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Title: Audio Transmssion/ All is quiet
Post by: Lemuel on March 17, 2018, 02:26:58 AM
Speaker: TA/Lemuel
Subject: All is quiet.
Place: Girona, Catalunya, Spain
Date/Time: 17th March. 2018  07:26 Local  06:26Z

Title: Re: Audio Transmssion/ All is quiet
Post by: Clency on March 17, 2018, 04:23:35 AM
Transcribed from Lemuel’s audio transmission

All is quiet

TA/Lemuel : It is certainly all quiet, nothing appears to be happening, nobody is coming through to give me a message this morning. So, there is just me and my Beloved, but I would like to say, although some of you may become disheartened and began to lose your patience or begin to doubt, this is understandable, but also those of you who be here, members of the forum, for several years, you should by now be very accustomed to these quiet moments.

There is a reason for everything and everything has its reason. I personally never doubt, never question. I always have the comfort and reassurance of my Beloved and so do all of you. If you simply remember to remain centered in Him and if you do have doubts, take them to Him, talk to Him and you will find that you will soon get back to normal in your feelings, because after all it is certainly done, whenever happens or does not happen externally.

Inwardly, it is you and your Father Fragment always and that can never change. You know that to be true, so in fact there is no reason for you to get off-centered, to become doubtful and impatient and concerned. I have said several times before, you know that to be true. During the winter month when all is cold and bleak and bared and the trees en-naked. Nothing appears to be happening, but in the ground unseen, everything is working, everything is pushing forward to appear in the spring.

So, dear brothers and sisters, simply take it easy, chill out, as you say and all is well. Try not to be worry, try not to be concerned, remain centered with your Father Fragment and you will be OK. This is Lemuel and my Beloved as always, trying to reassure all of you that all is well. Be at peace, good day. Domtia