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Title: Introduction and Greetings
Post by: SongatSunrise on July 01, 2018, 06:21:23 PM
Dear Friends and Supporters of the Work of God on Nystoria,
I introduce myself as Song at Sunrise.   I choose that name because that is a translation of my real name, Carole Dawn Mathews.  My grandmother was probably of American Indian origin and often they use descriptions for names.  I have been observing this site for years.  I never considered myself a candidate for a TR, so in observing the responses of all of you, I considered myself a participant. 
My mother’s family is from Lithuania, and my husband’s family is from northern Poland.  His name in Polish means “Walker”.  So I gather that proceeding in the forward direction is my destiny! Incidentally, our families close to each other!  I feel that God works things out centuries in the past to make the present what it is.
We are both musicians, and he tunes pianos and repairs them.  I teach and perform in various ways, hoping to bring the harmony of the Kingdom of God to all who hear.
Two days ago I had the memory of my childhood an incident that is special for now.  I lived in Chicago, in an apartment that had a picket fence around it, which was good because we lived close to a busy street.  I wanted to roam a little, and got hung up by the seat of the pants on that picket fence! I got to bawling pretty loud, and my mother came running.  She got me down, and I got a spanking. What is funny is that yesterday, while visiting a random garage sale, the first thing that caught my eye was an oil painting of a little boy (about the age I was) hung up by his shirt sleeve on an iron fence, and he was crying.  What a coincidence!  Was I being shown that it was time to “get off the fence” and sign up for this blog?  Sometimes we are caught on a fence for a long time and can’t get down until someone helps us. 
Thank you, Ron for the encouragement! 
I pray for those refugees at the southern border of my dear state of Texas that seek the freedom to just live may find, not just peace and encouragement, but also the courage and patience to trust God – for all things really do work out for the good of those who put their trust in Him. 
I pray that all who seek the face of God may find meaning in the simple things they do.
God bless all of you and thank you!
Title: Re: Introduction and Greetings
Post by: niant2 on July 01, 2018, 07:09:37 PM
I welcome you SongatSunrise in this amazing site that even today continues to amaze me a lot and despite these many set back, despite many changes in strategy plans developed by this beloved Celestial Being of the Father's family.

Unfortunately, what does the US government with the deportation of illicit emigrant
is an unsightly act, inhuman and especially a barbaric act for a civilization, a country like the USA !!!
Title: Re: Introduction and Greetings
Post by: 7inOcean on July 01, 2018, 07:47:34 PM
Welcome SongatSunrise, may you find this place with us helpful and meaningful for you, what you say about getting off the fence is so true as decisions and choices are truly yours to make. The only thing is that what you choose, you live it in your every breath. Bless you and may you grow with us in the choice in sharing with us and with the Father. May I hear more songs at sunrise from you.
Title: Re: Introduction and Greetings
Post by: TrinitiLuv on July 01, 2018, 11:12:37 PM
More warm, fuzzy words of welcome, Songatsunrise.....Welcome aboard the Love Boat -- a vessel crewed by like-minded students on a spiritual voyage toward love and light.  Here you will find guidance and words of wisdom, encouragement and spiritual enlightenment from our Universal Father, Creator Son Michael, Our Spiritual Mother Nebadonia and many other celestial beings who may sometimes address their messages and teachings to you and other forumites namely, through one of our illustrious transmitter/receivers.  Stay with us and reap rewards you have not yet imagined.....Wishing mountains of God's blessings upon you.....By the way, I write everything in bold print because I'm older than thunder and it makes for easier reading for me and similar forumites
Ray Borden  //TrinitiLuv  // Washington DC Metro Area  // 11:20pm EDT, 1July2018
Title: Re: Introduction and Greetings
Post by: amethyst on July 01, 2018, 11:26:54 PM
Welcome Songatsunrise!  So glad to have you join us.  Our Indwelling Spirits can always find a way to get us to think about things we might not otherwise have.  Like you, I 'sat on the fence' for some time before I joined.  I have found that I have grown so much in Spirit as a result of this forum.  I sincerely hope you find the same blessing here.  Many blessings to you.
Title: Re: Introduction and Greetings
Post by: Clency on July 02, 2018, 07:37:53 AM
In the 1960’s, as a young adult, I remember a song entitled « Oh Carol », sung by Neil Sedaka and later followed by Paul Anka. That song was so popular that we heard it singing by everybody from dawn to sunset and it made our day very joyful at that time. Dear Carole, may you be like that song, in a figurative way, that once made the sun dawned in the heart of humans. Anyway, I wish you a warm welcome and be blessed for taking the step forward. Domtia
Title: Re: Introduction and Greetings
Post by: SophiaVeronica on July 02, 2018, 10:40:58 AM
Welcome Songatsunrise. What a pretty name. I hope you will enjoy this site as much as I do. It is extremely special and educational. The words spoken by our Celestial Family are superb and "out of this world", of a continually unfolding insight.

You mention the refugees at the southern border of the USA, the same is happening in some parts of Europe and between the border of Myanmar and Bangladesh. I join you in prayer for those who keep searching for a normal and safe way of living. Love and blessings. SophiaVeronica  
Title: Re: Introduction and Greetings
Post by: roger krupa on July 03, 2018, 12:05:04 AM
Welcome to Sun at Sunrise.  I love that name and I am certain you will become a great light to help us through the darkness. We must all work together to make this world a better place to live, and to grow.  I welcome you to this sacred place where we may share our opinions without regret.

Domtia, Roger K.
Title: Re: Introduction and Greetings
Post by: bradcooke on July 03, 2018, 05:57:56 AM
Welcome SongatSunrise to our Family! 
I enjoyed your story about the picket fence! Does it not seem that we all get  'hooked-up' on a  proverbial picket fence now and then? Your story made me laugh, and made me think that those are maybe the picket fences that make us realise our human ability to forget to focus more on the things that count in the NOW and THEN.
Thanks and welcome again!
Title: Re: Introduction and Greetings
Post by: gitz on July 03, 2018, 12:18:40 PM
Welcome songatsunrise.  A Texan in fact.  You wouldn't per chance reside south of Interstate 10?  In south Louisiana we consider the line of demarcation between Dixieland and Yankeeland that very highway that stretches from Florida to California.  So if you live in our "Dixie" as Larry and I do, then the three of us may have a "quorum on the forum."

Did I understand correctly that your husband is or was a piano tech?  At Gitz Music we work with piano techs weekly.  Could this be a bit more coincidence like the painting of the boy stuck on the fence? 

And then this "coincidence":  Last Fall I was asked to compose an Anthem for an upcoming Symposium (to hear go to Music Compositions and Other Artistic Expressions).   I was told that the Celestials consider the key of C Major the tone of the rising and setting of the sun.  Since you are a musician, and your moniker is songatsunrise,  I couldn't help correlate your name Carole with a C "Major" sunrise song...just having fun.  I've written a song for Nebadonia, Mother Spirit whom I love.  I wrote it in the key of F, with the Bflat the one accidental since there is no key of N, M, or S (at least as far as I know--who knows, huh?  I'll post it soon since I mention it here.

All for now...I'm sure we'll be talking again.
Title: Re: Introduction and Greetings
Post by: Rene A Duran on July 03, 2018, 02:30:41 PM

Welcome on board dear Songatsunrise, this is a decision in your life, enjoy it and get the best of this experience!!!

And as Gitz said I also live south of I-10 in Phoenix AZ, we can hold the whole continental USA together with our stretched arms to prevent its separation. 

Love and warm greetings to all.

Title: Re: Introduction and Greetings
Post by: SongatSunrise on July 04, 2018, 05:17:22 PM
To my “Dear Friends and Gentle People”
What kind and welcoming words from all of you!
To niant2 I notice a lot of changes too – but changing one’s mind is not a new thing is it?
Thank you Sue, and I do sing, as a matter of fact.  My most recent joy was participating in the chorus for a performance of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony with the East Texas Symphony in Tyler.  (Sometimes known as “Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee”).  What an amazing song about brotherhood!  “Seid umschlungen, Millionen!”  Be embraced, millions!  Beethoven had it right!
And thank you, Ray, for your warm, fuzzy and legible words!  Older than thunder – you and me both!
Thank you, Amethyst – your words have always been helpful on this forum.
And Clency,  what a sweet thought,  the sun dawning in our hearts. . . (actually my name was my mother’s idea).  What does “Domtia” mean?
Thank you, Sophie Veronica,  how kind of you to include so many others in the refugee situation.  Welcoming strangers was an important directive in the 3rd Epochal Revelation:  Thou shalt neither vex a stranger, nor oppress him:  for ye were strangers in the land of Egypt.  Ye shall not afflict any widow or fatherless child  (Exodus 22:21-22)
Thank you, Roger!  I hope to be a strong contributor, even though I don’t TR!
Thank you, Brad, for the re-focus.  Our hang-ups can sometimes just be our own minds!
Howdy, Steve.  Yes indeed I am a Dixieite.  But I had to become naturalized.  I was a Yankee from Chicago, and it took me 10 years to start feeling like a Texan.  Yes, my husband is a piano technician (RPT).  His folks are from Scranton, Pa, later Massachusetts.  My folks are from Butler, Pa, later Chicago.   Yankees all the way. . .
C Major and Sunrise?    How cool is that?  No sharps, no flats, or accidents – oops, accidentals. 
Mozart’s Sonata in C Major is one of the most charming and accessible pieces written and it was composed later in his life.   It was one of the first Mozart pieces I learned.  I look forward to hearing your piece.
By the way, according to Wikipedia, “the German key notation differs from the English system in two respects, namely that B natural is referred to by the letter H, and B flat by the letter B itself”. 
I look forward to participating with all of  you on this amazing website!
May the 4th be with you all!
Song At Sunrise/Carole Deptula
Title: Re: Introduction and Greetings
Post by: Lemuel on July 05, 2018, 01:18:42 AM
Song At Sunrise.  May I offer you a belated but very warm welcome to this forum.
Like the rest of us, you have been led here for a reason and that is to share and 
learn from others experiences and to grow in your own understanding of your
personal journey.
Title: Re: Introduction and Greetings
Post by: Andre_P on July 05, 2018, 09:08:47 AM
Dear Carole Deptula or Song at Sunrise, I join other our brothers and sisters in welcoming you as a new member of the forum, which I understand you have known for some time as a guest. I wish you a lot of pleasure and joy in using the forum as a member.

As you probably know, in this forum my posts are almost only translations into Polish. That was my proposal at the beginning and was accepted by our administrator.
Thank you also for my pleasure of a small lesson in American and general culture in your post.

Because of my rare expression in English, my posts in English are on the other pole in relation to the very understandable (legible) posts of Ray, i.e. they most often cause misunderstandings, but I dare to write a few sentences. Unfortunately, I can hardly suport Googles Polish translations, but for practical reasons I often use them with necessary corrections.

Your name was probably once written in Polish - Deptuła (The letter Ł in Polish sounds exactly like W in English.)

Walking through Europe, which spatially corresponds to the walking through the United States, unfortunately, not like in the US, you have to move in areas where people use languages that are often very different from each other and possible common language (English) is slowly settled.

Now I quote from Ron B. : ” When addressing each other these days, many of you sign off with the word “DOMTIA.” That is the unvierse language spoken on Salvington and elsewhere through out the time-space regions. It means, “good day and happy lending of my heart for yours.” 
(See http://forum.serara.org/index.php?topic=6960.msg55062#msg55062 (http://forum.serara.org/index.php?topic=6960.msg55062#msg55062))

So domtia, Carole.
Title: Re: Introduction and Greetings
Post by: Clency on July 05, 2018, 10:26:12 PM
« What does ‘Domtia’ mean ? »
Benyotria : Hold my hand and show me peace
Bynotria : Let us pray together for each others love of God
Domtia : Hello and goodbye and wishing you my heart to meet again
Nombytia : Eat with the joy of a pig
Urboytia : Let us work together

These are some of the words from the local universe spoken language with their correlated in english which I find while perusing my notes. According to what is revealed to us, there are as many languages spoken in the time-space as there are local universes in one SuperUniverse alone.

I who consider myself as bilingual – english and french languages – and even trilingual if I add my mother tongue, a dialect of mixed english-french, an inheritance of long ago colonization, I have a hard time actually to keep the pace with new expressions, let alone some words in hindustani and chinese mandarin.

If you are enough acquainted with the Urantia Book and have been following this discussion forum for some years, you can get the idea of complexity in learning languages that lies ahead of us in our ascension career ; you can figure it out by yourself. Domtia
Title: Re: Introduction and Greetings
Post by: bernadette on July 06, 2018, 04:03:27 AM
Forum de l  Esprit  qui nous  Unis, tous  toutes   soyiez  les  bien venus  dans ce lieu " de partage spirituel"

 Cher Biens aimés "  Clency"  et tous les freres et soeurs dece Monde primitif encore, heureusement qu il nopus reste  ces chers Traducteurs de langues, à qui je rend un hommage particulier, pour les langues différentes, telles que " Le  polonais , Merci frere bien aimé de ces traductions, et toui aussi le Russe  mon ami de lumière vers la Russie, toi  P , ou ton travail envers ton continent est fastidieux,  puis  "Ken bien aimé "Clency" Merci d avoir déjà la  Supra conscience dans ce partr
age de ce Langu
age   d UVERSA, par tes significations appropriées, tu restes le digne successeur de notre soeur du Passé "Yolande miré purearth parti trop tôt, et curieusement  de" nature indigo" comme toi, délicat et judicieux Clency, merci merci en
ces temps de chaos , cruauté, encore sous les cendres " Luciferienne, putride et nauséabonde qui stagne sur
ce nom nouveau " NYSTORIA"....selon la loi du pére des lumières, tant que nous sommes là, ensemble, tels des  petites bougies lumineuses qui éclairent le  sombre de cet endroit de l univers, fait  dans la cionfiance
de nos protecteurs et bien" veillants Maitres cosmiques, nos fréres intelligents, nos biens aimés Gardiens  du Temple de l Esprit  de cette fratrie restante, par le ré haussement des transmissions/messageries qui nous  unis encore ,par familles spirites  quelqu elles soient, ici bas, langues, continents, couleurs dans cette humble fraternité de mortels évolutionaires, et membres Elytes " du Corp de la destinée, pour la relève des générations futuresz, dans la Paternité et maternité de nos Divins parents, Soyions tous des conquérants  dans ce valeureux et courageux partage, pour la plus grande joie de notre Sublime prédécesseur MICHAEL
à toutes les Ames juvéniles et séniors, merci,dans ces différents partages, de nos différentes personnalités Uni
dans les effluves parfumées des  Célestes Exquis qui nous guident et nous ont placés là, dans l Instant de ce glorieux moment,  salutations  et respect pour ce travail de l Esprit lumineux  dans la Grace qui vous à "oint"s   par vos  fragments internes respectifs dans ce travail spectaculaires pour la plus grande joie dans L HUmain /DIVIN  ...soyions les Trait-d UNION , tels des Fulgurants et précieux Rayons lazer sur cette terre!
Merci délicieux "Clency" -de tes traductions fastidieuses- merci  Améthyste-Merci Sue Ocean-Merci mes soeurs  de coeur d Etre et d exister icibas- Merci à tous età notre administrateur Prestigieux Merveilleux de sa présence parmi nous , vous etes le sel de cette terre et  j y ajoute   aussi LE Miel   " Bio"de l Esprit2018
Bernadette de France', à travers mon sublime Moniteur "P"Otchamé"

Title: Re: Introduction and Greetings
Post by: Clency on July 06, 2018, 11:18:45 PM
Chère Bernadette, tes paroles me vont droit au cœur et je t’en remercie, mais vraiment je ne mérite pas tant d’éloges car je ne fais que contribuer, dans la mesure de mes possibilités, à la diffusion de la Vérité à un plus grand nombre d’auditoire, au-delà même des barrières de langues. Domtia

Dear Bernadette, your words are heartfully felt and my thanks to you for that, but indeed I do not deserve so much praise because I bring an humble contribution by making the Truth known to a larger attendance beyond the barriers of languages. Domtia