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Title: Thoughts and Muses - A Dream and a Reality
Post by: 7inOcean on March 28, 2018, 01:37:45 PM
29/03/2018 2.17am(AEDT)

Thoughts and Muses - A Dream and a Reality

This morning I dreamt a dream.
One with people, a family of sorts. There were skits with three women who put on acts to entertain and they were gorgeous. There I was in this place, a house in X where there was a warm summer breeze, flowers blooming and a nice company to be with. A young lad who I teamed up with had a liking to me. Affectionate and warm-hearted, he was full of vitality yet content to just be himself in my presence.

I felt warmly accepted and at home with these people I was with. They were calm and happy to be as they were, loving and gentle yet full of life to enjoy. The lad constantly near me and I, although I felt alive and warmly attracted, yet I felt so very mature beyond his years, his touch, although nice, I still felt distant and aloof somewhat as I knew this is such a surreal place to be in at all. I woke up at this point, pondering and set myself to task when I heard a voice - “Well, my friends, how do you feel when things fall through the cracks and you do not know what to do..” or to that effect.

Anyhow, here I am sitting to take a message and strangely it is all very quiet for some reason. I asked and nothing. I close my eyes and slowly it seems the world is abandoned and left to disrepair for a time. It is a weird thought that came, you know that necessary evil thing, some evils are necessary to do. What nothing else could do to correct something so badly done, nothing else would accomplish it other than to be left to its own devices to re-sort itself. Revelations is the only vestiges that will keep alive a light worthy to be in existence and that will be the flame that will eventually catch on in the hearts of those who remain after so much upheaval that is soon to take its toll.

This is a horrible outlook, not one I would like to see in my lifetime and difficult to put my head around it. When we all are beings of expectations, when those expectations cease to be and all we have is a massive changing of natural events to endure, then we soon find ourselves busy surviving as best we can moment by moment if we are lucky to even get that far. What is left is scant and very diluted in population numbers, I feel we may see a planet totally devoid of all that it once was. You can rightly say, ‘nature has done a scrub like no other could’. In saying that, I feel we are on the cusp of change and it is one that to most a very undesirable one as it takes away all those comforts we are so used to now.

The Michael Missions have in them a process of cleansing, renewal and education. I think it all goes back to the Monjoronson Paper on Planetary Management and Sustainibility - there are nature attacks, population decimation, renewal and a New Age to come. The revelations we are to receive will help enlighten as many of us humans who may or may not survive the coming catastrophes and be the light bearers for the age to come. This age we are in is soon to be extinct with nuclear war and natural cataclysm that will put an end to civilisation as we know it. These are our last days we may breathe. It is that bad. That is the sense we have for why would the Magisterial Sons be sent back to Paradise to be busy elsewhere, it is because the Father sees this world too far gone to be of any use - it has to be cleaned and remodelled in a new pattern.

I leave it there my thoughts and muses here as I am deeply affected by what reality this presents for us and it is not for the faint-hearted by all means. This is a fresh and sobering take on what could soon be occurring and many of us may not make it here. Many will be transferred to the Mansions Worlds and be rehabilitated. I think this is a better way for these people as what is happening here, any divine mission, to be frank, will find it not workable due to the deeply-embedded nature, the attitudes, the mentality and so on that exist in man in this current age. It is not a God-centred age and as such it defeats the purpose of any real hope of one to be planted.

All that is left is to pray for the mercy of our Father for all those who have soul survival capabilities in going onwards on to their ascension careers and for the planet to be left as a happy zoo in the Father’s domain.

As far as expectations are concerned, we who are spiritual, we yearn to go on to the next level of progression and it is this that we seek to be and I hope and pray that is the case for most of us who expect too highly of the Father when we are still in the flesh, be it fused or near-to-be-fused, I feel we are here for a time to accomplish the work we do now to ensure the goodness of God is still a flame to be reckoned with.

I will stop here as I have said and thought well enough as it is a reality wake-up for what may well be for us soon. (My Adjuster prompted me to write all of this and share it). Thank you.