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Title: Condition RED
Post by: Ron Besser on March 13, 2018, 11:52:51 PM
You must all understand we have reached a breaking point between the universe and ourselves on this list.  Most do not ever think that there is such as thing as reciprocity, and few ever realize they are part of a body politic that has some idea of reciprocity in their requirements.  Tonight is a good example, and I am not blaming what tonight is on Members or their subordinates as Guests.  I have completed what is yet another insightful revelation as Part II about Infinity and many things we just never knew about that situation and condition the Father is fully capable of including us into when our capacities are sufficient to enter into that situation and condition for ourselves.

I am also in formed that I have to lay low and let the board resurrect itself without my punishing some of you with more information than you can hold.  I understand that as beginners do have the vocabulary or the interest in such matters.  However, recognize I am exhausted in many ways that I cannot easily recover by processing hours every day to produce works of new information while no one takes hold and makes it at least understandable there is a reason to do this.  Now I fully admit I learn more than you do about what is revealed in these long hours of composition, but I am tired of seeing empty boards when there is so much food on the table.  There are reasons for this complaint I briefly wish to give you.

1) Lemuel is or was in hospital to save and make work again a badly shattered tissue they found wrapped around his tibia and I rely upon my Adjuster to tell me that.  He also is going regain his bonvivant ways and be a great one to be around again, and I sincerely wish him well in all of this.  But now Lemuel has to step up to the plate and extend himself into the wilds of revelatory production he is not used to or ready to produce he thinks. 

Lemuel:  While I am recuperating from the strain of over production, the Father is asking you to produce a ten pager at least in written format, and use my production standards to the best of your ability please.  While you recuperate a bad leg, learn to transmit for a few hours at a time and stand riveted to the production idea that it has to go to the discussion forum the same day you started it all formatted and titled.  I am asking you for this through your Adjuster who is with me at this moment of writing, and tells all you are a second Ron Besser, and that you need to show your stuff.  I leave it to you and your Adjuster, audio transmission and all, for you decide how and when to do this for us.  Thanks you.

Larry:  I believe I ask the impossible for you to do the same thing I outline above to Lemuel.  Somehow though we have to show much more than we do now and I find the excuse of not having enough instructions from on high a bad call as you will have those instructions from on high when you sit down with the intention of working a few hours to produce a paper formatted as I have done with titles and spaces and all.  Only you will format a new revelation of material not seen before, and they are preparing, as I write here, your subject on their choosing.  All you need to do is edit it and arrange into titles as I have.  Thank you.

2)  I am losing my voice and my ability to do as I must do to keep my body warm and living as I keep getting new revelation to the point I can type eight hours a day and still do not have it ready for production display on this web stie.  I do not mind no body responds because it is too much to talk about, but I do mind that I am the only one doing this, and I am asking that as two fused heroes that stand with me, to find it possible to start a high production of revelation for all else who cannot do this now or possibly never.

Sue Whiley -  You need time to recover, but you are not exempt as I see you a third Ron Besser who can produce good revelatory text they are insisting I produce in length, and I think you need to teach yourself touch typing and begin what we have to show the world, and that is we are fully aware of the revelatory environment we are in, and then strike while the iron is hot.  Yes you need a day where you have a consistent quiet period and do not have to work because these revelatory texts we have to originate take from three to five hours of typing and editing to get done.  You also need to attempt they style of formatting I have shown all of you lately.  People learn quickly from that style and there needs to be some revelation some where that can be consumed without causing people to complain, complain, complain.

Amethyst - You alone know when you have reached your limit of finding no reason to write anything.  You can quit now and nobody would miss it since you contribute very little in written texts.  All I have said to the others above is true for you when you can take the heat and attempt to provide our list a revelatory text of many pages.  That number of pages attempts to bring subjects in depth in revelation, and you are too darn good t o let sit and wile away your time.  When you feel ready you have my sincere delight to help you along if you require my help at that time.

3) To all others I wish to point out that we have been turning the corner on what we once were to what we become soon enough thanks to the appearance of Jesus and his insistence we participate in His cause.  We will hear Him soon enough and we must be better prepared as writers and transmitters of those concepts for Him so when we are read with better understanding we then have contributed our fair share of what information God is willing to part with.  Do not think this message will appear and then fall behind the horizon of time without being repeated now and then,  I am hardly upset but I am so well taken care of in revelatory information, I need help to spread the news and not let it dam up behind me as it is starting to do.  YOU who CAN must PRODUCE!  You have the talent and the means to do it and the Mission needs this to come into practice now and not months from now when we will be in another situation that requires another change of venue I am willing to be the farm on.

I wish you all a good day and I am pinning this message up to the top of the board so it can be read on first notice,  I thank you and please feel free to discuss this message with posts to it as you may feel necessary to do.  Good day.
Ron Besser
MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "I goaded Ron into doing this post and all I had to do was point him to it and he layed the law the down as I would have.  It is nice to have a human who feels as I do for my own creation up here on Salvington.  At the temptation to exhort Lemuel and the others named further, I remind you that effort of this magnitude gets high rewards.  R0n has been supplemented in spirit for this work with a freezing of good news to bring him into the presence of God the Supreme who surreptitiously fused him a week ago and now is back to refuse him with Phase 6 of what is a seven phase fusion process starting with seven and working back to one.  One is so difficult the Supreme feels he does not get that until he is ready to be a Finaliter.  Read this right and do not rush reading.  Ron has been fused with Supreme mind using two fusions, and those are called Phase 6 and Phase 7.  Phases 1, 2, 3, 4,  and 5 are to come much later in the ascension career.  This is news that Lemuel and Larry should covet themselves as these are the Supreme phases that allow full memory of the past and full memory of personal needs and happiness.  For now we leave this news item alone.

"Secondly, we are about to start a transition on Urantia that requires the fused ones to become auto transmitters of revelation that does not appear in the Urantia Book because there is no room for it right now.  Ron started all of this with a two part series on Infinity, and Part II is stuck in limbo only because Ron is so exhausted he cannot write until he gets badly needed rest.  You all can see his out put over the past few days and we admit we never had a transmitter ever do this much in such a short amount of time and to present it that many of you notice the new style and how easy it is to learn from it. 

"We leave it at that as well for now.

"And finally we regret to say that people selected for fusion soon will no longer be mentioned on this forum due to the unfortunate reaction in one case which resulted in intense care to avoid further reports of such glad tidings.  We close with the solemn promise Ron must not be exposed  to the hate this has generated and we regret ever using the name well in the first place at this time.  I wish you all a good day.  Michael."


Title: Re: Condition RED
Post by: Clency on March 14, 2018, 02:43:03 AM
For more than 20 years of my professional career, I have been sitting at a computer desk, 8 hrs/day, from Monday to Friday – that makes a lot of hours – typing like crazy on the board for the safeguard of important informations from different business companies. Not to boast, this was my curriculum vitae and since my retirement 10 yrs ago, I have the time and still the ability to do it.

Unfortunately, in spite of my daily attempt, during my stillness session, to be in contact with Celestials, to hear clearly a voice, to receive messages, it happens that I have been unsuccessful up to now. Is it because I do it the wrong way ? I rather think that my brain stems are to be reajusted.

Anyway, with the time I have at my disposal and my experience in data entries, I would be glad, as I am doing right now with Lemuel, to be of further help when it comes to transcribe long messages. Domtia
Title: Re: Condition RED
Post by: 7inOcean on March 14, 2018, 02:59:20 AM
Hi all,

Can someone help me in how to get the colours that happens to work for some of you when you post with red lettering, blue lettering and so on as it is not working for me as I tried a few testings on my old iPad and posted in the text window as we all do before we post it to the forum. It just comes with all black lettering when posted.  The colours does not come through nor the bold and the underlined lettering. I'm trying to duplicate what Ron asks for when editing to get the script done and posted with coloured headlines etc but this is not working for me. Is there a trick here? Or is my iPad too old and should I upgrade to a laptop and which one is best for this purpose of transmitting work, dictation, typing and posting?

I'm keen Ron, I just have to readjust my hours of sleep and waking time before work to go for this as I know Jesus needs all the help he can get as well as you in this massive task.

My prayers be with you Jesus as you take this on and may we all not be like “chickens that scatter” when you enter the room.

Well done Ron and Michael, you know a missing nut when things look dicey. I hope I can live up to the task, so help me Father as I take on what I know there are so few labourers in the field to do what our dear Ronny is doing so well.

If any one can help me straighten out some of the above, I am most appreciative.


Title: Re: Condition RED
Post by: Clency on March 14, 2018, 03:59:50 AM
Sue, I don’t know much about ipad, but when I make a reply in the text window, before posting it, I make a preview first and if there is correction – bold or coloured letters – I make the editing by using the word format and it works fine for me. Domtia
Title: Re: Condition RED
Post by: Dorian on March 14, 2018, 09:07:56 AM
Hello little sister Sue,

If you type something and want it colored you just highlight what you have typed and go up above, if using this reply page for instance, and click on the colored palette above and pick a color for what you highlighted.  For instance.   For the bold just click the "B" above and the U with the line under it, after you highlight it of course.  If you type a post in your computer and then edit it and transfer it to this reply I believe you can also then edit it like what I showed above.

Anyway give it a try.  Just experiment little one.

My friend Ron,  I am in Nashville but will be home on Sunday and I have made a commitment to myself and Father Michael to get down to some VERY SERIOUS  stillness practice when I return.  I will do what I can as all of us know that you are a working machine my friend, but even working machines can need a rest and an overhaul.  I am pretty sure I am not alone when I say most of us here really want to be able to contribute what we can.

My sincere Love to you and Michael and Mother Nebadonia and Jesus and our Heavenly Father and every other Celestial that is striving to get us out of this dreadful mire we are sinking in.

Title: Re: Condition RED
Post by: Ron Besser on March 14, 2018, 11:46:42 AM
Sue, Lemuel - to all:
I am feeling some what guilty and thought maybe I should just take the post down.  That is because you are trying very hard to see it my way and want to help.  I fully and truly appreciate your vigorous response and willingness to get on to bigger and better things for an effort not for me entirely, but to bring out of you the response to a universe that is ready to provide a lot more and NEW information. 

Sue, in particular do not drive yourself into sleep deprivation as that can be most harmful to the effort asked for too.  I do not really know the conditions you are working in, but summer time and heat and emotional turmoil over lots of things will do you in in spite of your sincere efforts to bring the idea to your place great amounts of new information that compliments my efforts here in York.   I just ask you to find what you can and see if they (the celestials) can accommodate you in an environment from hell as I see it.  We get it here too but I have a/c at least and I can ignore 35 Celsius outside when I have to.  Do not become ill but accommodate when there is easy and reasonable time for you to get to work on your wish to dedicate these talents we all possess as fused individuals to the Father and what he wants known on Urantia now.  I let it go for now as there is nothing I can do much about anything while the forces and powers coalesce over hour heads for the big moment they have planned for so long.  Messaging to you and us is part of the big effort we can continue to replicate for the big effort they make too to force Urantia out of this squalid behavior we all so much hate and repudiate.  It does not help my mood or yours or Lemuel's or anyone at this juncture.  Take it easy and see what your dedication brings gently.

Lemuel - computer illiteracy becomes mine too when things pile up and the tubes in electronics do not cooperate to get your best expressions on paper.  That is for all of us too and to participate through you with new knowledge you are going to replicate to us soon.  I feel it in my bones for what is coming to you and I cannot wait to see what they open to our eyes through you.  I remind you too that you are not to harm yourself by finding a lot of time and nothing inventive coming, but allow the celestials to speed you up a little and then find the words through the Deities what they want known through you.  I am pressing harder than I like, but they too are pressing me to the point I have trouble physically of getting it all done as it should be.  You might find this exercise out of you to be exhilarating, but be careful it does not harm your recuperation and energy levels before you really get used to working with the new style.

Let me now state that please, do not get yourself in an uproar over colors and things.

The most important thing to do is to take your dictation and correct for typos or expressions that are awkward.  When you have your text as you think it should be presented and corrected.  The next thing to do is your contribution in particular.  That is to TITLE new paragraphs that introduce a new concept or new statement that adds to the understanding of what is dictated.  I color them so the eye picks them up like an outline of the dictation.  These titles should make for easy reading and if copied alone, show the reader the gist of what is spoken to.  For some this is not unheard of to do when you have written a paper for school or for work, but for others, just remember to plainly state what is coming above the paragraph it comes in, and you have done your work well. 

It matters not a whole lot to get bullets and colors and things into your presentation of revelation, just remember to space it clearly with space between paragraphs in that dumb editor.  Now here is the big trick to nice looking formats:

Write your dictation in a word processor or transfer from your phone text to a word processor.  When you do save the file with a good key word in the file save that tells you instantly what that file is about.  When the format looks good in your word processor and you consider it done, DO NOT COPY AND PASTE IT until you do this:  Instead, instruct your word processor to convert the entire file to HTM OR HTML.  It will replicate your file name and place the same name with a new extension and instead of saying *.doc or something it will say *.htm(l). Make sure your Internet browser opens when your file is converted to HTM or HTML and look at it.  Inside the browser you can easily color titles and other things to pretty up the presentation.  When you have added the extra format that your browser allows,  go to your browser's Edit button and click on SELECT ALL,  and that selects all text and code and then copy.

Select COPY.   With all this on your computer saved now in the your clipboard, open the site, select the Category your Paper fits in best, open a New Thread, then place your cursor in the new blank text window.  On your keyboard hit two keys together CTRL + V  (that's Windows - I do not know Mac) and your clipboard places the entire text and all your formatting displayed quite nicely.  When you tidy up as you wish, post it.   For Mac users you have to use this process as to how Mac treats these things for preview or publication.  Htm(l) preserves formatting better than our own text window makes you work it.  Experiment with it until you have your own and comfortable why into this process.

"I am quite happy that Ron has taken the time to show you how you do it his way.  However, he has made the point that you do not have to do all that so long as you have clear titles with emphasis above the truly important paragraphs that explains what the post is about.  This is the true teaching method and how you display it is less important than observing titles as he presents his work now.  Lemuel you are a natural title maker.  Larry is a rotten title maker but does well enough when he understands the nature of this information and post.  Sue you sweat the small stuff not, just title and let the rest to Ron to dress you up with the formatting that works so well for him.  Prepare titles yet prepare to have them edited.  Larry you are always at sea until you get the drift of what you know to be the truth of your posts,  title the posts accordingly.

"Now this:  Ron must take a small vacation as he is exhausted over other matters pending before us and he must take calmly our insistence he must leave Urantia if he is ever to feel comfortable again.  That means a decision has to be reached about the form he takes over the next few hundred years or so.  He wants to be in the flesh but hates the idea of moving into the morontial without much preparation as to how to do that and still retain a visible form.  If we decide to do it,  he will just disappear from Urantia and be placed into a modified morontial form up here and transported back to Urantia in the same house he left in several days before. Why this has to be considered is that he is facing excruciating pain again over issues of a fight between higher beings and his insistence to finish his work on Urantia as himself, and they are not allowing that at all.  This has been discussed with Ron for weeks and weeks and he sees little else to do.  We will fill him in quickly and then let things become what they have to be if and when we implement the morontial campaign to have him participate on Urantia that way.  We have discussed this fully and the decision is to leave Urantia in a few days, be converted to the morontial, and return fully morontialized in visible human form.  This entails an emotional goodbye to all of you as fellow humans and precludes Adjuster fusion on Urantia resulting in flames, but will afford Ron a great deal more comfort that he can find at all on Urantia any more in his present form.  This has implications for you Lemuel, and eventually for Larry as well, but it is too soon for Larry to discuss this yet."

"Ron is quite disheartened over what he has to do and finds it impossible to know what he takes on by converting or actually in a conversion to a morontial form he really cannot tell the difference from his human form.  This is disconcerting to the human brain considerably and he knows he gives up his life as a human at age 75.  That is a normal life span on Urantia and fully competent to live well in the morontial areas of life on High.  It gives him little comfort to know there is no grave stone or marked on the family plot he even lived, but that is no sacrifice, but not to acknowledge he lived there with them can be accommodated some day elsewhere.  I am the Eternal Son, and I care that Ron have his day in court before us and swear fealty as before the Magisterial Sons and Jesus and before us all, and then commences the morontial career he should have started five years ago today as a matter of fact.  His biological father died on March 15, 1998, and his mother died on August 21, 2012, and all of them have had a memorable life on Urantia and were happy to go to the morontial worlds of Mansonia quickly.  In his passing from human to morontial life in a few days, he will not remember the passage of time but only comfort in the body he has not had for over six years now.  We are glad he allows this to pass as it must and we congratulate Michael for looking at it one more time before he spits Ron out as a difficult human to work with, not because there is a unruly problem, but because the human form is so difficult to maintain on Urantia very well at all.  Be aware Ron your biological parents now understand you must come over now, and they are sure you led the life you should have as you could under great restrictions of temper and heart, and now will provide Urantia no offspring but we will see to a morontial transference of life to some here who would love to be yours someday too.  Good."

Title: Re: Condition RED
Post by: LarryG on March 14, 2018, 02:05:52 PM
I just want to report that I am working on this today...well actually it began last night quite late... at least a late  hour for me, and before I read "Condition Red>"  I was sitting feeling drowsy and  I typed a message to Michael as I often do just to make contact with Him and did, in a few minutes receive a message back from Michael, a personal one, that in kind, was similar to some of the information shared in Ron's  Condition Red post.  The reception felt much different  than otehr messages that  I have recently receive. and I specifically noticed that my typing was considerably much faster that usual,  as a matter of fact it seemed  like my fingers just "glided" quickly across they the keyboard unlike anything I had ever experienced, although I still made many typing errors.   Since I knew the message was personal and I was not going to post it, I did not take the time to fix all of those errors.  But it felt different and better than most of  my recent receptions and gave me some  new energy, vigor, and perspective and even the idea that perhaps I had made some noticeable progress which got me very excited... a feeling that I have lacked recently.   My plan is to practice a bit today and tomorrow and then on Friday it happens that I don't have to be in to work until 2 PM and that will give me the 4 or 5 hours  needed to devote to  a much longer  reception  .Enough about all of that for  that is not my main  purpose today

What I really want to discuss is the  information from Michael and from the Eternal Son concerning Ron's Life Form.   I  too am disheartened at the prospect of losing Ron even for just a few days, but  I have often wondered if this change to a visible morontial form would occur sooner than later since it may well turn out that that is the only way for him to be without the continuous bodily pain and suffering that he has been in for almost a decade now.  I had prayed many a time, with many here I am sure, that perhaps he may have been healed  by direct Fiat from the Father.  If that is not to be, then  what is now proposed does seem like the best solution..   I can not imagine how peculiar and emotional this must be for  him or any human to  wiegh and deal with, but his  Spirit is unlike any human on Urantia. He means so much to me and many on Urantia, that it is quite emotional to even consider even knowing that it may be the best solution for him and for the Missions.
A couple of day ago, "the Book of Fealty" was mentioned which I re-post here  since the word has again been by the Eternal Son  and Ron makes this conversion  for himself, for all of us   and for all of Spirit and for the Missions  which he  has so well served and will continue, like no other human, to serve as he prepared to take this Oath of Fealty;

The Book of Fealty
“We are close to the Advent of Jesus however it plays out and I have my staff fully assembled and Ron and company will set foot behind me often to show his face to the world. He is also my press Secretary and I will make sure he does gimp upon the stage to present his findings. He is used to quiet and plain fare at home and he will not get that as he is going to be as well known as the President’s Press Secretary not. He is to be used sparingly so he can work on the Urantia Book Foundation as his first priority. His second priority is to find a good partner to help carry the weight of all of this on his shoulders. Nonetheless he carries one huge responsibility on top of all of this: He is to show Monjoronson fealty of Service before the Assembly of God and will bear witness to the divinity of the Magisterial Sons by signing the Book of Fealty which Monjoronson will place in the Father’s Temple.

 My love and respect for you Ron is eternal and anything that I can do  for you, EVER, is offered now and on into our work' in the Outer Space Zones.   LarryG
Title: Re: Condition RED
Post by: 7inOcean on March 14, 2018, 03:02:26 PM
I have to go work shortly, so I'll keep this brief, I wish to thank everyone for their feedback on coloured lettering. It looks like I may have to get a computer! The iPad will only let me stay black and I'll just keep it that way and do what Ron suggest in my case. Ron, the news of you going is going to be felt by all of us. We will miss you brother! But hopefully not for long. I'm also thinking that this transition and life extension may be put on hold for now as it appears what happened to Ron has not worked really well, am I right to think that?  Anyways, I have to go, all my love and prayers be with you Ron as you go on to the morontial path where it best suits you. I think you won't know yourself when free from all the screams the body made you do! May you all have a good day, Sue
Title: Re: Condition RED
Post by: Ron Besser on March 14, 2018, 10:48:39 PM

"I am Michael.  You are not stuck anymore.  I am not bringing you to the family picnic.  You will continue in the human forum and it will abate your desire for better attention to endless burning and eyesight problems not eventually but fully taken out for you to fee quite normal.  To make you a visible morontial child is too far, too big,  for Nebadon to attempt as I have been informed you are too big and sassy to clear your problems that way. 

"That means you are stuck on earth for another 2 or 3 hundred years without abating your status as human.  You called me out good Besser and that is to tell your friends who wished you goodbye without knowing what they were saying, are not going to lose you soon. You just stayed  away from the computer all day today to catch your breath and figure out just what I am going to do with unremitting burning pain and eyesight worthy of a slug.  I am not listening to you banter with Dora your translator and wish you for to concentrate with my willingness to mortify myself and be of help in your mode of crisis.  I am not taking further calls today after this message as it is the only message for any one today as it is March 14th and I did promise something to break March 15th your New York time zone that York, PA, is in.  Good day.  Michael."
Sue:  So very sorry no funeral yet.  I am supposed to stay quiet too but I really am caught in an information vacuum right now and I was delighted with your post on Infinity.  Build your transmission muscles up now as they only have good things to send you!

Larry - Old chum you are not going to lose Loretta Young as I have a lot more beauty soap  to sell you for centuries now that Michael has bared his chicanery and lets me suffer for a good cause a little more.  I just need rest and some form of relaxation besides Trump falling out of the sandbox with the three Stooges.

Lemuel - The deal is yet that when we wear out, you and I, probably ahead of the rest who are part of our Team, we will be looked at for some sort of morontial transition.  But Michael is choking the turkey and being mum for anybody to know anything until he catches up with what is pushing him to be Himself today,  I have to right myself not because I did too much transmission work but because I have like six oather irons in the fire and I got tired of it for the day.  Bless your leg and look forward to better walkies soon!


Title: Re: Condition RED
Post by: wendy.winter on March 14, 2018, 11:57:28 PM
@RonB, I chuckle only because the remarks of 'too big and sassy to clear your problems that way' reminds me of my dear mother gently reminding me so often "You really brought this on yourself". Onwards and upwards! Wendy
Title: Re: Condition RED
Post by: LarryG on March 15, 2018, 06:24:50 AM
Michael and Ron,  I am overjoyed to learn of your reprieve and that you will be with us in  human forum for the next few hundred years.  I hope and pray for healing and relief for you whatever it may take,...and soon....Really enjoyed the Loretta Yong  reference... I always really liked her work.......Larry..your old and ole chum...smile.....more later today... am off to a 7 AM start time.......