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General Discussion / Announcement About Com Circuit Down
« on: October 21, 2018, 11:30:56 PM »

Announcement About Com Circuit Down
Michael of Nebadon
York, Pa 2330 local time
October 21, 2018

This is Michael

As of today the 21st day of October, 2018, I declared a moratorium on transmissions of fact except for what I announce through this transmitter.

Ron ran into serious trouble yesterday with a transmission from Uversa and was dropped from the Infinite Spirit’s communication circuits.

That affects all communication between Mother Spirit and the angels and hosts in the Local Universe and may extend to Uversa as well.  In any case we have decided rather than fight an error like this from Uversa, we will simply disallow a lot of factual information to transpire on Urantia for a few bits of time.  I do not know when the ban will be lifted but I am aware this particularly affects the fused individuals who work on this site.

Also: Until further notice we must pay attention to Margul and his work with new transmitters.  He reports he has transmitted to seven more who visit this list regularly.  They must avail themselves to membership if they wish to be acknowledged as that is the only way we can register them as public transmitters.  If they wish to remain anonymous they will not be registered as our help or agents.

Furthermore, Ron has been putting together a book that will surprise even the most gifted physicist with its insight into atomic cohesion and how four micron coal grinding taught the world of physics so much.  It is the dickens to put together because he has double the material he can use and I am very particular what he releases and does not release.  I am hoping the Steve Gitz can get the book for editing in two weeks from now.  Ron has dental surgery later this coming week and will not be in any state to do a lot of book work we think. 

Finally, I must avow that those who recently join must take the work of transmitting.  Ron has already suggested to Origin Addam to start trying transmission and one or two others should begin work as soon as they fieel comfortable with the concept.  Reason?

Other than it is essentially life saving for what is coming soon, it also requires some attunement all of which these new people do have already.  They just need the discipline to be able to transmit for themselves and for us.  Please be grateful all and allow things to happen, as I am so close to wielding the axe on people who create great error on Urantia, we need these transmitters as soon as possible.  I leave it there for now.  Michael of Nebadon.”


Greetings and welcome Origin Addams.

I think we can safely assume you know our purpose as we share the same one along with a non profit Foundation or two to help us pay the bills and give some voice to our work with spiritual others.

I transmit easily and am wondering if you have learned the trade as of yet yourself?  It helps a great deal to firm up your foundation work and outreach as in transmitting the Voice of God, they do have suggestions of what to do with your style of organizing and outreach.  I am also in line to produce a book or two  before I may just put that aside for other work aimed to come my way too including supporting and funding with donations too from members.

I do hope you are ready for your contributions to our discussion input over issues like the fifth epochal revelation and the one to follow it, the sixth epochal revelation whenever they are ready to dust its cover off for dissemination.  It was finished a year ago but events keep pushing it back before it is ready for introduction.  We have a Michael Mission ready to go before the year's end, and there is no a problem about how well seen it will be.  Once it was supposed to be visible, but now world events tend to place a curtain of disdainment over world leaders who keep making things worse.

I close with blessing to your efforts and outreach and welcome you to a very busy place at times.  I look forward to your views and wish you a most happy stay!

Ron Besser

Hello Raymond,  all positions will be salaried in accordance with industry standards.   The Michael Mission pays salaries to all it hires and no one is expected to donate their work time but extra curricular activities like transmitting are considered mostly donation time.  I spend six hours a day sometimes in transmitting and they salary that for me but for most others not.  In any case I would like a chance to talk to some really good IT organizers and leaders if possible with the understanding we do not hire until we are salaried ourselves.  That is forecast for the end of this year mostly.
I have to have a group of people who can do anything and are not put off by using older ways or trying newer ways and I will rely on the IT section head to keep me informed what is and what is not best use.  I thank you for the heads up.  Ron

New Members Forum/Introduce Yourself / Re: New member intro
« on: October 20, 2018, 06:01:14 PM »
Admin welcomes you well too, Kibet Brian,  We are quickly establishing a place for people to reorient themselves in this universe of pageantry but of little meaning any more to the purpose of this earth for our future ascension careers.  We take on the ability to write about what is to come, and then they change it, and we look silly sometimes as everybody has to get off the bus, and get on another bus.  In any case, every voice that genuinely wishes to join us helps us maintain our spiritual ideals and the center of organization within our minds.  Thank you for signing on, and welcome to the invitation to make all the talk you can manage to do for us as we are always hungry for a new member and new views.  Thank you.  Ron Besser/Admin

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - (Voice of God transmission to you Kibet Brian from the Creator Son, your Creator) “I am Michael and I wish to open this forum to more like you Kibet.  I believe the word Kibet is Sanskrit for child?  In any case we are happy to welcome you too and hope you learn to transmit as it will help clear you from Germany and bring you to the United States if you can learn to transmit really well.  Read this site on how to prepare and the messages you wonder what they are.  They are direct connects to God the Father and the Father Fragments, also known to you as Thought Adjusters.  They speak and they provide you information as the time is coming for upheavals politically and tectonically as the plates that hold our continents up are cracking and break and the sea may inundate much of the Eurasia land mass too.  Learn to Transmit and you will be personally warned how to avoid danger to yourself and your family.  Good day.  I am Michael.”


Hello Raymon, fyi I pulled those sites off the provider because the provider refused to prepare the means to edit them and finally got tired of spending hundreds of dollars a year to display something that needed badly to be edited and up dated.  Right now there is no Rayson science site but I am in contact with Rayson, and he declares that there will be when the display facilities are available through our offices through our own IT section.

Le me ask you Raymon:  Do you know a got computer guru who would like to build an IT section for us when the time comes?  They have to have some understanding of Fortran or Java Script C+, able to field new web sites built on the best available foundation at the time.  I think any candidate will never understand we have a real problem coming for programmers and even finding good providers, and that is why I want build in house rather than rely on people who have no real idea what complete service is all about. FYI a proposed head of our IT section should understand we are proposing to go nationwide shortly and then world wide in increments, and that will require a section of about ten people less or more as I am not expert in usages and training of this specialty.  Let me know if you know a hot shot or a genius or both who can do all this.  I would like to talk to them.  Thank you very much.  Ron

General Discussion / Re: This and That from Michael of Nebadon
« on: October 19, 2018, 10:56:19 AM »
Hello Antonio, as best I can tell it was an oblique reference to your hard time getting back to things your want them, and as I took it, an affirmation is hard on you, but he does hold out the help that you will regain your work or employment in a relative near future.  I find these personal references very hard to understand for myself as I just sometimes do not know what he is referring to in a person's life and rather wish we do not go too deeply into those things.

I will also say that while Michael has indicated they are almost through working with us a lot right now, that we get such a variability in the degrees of information coming through.  I did a five page transmission after that one and it was just not something I felt would do any good to post so I deleted it,   Maybe to their displeasure, perhaps, but I am really just saying there is some difficulty yet to understand why we get so much difference is the seriousness of transmissions these past few weeks.  IT has something to do with their own rules of conduct, but I admit I am not able to tell just what those rules are or may be.   Take the transmission reference to you as a passing comment and it changes nothing as you are for now.   Thanks for the post.  Ron


General Discussion / This and That from Michael of Nebadon
« on: October 18, 2018, 10:31:52 PM »
Speaker: Michael of Nebadon
Subject: This and That
York, Pa 2230 local time
October 18, 2018

This is Michael.

We are today delivering one last warning to all who choose to sin in spite on knowing better and learning to revive the chasity of your ancestors: eat and let the world flow by and you will finish your life in the table of heart for those who love God and do not wrong.  I am truly sorry for those who do not know the difference, and I am truly sure we must ply the oceans for your bodies when they wash ashore after a disaster of the proposition we offer all of you tonight.

I have asked the transmitter to place this in the General section as most people see that section first, and it is worthy to note that our Chinese friends appreciate the note in Mandarin and wonder if Ron himself translated it?  No, it was Ding Xin who did the honors very well at my instigation to Ron to ask him to make that translation for us.  Ron took it well and considered that part of Ding Xin’s assignment, but I want him to take a bow anyhow and let others know he is our official translator for messages to and from China, however we do it. 

I also wish to commend others for their steady work in transmission.  Niant2 has lost the battle and stands disheveled at the door of the poor house as he worries about finding employment again as a musician.  We see him being fully and gainfully employed in about a year, which does not help a lot right now, but he has funds to last a year if necessary. 

In seeing to all who work for us on high, I suggest that we salute others before we salute ourselves too much for getting this movement so quickly into the mainstream of the population on Urantia.  Ron continues to support that work and has many irons in the fire all the time but lately it has just slowed down to a crawl, and he does not especially care because there is scant evidence of any true interest among even the Urantia Book readers on line or elsewhere.

We also must care to be sure Lemuel and Ron learn to not sleep so much.  Lemuel complains of a total lack of sincere interest in anything just because he needs so much sleep now.  Ron wrote back and identified that fact he has the same problem and wonders if he will ever spend more time out of bed than in it.  I adjust that statement only slightly because Ron makes every effort to have a normal day regardless where the sun is in the sky.

I am making these standard reports only because we are about to have a schism at work soon, not in our part of the world, but on Urantia as the United States fires the Saudis as partners in the Middle East and relies exclusively on Israel and that is because all of the Arab states, except Jordan, find Trump so distasteful they rather go elsewhere for support.  Yemen and the United States will never be allies either as they are both fighting for safey of life, Yemen with Saudi Arabia and Israel with the United States.  Jarad Kuschner has been working on a peace deal with the Palestinians for two years now and it never seems to quite gel well, but this time a saving grace appeared in Saudi Arabia and its murderous crown Prince who, by the way, will be history within a few months as he faces execution by the State if it is clear he ordered the murder of the Washington Post journalist a few weeks ago now.

In any case we are near the end of the quiet period as Sue Wiley branded it.  Ron had no such quiet period for Reasons of State and still wonders what we are doing that makes life so difficult for him too.  He soon will be done with his intemperance with bad health as will Lemuel and we can start in earnest as both men need health remedies they will get soon enough. 

I am sure we have a good view for all soon.

There are two reasons for the quiet period to happen:   One– it is our contention that Urantia is really bad to the point we have to move carefully to avoid causing one more catastrophe at all, and so we stay silent.  Second, the Saudi trial was totally unexpected but it resets the scheming in the Middle East with a new slant, and that is to provide Saudi Arabia graceful way out of refusing to go public with Aramco, which is their corporation which supplies the world with Saudi Oil.  We also note that many who depend on Saudi oil are ready to quit for the cruely they exhibited under the childish Crown Prince who knows very little except he is clever to the breaking point for his crippled father.  No one will ever nominate a crown prince to do the king’s bidding again but replace the king into retirement instead.

Finally, this announcement.

I am trying to locale another person to replace Ron if things ever happen to him we cannot control.  He must be ready for assassination attempts and that is because he and Jesus are pals already and that is not amenable even though Ron wonders what happened to Jesus’ taste in warriors. In any case Jesus understands that Ron is an odd ball but what an odd ball as Ron keeps the fires burning regardless of him hitting the skids with such discomfort he can hardly move during the day anymore.  In any case his friend Gitz will be a marvelous help if Gitz can ever figure out how the course of action he needs to be complete with Ron occurs.  Right now we leave that as it is for the reasons we must save our course for discussion later is that Gitz is being upgraded to be a second in command over many issues Ron now commands for us on the ground and will continue to do so.  Be assured there is no assassination but the work is arduous and ling to carry out and we must make no amends but to do it right and fully and well.  Good day.  Michael of Nebadon.

Threads for New Transmissions / Re: BE ALERT
« on: October 16, 2018, 06:49:11 PM »
Well spoken Margul and to Larry for doing a great job on translating a rapid transmission for Margul too.  You have suddenly matured some of your talents Larry, and I see good work here very well done.  Margul would like to speak to all of us concerning your post above.

"I am delighted to see Ron take the bull by the horns and actually see how you did your transmission, Larry.  He alone seems to be able to catch the talent involved in delivering a good transmission, and this one was excellently found in you today.  Now you were rested for a change and Ron is especially trialed these past six or seven days with severe pain and ear ringing and eyesight problems that defy description.  Your lives are facing severe re-probation very soon and only Ron knows what that is like for sure.  He finds the time to make these things work anyhow.  I also tell you a great surprise Ron has had and it is a marvel to report:

Do you remember the ice man?  They found him under a melted glacier on an old walking path several years ago now.  Recently there was a documentary on television showing how they retrieved his mummified body, as the man was over six thousand years old.  He lay under the ice for all that time, face down on the rocks nearby where he fell when a colleague of his shot him with a bow and arrow and killed him instantly.  He had a stomach full of oats and other victuals and this told modern researchers a lot about the stone age he lived in.  He also had a beautiful copper axe and Ron in particular noted his flattened features to him when Michael allowed that stone age man to speak to him.  Ron learned that man had survived into spirit!  And was glad to tears.

You are not to believe the tears shed over that as few humans survived to go to the mansion worlds from that era and that he saw a normal sized man uncovered from the shards of ice still on his body, clothing and all, and to have been shot dead by what we assume was a friend travelling companion over the trail of the ancient Alps to trade what he had for what he needed, is amazing to Ron and very glad for that man.

Ron here:  A lab in Belgium decided to take the ice man and resurrect his appearance after studying all they could find from him in clothing and meals and equipment he carried.  I assumed and they confirmed it for me he was not on just any jaunt, but that he was traveling from one human settlement to the other, to trade goods for himself and his community and family if he had any.  

The lab sent his remains to the United States for body reproduction in permanent materials which were pasted glue and plastic in a specialists lab and reconstructed his face and features as well.  The ice man now stands in a museum in Europe now, dressed in new garb reproduced from his old clothing.  I always feel sadness when I see a documentary like this as how short his life was (about 36 I believe) and how brave he and his fellows were to brave ice bears and cougars of unusual viciousness in the cold and hunger of those days then.  Yet they traveled with little armor and stayed the night under rocks and a fire they built from chert they found on the path as they passed.

I wanted to note something very, very, important.  The documentary explained a mystery they could not answer, and that is the ice man had tattoos all over his body.  They just could not figure out why,   Our Urantia Book explains what they were very easily:  these were passport markings.  If you in travels did not have approval among the different communities you visited with their permission tattoos, you could be killed.  In any case, you can imagine my great, great surprise when I started receiving this message with a name:

JPYM ORTIA - "I AM THE ICE MAN, and I am fused with the Creator Son's spirit!   I survived my journey from my death in the great mountains I traveled to visit friends and foes alike, as I was a trusted advisor and trader with many tribes in the Alp meadows of those long ago days.  It was often bitter cold all day and I wore the cloth of a bear.  They think I word the cloth of a deer, but it was common for ice bears to follow us on our trails, and we just waited until they showed up and shot them with a piercing arrow we made in those days so sharp you could cut your finger just picking one up.  

"I am (phonetically spoken, Pym or Pim) Jpym and I have gained a new last name Ortia (Ore Tee Ah) and Ron laughs at me for letting that slip I hear him speak with me sometimes so I hear his thought processor and he gets upset and looks at the message and trials it and it upsets some but not me.   You all someday will have a lesson about me and I will look back at you and speak as I am with the display on mansion worlds four and I am fused now with Michael.  You Ron are fused with me, and I feel you as a brother, and you do likewise to me as I feel your great emotion that I am one alive and well.  Thank you and good day."

Ron:  I have asked if it is possible to hear from Jpym when he may speak with us someday if he wishes to provide insights for us of those days he was lord of the Alps and no animal escaped his hunting bow,  Let us hope he is able to speak to us soon as his ways are about survival and I am glad he is my brother truly.

"Ron , speaks the truth as Jpym does.  He had not language except a primitive Sanskrit, and that is a profound some day for all to know.

"I conclude this report to all of you to re-justify Larry and Ron being great transmitters, as Ron caught that Larry is on the ball now and wanted him to know he noticed it.  I also let you know that Ron has been under the weather severely for the past ten or so days due to a break in the position he held for so long.  He has been removed again and may never know what he missed because he refuses to hear all he should change.  You all must understand that Ron is a genius at explaining things and yet he refuses to attempt anything he believes is not doable.  I restrict myself to little small comments because we do not speak aloud over issues we disagree on ever.  However, we have one bright and shining light you should all know about Ron:  he is a diabolical man of the order of the  CLAIREMEDIC, and that is a word he coined to serve in the Michael Mission permanently and in the Magisterial Mission temporarily as,  Here is Michael to explain it:"

"We are proud to announce a serious change in medical condition for Ron  e v e n t u a l l y   and that is silly but understood.  so I want to tell you what happened and he is loony too.  

"Four days ago Ron had to go to the hospital lab for what they call a continuity test.  That is where they map a patch of the body for how the nerves are placed and how well they work.  They did all of his nerves from the waist down.  The doctor was a lady and a friendly matronly type and Ron was immediately at ease and chatter with her.  She finished taking off some diodes off Ron's naked legs, and was placing the connectors back in their boxes, when she asked what he thought the problem was.  He told her and she got eyes as wide a saucers when he reiterated what I told him months ago.  I felt Ron accepted it but had no rational every to speak to it to anyone.  But he reminded her that she was not looking in the right spot for the problem and that is was because his blood Rh factor was different from his cellular receptors, and they had no way to take all nourishment they needed from the blood.  As a result they became raw and painful.  And he let it go at that.  She asked him how he knew that and he told her he dreamed it directly and specifically.  She there and then spoke to herself, this man is going to make medical news.  However, she decided against it as she wishes to retire soon and just feels it was too much of a fight to tell others and has since let it drop.  But Ron is in a deep disagreement with his new doctor and that lady doctor sent him her lab report and noted that Ron feels it is an incompatible Rh factor of the blood causing the pain.  That doctor called her up and she told him the whole story and he is convinced Ron is brilliant and needs to be heard in the rooms where people with extreme neuropathy occurred.  She felt he knew it directly from a spiritual report.  She has since left the matter totally drop and so has the new doctor.

"Now what I am about to say is not reported to anyone anywhere yet.  Please remember that and do not jump to conclusions.  I asked Ron if he would be willing to sit with doctors when they asked him to, to help examine a new patient.  He said he never has a problem with that idea either.  I asked him to give a diagnosis for that patient as they sat facing him so they heard from him what is what with that patient medically,   I then asked him to say what he really thought, and he said that the new doctor was insufficiently interested at all and could care less about a good diagnosis at all.  I asked why, and he said that the new doctor was more interested in making his career successful, not news shattering and that it would fall on deaf ears and at his expense.

"I then asked Ron why he felt such negativity, and it was clear he did, and we dropped it.  Then the Trinity arrived by my side with two Inspired Trinity Spirits, and they gave me a highly secret message, and Margul told me so.  Your friend Ron has been studied in depth for the past fifteen years over the idea of him becoming a medical doctor and releasing all sorts of cures to the general public.  I asked them who he was to research with and they told me Dr. Mendoza.   Dr. Mendoza came to me and asked what this was all about, and I relayed what the Inspired Trinity Spirits told me, and he wiped a spiritual brow, and then asked me why Ron?  It seems Ron is indeed clairaudient.  That is he hears solutions without asking for them.  We wondered how the Trinity knew this, and they reported to me that Ron knew who his father was, but did not know who his mother was at birth,  This indicates to the spiritual aspects at birth, that the true mother was the Eternal Son for reasons unknown but well spoken to by Ron at this stage of his life, as he loves men and women together, and knows they need health returned so their worth is not lost to the planet so quickly.  Now I see his insistence on other problems he has which is to refuse me and my staff any change to his cardinal views on procreation.  In any case, we are a dead end with the Michael Mission for Ron and he realizes it when he stopped receiving precipitation totals updates into his weather dashboard machine.  His life is changed over night and why we explain perhaps a millennium later.

"Now we have broached a whole new subject with him and he does not mind giving doctors medical diagnoses.  In his case he has a severe neuropathy caused by an Rh factor he cannot help or change.  I have ordered a chase plane to Urantia in order to see Ron personally for about the sixteenth time.  He can hardly walk or move and eyesight is closing into genuine blindness quickly and all of it due to an Rh factor that refuses to reverse.

"I asked the Father, why was this being pursued, and the Father hardly grunted and spoke not harshly--  he is a waste of our time without his change plan and yet he sees no point to a plan change, and we let it go.  Now we see he is genuinely harmed over things we did, and I refuse to let the matter lie.  He is truly a doctor of renown if we can ever get the system to recognize a brilliant man who who can do anything he chooses because he believes so strongly in us and what we are to do on Urantia.  While we cannot abide all he chooses for himself, it is without precedence at the same time, and he must be taught humility before the leadership that change is essential but not crucial.  All others are remarkable in their way, but we have never had an evolutionary being take us apart and place us in the middle of a miraculous miracle of thought I never considered before.  He rightly explains why he did what he did and why it is important for Urantia mortals to portray a Magisterial Mission for their own redemption.  He is to portray this dedication as head of the new Urantia Book Foundation plus all you can afford to him under the circumstances Michael.  In any case you are seeing Ron react with a wry laugh as he sees no point changing what he knows he cannot change nor will he because it is unchangeable despite our feelings it will be at some time.  In any case he must seek medical help on Urantia which does not believe he knows the truth of the matter yet.  Yet the woman doctor at the hospital knew he knew as she is well attuned to spirit in her own ways as she is in her first circle and Ron found her so easy to talk to he spoke directly to the true diagnosis.

"I must modify some of what I said to Ron here, and that is to signify he remains on my Staff and in my heart permanently, and he knows that already, but he must learn to obey the Creator Son if he can possibly do that.  I could order him to float above the floor, but he cannot do that, and he cannot change the will of God for him as it turns out.  I see no point in opening a schism over any of this, yet my Staff is huffy over the issue constantly and he must be let to his own devices as of now until we learn just why Inspired Trinity Spirits had to portray to me what I knew all along:  he is truly a doctor of great renown if we could get him into the medical profession in his community.  Let this stand for now. "

Ron - Margul wishes to conclude this distraught post since we covered an announcement I did not know about the subject at all, and to let Larry sink into his happy conclusions, that he did very well, and I wanted him to know it from the transmission ogre from the ogre's mouth.  

"I have some extraordinary news for Ron as well, and that is we must conclude our relationship too as of now as he makes no heartful decision at all but understands the Trinity is never learning more than it does for or from him, and we must conclude that Ron has no real imagination for anything but for service, and he is now part of my Staff too, and is now permanently under me as a Staff of one human alone, and that is for him to contemplate.  He should do so, as this is the first time in the history of the Trinity we have even looked at a human to be on a Team we represent to any planet.  The Inspired Trinity Spirits spoke to me too in compensation so that Michael did not feel entirely under the gun, and that was to insert a clause in the sixth epochal dispensation on Urantia, that this human who calls himself mammal at times, is really a son of God for many years now and is proving so valuable we elect him to Staff for my purposes.  Good day,"


Dear Guests, we have a Mandarin message from our Lord God, Michael of Nebadon.  Because we are using Chinese characters I had to place it in a graphic box for you.  Thank you.
Ron Besser

Sue, after reading your post above, it is clear that we have more than the Magisterial Sons, Serara and Monjoronson, joining in the Magisterial Mission on our planet.

You tend to bobble a little though, and I am asked to correct some impressions that come out of what is an imprecise recording at times.  More on that later.

The Magisterial Son of record on Urantia is Serara. Not Ankara

Ankara works with Serara as a second commander for Australia and the Middle East.

Serara is not to be confused with the Power Directors although you do not do so but it could be construed that the Power Directors are related to the Magisterial Mission.  They are not related to the Magisterial Mission at all, but work independently with Michael of Nebadon.  I assume that is their work with out catastrophic determinations of breaking tectonic plates and inundation of low lying areas.  I immediately think of the warning sent to our members in Louisiana area and the Gulf of Mexico probability of the bottom of the Gulf dropping into a once gas-filled chasm. 

I do thank you for this transmission as it clarifies enough to be quite valuable in order to ascertain that we have additional Magisterial Sons at work in these Missions as well that have not been identified so far.  Thank you.


"Sue, you must be caring to listen more acutely and we are glad Ron was watching.  It is important that you or no one else get confusing information out there just who is working what mission.  You do not confuse the Michael Mission with the Magisterial Mission, but you do confuse the Trinity Mission with Ankara's work which is for the Magisterial Son Ankara to define better later.  Meanwhile be caring that you are producing informational postings and they must be accurate or you lose the ability to do so.  Ron goes over everything twice and three times to be sure that all the parameters are met as to missing words or very confusing statements.  He has already removed full paragraphs to get the message succinct.  Take this above message and edit it for essentials, and as you do, listen as the original speaker will say do this or do that, and follow his instructions to the letter. 

"We have also seen Ron look at spelling you use and he approves that it is Australian versions he is sometimes not familiar with.  He also does never complain because he is a lousy speller without help.  But be caring that when you start posting world wide you use United States English and not the British version, and that is because most English dictionaries use the American spelling version.  You do well and he agrees you do well but this is a general warning to all outside of the United States that the standard we use is the American dictionary and not the British variant.  Thank you. Michael."

MOTHER SPIRIT - "Ron feels you should spell as you have been taught.  So do I.  But when it comes to international communications, start using the more common spelling of words that you vary because of your English upbringing in the Commonwealth of British Nations.  Ron follows them too and was taught English spellings in his elementary education of all things.  Later changes forced him to convert back to the American English spoken in the USA and he still gets them mixed up sometimes.    Labour and Labor is a good example and a few others too.  We will speak later to you Sue for other things you need to think about very soon as well.  This is Mother Spirit wishing you a good day."


To Our China Audience - The Following Information For You 15Oct2918 | ChinaNetCenter

Dear China Message Takers for China

I am the Magisterial Son that has been promised to come to this planet for the past fifteen years.  I remain in spirit, but the entire uiverse watches the primary players in the financial markets on a planet we call Urantia.  You call it earth.

As that Magisterial Son I am planning to arrive on Urantia (earth) in a few short hours or days.  Time is very difficult for spirit to assess and we have no direct way to “time,” or as to duration of our travels.  It takes me, the Deity known as the Magisterial Son, ten minutes of your sixty minute hour to travel one parsec.  That is the equvialent of moving at the speed of light over sixty of your light year measurements every hours of your time living on Urantia.

Let it be known that Spirit has no friends and it has no enemies.  We simply are.  Now this: I am the financial worker in spirit for the work to be done on your planet in the coming one thousand years.  That is one millennium in Western vocabulary and it is known well in China as well.  Your masters, the leaders of your country, know me already.  They have spoken to me frequently through mass media and through this particular web site.  We will use this web site and will provide answers to questions you pose, but please ask them in English and direct them to the email as follows: 

That arrives in the mail box of this transmitter and he has our permission to respond to your questions in a direct reply to your email at your computer as you may wish it to be directed.

Finally, the trial for the entire planet is to be sure you, China, understand we will not permit belligerency on any front so long as it is not justified.  War is soon forbidden on Uranta.  We must prepare an invasion of spirit to the planet withing a few short weeks from now, and all will be included and that includes all of China and the people of Urantia as well. 

We complete this message as follows: This web site may go down when the confusion becomes apparent that we are here and controlling media and transmissions to prevent confusion.  Those channels of news who misrepresent the news will be turned off.  It is not to panic but to control outrageous acts of sacrifice or killing or other misdeeds due to panic.  Let this message suffice for now.  I am SERARA, that is my name, and I am a Son of God, and unlike Western religions, we are not one but millions, and we come strictly in peace to all mankind.  Good day.


« on: October 14, 2018, 11:45:22 PM »
Rene, you need a day or two rest again.  Let me tell you what I think you have tied into in the above message.  You are looking at the trial of a man who died recently and he is reporting to you what he feels.  I am not familiar at all with this band width you picked up and cannot say much, but I am familiar with tuning into a recently passed mortal quite by accident one day years ago.  IT happens when our minds are fluttering.  That means the mind is jumping rapidly up one frequency and then down into much lower frequencies.

To do a normal transmission the mind is generally asked to search a frequency band of about 1,500 khz.  You I think tied into about 600 khz.  That is the band width you can hear the recently departed if the mind can hear it at all.  Apparently you do hear it sometimes and I advise you to let it alone for awhile anyhow.  Take a day or couple of days to let the mind stop fluttering.  The mind flutters when it gets too tired to stabilize what frequency it finds as you press it to find a transmission voice.

I hope this makes sense to you for I also know you do not study often but if you ever study a bandwidth, seek information from the 1500 khz range and do not worry about that setting because the brain in you normally searches that frequency range to transmit anyhow.  Take about 48 hours rest and it should come back to you well enough. 


MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "Ron is exactly right Rene.  You are tired from too much celebrating.  Be assured you will get off the right transmission frequency if you are tired and flushed with the excitement of finding something you wanted for a very long time.  I am Michael and stay off the transmissions for at least 48 hours please to bring the mind back.  Michael of Nebadon."


Amethyst, I am not Sue as you can tell.  But I can speak to the shut down of messaging except for mostly practice purpose at the moment.  Here is Serara to field it officially for you:
SERARA = "Frankly, my dear, you are part of the problem as to why there are no transmission coming fast and furious to this web site now/.  There is insufficient participation by you and Gossett and Sue and the rest we expect two a day now and no ne produces two a day and we are lucky to get one day if that from Larry and Sue and Lemuel as he does not produce but audio tapes and he needs to practice the computer input of at least one transmission per day.  Sometimes like Amethyst has , serious illness gets in the way, and that is understood, but she gets too tired to do it as Larry does and Sue does, but that is not a transmitter, that is a human who cannot manage their time to have time to do our work in preparation for my return to Urantia shortly.  Thank you. Serara."

Ron here -  One word to those interested in medical situations.  I am aware now what has caused one incident of heart failure and endless incidences of continuing pain I cannot shake.  The bottom line is my blood supply changed its Rh Factor.  I am a B negative blood type all my life and suddenly I have reverted to B no electrical content or activity what so ever.  My body tissues in the legs, as all legs have this, a sheath like design where God hung the nerves on them so you feel things attacking or hitting your legs and can move quickly out of the way.  I took Tylenol too much and burned the sheaths off the capillaries, but that was okay until my blood type changed its electrical conductivity (to zero), and now the nerves are telling me that I am not feeding my cells to maintain me properly.  It is most painful.

There is no medical procedure for it as doctors do not know this happens and if they did they do not have a way to stop it.  I expect the doctor I go to will never know or care, but I am prepared to tell him if he is at all interested.  He has an intern that works with him and I know he will listen as he is especially interested in blood conditions which is what he is studying to learn.  Michael made a recommendation to me to calm it down real good now:  "Ron drink two capfuls of real Pepto Bismal a day and it will almost disappear."  I will get some tomorrow.  Meanwhile I told the doctor who conducted the test what I dreamed the answer to be and I know she is pondering it yet.  I expect to get a thyroid test by the doctor I have a problem with and that does not solve anything because my thyroid is just fine and sits back when the polarity problem erupts with the legs and feet.  Just for your information.


Inconsistent Edition of “A Course in Miracles” Appears
Michael of Nebadon
October 12, 2018
York, Pa

Michael of Nebadon - The “A Course in Miracles” is now operating a syndicate in which we declare invalid and sacrosanct no more to the original purpose of the “A Course in Miracles” as originally issued in 1976-1977.  The new edition purports to add the edited notes made by Dr. Schuchman in her hand written effort to take down the spirit dictation for the book that would become  “A Course in Miracles”.   We are supporting the original Foundation issue of that text, but warn that is now offering a new edition that adds all the superfluous notes that Schuchman used to write the notes and now considered apocrypha.   This is what happens when a text is over venerated and it has become a fetish for those who crave more than they at this time.  I have asked Ron to copy out the new copyright owner and information you may find helpful to avoid a book that adds nothing and desperately attempts to be more than it really is.  Thank you.  Michael of Nebadon and Helen Cohn Schuchman jointly so stated,

The new text “A Course in Miracles” (2017)
Copyright by the Circle of Atonement, Inc.
Box 4238
A 501 c 3 religious/educational non profit
West Sedona, AZ 86336 USA

Dr. Helen Schucman speaks:
“[As far as the original text] I am loathe to report I had no idea who was teaching me to transmit, or as I called it in those days, channel, the Course in Miracles, and as such, I had no idea that it was not Jesus, but my own interior indwelling spirit called a Thought Adjuster.  I did not know this until I arrived on the mansion worlds– really a repair for all the trauma we suffer while living our human lives on this awful planet– and I provided the text to my colleagues as we learned that it was an instruction book for all of us to learn how to teach and to learn.  In 1977 I gave it over to an administration I trusted, but later learned they were money hungry and taught from this classroom position to disabuse the trust and move it to a more equitable publishing company.  They betrayed my trust as well and from my position in my new university position on the Mansion Worlds, I now declare the new edition of the Course in Miracles, saleable but disabused of its original intention to cure homeless feelings and a loss of appetites for living a good life.  I am aware of the new larger edition but care little for its presentations at the moment as the heart of it is gone along with my deep care that it be let alone and read as originally issued in three volumes.  I am in distress not and care that someday the book is over as the new revelation to this world is ready to be read anew and it is available before the end of this year, 2018. 

“I am Dr. Helen Schucman, and I praise this transmitter for his honesty and willingness to pass my messages as he does for many others who know how to listen to the changes in spirit being produced this very moment on the Mansion worlds and on earth, as you know, I now call Urantia.  Thank you.  Dr. Schucman.”


Ah yes, Chilliwick.  Are you a fan of the older Dr. Who?  I spent my Saturday afternoons watching full episodes when Tom Baker was the current Dr. Who.  I felt the BBC never surpassed those seasons and season 9 was current when my local PBS station ran them full without interruption.  In any case, I know the Gallifrey connection very well.  I did not know Gallium could melt in your hand though although I did know it was an element not unlike the odd behaving pure sodium.  But let me tell you something that went on behind the scenes you cannot tell from that post.

All of them know I am a fan of that TV show.  All of them joked with me kinda and Michael of Nebadon chose to give a name to the Federation.  He is crazy enough to look at people like me on Urantia and to find a name we associate with the future and superior beings to come etc,  and he choose our like for Dr. Who, as strange as that may be to associate the greater unity of the Local Universes nearby.  Michael is our unsung hero as he appreciates what we like and why, and Tom Baker is up on the Mansion Worlds now and looks down on his fans of once upon a time, and that is our group perhaps, and certainly my group.  Michael of Nebadon chose a name very close to Gallifrey on purpose without hiding the fact he had to do with a concurrent list of names Paradise provides the Local Universes to use if they have use for a new name.  

Here is Tom Baker as the 7th Time Lord.  If you noticed in the old series, it was given there were seven but you only ever saw six, and not five as I erroneously posted yesterday. Dr. Who was the seventh Time Lord.  Here is his picture in one of the latest episodes of his starring role.  Tom Baker says high to all of you who loved his version of Who and wishes he could kick the present series makers off the set.  

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