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Speaker: Daniel of Old
Subject: Coaching is True Love
Category: General Discussion
T/R: Daniel A, L V NV. USA
9 September 2017, 17:02 Z

"“You can begin to write Daniel: Whenever we on this side have an opportunity to speak to all of you in the mortal contingency of the Magisterial Mission, we look on it as an honor and privilege. We often see situations we would like to comment on because of our own experiences as descending or ascending beings on the same path to perfection you all are beginning.

"We want to say things that would help you very much in your journey, to say things that would cut through the complexities and give you insight that would help you make progress in a fresh new way. However, the delays and setbacks in your understanding that we have experienced ourselves were some of the most helpful of all our existence because it caused us to so strikingly and indelibly include that part into the character we now have.

“Thus sometimes the best course for an individual is to let you go along unenlightened for long stretches as you are constantly in a wondering and perplexed state which causes you to struggle in ways you would never experience were you to be lifted up instantly with much effortless insight and gifted with wisdom. You already are the beneficiaries of such largess constantly, but still, the feet on the ground day by day persevering is the secret of the truly well garnered character development.

“The slow progression and much uneven advancement provides the lasting end product of unchangeable goodness that was fixed by the suffering. Your need for seeming unlimited amounts of patience does the most good, finally producing an individual of very great equanimity. That is one of the things most strikingly missing as a quality, in first life mortals. It usually doesn’t take many frustrating circumstances to have them fly off the handle in piques of anger and impatience.

“In your own training in these mission groups we must tip toe around a little for quite a while, because this proclivity would have you soon give up, succumbing to the long established habit of intolerant hissy  fit that often would take an otherwise fine candidate right out of the group, another one biting the dust. This we must work conscientiously to not let happen. You can see a little by this explanation the task before us all.

“I say: ‘us all,’  because one of the first circumstances you are assigned, is to likewise begin to have the same forbearance and acceptance in those we place you with, to work day to day and the amount of overlooking of shortcomings required is considerable. So the bottom line is, this very considerate, merciful and long suffering nature that is: ‘de Rigueur,’ is crucial for the whole operation when it comes to beginning mortals. It’s like everything would fall apart in unworkableness without those ingredients being the backbone of all taking place.

“But this is maddening because of the slowness of the expansion of almost everyone. Finally though a point of maturity is reached where the velvet gloves required for beginners are no longer necessary and halleluiah, are we overjoyed. We actually can have a conversation that points out much ineptitude (within reason) hopefully sandwiched within lots of positive feedback for balance. Huge progress is made because the individual sincerely has the amazing attitude of welcoming the criticism or should I say, attitude adjustments, we are suggesting and is not blown out of the water into depression and miss understanding of what true love looks like.

“The true opposite of love they say is actually indifference, not hate. Truer words were never spoken. Sometimes if you have the matchless privilege to be called on the carpet by a master, look on it as an experience worth bars of gold. But do you think you are alone in this game? No, everyone from the Father on down is in a manner of speaking in an experiential Universe, requiring constant reconsideration of our or your behavior.

“It’s a given that anyone almost, unless you are an Ancient of Days or some such, needs regular adjustments and course corrections for optimum performance.  The place in your maturation that you and we [who have long since realized this] can cheerfully seek input and even major overhaul is a place you can rest at as a mile stone in your career path. From then on the worst imaginable mistake or misjudgment gives us great pause of course, but it is no longer very disheartening or so devastating, as we know it is just par for the journey.

“To be in the arena being bloodied sometimes in the sport contest is where we want to be. Not timorously on the sidelines as an unprofitable spectator. This is your ascending brother, Daniel of old, saying these things, things I know many of you thankfully already know and we rejoice in that fact. For the rest of you coming along very nicely I might add (mostly because of the use of these principles)we only look forward to the most exciting adventure together that will go on from pleasure to pleasure, which is the fruit of a life of service.

"With only feelings of joyful progress as phase one is accelerating, thank you for coming to this classroom and being willing to submit yourselves to these most carefully considered regimens, designed to as rapidly as is reasonable and wise have you be beautifully mature in your assigned duties. Yours in Service! Domtia….”
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Re: Daniel of Old, Coaching is True Love 9 Sep. 2017 Daniel, L V NV. USA
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Hi All,

Oh so true!!! Words that apply to us all! And to me in particular!
Our ego tends to want to be fed with all manner of empty gibberish, and flattering words.
I have been, and still continue to attend the schools of experience, and continual correction. I have been taught by task masters that at first glance may have seemed harsh, but have taken it all in to realize that most of these were lessons that taught me to stop, look, listen, and grow in wisdom and even love. As long as it is meant for our growth, and or betterment of those arround us, then so be it!
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