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Update: New URANTIA BOOK Policy Affirmations and Chages 111817
« on: November 18, 2017, 11:43:37 PM »

New URANTIA BOOK Policy Affirmations and Changes
November 18, 2017 at 23:40 York, PA USA

Ron here: I keep hearing bits and pieces of changes to the new URANTIA BOOK publication and publishing details. Finally today, a very rainy day in York, Michael had the time to talk to me about what he plans to do in the next few months vis a vis the 2018 (6th epochal) URANTIA BOOK. I also not for all of you that he slips in some other information that is interesting to hear.


Announcement and Need to Mention Besser In It
“Now we come to the part that Ron is being asked to show his credentials to the world soon, and the only way we can be sure he is listened to is to provide him with a name in our original assessment announcement scheduled quite soon in order to defuse the bug-a-boo of credentials and authority in representing us.

“There is also the legal question of licensing the new URANTIA Book on Urantia as the Chicago Urantia Foundation will object to using the word Urantia Book and assigning a new printing without their authorization. We must have Ron shown as owner and producer of the new Urantia Book for court purposes on Urantia, and to defang the Urantia Foundation in Chicago to bring a suit against Ron for infringement of copyright and so on.

Declaration of Trust:
“This brings up the matter of the Declaration of Trust agreement between Michael of Nebadon and the Urantia Foundation declared in the early 1950's. The Declaration of Trust will be deployed on Ron Besser, and not hte corporation called the Urantia Book Foundation, for he alone will hold the Declaration of Trust that demands perfection of dissemination of the sixth (6th) epochal revelation.

“And that is sacrosanct as he loves the revelation and finds it immeasurably touching that he has been awarded the vouchsafe safety for its appearance such as Dr. Sadler tried to do for the 1955 publishing of the first URANTIA Book.

“Let me talk about that a little:

Credentials of Ron to Hold the Declaration of Trust and More:
“As we discussed before many times the fact of fusion that has occurred in this individual plays a huge part in allowing him to participate in the Magisterial Mission as a true Staff member but not of the Sacred Court containing Archangels and Missions of other high Paradise Sons not yet revealed to anyone on Urantia. It is an important distinction for Ron is not spirit but he is fused and a potential Finaliter affirmed by the Father’s decision to fuse him at such a young age. In any case he cannot hold higher status than human on Staff of Serara and probably Monjoronson when Jesus appears relatively shortly in the flesh on Urantia. So announce that Ron is on Staff in the sense that he is representing human staff and associate staff member and takes care of their human needs, salary payments, and benefits if any are ever announced.

“In my estimation no finer symbol exists on Urantia than the fact the Father has seen to it that Ron could fuse on Urantia without destroying the flesh body. It will take decades for that to make sense both to URANTIA Book readers and for Ron to realize much if anything from such an awkward fusion this represents to the Universe Father. Father prefers the soul to be fully consume with divinity but in this case the Father had to leave the soul existing outside of the fusion status to preserve the human body alive on the face of earth.

“Looking at fusion hypothetically, we see that it is not a complicated business for Father to attain insurmountable views of how to do it with fleshy humans; EXCEPT, Ron had to make an appearance before the Court of Supreme Justice on Uversa, as the soul who had to ignore taunts it was too immature to do anything but flop. He appeared as soul-self and won the day by simply stating my will has been fully transferred to the Father on High and I refuse to accept death as my final goodbye to Urantia like this. Father relented immediately and took him at his word and finds he is steadfast and ready to serve as the Magisterial Sons should decree.

Life Extension Considerations for Besser
Before we get on to the URANTIA Book again, the Father made it clear that Ron was now to serve fully one thousand years on Urantia or at least until the Magisterial Mission ended. Margul, the Trinity Teacher Son, suddenly appeared before us and decreed that Ron was too valuable in experience and needed to represent man briefly before the Age of Light and Life was first declared for the planet and that he was necessary for that role. The Father looked at Margul and asked how much longer? Margul replied, ‘perhaps a century more?’ Father replied that, ‘I see no problem with that but how does Ron feel?’ Ron does not know what another century of life feels like yet and cannot honestly reply to the request but is also greatly honored that Margul should even ask.

Life Extension Beyond on Earth Into First Century of Light and Life for Urantia

“I seek his advice always as he has two sides to him: One, he loves mankind and serves willingly; and two, he gives us such vivid pictures of discontent that it is useless to say anything without them at times. Father returned the favor and said to Margul, plan to use him if he lasts the full millennium with Serara and Monjoronson, and all will be right to start the Light and Life program at once with him at your side. And so we go on to the Magisterial Mission with Ron still trying to figure out what he got from fusion and what he wants to end with: Light and Life or a sink full of dishes up here?”


Now the URANTIA Book: (again)
“I am sure we need not go into this further than we have as to when it comes out for distribution (late 2018 for UB readers), and how big it is (2659 pages to this date), and how long it will take for Ron to read it (less than one year as the first one took), and where it gets distributed first (libraries and seminaries and universities and so on), and how much it cost a buyer of the book as just a reader (promoted at $15 a book and given if unaffordable at the price). And so on.



Single Volume or Four Volumes?

The URANTIA BOOK once more - I see it faltering immediately because it is so large and will issue an edict to break it down into four volumes and we will release it over a period of a year. Ron and Allie for sure will have it all at once when I get there with my parcel of books for Ron and Allie. This is what I want known now, and people will rush to buy smaller books and they are even used to paper backs but I refuse to disseminate a paper back book again after I saw what happened to the Midwayer contention it needed refinement by being issued only in hard back and that we will do. Ron suggested to me that we give him the single volume for its unique character and I will do so since we have so many up here. We will also issue the book to universities at least in the single volume format as well and save us redoing 10,000 volumes already printed in our warehouse on Urantia.

“Since the book is large we have decided to reduce it by placing it for release in three or four volumes


The Gideon Bible
And finally, where do we put five million copies the Bible they keep producing for the Gideon crowd? They will be bought and money refunded to the publisher when we can get to them, but meanwhile a new Museum has opened in Washington DC and is on the Bible alone and it will make great officces for the Magisterial Mission when we are done with them. Be assured the Bible will not last long once we arrive and secure the world of Urantia.


Breaking Down the Volume Size of the New URANTIA Book
“We will issue an edict to break the new URANTIA BOOK down into four volumes and we will release it over a period of a year. If we deem it essentially to many volumes for the book we may combine sections II and III into one volume and issue with volume IV first which are the newly rewritten Jesus Papers.

“Until today I saw human work for us as ludicrous as our angels could do in one day what it takes all of you many days to do and imperfectly as you do it. I am now advised by the Paradise Father, that Ron and those who are and will be fused, will apply a fusion status on Urantia unheard of on other worlds who are now entertaining how these fusions took place on Urantia without destroying the flesh bodies of the fusion status. We also feel that human work contains a matter of decorum that we do not use up in the spirit worlds of administration and seek to reform our Magisterial Missions for others with this approach, as we see it as essential to obtain admission to human minds with kindness and understanding we often do not have on other worlds. The fact of a written epochal revelation is catching on in other Local Universes and Avalon, whom is known to Ron and by that Creator Son of Ron, seeks to understand how it works so much better this way.

Besser alone holds the singular honor to be the first to fuse on Urantia since Ezekiel and that is quite an honor as Ezekiel left in chariots of flames and Ron did not. He will be honored on Uversa with that way of doing things. Lemuel and Larry Gossett will also be honored too with Ron with badges on their frocks in the morontial and in spirit.

“My change in policy is to recognize all who have fused on Urantia with a visit to their homes by Jesus if he can bare being close to his heartful soulmate, Paul of Tarsus, who was denied that fusion honor on Urantia on his way (the road) to Damascus. He should have fused but he failed to make synchrony at all and he had to die by being crucified with Peter together but in separate places.


The Universal Father: Trustees and an Executive Board for the New Urantia Book Foundation for Dissemination and Rising Problems to Come for the Brotherhood and the Foundation vis-a-vis the End of the Old Foundation Over The Years


“I seek nothing today but to remind Ron he can laugh up a storm with many of us but he must not be so attired when he addresses large crowds on his own as you are to be named in the announcements to certify your belongingness to the Magisterial Mission during its stay on Urantia. You alone have shown me what it takes t o be a strong man in the face of disaster after disaster on Urantia for yourself and for us. Be assured you will be protected and the house you live in becomes a shrine we believe, such as it is, and you cannot take it down now and call it a grotto, Besser!

A Certificate of Authenticity will be issued to the Urantia Magisterial Mission by Paradise to affirm that both the URANTIA Foundation for York is real and that the Declaration of Trust is exceptionally in place for use by Jesus as Chief of the Trustees that will serve at that Foundation. No persons have yet been nominated to serve with Jesus but Besser and Mantutia at this point. The full Board of Trustees under the Chairmanship of Jesus and Mantutia will end with Besser as the only human representative for the revelatory control. There will be an Executive Council consisting of eight humans and four Midwayers to advise the Trustees of problems and recommendations. This is Father and thank you Ron for rewriting this section for public consumption, I am Father.”


“I am concerned that the new Urantia Foundation in York will be hide bound by a too large representation of Deity and Divinity on its Counsel and Board, and I recommend that the Brotherhood be reinstituted to balance with purely human endeavors and such needs to be under the Trustees and not the Executive Council. I am Monjoronson and I have made my plea, Thank you.”


“And heard forthrightly as Ron has made the same recommendation several times and that is approved to exist but details will have to come later on this.

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania


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Re: Update: New URANTIA BOOK Policy Affirmations and Chages 111817
« Reply #1 on: November 19, 2017, 08:54:24 AM »
What a wonderful way to start my Sunday.  I love to read all of the missives that contain so much pertinent and useful information.  Thank you Ron and Michael, Father and Monjoronson for your significant input for our learning.

I also am truly looking forward to the new Urantia Book and all it holds for us to study and apply in our daily lives.  And I must say Ron that it looks like you are going to be one very busy human being.  Just remember that while I am alive and functioning here on this little blue marble, that if you need me or my help at all, just make the call.  I am alone now and need something to keep me going in a positive way.

Love to all on this forum,
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Re: Update: New URANTIA BOOK Policy Affirmations and Chages 111817
« Reply #2 on: December 03, 2017, 11:27:52 AM »
How can I get one of the new Urantia books????
Minister John Ruland III

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Re: Update: New URANTIA BOOK Policy Affirmations and Chages 111817
« Reply #3 on: December 03, 2017, 05:49:01 PM »
Hello Minister John Ruland,

There is far too much to tell you that cannot be placed in a short answer, but I wish to remind you that you can use the search function and find most of your answers, the long ones, by placing the key word(s) in as  "Urantia Book."  This will bring a recent post I made that updated everyone on the availability of Urantia Books and what they can expect in the future.  That said,  your post allows me to inkle (a card playing term that allows you to bid your hand with what strength it has for your partner but is not to be played if no true bid is entered), a little more on the subject of the 6th dispensational text soon to be available.

Generally speaking spirit allows me to be in contact with the Chair of the First and Revelatory Commission in Nebadon.  We occasionally discus the features of the new Urantia Book and its delivery date on Urantia.  I have little say as to how and when the new text is to appear, but my updates consistently suggest the actual text will be available to be read sooner rather than later.

I say it that way because there have been so many ups and downs with the divine intentions there is no actual or firm date to say this or that will be done by such and such time.  We used to do that on this forum, but one disaster after another soon told us to hold back on exercising that practice at all.  Given that caveat of not dating proposed availability of anything, the forum has already been informed that the new Urantia Book will likely be available for view (and not necessarily for reading except for libraries, universities., colleges, and seminaries), before the end of 2017 or early 2018.  We have a logistics problem too as there 10,000 printed copies of the first edition existing, but that is hidden from me on general security principles.  I doubt I will see my copy before the end of December as things are currently going.

However: I am also told that clergy will be given the priority to receive copies if you make yourselves known to me and your address is given to me by private email as I am second in command of the new Urantia Book Foundation.  Jesus and I speak from time to time and He proposes we speak of our material responsibilities to offer the 6th epochal revelation distribution in the most fair and equitable manner we can do materially.  I am always ready to receive these requests and take your word you are clergy or associated with the spiritual training of the population of this planet.

Email address is found on the site in the personal email contact in my profile.
I will provide my mailing address as it is already well known for lots of reasons at this time anyhow"
To me
2709 Sunset Lane; York, PA 17408  USA

Lastly, please do not request a Urantia Book from me if you are NOT Clergy or associated with the Church or some University or Seminary, and i include colleges and private schools in that general statement.  Members on his forum know darn well they have their own priorities to receive new Urantia Books when the time comes and I tell you how to do that then, as I do not know how they want that done now.  Further, Guests who meet the clergy or official standards as affiliation, or as affiliates, with Churches, Schools, Seminaries etc., you are eligible if you contact me through the above mentioned email address or in writing to the mail address I provide above.  All requests will be considered, but I rely upon Jesus to advise which candidate for these texts has the greatest priority.

Concluding this statement,I say the following in order to be perfectly clear about the issue over new Urantia Books and please read this carefully so I reduce the number of inquires if possible:

My choice to serve the Magisterial Mission was and is contingent on me being able to serve for whatever length of time I have on earth.  By your earthly standards today, I am an old man, and I should die within the next few years.  HOWEVER:  I am not any longer a normal human being among over seven billion humans on Urantia today.  It will become evident that I have had a life extension, the transition for which has been long and usually painful, and I will be at the new Urantia Book Foundation for an extended period of time serving its needs with Jesus as however long he may stay and officiate through that epochal corporation.  This requires me to be extraordinarily patient to see to your requests and to decide with Jesus just how much I may answer you at any given time.  It is my policy to answer all eventually, but I am already sorely tested with requests for replies today and may wait a week or more before I have the time to reply,  Just keep that in mind please.

"I am also a fused human with his Thought Adjuster, and that is revelatory to all on Urantia who aspire to being fused with the Spirit of the Father known in the Urantia Book as the spirit indwelling by a Thought Adjuster.  Thought Adjusters have remade the fusion regime different from what is reported in the current Urantia Book, and I was the first to take advantage of the new policy of fusion without chariots of fire consuming the human body.  Do not under estimate your Thought Adjuster, for he may still fuse you as Eziekl was fused in a great leap of flame and was no more.  In my case I am still here and appreciate the fact that they allow me service in the flesh as difficult as that was for my Adjuster to accomplish that on Christmas Day of 2014.  Two other members of this forum also enjoy the same style of fusion in their own lives and I look forward to seeing more of you join our elect club for service to these divine Missions on Urantia.

Since I am deeply involved in the planning on the material ground for the Magisterial Mission in particular, and have been asked by the times of Jesus to come to be involved in joint enterprises with the sixth epochal dispensation now fully in effect, I must ask for patience at times, and because I have to take care of personal material affairs even as the Apostles in Jesus' time had to do the same to secure their families and their financial responsibilities.  Minister Ruland may also understand this quite well as it happens so often in today's world to have to take care of Caesar's demands and the Rule of God of our calling.

Finally, I tire NOT when I hear from you so do not let my busy times keep you from writing as members or as guests and you have enough of how to contact me if you wish to make use of it.  Reverend ? Ruland, I thank you for opening the door to get his off my concerns and wish you great success in your calling and I hope to be able to meet you someday in planned seminars and other meetings of the faithful one of these days.

Thank you.
Ron Besser
"I transmit this message to you Reverend Ruland.  You belong to a Church without a steeple but you are busy building your congregation and I congratulate you for doing so well.  Being born again is essential for many cares on Urantia, but when it comes to the game of entering the Kingdom as you teach it, the only rule of thumb is to be open to the spirit and allow it to enter as your may or may not prescribe, as you already understand that the spirit enters upon its own will and in its own way.  I am the Creator Son who is Jesus unless you are not confused by that already.  Be aware the new Urantia Book does not write aboute me so much as about the Lucifer Rebellion and the coming Magisterial Mission for all people on Urantia which Ron and you frown upon as heretics in sheep's clothing and exceedingly dangerous.  We know who is dangerous and they will not get near either you or the faithful in this the 6th epochal dispensation on Urantia, and the LAST OF ITS KIND ever!  Looking at your work so far, you are gifted but too much in a hurry.  Slow down and you will have your Church in My Name if you process fairly and equitably.  I wish you all a good day. Michael/Jesus."


Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania