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Title: New World Standards
Post by: Archeroptia on June 04, 2018, 06:47:49 AM
Israel 13:30


New world standards.

A world government shows the only efficient evolution for a world currency to take effect, thus taking care of the problems of hunger and natural resources of the planet. I have traveled all over the world, and what I hear most are feelings linked to super-population, we do not have super-population, when someone asks about it, in fact the subject is asking about the inefficiency of sharing the natural resources in common, so as not to excercise their own needs.

The abdication of petroleum is coming at a great stride, and soon Europe and Asia will marry absolutely into a powerful scientific philosophy that has not yet completely overturned the dogmas of the Middle East. Jerusalem is not my capital and is not the capital of Palestine, Jerusalem pertain to every person residing in the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, Oceanis, Africa and so on.
Title: Re: New World Standards
Post by: Ron Besser on June 04, 2018, 11:45:36 AM
Archeroptia - Welcome!  I like how your user name glides off the tongue with the sound of a good medical brand name. 
I hope you find the forum useful to your wisdom and need to hear something make sense in this world of sounds and loves yet never is happy for the most part anymore.

I have to read between your lines to really get what you may be and I am not used to hearing from solid experience to the point world affairs are easily discussed in these classes of ups and downs so bad I hardly know where I stand today either.  But let me make a comment to you I think you can appreciate somehow and somewhere in your mind as it now stands:

I am quite sure you have a diplomatic license to swim circles around me and many here who enjoy diplomatic language and practice.  However, Jerusalem is a hard topic  to take on even with some practice at the diplomacy gain as you seem to have quite well.  I happen to enjoy the conjecture of geopolitics, but I stand way way back when the Most Highs speak, as they are the Spirit experts in diplomacy, and then even have the actual power to charge a nation like the United States with self destruction for its boorish behavior on the international scene lately.  Most of what they have is too secret to speak to in public, and I have often sat at their feet to learn some most uncomfortable lessons to comport to when looking at our nation states with so much to do and so much debt to hide, they fail as good nation states in comparison to governments on other planets in our same stage of development.

I hope Archeroptia (love that name) you are prepared to learn that what drives this discussion forum is the expectation that we all who understand enough and are of sufficient good will, may learn to work with the divine and learn a great deal more than any earthling can do by him or herself.  But I hear your voice very keenly and hope learning some unpleasant facts about good will ambassadors from Spirit to this world, throw up their hands at the prospect of ever teaching some of us enough to catch up to other world governments that abound in this area of space and time and really not that far away from us either.

But let me say this:  I welcome you with baited breath and hope your first post is not your last post since you will never find a discussion forum so dedicated and so tossed about for reasons of State, that many just do not want to adjust to the tempo we set using a revelatory language that hs to be learned to cope with our meanings.  It is not hard, but it requires a little time and a willingness to grasp just what the heck is going on here.  I am the worst offender and willingly step back just to keep your insights flowing to us if that is your nature after awhile.  In any case I welcome you and I will share what the Mosth Highs are willing to share if you also may have some questions on the reasons for some of these States of Affairs now to be edealt with boldly if that were possible at all.

Welcome and best wishes for your stay with us!   

Title: Re: New World Standards
Post by: Archeroptia on June 05, 2018, 12:16:50 PM
Israel 06/05/2018

I must begin at the very beginning, and remind them (to all of this great and beautiful planet of light) that evolution is the only cog that enables the infinite to be intact.

I have many options in my hands that do not include the monetary system, since the monetary system itself is a mixture of the positive and the negative, in order that this system can be taken unjust and undue advantages. However the mammalian homo sapiens can not arrive at a common ideal and therefore other systems can not be applied for now, because it would need several arrangements as the mental improvement continues which would imply in the degenerate races that always take advantage of the altruitas subjects of many ways. Salem was relativizing through the state at the time to exclude paganism what was necessary. This does not mean that the state has succeeded in its actions from the international point of view.

A religious syncretism happens with the disappearance of nationalistic pride, I naturally need to travel to various places and learn various cultures to elevate values and meanings in eternal values. This is the ideal generation for this, due to the intervention of the past.
Title: Re: New World Standards
Post by: Ron Besser on June 05, 2018, 02:27:08 PM
I think you are using a different cultural viewpoint about God that sees Him epochal and unnaturally attuned to the development of man with the help of biological evolution to keep the idea alive.  But there are different kinds evolution besides genetic predispositions preventing man and God to be entirely natural allies, that allows divine toleration of the awful ignorance we suffer concerning God today.

I look at the New Testament Temple of Israel as it had evolved to the time of Jesus and his contemporary view of it as mostly in the way but necessary for the Jewish people and monotheism in general.  That Temple preserved the idea of a Covenant that God gave the Israelis but was interpreted by the Temple never to change their attitude that God was theirs and God did not espouse evolution but absolute obedience to the spiritual ideals of a chosen people and their place in the world.

No, the financial system of the world is not the direct way into the spirituality of the nation state which is dependent on the holiness of its citizens to give unto Caesar his taxes but reserve obedience to God as their central tenant to live a life free of the determination to play all day with the pursuit of wealth, but to pray for divine guidance that they too may succeed in favor with the Messiah.  Jesus debunked the Prophets’ ideas of such a type of righteous leadership but let it be an open question as to exactly how his leadership preserved Israel.

In the kingdom of men only does degeneracy obtain the infrastructure of contemporary existence with progressing ideals until such degeneracy chokes in its own lack of capacity to adopt to higher and successful forms of governance and worship.  I do not entirely agree with you that God uses evolution entirely and He may use evolution surreptitiously to achieve His own ends of mercy and retribution, possible, at the same time.

I do agree that world government and a national monetary system is not impossible to have, temporarily, with nationalism still present but that inarticulate nationalism is diminished in direct ratio to the increasing decision in men’s minds to develop a God centered life for all and as it may accrue to all people living on one planet.

I find the Jewish Temple of Priests of the days Jesus lived in a deceitful and horrible example of worshiping society, but at the same time it was the only institution on the entire planet in the first century AD that embraced one God.  The problem which undermined the entire idea of that Temple was nationalism of the Priests themselves and who sought to destroy, not the Messiah, but the crown prince, the divine Bestowal Son of our Creator.  That is the tragedy of nationalism and the idea of self preservation over reaching the ideals of a benign and democratic idealism we even continue today.

Thank you for your post.
Title: Re: New World Standards
Post by: Archeroptia on June 05, 2018, 03:42:01 PM
Israel 22:22


I AM - At first the idea of a "god" is already a mentality that is limited and fails in the reality of compression of the universe, consequently ignorant. This is a very important and still very delayed question among many people today, since culture is the official parameter in measure of service at least fortunate, it completely annuls its efficiency by being used as a circumstantial weapon, whether on its land or the land " foreign "from his friend. The whole natural idea of evolution is intimately connected with infinite paternal coadjustment, in the very configuration of the character of a planetary system in its respective solar systems. Of course, paternal and infinite coadjuvation will not interfere if a group of intelligent mammals resolve to degenerate their own system by free choice. Using as an example the original character of the planet "earth"

The intervention of the past was the only possible way to continue maintaining individual freedom among cultures, after all the only result would be murder, because the representativities were minimal, culminating in a single destination before the minimum of culture had not been conquered before. It is impossible that a religious syncretism or its efficient outpouring could have been effected without the triumph over materialism and how you all can observe the triumph of materialism is the final destination of these days and generations.

To relativize the illicit attributes that conspired in the negative circumstances of those decades of the twentieth century is an ideal, and to use this as disguises for an internationalization is also an ideal, however, which exudes the proportions of the abyss of the confusions pointing to these disguises are the very ramblings of the time and matter of the original character of the planet and its chance to live, a man lives from his works and this serves both processes and occasions of the very configurations of nature and environment. False idealism about genetic disguise just happened because the flaw was questioned after it actually happened in the past. This is why the world of the dead are intimately connected to the worlds of the living.
Title: Re: New World Standards
Post by: Ron Besser on June 05, 2018, 05:08:36 PM
You are almost mad Archeroptia, and that is because I am convinced you think God is dead.  Or maybe weak?  Materialism is the natural consequence of no thought.  I think you know that and you think a lot, but caught the red rash of materialism as final all around you.  It is not final.  I also think that prepares you to conclude we are on the brink of another war that kills all hope for a new spring grass in the eye of man next year.  I am not here to allow anyone to seethe with heartless hope but rather to find some reason to say that in spite of materialism and its endless wars of attrition, the mystery of grace survives it all.

Now perk up Israel!  You sooth the world with us and that is all is asked of you.  Death is indeed possible but it should not be by our own hand ever.  I think about that too when I am cornered and find stupidity ruling the airwaves with commentaries that tell us which insult to consult today, but in all honesty such commentaries are from birds in a spoiled and defiled rookery we are crackers to listen to.  They say nothing.  We hear nothing.  The mind freezes from lack of food.  You are well done in spite of all the dirt, and we see change to come that actually helps both of us not see darkly through the glass.  Good day.

Title: Re: New World Standards
Post by: Archeroptia on June 05, 2018, 05:46:04 PM
Israel 06/06/2018


I understand the nasty labels you make for others, extreme stress and discrimination, which is natural in today's time. I must remind you that although silently, the mechanical mind is hard to grasp, the life phenomenon is "invisible" quantum cycles that always improve the efficiency of space and is unrelated to time in almost all things except the duplicates of temporal mirrors. Be sure that science, for example, will never accept the term "god" in its researches, not because there is no a original and infinite consciousness, but because the label brings the finitude of a concept.