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Title: STILNESS/Your Meditation Style and HAM the Teacher Speaks on This Work
Post by: Ron Besser on April 05, 2018, 09:59:17 AM
I cribbed this from an old teaching mission speaker this morning and thought it so good I could not wait to share it with you too.  The early teaching mission actually started fully authorized in February, 1992, and was so announced by Ham at a conference in Los Angeles, put on by the Urantia Book Fellowship, and who were the unwitting host to dozens of born again Urantia Book readers in the newly begun Teaching Mission of that day.  What excitement they engendered and it ended in total failure because inside the Teaching Mission were the very people we have today in the Urantia fellowship of readers who have become so rigid in approach, nothing survives their either.  Here is Ham talking about how to use STILLNESS to get the best results for yourselves:  Ron Besser

Ham on '

In-concert with 'Rebecca'/Jan


This evening I wish my lesson to begin with a few words on the stillness. Once again, I wish to instruct you in your personal devotions. The stillness is not meant to be an end in itself. It is the beginning of personal communion with God. You will receive in the stillness a consciousness of a feeling of higher self-awareness. It is in this higher mind state where communication between your Indwelling Spirit and your consciousness can take place. Often the older seers were content with only the God-consciousness sensation awareness. I am asking you to go further than this, to do as Jesus did and reach communion, two-way communication between your conscious mind and your Thought Adjuster (Indwelling Spirit).

Praying is most efficacious in this awareness feeling of God. That is, if you speak to Him in prayerful attitude of childlike humility often, there will be a response, whether it is an inner change of attitude, peace-awareness of His overcare, or the more direct directness of consciousness of intent, direction, or awareness of another, another's intent or direction. Or still further, there may be direct word-message flashed within into your consciousness even as word-message is received through Rebecca to you from myself, Ham. Also, this can be effected from your own Indwelling Spirit into your own mind-consciousness level. Many of you have received already this type of communication and are aware of my words. Then again, many of you are in the earlier stages of change of attitude-awareness of others and their attitude and this, in itself, is life changing.

God has His manner of communicating in allowing us a broader sensitivity awareness to other people and ourselves. This inner awareness is now developing within all of you and you are becoming more and more of who you are meant to be. Self-realization is a word often used in connection with meditation. It is these early stages of meditation that is referred to. At even later stages of self-awareness realization, God consciousness, communication between the Thought Adjuster (Indwelling Spirit) and the consciousness, further there is a oneness.

Future time, there will be no communication between two minds; they will be one mind. In doing the decisions of your greater self, your own Indwelling Spirit who comes from the Father, you are increasingly becoming like Him. You are doing His will for Him and for yourself. You are more closely attuning your will to His, your mind to His, your awareness to His, and, in future times, as I said, they will be only one. And on that day when there is only one, you are immortal, and you will come to understand the saying that there will be no more weeping, no more tears of sorrow, for He will wipe away those tears. There are no more sins, for all you sins, though they be as scarlet, are white as snow. For you have become true and noble and eternal citizens of the Father's Kingdom where there is still adventure, still uncertainty, still reward for effort, still effort to reach the Eternal Father, but your success is assured.

The way is truly open, and the faltering is truly no more. This time of oneness is sought by all will creatures, on all worlds, in all the universes, in one way or another. This attuning of the creature will to the Divine will is the Father's command: be ye perfect as I am perfect. This is the Father's one and only command of you.

Q: The lesson tonight seems like its developing within my own mind, clarifying, the thing that I do. I meditate without any papers or tape recorders, but I ask my Indweller to stay with me in my conscious mind long enough to write down the messages that I receive. I feel confident that they are there, but they are so powerful that sometimes one wonders whether its wish fulfillment. Can you instruct us as to the difference between wish fulfillment and instructions from our Indwelling Spirit.

A: Yes. It is a difficult and dangerous ground for each person to decide which is real Thought Adjuster (Indwelling Spirit) communication or is inner thought wish, and so forth, which is unduly glorified by our own inadvertent thought process. It is always hard, and especially in early times, to know. There is distinctly otherness which, as my speaking to you, is not your thought but received thought. It is still difficult, yes. Even Rebecca, who has been doing this for many months, also can make errors by her own thought obstruction. It is very difficult, but in time and with practice, you will begin discerning the difference. And also, even if it is wonderful and good for you, it is known to be from Him.

My lessons are also meant for wish fulfillment in a way. I teach how to become more aware of God, and do His will. This is wish fulfillment, also. Much will be thought this way. Many examples in earthly life may be given. Your Indwelling Spirit is always working with you even, and I say this with authority, in this life, for your earthly betterment and happiness. In many teachings, this life is not to be cherished. The next life only is important. I say with authority, cherish this life. Cherish your souls, your bodies, your spirits. Love yourselves, your brothers, your God, and your life. That is all.

Q: The session with the stillness lesson tonight, if your Thought Adjuster (Indwelling Spirit) is gone, what can you say about doing the stillness with your detached Thought Adjuster (Indwelling Spirit)?

A: Yes. Even when your Indwelling Spirit is not immediate, he/she is still in awareness of you and can respond, even over great distance. It is still good to practice stillness even when no immediate response is forthcoming.

Q: My next question concerns the stillness. It seems to me that if we're supposed to clear our minds of all thought, but at the same time be more conscious of our bodies, or have a higher consciousness I should say, it almost seems like a paradox to me that we can clear our mind of thought and have two-way communication. Could you like explain that to me?

A: Yes. It is after clearness of mortal concerns that there can be communications unhindered. In active thinking, there can be no clear communication. The thought activity should be slowed and centered perhaps on a prayerful message to Father at first.

Q: I've been wondering for a while how wonderful it would be to be able to see our fellow humans as what their potential is rather than what they are, and I wondered if this is how you see us or if you see us differently.

A: You're learning much. Yes. You are coming into great awareness at this time, indeed.

Q: Can we as mortals, by spiritual advancement, see further into the potentials of other mortals, as opposed to actualities, as we get to know them? The communication of things that took place in the past. Can we see more of their potential in the future by higher levels of advancement?

A: Yes. Certainly.

Q: If you know a person who claims to be an atheist and they die, and you believe that they are a very fine person, is there anything you can do to petition the authorities, including all the way up to the Ancients of Days, on possibly having them have another chance, say on the mansion worlds? Is there anything else we, as mortals, can do other than petition on the decision like that on personality extinction?

A: There is nothing which you can know which is unknown by his Indwelling Spirit. This spirit will provide all necessary chances for decision making on this world or the next. You needn't have anxiety. All is known and mercifully prepared for.
Title: Re: STILNESS/Your Meditation Style and HAM the Teacher Speaks on This Work
Post by: Clency on April 06, 2018, 12:17:46 AM
« In active thinking, there can be no clear communication. The thought activity should be slowed and centered perhaps on a prayerful message to Father at first »

Most of us, I think so, who are on the path to do Tring, meet with this kind of barrier and personally to me, it is a real fight/battle/struggle to overcome this difficulty. As it is said in the above-mentioned, the solution lies in « a prayerful message to Father at first », so as to slow down the thoughts chattering and to be more centered. Thanks Ron for bringing this message to our attention, it is very informative. I will try what is suggested. Domtia