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Title: URANTIA: THE SIXTH EPOCHAL REVELATION -This is now the title of the 6th epcl rev
Post by: Ron Besser on July 11, 2018, 03:00:02 PM
July 11, 2018
The New Urantia Book and Redirect: NEW NAME

Deity Absolute (with Ocilliaya)
Michael of Nebadon

Receiver: Ron Besser 3PM York, PA




“Today is the 11th of July 2018 and we have the following to speak to:

“Ron and I have been having back and forth conversations all week on just what is up and I gave him the full monty on that subject on the 10th of July as your list will show four or five of his posts yesterday of considerable length. Today however another crisis has erupted and we have thrown Ron a curve again and must report that the Mentori are considering removing themselves from the neighborhood entirely because Urantia is quite a manure heap at the moment and Ron chuckles at my reporting vocabulary.


“I am sure Ron has noticed a lack of repair for himself and for others, and today there erupted one hell of a scare for all of us and we make it short and sweet. Ron was ordered to lie down and listen to the Universal Father sort things out. First, it was reported he is not leaving Urantia in spite of a scare early this morning contrary to that; and, Second, adjustments had to be made to the body to relieve pressure on the upper stomach to allow the passage of work from Uversa to cleanse the esophagus which was showing signs of becoming cancerous. That has been cleared out but the entire matter must be reviewed once more as a sign of the times that it is very difficult to keep the Mentori working with Urantia, and to keep Ron alive as well at the same time, as the Mentori are clearly upset with our treatment of Ron over minor issues of State.


“The minor issue of State with Ron is his refusal to amend the Constitution of his Life to include difference of opinion over how to conduct affairs of spirit with the affairs of humans and that has led to a discussion on Paradise that Ron is suitable to amend the Constitution if he allows certain developments to accrue to his life on Urantia. Ron says to the Father forthrightly, you made me as I am, yet you carry no sure standard such is acceptable in spite of the twig being bent by the wind as is. Father replies, ‘that is all well and good, but we have no standard even inside the Deity Absolute, that allows a human to sign for a revelation of this nature without fully participaing in its discovery and rectification.’ Ron counters that is not what the S[irit did to advise Dr. Sadler his fifth epochal revelation was invalid becuse he did not participate in its writing, but only in its editing. The Father replied, ‘ you are as smart as we think you are, but please understand we have no precedence for a man on any evolutionary planet designing the entire Magisterial Mission through awkward corporations of material orders we do not work with ever.’


“Ron then proceeded this morning to speak to the Deity Absolute, after Ron received almost a chastisement from Master Spirit Four to raise the issue with Him. Ocilliaya as you call this Master Spirit raised his voice enough for Ron to duck and run only to be summoned by the Deity Absolute, to report to him that nothing was brewing any different than had been done before and that there is no question that Besser can represent the sixth epochal revelation; HOWEVER, the last review with the revelation was that the name on it had been changed by Michael of Nebadon, and Ron questioned if that was wise to issue it as based on an unknown name to the readership of the fifth epochal revelation Nystoria. The Deity Absolute said it had to be done for legalisms they do not discuss with humans at his level and so on. Ron quit his search being sure that Michael of Nebadon held the secret to finishing this entire matter of a sixth epochal revelation. Because of these discussion Ron held this morning with essentially the Infinity of lassitude of the Deity Absolute and Ocilliaya being uncommonly terse with a human, we asked for a review from the Father as He is my response to intractable problems I face everyday in Nebadon as its policy maker.


“I am Michael and I tell all this:


“The Sixth Epochal Revelation is written and is ready for distribution on Urantia.



“The trial to get it on Urantia has been made so much easier for what Ron has done to make it possible and he has all the approvals from the Treasury Department of the United States to proceed.

I, Michael of Nebadon, have serious reservations today only just what is procuring with Ron as he is determined to stick it out, pain and all, to get this thing running properly on Urantia and without the displeasure of the Urantia Foundation to fight our work tooth and nail. Today these are the agenda rules I am looking at seriously for the resurrection of Jesus and for the application of the Sixth Epochal Revelation for all Urantians to enjoy when they have time to read if for awhile.

•        No one will get the Sixth Epochal Revelation until Jesus is established on Urantia;
•        No one will see the Sixth Epochal Reveltion except Ron who may photograph it and place the pictures on the discussion list and I allow the picture to be placed on Facebook so it alerts readers something big is up;
•        No one is to distribute the book until I personally say what is to be done and that includes Wendy Winter, Steve Gitz, and Larry Gossett. They will have a collective office in York, God willing, and the entire matter will be discussed with them as Ron is quite capable of transmitting for hours by voice now as his esophagus has been repaired. Now this:
•        In pretending I have a book printed and then dematerialized, I inadvertently told a fib, and it must be corrected now. The truth is that Nystoria is the true name of this planet in spite of us calling it Urantia since its inception. Nystoria is a reversion to the original name chosen for this bestowal planet of mind as Jesus. Therefore I was reverting it to original cause and asking the Father to indulge it as the title on the Sixth Epochal Revelation. He agreed and made no issue out of it until Ron asked how to handle the fact that readers will not recognize the name Nystoria, and then shun the revelation due to the lack of familiarity with the name Nystoria. The current title remains, Nystoria: Book of Revelation. You are all advised this hit me hard as I know the truth of the readers on Urantia, and they are not trusted to stay loyal to anything but their own wants and needs, so I have to agree with Ron’s observation;

•        I clearly resent Ron doing this as it drills down into my use of the work Nystoria, which I did not wish to reveal, and that is because it has to do with the decision many moons ago that the planet should have been called Urantia for my own particular reasons, and when it came time to place the planet on the Registry of Life on Uversa, I signed it as Urantia. Now I find the Father is okay in calling Urantia, Nystoria, if that is what I want and I do, but Ron points out correctly we face a crisis in development in dissemination because the title is an errancy of the issue of the first epochal revelation in Nebadon to be issued as a text through the work of Dr. Sadler in Chicago


We now are faced with a very awkward situation which I precipitated by telling Ron the planet reverts back to the name Urantia for the work of the epochal revelation. Besser correctly points out it has a deleterious effects on almost everyone to call it Nystoria, and that he felt much better to use Urantia in the title and that he understood the legalisms over using Nystoria in the epochal revelation’s book title. Now Nystoria: Book of Revelation, is not what most of your would prefer but I am stuck with it to avoid castigating the old Urantia Foundation with this to fight, or the new Foundation to take on.

•        Now to the past tense for our lesson today. I made a serious blunder by announcing that the Nystoria: Book of Revelation, is anything but what it should be. It is a new revelation of sparkling dimensions but is so advanced in knowledge most members here will have to struggle with it– and you should. Ron will delight in it and so will many of the fused members of this community. However, Ron now cites an old law he learned in kindergarten and that is nothing works best when it is not fixed so well no one can use it again. (I am exasperated already Ron, knock it off!)

•        Finally, I have concluded that we are destroying all copies of the Sixth Epochal Revelation. We will reprint the Sixth Epochal Revelation using the following Title: URANTIA: THE SIXTH EPOCHAL REVELATION .


“I now explain something very funny that just happened. I gave the title of the book to Ron to type, and he stopped and looked at what I told him to type. In his own mind he thought it whacky too and without further attention more typed out what you see above, and that was directly from the Deity Absolute who does have a sense humor at My reaction on Salvington. For you see Ron added the Roman Numeral Two to the Deity Absolute’s title and then I add the word Sixth to the title and suddenly it was perfectly stated as above. Then Ron decided the Roman numerals were truly unessential and removed them. The title is now:




“Finally, we must make amends to the Michael Foundation International as the place to put this. I am determined that the Urantia Book Foundation is the best repository for this book when we can finally page through it without all this fanfare, but I also see we have a fight on our hands every time we use the word Urantia and plunk down my bet that the Urantia Book Foundation should be discouraged from using itself against us, and to stick with the Michael Foundation International, which is a title Ron and I thought up together and that is that. Good. I am Michael.”

Title: Re: URANTIA: THE SIXTH EPOCHAL REVELATION -This is now the title of the 6th epcl rev
Post by: LarryG on July 11, 2018, 03:32:31 PM
I for one am thrilled to know that this decision has been made., even though I well know the long and viscious battle that will ensue BUT what is right is right and if they can't go with the truth of the situation that is their cross to bear and be buried with.   Changing the name to Nystoria, Book of Revelation would actually only cause deep confusion with everyone who has read  the Original and would, in my humble opinion, cause more damage and harm.   It will be difficult enough to get the revelation our and the name Urantia is already accepted.   But I accept whatever decision Spirit wants to make but I think that this is much more productive and real and true/   Just my 2 cents..... LarryG
Title: Re: URANTIA: THE SIXTH EPOCHAL REVELATION -This is now the title of the 6th epcl rev
Post by: Ron Besser on July 11, 2018, 03:46:53 PM
Michael of Nebadon -  Ron agrees fully with you and it was quite a tussle for him to keep changing the name to Nystoria in order to keep current with my orders at the time.  This incident is over now and we return to a more normal circumstance when Urantia is used in place of the temporary name Nystoria.

Title: Re: URANTIA: THE SIXTH EPOCHAL REVELATION -This is now the title of the 6th epcl rev
Post by: 7inOcean on July 11, 2018, 04:03:43 PM
I am understanding the situation of the name and title. It struck me to quiz and say why not make it the title like this: "Urantia/Nystoria: The Sixth Epochal Revelation". ?

Larry I enjoyed your transmission with Michael, thank you! And thank you Michael!
Now I have to go to work...back later my friends.
Title: Re: URANTIA: THE SIXTH EPOCHAL REVELATION -This is now the title of the 6th epcl rev
Post by: LarryG on July 11, 2018, 04:40:30 PM
I am a bit surprised to learn that Nystoria was  an intended name for Urantia in the earliest of  days  in Her  History and I was also taken aback when I read from "Announcement of Import  on July 10"  this statement :

"I now use the word Urantia pejoratively so I can finish this without scalding everyone I speak to on this issue alone.  Ron follows as do the four othyer fused humans the term Nystoria by my decree, but when personnel outside of the Local Universe arrive they know it only as Urantia.  I have now decreed that no one may use anything for the name of this planet other than Urantia.  Urantia is now the new norm and you Ron bow your head in disbelief.  No ruse.  Urantia it remains for now.  In any case the trial we must arrive at is how to discern who is a true Urantian and who is Lucifer, for Lucifer wanted to name this planet Nystoria, and sought the Edentia Legislature to rename it as such, and they refused.  Only the most highs knew this trial was to name it Nystoria for reaction among all of you, and only Ron objected because it just did not "feel" right and I see one or two of you since then agree it did not seem to fit."

 I truly don't recall any reading of anything anytime  about these Planetary name choices and perferences especially in reference to Lucifer.   It kind of took my breath away for a moment or two!