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Title: Audio Transmission / How can I help?
Post by: Lemuel on August 10, 2018, 11:47:31 AM
Speaker: Beloved/Lemuel
Subject: How can I help?
Place: Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
Date/ Time: 10th Aug.  17:47 Local  15:47 Z

Title: Re: Audio Transmission / How can I help?
Post by: Clency on August 11, 2018, 01:16:49 AM
Transcribed from Lemuel’s transmission

How can I help

Beloved/Lemuel : Good afternoon everyone. Our chat this afternoon is about ‘How can I help’. Just two days ago, I received a telephone call from an old friend of mine still living in Wales, she is a little bit younger than me, and she was very upset, because of the behaviour of one of her grand-sons to his mother, my lady friend’s daughter.

The grand-son is of 16 yrs of age and is going through that period of being quite an horrible teenager. His friends are taking drugs, they go on drinking binges and well there is no need going into detail, I am sure you all get the picture. His mother has studied years and years and finally qualified to become a social worker and is working with alcoholics and drugs addicts and it is a very hard work.

On top of that, the house where my friend’s daughter lives in Cardiff, the capital of Wales, the owner of the house was to sell it, which means now the family living there has to try and move somewhere else, so you get the picture. My friend was so stressed to discover that her daughter and her husband who I omitted to say has got cancer, are struggling with the possibility to move to a different house and the thing that hurt the mother more than anything else is that the way her son is treating her.

So, the reason my friend rung me the other day and she was terribly in an upsetting point and asking me, I Lemuel, what can I do, how can I help and over the years I had some people come to me with this problem they are having to face and they worry because they can’t do anything about it. So, the question is how can I help, how can anyone help in such circumtances. I am sure you know of similar cases yourself.

So, obviously I always turn within and talk to my Beloved, but quite instinctively, before I do that, if I have a mental image of the persons involved that need help, I send light and blessings and hold them in light and see them surrounded in the most beautiful golden light. I always thought that this is the best that one can do, in fact the only thing that one can do and this is what I told my friend the other night, trying to persuade that there is no point in you to worry and getting upset, because there is nothing you can do about it at all. The only thing you can do is what I have just said.

Those who are in trouble, those who are in desperate need, if you have a mental image of them, if you know them personally, then hold them in the light and send them light from your own heart and blessings. I try to imagine a beam of light, like the beam of a torch light from my heart, going out to that person and at the same time from my mind I am sending them blessings. This is what anyone can do and this is in fact my message to all of you this afternoon.

If you know of someone in trouble, you can help them by doing what I have suggested. Hold this person in light and send your own light from your heart and really feel it, feel this light emanating from your heart like a beam of a powerful torch and also send your blessings. Light and blessings to those who are in desperate need.

Well, my friend chatted on the phone for half an hour and I am sure you have experienced this yourself of people who just want to unload on someone that they know that they can confide and trust. We have been friends for many years and she knows that she can call me at anytime and talk to me about anything. I listen and I try to be patient as I can and understanding full well the need sometime people have to unload, especially those who live on their own as she does in Wales and I know what it is like to live on one zone and sometimes feeling helpless.

So, dear brothers and sisters, our message this afternoon is simply this, if you are asked a question from someone else, ask you how can I help. Now you know, the only thing you can do, the best thing you can do is hold that person in light, light and blessings and their Thought Ajusters will do what is necessary and what is appropriate. I thank you all for listening, I wish you a good evening and this is all for now and I say bye-bye.
Title: Re: Audio Transmission / How can I help?
Post by: Clency on August 11, 2018, 01:07:08 PM
Hi Lemuel, after transcribing your audio transmission this morning, I was prompted to make a reply to express a thought crossing my mind, but I was kept away from my computer for several hours. I am back now, so here it is : I have had some occasions in the past to send light (healing energies) to a dear friend’s wife who unfortunately passed over some months later, to one of my older sister who is still in a bad health condition (both are remote from me) and another friend with a cancer, living in my neighbourhood, who is struggling. I used the technic of imaging as you wisely advocate, but I feel now that I was not doing it right. I am of the idea that we need a course of how to send light to others delivered by a Celestial personality, so as not to jeopardize the process itself or to endanger those we want to help. What is your take on this ? Thanks
Title: Re: Audio Transmission / How can I help?
Post by: Rene A Duran on August 11, 2018, 01:41:06 PM
Yes Lemuel, 
That's an act of love for our fellow brothers and sisters,  I remember that I have done that many years already, I imagine bringing energy from above passing through me to the center of our planet to pick the best energies from mother Earth coming back to my heart and projected to the people you want to help, always asking to our T/A for  assistance.

Thank you Lemuel for a timely reminder to comeback to my basic teachings.

Title: Re: Audio Transmission / How can I help?
Post by: Lemuel on August 11, 2018, 01:59:23 PM
Hi Clency, thanks for the question.
You do not need a course in how to do this more proficiently. The all-important ingredient, as always, is your
sincere heartfelt intention and then it is your Thought Adjuster that does the required in the way most appropriate.
In any case, with practice, like anything else, you will find it easier and a more natural thing to do.