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Give us the time when we call
« on: December 06, 2017, 03:01:39 PM »
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Topic: Give us the time when we call
T/R:Ron Hammar, Mt Shasta, CA, USA
Date: December 4th,  9:21am PST


I ask, is anyone here? I hear a buzzing in my ear so I am assuming that was a wake up call. My intentions are to be in stillness, so I can receive whatever may come. I wait.

Yes Son, this is your Thought Adjuster Presorba and i did buzz, and it's good that you responded to the  buzzing, didn't put it off, but you stopped your meditatio and you came to receive, so I am here. And you've been reading the forum posts this evening and you've been concerned about what Ron and Michael has posted. Michael said, it truly is tragic what has happened to your planet? The difficulty that humanity has.

"But that will be corrected and corrected soon, with the mission and many will be disturbed with the mission, for they will feel that they are being bullied maybe, and it will show in the end, that that was not the intent. But Those that would feel bullied are bullies. When they see they are going to lose their position, their influence, their power, they will strike out. For this reason, you have been warned and told, to hunker down in the times ahead.

"Like Michael says: 'eat well for the future will not be like today. Yes,  it's good that you have given me the time this evening and you have thought about me throughout the day. And this evening you shared some small things, but keep at it, keep doing what you are doing, working toward your goal. Know that it is not in vain.

"We know the stress and difficulties that you have and I'm here to help you to direct you and guide you, lead your thoughts to bring them in harmony with the father to do his will. This all has so many facets, so much of an opportunity that is being presented to you and to all on the forum. So, do not give up, keep putting forth the effort, to be growing and of service.

"You know the joy of service and you do that throughout all your activities every day in many ways and this is good. We're glad that you take the initiative the way you do. That is my word for you this evening, son. What shall I call this? Call it: "Give us your time when we call", Domtia.

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