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Title: A True Story: Mr. Besser and the Ghost
Post by: Ron Besser on May 06, 2018, 10:56:22 PM
I tell this one as it happened.

When I completed my basic training in the Air Force, they sent me to Europe to a Royal Air Force Base to analytical work.  By any description it was a cushy assignment as there was nothing I disliked about it and everything to like about it.  After a few weeks in temporary billeting, I was placed in the enlisted men's dormitory.  At the time, and because the Viet Nam Ware was heating up, I had three other roomates.   That would have been in a room with two double-decker bunks in a room roughly ten feet long and about eight feet wide.  It had its own hearing and four enclosed closets and two dressers for laundered shirts and clothing in general.  The uniforms except fatigues were always placed on hangars in the closed closets with doors of their own.  My bunk was the opposite side of the closets on the bottom and my closest ally in the new recruits coming in was on my top bunk.   Never mind he carried a chain in a hidden pocket just in case somebody wanted to fight.  Only once did my hair stand on end when somebody let themselves into our room who did not belong there-  a typical air force newbie who drank too much at the enlisted man;s club behind our barracks.

I was in that room for nearly three years when my enlistment was about over.  Over the years I went from three other room mates to no roomate as the attrition rate for our specialty was achieving no more of our special grand analytical work.  I was one of about eight left on the base and was ready to go home and face the music of resumed civil life without a job and without even thoughts of one as this ghost thing happened shortly.

About six months before I was to leave, they assigned to my empty room a raw and inexperienced air man.  At first we got along fine and I had no reason to start anything, but he insisted upon and loved to gossip about me and my neightbors and even those on the main work building I worked in at the time.    One evening I invited several of us in a rather warm barracks that late afternoon to walk down to the little rivelt that held nothing but minnows in, and that stand of trees and stream was next to a gorgeous Gothic monetary built in the  15th century prior to the Tudor reign of Henry VIII.  I and three friends found the cool patch of trees and lots of poison ivy growing low along the stream but mission on our paths, refreshing like little boys discovering a creek to play in.

Now you need to know that the monastery building is where the officers on the base lived.  It was built as a Benedictine Priory for men only.  However, about one hundred years after its dedication a small fire wiped out what monks there were by smoke inhalation, and eventually the Catholic Church refurbished the standing building and it then was established as Convent for the Sisterhood of Mt. Abby, a long ago and forgotten order of women who supported the Church in the 13ths Century.  I note the curiosity that the stone used to construct it was unusually hard and no mica chips in it like normal granite does and I note that Stonehenge about fifty miles north of this build today stands is made of the same material and we all speculated it was probably moved from the east of what is today the Shire of Woodsbury, which in itself, is a placement of a very ancient glacier deposit off the earth mantel and pushed south from Scandanavia to this part of England where it fell out in a terminal moraine.

In that group of women who numbered about forty-five or six, was the Chief Mother for Postulancy, which is a fancy word about providing probation to a new nun until she proved herself compatible and does not shirk work for six months and then the new nun receives a Sabbatical to enter a convent of her choice if not liking the Convent where she took her Postulancy.

When we were walking in the little rivulet nearby. the building is tall and grey about 100 fet or more away from where we stood and made of something that reminded me or iron stone.  I kid you not, ironstone in my area where the glacier of old touched down briefly, left big grey boulders in fields and stream all around us.  I used to love to mineral hunting and found these boulders attractive for quartz crystals but the yielded non and a big hammer would just bounce off them.  I found granite easier to cleave these fellows.  That is the stone the monastery or the old Convent was built from and I did not like the atmosphere at all for some reason.

In 1557-8 Henry the VIII learned that the Convent existed and called it a Priory to his Chamber and ordered it roused and burned as Henry was Protestant and the Priory was Catholic and a battle was being waged in England at the time between the Papists (Catholics) and the Protestant religion estbalished by Henry as a power base to fight the power of the Vatican.

Our story relates to that night when the men of Henry's army arranged to sneak into the grounds of the Priory and torch it.  Of all the nuns that died that night was a lady Superior known as Rose,  Rose saw the torch men and ran into an interior secret chamber wall she thought they could not breach and if the fire reached there were plenty of ways to get out.  What she forgot is that the stone of the priory was not able to withstand much heat and split in many pieces as the hot fire spread through its chapel.  Rosie died there and her body never found until the 18th century when the Priory was excavated to get a new chamber for the nurses in the wars on Europe to be trained and served as an RAF training for nurses in the first and second world wars.  

The night Rosie died behind the secret wall and stairs case, as those of us in the modern era knew her as, was frequently reported to be seen in reports of ghost sightings of the brave nun who tried to save the convent.  Now I tell you as an aside, I kept wanting to meet the legend of Chicksands RAF but there never seemed to be enough time to investigate.  Ah, but Rosie knew of my interest and made a decisive appearance no body forgets now or ever!

I left Chicksands Priory RAF on January 23, 1968 to be discharged at Dover AFB, USA.  When I arrived that morning after a six hour flight from London, I was exhausted by a sudden change in time shifts and the thought of getting home without any more generals around to tell us what to do.  I was naive enough to think this day ended the matter in eternity for me and I proceeded to the discharge paper work.  The fellow who started my paperwork told me to sit on a chair near the wall and he disappeared for awhile.  When he came back, he told me that he was not allowed to discharge anyone with my AFC until he received word otherwise.  What I did not know was the navy sent a reconnaissance ship into the Gulf of Tonkin, and managed to get itself captured by the North Koreans.
USS Pueblo captured - Jan 23, 1968 (http://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/uss-pueblo-captured)
As I was being processed the President of the United States ordered all personnel being discharged that day held over without release until the threat of war was terminated.  I cooled my heels for three hours that morning and finally got released when North Korea signaled it was not producing a crisis out of the seizure and the US government relaxed the freeze to let us go home.

Now, our Rosy Ghost saw the turmoil I had to undergo on Janaury 22nd with a terrible roomate the devil could not have done better to act as.  I ignored him while I packed that day and told him to go to heel a number of times for messing into my final report by complaining to somebody up the chain of command I was a security breach/  He did not reveal to himself ever he just wanted to get back at me for selling valuable recording and music equipment down the hall from me for pennies on the dollar and he tried to out do by offering me more but he had me so disgusted with him, I would have given the equipment away before he gave me a thousand dollars for the same.  In any case I gout of there sometime around six or seven that evening, was bussed to Heathrow Airport and hopped on a Boeing 707 for home.

Wonderful, wonderful, Rosie the Ghost!  She got into action twenty four hours after I left and believe me no one will forget her after what she did.

That awful roommate of mine that I told to go to hell frequently that January afternoon while finished packing, was apparently so happy to see me leave, he went to the Airman;s club and got good and smashed.  I now have to tell you the story as friends wrote me from Chicksands RAF, that my roommate finally settled down in his bunk.  The room has no one in it but that drunk and me recent memory.  They tell me about 3am there was one hell of a commotion in that former room of mine, that roommate came tearing out into the hallway with nothing on and rand down three landings of stair to hide in the shrubbery next to the barracks. I am told the military police took him into custody for the decency of it all and I lose site of what happened to this character forever now.

What Rosie did was to enter that room, and then systemically started tearing down all the drawers out of their cabinets and scattering his clothes all over creation, and then threw a carafe out the window without opening it.  I liked that room and in long hours of boredom when I first got there, I did oil painting and hung two of them to make the room more homey on those walls.  One painting, on a 12 by 10 inch board,  I painted a stage coach arrived at a falling down shack, standing still with its passenger door open,  and out of the stagecoach was a white glow of an apparition that had an interest about that falling down building.  Would you believe it dissapeared!  Somewhere there is chuckling ghost with my picture in his halo if it were Rosie, and she did my one terrific scare on a man who believed in absolutely nothing except to create problems for those he lived with.  I also heard that that individual went home early to Massacusetts but I have no way of knowing if that is true,  But I can verify the Rosie tricks because I heard independt stories and they all told the same and I was so happy I bought a new car that year and that was ten years before I found the Urantia Book, and with the same new car in myu possiesion too!

There is a hearty ghost story fer you'ins and I never ran into a ghost story I disliked either unless it was violent and then I disown that ghost forever.  


"I spell my name Rosy, Ron, but thank you anyhow.  I am on mansion world three now, the fusion mansion for we late ascenders.  I did make one terrible ruckus with that drunk and lame roommate Ron gratefully left behind.  He was a no show at his death a year ago when he drowned in a New York lake nearby.  They could not resuscitate him, but if they would have found and used a difbulator.  I still hear from manyfriends as I was a morontial creaturw who looke after the Priory Ron so much enjoyed living on the grounds in a barracks.  In World War II many nurses lived in the Priory and I would peek in once in a while as it remind me of my old days of keeping after the new girls and they let me go as they could glimpse my punk face and myopic eyes and Ron would have loved it as I had the same trouble with a newrly blind left eye before my death in the fire.

"My fear living in the Priory was to be hooked out of it by robbers or by brigands as we then called them.  Our work was to see to the new nuns that they did not slack off and I never heard the term Ron usef for my work until I looked it up too and he is right,  In any case the young man who treated Ron like scum and taunted him whenever he could and for now reason as Ron was peaceful and respected all roommates to their privacy and own doings.  Ron painted for the first year he was in England as there was no occupational or friendly competition on the base ever and we often wondered whyt hat commander was so slow to see to the troops well being.      Ron bowled after the midnight shift with his fellow trcik workers but it wore thin with him as he was often tired by that time and preferred the peace and quiet of his old room.  He kept the room spotless and Terry his roommate for the first 2 and one half years put their money together and put a good rung down and repainted it with good neutral colors and white and the commander wished all to do that and many did!

"I am Rosy, and I loved Ron as he was caring and made many people laugh with his inability to stay awake on the midnight shift but he learned to go searching on their huge radios in the empty hours of night and he came up with many surprised foreigners whom he tapped into and printer on the teletype they used in those days to intercept secret transmitters.  The antenna they used was called the elephant cage and Ron has posted a picture of it below.  You could listen anywhere in the worked easily with its array.  

"Finally this: they closed my Priory in October of 1997 when Chief Justice Warren died as he worked there to and that is now a known history at all.  He died the day it was closed and Ron feels sad it is gone, but a funny things about the place.  The United Stats closed their work there and the RAF bought it back to use equiment and all to monitor the world for thievery and piracy.  Ron's old work station today is occupied by young fellws just as Ron was when he stood there to do that work, and they are as rambunctious as Ron was and we relate one incident that heppened to Ron he cannot live down yet in his mind, is that a funny chap decided to fling himself into Ron standing there and Ron caught him in mid air.  BUT: the funny man's foot kicked the standing room partition and it came crashing down so loud it sounded like the room caved in.  Facing Ron on the other side of that room partition were about fifty men working the Morse code racks.  They stared at him and he stared at them with his man cross-wise on his chest.  Now recall I was a ghost.  I was in that place all the time nosing around and Ron could get them all going with his clowning and fast work to end chores quickly.  He often roused those radio operators telling them to go on break and he would man the radios or he would do five level tapes for broadcast back home.  It all ended with is discharge and my total dislike of what the man he rommed with was about,  He was one piece of nasty work and we wish him well now but he did not show up for the judges before he left Urantia either.  I am truly a friend of Ron and he thanks me frequently for what lessons I gave that little creep on the third floor.  Rosy."

"RON DOES NOT KNOW THIS but if Rosy had trounced that room earlier, she would have run into a group of angels who decided that roomy was so awful and bad to be around, they were going to pull something similar.  Fortunately for Rosy Ron was gone and so was the group that decided to teach that fellow a lesson too.  We often wonder what it is about a human being even the ghosts enjoy working with and Ron was one of those and he desperately wanted to meet and English ghost while was over there.  He is scheduled to return and I doubt GCHQ. the name of the British intelligence group that took Chicksands back again would like to see him there as he remember with great detail the intelligence operation as it was lived then and they could learn a lot from him since today they hardl teach analysts wht they are really seeing.  Ron knew pretty well and a few Russian army operators he knew their teletype hand and knew they were old friends passing practice code for hours on hand and he labeled them as such to the upstairs crowd who passed or cut out analytical reports on shift work Ron did.  One last thing:  Chicksands is scheduled for demolition except not the priory.  It will be total history including the elephant cage he knew how to operate like a pro.  Michael  

Title: Re: A True Story: Mr. Besser and the Ghost
Post by: amethyst on May 07, 2018, 12:09:36 AM
Very interesting story Ron.  I am always interested in topics like this unless they turn dark, and then want nothing to do with them.

But this brings me to a question I have always puzzled over since reading the UB.  I probably have misunderstood some part of it and perhaps you can enlighten me.  We are told that if no one survives there is no re-personalization.  Many others are classified as sleeping survivors, and I assume that means they can't be ghosts.  The rest re-personalize on the mansion worlds to begin their universe careers, and that there is no communication between the ascenders and people still living on Urantia.  So whats up with the 'ghosts'?  How do they get from the mansion worlds to earth again?  Arn't they supposed to be getting on with things on the mansion worlds, and why would they want to be here, even with unfinished business?  It just seems so out of place to me for them to be roaming around here when I would think they have better things to do.  I imagine the answer is simple and that I should know it, but I would really like to know how these seemly otherwise ascenders are here at all after their physical death and their re-personalization on the mansion worlds.
Any thoughts?  Maybe Rosy herself might want to say more on this.

Title: Re: A True Story: Mr. Besser and the Ghost
Post by: Ron Besser on May 07, 2018, 11:26:54 AM
Hello Amethyst,

You have forgotten a big piece of a lesson about the Urantia grid.  We can make all of this right for you to easily understand once you know or remember one simple fact.   The Urantia grid is what all of who die on Urantia go to first.  It is a holding room like, did you ever hear of, the green room.   The green room in television talk shows or guest shows is where guests wait to speak later on the show, and are placed and wait to be called from, there to appear on TV.   The Urantia grid is kind of a green room.  The soul comes out of the body at death and proceeds to the green room.  I am using that analogy to explain to you that the Urantia GRID is a waiting area before God decides what to do with you or if he already knows what to do with you;  it is a staging area where the angels come to transport the soul to the mansion worlds or beyond.

You have to know a couple of things how ghosts happen.

1)  Some souls prefer to stay on Urantia in spite of being placed in the green room and refust the offer of transport.


2) Some souls take huge amounts of time to figure out they really died and stay away from the signals in the green room t hey are now selected to be transported.  They just ignore due to the profound ignorance of the soul what those signals mean or want to stay in any case.


In the old days from the time of Andon and Fonta, the Urantia green room was no problem until the Lucifer Rebellion.  Between Lucifer and Caligastia, they stopped people, all people if they could do it, from exiting the green room in order to have the souls die there for having no use to live staying in it so long or they forbade the transport angels to enter the transport area just outside of the green room.  This condition existed for millennium on Urantia until 1986.

In 1986, the green room was purged of souls.  The owner of the green room on Urantia is Michael of Nebadon.  He came to the green room and yelled at the indolent souls they either had to get out of there or face the consequences of being forced to the mansion worlds totally asleep and left to sleep for such a long time they may never the light of life again.

Most people got out of there fast and are now on the mansion worlds either asleep or waiting for a better life form than they were given when they first were transported to the mansion worlds.

Ghosts dear Amethyst are guests in the green room!

They have full access to you and I and houses and hotels and river banks and water ways and you name they can go to them as long as no one disputes their guest status in the green room.

Rosy, my ghost. did not know she died.  It took over three hundred years for her to get the idea she had died and all of her life in the Priory was about something that no longer existed.   Remember death is a sudden transition for the soul.  One moment the soul is quiet and living comfortably as a repository of memory and knowledge they can take from their life in the flesh to the mansion worlds for life on mansonia.  Rosy knew of no such furture existence and she was subjected to cruel life forms that kept her ignorant of what had happened to her by forcing her to stay as a soul life in the Priory.  That happened to millions and millions of souls on Urantia because Caligastia in particular wanted to snuff out human life.

Rosy learned through associated with humans on Chicksands Priory that indeed she was alive but not human anymore probably in the 1930's, but then decided why trial herself further and just live and energize at the priory as it was pleasant enough and she could no longer beharmed by fire or war or made sad by the mean treatment of Caligastia.  Caligastia gave up the idea of keeping people entirely in the Urantia grid by forcing the new deaths out of Urantia by bypassing the green room and into a black room where the new soul had no stimulation what so ever.

The black room is a deep secret to this day and I no nothing about except that was the final solution against humans just as the Nazis had a final solution for the Jews with termination camps.  The black room was a termination camp for the human soul.  It is according to Michael never to be discussed in polite company anywhere in Nebadon.

Not until 1986 when the owner of t he grid and the black room by default after the death of the devil, did these grids get cleared up,  A simple definition of the Urantia grid which exists today is that it is where the soul can live because the morontial energy to do so is located in the grid.  We could not survive to resurrected life without that oxygen supply totrhe soul while waiting for transport to the mansion worlds.

Rosy finally was asked by a seraphim who visited Chicksands to move on and Rosy decided she was right and she must do so.   When I was there in that room, Rost had just learned that I was useful in some way and followed my routines unknown to me.  She saw what was being pulled by that awful person who bunked in my room and I detest greatly, and it made her very angry that someone wanted to commit endless evil and decided she would remind him there is more to life than getting up and going to work.  Hence she tore the place apart to remind the man he had better things to do than lay around drunk after I left.  Rowy today is on mansion world two, and I wonder if you remember that the description of the layout of the mansion worlds in the Urantia Book are no longer true.  The bew design is mostly secret too.

In any case Rosy left by seraphic transport on November 12, 1976 after close to four hundred years as a soul who over stayed her welcome to ignorance and the inability of Michael to force souls aloft.

Today Amethyst the stay in the green room is allowed for only for about a year of our time to do so.  Otherwise, you are forced after a reasonable time in the Urantia Grid to be transported north and there if you are still insisting on not going to the resurrection chambersm you are allowed to sit until you are ready.  Even then the soul is reminded there is no such thing as eternity to wait for an answer from the soul to move to the new life waiting for them elsewhere.

"Amethyst, you have had all this years before but just forget so much you cannot remember it.  Ron has been very clever to tell you how this works which can be really spoken to in a couple of sentences and does not require fiver or six paragraphs to explain to one who has been enlightened by the Urantia Book or the ABC Summaries where most of this appeared years ago.  I have since modified even more how the mansion worlds operate and how people Ron knows are no longer on the mansion worlds but are on Edentia instead.  He knows those facts but left them out to keep too many changes from confusing you.  Edentia is now the home for all fused ones.  You are fused Amethyst but are being put aside because you make no great effort to be sure you either understand all these changes or are too ill at times to learn a lot more for your own good.

"Consequently, you are going to be asked to make a full commitment to the Magisterial Mission in a few short weeks and if unable to decide, your fusion status will be placed on hold and the consequences are such that you will not go the usual route to your resurrection, but placed in a holding area until your decisions about future life are more clear to us.  Ron leaves no doubt he is on board for all he can manage to do for us.  You Amethyst wait and persist in gathering cob webs in place of deciding for sure what it is you seemingly wish to do with your life as a fused human at this time on Urantia.  Fusion is like the grid Ron  talks about above but it also has a limited use on the soil of earth Urantia and decisions must move forward quickly to be sure to keep such a status for now.  

"I wish you all a good day and Rosy sends her greetings to Ron and Ron loves her for doing something quite illegal in spirit and made a mess of that room by her ghostly appearance that one early morning in 1968.  Good day, Michael."

Title: Re: A True Story: Mr. Besser and the Ghost
Post by: dreamcat01 on May 07, 2018, 01:45:13 PM
Thank you Ron for reminding us what happens at our Earthly demise. I too had questions about Rosy and you cleared that up. I was in the process of asking for that information when your post here came up.
Title: Re: A True Story: Mr. Besser and the Ghost
Post by: amethyst on May 07, 2018, 02:42:41 PM
Thank you so much Ron.  I was aware of the grid and that there were/are problems with it.  It must have been info that was given to us some time ago and has passed from my memory, or perhaps I was just 'out to lunch' on that day.  At any rate, I truly appreciate this info!
Title: Re: A True Story: Mr. Besser and the Ghost
Post by: wendy.winter on May 07, 2018, 09:03:39 PM
I absolutely LOVE this thread. Thank you kindly Ron for sharing your 'ghost' story. I am relieved for Rosy that eventually decided (with some stern encouragement) to move along with her ascension and wish her the very best of journeys. I include a teaching from the tmarchives, lead by Bob Cherubim, that adds some flavor to this thread too. Happy reading.
Title: Re: A True Story: Mr. Besser and the Ghost
Post by: amethyst on May 07, 2018, 11:07:00 PM
Thank you so much dear Wendy for this link.  I am told I do not learn enough, but I'm not sure just what it is I should be learning.  I read all Ron's posts except the ones on particles and energy as this is beyond my abilities. I also review the UB often.  But I just printed out this 12 page article and will study it this evening.  You are a gem.

Ron and others--If anyone thinks there is something that is particularly important to know, please post a link or info so that we can make sure it does not get overlooked.  I really don't want to miss important things.

I do get confused because I have had several discussions with my Adjuster, Mother and Michael on my ideas and plans, and received their input.  I have also put my intentions in writing, so I get confused when I learn that I am unable to decide.  I have been guided to do writing and study languages and am working on them as this is where I have been led, in order to help teach.  I am also to study the second UB carefully when it is available.  Oh well, one day at a time.

Blessings to all
Title: Re: A True Story: Mr. Besser and the Ghost
Post by: Clency on May 08, 2018, 12:31:58 AM
Amethyst, you are not alone in the confusion about ghosts, the same question arises in my mind also. As you Amethyst, I know about the grid, but I have never been told that ghosts are the captive souls in the grid. In my life, during my younger ages, I witnessed some strange spirit phenomenons and I always attributed them to Lucifer and Co., since I was taught from childhood by my christian upbringing that there was a rebellion. This is a major point that has passed me by also. Thanks Ron for the clarification and Wendy for the link from TM archives refering to the afterlife. Domtia
Title: Re: A True Story: Mr. Besser and the Ghost
Post by: Ron Besser on May 08, 2018, 12:21:12 PM
Wendy is very good in helping others find information that is very helpful to know or to be reviewed again. 

Thee is just one teensy weensy problem and it is truly small but you need reminded about this in your conteplation of that transmission by Bob and Alice, Cherubim and Sanobim,  respectively.

It is this:

In 1997 Michael proposed that all Cherubim and Sanobim be reclassified as Seraphim.  The Ancients of Days agreed and sent a post message to the Universe Catalog people, that they are now Seraphim without further classification.  Now Ron gets a hold of the edict and says to me, Michael, so a Sanobim is passive side of the duo, what do you do with a superb Cherubim like Bob is and now is was. (don't laugh at my verbs!)

"I am my lovely sidekick Alice did that 2003 post in the teaching mission drawing quickly to a close at that time.  Ron laughed at it the first time he read it and kept it all to archive.  But the truth is he is pointing to you Clency and Wendy for forgetting that Michael changes the entire death process and how it is done this past year.  The mansion worlds no longer work like I explained with Alice in 2003.  Clency we are surprised at your lack of understanding and we lay that problem at the feet of something you have once in awhile that dulls your mental capacity.  In any case Clency and Wendy, that post we did talks about the past.  You need to look at what Ron wrote to Amethyst to get a truer picture.  We also know Ron left a lot of detail out that would have been tiresome to read but the post is excellent and yes, the GRID, is the spirit green room (if you g et the meaning of that term as Ron explained in that post) and one need only go to the Seraphic terminal outside of its door to go to Mansonia for resurrection.  I am Bob and Ron broke me up and said to Michael, so Alice fits the female version of a Seraphim, but what about virile Bob?  The answer is I do not cross dress as Ron laughs, but I am a Seraphim of the Third Order which will never be revealed on Urantia until Ron leaves.  I say that because he has a full compliment of Third Order.  Your revelation tells of Seraphim as the first order of angels, I believe.  Seraphim really are all seven angelic orders but their work is super secret in this day and age of the Supreme.  I am Bob the former Cherubim, and that is an Order that no longer exists in Nebadon.  I am now of  the Third Order of Seraphim and it is still secret except Ron has a bevy of them next door to him and with him at times as he works his way through an amazing transition even to we Seraphic Third Orderers. 

"We also admit we miss being a Chrubim as it was easier to be than a Seraphim but that is what we are now classified as.  You are ready to hear some astounding news all of you if you can understand it, and that is that Ron has all the rights and privileges of a Seraphim except he cannot fly or weave and defeat evil like they can.  But Ron also has no Order assigned to him yet as he is truly just smoozy human, and that word does not exist for telling who Ron is.  I am a former Cherubim and my Alice is now a full blown Seraphim of the First Order.  Our resurrection and our death process for humans is mostly quite different than the post Wendy resurrected lately.  Good day."

"Ron recognized a situation with Bob which was 'it is okay Bob, be a Seraphim of the Third Order, but I miss Bob the Cherubim with his beloved Alice already.'  The truth is the universe of Nebadon has so many changes inside of it now we wonder if we ever look like the old Nebadon.  One day decades ago Ron wrote a piece mostly for himself where we sold the entire universe to a trucking company and I retired as Sovereign with a ball of cash that would choke a horse.  I laughed so hard when it was presented to me fully and everlastingly decided it ws time to at least change the curtains in this now old universe on the outskirts   Ron says to me now, "How are you going to raise corn on a rock?"  And I quipped back, I already have in Ron on Urantia.  (Ron-  hahaha not).

"The truth is that Bob ius still a Cherubim in heart and style and Ron misses him as style and as a truth teacher with Alice whomalice she still is.  We seek to rectify this situation be erasing all the good we can in such an affectation for Ron as well, and to reduce the tension by having Cherubim Bob resurrect himslef as a Teacher Mission subject someday.  He is ready to teach again and will do so with Adam and Eve when they mysteriously appear in York later this year to force Ron into classes on sexuality he says does no exist for him.  In any case the entire matter from our side is finished and Ron must learn to adjust to it and let former Cherubim Sybil now a humanized creature and a Finaliter. "We speak briefly to say that your life Ron is over as a fully systematized human and is ready to be morontialized, not just in organs and brain, but as a ward of Finaliter status on high over issues you started and now cannot stop.  I am a Finaliter, and I am not going to land on Urantia with red bootie Ron but as one to tell you you keep us in stitches for good with this ridiculous way of communicating for good.   You alre able to hear the Supreme well and speak to Master Spirits as though they were old friends already, but you must master the universe language before you are not considered Urantia poo. 

"You Ron are so funny it breaks the barriers down as all humor can do and we do not consider humans from Urantia as Urantia poo.  I am sybil remember?  In any case you are taken for your worth today and all days and remove nothing from yourself but the laughter we get in these communications when double meanings are alwasy explored by you you little snuff box of thoughtless versions!  Our work on Urantia with Saint Paul at our helm is to portray God as Finaliters too and that must take precedence as a philosophy too.  We see you consider Finaliters in your reverence but as passing through.  That is typical of Urantia Book teaching which has little to do with our true calling which is to systematize the entire planetary life into becoming Adjustered and hearing them and leaving the planet in fusion status of some kind.  I am truly a Finaliter and I feel required to remark that the purpose of this post was to remind your listeners that the work on the mansion worlds you used to do is now being amended to include your work on high which is to find God so well done you do not bother spiritual matters far above you - not!  You are a real horse fly like Socrates was and it has cost no one but a great discomfort to ask some of your questions concerning the Infinity System and not the finality of Infinity as most consider it and for good reason too Ron. 

"As a Finaliter, we conclude you know far too much to be a human yet you do not use it that way but exceed us only in your chutzpah to ask a decent question regarding origins.  We Finaliters know most of what you ask but must be silent as the Father is over issues you concern yourself with even in your considerable views on marriage and the awful contract it hands everybody to use.  I am Sybil and I was a women's libber in the 18th century France and Saint Germain was known to me as "Scotty, beam me up sort,"  and he died naturally three hundred years later and I missed the obit.  We as Finaliters take Paul easily and fully and all, and he is terrible conceited over his place as a guy who fell off his horse on the way to a trade fair in Damascus, and we are very happy to know you Ron.  Good day."

"I heard that Sybil!!!  Now go back to your lair, Sybil.  I have this to say now:

"Wendy is right to bring to our attention what Bob did in braille that night of April, 2003.  He also knew it was to change but persisted.  The truth is that no real description is fully available yet because the dust has not settled, and we see that Michael wishes to finish this . . . . "

"We finish this shortly as it is a real breakthrough with the Finaliters Ron as they know you well enough to speak roughly of situations we laugh with you on her issues too.  Finaliters do not submerge their identities because they are Finaliters, but because they know too much to just let fly as Sybil did with you above and you love it.  Truth is she speaks clearly while Paul munches his Corinthians before he speaks them and we must leave if only for length this has become too long as. I am Michael and this is done in the middle of more important news to follow.  Michael."