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The US DOLLAR & WORLD REFORMATION INTO A SINGLE CURRENCY => Announcements about the US Dollar and the Types of Proposed Changes to World Trade and Investment by the Divine Missions to Urantia => Topic started by: Clency on June 16, 2019, 09:02:19 am

Title: Financial apocalypse
Post by: Clency on June 16, 2019, 09:02:19 am
The financial gurus are all raising a red flag by prophetizing a near collapse of the US$ and they are warning their followers what to expect and how to avoid being caught up in the middle of this crisis. The following scenarios are how they envision the situations looming ahead :
But what they do not know, as it has been announced by SERARA and LANAFORGE, is that ‘‘the US dollar rests not on China gold, but on American gold which is plentiful, but they don’t know it.’’ Anyway, we are assured that Celestials will not allow a severe financial crisis as in 2008. It remains that if we ever have to face such situations – a recession by the end of the year or at the beginning of next year is not to be ignored – it is better to have some liquidity available so as not to get trapped. Domtia

Title: Re: Financial apocalypse
Post by: Ron Besser on June 16, 2019, 12:35:27 pm
MOTHER SPIRIT - "Clency, you more or less repeated what SERARA and MONJORONSON have been saying for years about this new era of financial difficulties we are entering into.  Be assured the real reason for this double indemnity is not the USA or the EU, but due to the decision China took last year to let the Yuan float against the dollar and then rescind all use of gold backing for the Yuan anymore.  Up until February of 2012, China paid off its debts with gold reserves and the world more or less gave a sigh of relief, and then suddenly renigs on that deal mostly because the USA refused to extend the favor in return.  How this gets straightened out is for the USA to start paying china back with gold reserves too, but the USA is angry with China over what they do in the WTO and that is to claim double what they are owed without showing the receipt of the lading done up in specific lists of details of what they sold to determine they are really owed that much.  The USA says they are being hammered with debt relief problems only China has and they will not play that game."

SERARA - "Clency, as usual you are fictionalizing the problem somewhat.  What you write is written from my critique given in the year of 2004 in the summary publication by Daniel Raphael.  In those days we saw the dollar collapse as so serious that we had to interven immediately to save the world's financial stability.  Now it appears that the Chinese Yuan is strong enough to take some of the heat of a collapsing world financial system.  If that happens much of what you suggest will happen is unlikely.  The reason is that the Yuan is now out of the trouble of the WTO, which China does not like to operate under anyhow, and the USA and China will eventually agree they need set up their own control mechanisms, and conclude a trade deal OUTSIDE OF THE WTO.  That will thrown the American dollar out the window briefly and the Yuan may become t he preferred currency, but China cannot maintain that pressure on the Yuan simply because, while they have lots of gold, their gold standard becomes subject to so much inflation, the Yuan collapses and the dollar renews itself as the currency of preference for the world to trade with.

"This seems far fetched to Ron, but I am not silly as he is at times, but Ron knows something you do not Clency.  He sees the world as a unit of pests which make their own nest of problems in search for a profit.  Ron feels the profit motivation will never cease, but it will abate, and when it does, the matter of food and water and energy becomes more or less a given in supply chains that are reinvented by man to keep civilization working somewhat.  I happen to agree with him in this completely.  But he is a wizard in that he also suspects that the United States need only call on Breton Woods Agreement we talked a lot about a few months ago, and now everybody forgets it again.  Breton Woods Agreement is the back bone of the WTO and as such will force the WTO? to understand it must give credence to the US dollar because they have all agreed to use it instead of the British Pound Sterling to buy goods on the open market.  It was good then, and it is good now, to do so.

"We are of the opinion, that Ron knows enough to split the difference between what you say and what will happen.  There will be trucking disruptions to deliver goods.  Inflation will skyrocket.  Money for lending becomes very scarce. And so on.  But be caring to note that the USA still retains the power of the US dollar and its credibility because the Magisterial Sons will back its financial system with enough gold to stop the run on the US currency we all call the dollar.

"The Magisterial Mission will provide enough gold liquidity to stop a run on the dollar and force nations states like China to fold its tent and stop borrowing money from the USA but be forced to pay itself off with debts incurred by its own Chinese population.

"For that reason alone we now have six trillion dollars in debt owed to China, bit by the USA, but by Taiwan and a host of other nations which incur debt over the Chinese Yuan design of renegotiation of debt through the USA Federal Reserve.  Why Clency you have forgotten all of this is strange but you have and now force Me, SERARA, to remind you that we are about to appear incarnate and I have a lot to say from the rostrum, just what is to be done when this things hits soon and harshly and to destroy many markets including probably the New York Stock Exchange as exchequer of the western democracies.  I leave it a that.  SERARA."

MICHAEL OF NEBADON = "Clency, what is it that brings you to post these things when you have not learned one scintilla more as to what will happen when the crisis finally hits.  The USA is still the top dog when it comes to currency revisions, and it keeps revising how to use the dollar in order to keep itself out of final debt.  If final debt occurs, that means it suddenly is forced to pay all sixteen trillion dollars out to receiving nations, and they do not deserve sixteen trillion total, but more like five or six trillion total.  The US has the gold to back that but refuses to spend it while China hordes gold and will not pay it out for its debts.  But let it lie for now, as the real crisis is in the US government and its inability to come to grips with a US President that has no sense of good news, but only bad news, and may attempt to start a war with Iran that the US wished it never would have started.  Iran is nuclear.  Iran is useless as a partner to anyone.  Iran will collapse and become a mysterious empire in history that had it all but could not get acknowledged as a good nation ever and it has never been a good nation unless it was forced to be so under the Shaw of Iran.  I am sure this subject will come up again and again, but until the USA figures out it has nothing to fear from Iran by staying put, the USA will rue the day it ever started a pin prick war with that nation state that can blackmail anyone now due to the fact it has a nuclear bomb.  Care not for Israel as Israel can defend itself well, but care for Turkey and the Arab Emirates, as Iran would love to decimate them because they are, in spite of appearances, good western allies and will never falter to defend them, but they can be removed with small nuclear devices that will poison that region with radioactivity for generations.  Thank you, I am Michael of Nebadon.  Good day."

Title: Re: Financial apocalypse
Post by: 7inOcean on June 16, 2019, 07:24:23 pm
Woah - anything to do with money and for that matter which we rely on to pay for our very basic livelihood and its threats to it is very, very spooky! Thank you Ron and all who have given some insights into the machinations going on and to enable us to be aware of the bigger picture globally. Now, what can we do to save our own skins in the fracas? If the bank collapses, then does our small little saved money is lost? And then are we left penniless, because of a very hungry caterpillar that can't help itself? What can we do in our own small way Ron? Do I withdraw the cash and stash it somewhere? Is the Australian Dollar currency going to hold any value in all this collapse? Just being honestly concerned here as the rest of us, I am sure are too.

Title: Re: Financial apocalypse
Post by: Ron Besser on June 16, 2019, 10:19:51 pm
Sue, I already replied to your question what to do about it very well. You need to recapitalize your own bank account and either place in it your investment proceeds as raw cash or make another account and place all investment securities as cash into the account.  You want to be all cash to make it through this one.  Investments will tumble and banks with money markets will lose investors galore thanks to the unbridled way a bank deals with fund accounts that lose all their money and mow will lose all their money.  

When banks open their doors again, there will be plenty of reason to do investing again as you are now on the ground floor of reputable companies to buy stocks and bonds again.  But until the crisis is over, keep everything in case for the duration.  Once the crisis hits bottom then risk a little to see how the markets react and wait until stock markets to be running again to reinvest fully.

I am fully sure this is to happen, but there is no way to predict the duration.  it may takes as long as six months or up to fourteen months to clear the worst of it.  Then one must understand that the difference between normal and what is left is huge, but each person has to decide when it is safe and the degree of risk it will take to feel invested again.  I dislike having everything I have in cash which I have done for the past fourteen years anticipating this any moment.  But these things are so unpredictable I made an error staying in all cash for so long, but I am still in all cash and consider myself safer than most at this time.  Be assured the trouble does not originate in the USA, it may start with a run on the British Pound, or the Italian Lira,  or the Somalia shilling (1 Somaliland shilling = 100 Somali shillings = 1/50 United States dollar)

The Australian dollar is secure as is the New Zealand dollar various paeggerd around 1/65 or higher.  But the problem is not their stability, the problem is that investors buy huge amounts of the dollars ont he open market and then play them like monopoly money to bid up gold or US dollars.  When gold is worth more than the Australian Peg of roughly 1/70 to the $, the Australian dollar dips accordingly and the same is true of all currencies to the USD.  The USD is a reserve currency meaning it is not pegged to other values but it has a value indicator based on the worth of the dollar in 1993 as the dollar index.

However the first time the United States measure inflation was in 1913 and here is a table showing what you would have to spend to get what 100 dollars could by in 1913.


No country currently backs its currency with gold, but many have in the past, including the U.S.; for half a century beginning in 1879, Americans could trade in $20.67 for an ounce of gold. The country effectively abandoned the gold standard in 1933, and completely severed the link between the dollar and gold in 1971.Oct 5, 2012