Author Topic: Pre'Mtor and Michael on the Omnipresence of the Father, Jesus' work and More  (Read 139 times)

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Teachers: Pre’Mtor and Michael of Nebadon
The Omnipresence of the Father Within
Michael’s encouragement
Michael on Jesus’ walk and the presentation of the Missions to watch out for very soon
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 21/12/2017 5.00pm (AEST)

[T/R note: following is a rather personal piece with my Adjuster as I felt a strong presence and was given some interesting insight to do with genealogy traits Ron spoke about in one of his transmissions recently. It was almost as if it was a vetting process as the microscope honed in, into the lines of my parents and so on. It eventually had me in such an emotional state I was in tears, my mum didn't go too well and my dad faired better, but all was well with me as I composed myself and can see what just happened in that moment of flashing from Trinity indwelling(if that is what it is?). Anyway when reading below please keep Paper 107 in your mind as you read this missive from my Adjuster.]


“Freely you have been given,
Freely you have received,
Freely you are to live fully to who you are,
You are an infinite child of God
And more so that you know I am is here in thee.
The vast reality you understand it to be
And accept with renewed eyes as you behold
What it is that is so beautiful.

“I am incarnate in you, my love,
I am eternal, infinite and as real as
The blue sky is before you.

“Behold, I make all things new and make it truly as it were,
That is how the universe unfolds.
My love I give freely,
A fragment of my absoluteness is
Truly within all those who are of
Conscious mindal potential
As you are evident of.

“You are now realising the butterfly in you
Is releasing from the cocoon.
It is time to take flight and be fully you.
You have washed that man out of your hair literally,
And that is because you have longed to be
Liberated to so serve in the
Fullest degree that you are capable of.

“My love, I am so pleased with you as you
Danced the floor knowing full well you are truly free in the
Spirit of God.

“Rejoice my darling, as you deserve the measure of pure
Joy and utter confirmation that your life
That was hid in me is now taking flight in the
Absolute that I am in you.
I am pure Spirit, I am pure energy and that is the vast reality you
Know it to exist in your being.
I am existential, therefore
You are truly divine as you are open
To the realisation that means for you.

“I am more than what that Paper (107) speaks of
And it is good you really took it the level that has opened
The door of your mind to see greatness is there
For you and is given you as I am pure presence.
You know it in yourself and you are
One happy soul
My love.

“There is in you goodness,
There is in you a great sense,
There is in you every bit that counts my
Presence in your steps as you walk with me.

“You are no longer the child of the universe,
You are now the ambassador of my Spirit in you.
I call upon you to take the reigns and drive this horse to the far flungs
Of the many valleys, hills and mountains where you can find the
Well that draws much goodness that I bring as you
Allow your hand to do the work.”

[I’m done now, I’m exhausted, can we break it here fast?]

“Yes, fast indeed, as you grow weary quick in due course of this outpouring of generous heart in your way and thank you for taking note of something so profound occuring in you. I happen to be working progressively with you now as I see you are grasping what is happening with you and you are quick to catch on, well done Sue, so proud of you! Adieu and get some rest gal!” [Thank you Father.] [I took a break and now this from Michael]


“Think of it as a pursuit of more excellence along the way, you thrive on this even now Sue, you and RonB are really gold in getting things done. I am Michael here Sue as you dance your legs silly and have us all trying to contain our bellows of joy as you sing the song your Adjuster has gotten you so silly over too.

[Oh come on Michael, I’ll make it better if you want!]

“Now this is good to see a change for the better as you are seeing it. Paper 107 really got you going and you are so good to point out the obvious the Solitary Messenger has given. Good.

“There is too much happening that I haven't the wherewithal to do this, but this has really got my attention that I must speak it to you to keep up the good work gal, your Adjuster is finally taking a leap that I think you get the gist of something he has alluded to you these last twenty-four hours. That’s the speed upon which you are taking in your desire to fuse and you are not wrong to be feeling as he does to be so liberated as you do to get on with the task of being a bird on the go.

“So, there is one other thing that needs to be made clear for all of you. Turn your telly on and watch closely on what is happening around you, watch out as Jesus will make headlines and the media will go on a frenzy as to what, where and when as you know they are like hound dogs on the hottest gif out. I know this will catch on and Jesus will let it ride as the United Nations grapple with what just occurred and was spoken in front of their eyes as all they see is a cleanly suited man speaking with solemn assurance in his voice as to what he is so certain of.

“I assure you, half of the assembly will be in shock, the other half will most likely be trying to fathom what the interpreters were saying to them in their earpiece.

“The media will have to wait until it is made for public broadcast as to what happened in this large assembly that made such a stir among so many representatives of various nation-states.

“Remember, that these are representatives of their respective states of power and that is to them to relay back to those in more authoritative positions to respond in a manner appropriate to what they understand this to be.

“I allow this time delay as to allow the effect and the time to absorb for those in responsible positions to take the necessary time to gather themselves in response, mainly due to demands placed upon them by their own constituents as to explain the inexplicable to them. This in turn, will have that effect to cause people to make decisions based on their own perceptions as to what they see as right and fitting to follow in due course.

“We, on this side of the veil, know exactly how humans will behave and will grant the time for them to appropriately arrive at the response we are looking for in them before we take further action.

We (the Team), of course, do not wish to cause anything to stunt people and we do endeavour to allow revelation to trickle before it has to flow in more prodigious amounts when they are more readily accustomed to the presence that is presented before them.

“I leave it there as we are now getting a briefing from the Most Highs as to the intricacies of human affairs we need to be certain of when a divine mission has to be let loose on the world stage.

“Pray for us as we embark on the inevitable and let it take its course as it should. I am Michael of Nebadon and thank you for listening. Good day.”