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AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission/ FINDHORN
« Last post by 7inOcean on Today at 11:20:23 PM »
Ok I get that we can be seized which ever way is relevant and am I to not take things so seriously as Ron is in Walmart and just go with a bit of fun, and bluff our way through some stints we work with daily? Ron you make me laugh silly, gosh a "gollywag", but I'll calm down and know the Supreme is actively at work in observing us and sorting us appropriately. I need to correct the Lysol thing. Matter of fact, my workplace relies heavily on the Tuffie 5 Hospital Grade Disinfectant Wipes. After a bit of google search, both the Lysol and Tuffie do contain, among other things, an active ingredient of the substance Benzalkonium chloride in small %w/w amounts. I'm no chemist, but I do recognise it's effective use in reducing the risk of infection while these cloths or products, are effective against a broad spectrum of known pathogens. I just follow the protocols of my superiors and do what is asked of me in effective cleaning procedures. You are right. I will need to broaden my social interaction and it is difficult to do that when I spend so much of my energy here with all of you! I love you all so much! In any case if I buddy up with others, how are they to understand what I am talking about if these people have no clue to the language and vocabulary we are on about here. Way too advanced for most, I admit,  and yet it is a challenge to go down to the level of where these minds are at at any given moment. There are those occasions, I may perchance to converse with other staff and listen to their story. One on his country of origin and his pursuit in learning a new language, skills and placement. A real interest in how others have chosen such a path and how they live it out in real time.  I gain insight in getting to know others better when I listen and take in where they are at. As to doctors, fat chance! As we are all too busy to do that, and besides I learn so much from my son who is in his third year of his degree in medical imaging. A lot of jargon and terminology and very interesting cases, some severe and others terminal, and it is up to the Specialist Medical Officer to determine and make that known to the patient in question and discuss the treatment options.

Speaking of medical stuff, I have been watching a program in the Discovery Channel offered by Foxtel called First In Human. This is recently screened and I have been watching how these medical professionals are faced with untreatable cases too hard basket for normal hospitals to take on. Google First In Human.
Anyhow, it is good to know work is in progress to find cures and treatments that work for bettering health in most cases who are victims of rare diseases and cancers and so on. And I am sure Dr Mendoza and the Mentori  are busy to be in all of this as it is so needed. I care much about this as German measles have affected me with rubella and hence being born half-deaf. The more that can be learned in improving in areas of health issues the better we are to nip these terrible things in the bud, that happen to cause so much unnecessary impediments in the health and well-being of so many humans today. I pray I may be useful in this area in some way, if not,  then maybe have some transmitting input in guiding the political mentality towards making decisions in relation to how we can address pressing health issues. It remains to be seen where some of us can be of good use in the near future. I am sure the Supreme knows us well and will place us appropriately.

I will look into this more and take in what is revealed to us in regards to how much God the Supreme will have such a part in with us. I and so many of us have so much to learn and fathom. It is truly wonderful to know these things, especially about the natural death processes that happen to some in such a manner and are given over for other purposes. At least I know that whatever happens, we are taken care of one way or another and we are surely placed well in our ascension careers in the most appropriate way that is best for the human to grow.

Thank you Ron, Father Michael and God the Supreme.

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission/ FINDHORN
« Last post by Ron Besser on Today at 09:16:50 PM »
The arbiter of death and for many other reasons is God the Supreme according to my notes from the Michael discussion above.

I said that but it is such a shocker you did not imprint it, Sue.  Read again if you can and note that the Supreme is taking a hand is the observer of human life on Urantia beginning now with the intention to sort our humans into groups for ascension purposes.  You see a good reason spoken to above and there are other unrevealed reasons I am told for the Havona Supreme to sort humans for different ways of going over to the mansions worlds.  And before you get that misconstrued, most will be natural death but some are temporarily SEIZED.  This is not the same Son seized or Spirit seized, but not Adjuster seized either, but Supreme seized , and that is not in the old Urantia Book, but Mantutia says it is discussed in the NEW URANTIA Book.

Sue, you get gollywagged when you get excited or worried so calm yourself more,  That really is all I believe.  Your question suggests that there may be a change in process of natural death and that could separate those you want to stay in contact with you using a so-called different method.  That is not what is meant, but suppose you have a nephew who is a whizz at spiritual acclimation?  He could be seized by the Supreme now as a way to prepare him for a morontial career excalibur and that is without knowing much about what that might be,

"I see Ron is at it again.  I never suggested Supreme Seizure for I am good at Son Siezure and Mother Spirit is good at Spirit Seizure and Adjusters should be good at Soul Seizure, but Urantia is so backwards they do not get a chance to practice much.  Tonight Ron stopped at Walmart to buyy some milk and detergent, and he heard the angels that worked in that store for lots of reasons, and one spoke to him and he loved it!  I suppose that is one of the ways to work your transmission abilities.  He broke them up by getting a new box of tea called Lemon Ginger Tea and he started to sing out loud:  Lemon Ginger, you;re my gal; Lemon Giner I love you like a towel; Shall what I do I will do, shall; Lemon Ginger You're My Gal.    They fainted with laughter as he is also slightly off par due to an operation this morning that burned him to death and he has not be quite right all day (Readers! They kept me in the attic!)  In any case this is an unusual day for all of us up here (he means for some spirit - Ron) and we report that he has been allowed to retain his picture making and his silly view of life,  We were afraid Father will strike him dead with ath stuff because you'd be surprised how it does not play well on Paradise.  In any case he showed them his Supernaphim and they saw one once before, but this time the Suprenaphim indicated He did not really know Ron.  In any case Sue, Ron can now hear celestial life if they want to pipe up and the angels in that store did and had a lof fun doing it.  That was by my permission Ron and you thanked me often for that as it is.   
"I conclude this fun by saying Ron nearly fell in the parking lot after mailing some letters because he took a small jimp off the curb, and his legs were like shock absorbers that stayed down and did not come back up.  He has never experienced that kind of action before and had to hold onto the parked cars as he got back to his vehicle.  I said to the attending Supernaphim, how much you want to bet it does not phase him and he goes shopping for soap!  And he did.  What gets us up here he refuses to admint illness or harm but laughs frequently when they arrive and we think it is his escape mechanism as anyone else would have called for an ambulance, but not Ron.  I am Michael and I still do not know what I have a hold of with this one called Ron, as he defies prediction mostly because he does not know any better, and he holds us in stitches as he speaks to himself now and then with a fake British accent and mangles the words bad that this Guides do not what he means.  Go for it Ron!   Sue if you went with your humor and imagination you would do a very lot better but it has to be ingrained in you as his mother was hilarious when doing ballet and speaking to her son with various displeasure about his his choice for doing things his way.  In any case this:

"I hold Ron so high he gets misty above me, and have to drop him to the equator of my love for crabapples as he is a handful when upset with humanity and injustice and bad driving.  He is also going to have an interview with God the Supreme near time as he signs for uses of the floating pencil which you will see someday when he works that trick, and to expound on whatever is near him as he is now given the gift of insight fully and he loves it!  This is the Supreme speaking . . . .

"Ron just had a rogue site pop up on his screen courtesy of me as he has it blocked but it is easy to undo the block with a twitch of my nose.  Good for that Ron as I tried to block your typing but your will overrode it and we do it often enough to check your strength - you are powerful and you must control anger in front of people you get angry with.  In any case, Sue you have the power to move mountains yet you do not even try and that is because you are convinced that someone like Ron has all the favors and you got nothing.  But you do have it too but you never try it out to win a case or two for your side.  As God the Supreme in Havona I favor humans like Ron who can tell it like it is and then move mountains to get rid of the problem.  He did so today and without going into it, there is now a new order in the computer firm that heasr him so well they jump to do it and he did not ever ask for that to be done for him as that was my gesture to Debbie, Ron.

"You Sue need to expose yourself to more people outside of the hospital ward and clean more in the doctor's lounge as they are rapacious about medicine and life and speak frequently what you think in terms of medicinal orger to bring an end to hospital diseases and so on.  You have taken to cleaning the chairs and rugs with Lysol and that is better than anything else you can choose as that product does kill them dead 100 % plus.  That is all I have to say for now to all of you and Ron wait for my chastisement for this evening going out and getting nearly paralyses by that strange leg fall in the making. "


Threads for New Transmissions / You All Have The Ability To T/R
« Last post by Lundco on Today at 08:56:41 PM »
Speaker: Jack 0802AB B*
Subject: You All Have The Ability To T/R
Category: New Transmissions
T/R: Roger Lund
Location: Wichita, KS
20 Nov 2017, 12:00 PM, CST

       Jack 0802AB B*-
    Jack. It is time as others have said to realize that T/Ring is a 24/7 opportunity and if you start to think in these terms it will be easier to transmit us as we are always near. The only thing stopping you, is you, your doubts and business with other things. Come to us and listen, the time is drawing near that the Magisterial Mission will be made present by Jesus and all kinds of confusion and fear will break out for a while and focusing will become even more difficult. Do you transmitting now and be prepared when the difficult times come.
    You all have the ability to do transmitting if you have faith, we have said this many a time, but it is true. We understand how difficult it is to muster up the courage to post a message. Each time it becomes easier and builds confidence in the process and it is a process you all can master as so many are needed. Try both the written and the audio transmissions and post your results. The time is drawing near for the unveiling of the Magisterial Mission, be ready. Be about the Father's Business as best you can as he knows your commitment and desire! Have a great day! Later, Jack
AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: 11/20 Message from Michael
« Last post by Allie on Today at 08:49:24 PM »
I wanted to make a brief comment about Father Michael's message this morning.   He discussed the importance of Forgiveness.   I agree that it is not healthy for us to carry around the burden of emotional pain, sometimes for many years.   But while we are working on forgiving the other person,  may we not forget to also forgive ourselves.   Sometimes that is the last piece of the puzzle of why that pain will not go away.   Let us be kind to ourselves and accept the Father's Peace.

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission/ FINDHORN
« Last post by 7inOcean on Today at 07:40:27 PM »
Wait what???

Quote: "DEATH is never  the arbiter of what happens next for humans raised on Urantia." Unquote.

If not DEATH then what is the ARBITER for humans?  How are humans who are raised here assessed? Is there something we are missing here!??! Is the Supreme Court of Urantia going to be the institute of assessment as to how entrenched the vial of rebellion is in humans here? How do those of us here who trail the MSM fair in this? The list of questions pile up and it remains as to how Urantians are screened as to their purity of intentions. I guess time will tell....


P.s oh I just read Ron's next post re God the Supreme. Wow really can that happen! Well it makes a lot of sense that some of us may be sort of snatched away for higher purposes and I see that as a probable case when some individuals have those qualities so needed for work elsewhere. I get it now, thanks.
Haaa !!!, food for my soul, ..., thank you Ron, ..., very much appreciate my friend!!!
It will surely help me a lot!!!  ;) :D
The new time line as revised recently is now available for download and reading at:


Collection of Various Teachers & Subjects:  Dates are when they first appeared to speak with new transmitters at the beginning of the Old Teaching Mission.  We think most of them will reappear for us to give transmissions and lessons in the coming Magisterial Mission.  Tarkas says not and so does Lorel and so does Vanessa and we are going to lose Ham toom but there will be added lots more as the years go by in the Mission years ahead.  Ron

MICHAEL (undated) - Why We Are Here
HAM (2/1/92)- Announcement to Los Angeles Fellowship Conference
ABRAHAM ( 7/23/92 Sarasota, Fl) - My Work Here
TARKAS (12/18/92) - Introduces Mission To Cincinnati
MACHIVENTA (undated) - Nature of Correcting Time
NORSON (undated)- Nature of Correcting Time
ARANDA (3/5/93 Burlington, IA) - Eternal Truth of The Message
AARON (6/29/93) - Mission Beginnings
LOREL, Will (6/19/92) - Scope of The Mission
LOREL (7-31-92)- Interaction With A transmitter
LOREL (12-17-92) - Bringing Light and Life
AFLANA (3-26-92) - Implanted Ideas
ORAN (undated) - Spiritualizing Our Thinking
TARKAS (undated) - Correcting Time Compared To Other Worlds
HAM (undated) - Bringing Unity Under Christ Michael’s Plans
LOREL (9/30/92) - Receiving A Personal Guide
VANESSA (5/14/92) - T/R via Computer
TARKAS (undated) - Pain and Suffering
HAM (undated) - Ending Isolation
MICHAEL (undated)- Choosing Humans To Help With The Second Coming
AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission/ FINDHORN
« Last post by Ron Besser on Today at 04:17:26 PM »
Lemuel, your information is right on as I get confirmation for you to me and for me as well,

While it does not explain what it does explain the buzz in my ear on this too.  I never quite know where to look either in Michael's place or in higher spheres or even the Supreme Being as they tell me I actively connected and I believe it, yet I do not easiluy differentiate sources either.

"I am intrigued that you two hear this through the speech of David Spangler as he has no idea what he is about in his recent death on Mansion World Three, as that is what just occurred and Ron is surprised because he feels that when we speak of death on a mansion world it is spiritual and final.  That is not longer true for good ascenders such as David was and is.  This death occurs because he was seized on Mansion World Three and died intestate to Mansion World Four and that Mansion World has not be converted to an estuary in time where we sort souls for their work fo God the Supreme in the next universe age.  the next universe age has to do with outer space level one but also the reorganization of time and space.  In that case the Vicegerents of the Supreme will take over all administrative positions on unformed worlds that have not reached Light and Life, and then become domains of God the Supreme as a nursery to complete the cycle of human soul growth before we open the outer space levels for new life out there.  I am God the Supreme speaking from Havona and I thank all of you for listening."

"Thank you Lemuel for speaking what you heard as it triggered the Supreme to speak to Ron who hears him fine.  You ought to understand this is not a secret but seldom shared with evolutionary worlds yet,  On Mansion World Three the ability for God the Supreme to seize people in the general population is unknown until now,  But on Novermber 10th, David S. was seized while working on another project he loved doing and found himself suddenly on Uversa and he made contact with Lemuel to also make contact with you Ron, and that was successful.  Much is to be revealed for this program which got tipped out to all of you forthrightly by Ron asking the right question, and it does pertain to human death on Urantia very soon but we wait for that explanation,  I am Michael and Mother Spirit with the Vicegerency of the Supreme sitting right next to me here as I make this speech for all of you.  Good day."

Ron - SO!  Now the mystery goes even deeper.  Does it not?  How shall we die on Urantia with God the Supreme actively searching for a few good workers to help with the Nebadon transition to the end of this universe age?

To avoid confusion over Ron Bessers Time Line 16 November 2017 I would like everyone to please note that yesterday Ron Besser reviewed the Time Line document I had edited for him and simply changed the link for it in his original post (here), which I give document link for below for your convenience.

This new link Ron provided of the version I edited for him included some changes to text in the first 16 pages of his originally posted document.

Please note that the version PaulG edited and provides a link for does not include the text Ron requested I replace and is therefore a much shorter document.

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