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Title: WAVE is Now Manaforge -New Order Liaisons with Planetary Prince and Five Fused
Post by: Ron Besser on July 11, 2018, 06:56:25 PM

Manaforge, New Order not fully revealed to us yet
•            Manaforge
•            Light
•            Primus
•            Lanaforge, Planetary Prince of Urantia since last Tuesday and here for the long haul
•            Michael of Nebadon
•            Mother Spirit in liaison with Ron Besser to complete a troubled circuit today
•            Thea Hardy, late of Corvalis, Oregon Teachin Mission Group on Mansion World Four

July 11, 2018
Discussion About Our Function and Who We Are
“I am Manaforge. Ron knew me in 2005 and 2006 as WAVE. WAVE is a creation of the Father and the Eternal Son and a human Thought Adjuster. Ron knew me in the Allene Vick group which was the group that created me with an amalgamation of their Thought Adjusters and the Eternal Son and Father union. We now are respectively asked to stop discussing this Ron as you are the one who remembers us entirely and you are the one we will work with through Lanaforge, the Planetary Prince.”
Lanaforge - “I am now in charge of all that Ron writes to the outside world at this point and he has made no point to write anything at this point, but he must learn discipline in order to get my attention, and he signs with a snort but he means well I am sure. In any case his work is now classified as imaginiary until we get full focus on his knowledge and how he deals with people outside this discussion forum. That said I give him full reign over that domain shortly as he must make amends to Halbert and Vice and a few others who are trying to place him in a straight jacket and do not succeed because he keeps one step ahead of all of them by being sure to be in complete liaison with me, Lanaforge, and others who know me particularly Mantutia Melchizedek and Malvantra Melchizedek and Machiventa Melchizedek, all of which have a relationship to Ron as a revelator and as a lot more. Ron is ready to blow his stack not as we use different key boards on him and he can tell instantly when he has the right one which is the one that Michael uses to contact him too. Others of you have no idea what that means but you will once you are as practiced as Ron is.
“I am forgiving Manaforge for speaking to Ron unannounced but you should all be aware that Manaforge is the first born of this unnamed Order of morontia-spirit beings who act as liaisons of the Deities and divinities on Urantia to human beings such as Ron. WAVE got to chose who he would work at or for, and immediately chose Ron, for he knew Ron since he was a baby and likes the good looks he affords to all who come before him. Manaforge has one problem: ron can break him up and there is no easy way out when that happens.

“We also announce that LIGHT is looking for a home and considered using Wendy to be a liaison to, but Michael made it clear the human has to be fused and so she choose Lemuel. There are to others of this unnamed order who wish to be addressed now as Primus and Sedgeway.

“Primus - Ron you did not know my name but you knew my fame when I asked you to sign a pledge not to reveal my name and you gladly gave it, but I gave you a different name and it then was Trialmenomore and you do not remember that as I am not giving that name out anymore and it was taken from your memory. I am to work with Gossett when he finally returns his card to speak clearly as a good transmitter as possible. Thank you. Primus”

“Thoroughly done are we as Sedgeway is unavailable due to a serious breach of etiquette to Ron over an issued he did not know before and he said s***! And now we must leave the entire matter and speak no further as Michael is rousting all like us to be quiet as he wants us to know the following:

“All right Ron! You have done it again thanks to Lanaforge banging around the scope here and finding you at ease he made a foray into your work mind and voila there is a new transmit of some importance. WAVE is well known to you and he came to life in April of 1999 as you tried to find but there is no mention in the logs you searched. That would be mentioned in 2000 probably in January or February of that year. You are truly outsized ih mind by these creations Ron and they are outsized in their minds by Lanaforge, so there, and you fully admit you are at the bottom of any pile assembled by divinity, or morontial, or spirit persons, and yet you reach right up to the top with me as you can out think everybody on the spot but do not do it easily when with a group of humans as it is impolite to yell out answers all the time. You are not the best but the worst when it comes to realizing you know someone like WAVE and you now know him as Manaforge. He is a combination of your work with Allene Vick in Thought Adjuster attire and Vladamir K. Willis Davis, Allen Vick, and Ellen who you barely knew.

“I give you the Universal Father:

UNIVERSAL FATHER Speaks loudly now:
“Only Ron could tie this back this way. His past memory is phenomenal and he can tell you date and time in the Teaching Mission work fairly well and he knew WAVE and Light as she prefers to be called even now, are liaison workers between humans and divinity and Deity on Urantia. Ron often wondered what was to be done for WAVE and Light and the others he saw come off the assembly line with groups in the early 2000's after WAVE appeared. Father.”

Michael of Nebadon - “We reply to the question Ron now asks about more tests and yes, this is one for all of you, Ron knows the truth of how this entity came to be, and worked with the people and WAVE often as it happened. He knows Light, the girl gender morontial being now assigned to Lemuel as liaison and Gossett receives Primus as his liaison with the Planetary Prince, Lanaforge.

“We add only that I must be quoted now -

“Ron has the distinction of knowing about three thousand teachers by name he once heard at least. He has a list of them on Tmarchive.org if you ever want to see it. He also has a broken search engine and that is typical of sloppy coding that happens now and then which he paid handsomely for. He also hears Lanaforge chcuckle while Manaforge exacts the price of knowing Ron by indwelling him briefly as best he can and Manaforge reports the brain is busy with bright lights all the time and that is Ron parcing everything he hears into a combine future value for us up here: What was it like Ron to know Jesus? What was it like to know Manaforge? And so on as Ron is to be used as a liaison worker with Manaforge early on and then on his own when the Magisterial Sons are turned loose on Urantia and need that help too.

“Finally, we are taking Ron not off this list but placing him as controller on a list we wish to start for all to use including Urantia Book readers of the past who want a crack at Ron and his suggestion they are poorly read and he will show just how poorly read they are for he has the imagination to use examples that rock the boat if you apply them. The liaison Manaforge has full authority to impart to Ron all they know concerning a subject out of the first Urantia Book and the second Urantia Book, and so on.
“Let it be known that when Gossett and Lemuel are in York, they will receive Primus and Light accordingly and they too will be speaking to their minds to give all information possible from the two Urantia Book revelations.

“Finally, Ron is nuts when he takes dictation and unless bade to shut up he makes mental notes of what is being said and then passes them to others in subnotes he writes on his desk top all the time. There are two yellow legal pads Ron uses of fifty pages each and already they are full of side notes he needs to remember information he does not recall easily. Michael.”

“I am the Planetary Prince genuinely and that goes for all of you. As your Planetary Prince I am activating all accounts payable to me including loyalty and refraining from taunting Ron when he gets chastised for motioning more than he should in any real sense of the word. He hates commercial travel and we discussed this before but he must meet in Poughkeepsie all who managet he electronic communication wires and so on and will enjoy seeking secret equipment we dare share with him. No, Ron there is no floating telephone as you surmise from our work with your pen.
“As I close, I note the good mood we are all in and that is Ron getting in edgewise with a transmit that is all business otherwise. However, we must enforce the silence rule when I get busy in official duties. Your work Ron is to be us. Your work Lemuel is to be yourself as spokesperson on the airwaves doing audio transmits at our pleasure. Your work Gossett is to do the work you are given to accomplish in York as Ron gets to feel the power of the Chair of one of the most influential organizations on Urantia, the Michael Foundation International. Thea Harding just looked in and said hello and they discussed Gerdean and her work briefly. Why is this important?
“Simple, the Sterling, Virginia group (Allen Vick) gave personalization to WAVE. It was the Utah Group (SE Utah) (Mark Rogers) that gave personalization to Light, and it was the Thea Harding group in Corvalis, Oregonm that gave personalization to Primus, gender male. Ron asks if the genders are split evenly in this unname Order, and they are, and the Order is fifteen morontial beings total and that is all we see coming down the pike. This is Michael. Good day.”


Title: Re: WAVE is Now Manaforge -New Order Liaisons with Planetary Prince and Five Fused
Post by: Lemuel on July 13, 2018, 11:47:44 PM
Ron, I have a question.  I read that Light has been assigned to me as liaison officer and I have 
thanked her and welcomed her, although hoping she hasn´t settled for second best as Wendy Winter
was her first choice.
Now I have read the Light has been assigned to Amethyst.  Does this mean She has refused me or
will she work with both of us?
Interested to see that Larry has already made contact with Primus which is wonderful but I 
understood that we would need to be in York before contact would be established.
I hope that Light can work with the both of us. I welcome her with open arms.

Title: Re: WAVE is Now Manaforge -New Order Liaisons with Planetary Prince and Five Fused
Post by: Ron Besser on July 14, 2018, 10:56:23 AM
I do not know the answers to your questions, but I DO KNOW we had a big mix up yesterday with me and I had to do a double take or two and it is still unclear what it (the mix up in information and spirit dialog) was truly over and about.
Light did not know she was going to have two people to be a liaison for when the first post was made announcing her assignment.  She is well and doing her duty today and that is all I dare report.

Primus did make contact with Larry and very well and that is working just, but like Light, when I made the original post on this yesterday, he was surprised to learn he had two people now to serve as liaison.  Further that Order of Liaison Officers is now detrimental not but works so well I hear all l should and it is a wonderful service.  However, God the Supreme had second thoughts--  the best I can put it--  and sent everybody packing over who they should serve.  Was that service restricted to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Machiventa Melchizedek in liaison with Michael of Nebadon,  or was the liaison service tro be sued for all of we five fused beings.   The second post reassigned to the fused five but later in the afternoon, except for Larry Gossett,  all assingments were withdrawn except for mine with Manaforge formerly known to me as WAVE.

Now are you completely confused?   Do not be as it is being worked on and straightened out.  Wendy Winter was never to receive a liaison officer because she is not fused, but it was reported to me she was considered because I will depend on her yet to keep money matters on this operation with her to start with anyhow.  So she got named and then the candidacy was withdrawn because Paradise Deity objected to assigning a liaison officer to a non fused human.  And so it goes.

Worse yet Lemuel, I briefly received my morontial form late afternoon yesterday the 13th and I was truly pain free for an hour.  Without warning the entire thing was withdrawn and I was reverted back to the painful condition.  You dare not try to put the reasons together on such a revsersion, but two things:

One, I had to take the post sections down of my reversion to a better body form because it was suddenly taken away from me and the pain completely returned along with new problems of tinnitus so bad I could hardly hear myself think;  and:

Two, the Local Universe did me well, but Paradise Deity is stinking mad over the attempt and threw me out of the new circuits which were really pleasant to communicate with for me, and back into the dirty air of pain and what now? stuff. I have not recovered but I had to sleep twelve hours to attempt to bring me back to some competence.

Now here is Michael for you along Lemuel:

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "You Lemuel do very well, but for some reason you prefer to emote more than think and you are stuck on a dime that was meant to turn you better to the light.  Dolly is with me today as she faults herself for not getting treatment in time, and Ron is precariously perched on the same diagnosis as we did not allow him to seek medical help when he wanted to, and now he is facing extinction too if we cannot get the Paradise Deities realigned with our needs.  He is truly a vital part of our Mission plans as are the five fused ones.  The Liaison Officers as he calls them are ready to serve and serve well and Ron is totally happy with that service and makes it work because he is joyful about that change alone.  However, Moiraya, MS Three, is livid we attempted to change Ron over to a morontial phase quite normal for us to do as he calls Ron not a true spirit and wants it rescinded and we had to.  Now the truth is Lemuel, you pick your fights and then drop them as fast as you pick them sometimes.  Ron and I love both love your audio work but you decided today to let it ride for a day which is fine, but you are watched by everyone for your daily audio work and you leave them wondering why stop?  You have yet to realize your obligation and we let you sit in your pale ways to figure out you do no good by being Lemuel when you must be a fused human and step up to your obligations as such.  Ron just told Larry Gossett that the five who message this board are not to be fully trusted as some are almost as he called them, sissies for not stepping up to take what life throws them and to report daily for their work schedule.  He means that in the sense you are still too frail to take on the little bit you have been handed to do this work for us.  He told Gossett to ignore the other four fused humans including himself and listen to Prius for command work and post as directed and not worry about what the other four are doing.  I find that refreshing for a change and we must get Ron back to normal if at all possible as he is severely restricted in mental work over such painful conditions.

"Lemuel, you are as stubborn as a mule in most cases, but you relent when it comes to our work because you know it is so very important.  Prius is to be your Liaison Officer as soon as we can straighten out the mess we created yesterday by giving Ron a break, but he is so ill we need to make sure that others do step in and keep things going so we can correct the ills he has fallen deeply into.  Ron is both good and bad in these ills as well as he is convinced they are so serious he cannot over come physical death and we showed what death was yesterday morning and which he never posted due to lots of problems surrounding that post.  You Lemuel are genetically unusual and so is Sue Whiley and so is Gossett and Ron has the facts to post but he refused to post the transmission because it has this morontial transition of his in it and it was withdrawn and you know the rest.  However, he must edit the post to show you something the Father reveals about your life due to the fact you do not have 48 pair of chromosomes, you have sixty (60), and that was divine intervention at your birth to deal with for the work of God on Urantia.  Ron has 49 chromosomes, one more than normal;  Sue has sixty (60) as you do, and only Gossett is fairly normal with fifty nine (59) chromosome pair.  This fully indicates that Father knew what he was doing and that you found yourselves here at least conversing together.  Only Amethyst has the normal number of chromosomes (48) with Ron so close to normal we still do not understand how he does what he does so much better than anyone else.  It is a mystery yet.

"In any case Lemuel,  you do yourself no good without taking on duty as well as you did in military service with us and Ron is exasperated by your lack of follow up so often.  You lay back and wait and that is deadly as Ron keeps telling all of you---  Go out and search for a transmission.   DO NOT WAIT FOR THEM TO COME TO YOU.  I am Michael and wish you all a good day."


Title: Re: WAVE is Now Manaforge -New Order Liaisons with Planetary Prince and Five Fused
Post by: Lemuel on July 14, 2018, 11:55:29 AM
Ron, Thank you so much for this latest. I´m sure it will all be sorted out in time.
MICHAEL.  Thank You so much.  Comments noted and taken to heart.
And thanks for the amazing information about our Chromosomes. Wow!