that is Ron on the universe as he has taken it all for the best it needs to be for Urantia.  I wish you all a good day.  The Deity Absolute.”



Motion & Remotion
Original Doc R (ABC Summaries)

“REMOTION” was an extraction from Doc R and as such was in a different context than what Kurt took from the Daynal web site. Beware of materials posted there as they are edited sometimes from the original and as such are not acknowledged as being edited by Rob Davis.

Definitions to help you through this revelation given below by Master Spirits One, Three, Four, and Five:

Remotion - Simply stated, God takes what the Supreme did in the time universes, and then reruns the solutions for actions in time and reimposes a new starting point in them and realizes a new outcome. The Ultimate can take the Lucifer Rebellion and do at least 70 quadrillion solutions where the Supreme had only 1,500 solutions as linear events. Remotion just refers to taking the motions of the Supreme and running them through a new computer for additional solutions.

Experiential Trinities - The Father has to integrate all that goes on in time and in space with the perfection of infinity. Now lets not get deeply into the definition infinity but realize it is without motion. It does not have to solve anything as it is already solved from all space and time experiences and more. The Father must coordinate everything that is NOT infinite with everything that IS infinite and the grand combination to do that is the Trinity. The Trinity has conquered time by having non-infinite Trinities press up all they learn to the infinite Trinity. God the Supreme has his Trinity with the Creator Sons and Ancients of Days and so on. God the Ultimate has his Trinity to send to Paradise too what he learns in the outer space levels. These two little Trinities are not infinite but are called sub-absolute and they are experiences sent up for infinite integration all that is. The Urantia Book calls the little Trinities with the big Trinity the Trinity of Trinities.

Supreme-Ultimate - This is the working combination of God the Supreme and God the Ultimate teaming up to produce the creation of the outer space levels for the first two layers. The Ultimate and the Supreme form this perfect union just as the Father-Son did and so on, to make sure there is no difference of opinion between two competing Deities and that they are fully aware of what the other will do to create new life in the first two outer space levels. The Supreme is in the first outer space level as a partner to God the Ultimate so He has a place to start remotioning the Supreme’s work.

Here is the link to the original document NOT fully posted on the Daynal site.


Master Spirit One, Voice of the Father:

I am Siraya; The Scribe has requested of me to explain just how the Paradise of Alpha becomes the Paradise of Omega through adjustments of Fifth Outer Space Level and Non-Space Extension. The answer is that space is a comprehensive leash on time, and as such the leash is removed after Outer Space Level Four. Then space becomes a convenience of extrapolation, moving what was once constrained into the objective reality of that which is no longer constrained. When I say “constrained by time,” I mean that which time has constrained already in the superuniverses, because the Supreme has conditioned all reality as it relates to the Four Outer Space Levels, and only after God the Ultimate shares these Supreme concepts and retools them into eventuated reality, does the space stream relinquish its control.

Motion is the primary expression of God the Supreme. Remotion is the primary expression of God the Ultimate. The difference between them is critical to understand why the Supreme synthesizes the relationship between matter and spirit in order to control spirit and matter, and following on from the Supreme, why God the Ultimate may transcend the separation of spirit and matter without time motion (i.e. the need for sequence).

The Supreme-Ultimate fashions its reality by two additional elements besides time and space. These are, motion and remotion. Remotion is the act of taking back and reissuing conditions until they reach synchrony with what has been potentially and pre-eternally established by Paradise Deity. With the Ultimate working through the Deity Absolute that which is potential or before eternity is seized as the raw material of emerging values in subordinate life forms in the outer space levels and once matured, such Ultimate accomplishments are established on Paradise with the Trinity Absolute. (Ron’s note 01/12/18 - The other name for this Trinity is the Second Experiential Trinity)

God the Ultimate can do this while the Supreme can not. The Supreme’s motion is nearly always linear - a line or string of events that come to an end or start something new. God the Ultimate runs things differently. In Ultimacy, events are fashioned from pre-existing conditions from the Supreme, and then the Ultimate remotions them (or puts back into motion as a recombination of those circumstances that resulted in the value first being expressed by the Supreme) as an experiment to obtain results one way, and then run another way, until the results actually produce the perfect solution for that particular experiment. This process is one of remotion. Remotion results in an eventual solution devoid of further development. It is as though the Ultimate can wring out the cloth the Supreme had hung out to dry and find a wealth of new meaning to splash before the eyes of a growing universe.

Remotion is directed toward and vitalizes all absonite growth under the Ultimate. The Supreme has no choice but to enter into those motions already established by First Cause. Here is illustrated just why the absonite precedes the finite, for it is in the transcendental conditions in Havona that there is found the original motion that pre-wires the superuniverses with the neural network of finite preconditions that the Creator Sons must acknowledge when they prepare to establish their local universe domains. These Havona contributions are the pre-existing conditions in absonite transcendency that prepare the finite creations to explore the maximum expressions of the qualification of infinity. The Supreme in working through the materials of original motion to obtain time values cannot invent any motion other than what First Cause established as the initial surge of energy toward some finite objective. These neural controls (which are resulting from space limitations built into the absonite or transcendental over controls of space in the superuniverses) as limitations are built into the superuniverses in the present age of God the Supreme.

Remotion is possible where sequence has no meaning and is highly effective in obtaining results that exceed the limits of Supreme integration of time. The Supreme must always work from the beginning to end in a forward motion while the Ultimate through remotion may start anywhere in between and play it out in a numberless repetition until all values are realized and had been without spiritual highlight in the Supreme. Those who know mathematics know this to permutations, and the Ultimate is an expert at performing rapid calculations of any possibility to exhaust or predict outcomes essential for perfection in space. The Ultimate has the luxury of being able to restart all finite values from nearly an unlimited number of revisions. Remotion is inherent in Ultimacy as sequence is inherent in the Supreme.

We now are able to explain something about how the Supreme-Ultimate combination works with Paradise Deity. If we take the fact of Supremacy as a completed experiment, then we have in place those time experiments which have succeeded. Not only have we successful outcomes from the Supreme to replay as fuel for God the Ultimate to remotion and experiment with, the Supreme outcomes have benefited by their perfection through the Paradise Trinity to universalize them to every sector of time. God the Ultimate revitalizes the products of the perfected time experiments of the Supreme and re-experiences them by recombining the Supreme’s contribution with the Ultimate’s thought and exercise of transcendation. We may use a crude example of what this adds by saying it is something like adding more eyes to a sentient being to see the hidden structures of space itself. The Supreme sees the universe laterally; i.e., from left to right and up and down; the Ultimate sees the universe as a convex ball of structure in which he may change the structural matrix inside the ball to improve the life [durability] of the ball.

The results are space limited, but they are also space conditioned and therefore sub-Absolute. The values the Supreme finalized are the Ultimate’s starting points to produce totally new concepts subject to infinite integration toward God the Absolute’s (spaceless without losing space conditioning) realization. None of the Supreme experiments or the Ultimate’s remotions are possible without the interposition of the Paradise Trinity and the personal association with experiential Deity with the Paradise Deities themselves.

In Paper 10 Section 5 of the Urantia Book we learn that,

“The functions of the Paradise Trinity are not simply the sum of the Father’s apparent endowment of divinity plus those specialized attributes that are unique in the personal existence of the Son and the Spirit. The Trinityassociation of the three Paradise Deities results in the evolution, eventuation, and deitization of new meanings, values, powers, and capacities for universal revelation, action, and administration. Living associations, human families, social groups, or the Paradise Trinity are not augmented by mere arithmetical summation. The group potential is always far inexcess ofthe simple sum of the attributes of the component individuals.” Eventuation is the term also used to describe the absonite in your text and if the reader would also substitute the word “remotion” [for the word absonite realizing that absonite has one other attribute and that it is truly spaceless], in the quote above and as remotion is defined above, a more understandable definition of the process will emerge.

The Paradise Deities view the Ultimate as finished with all of these experiments but also accept that they must be experientialized during a Universe Age just as the Supreme was allowed a Universe Age to finish the time experiments to perfect time values and hand them over to the Ultimate one day. God the Ultimate with God the Supreme in ways not entirely understood even by the highest revelators are then personalized together as the Deity union of the Supreme-Ultimate within the Second Experiential Trinity formed around this monistic point of experiential power. It is upon this amazing feat of power materialization and spirit synthesis realized within the prerogatives of the First Person of Deity to make it so; that all the universes in the Master creation of space may reach the status of absolute conditioning.


January 12, 2018 - Mantutia Melchizedek wishes to add comments to the excerpt above and comments on my definitions at the top to help you through the weeds of high revelation presented by the excerpt here.


“This is Mantutia Melchizedek. I am not happy with Ron’s definitions above but he has stubbed his toe on people like Rob Davis and Kurt who have no sense of the subject well enough for them to understand what they played with by not fully providing the paper that explains REMOTION.

“I for one dislike the idea of little Trinities but he is giving you a comparison between infinity and something a lot less like infinity in the word “little.” It works okay that way.

“Further there is no real definition for Infinity except as Ron provided it to you above. If you can remember what he said and how he said it you have a fair definition as we see it too. Otherwise you just add cracker crumbs to it by saying anything else.

“I detest the term Supreme-Ultimate since it seems to add nothing to what it tells you, Ron swiped at it to give you an insight into how it functions and that should be enough to easily what Siraya wrote to him in 2013, not 2011 or 2012 as Kurt thought it was written.

“Finally, this paper is useless for the next Urantia Book because we redo the entire idea of remotion which Ron really likes and I do not. Otherwise we are stuck with the term “ABSONITE,” which is a jaw breaker because it loses definition every time we go to use it. As Ron says, the ABSONITE is mostly REMOTION, but one has to remember that the ABSONITE is more than Remotion. The other Ron finds troubling is “EVENTUATION” as that was my addition to help break the word Absonite down but it fails to help much as it does not tell you what is being eventuated or how it does it. Remotion tells you how the Ultimate replays the Supreme solutions and adds them to the integration of reality on the infinite level.

That concludes my remarks today.”

Michael of Nebadon
Thought Adjuster (Ron’s)
Dr, William S. Sadler and Bill Jr.
Mantutia Melchizedek
Mother Spirit
The House That Jack Built/Fusion Status/The Missions and more
T/R: Ron Besser
York, PA noon local time
January 02, 2018

“This is Michael.  I am leaving a little room in this exposition to tell you that your civilizations are crumbled into extinction almost.  As I said that Ron got a mental picture sent by me to his brain receptors of the EU (European Union) being torn apart by internal forces he sees not.  I showed this in particular because the removal of Great Britain from its organization is fatal to the ideals of the EU, established way back after WWII and the later 1950's.  Eleanore Roosevelt was a key proponent of the United Nations, and strode to make the President aware of its importance both to the proposed United Nations and to the proposed EU itself.

“I am finalizing the proposal by Serara to change the United Nations to be located in eastern parts of the United States, and York is okay but not the best place for such a busy place, and I consider using Detroit or Philadelphia, but they are in the wrong place at the wrong time, and therefore, we must consider York after all.  I am not using this transmission to plunk for a new place for the United Nations to appear in, but the grand hall in that place in New York City is truly grand and it must be preserved much as it is today and we may move it lock stock and barrel in the years ahead to rebuild the service it represents to humanity.

“Ron needs a big fat rest and we will see to it shortly.  His short temper is not with me but with clergymen who fail on all counts to be far seeing and loving spirit enough to trust them.  Be also assured Ron has a crow to pick with Salvington which he resolves by letting things go until he is disturbed again by our use of aristocracy to prevent him from finishing the steps in his work completion of the day.  Finally I wish to introduce someone new to our discussions with Ron in particular.  It is his Thought Adjuster who now proposes to speak for Ron on important issues to all of you as well, as at least three of you are already on staff with the Magisterial Son, and while Lemuel and Larry will be Associates at first, we wait for Sue to join as a fourth fused aristocratic human to join spiritual forces with the Magisterial Mission very soon.  Her work is outstanding too and Ron reads her for clues on other subjects too.  I give you a Thought Adjuster (Ron’s).”

“I am that Thought Adjuster who betook this human in 1988 and made such a splash he wound up in the psych ward in Westchester, New York.  We now learn he had a very bad dream, a nightmare two nights before I appeared, and that contributed to great fear he would die by an arsonists hand.  They are everywhere folks and they will be removed with the other persons who have understandably wild personality disorders.

“In doing this work together, we often have to subsume our individual characteristics.  I as an Adjuster learn not to tamper with Ron when he attempting to complete work for the day with minor adjustments for this and that and now know he can furious when finishing something that is blocked from being completed, We did so last night and he is fully amazed at his capacity to shun spirit when he gets so angry he cannot be friendly to a friendly universe we say it is.  Nonetheless, we hold the following for all of you:

“Watch out for trials like this at your computers.  Watch out for trials that vex you so bad you throw or kick something and that is an understatement we get into when this transmitter gets stopped from printing or writing or both and the work just stands there to complete, hopefully another day.  There is a statement in the Urantia Book which Ron quotes to us quite well.  Mantutia almost wrote it as an afterthought because he never felt it had to be heard so well as Ron writes it back to us.  It says that the Deities and higher beings in the universe could harass all humans until they are insane (our words not Mantutia’s), but they never do that.  Well it Ron’s case they do and he wonders why he is so privileged to catch it so hard so often, The truth is Ron is one of a kind.  Soon we will have another one of a kind each in Sue and Lemuel and Larry G.  But be aware they are not catching it like Ron does and that is because Ron has never tempered his egotism over what he has learned is very important to relay as much as possible,

“This discussion forum is a result of that egotistical drive.  He uses it to spread the word and provide services and as an outlet for information we want known to the wider world called Urantia.  It has carried about thirty five to destiny status and it carries about sixteen more who are ready to join the membership once they fell safe in doing so.  I also reiterate that the discussion forum is a wealth of information to spirit because it places words out to be seen and for the most part they are extremely helpful words to us up here in higher places than you may ever know.

“As a result of all this activity between transmitting and moving heaven and earth to be heard, this transmitter has received accolade after accolade from Nebadon and even one or two different ones from Uversa and one from Paradise.  Yet he holds himself in penury because he feels the life of a human on Urantia has so cut him out he feeds nothing to his happiness, and for that reason he wonders what is next in reality for this spirit work he is so dedicated to.

“In placing this narrative on the forum, I hope it brings some peace to some of you who feel the same as Ron does, that he can be cut instantly and he has no recourse but to find his way to the grave his way and then let the chips fall where they may for good.  I am an Adjuster who has promised the exist of this material life in chariots of fire and that is his goal too and not to leaver a charred body behind he affectionally calls his old flame to me.  I am fully conversant with the trial by fire transpondency, but the Father has proposed to me that like Van and Amadon, life was extended so long they hold the record for being enfleshed for so long.  However, Ron will never equal those records even thoug he could come close if all goes too well for Serara and wants another Ron sandwich and force an issue we all debate up here.  Ron is not a crude being– never was— but he complains that without being crude he gets nowhere in lots of things he covets.  That is not what he is to become though and the Father proposes that all be supplied in abundance until the psychic circle in the morontia, number forty-seven (47) is removed entirely and to let him find some recognized peace and quiet as he moves about our work doing whatever we eventually having him do.  This is true for Larry and Lemuel and probably Sue too, and so the proposal reads like a how-to book in that we allow these individuals and any who fuse during our stay on Urantia, to look upon Ron as a leader of fusion candidates and be done with all the hokum of administration of other things.  That is fine except Ron likes administration very much and seeks to have it too and that is granted, but his wholesale unit called Starbridge Group will become synonymous with the sixth epochal revelation (6th or SER), and that it contains the Urantia Book Foundation NOT but close,  as it is the work factory to make these revelations sizzle for humanity.  Be assured these things are almost set in stone but Ron reflects upon the work of Dr. Sadler and wonders if he can free enough to speak briefly:”


“I am pleased to be invivted by such an important group speaking now to all of you who are still in the flesh on Urantia.  You are all invited to Mansion World 4, as that is where revelation is now prepared for future years of work on Urantia, to turn that sphere into a working architectural world for teaching primarily Creator Sons and other high Sons of the Universe you do not know at all.  Good and this from the old Doctor: I watch every step this transmitter takes to practice and learn the do’s and dont’s of speaking to the clergy.  I was too soft.  Ron is as harsh as spray wash at the car wash if you had not car to walk through.  You all are exposing yourselves to infamy if you default in this mission so you better be prepared to take your licks before they get going in earnest, and that is truly the heat of this speech today.

“Please listen:

“You are all under the gun to lead people, other people, to glory.  Do not make the mistake Ron does and that is to take many into his confidence before they are ready to admit they are missing bits and pieces to help them thinking properly on what they like to know about.  Good for all his efforts but he has managed to get a clergyman so upset he finds the day a pain to get through without yelling at someone.  Be assured Ron could care less for he has said on many accessions that what you get angry about you remember for good.  In any case this should never be an issue as Ron finds the entire matter so childish he leaves it for better pastures anyhow and will find them in many cases even around the Methodist the clergyman happens to profess.”


“I am delighted my father got a hold of you before you fused beyond him.  He is of the opinion you would have been a favorite at 533 but you were far too young to open those book boxes with the first arrival of the Urantia Book in 1955.  We gloried in those days too and felt so supremely happy my father took to singing Irish Jigs for all of us.  One in particular went - ‘she holds her mouth like a bench in the storm, and finds her mouth a little too warm, and then flies to the eves of the house to end her life as a *****.’  I am Bill Sadler Junior or JR as I was called in Oklahoma when I conducted classes there in the early 1960's and died in 1963 a year before my father did in Chicago.  It was not a class reunion we had when I popped out of my skin, but father was distraught as all of you would be to lose a child before you went over, and I still remember my father crying, ‘you sot, why beer on ale and eggs?’  He determined I died of a thrombosis brought on by alcohol poisoning to my liver which was peckish all the time anyhow.  Nonetheless, I remember my instructions to go to the light and there was the angel waiting as though I was a little late for the appointment already.  Good day.”

“This is Michael of Nebadon, and I conclude this piece by indicating that we need transmitters and that all of you stepped up to the plate this morning and last night to fulfill our request to transmit then, You all did splendidly and Ron, reading what Dominick wrote, wondered if Dominick was getting a good read for a change to move him into a transmitting gate that will vastly improve his reception.  I am not finished for the moment but we have taken on a lot more than I knew was available for today.  I have much more for all of you today so stay tuned to the transmission desk you sit on and wait for me to speak more.  Good day.”


General Discussion / Nuclear War - Part II
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Consequences & Discussion Nuclear War & Dissemination of the Urantia Book
Request for All Transmitters to Transmit a Message New Years Day for Posting

Andromadeus, \
Ancients of Days,
Mantutia Melchizedeks,
Rayson, and
Michael of Nebadon.

December 29, 2017 After midnight local time

I am Michael and I speak the truth completely.  My message taken through Ron earlier as really Part I of this title had much to say about the situation as we see it on Urantia, and to warn all of you we are not allowing a holocaust, but a nuclear tipped missile out of a carrier in the China Sea or nearby is entirely feasible to teach North Korea to retreat or face annihilation.  If Korea forces us to  faces annihilation we will step in and help resolve the end of that civilization immediately.  I doubt this will end the Advent of Jesus at all, but we may be faced with draconian exercises to prevent more missiles flying into the air by Russia or from elsewhere.

Simultaneous Transmit:

“We need all who can transmit to be prepared to transmit a simultaneous message on New Year’s Eve.  Ron saw this done in the Teaching Mission and recorded seven similar messages come forth that night to test the feasibility of doing one message many time through many receivers.”


“We are preparing to send a message to all of you on New Year’s Day and we need every transmitter ready to transmit a message and post it on the web site you  call the discussion forum.  Ron is looking at that forum now as a disaster waiting to happen and all of you can make it go away by sitting oin your duffs and refusing to participate and that can happen quickly if you are not ready to stand firm with us again.  The Nuclear War post was to show you we are ready to allow the first nuclear tipped missile into the missile fabrication bunker to remind North Korea never to attempt this again.  If they persist we will deliver our own ultimatum.

“Therefore let it be known we are not redressing the Advent of Jesus at all, but pushing the Advent back a little to clear the air of war at least with North Korea,  We still have Iran and Iran is far more dangerous than Korea is at this point.  Be assured we take no precaution other than to say Iran has no real good reason to go to war unless Trump slams them back to the stone age with their insistence of terroristic prompts to those in the region.

The NEW URANTIA BOOK is coming:

“It is my duty as a Chief of my kind on the periphery of Paradise to remind all of you that the time for fooling around with sayings and false scripture to stand alone and permit the full dispensation of revelation come forward to your eyes and ears,  We place the entire text in the hands of Michael to disseminate through Ron Besser who is in charge of the Urantia Book Foundation immediately, He is to receive the book and its contents as a sky high mound of books in a few ticks.  I feel I have breasted enough of this and let Mantutia finish it,”


“I am Mantutia and I wish to state that new Urantia Books are bound as previously described, and that they are a gorgeous lot with gold lettering that will not wear off because it is incised into the leather-like binding.  Besides holding them ready to go and well at the present time, I will direct Ron to find the warehouse to store them in nearby York city or in his own suburban location.  You will find it easily in Dover if you call and asked how much space you need to securely store 10,000 books each ten inches high and one foot tall and they will tell you about 500 square feet (10 feet x 50 feet)and then let them tell you how to unload a truck for you when it arrives with all of the volumes.  They are in boxes of 15 books each and each pack weighs roughly 25 pounds.   Good.  And this:

“Finally, we need volunteers to help mail books out and that is not for Ron to do but all of you, Ron needs someone who lives nearby well enough to come and takes his list and addresses and ask people to pay $25 per book and we will pay the postage. The list has about forty names in what all of you sent him for a copy and that is what we will use to alert for getting a new book.  Otherwise wait a year.  Then they will be sold publicly at one book per person.  No fifty or one hundred books at a time.

“The books come in a cardboard box to mail and they are the one volume book.  Four volume editions will wait awhile and later be considered for dissemination.  I conclude this entire matter will be emphasized again as the time draws near and some of you may wish to come to York to mail out reminders to pay and then mail the books when the checks come in.  Ron will make the financial arrangements.

We are looking at this storage business with a jaundiced eye too as Ron indicated with civil chaos or war-time footing of some sort even ten blocks to go is a lot to get books out of storage under those circumstances, and muttered maybe something else will turn up.  We considered buy a shed and he has an empty barn on the property and has suggested we build big rodent freen storage boxes with a little hearing in them for the books and t hat may be the solution at last now that I hear Ron suggest it.  It is free to us but the boxes themselves have to be built in the barn and two boxes each should be 15 feet wide and 16 feet high.”

“Clearing all of this is a huge effort up here and minimal effort down there, and I know Ron calculates well and that to place the books in a cardboard box ourselves is expensive.

“I am Mantutia and we await approval of Uversa to do all of this when they are ready to do so.”

UVERSA speaks:
“We are THE ANCIENTS OF DAYS AND we are preparing the mandate to allow the books out for distribution and Ron you will receive a copy.  Thank you.  The Ancients of Days also remind all that this is nearly a gift to those who asked to receive one, as they will be impounded after the list is fulfilled and not before they are certified as to count and storage facility verified by us on high, Ron need only sign a check for the storage for five years, and by then we need to have our own storage facility somewhere near Ron and the offices of the The Urantia Book Foundation.  Good day.”


“I am of the opinion the barn idea is the best yet and that can accommodate all we need if we put on our thinking caps and store them not in wood walk in boxes but in metal containers stacked on top of each other in the barn and let the rain and will come and the cold will not affect well packed books at that rate.  They just be sealed in the metal boxes and we can do that and deliver them as modules to the barn when we want to distribute.  Mantutia?”


“I am sure all of you also understand that nuclear war kills everything at ground zero.  I also want it understood that Trump will be controlled very well if he has to be on this issue in particular.

“Let us conclude this section on the prospects for nuclear war now.  I am not expert in this area and Rayson is:”


“Nuclear bombs as constructed by the United States are few and vary from 10 megatons to 100 megatons for large cities.  Korean missile silos are tiny but they are deep as they know, and we will plan to see what they select to hit the silos only as that is their thinking at this time.  The United States has one huge problem to over come and that is where all out war could happen. 

“Ron remembers the assessment of the Pentagon speaking to the approximately one million men under arms by North Korea in the hills north of Seoul, and their plan is to blitzkrieg upon Seoul at the first sing of hostilities and take the city for North Korean exploitation.  If that happens the only thing that will stop them is a air balst nuclear explosion over their heads to incinerate the attack. 

“The Pentagon looks at this as suicide for Seoul in any case and must prepare for a land invasion to surround Seoul with lethal weapons also nuclear tipped to push the horde back up the hill in North Korean itself.  North Korea has stationed one thousand five hundred tanks in those hills and about seven hundred fifty thousand men with support troops as well and that is how we get the one million number of troops ready to move against the South Korean capital.  Trump must summon an emergency council from the State Department and allow the Congressional Leaders into the room as they must declare war and not call it a police action. 

“If they call it a police action it will be over ridden by the United Nations which detests the United States for its bullying and will enforce its mandates against America.  I confess I know little of the law regarding a declaration of war but it must be entered to end the Korean war by mandate and to end United Nations meddling.  In most cases the US already has the fire power and the will and it is up to North Korea to skedaddle out of the mess before it becomes a point of nuclear annihilation itself.

“I also remind Ron that York sits about 180 miles due south of Central Park.  That is enough for York to get singed by a 10 megaton bomb if dropped on New York.  That we can prevent if we will and no such declaration ahs been issued from the Most Highs or the Ancients of Days as to their view of the entire matter . . . .”

“We seldom discuss this scenario every with a child of God but he is unusually positioned to help and we need all the help we can get on Urantia.

“Ron thinks correctly as a guess he has as to whether we take ANY action at all die to our mandate to let things work out in time as they should and not interfere with divine actions that change the outcome.  York sites at the close periphery of a New York 10 megaton blast.  Any larger and it could destroy York by fire but no radiation.  If the bomb is larger than 50 megatons then the problems accelerate accordingly and we will take action as necessary if necessary.  Good day.”


“I continue.  The chances for this happening are quite slim but York is only 100 miles north of Washington DC and that is more problematic than New York, If we have to figure it we will and that is that, Retaliation is unlikely unless the United States is sloppy as it was under George Bush and Iraq clean up.  I leave it at that as well for now.

“I listen to this with only a jaded ear, but Ron is correct we need to decide what to do for America as our base for the operation of the Magisterial Mission.  Ron already has pondered this for years and was glad there was a cold war but could not tolerate Jimmy Carter and his peace making that got us into trouble with Iran and a few other places.  One cannot be a goody two shoes and blink first before thugs and ruffians and that is what Urantia is full of right now.  We will thin that ilk quickly and let the chips falls there too where they will, I suggest we let the matter drop for now and let this go to another time.  Thank you, Michael.”


General Discussion / Nuclear War
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Nuclear War
Salvington Government speaks
December 28, 2017
York 1130AM local time

Note from Ron Besser: Those who may be faint of heart should skip reading this and maintain your own sense of personal belief that nuclear war will not be allowed on Urantia.  Michael as the Chief ruler of the Salvington government finally got tired of me asking what the hold up was concerning the Second Return if He could explain it to us.  He reluctantly laid down the problem to see it as he considers Nuclear war a Trump desire too strong to hold back.  That view in turn mitigates against Jesus appearing tomorrow.  Take the comments below as at risk to a better solution if the Father intervenes at all.  Thank you.


“I am Michael and I and Andromadeus speak together on this short report.

“I sense that this list is full of angst over the proposal of the Jesus return not being apparent at this time.  I am also sure you do not know why.  Facing down a probable barrage  of questions, we say this:

“We have stated innumerable times that we will not allow nuclear war to take place on Urantia.  We have been forced down to state that when it comes to Donald Trump, he has ruined all possinilities of us controlling his hand on the trigger, and it appears to us he wants nuclear war and will pursue it with or without a world coalition to rid Urantia of Norther Korea.  I doubt this makes much sense for we possess the technical expertise from missiles being able to ignite to send bombs anywhere; however, I am sure that since the Untied States under Trump wants this and gets this, he will rue the day he let it loose.  So let me make the following statement:

“Nuclear war is probable is some degree on Urantia.  You know the situation well enough already to know the outline of who and what is involved in one degree or another, and China is unlikely to play any part in it whatsoever.  I am hesitant to say more than this.

“I also place another statement on the table for you to chew over in your own minds, and that is the American State Department has been eviscerated by the new Secretary of State at the behest of Donald Trump.  Nothing worse could have been done than to do this, but diplomacy is dead for all intents and purposes now.

“I also tell you this so you are understanding that Jesus will not and can not appear while a state of nuclear war is probable on Urantia and we do not assume to make that and absolute statement and that is because it could or could not happen by what Trump finally decides in the interest of the Untied States.  But if it happens there is no place for a peace maker the size of a Jesus Return, and we withhold any Return until we know the final decision and the way it will resolved itself. Good day.  Michael.”


“I am deeply embedded in this transmitter and he is appalled at this prospect as most of you are.  However, recognize that the time has come on Urantia to put away the nuclear option.  If this is the way to do it, we let it fly.  Trump is an animal and not a human son of God at all and we doubt he understands anything but finances and “deals” as he likes to put it.  Deals are one thing and nuclear options are another and we stand back to wait him out as far as the death scenarios is to play out on the Urantia situation.  North Korean has overplayed its hand in a ghastly way and no one should be foolish enough to have any sympathy left for them if this happens.  The regime will be desiccated by what happens and the allies will have to rebuild it without South Korea participating in it as they will need to rebuild as well and that includes creaming South Korea’s capital of Seoul if it comes to nuclear war.

“I know Ron has addressed these remarks above as not for the faint of heart or for belief if it comes down to it.  He reasons correctly that any such announcement as this is will curtail further belief in the entire matter of us being able to communicate so fully with the mind of man.  However we must instruct as we see it and right now Tillerson has made no move to open talks even though North Korea signaled they are ready.  Trump excoriated Tillerson for saying he was ready to talk any time without preconditions, and now stands down as a defeated Secretary of State at Trump’s behest.  I close my case with a simple statement: Those who live by the sword die by the sword and Trump has no idea what he has let loose.  Good day.”

General Discussion / As the World Is Today - Revelatory Text
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As the World Is Today

T/R: Diapetra Sonsannortia Clayotia Dnepayotia *(Ron Besser’s fused name)
♦        Revelation of New Planetary System Name
♦        Revelation of the three fused individuals fused names
♦        Revelation Original Certain Midwayers are now Archangels in Nebadon

December 26, 2017
2PM York, PA USA

This is Michael.

Ron asked if there was any cheer the day after the Christmas binge on Urantia?

Nothing much except to remind all of you that Christmas as just experience in the last 24 hours is over with for good anymore. It is not a happy holiday anymore and it leaves most of us leathery and chilled as so little time is spent on the religious aspects of it. Our work is to continue unabated and as is as you have been told a gazillion times before. Margul is here.

“We at the Trinity, see little to cheer ourselves with as Boxing day in the Commonwealth countries (the 26th) leaves much to be desired and few people feel euphoric in the EU at all and very little in Great Britain. The Queen of England had her Christmas speech well received by Ron as much as the BBC would show of it on American television. He noted the first speech by the Queen greeing her subjects was made in 1957, and saw little in it in that day that forbode what it would be like in 2017 as her grandson Harry plans to marry an American.

“We pray in the Trinity to have America prepare for a solitary wedding for Trump and his new bride Kim Jung Un, are asked to make nice and let the pot stop boiling hard enought to spill over into war. We doubt there is any goodwill left in China or Japan or South Korea for North Korea but we wait to see what happens in the entire region because right now it is a tinder box of countervailing discussions on how to prevent North Korea from blowing itself up.

“We leave this board alone for a few days as the Nebadon government wails over what is happening on Urantia. Not only is North Korea behaving badly, Iran is about to blast the Americans for their lack luster rating on the Treaty banning work on their nuclear plans. North Korea sent an emissary to Irant last month and got such a warm wlecome they are not sure they are talking to the old Iran which wanted out of the race for that kind of bomb. Now all is back on the stove and we wait for the Americans to trump themselves out of peace once again.

“The Trinity has very little to do with the coming of Jesus to Urantia. You who watch the gauges of expectations are truly out of luck as Jesus never admits defeat unless he pre tastes it for himself first. Things are now so rocky on Urantia we make no predictions for anyone at this moment in time as to what to expect when once again. I follow this with the statement next below:

“You are being forced to feed on your own views on this list and Ron has seen to it he makes very little statements since he sees little to cheer about in the Jesus schedule to bear fruit to the eye of the beholder. I am seldom disappoint but today we see Michael hanging up his slicker since the rain of disappoitnment is even too much to stand out in all of that in spite of the protection of such a rain coat. In any case we must not give into temptation so far we end the vigil as it will not end in spirit as it waits for the consequences of the Trump admin to get its act together for a change and reorder the peace negotiations with Korea to start up once again. Kin Jung un has no hope and he is truly a sorry mess at the breakfast table in the past few weeks as Trump nixed talks even before they had a chance to start.

“I am Margul and I leave it to Mother Spirit to conclude this.”

“We seldom see Ron so non pleased that he cares little what can be said over stalemates caused by a Trump confusional statement as he makes frequently these days. Twice now the Most Highs signaled we could go ahead with Jesus and his choices for Urantia, and twice now Jesus himself ask for things to be delayed or postponed. We doubt the Magisterial Mission can sustain much more of this and we may signal the Magisterial Mission to proceed without its vanguard of Jesus and his Staff of profession Archangels and Evening Stars, as they flock to his side for work and work they cannot with the belligerency of Donald Trump goading Asia to face up to North Korea. We also have Andromadeus for a few words now:”


“As a Chief of a most important segment of the ruling hierarchy of spirit in Nebadon, I call upon all of you to pray that the President of the United States learn humility before it is taught to him with a strike of a nuclear weapon on the United States. We are not predicting this, but he invites the enmity of all nuclear nations to shut him up and pay attention to his own wounds. We on high secretly wish him gone but he is a fact of life we have to formulate in our pronouncements to our citizens on Edentia and Salvington alike. In our best formation we see Trump as a useless tradition of warfare dating back to the Middle Ages and we dare not file for further writing as Ron is being bombarded by his Adjuster to quit and let the trial of these last remaining days of 2017 end, we hope, peacefully. I am Andromadeus seconded by Hortien, the Most High specialist on Urantia also known as Michael of Nebadon.”

“As Michael of Nebadon, my formal name is Hortien. It is phonetically pronounced (hor’ tea N). My announced name is Hortien Diapetra (Diah Pet’ Rah). Those names refer to one of the clan names of the Creator Sons (Diapetra - the clan of Diapetra) and Hortien is like your first names in that clan as you use William or Martha and so on. My other names are as follows: Hortien Diapetra Sonsannortia, (Sun San Nor Sha) refers to the purpose of my personalization and is never spoken but always just written in formal documents to me. My final name is Clayotia (Clay Oh Sha) which is appended to my name when I am out of my Local Universe doing business as Hortien they call me Clayotia and Father appends all my names in one word: Creator Son Michael 611121. All spirit has to do is enter that number into their conversant communication device and all those name appears.

“This is my personal entity name and all of you have such names too when you fuse on the Mansion worlds. Ron’s fused name is: Diapetra Sonsannortia Clayotia Dnepayotia (Den pay oh sha) and when simply stated Ron is called Dnepayotia, which means something like he is a live one.

“Lemuel’s fused name is Diapetra Sonsannortia Clayotia Bneyatoia (Bhen nay oh sha), and that is a twin name with Ron and rhymes with Ron’s name.

“Larry Gossett’s fused name is likewise Diapetra Sonsannortia Clayotia Bytortia (By Tor Sha). These names are alphabetized on Paradise by date of fusion and all three persons here received the same fusion date of 4157 which is translated as Superuniverse 7, Sectors 2 and 3 combined, in the event calendar of Nebadon on Urantia (4157). Our calendar on Salvington is the spirit calendar and no one understands it but the angles who write on it. I have now done my duty as an Archangel who pronounces these names to fused humans on Mansion World Four. I call forth the Archangel of Record that witnessed these three fusions for his statements to the souls on Mansion World Three at that time.

“In these sons we are well pleased, as the Father conditionally fuses you no more than to except that translation by chariots of fire which they are due at translation form Urantia when they are released from duty. Be assured I speak your names fully as of that time of fusion and grant you sixty days of leave from all duty to rest on the Mansion World of choice. Since your fusion has actually taken place on the planet known as Urantia, number 606 of the existing Planetary System of Satania, henceforth to be known as Santiena (San Teen Ah), in the Constellation of Norlatiadek under the Most High, Andromadeus. Santiena is the likely replacement name for the Urantia based planetary system but it is not yet fully decided or entered into the maps as of yet. Today Urantia lives in Santiena but tomorrow in may live in Byantoptia (By An Tope Sha), and Byantoptia may actually become the fixed name for Santiena.

“I am Archangel Bernice and I assumed the duties of an Archangel upon the release of my name from the Council of Twenty-four (24), and I was Governor General of Urantia when Ron and Lemuel were born. Larry Gossett was born under the general rulership of Michael Himself when the succession of Governor General’s was disrupted in the year Gossett became a valid human creature of that year. Besides ABC-01, Bernice; ABC-02, ABC-04, ABC-07 and ABC-10, all have assumed Archangel duties in Nebadon until further approval is solicited from the Eternal Son.”

“No Archangel has better served Nebadon than this group of Midwayers representing both genders at their birth 37,500 years ago approximately. In their birth status they showed perfunctory skills as Midwayers and that was it. But during the last years of seditious rebellion, all named showed valor and courage to clear the area they worked in of all rebellion personnel in order to make clear decisions as either Governor Generals or as workmen of the Michael government on high for Urantia. These brave individuals are now sentenced to service in Nebadon as true Archangels and they are fully enlivened to speak now, I am the Eternal Son and I wish all a good day.”

“We as a group never thought such would occur, but it did in 1986 when the announcement of the end of the Lucifer Rebellion adjudication ended. We are being signed to by the Father to pay attention to a Father statement of interest: . . .”


“Ron your name is profane on a list that wants you removed immediately and they are calling upon the leader of that list to dismiss you and remand you to the custody of some devil they invented for you. Not so. There is unanimous acclaim for your reports to them about the Paradise Trinity, as another one has surface there to assing you to a special category of subscriber. That person is the owner of the list and wants you to write a soliloquy not but an explanation of what you posesess so he can prepare a special category for you to hold forth on any subject you may wish, It is too good to be true Ron thinks and we agree as it is conditioned on you paying him one hundred thousand compliments in your research to alarm no one but to provide the truth to the list as you perceive it from us. This is not a ruse but a change of plans we allow for you to speak to a group of people hungry for your information. We do no good holding you back in this endeavor and we wish others on this discussion forum to recognize Ron has received a high honor as well as a request to write as he pleases. You Ron are cleared to write with our help (Ron: I would not and I cannot write without your required help for me Father and others). We also admit your poison pill is not overweening pride but truthfulness to the point he sours the great powers on that list who think they know more than anyone else but you must prefer to give them the best you can without wowing them as you did lately with a discussion of the pressure of space to guide space ships inward or outward fomr locations outside of Paradise. You are not wrong and how you deinged to discover that we can only that the Deity Absolute who adores your style of humor and decision making to stay the course in spite of the bad mouthing of the clergy over your view of the Paradise Trinity. You sadly removed two from the list when they discovered you made no error about Isaiah and the clergy who saw it wondered what you meant and finally connected it with Ezekiel as to his experience with the chariots of flames they never payed much attention to before. Now they clearly see your point and wish to know a great deal more for their own edification. The chariots of flames story is a great one and you will transmit what is left of Ezekiel at this point in his spiritual ascension. We leave the rest of it for another time dear one of Urantia. It is true and you will be called by one of them this week sometime if you are willing to chat with a cell phone that says the list name on it. Good. This is Father and finally good news for you Ron. We now return you to the speech of Bernice known on Urantia as ABC-01.”


“I seldom am shocked at what humanity does, but the Father stating what he did above for Ron to hear himself, that a list finally recognizes the enormity of your human learning and how it makes a huge impression on those whose jobs are to teach spirituality. I am no longer an Archangel Ron as that commission died with my use of the work humanity as you are not human fully anymore and you need time to rest and reflect with or without complications there. I am Bernice and I speak to you as a friend of the Court, and make this announcement for most of you who really listen to what drags out of us as he works tirelessly to learn our natures and our ways so he may be competent to explain us in some furture talk he may have with humans just learning what is true about us and spirit.

“Therefore, let it be known that this transmitter is being assigned to my Corp of Excellence on high where he can learn to speak properly before the high spirit of the Court and of and to Michael and it begins with the protocol of speaking to Michael of Nebadon as Hortien Diapetra and the rest of his form name appended thereafter. Ron has no memory cells in the brain and must learn by rote and he will have new memory cells in a few days as we are now permitted to replace them with all of his memory returned plus a few more things he will discover later on as he is one of the few to win an accolade from a human organization for being what he is. Good. Now this:”

“I am now Michael of Nebadon no more to Ron as he may use my name in public where appropriate as Hortien Diapetra Sonsannortia Clayotia Dnepayotia - and that I so fully appreciate as we now have someone on Urantia who speaks to me in my formal attire before I chat with them, You ask that this be true and that it cannot wait upon your deliverance from the flesh to easily reacall it since you cannot place anything into your mind memory as you are presently built up there, I am not Michael of Nebadon to most but to many I am Hortien Diapetra Sonsannortia Clayotia Dnepayotia, and that is thanks to your PC Windows clipboard you placed the full name in it. I laugh with you but keep it handy for future reference and it should be as a template for all board discussions as well with Mantutia and others you will come to know as you drive away the black spots of the disarrangement of the clergy over your teachings concerning the Paradise Trinity. I saw you literally figure out how UFO’s and other space travelers can find their way with maps in a huge space universe and I laughed aloud when you figured out that the navigator on board of one of those ships has a dial on his dashboard that reads the space pressure of where the ship is sitting and computes to the space pressure where one wishes to land, We have not modified that to say that the space pressure at the fett of of the Trinity is naturally zero but once outside of Paradise it begins its pressure building and would crust a ship in firth firs outer space level as it is now. I am Hortien Diapetra Sonsannortia Clayotia Dnepayotia and I welcome you later today to continue this major revelation to all who subscribe to this discussion list.


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