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General Discussion / Re: BE ALERT
« Last post by LarryG on October 16, 2018, 12:27:27 PM »
I just looked at my watch and it stopped running at 11:11!
It would be nice if Jack (DaCandyMan) can translate the content for us all.  :) I am not so confident with google translation. Thanks
General Discussion / Re: BE ALERT
« Last post by Clency on October 16, 2018, 10:52:48 AM »
As far as I am concerned, the feeling that humanity is now at a turning point, that something great will soon happen, for the better or for the worst, is increasing in me more and more, day after day and at the same time I am like someone who has his two feet in the same boot, not knowing where to start, how to do it right in an emergency situation. There is a gap between receiving instructions during a period of calmness in prevision of what is ahead and applying them with efficacy in time of great turmoil. The aftermath of a disaster in terms of organization to bring help and comfort to those who are affected, eventhough there are many good will, is often out of control, not to say chaotic. Of course, in such a situation, one is deemed to do the best as he/she feels it good at the moment in time. Domtia
Dear Guests, we have a Mandarin message from our Lord God, Michael of Nebadon.  Because we are using Chinese characters I had to place it in a graphic box for you.  Thank you.
Ron Besser
Threads for New Transmissions / Stay tuned
« Last post by SophiaVeronica on October 16, 2018, 10:39:23 AM »
Teacher: Michael of Nebadon
Receiver: SophiaVeronica
Subject: Stay tuned
Date: October 16, 2018  Local Time: 2:30 pm

Today we are awaiting great things to come down to earth and as your leaders and political powers have known for a long time they will not be surprised by what comes to realization in the material world.  Many times warnings and advice have gone out to several of your governments and signs have been given. We from the spiritual world have no links with your time but as matters add up and circumstances grow subsequently there must be unfolding what has to occur and we can only speak for the results that will come down, to determine the next steps which will naturally follow.

Your earth has its own growth, rhythm and evolution to follow and no matter how long certain periods may last before they become visible and noticeable to the children living on her, it is destined to go and to follow its course.
This great overall plan lies fixed in the mind of God, but evolution will finally show in what form and in which manner the history of the planet will unfold.
We are all part of this great and miraculous grand plan of our Father, who knows all things from the beginning to the end and will act accordingly to sustain His Creation. His ever magnificent, omniscient and all-encompassing goals for the universes of time and space will forever prevail.
Stay in the love and wisdom of your Father. I send you my peace.
General Discussion / BE ALERT
« Last post by LarryG on October 16, 2018, 08:08:16 AM »
For the first time in many days , finally I have felt that the quiet time is drawing to a close. Last night and this morning I began to once again  feeling that a message is in the works  which I hopefully can receive and complete when I get home from my work day. This morning felt very strange, as has the entire  “quiet time”. It most definitely has made me realize just how much I have missed it and how important it is.   The message centers around the instruction and warning  that have many times been given to about the absolute necessity for us to above all BE ALERT especially in these next few days.   Larry G
AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / Too Little, Too Late.
« Last post by JuliodaLuz on October 16, 2018, 07:06:01 AM »
Better late than never.
                   This comment I am making reflects this phrase: - Sooner than later.
                   What I want to say is that the Brazilian government must reflect on the need for regulatory stock, located in the most protected regions, that is, high and distant regions of the coast.
                    Regulatory stock of food, water, fuel (refinery), etc.
                     Possibly, this information is valid for other countries and their respective governments, besides Brazil.
                    Brazil, in my view, (I may be wrong) does not even have a contingency plan for the great catastrophes that are about to happen.
                    Contingency plans are to predict situations and anticipate solutions.
                     For example, if there will be a collapse with the possible destruction of most oil refineries worldwide, what are the possible solutions for this event?
                    I will present three solutions, as an alternative to gasoline, diesel and kerosene in Brazil, in case of collapse in oil refineries in the face of major catastrophes:
                   1) To allocate all the production of ethanol and sugar mills in Brazil, for the exclusive production of alcohol, since most Brazilian vehicles are bi-fuels, that is, they can not be supplied with alcohol or gasoline.
                  2) Allocate all soybeans stored in the country, and the one that is going to be planted and harvested for biodiesel. Yes, soy can turn into biodiesel. And biodiesel can move the fleet of trucks and buses.
                  3) Allocate the entire logistic structure of the Army and other organs to enable the expansion of the use of aviation biokerosene.
As for the question of electric energy.
              Brazil can greatly increase the generation of electric energy from the winds in the higher and protected regions. An example, near Brasília, going towards the north of the State of Goiás, that is, going towards the cities of São João d'Aliança / Go and Alto Paraíso de Goiás before there is a small village. If I am not mistaken, it is called São Gabriel de Goiás, which belongs to the municipality of Planaltina / GO.
               It turns out that in this region there is national hang gliding and paragliding championship. There is a relief that propitiates strong winds, with the unevenness of the high region, with the Paranã valley.
              But no government has seen the site with an incredible prospect of wind power generation, ie wind power on the spot.
              Unless mistaken, this place is approximately 70 (70) kilometers from Brasilia and could bring an incredible amount of energy to Brasilia, which is the federal capital of Brazil, and the third largest city in terms of population in Brazil, losing only to the cities of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.
             Thus, the collapse of electric energy will probably happen in Brasilia, because the energy comes from long distances, from hydroelectric power plants. It is possible that most of the large hydroelectric power plants in Brazil and the world will be broken.
            Then, one more possible situation (rupture of the dams of the large hydroelectric power plants) with the respective solution (increase of the energy of the winds in the higher regions and with high incidence of winds).
I will make a brief essay on the circulation of the winds.
                Usually, in the higher regions of the troposphere, there are stronger winds. In my view, perhaps this situation is repeated in the higher regions, that is, plateaus and mountains.
               As for this event, only as a curiosity, there is the popular saying that the strongest winds hit the people at the top.
              From what I have researched, and I will speak in approximate values, the limit of troposphere in the region of the equator is around sixteen kilometers of altitude. At the poles, the limit of the troposphere is around eight kilometers of altitude.
             The difference in elevation of the troposphere boundary at the equator and at the poles, in my view, is due to the expansion of the atmosphere due to heat, that is, in the equator there is more heat and the altitude limit of the upper troposphere is larger, unlike poles in which there is colder and the limit of altitude of the upper troposphere is inferior.
            With the advent of a new ice age, that is, cooler than normal temperatures today, in my view, there will be a decrease in altitudes relative to the upper limit of the troposphere.
            Thus, perhaps, more winds occur or not, according to the geographic region of the planet. What I want to say is that this factor, whether or not the winds increase, could be an indication of the feasibility or not of the increased use of wind energy, that is, of wind energy.
               Another issue that comes in my mind, involves sustainability.
               Organic waste from cities, which are now problems for civilization, can be a solution. I'm gonna explain:
             - Gas plants can be made with raw organic waste. This gas produced may replace the cooking gas. And the residual organic matter transform into humus, that is, organic fertilizer.
Antes tarde do que nunca.
                  Este comentário que estou fazendo reflete esta frase: - Antes tarde do que nunca.
                  O que eu quero dizer é que o governo brasileiro deve refletir sobre a necessidade de estoque regulador, localizado nas regiões mais protegidas, ou seja, regiões altas e afastadas do litoral.
                  Estoque regulador de alimentos, água, combustível (refinaria), etc.
                 Possivelmente, esta informação é válida para outros países e respectivos governantes, além do Brasil.
                 O Brasil, na minha visão, (eu posso estar errado), sequer tem um plano de contingência para as grandes catástrofes que estão para acontecer.
                  Planos de contingência é prever situações e antever soluções.
                  Por exemplo, se haverá colapso com a destruição, possivelmente, de grande parte das refinarias de petróleo em todo mundo, quais são as soluções possíveis para este evento?
                 Vou apresentar três soluções, como alternativa a gasolina, diesel e querosene no Brasil, caso ocorra colapso nas refinarias de petróleo diante de grandes catástrofes:
                 1) Destinar toda a produção das usinas de álcool e açúcar no Brasil, para produção exclusiva de álcool, pois a maior parte dos veículos brasileiros são bi-combustíveis, ou seja, pode sem abastecidos com álcool ou gasolina.
                 2) Destinar toda soja armazenada no país, e a que vai se possivelmente plantada e colhida para biodiesel. Sim, a soja pode se transformar em biodiesel. E o biodiesel pode movimentar a frota de caminhões e ônibus.
                3) Destinar toda a estrutura logística do Exercito e de outros órgãos para possibilitar a ampliação do uso de bioquerosene de aviação.
Quanto a questão da energia elétrica.
                 O Brasil poderá ampliar e muito a geração de energia elétrica a partir dos ventos nas regiões mais altas e protegidas. Um exemplo, perto de Brasília, indo em direção ao norte do Estado de Goiás, ou seja, indo em direção as cidades de São João d'Aliança/Go e Alto Paraíso de Goiás, antes, existe uma pequena vila. Se eu não me engano, se chama São Gabriel de Goiás que pertence ao município de Planaltina/GO.
                   Acontece que nesta região existe campeonato nacional de asa delta e parapente. Existe um relevo que propicia fortes ventos, com o desnível da região alta, com o vale do Paranã.
                   Só que nenhum governo viu o local com uma perspectiva incrível de geração de energia dos ventos, ou seja energia eólica no local.
                   Salvo engano, este local fica aproximadamente a cerca de 70 (setenta) quilometros de Brasília e poderia trazer uma quantidade incrível de energia para Brasilia que é a capital federal do Brasil, e a terceira maior cidade em termo de população no Brasil, perdendo apenas para as cidades de São Paulo e Rio de Janeiro.
                Assim, o colapso de energia életrica provavelmente irá acontecer em Brasília, pois a energia vem de longas distâncias, de usinas hidroelétricas. É possível que a maior partes das grandes usinas hidroelétricas do Brasil e do mundo sejam rompidas.
               Então, mais uma situação possível de acontecer (ruptura das represas das grandes usinas hidroeletricas) com a respectiva solução (ampliação da energia dos ventos nas regiões mais altas e com alta incidência de ventos).
Vou fazer um breve ensaio sobre a circulação dos ventos.
                   Normalmente, nas regiões mais altas da troposfera, existem ventos mais fortes. Ao meu ver, talvez esta situação se repita nas regiões mais altas, ou seja, planaltos e montanhas.
                  Quanto a este evento, apenas a título de curiosidade, existe o provérbio popular de que os ventos mais fortes atingem as pessoas que estão no alto.
                  Pelo que eu pesquisei, e vou falar em valores aproximados, o limite de troposfera na região do equador é em torno de dezesseis quilometros de altitude. Nos pólos, o limite da troposfera é em torno de oito quilometros de altitude.
                 A diferença de altitude do limite da troposfera no equador e nos polos, ao meu ver, se deve a espansão da atmosfera decorrente do calor, ou seja, no equador existe mais calor e o limite de altitude da troposfera superior é maior, ao contrário dos pólos em que há mais frio e o limite de altitude da troposfera superior é inferior.
                  Com o advento de uma nova pequena era do gelo, ou seja, mais frio do que as temperaturas normais de hoje, ao meu ver, irá existir a diminuição das altitudes relativas ao limite superior da troposfera.
                  Assim, talvez, ocorra mais ventos ou não, conforme a região geográfica do planeta. O que eu quero dizer, que este fator, ampliação ou não dos ventos, poderá ser um indicativo da viabilidade ou não da ampliação do uso da energia dos ventos, ou seja da energia eólica.
Outra questão que vem em minha mente, envolve a sustentabilidade.
                 Os lixos orgânicos das cidades, que atualmente são problemas para a civilização podem ser uma solução. Vou explicar:
                  - Usinas de gás podem ser feitas tendo como materia prima o lixo orgânico. Este gás produzido poderá substituir o gás de cozinha. E a matería organica residual transformar em humus, ou seja, adubo orgânico.
Threads for New Transmissions / Patience and Persistence
« Last post by JuliodaLuz on October 16, 2018, 06:23:55 AM »
Subject: Patience and Persistence
Speaker: Michael of Nebadon
Date: October 16, 2018, Tuesday
Time and Place: Brasilia / Brazil - 07:11 AM local time - ie 6:11 AM (New York time) - 10:11 AM - Z
Category: New transmissions
T / R: Julio da Luz (JDL)
Michael of Nebadon:
                             Good Morning. I am Michael from Nebadon and I will talk to you quickly today.
                            Today's message is Patience and Persistence.
                            Often times occur situations in the daily life that causes you to be momentary anger, facing a situation. And in these situations you reflect in the popular proverb, as if it were a situation that you do not know if you laugh or cry.
                           In these moments, try to transform this momentary anger with a smile, and try to reflect the situation as a test of patience.
                           Patience is a characteristic of the important personality.
                            People who survive in the heavens and continue their walk and who have not developed patience, as well as presented some defects of character that need to be healed will have the complementation of training on the mansion worlds.
                          Allied to patience there must be persistence.
                         When you have a noble purpose and continue to persist in this goal, in time everything is solved, so that effort is rewarded.
                          With this simple message, I want to take a mood perspective, with a smile, with humor, to face and often overcome small everyday issues that interfere with your mood. Try to be patient. Try to be persistent. May you have a great day. Domtia.
                         - Michael of Nebadon: - Thank you very much for the message about patience and persistence. Yes, there are times that happen situations in the everyday that makes us have a bit of anger momentarily in front of some fact. But if we take into account that everything is part of a training of our personalities, giving a smile before the situation, with good humor, makes us better people, besides seeing the situation with a new perspective. The prospect of the need for patience. Persistence is also important. Persist without waiting, just persist. If the situation is solved, that's fine. Otherwise, it will be resolved at the correct time.
Assunto: Paciência e Persistência
Orador: Michael de Nebadon
Data: 16 de outubro de 2018, terça-feira
Local e Horário: Brasília/Brasil – 07:11 (AM) horário local – ou seja - 6:11 (AM) (horário de Nova Iorque – EUA) ou 10:11 (AM) UTC - Z
Categoria: Novas transmissões
T/R: Julio da Luz (JDL)
Michael de Nebadon:
                          Bom dia. Eu sou Michael de Nebadon e irei conversar rapidamente contigo hoje.
                          A mensagem de hoje tem como título Paciência e Persistência.
                         Muitas vezes ocorrem situações no cotidiano que faz com que você fica com raiva momentânea, diante de uma situação. E nestas situações você reflete no provérbio popular, como se fosse uma situação que você não sabe se ri ou se chora.
                        Nestes momentos, procure transformar esta raiva momentânea, com um sorriso, e procure refletir a situação como um teste de paciência.
                         A paciência é uma característica da personalidade importante.
                        As pessoas que sobreviverem nos céus, e continuarem a sua caminhada e que não desenvolveram a paciência, assim como apresentaram alguns defeitos de caráter que precisam ser sanados terão a complementação do treinamento nos mundos das mansões.
                       Aliado a paciência deve existir a persistência.
                       Quando se tem um objetivo nobre e continua persistindo neste objetivo, com o tempo tudo se resolve, de forma que o esforço é recompensado.
                     Com esta mensagem simples, quero levar uma perspectiva de ânimo, com sorriso, com humor, para enfrentar e superar muitas vezes questões cotidianas pequenas mas que interferem no seu humor. Procure ser paciente. Procure ser persistente. Que você tenha um ótima dia. Domtia.
                     - Michael de Nebadon: - Muito obrigado pela mensagem sobre paciência e persistência. Sim, tem vezes que acontecem situações no cotidiano que nos faz ter um pouco de raiva momentaneamente diante de algum fato. Mas se levarmos em consideração que tudo faz parte de um treinamento de nossas personalidades, dar um sorriso diante da situação, com bom humor, nos torna pessoas melhores, além de ver a situação com uma nova perspectiva. A perspectiva da necessidade de paciência. A persistência também é algo importante. Persistir sem esperar, apenas persistir. Se a situação for resolvida tudo bem. Caso contrário, será resolvida no tempo correto.

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / Up, Down and Around
« Last post by Clency on October 16, 2018, 04:38:10 AM »
Transcribed from Lemuel’s audio transmission

Up, Down and Around

Lemuel : Good morning all. Our talk this morning is entitled ‘Up, Down and Around’. These words can be interpreted literally. We are and have been for sometime being bombarded with spiritual energy that comes from outside, pouring down over the earth and to each and everyone of us here on the planet. Tragically, the vast majority of the people are not aware of it and that is because everyday of their lives is filled of the concern of surviving for another day, finding water for another day, feeding their children for another day, but for others, the effect of this spiritual input lifts you up, knocks you down and spins you around.

Those of you, members here on the forum and guests and readers alike, you may well wonder what is the matter with you. The physical symptoms that you may be experiencing which causes your concern and possibly for some of you, you will seek medical advice from your doctors. In fact, it is like being on a roller-coaster, you are literally taking up and you fall down and you really spin around – physically, emotionally and mentally. It is indeed the most marvellous thing if you take the time to stop and really think about what is happening.

You have all been prepared over the years for the changes to come and in fact you can see everyday the results of the change in the climate with inundations in different parts of the world – more earthquakes, etc…As you are fully aware, these changes will get much worst in the near future. So, even with the best of intention, your preparedness will fall short when the time comes. In the meantime, try to be philosophical about the effect that the spiritual input is having upon each and everyone of you.

It is very disconcerting, it is worrying and may be you think you’re going to have a heart attack or whatever it is. As I said in the beginning, you are lifted up, you are being put down and you are being spun around. There is a very good reason for that and this is you really need to trust and have faith in your Beloved Indwelling Father Fragment. In fact, you can do nothing else other than to surrender to Him, He knows what you can support, He knows the way forward for both of you.

Your Beloved Thought Adjuster and yourself have the same destiny, to enter the Corps of Finality and that a long time into the future, but nevertheless your Thought Adjusters have already mapped out the plan and the route for that mutual destination. It is indeed a more wondrous thing that our Celestials Family are being able to and are allowed to from Father Himself to spread spirituality throughout the whole world, so that the effect will be not only to raise the spiritual frequency and consciousness of the people, but also to help the planet itself to do what she needs to do and you all know what that is.

The earth must rid herself of toxic effect, not only of what humankind has done to her, but also the internal changes within the planet itself must be allowed to take place. Each and everyone of you and the planet itself are being affected by the spiritual pouring out upon you all. As I mention in the beginning – up, down and around – is what you are experiencing at the moment. So, now that you understand a little better of what is taking place, then try to laugh about it, yes friends you can laugh, well you can say to yourself : you either laugh or you cry. Ok, it does not really matter, just accept the fact that this is happening to you.

I have just been given a thought by my Beloved – I don’t know if anyone here will remember – but way back in the 70’s I beleive or to my knowledge the 60’s I don’t know – there was a very famous program, a television series from America and it was called ‘Roanne and Martin laughing’, it was a very popular program and in every episode there was a scene or a sketch I think you will call it, where someone would say : ‘socket to me’, meaning of course ‘bring it on, I can take it. If you could adopt that attitude to all that is taking place at the moment you will do very well indeed. So, don’t worry, whether you are being lifted up or knocked down or spun around, it is all for the good, beleive me.

Well, this is Lemuel signing off for to-day, I thank you for listening, I bid you all a very good day, speak to you soon, bye-bye for now. Domtia
Alright, below I have made some corrections and modifications as advised and the words in red are the corrections/editing bits that I have placed in red so you can see these inclusions or removals and so on. I hope this is what is asked of me and let me know if this is sufficient Ron.  Thank you. Sue

Speakers: Ankara and Serara
Subject: “Spirit Polarity” and “Touchdown”
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Victoria Australia
Date: 16/10/2018 10.52am (AEST)

Ankara: “..spirit polarity of the planet is changing…” (noting that this is said earlier to me and is separate from what Serara came in to say later on - a simple and direct statement without explanation for which the following google search is given below to define the word “polarity”).



“This is to state that I am here on this planet in spirit form. You heard from Ankara earlier this morning, the term “spirit polarity” and you asked what that means. Let me say this: just as you think of the north/south pole..”

[Sue: I looked it up as to the definition of “polarity” - meaning “the relative orientation of poles; the direction of a magnetic or electric field and/or the state of having two opposites or contradictory tendencies,opinions, or aspects e.g. the polarity between male and female.”(sourced from the Google dictionary)]

“ as you think of electric field direction as in magnetism, when you now think of Spirit in the term, polarity, is that the energy field around the planet is changing in relation to the spiritual manifestations within the planet itself. I speak of pre-matter in the planet’s central core that is shifting in metallic status and will be imminent in flopping to one side of the wall in which it is confided in with its overheated magma and increased inherent pressure. It is going to cause the planet to roll on its axis any moment now. I am here and have presented myself with the Michael Team at Poughkeepsie to help organise what is to be a planetary emergency as the core is building in an unstable manner.  (*removed this sentence). The spirit polarity of the planet is shifting as we speak. This will require the remedial measures in planetary management and emergency preparedness. I have touched down as of today to oversee the pressing problems the planet will accrue as a result of the geothermal dynamics, as well, as some political and economic fallout this will transpire shortly. It is a complex array of circumstances, that will be causing multiple problems, no one on this planet is prepared for in such a planetary event as this is to be in a few short weeks of your earth time. I, as the designated Magisterial Son for Urantia, have serious concerns going forward as to how the pole shift will go, and on top of that, the looming trade war between the two big economic powerhouses (i.e. USA & China) are going to find themselves in hot water other than their own currency war. The land upon which you work on to make a living is about to be confounded with the sea. As it has happened in your ancient geologic past, the planet has endured the state of the struggles of the land-sea ratio dynamics. As it is a geothermal planet in overdrive, the planet could easily slip into being as a majority water planet, but due to the oxygen in the atmosphere, the planet will retain its continental drift in equal amounts to the pressure the oceans have upon them.

“Now, as it soon will become evident, those areas low in altitude will experience massive inundation by the sea that is moved by the geological forces of the movements of tectonic plates that will be forced upon by the pole shift. Such is the extent this will be experienced by all who inhabit this beautiful blue planet. The land masses will result in a reduction in size and length. As the sea will become the dominating ratio factor in order to cull the overbearing weight it has to stabilize.  

“Aside from the geologic report, I add that the Michael Mission is to get going in a more spiritual influence to grapple with the urgencies that is inherent in the governmental systems around the planet. This is too much for humans to take on as that has to be dealt with by our emissaries we have already working in various areas of import. For you to be of any use, the work of revelation is, first and foremost, as this one is for you to see that all things pertain to the work of God as it is for the health of the planet and for those of you to survive the dark transition this earth has to remedy itself out of a tricky heating problem. (*Sentence removed)

“The “spiritual polarity” of this planet is about the top to bottom approach in order to get things done appropriately, then, as things settle, the bottom to top will grow in steady realization of the divine mission in their midst as evident and true. Certain forces will be hard to ignore and that is for you to see how God works to make this planet right in all areas that is of concern.

“Now, there is work to go and be for all that it is. You are right to exclaim, my dear one, as you said it and I heard it, I think what you said is true, when you said, “come on guys, we have work to do have we not!”, and so we are to formulate ourselves at once and to be of service as that is well understood in your vocabulary.

“This is Serara, I have touched down on the planet and am ready to assist Michael in his endeavors to do with the reclamation of Urantia very soon. This is a conjoint effort by all those who are here to represent the Paradise Trinity and to see to it that this world gets back to the Ascension Program the Father has mandated for such worlds. I represent the Paradise Trinity and work closely with your Creator Son, Michael of Nebadon who is your Father and Creator in this Local Universe of Nebadon along with His consort, the Creative Spirit, your Mother Spirit, Nebadonia.  This is enough to say for now as things will become evident before long. I advise that you keep calm and remain focused in with us as we handle the business at hand. I wish all a good day and a happy day. Domytia.”

End. 11.49am(AEST)
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