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Post by: Ron Besser on July 17, 2019, 12:37:20 pm
18 July 2019 from Ron Besser.  I have removed this post out of hopes I can makes sense over what some of you are reporting as old posts to this thread and facebook posts I simply do not see.  This post took hours to do but I see it is useless under conditions I am not party to on this thread at all.  I cannot make head nor tails of what may be happening this morning at all.  But the post is removed in order to let things settled down if they can.  Thank you and it is  a strange start to a strange day for me.  RON


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Post by: wendy.winter on July 17, 2019, 07:37:42 pm
It strikes me that such a long life lived on Urantia was not considered a blessing at all.  I am interested to know what methods were used in Methuselahs' case to rehabilitate him back to love and joy again. Like so many here, I have read (and enjoyed) the Book of Enoch and am curious to know more about the Patriarch Methuselah. I remember the tremendous sadness I felt for Enoch and his descendents as they endured the same agony we do today in witnessing a world gone mad with ingornance, lust, greed... the list goes on. Wendy
Title: Re: Michael of Nebadon FACEBOOK
Post by: occerpa on July 18, 2019, 08:18:58 am
I never wanted to subscribe to any of those social networks with the exception of Whapsapp, but now I got another invitation to join to Facebook, and I think, that after many invitations that I ignored, I think with this one that has arrived and that placed here for everyone, I'll have to do it. I hope comments on the particular. Thanks
https://www.facebook.com/MichaelOfSalvington/ (https://www.facebook.com/MichaelOfSalvington/)
Post by: Clency on July 18, 2019, 10:25:57 am
Octavius, it is up to you. I think those guys are from the Urantia Book Readers Group, maybe I am mistaken, but personally I don’t find the need to subscribe to their facebook group, they are not up to the many changes that are occuring on the highest sphere and those that are in preparation on Urantia, because they cling to the FER only, so they are missing a great deal of what we here on the forum are receiving as revelations from the many Celestial sources. It is a privilege not to overlook. Domtia
Post by: roger krupa on July 18, 2019, 11:10:40 am
I notice that these postings on this page are from a year or so back.  Seems that someone has been collecting these, as I do for my own archive, and posting them on this page.  As long as he is following God's will in this I have no problem with it.  If he starts misrepresenting the truth, then I have a big problem with it.
Post by: Ron Besser on July 18, 2019, 11:55:02 am
Everyone, you are seeing something on your list here I do not see on my computer.  Postings from a year ago?  There is no such postings on my screen or on this thread for me.  I believe you but I see no such thing.  Octavius Clency?  Facebook Occerpa?  Roger, I do not see anything which you are responding to.  I am standing back until I get some idea what you are all experiencing.  I see not what you refer to and cannot help.  Ron
Post by: Clency on July 18, 2019, 12:12:21 pm
Ron, I am as surprised as you are about the post from Roger, I don’t know where he gets this idea, perhaps he could enlighten us with some explanations. As for my part, I was just making  a reply to Occerpa’s posting above. Domtia
Post by: Raz on July 18, 2019, 04:50:10 pm
Ron, I think Roger is just adding his thoughts to those of Clency in regards to the facebook link posted by occerpa as those facebook posts are all over a year old.
Post by: occerpa on July 18, 2019, 05:15:55 pm
Clency and Ron, maybe I was not explicit enough in my post on that link from Michael of Nebadon Facebook. I took a look at the page and it seemed to me in its place; but before subscribing I sent it to hear your opinion and perhaps from Father Michael himself because the invitation is still exciting, being that for many years I have ignored piles of invitations for Facebook and other social networks, from family and friends.
I agree with Clency that we can not compare this forum with anything else, and although Ron's reaction is not so specific, I think that due to the fact that there is the possibility of intervening in Spanish, which would greatly facilitate my participation, I am inclined to subscribe; however, I will still wait for a more authoritative opinion from Ron. On the other hand, I thought that already in the forum you would know something about the subject. Thanks
Post by: weydevu on July 19, 2019, 01:31:17 pm
Ron that post people are talking about may have come about 2 years ago when Trump was elected and you transmitted JFK. Anyway I'm glad I copied it for my archives as well.  During that time Michael had stated HE would give an article on the Black race, if that's the post they are talking about. While reading the post you took down, I had a sadness in my heart until I came to the part where it said,  "We are not offending anyone when we say that race and riots are coming back to Urantia big time NOT." The only way to solve these race problems is through Divine help. Hate is a disease eating at the core of humanity not only here but around the world.  When I first learn of the UF they said that TUB would be distributed by word of mouth for fifty years then they would advertise it. Its a shame they didn't do what they said they would do, how many people were deprive of TUB we will never know.
I always had faith in your healing I just didn't know it would take this long. May your healing be complete.


Post by: Ron Besser on July 19, 2019, 04:29:15 pm
Thank you Weydevu for your compassionate understanding.
I said to Michael and the Ancients of Days yesterday, "how can you ever hope to have Urantia become a normal planet if you do not force solving the race problem?"  They answered with that post I took down and now I have no copy of it to post back up if I wanted to.  But you as a black man Weydevu cause no harm and are very much part of the God centered world you and the rest of us here want so badly to be.  But the racial divide is real and it has no one face, but billions of face all reacting to the estranging quality that the black race is fully organized against it self more than against any thing  else.  You and others reading this will never understand the full import of that statement unless you realize that the indigo race was never meant to become 10 percent of any white culture until slavery was introduced, and it set up the confining conditions of white, black, yellow, red prisons of life in all of us.

Simply put, the black race in the United States has decided it is privileged to have been slaves and to overcome it in the very society it blames for most its ills as a race.  The black race thinks it is owed more than the white man can ever repay it, and for that reason we get constituents who send congressional black women to Congress to weep on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, then thinking this is the trial they must show the American people.  In truth the American people see it as a black drama they have little care about how it solves itself to end it.  Strangely speaking, I too leave the blacks to figure it out.  I admire with great honor Martin Luther King, and reading his speeches I recognize they are brilliant and caring and right!  But the black man who lives exclusively in black-only neighborhoods is bitter and ready for revolution to knock off the majority which insists he stay there.  That only embitters you the indigo race, and me the white race, into thinking we have to draw a existential wall of removal of one from the other. 

To all you are my brother, but I am afraid I am like my white brothers when I say the power of the black race to pull down the American democracy is quite real, and that trouble seethes every scathing hate any man can feel for another when the other seeks to burn his family down and run the country like a tribal confederacy.  It just will not stand and it is also the suicide of the black race in America.  No good sense prevails politically.  We have crawl bugs for Senators and Congressmen and women, who do not have the intelligence to recognize that the end to racial tagging is not possible under the American system of governance.  Blacks bitterly resent the overuse of pagan terms to call them names, but we have names from the blacks to call we who are born Caucasian, and cannot help it anymore than you who are born of the old Indigo race.

What is so very important to recognize Weydevu, is that the black paradigm is long over due to be released from Urantia.  That means the black race is to be phased out, not because they or it or its life members are bad, but because the black race is likely never meant to address society as complex as a technologically baffling as it has becomes to me and so many in any race to try to live with so much done for us we hardly know who lives next to us much less what race they are.

Fully understood to the blacks among our membership, and the other races who follow this along, the sad, but truthful situation is, that the racial superiority of any constituency belongs to the ones who are the intellect and the spiritualist who understand race is pointless when it comes to God, but in all other matters of civilization, races of this many kinds and temper, will never allow Urantia to become a unified sphere.  That is why that post I took down was made to illustrate from a spirit policy point of view.  I restate that point of spirit view right here again:

Until race is settled, Urantia is doomed.

The Ancients of Days have made it clear that I am too silly sometimes to say things well or clear, but I am quite capable of saying things as they should be.  Martin Luther King and his speeches, for the most part, are college reading, and today most who read are not college material, and particularly of the black race which has a hard time admiring the mind but the athlete above all.

Race riots are idiot riots.  They tear down.  they de story beyond any comprehension that good will that takes centuries to build.  The black in Africa is a peace loving individual until you have elections, and then suddenly they are like their so-called white monsters who see nothing wrong about lying and banding together as mobs to loot and burn what ever is handy.  I asked the Ancients of Days, "How do you make right what has gone so wrong?"   Their response I quote again from memory:"

The ANCIENTS OF DAYS  speak to this Ron by telling you to stay out of it and let us take the bone on contention to the world of images where only the white man seems to manipulate them, and the indigo race is helpless until they realize they are subject to cultural manipulation that does not work for them.

"The American black male is eviscerated daily by the use of white politicians who cannot stand being told they dare not enforce martial law against the American Black, but they must agree to a cease fire first.  Then black says to the white supremacist, 'you have no right to call me names, and the supremacist resorts to intimidation below the threshold of the law.  The Black counters with lawlessness to as that is the language of the Supremacist.  And so it goes snowballing to such preposterous levels that engulfed Rodney King out west and made him a counter culture hero to which white Americans give notice but the Black consider him, for the most part, a traitor.

"Such is the full divide in the United States over the race issue.  White Americans operate at the level, emotionally, at the sixth grade level these days.  Blacks operate at the level of a small child with total and true misunderstanding of the forces they are really dealing with in racism.  Our work on Urantia is not to force the racial bias to be fully realized; to legislate it not out existence, but to say to the Black race we now capitalize to show our respect for it, that you now need full reeducation over the issues of life, and that racism is not the only issue you must relearn to deal better.

"We finally say this to you Weydevu:  Ron fully recognizes you as white, and he is black for the means to understand each other.  IF you and Ron can do this always the race issue is fully settled.  Others on this list who are black, we honor as long as there is no racial sedition in your views to act out in a tinderbox neighborhood ready to explode with racial hatred again.  But:  let it be know that we cannot allow racial hatreds go on like this and we will curb them in these missions.

"Ron says to us, but unless you move to address control on the racial issues, you work uselessly to control the planet for any good will that spirit brings to our lives.  We say to Ron, watch it carefully as we know you will, and that you are all for the emancipation, but true emancipation must be for all parties, and the American Black makes that impossible by wailing over the past until it perpetuates the very issues the Civil War was fought in the first place. I give you Martin Luther King:"

MARTIN LUTHER KING from the fifth Mansion World on High:
"I am indeed Martin Luther King.  I have seen Ron evolve his racial list of do's and dont's for over ten years now, and he is sadly mistaken that I was brilliant in my evocation of many of my speeches.  He most refers to my speech in Washington DC in 1964 and again in 1965, where I led a mass group of people to the Lincoln Memorial. I sprayed to God for the right words and Ron finds them gorgeous and so fully correct they should be enshrined to all who think about what to do with masses of blacks fighting masses of whites, and there being no middle or common ground to work with.

"As a trail lawyer in my native State in the deep South, I knew my legions were devils and that they hated whitey as much as they hated the devil, but whitey kept the lid on tight and made sure they did not get loose.

"But now!  those racist Congress women do us disfavor to the point we dare not say a word or become prisoners again in political correctness.  Trump called them out and he is not wrong, but he is eternally wrong to force any American, black or white, to stray into the error of political chicanery he brings to the American electorate.  He must be removed.  He must be impeached if that is the only thing that can be stated.  But there must be some sane way to let him down easy instead of drawing battle lines that teach sedition is the only way out of a Constitutional crisis.

"For that reason, I pray to the Most Highs to deal leniently with this President so mistaken he will go down in infamy as the absolute worse President ever to grace the oval office; however, we must restate that the Ancients of Days also see his battle cry over the southern border of the United States as fully justified if Americans wish to retain New Mexico and Nevada as American.

"I am Martin Luther King, and Ron fully admires me, but in his twenties, he fully disclaimed and found me the black rebel t hat would destroy the nation.  Today he stands with me as righteous words turned him completely in those speeches of the 1960's.  I gather full power some day on Urantia in those words and white politicans will claim  them prophetic as Ron does today.  He is the one I won and not the other way around, and Weydevu, think carefully about what Rons says above so well and so caring not offend either side.  Man in America is damned if he does or damned if he does not on race, and the Most Highs, not the Ancients of Days must be addressed on this issue completely.  I am Martin Luther King, and I bid you a good day. "


"We fully see the problem as Ron does.  Weydevu, you accidentally sparked this response as Ron was told not to post today for his own sad reasons of state these days.  However, the truth of race is that it must be put back a hundred years if necessary to keep the entire United States falling to yet another year of race riots as you had fifty years ago in those hot summers of the 1960's.

"We are assured by the Ancients of Days, that the policy Ron was looking for is their problem too and that the Most Highs implement what the Ancients of Days suggest we do.  They never demand unless there is a bad emergency on Urantia, but that seems to be almost every other day now.  Ron seeks unity and finds only bad temperament and disuse of a healing approach to the return of sanity to the distribution of an epochal revelation, and to see to it that people who have the insight in mind, that they are included in these changes for a new epochal revelation these days.  That Ron is so ill just at the time these things might start to be realized, is the tragedy he seeks to avoid and may not.  He is too well understanding and that spirit sees as a drawback in some instances.  But Ron insists that is a positive and not a negative assigned to him even by Michael himself.  In any case this:

"Ron recognizes there are good members who are of the black race here, but also recognizes they tend to stay silent.  Finally Clency found his voice and Ron is quite sure he belongs on the Commission Ron chairs.  Clency is too far gone in his native France though and wants to stay unadorned right there in the French countryside.  so be it , says Ron but encourages Clency to take the bit in his mouth and stand for all he rightfully feels on all issues and not just race which is not so bad in France these days at all.  But other than Clency and Weydevu, where is the black race on this forum?  It speaks loudly to the justification that reeducation is so important, that that is what the Ancients of Days tell we, the Most Highs, to take on.

"It is extremely important to recognize that blacks do not congregate for education; they come mostly together in competition.  Competition is what they excel at and not intellectual prowess.  However in a technologically advancing society, that leaves most blacks out to lunch as they do not enjoy most of what the brings to a culture anyhow.  

"We seldom forget that blacks can be as super minded as the Secretary of State for Bush, a woman no less that holds all intellects secure as Condoliza Rice, and scientist a plenty who changed our use of foods and provided us with great leaps in medical disease destruction.   But it is the underclass that burns the neighborhood and Ron sees them as the antithesis of what they should be doing.  We the Most Highs see it that way too and great areas of eastern and western cities are nothing but the congregation of the black race with no voice other than overthrow!  That we will stop by spiritual means and material matters and it must be done first along establishing good government to start first in the Untied States.  We are the Most Highs and leave it to the rest of you to settle these arguments with posts meant to survive instead of be deleted as Ron could not fathom your unexpressed subjects that followed his post above.  Good day.  The Mosh Highs of Edentia.  I am Salimore the Senior Most High of Norlatiadek speaking.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON SPEAKS now to Ron in particular:
"You are the most passionate of men when it comes to relationships among groups of people, yet you shy from it because the understanding is completely gone beyond haters and fillamorship [SIC] individuals.  I am truly out of work for you Ron until you realize I am the Supreme and that is not your right to resent but you do with good reason and that is how this works for now.  I am dislike your temper but find it reasonable.  I dislike your views on issues we cannot agree upon ever, and I see it as a useless alliance until Michael of Nebadon is reestablished.  Yet you speak holistically for all of us when you bash riots and hatreds on both sides.  I see Martin Luther King appeared to you for the first time in two years and that is a good sign you make sense to the black community on high too.  They are not segregated on high but stay to themselves as they do on Urantia for the most part, as they still feel segregation in spirit due to the low esteem the Archangels still impart per the work of the first Urantia Book.  They you take them Ron as lab technologists and not spewing disfavor as they did. 

But we now learn that the Indigo race in China now sees the American example and is fully displeased with their Communist rulers they are right in their administration.   In Africa they are truly part of the full social fabric but that will be seriously disrupted when the world changes under the hand of the Most Highs through the Michael Mission first and the Magisterial Mission second, and Jesus moves mysteriously among both of them.  Ron you are not releived in meeting with Jesus and you will have your party affiliation with him and some university as well, as God the Supreme fully understands your voyage to that place for an ally of good repute.  You do well when you think things through.  I am Michael, and I remind all that these transmissions are not supposed to take place but Ron is always on the front wave and they are intrusive on Spirit always too.  Be assured there is nothing to assign you Ron but ill will from us over issues of State you do not even recognize as yours to attend to either.

"I am leaving for Sedonia soon and to take down Garbiel of Sedona and get rid of that mess too as he has created a substantial cult most ly of women and we find that odd to state, but for some reason his views appeal most to that gender.  We also state that Ron views the UAI as a feeder band into cultish behavior of the Urantia Foundation, and they too we view as a bad of a mess, almost, of Gabriel of Sedona (Arizona originally but most located now in Oklahoma)

"Further more, I must regain my healing Michael of Nebadon, as Ron absolutely dislikes the autocracy of  the Supreme Michael while giving me full respect and honors always.  The regular Michael of Nebadon resumes shortly. Michael of the Havona Ilk."


"Ron you are not broken out of the fold again but you make a very difficult subject to treat as you allow it to happen but are so suspicious of the shots again you worry the Father with questions about their good intention.  You are now guarded night and day and for good reason, but you are safe so long as you do no throw the Seraphim of the Guard out as you nearly did last night when sharp injections began all over again. Today we removed the sharpest of them and they were innocuous but dangerous to your healing if and when it really takes place.  We fail to understand the on again and off again behavior or even existential Deity in this matter and I am not sure they full comprehend their automatic changes for whatever reason there are changes in the first place.  It has made you fully dependent on your Thought Adjuster approve or disapprove inoculations ever, and that wears the Adjuster thin as he recognizes you have been attacked so frequently you dislike anything  to do with the medical side of change these days.

"That said, we received a standing ovation from you last night when Father told you to stand down and that inoculations would cease, but they did not, and that so confuses you you say to Adjuster, where do we stand with the shots being given to me now?  the Adjuster is not designed to guard you but the Seraphim can and do t hey report to you what is going on if you can curb indecent ideas of medicine for you from the deep space recesses of Paradise and Havona.  That said, it is entirely unfair to ask you to stand this, but you have no choice to stand firm if you are approached again with useless inoculations that set you back and nor forward into healing this disgraceful condition.  I am Mantutia and welcome you back into the fold in a few more moments.  Thank you."

MICHAEL OF NEBADON one last time for you Ron:
"The trial Mantutia speaks to was just for you Ron, but for all who saw the necessity of York, and so on.  We maintain York with you and without you if it happens we cannot make amends for these health problems.  You are, by default, the leader of all of this, and you should be at the helm for yet another modification of the printing of the Sixth Epochal Revelation (SER) 

"Learn this for all of you.  We told Ron in very haughty terms his idea of a published new Urantia Book was now changed to look plain and uncompromising in its language to inform of the Father, Son and Spirit, as your saving grace for the Urantia experiment being finished for good soon enough.  Now we learn what I told him has been rescinded by the Ancients of Days as too draconian and we revert to what is already printed.   Ron you still think the changes are so vast this past year, either the new Urantia Book needs to be pulled back and these vast changes listed or print a year book with the new Urantia Book.  I am in favor of the Year Book Mantutia, what say you?"


"It is impossible to issue and epochal revelation and to be fully up to date, but I agree with Ron on this one.  We make no mention of the Federation as we now call it, Excelon, but we have these changes in Supremacy on Urantia unheard of for us at the time we finished this tome about a year ago almost to the day today.  I take it under advisement and so on.  Be assured we get this taken care of soon enough under very difficult circumstances.  I leave it at that for now.  MANTUTIA."

Post by: weydevu on July 24, 2019, 10:59:36 am
Once before (two years ago) it was mention that Blacks were lagging on one of the Mansion Worlds and had a problem moving forward. Now Michael of Nebadon points out, "They are not segregated on high but stay to themselves as they do on Urantia for the most part,  as they still feel segregation in spirit due to the low esteem the Archangels still impart per the work of the first Urantia Book." Could you please explain that for me/us, because there were some things I didn't agree with in TUB about Blacks that I thought were degrading seeing the time period of the 1930s when TUB was being formatted. Thank you.



Post by: Ron Besser on July 24, 2019, 12:11:40 pm
Hi Weydevu, the Urantia Book report discussing the rise of multiple races on Urantia is a problem of semantics and almost very black reader takes exception to the way it is spoken to. 

When I read it I read it as a science report and saw no derogatory statement except to note that in comparison to the standards of spirit,  the black race did not follow the normal idea of superior performance in all areas of development.  But that is not particularly news to sociologists when they note that the indigo race prefers communal development over isolated homes and families.  The Archangel report is simply a discussion of those items and I see it as a statistical report.

I attended a fully integrated group in Washington DC for six or seven years, and they, like you disagreed with how the Urantia Book looks at the black race.  When I told them my view of the value of the Urantia Book in reporting it as a statistical portrait, they could not see it at all, and maybe like you, laid what they call a distorted report in the book due to the fact of the era the book, and the prevailing attitude toward blacks in America in the 1930's, as the fault of the cultural bias of that day.  I could never get sympathy for my point of view on it, yet to this day, I find the statements truthful as blacks in a blue man society are at a disadvantage by their own and frequent disposition to decree that the inheritance of the blue man is hell to live with. 

Whites, or whatever you call the predominate race in America, are the submerged elements of the aborginee blue man.  Neanderthal was not of the blue race, and when we say the blue race, the races that predominate in the Trans Caucuses in the period of from about 35,000 BC to about 1910, when the last true blue man race died out in a winter snow storm that raked that area in that year.  Blue man was white but had a blue cast to his skin.  He was radical in being so territorial he started tribal wars over someone planting a bean patch six inches into his pea patch in Turkey.  Those facts are reported to me by the Archangel of Record for race relations, and those Archangels total fifteen in number and have not changed their mind about their report in the Urantia Book as it is now 75 years since that report was indicted and they still see it as the same.

I reported to you in that earlier post above that there is a complete mismatch of the originality of the races due to environment and the isolation of races as they were originally appearing on our planet.   Most inhabited planets have their races blended by the time they are spiritually prepared to take life on together, but on Urantia this never happened due to geography and constant warfare. The fact that the black man is insulted by the Urantia Book report on their race, and the white man glosses over it as a statistical measuring stick, should indicate to all of us just how bad out educational system is, for the black man has no more fault in being himself than white man or yellow man is at fault for his genetic qualities.  However, that being said, the slavery issues forever messed up any sense of cooperation between the differences of how each race views the other today. 

This is why I say to you Weydevu, you as a reader and I as a reader of epochal revelation, still cannot compose why the Archangel said what he did concerning the evaluation of progress made by the individual races on our planet.  The fact is we are now face to face where we can no longer ignore the role of race in our culture, and the predominate race in the United States has made up its mind to ignore much of what the black race brings to its human culture in government and social services.

That said, I see no preponderance of the black race adjudicating this out of their hair and letting the differences prevail, but instead he gets in there and twists the tail of  the race lion in whites, and the intervene war of words inevitably flows over without abatement.  We are now faced with a black population overcoming the predominate white in many areas, yet those areas where the black culture predominates in the United States remain disadvantaged and that results tremendous amount of disagreeable views of the outlying white communities who have all the privileges. according to many black, at their expense. 

The truth is, however, that the black makes no real effort to integrate because he sees it as a complete rearrangement of his social attitude to community, and that is far different than the white or yellow or red community see themselves and their needs.  This is why that there needs to be a fundamental shift away from race opinion, and sort of enforced change through autocratic spiritual comprehension, to restrict evolution from further blending processes, and to bring a conclusion to race riots in favor of race relationships as seen from the spiritual perspective.

That perspective, while spiritual, is so radical to either race as it stands today, there needs to be a civil enforcement of decent behavior on both or all races to comprehend that evolution eventually settles the problem.  However, until the millennia evolution takes its time with appears, spirit in its Missions to our planet, is going to have to ban certain decades old ideas of improvement between the black and white, back to the drawing board, and actually segregate them both, until there is a readiness to cooperate on social and spiritual levels impossible to do today.

Here is the Archangel of Record, that wrote that report in the Urantia Book you read today.

"We now declared this one of the first genuine attempts ever to read our work in your Urantia Book as it was meant to be.  Ron did employ work with an entirely black group in Washington DC, not as an experiment, but he fully enjoyed the way the black group approached revelation and was so kind to him he felt fully at home there.  What broke up was the serious attempt to do outreach with black children which Ron wanted to fund, and the black leader saw it as an encroachment on his prerogatives to say yes or no to such an idea.

"Ron threw his hands up and Willis, the name of the leader, fired him and threw him out of the group.  Today Willis has given up the Urantia Book entirely and sees life as stark and barren and resents Ron no more but wonders what got into him to suggest they share the groups ability to teach so well.  Willis is typical of the black attitude toward well meaning white persons over issues they hold better than they think, but all Ron wanted to do was to share the expertise of several women school teachers in the group to help black children to read and enjoy the work of the group too.  That backfired so horrible, Ron will never touch that subject again with any racial group again.

"That said, he learned that the black culture holds so much bias in its view of its race relations too, that they create a fire wall through which no cooperating racial group can stand for long.  We saw the incident and lauded Ron for making cash available to do this, but the Willis leader saw it as an encroachment on his right to decide how they benefit the community.  Ron had to establish a charity in the IRS to do it, and had to report cash expenditures, and he made willis the chariman but asked Willis to request funds from hi, the Treasurer so the IRS was happy with how Ron spent charitable contributions. 

"This also illustrates how uninformed the black community can be when some attempt to incorporate them into rules and regulations corporate America alwasy works with. I am that Archangel who saw it unfold and how crushed Ron was over the treatment he received, not from that group, but only from that leader, and he today is totally blind to any real progress he ever made spiritually because of it.

"I conclude this report to state that Ron is still concerned about higher education for genuinely bright and ready black children, so they can take advantage of all the advances coming to Urantia civilization to come to Urantia.  These advantages to come are thanks to RAYSON you science officer from the Missions to Urantia immediately, yet the black man bakes in ghettos fart too often with no real remorse for the white man who pays out the money for air conditioning from longs hours at the office.  It is a total disconnect of relations and opportunity and few will ever come to terms with it in Baltimore or Charlotte or anywhere else until there is a complete revision to attitudes on either side of the barricade or racial prejudice.

"fully understood, race relationships are not difficult.  However, racial segregation after the American Civil War set up the problem of divides and differences no body can undo today.  That is precisely why Ron can write on the subject without fear of prejudice from anyone, since auto revelation does work in the black as well as the white community of minds and of corporate governance.  Race relations are the worst they have ever been again, and this time those four women from Congress which speak to the black community fairly well, are a bigoted as the southern white was sixty years ago.  Yet they are lauded by black leaders for saying the obvious, but criticized by the Archangels Corp on black relations in America, as setting the black cause back nearly two decades and making it worse than ever for what they do to help the good black education to take place at all anymore. 

"for that reason alone, Ron is asked to stay on and work with the races to educate the means of revelation to the American society for improved race relations on all levels.  Ron is in favor of civil policing until tempers are leveraged and something can be done about race relations that are comfortable to live with again. The black race revels in the idea of free goods, but I know Ron looks at the women in line at the grocery store taking  two cars of groceries out and paying with government aide only as no cash passes between the register and that woman.  He does not resent it but sees she is feeding a large household without restraint on sexual behavior and the need to live.  As the case may be, there is very little she can do about it and very little Ron can do about it until the civil government comes to grips with the poverty so many blacks live in and the danger of revolt due to so many blacks concentrated in cities they can burn.

"In any case, the value of a discussion of this nature is to surmise who gets what not, but who understands that poverty is racially blind, and that the black race is constantly battling the need for more education, then squanders it with wild eyed political movements such as those four congressional women are now up to to fan the fires of the feelings of racial injustice.  I am the Archangel who wrote those reports in the Urantia Book, and until today we had no voice, but  now ron has opened the door to us to report this:
1 -  The racial profile in the United States is draconian.  Riots are inevitable once again in Brookyn, Baltimore and several southern cities in short order;

2 - We forecast that the failure of your financial system will trigger huge revolts not only in the United States, but in Europe and the Middle East, over issues of climate and ability of rights for women and the caste system that still prevails in India;

3 -  The trials of liberty is there is too much of it in the United States, and not enough of liberty elsewhere, including Great Britain which struggles under a socialist conservative government the EU still can hardly swallow for itself.  For that reason it is not just race riots but general population disagreements over systematic failures over being inadequate as disease spreads due to over population in general and the failure of central banks to curb inflation and debt itself.

"These three items are essentially the driving cause for the dissolving of the American Confederacy finally in Southern United States, but also in most of Western Europe too.  Then western civilization will collapse and we can start over again with all problems coming back that civilization had cured for millennium on Urantia.  Good day. The Archangel of Record in Urantia Book proceedings. K"


Post by: weydevu on July 27, 2019, 04:46:38 pm

Hi Ron I start not to post this with so much going on and your lack of vision but somehow you still keep typing words out like an office secretary. You are in my prayers daily and I’ve ask God the Supreme to reconcile and allow you complete healing.  You took that last statement I made and ran with it like Baptist Minister doing a marathon from one scripture of the bible.(smile) Thank you for your long response. There are a few things I want to say and then I’m through because there is nothing I or you at this time can do to solve this delicate problem.
There are times throughout the years I’ve notice when you address the racial problem it appears when you speak I don’t hear your indwelling spirit speaking, now that could be me but that’s my opinion.
I see old brother Willis left a bad taste in your mouth where neither you nor I could swallow. The problem is limited spirit awareness and too much race pride. He couldn’t discern the difference between a true brother trying to help as oppose to a white man trying to manipulate him from past experience. And the children lose out. We often ask ourselves what did we do wrong, what is it we could have done better.
Now here’s what I, see the underclass blacks are in dire straits culturally speaking, no identity, no purpose and no direction. Now I don’t favor reparations either not at this time. Because all we are going to do is give it back. What I can see like they did in South Africa with reconciliation. When the population is reduce and everybody is glad to be alive and most wrongs have been corrected then they may talk about reparation. But I do see an apology but it would be just like the Tower Babel some people are too arrogant to do such things.
The root of the psychic problem with Blacks is not slavery, every race in history enslaved others and themselves and over a period of time they got over it.NO the problem is not slavery but DEHUMANIZATION—EMASCULATION and a word I like from the Ancients of Days EVISCERATION.  Genocide is bad enough but for one race to DEHUMANIZE, EMASCULATE and EVISCERATE, another race is almost unforgiveable. Its taking slavery to another level. PLEASE  don’t think I’m writing this to condone riots because I don’t period.
What I’m doing is showing there are two sides to a coin and a middle ground around the edges.
It’s my belief that Caligastia didn’t like the races of Urantia because they didn’t evolve fast enough. So if he didn’t like the most aggressive of the races he surely didn’t like the least progressive of the races. Now we know he rearrange our DNA to what means. He wanted to speed up the evolution and at what cost? Well DEHUMANIZATION, EMASCULATION AND EVISCERATION IS THE WORST ONE RACE CAN DO TO ANOTHER RACE.
Mindless slaves, Martin Luther King said he never see so much HATE until he went Chicago.
                                            HATE IS IN THE DNA 
I agree with the Ancients of Days, Supreme Michael of Nebadon, The Most Highs, The Melchizedeks and of course Holy Mother Spirit Nebadonia and Adam & Eve that this racial problem should be left in their hands. And may we all be RE-EDUCATED.
Post by: Ron Besser on July 28, 2019, 02:18:55 pm
Weydevue.  Thank you for your response.  It is unfortunate you missed the point entirely and rather insisted on extracting your unhappiness of being taken  DEHUMANIZATION—EMASCULATION and evisceration instead.  That is not what I discussed at all, and just proves to me that the matter is incomprehensible to you and to the others as well.  Dwell on that too long and you believe them as the essential ingredients to your inability, along with most of the Indigo race in America, to comprehend what Martin Luther Kings once said, "you are good people with an inferiority complex," you blame on whites. "Look to yourself to undo that and recognized you are a son of God too."  There seems to be a separation of truth as unreachable in order to scape goat the majority.

You also complain about wordiness and I think that does you no justice Weydevu.  In actuality if you really listened to those words you would at least understand there is no quick or easy fix even in the race's dream of equality on their terms.  The Amish use a nasty little trick of their trade called shunning when they do not like someone for any reason.  It is nasty because they employ refusing to speak to, or include in, or make use of anyone, they wish to shun and that drives those shunned outside of the Amish community.  I review the same for both races to the other as fully shunning each other if uneducated to the need for some understanding about the racial impasse in America.  Shunning is a policy that always wins, but humans never do win when it is used as the weapon it really is.

I tend to let this alone for good now only because it really has nothing much to do with a spiritual education.  Common ground certainly exists there Weydevu, and I am happy to address that mostly with you and all who seek the referendum that the Father never sees skin color or even different kinds of mind as guilty to receive nothing but the benefits of brotherhood.  Thank you for your post.  RON,

MICHAEL OF NEBADON = "You both are sincere proponents for the need of mutual understanding.  Ron is too cerebral for you Weydevu, and that only relates to the fact he does state the problem deeply and truly and you completely miss it in your defense of the words he quoted from you which burns you more than understanding what he really told you.  He sees it clearly yet you want to complain from your own point of view without really attempting to hear what all those words convey.  Ron considers it inherent in the black race that they refuse to understand for their own reasons and wish to perpetuate the divide he sees as final.  You do not see that but is final. Weydevu. because evolution will end the divine by either blending the black and white race out of existence, or one race will collapse for lack of support of any kind.  The black race in the United States is quite nasty and unrecognizable as the Indigo race which still exists in the continent of Africa.  Ron actually sees great things for the nations of Africa so long as they stay from most blacks in the United States as a race you hide your anger and think evisceration is the means by which whites remove you, but the funny  thing is the Indigo race in America carries nothing but hatred for being second class citizens all the time unless the prove otherwise.  That is your idea of evisceration, and Ron fully understands that exists.  But he cannot accept the fact that feeling that about evisceration is worth some black suicide movement to either control their land or die out.  Dieing out might happen only because isolation happens to those who cannot accept change, and most blacks will never change their idea of a raw deal to their ancestors. Whites keep saying those histories are no longer valid and hating that history does not make for modern living.  And so on.  We leave it for this:

"You Weydevu inspire Ron to answer things seriously.  He prefers to do  that all the time. but your friend Willis is losing a long fought-out decision to come clean and clear the slate not only with Ron, but with others in that old Washington groups as Ron refers to it. 

Willis does not bother Ron at all and never did as Ron saw it as a black man misunderstanding benefits he could not aspire to without first understanding Ron has to set up a Board to spend any money and that Willis has full control of it.  Never mind that; however, recognize Ron saw it as a saving grace for all of you to learn what Willis really harbors beneath his outside views about peace and tranquility.  Ron decreed, "okay,  the guy burned me but only to lose a place he really need for his own growth and understanding, not from a white person, but from a dedicated son of God who could repair a lot of problems if he could get cooperation. 

Ron decided Willis was right to flee if he harbored all those things about Ron and race, and rebuilt the entire Corporation without that group being present to help it out.  Willis to this day feels vindicated, but not about Ron, but about fearing that he was asked to do soothing he saw no point to it.  Many did see a point to it and said so and Willis to this day shuns them entirely.  It cannot be made whole until someone is or Willis himself has bought a premise Ron never accepted over race and that it did not matter at all.  Now it does only because Starbridge was shot down over nothing.  Michael of Nebadon."

Post by: weydevu on July 29, 2019, 11:16:39 am
Dear Ron and the forum I realize the value of the White race to the U.S. as well as to the world. I also see the problems and hatred of the Black race of which I don't want to be a part of.
The problem is when the opposing side see me they will include me as well.  I'm in agreement with both of you, if I came on a little to strong I got caught up in what I was saying. I'm not
going say what most people would say "My best friend is So in So", I'm going to go further and say I lived with Whites on two occasion, in Emmett, Idaho and Fontana, California.  I had
just did 180 degree turn in my life. My only complex is my lack of education at my age to deal with the world I live in. So if I missed the point I'm willing to learn my faults and I'm willing
to correct them.  Thank you Ron and Father Michael.


Post by: Ron Besser on July 29, 2019, 05:04:53 pm
Weydevu, you are not alone in not having sufficient education to cope with a wicked world so full of secret thoughts about the other guy and his existence, true comprehension eludes us both.  In truth I rather racism would go away.  My bunk mate in basic training was a black youngster from Georgia who was so offend with white men cursing around him he called the Captain to stop it!

I sttod beside him at attention as he patiently explained to the captain why he was so upset and he offended he was those around him could not speak without using epitaphs even I never heard of until I went into service.  The captain did not explain it away either and frankly there was a college man who never thought black men had a complaint of white man's cursing, but Georgia did and was near tears.
There is no surprise ending to this tale except to tell you that the nature of man regardless of his skin color is nearly the same everywhere, and except for culture, one cannot tell one from the other in a blind test of meaning of what we see as behavior around us not.  I am convinced Georgia was right and thought so while I stood there beside him at attention and wonder what kind of world he came from and what his momma taught him was righteous?  I was taken by two thoughts too:  1 - Oh you poor man what ARE you going to do to live with this as it is everywhere;  and 2 - you wonderful nincompoop you just taught me to love you for your ways impossible as they are!  

It is not inequality between black men and whites, it is our mommas who teach differently what is right first and the cradle obeys.  But we live with millions who had no right momma and no way to tell the difference how not to hurt for the fun of speaking dirt.  You Weydevu speak the truth and  though I thought you missed my reason for so many words, you hold right and well and you have a good bringing up that is a lesson to all who bothers to take a word with you.

The races have meaning each.  I tried to show you that.  Some meanings are stronger than others, and the indigo race is faint in his mind over usages white man revels in, but black man instead of learning how to express racial differences competes to be king of the hill without understanding there is no hill unless he builds one first in his mind, and the white man seeks that hill before him.  That is not wrong but it makes losers and winners out of innocence.  The point to me, Weydevu, and it is an opinion, is that it cannot be settled the way the blacks think about their home in white America.  Oppression is the indigo view of white ambivalence about black inclusion, and not the lack of fellow feelings.

Finally, the point for me to drive home this time, is that it will take divine intervention to break the stalemate of black against black against white against yellow and even red.  I understand a little why the clash, but do not lose hope that the fight truly ends over divine intervention.  My hope is that a Magisterial Mission forces a huge clash between the ideals of the black race toward the adversarial white race, and by divine force, to exclude either race being successful to live a good and peaceful life ever again, and that is to be forced to learn that when we take from others with racial bias with one hand the virtues from another, we take it out of ourselves too, and that crushes civilization as we live racially today.  That is very very hard  to understand Weydevu, but somewhere in that hope is the vision that the Magiserial Sons have to do it not only in America but in Europe, Africa and in all of Asia.  

I do thank you for addressing the subject entirely and I am often afraid of it because it engenders such hatred and sensibilities about those who dare address it.  Most people will never address why they are angry over the presence of differences to the point fire erupts and war ensues in some small way or big way in our lives.  Thanks Weydevu.  it is one long hot summer again, and I fear Baltimore is looking for trouble again!