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REMOTION -RePosted with original Doc R revelation 2013
« on: January 12, 2018, 10:26:26 PM »

Motion & Remotion
Original Doc R (ABC Summaries)

“REMOTION” was an extraction from Doc R and as such was in a different context than what Kurt took from the Daynal web site. Beware of materials posted there as they are edited sometimes from the original and as such are not acknowledged as being edited by Rob Davis.

Definitions to help you through this revelation given below by Master Spirits One, Three, Four, and Five:

Remotion - Simply stated, God takes what the Supreme did in the time universes, and then reruns the solutions for actions in time and reimposes a new starting point in them and realizes a new outcome. The Ultimate can take the Lucifer Rebellion and do at least 70 quadrillion solutions where the Supreme had only 1,500 solutions as linear events. Remotion just refers to taking the motions of the Supreme and running them through a new computer for additional solutions.

Experiential Trinities - The Father has to integrate all that goes on in time and in space with the perfection of infinity. Now lets not get deeply into the definition infinity but realize it is without motion. It does not have to solve anything as it is already solved from all space and time experiences and more. The Father must coordinate everything that is NOT infinite with everything that IS infinite and the grand combination to do that is the Trinity. The Trinity has conquered time by having non-infinite Trinities press up all they learn to the infinite Trinity. God the Supreme has his Trinity with the Creator Sons and Ancients of Days and so on. God the Ultimate has his Trinity to send to Paradise too what he learns in the outer space levels. These two little Trinities are not infinite but are called sub-absolute and they are experiences sent up for infinite integration all that is. The Urantia Book calls the little Trinities with the big Trinity the Trinity of Trinities.

Supreme-Ultimate - This is the working combination of God the Supreme and God the Ultimate teaming up to produce the creation of the outer space levels for the first two layers. The Ultimate and the Supreme form this perfect union just as the Father-Son did and so on, to make sure there is no difference of opinion between two competing Deities and that they are fully aware of what the other will do to create new life in the first two outer space levels. The Supreme is in the first outer space level as a partner to God the Ultimate so He has a place to start remotioning the Supreme’s work.

Here is the link to the original document NOT fully posted on the Daynal site.


Master Spirit One, Voice of the Father:

I am Siraya; The Scribe has requested of me to explain just how the Paradise of Alpha becomes the Paradise of Omega through adjustments of Fifth Outer Space Level and Non-Space Extension. The answer is that space is a comprehensive leash on time, and as such the leash is removed after Outer Space Level Four. Then space becomes a convenience of extrapolation, moving what was once constrained into the objective reality of that which is no longer constrained. When I say “constrained by time,” I mean that which time has constrained already in the superuniverses, because the Supreme has conditioned all reality as it relates to the Four Outer Space Levels, and only after God the Ultimate shares these Supreme concepts and retools them into eventuated reality, does the space stream relinquish its control.

Motion is the primary expression of God the Supreme. Remotion is the primary expression of God the Ultimate. The difference between them is critical to understand why the Supreme synthesizes the relationship between matter and spirit in order to control spirit and matter, and following on from the Supreme, why God the Ultimate may transcend the separation of spirit and matter without time motion (i.e. the need for sequence).

The Supreme-Ultimate fashions its reality by two additional elements besides time and space. These are, motion and remotion. Remotion is the act of taking back and reissuing conditions until they reach synchrony with what has been potentially and pre-eternally established by Paradise Deity. With the Ultimate working through the Deity Absolute that which is potential or before eternity is seized as the raw material of emerging values in subordinate life forms in the outer space levels and once matured, such Ultimate accomplishments are established on Paradise with the Trinity Absolute. (Ron’s note 01/12/18 - The other name for this Trinity is the Second Experiential Trinity)

God the Ultimate can do this while the Supreme can not. The Supreme’s motion is nearly always linear - a line or string of events that come to an end or start something new. God the Ultimate runs things differently. In Ultimacy, events are fashioned from pre-existing conditions from the Supreme, and then the Ultimate remotions them (or puts back into motion as a recombination of those circumstances that resulted in the value first being expressed by the Supreme) as an experiment to obtain results one way, and then run another way, until the results actually produce the perfect solution for that particular experiment. This process is one of remotion. Remotion results in an eventual solution devoid of further development. It is as though the Ultimate can wring out the cloth the Supreme had hung out to dry and find a wealth of new meaning to splash before the eyes of a growing universe.

Remotion is directed toward and vitalizes all absonite growth under the Ultimate. The Supreme has no choice but to enter into those motions already established by First Cause. Here is illustrated just why the absonite precedes the finite, for it is in the transcendental conditions in Havona that there is found the original motion that pre-wires the superuniverses with the neural network of finite preconditions that the Creator Sons must acknowledge when they prepare to establish their local universe domains. These Havona contributions are the pre-existing conditions in absonite transcendency that prepare the finite creations to explore the maximum expressions of the qualification of infinity. The Supreme in working through the materials of original motion to obtain time values cannot invent any motion other than what First Cause established as the initial surge of energy toward some finite objective. These neural controls (which are resulting from space limitations built into the absonite or transcendental over controls of space in the superuniverses) as limitations are built into the superuniverses in the present age of God the Supreme.

Remotion is possible where sequence has no meaning and is highly effective in obtaining results that exceed the limits of Supreme integration of time. The Supreme must always work from the beginning to end in a forward motion while the Ultimate through remotion may start anywhere in between and play it out in a numberless repetition until all values are realized and had been without spiritual highlight in the Supreme. Those who know mathematics know this to permutations, and the Ultimate is an expert at performing rapid calculations of any possibility to exhaust or predict outcomes essential for perfection in space. The Ultimate has the luxury of being able to restart all finite values from nearly an unlimited number of revisions. Remotion is inherent in Ultimacy as sequence is inherent in the Supreme.

We now are able to explain something about how the Supreme-Ultimate combination works with Paradise Deity. If we take the fact of Supremacy as a completed experiment, then we have in place those time experiments which have succeeded. Not only have we successful outcomes from the Supreme to replay as fuel for God the Ultimate to remotion and experiment with, the Supreme outcomes have benefited by their perfection through the Paradise Trinity to universalize them to every sector of time. God the Ultimate revitalizes the products of the perfected time experiments of the Supreme and re-experiences them by recombining the Supreme’s contribution with the Ultimate’s thought and exercise of transcendation. We may use a crude example of what this adds by saying it is something like adding more eyes to a sentient being to see the hidden structures of space itself. The Supreme sees the universe laterally; i.e., from left to right and up and down; the Ultimate sees the universe as a convex ball of structure in which he may change the structural matrix inside the ball to improve the life [durability] of the ball.

The results are space limited, but they are also space conditioned and therefore sub-Absolute. The values the Supreme finalized are the Ultimate’s starting points to produce totally new concepts subject to infinite integration toward God the Absolute’s (spaceless without losing space conditioning) realization. None of the Supreme experiments or the Ultimate’s remotions are possible without the interposition of the Paradise Trinity and the personal association with experiential Deity with the Paradise Deities themselves.

In Paper 10 Section 5 of the Urantia Book we learn that,

“The functions of the Paradise Trinity are not simply the sum of the Father’s apparent endowment of divinity plus those specialized attributes that are unique in the personal existence of the Son and the Spirit. The Trinityassociation of the three Paradise Deities results in the evolution, eventuation, and deitization of new meanings, values, powers, and capacities for universal revelation, action, and administration. Living associations, human families, social groups, or the Paradise Trinity are not augmented by mere arithmetical summation. The group potential is always far inexcess ofthe simple sum of the attributes of the component individuals.” Eventuation is the term also used to describe the absonite in your text and if the reader would also substitute the word “remotion” [for the word absonite realizing that absonite has one other attribute and that it is truly spaceless], in the quote above and as remotion is defined above, a more understandable definition of the process will emerge.

The Paradise Deities view the Ultimate as finished with all of these experiments but also accept that they must be experientialized during a Universe Age just as the Supreme was allowed a Universe Age to finish the time experiments to perfect time values and hand them over to the Ultimate one day. God the Ultimate with God the Supreme in ways not entirely understood even by the highest revelators are then personalized together as the Deity union of the Supreme-Ultimate within the Second Experiential Trinity formed around this monistic point of experiential power. It is upon this amazing feat of power materialization and spirit synthesis realized within the prerogatives of the First Person of Deity to make it so; that all the universes in the Master creation of space may reach the status of absolute conditioning.


January 12, 2018 - Mantutia Melchizedek wishes to add comments to the excerpt above and comments on my definitions at the top to help you through the weeds of high revelation presented by the excerpt here.


“This is Mantutia Melchizedek. I am not happy with Ron’s definitions above but he has stubbed his toe on people like Rob Davis and Kurt who have no sense of the subject well enough for them to understand what they played with by not fully providing the paper that explains REMOTION.

“I for one dislike the idea of little Trinities but he is giving you a comparison between infinity and something a lot less like infinity in the word “little.” It works okay that way.

“Further there is no real definition for Infinity except as Ron provided it to you above. If you can remember what he said and how he said it you have a fair definition as we see it too. Otherwise you just add cracker crumbs to it by saying anything else.

“I detest the term Supreme-Ultimate since it seems to add nothing to what it tells you, Ron swiped at it to give you an insight into how it functions and that should be enough to easily what Siraya wrote to him in 2013, not 2011 or 2012 as Kurt thought it was written.

“Finally, this paper is useless for the next Urantia Book because we redo the entire idea of remotion which Ron really likes and I do not. Otherwise we are stuck with the term “ABSONITE,” which is a jaw breaker because it loses definition every time we go to use it. As Ron says, the ABSONITE is mostly REMOTION, but one has to remember that the ABSONITE is more than Remotion. The other Ron finds troubling is “EVENTUATION” as that was my addition to help break the word Absonite down but it fails to help much as it does not tell you what is being eventuated or how it does it. Remotion tells you how the Ultimate replays the Supreme solutions and adds them to the integration of reality on the infinite level.

That concludes my remarks today.”

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Re: REMOTION -RePosted with original Doc R revelation 2013
« Reply #1 on: January 13, 2018, 08:11:41 AM »
Thank you Ron for taking the time to post this wonderful (and deep) message for all of us to study.  I have to admit that it got this old brain thinking pretty deep.  I thought for a moment I wouldn't be able to come back to the surface for air.  But I made it.  This is one of those to print up for further study. (Deeper Study).

Bless you and please keep up  the good work.

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Re: REMOTION -RePosted with original Doc R revelation 2013
« Reply #2 on: January 13, 2018, 11:46:19 AM »
Thank you for sharing this study material Ron, it is much appreciated and very interesting and I thank all our universe family for enlightening us and enabling us to not only grasp but process what they provide.  What a privelege it is to be given these opportunities to learn and grow and expand our abilities to comprehend the vastness of creation and the largess of our Creator.

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