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NYALA - A PLACE To Worship and Abide Directly With Father's Will
« on: November 28, 2017, 08:29:08 PM »

NYALA - A PLACE To Worship and Abide Directly With Father's Will

Ron Besser: This is a transmission from Newstarsaphire, Phyllis Simpson, who wishes this to be posted, but I asked to post it for her, because I want to say something so you who read this might learn just how it comes to be and where it is.

How many of you are familiar with the term Merkaba?  That is an energy construction used on Urantia in Urantia Book groups in particular that made those who attended the group, incorporated into the fail-safe energies of divinity for worhsip and adoration, and centered on the ideals of divinity on Michael of Nebadon.  They are not being used in this decade for reasons of State not explained to me further.

How many of you are familiar with the term Nyala (Nie’ Allah)?  I never heard of it until today and Phyllis telling me she received a transmit from Nyala, but, said, I swear it is a place!  I did not know either but because I am always connected 24/7 to Michael and Mother Spirit, Michael told me to tell Phyllis that it was a place but not phys cal that includes worshipers from all over the seven Superunvierses to join together for the worship and adoration of the Paradise Deities.  The Nyala is a place for time beings of humans and angels and Midsoniters and even some higher level beings in the local universe come to and join in the Father’s essential rest with God by our side to calm the nerves and bring God’s peace within.

I asked Phyllis about the first transmittal, and Nyala did not transmit it to Phyllis, but her Guardian Angel did to inform Phyllis there is such a place of use for her if she could develop the worship skills to arrive in it and partake of its loving energies. 

Where three or more gather in my name therin am I.  Jesus said that to his Apostles in his teaching and to the crowds who listened to Him, and that assured that to genuinely utter a reflective word to the Father it was indicted to his presence by the enforced wills of a group of people who agreed the same thing needed to be spoken in love and worship of the Father at that time.  I asked the question: Does the Nyala constitute a grouping of loving entities around me when I enter it, that I may be accorded the same reference Jesus had given when three or more gathered in His name?  I am not answered but I suspect the Nyala does have that element in it and it enforces your adoration and worship of Father to his very personal placement as an Origination Creator of All.  Think about this:

I often pray at night and say goodnight to the Deities who are usually connected to me, to the Supernaphim who guards the Staff humans, to the others who gather beside me including the Angles who do so much for us, and while I do not go deeply into their thanks I do worship with full appreciation for their kind regard for a human such as myself.  Consider this my Nyala and what happens to my simple good night till the morrow?  I assumed nothing much but let Michael explain something to you:

“Ron belongs to an elect corp of citizens on Urantia who never forget to thank Father for his largesse when he goes to sleep.  He thanks them sometimes with a little joke or humor and crawls into bed without forgetting to thank the Angels and the Supreme and the ever-present Supernaphim that sees to the people who will work for the Magisterial Mission very soon.  I see Ron grimace when almost forgets Rayson and the Supreme and others who are part of his aroma of Saints he works with, and presently thanks Me and Mother Spirit with big splashes of grins too for the Melchizedeks and their operations.  There is a Nyala nearby and he slips into it easily when not being routine and often enough that we are truly amazed how often he is hear by those attending with the Nyala and never forgets to laugh and smile for the Midwayers whom he enjoys very much.

“A Nyala is real and brushes the cheek of every one of you to be good and listen to the high signs of other beings in there doing the same as you in thanksgiving.  I seldom deal with Ron as a truant but sometimes he gets awfully silly and gets out of the rut of just saying good night and collapses the Nyala incompetently on any who are there to return it to its place in spirit.  In any case all of you have learned a new term tonight thanks to Newstarsaphire and the rest who participated in that revelation.  I wish you a good day.”

Ron Besser - I now present the transmission that speaks of the Nyala in more deified terms in Newstarsaphire’s transmission which follows next

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  -
Speaker: Guardian Angel** of Newstarsaphire
Revelation: NYALA
T/R: Newstarsaphire
Ontario Canada - 21:29 GMZ/16:29 Local
**Nyala Herself As Personification of Place called Nyala and is referred to with the feminine pronoun.

“Light is not the absence of darkness, it is the essence of life the ‘spark’ if you will, the creative energy that catapults the non-living into the living.  Light is the essence of The Fathers being and its immensity and enormity are beyond measure.  The light transmitted from the essence of The Origin of All Life is dynamic and powerful and carries within it potentials and possibilities not yet seen or heard nor even imagined.

“Life emanates with the divine spark within and when that light-of-life is returned by will-creatures to its place of origin within the Universal Father as expressions of adoration, understanding, oneness of desire and purpose, there is created a meeting place to ‘house’ this activity of the intermingling of communal will and intentions of Fathers desires and purposes.  This place has existed since the first will-creature need and desire to express the gratitude and overwhelming thankfulness of being to the Father, in all its deepest forms of inner expression. 

“This connectedness is a physical yet organic reality that was born of will-creature need and the desire of divinity to co-mingle with creature creation in a very specific phenomenon.  ‘Nyala’ pulses with the transference of energies that function beyond the intellect and understanding of those who find themselves engulfed in her presence as they attempt their expression of love and ever-growing comprehension of the Giver of Live and the Father of Souls. 

“This is a personal journey originating in the depth of creature desire to articulate, beyond language, their finite grasp of Father-awareness and wisdom growth.  It is the acknowledgment and heart recognition of will-creature focus to participate in the melodic structure of the will of The Father as orchestrated in and through their life and expressed through their unique personality gifting. 

“Nyala is ever-growing and changing with the contribution and energy exchange that sustains her existence.  As the creature is ‘becoming’ so too is Nyala and her faithful record of creature expression and Creator reception.  When the love of The Creator is discovered within it requires an avenue of outward expression into reality.  Nyala is the ‘creation’ from the overflow of creature need to express and return the overwhelming love-grasp in a mode beyond that of physical manifestation.”


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Re: NYALA - A PLACE To Worship and Abide Directly With Father's Will
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2017, 09:21:58 PM »
Newstarsaphire and Ron... Thank you so much for this transmission  and explanation.   We are so blessed, everyone of us, as we learn of new terms, new revelations and, new essences, and new Beings that are introduced for us.

 Nyala seems  "familiar" from your explanation, Ron, and I often sense the Presence of something quite extraordinary during nightly prayers and spiritual recharging  that takes place.   It is wonderful to have a name and Presence to this experience.  And now that it has been revealed, perhaps we may more and more come to this experience.
I am familiar with the term Merkaba, as it has been discussed several times through the years  here on the forum and in the archives.  I first ran in to the term while I was reading "The Keys of Ennoch"  many decades ago.   I was even hoping that, when we were briefly experimenting with the idea of group receptions a couple of years ago that perhaps a "Merkaba" of sorts might be able to have been set up, even though we would not have been in the physical presence of one another.
My gratitude to Michael, Ron and  Phyllis for the akwakening  to more new and wonderful information..... LarryG
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Re: NYALA - A PLACE To Worship and Abide Directly With Father's Will
« Reply #2 on: November 28, 2017, 09:34:48 PM »
First transmission of Nyala

24-Nov-17 8:37 PM
Nyala - 24-Nov-17 - Newstarsaphire, CA
Subject:  Nyala
24-Nov-17 4:29 PM  EST   00:37 Z/GMT
T/R:    Newstarsaphire, ON, CA

Beloved, I just received the word “Nyala for the second time today.  Who or what is “Nyala”my Beloved?

“Nyala” is a place of great wonder and mystery, an inner place of sanctuary that any being can visit.  
  • This is a place where the creature communes with the Creator in a personal connection that may also be in joint communion with other beings in worshipful adoration.  
  • “Nyala” is also a sense of being, a sense of belonging a furthering of the “Oneness” of all things where one gives what one has and takes what one needs without conscious awareness of action or transference.  
  • Nyala is the ‘you’ that is becoming ‘Father-like’.  
  • Nyala is not the soul, it is beyond the soul it transcends time and matter and just “is”.  
  • Nyala is known only to those who experience its expansive journey for it has no beginning and no end and welcomes all who have the true desire and longing to worship the Father, The Creator, the I AM in the beauty of His holiness and his core essence.  
  • Nyala is a place beyond language of expression for Nyala is worshipful expression and its language is heart, intention and immeasurable love, freely given and freely received.  
  • Nyala is a destination and Nyala is a journey and Nyala is an experience.  
  • Nyala is like a bridge, a meeting place, a personal and yet a shared experience of worshipful understanding.  
  • Nyala is as intensified light and increased illumination.  
  • Nyala is thanksgiving in its purest form wrapped in understanding, powered by love and driven by intention.  
"Welcome to Nyala all who desire to enter into true worship.”

“You feel this beckoning you desire to enter.  Leave your cares behind and bring your heart offerings and  your soul as a sweet bouquet and your intention to do the Fathers Will as your pledge of trust and joyful service.  Become a part of Nyala and Nyala will become a part of you as she is your journey companion as your sustenance and your joy as you journey into wholeness and completeness of being.”

“I am the breath of worship as expressed by the creature and created communal energy enjoyed by The One who inspires worship in His creatures.”
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Re: NYALA - A PLACE To Worship and Abide Directly With Father's Will
« Reply #3 on: November 28, 2017, 10:09:07 PM »
The study of WORSHIP was the very door that led me to the UB so many years ago.  I was captivated reading 'worship is a growing passion until on Paradise it becomes necessary to direct and otherwise control its expression' and 'the mode of worship on Paradise is utterly beyond mortal comprehension, but the spirit of it you can begin to appreciate even down here on Urantia, for the spirits of the Gods even now indwell you, hover over you, and inspire you to true worship.'
The attainment of the supreme satisfaction of the fullness of worship seems incomprehensible to this feeble mortal.
In adoration and appreciation for the All in All, Wendy

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Re: NYALA - A PLACE To Worship and Abide Directly With Father's Will
« Reply #4 on: November 29, 2017, 02:49:51 AM »
Just beautiful.

The place in us to express adoration, reverence, praise and gratitude that words cannot do, prayer is always where we come to the Father for He is our sanctuary. I have always known Jesus' words to be true. The gathering in prayer in His name is ever the energy of Spirit.

I relate well to Ron's nightly prayers too, and smiled too, that our expressions crosses material boundaries to a universal call of spirit, to embrace Father in the bosom of our soul and all that is present with us, that we cannot name them all,  but acknowledge their wonderful overcare and loving service.  Thank you Phyllis, Ron, Father Michael and all you wonderful divine beings around us, for such a beautiful window to something that is so deep in our inner sanctuary of worship, adoration, praise, thanksgiving and acknowledgement. Indeed,  it is in this sanctuary we can more than express what words cannot convey. I admit. I do not know of merkaba, but what is telling here is every bit of our very essence of how we worship and find solace in knowing Him in every step of the way of His guiding light. I wish to thank the Universal Father, the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit, for all that the Infinite does and to all who is with us that will require a large book to name them all, thank you!




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Re: NYALA - A PLACE To Worship and Abide Directly With Father's Will
« Reply #5 on: November 29, 2017, 03:31:45 AM »
                        My gratitude, also, to Michael of Nebadon, Mother Spirit, Ron Besser, Newstaraphire (Phillys) for the new revelation of a new word "Nyala."
                       Much more than a new word is a new sense of worship.
                       It is simply wonderful to know that there is a place of worship where our thoughts (and / or soul, and / or spirit) can turn to worship, thanking God for all the wonderful things He has done in the past. doing in the present in our lives.
                       This message is simply wonderful, I am speechless, to thank this immense revelation of deep meaning.
                       True worship for God is a special moment, moment when we just thank, moment when the spirit is recharged with the light of God in our hearts and minds, moment of connection, greater communion with God, Universal Father.
                     With much love to all.


                           Minha gratidão, igualmente, para Michael de Nebadon, Mãe Espírito, Ron Besser, Newstaraphire (Phillys) pela nova revelação de uma palavra nova "Nyala".
                          Muito mais do que uma palavra nova é um sentido novo de adoração. 
                          É simplesmente maravilhoso saber que existe um lugar de adoração, aonde nossos pensamentos (e/ou a alma; e/ou o espírito) podem se dirigir e entrar em adoração, agradecendo a Deus, por tudo de maravilhoso que fez no passado, e está fazendo no presente em nossas vidas. 
                          Esta mensagem é simplesmente maravilhosa, eu estou sem palavras, para agradecer esta imensa revelação de profundo significado.
                         A adoração verdadeira para Deus é um momento especial, momento em que apenas agradecemos, momento em que o espírito é recarregado com a luz de Deus em nossos corações e mentes, momento de uma conexão, comunhão maior com Deus, Pai Universal.
                        Com muito amor a todos.
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Re: NYALA - A PLACE To Worship and Abide Directly With Father's Will
« Reply #6 on: November 29, 2017, 08:24:24 AM »
I can remember when I was a young man and so full of myself there was no room for anything but my inflated ego.  Then one day I walked into a huge Roman Catholic Church.  I looked around at all of the statues and stained glass and signs of quiet grandeur and realized and then felt the presence of God.  I was so overwhelmed that I had to sit down and gather myself.  I was shivering, I was vibrating so much that I feared what, I knew not.  It was then that I realized what serenity was and what it felt like.  I was enthralled by something I was unable to fathom.  I finally was able to leave that church.  But the memory has lingered through the years in my mind and heart.  

I realize that the church was just a stone edifice built by man.  But I also realized that my walking into that church caused a part of me to open up to something that I had only dreamed of while sleeping and allowing my ego to get out of the way.  Worship is that elusive key to grasping the wonder and beauty and light of our Heavenly Father.  I know that I need to go to that place in my heart where I will once again find that oneness with the Father.  That place, I feel after reading Newstarsaphire's post, is "THE PLACE", where I can and will join with all of you in spirit and love to worship our Divine and Infinite Spiritual parents.

Your brother in Christ Michael and Mother Nebadonia,

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Re: NYALA - A PLACE To Worship and Abide Directly With Father's Will
« Reply #7 on: January 15, 2018, 11:02:58 PM »
This is beautiful....
May I ask, is there a relation between Mother Nebadonia and Nyala?