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Title: Lanaforge on Geomagnetic Disturbance
Post by: 7inOcean on March 26, 2018, 11:06:41 PM

Speaker: Lanaforge
Subject: Geomagnetic Disturbance
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 27/03/2018 9.46am(AEDT)


“I am Lanaforge, your Planetary Prince Regent. I say Regent as that is to do with my experience as System Sovereign of Nebadon and also of other areas of work in Nebadon, you know nothing about. Here I am placed by request from Michael of Nebadon and Mother Spirit to further my expertise in getting a planet back in order to the ways and means of universe gravity as it is to be pulled in other areas of space shortly.

“Your planet is experiencing some areas of weather phenomena and that is due in part with a weakening core and as a result of a lessening of strength in the earth’s geomagnetic pattern. This will result in some extreme weather phenomena as is already, in subtle ways, occurring. In the northern hemisphere you are seeing unusually colder climes and in the southern areas, some hotter and wetter than usual weather as the poles are being forced to retreat due to the weakening of the core’s magnetic balance.

“This is also affecting your core to stave off the placement it has with the Monmatia Sun and her solar explosions will cause some anomalies in your communication frequencies. This will, over time, increase in disturbing those areas of space frequencies that affects communication and energy grids everywhere.

“I say this as this is to forewarn you of the impending geo-tectonic fragility that the crustal movement of plates will be emerging in relation to the core’s inability to hold any further its metallic structure. This may sound dire to you as so it should be as it pertains to say, that it has a direct affect on the earth you walk on, which is about to move, boil or go under the sea as it collapses under so much pressure with other emerging plates nearby.

“There is no telling how this is going to go by any means of our best estimations as to its displacements. Like any forecaster would say, it is to our best estimation, that some areas will be affected given those areas with prone weaknesses and other areas will not experience much at all due the relative stability in relation to their placement.

“Why I tell you all this is to say, that there is a shift in the earth’s structure and you are going to see some more weather changes and then some unusual geologic occurrences emerging in various places that portend to the overall earth instability. This is to relay to you to be vigilant and be on alert to move quickly when you see some unusual natural attacks that happen near you. You will know it when you see it and hope you can outrun it. Just know it is a natural course of earth’s restructuring and you will need to get out of her way when she does her adjustments to get stabilised as best as she can.

“This is also to alert you to adjust to attuning to the earth’s energies that is placing you to be more aware of the emerging Planetary Supreme in the planet.

“I am Lanaforge, and I sign off for now to allow you to be more at your guard to take my dictation as this is going to be stepped up a notch or two in and through those of you who can transmit me well as things on your earth begin to take its turn in rougher terrain and seas soon. This is an emergency announcement and I have Sue’s attention to get going with this even though she is mostly finding this hard to take, but is accommodating with her Adjuster to get going anyways. I bid you alertness in the coming days. Thank you.”

Title: Re: Lanaforge on Geomagnetic Disturbance
Post by: Ron Besser on March 27, 2018, 02:20:07 AM
Nice to see this post Sue -

The Regent Planetary Prince is most helpful and I take him very well that he is going to add more transmissions to his itinerary soon.  Ron Besser, Sue Whiley and Larry Gossett will likely be taking many of the calls from the Regent. BUT - there are transmitters out there on this site who can take any and all for us and with us too and it is important that you do,  Otherwise our entire effort is hurt or reduced by your reluctance to step forward and add ot our knowledge and the proposition that the more the merrier.  Amethyst have you started your engines lately too?

Title: Re: Lanaforge on Geomagnetic Disturbance
Post by: 7inOcean on March 27, 2018, 03:25:45 AM
Thank you Ron, there is more coming I know it from Lanaforge and Michael. So I I get to work, so you are not the only one to take it all on as it takes a Team to pull together and apply ourselves in this work going forward. I press on, you will see more coming as I commit to this as I see the picture emerging.

Many regards,
Title: Re: Lanaforge on Geomagnetic Disturbance
Post by: Pronto on March 27, 2018, 05:30:17 AM
Thank you and Lanaforge for this update, my major concern today is to have more info on the tectonic plate shifts, I may ask Ron what can be done to inform those who live in the Pacific Fire Belt, some transmissions require full attention.

There's something I really appreciate in TRing, whether what Celestials say occur or not, this helps us be on our guard 24h/7, I visit various spiritual websites and come to the conclusion that all have one single goal: Help us be on alert.

To Ron: Thank you for all, and I'am certain that Michael and Father will congratulate you in due time.