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Title: Lesson from the Children rescued from the Thai Cave
Post by: SongatSunrise on July 11, 2018, 09:02:34 PM
Dear Hearts and Gentle People,
It was on the news tonight that all the boys who were trapped in the flooded cave in Thailand were rescued, as well as the Coach.
It is so sad that one of the S.E.A.L team members died in the process of setting the lines.  He was a hero indeed!
It was noted that as soon as the last one was rescued, the pump system crashed and the whole cave filled to the top with water.  Many supplies were lost, but no lives! Surely the entire universe is happy for their rescue.  What a joy to see such teamwork among the international rescuers.  It is interesting that the boys will be spending some time in a monastery before they go back to their families. 
 These boys had spent much time in the last two weeks in meditation and prayer. Thank God they had a mentor who could keep them calm and focused, and who was teaching them the power of faith.  (Remember the Old Testament quote, restated in the Bible’s New Testament, “The just shall live by his faith”). 
I pray that this experience will be noted in the heavens, and that they may become spiritual leaders in the future,  in addition to excellence in whatever else they do.  God IS IN THE LIFE BUSINESS! He will see that spiritual leaders will rise where they need to be.  Malala, the Muslim girl that was shot in the head for going to school, is already on her way to a Nobel Peace Prize.  I pray that all the experiences that carve our character will be an inspiration in the future to untold generations.
Title: Re: Lesson from the Children rescued from the Thai Cave
Post by: amethyst on July 11, 2018, 10:56:56 PM
Well put SongatSunrise--We hear so much that is wrong on this world and when these miracles are also made public, we can only hope that this will help with the healing we so badly need here.  There are many heroes out there that would respond without even thinking of their own lives first, and the more their stories are told, the more united in love humanity can become.