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Title: Present Conditions and Urantia Standards in Spirit
Post by: Ron Besser on October 13, 2019, 03:28:13 am
I am writing this very early Sunday morning because my sleep schedule is all out of kilter, and I am bored to death with the idea of going to be at 2am after sleeping four hours when normal people were up.  Such is the life of a man hit hard with energy transformations that are hell to live with but never discussed with him. 

But this Blog is to talk about what I think is mooing around in our Urantia pasture which sounds benign but I am positive it betokens of something ALL of YOU are going to have to deal with, if you have not, already, dealt with some of it.

I am especially struck with two characters who are members on this web site.  I know what you are being introduced to because I have gone through it just a little before it got to you too.  One is Sue Whiley and the other Wenebojo, but I am sure Lemuel has a good snoot full of the situation too and just cannot get moving because of it.  Let me explain a little.

There are several types of spiritual energy transformations.  That is what I am talking about t some of you because some of you just cannot concentrate well enough to remember the subject of some important clues to your own situation.  Before I start I also note that Roger Krupa, is showing signs of psychic transformations I wonder where it takes him?  He has an energy system that bolts into things and then leaves them alone for weeks and weeks.  I admire the latest take he has motioned on, but the direction is not clear to me at all and I am sure you Roger you sometimes wonder what is going on with yourself too.  It will take years to get it going right at this rate.

But Roger K. and the Wenebojo share an unusual kine of symmetry in spirit.  Your Thought Adjusters are from the same tribe.  Yes Thought Adjusters have families.  They group themselves into functional work for material planets in their training.  For instance my Thought Adjusters is from family number six (6) and that deals with epochal information;  Wenebojo and Roger Krupa, your Thought Adjusters are family friends of all things, and have worked together before as other indwellee's.

Before you get excited, most material planets, and Urantia is an exception, do not betroth their first life on a planet Thought Adjusters for their ascension careers.  There was no room in our present Urantia Book to talk about that but it is nonetheless true.  That is why your Adjuster Roger could know Wenebojo's Adjuster as those they indwelt millennia ago went on successfully thanks to their work, but you two will fuse with the present ones if all goes well.

In any case Roger and Wenebojo, your Adjusters are from what they call family four (4) and that family likes to indwell priests and religious institutions by the current traditions.  You are natural folks to teach spirit knowledge when you are comfortable with what you have to teach.

Sue, your Adjuster, they tell me, is from family five (5), and how you got mixed up in this stuff must be quite an adventure for your Adjuster to relate to.  You in seven hundred Adjuster lives at least, were always dealing with nascent science.  Science is your true calling but something in your personality clock, said 'why do we not try religion for a change?'  And here you are forcing a diet of epochal information into your head and your Adjuster trying to tell you to apply to Cambridge as a free student and study biology.  That is your natural calling DNA and all.  However, we are now dealing with a new structure on Urantia you all ought to listen to.

First this:  I started talking about energy transformations starting with me.  I am the guinea pig and I am giving them fits with depression and one God awful attitude about God indwelling my head until all I hear are bells and ringing in there and it pisses me off enough I get a little raw in my retorts to it.  In any case, my transformation is a long one and a harsh one and I am not sure how I volunteered for it.

Essentially my transformation, and this one is for Amethyst too whether she comes back or not, is to provide a foundation of human flesh to the portent of huge conscious changes on Urantia.  I am truly aware that my Adjuster had to do a double take with what happened to God the Supreme.  Now without God the Supreme, all of you have to make some transition whether you are ready or not.

My Adjuster likes peace and tranquility.  Needless to say, that is not what I am getting and neither are your Lemuel, as our Adjusters are of family six and have known each other on many excapades on material worlds in great number.  However you Lemuel had the rotten luck to get ill over matters not your doing and so did I.  Now we have to get repaired.  You do not do well and neither do I.  BUT: they a pursuing our energy transformations anyhow and that is to provide Adjuster guidance in place of Supreme guidance, and that is a whole different ball game.  Let me tell you what changes you will notice for sure all of you regardless of what family your Adjuster belongs to. (Do not ask me as it is Adjuster information most will not discuss either.)

Thought Adjuster guidance is provisional and analytical.  I am super analytical anyhow and so are you Lemuel and Amethyst.  Now you are really going to get it.  The Supreme enforces family and marriage and close relationships.  Adjuster counsel asks are you sure this guy or woman is actual value to you?  If you are just going on emotions, stop and look at what you value and see if that satisfies you for ever in a marriage or relationship.  Adjusters love to move people away from other people because they see not point in wasting time and patience when nothing more is learned than to find the relationship does not feed you at all very well and you are better off without.  God the Supreme said the relationship however poor is worth getting into to learn people and caring and nurturing and yata yata yata =  that is a Jerry Seinfeld program expression when the characters did not want to explain more with words.  yata yata yata is what they said instead.

I also caution all of you that I am really finding this tedious since I already have explained some of this material back in 2010 and 2011 and that material is long gone too.  But I will say this again:  All on this list who have stayed on long enough to get the you know whats about delays and changes, are true students of  the day of loss and we have had so many in this adventure I am wondering if we will ever have any successes?

The truth is that the loss of God the Supreme on Urantia may be our biggest benefit in a universe age.  Gone is the idea of KARMA!  Gone is the idea of snuggling relationships that last far beyond their reason and/or purpose. Gone is the idea of organization reviews to make the place run better, and that is what happens with me so often:  how do I make things work better?  That pressure is reduced for me I notice and I am more comfortable with  the idea to be done with those things that vex me no end.  Most who quite this site said that long ago.  Well, that is their choice, but please understand because we stood the test of loss and failure most of the time, we have been taught the age old idea of patience and that is going to pay off I believe.  Here is Michael to explain what thought I should say but he wants to:

MICHAEL OF NEBADON = "Ron is up because he cannot sleep; too much sleep is worse than not enough, and he feels too much sleep right now.  In any case he trying to explain to all of you that the change in guidance from the Supreme to the Thought Adjuster, is going to feel rough to most of you.  Gone is the sweetness of change and then seeing how harsh change feels without preparation.  The Supreme always prepares for change with you, but the Adjuster says it comes we take it and off we go with it and no looking back.  For that reason I caution all of you that Ron has been cruelly changed and is missing his front teeth too over an accident of time that should never happen to any human and that is to be attacked by God the Supreme over an issue he was never aware was a problem to the Supreme.

"In any case the toll is harsh and so is his life but it will be cleaned up shortly.  His book ORIGINS is waiting in the dust and needs published badly but most of the world is still operating under their Residual Supreme guidance modes and they take scant look at what he offers.  So he is depressed most of the time.  We think the tide will turn shortly though as we have a really serious group looking at his offer for publishing they cannot refuse if the book sells at all and that is a little percentage of royalties if they give him help getting published.  In any case he makes it clear there is no sharing of the manuscript until there is a serious offer.  Good for him: However, learn that they are really sheep in the clothing of a business that could skin them and Ron alive and he will not tolerate it and will insist they follow some security procedures and apply for patents for Ron in his place of doing in exchange for them to license some of it.  Truthfully is a Pandora's box but we get to the later for Ron.

"But you all must know that we are to arrive on Urantia in about a fortnight and Ron has been having me indwell him all day and I fully enjoyed it as we both watched the PBS Great Performances about Handle and the baroque which Ron truly loves as a music expression.  Handle did too to the point he trained in Italy during the height of the buzz bomb years of Mozart, Scarlatti, and other princes of music now so lost to men and women on Urantia, they should die and go back to that ere to learn what true elegance was all about.  In any case, it was a sheet joy to find so easily moved by their elegance the intensity of musicians learning the styles of early years of music.

"We also note that Steve Gitz prefers Jazz but Ron prefers the baroque and both eras clearly are at odes not with each other, but for each other in their own unique ways.  Ron needs a good piano but they cost as much as a house now and he must wait forever possibly not.  He has a full moon in his second house on his horoscope chart and the second house is money, and the full moon sets up vectors in a life to fulfill what it influences.  He just hope it is not rejection instead of acceptance of ORIGINS.  We shall see but it does not look bad at the moment.  He will advise them if they meet with him prepared to take down contract requirements once they get the book into their heads. We think they will visit him to read the manuscript.  Be assured if they do they will want to take it with them and scope it out with professionals their way and they will set the world on fire with it as it truly tells people what AIDS is and how to stop it.

"Finally,  Urantia works hard to avoid drudgery but that is what you are all headed for particularly if Trump unleashes a conventional or nuclear war against Iran and Korea as he is thinking to do both.  If he does China will go to war with the US and say so and then you Americans are under nuclear threats too and that should be quite a tussle at the United Nations over who is going to get parity and shot down not over a nuclear confrontation as the Untied Nations is fully discharged against Donald Trump and for good reason.  That should clue you that what we set up on Urantia is going to be a tough sell to anyone else but yourselves, as all of you have been through the test of time with Ron, and he is ready to lead if we allow it and we will not do so without his health fully restored.  That is the transition we must work through this week yet and maybe part of the next one, but it will end.  For now the world turns in a sorry state and we must all be prepared for war if required and an end to Urantia if it goes nuclear.

"I will say this:  Urantia has so many special products for Nebadon I will never let it die to the last man, but radio activity is horrible to cleanse and cleanse we will attempt to do but it requires spirit muscle you never heard of before.  This web site will go down in a nuclear attack as the internet will be taken down by us to deconfuse people and the social apparatus it has become too which Ron fully dislikes as a way for evil to penetrate the most innocent.  In any case it is not for Ron or you but for we Spirit who must take the ball into the Urantia courts and let them know under no circumstances will laws interfere with our need for a York Protectorate and a legislative assemble attuned to us in Pennsylvania and Washington DC.  In any case this entire matter is in Ron's head and I know how well he sees it.  May you all learn to know what he knows and be ready to pitch in if we ask you to.  Good day.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON."

MARGUL, Trinity Teacher Son from Paradise, and of record to provide LIGHT AND LIFE TO URANTIA SHORTLY  after a thousand year reign of the Magisterial Sons are finished with what must be done. 

"We are delighted to be back on Urantia tonight Ron!  Be assured the visit to you the night before of the Infinite Spirit, in which you had a show of light in your room and no one believes you but it happened and we saw it too.  In any case the Infinite Spirit saw to your release and now must allow the energy transition and transformation to proceed.   We are sure you know the letters but your fingers no longer articulate like they used to either and the sadness is they may never get back to that proficiency without that hard work to restore them.  That is because the Supreme tried to destroy you through your nervous system and you knew it immediately!  He nearly got sentenced to death but the Trinity is ready to take on your game and not his now and that requires much painful incisions into your head and back and neck and most are completed but you are quite ill because of it.  Your eyes may never be the same but they will see clearly shortly too as that is horrible to be so blind without one iota of compensation to help you around the house.  You mulch in spite of the crippling and blindness and nearly kill yourself to do it but the weather is ending those chances to do it well and you are very unhappy to let some things go without it but it must be done this year period. 

"Let this run through your head Ron.  ORIGINS is ready for the world.  It is a must read by anyone who knows anything about AIDS and Altzheimers disease and so on, but you must understand you are too free with the vaccines and serums, and you are now in possession of the formula of pills to take 4-mg each if taken twice a day, they remove the virus of AIDS completely from the body in six weeks.  How that is done is a huge secret but you know them and we are delighted you do not sell that cure yet. This is  your gift and to hjumanity from Rayson and the Deity Absolute and the Universe Father with Michael of Nebadon.  They all contributed to that work and good they did as it must be accurate for the sake of health.

"Last year you were sure it was going to be published almost immediately.  But Go the Supreme caused that disaster and now those who could have wait to see what you do.  They see no motion and are wondering what you have up your sleeve.  Plenty!  You are one of the few humans I ever saw who decided that publishers are the worst of the breed and do not deserve to share in it, so you have seen to other venues and that will pay off big time we are sure.  Wait it out and be sure you are not forgotten by the latest trial you provided a few days ago.  Thank you for the chat and good day for now."

MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK - "Rpm asked me if he could call me the "Old Lamp Lighter," and that is not bad to hear.  I am a Time Lord now and that kinda fits that too  But this Ron:  You hate trying to wake up every morning because it is so painful, but that ends abruptly tomorrow morning.  You will get to sleep shortly, but not until you realize your pain is excruciating and it does not abate when you try to get up and walk a little.  It ends abruptly as the Father says to the Infinite Spirit he needs a break from being burned so badly, and  the Infinite Spirit as the Conjoint Actor fully agrees.  ORIGINS is a luckless piece of writing made great by the addition of that MEDICAL ADDENDUM where you come right out with the serum and vaccine formulas and said to Rayson, it is our only chance of making it past censors and patent attorneys for pharma corporations. Not so, but you have a plan for those who help you and it is an immediate decision to publish the formula for those pills if they agree to patent them with you and for you.  we will watch that progress for sure.  Be assured you will have pussycats to work with and will be a leading expert on AIDS God willing.  Be assured they watch you on high for your dedication to medial knowledge and with Rayson and others present who know this stuff inside out, you will go far in that profession.  No one hears you better than PT and she is ready to get your name down to a good talk as she now sees your kindness and wishes she had waited a little longer  to publish but the die is cast and out it goes for a few hundred copies that is all.  She loves the book and now she sees she has the heads up to give her a competitive advantage but she must be careful with study aids as artists are woefully short on the real facts to do drawings as they did for the fifth epochal revelation.

"I am fully aware of your memory loss Ron and it will be made up better in the future,  But that memory loss was designed to keep your from becoming a budding guru which you so dislike we no longer feel worried about it.  You are that Arizona creature will come to logger heads not as he is fully ready to hear you as he knows what you wrote to PT and she shares it fully with anyone who asks including DS.  He is fully aware of his loss truly and he is fully aware you never took him to task for lying and cheating to make himself feel better.  You are not alone over that debacle be assured.  Be also assured there are others to help out.  Good news with AIDS and ORIGINS is that they are going to send a delegation not to you but to meet you on fair grouns near by and you take the manuscript so they get a good read.  Never release to them yet.  They will signal when you two are one on what has to be done.  Be glad it is soon as they must strike while they can and that is soon.  To this list must be made the recommendation that the book ORIGINS is fully supported by God the Father as accurate and true and I can vouch for the same too.  It cures AIDS if you let it.  K"  

MOTHER SPIRIT = "You Ron naturally fear going to bed late and getting up early as it exhausts you every day lately, but that is the only way we can get you to relax and sleep when you are overwhelmed with pain and blindness.  It causes grief among us all yet you are free of it suddenly and that is your hope but such despair knocks it back to a mere hope.  Be assured the Infinite Spirit gave you quite a light show and your room lit up briefly when he entered and you saw it as a flash.  Be assured he really lit it up and the walls of that room still glow a little by absorbing that light to a certain extent.  Be aware we keep watch with a Supernaphim or two plus Bzhutu is there to guard the gates that the Supreme used to hit you badly.  Your transition will fully protect you from anymore of that mischief and the death of those little ones who work for Michael is deeply moving to you and you are very angry those innocent ones died just because they were.  That is our view too and the Supreme cares less and that is not God but Caligastia and the children in that French cave you and Jack_French remember so well with the work of Wivine.  She will do well but not so well as you as you lead the progression out of misery by those trapped in a world of so much hate, thievery, violence,  and  the murder of millions of innocent children you would love to death.  You will be a proud father someday and that is coming soon believe it or not.  We close with this:

"YoU fully admit there was no good reason to sit down and do this  this morning.  But you are driven to keep well and stay out deep depression over your misery daily,  Be assured there are immense changes coming for you and Gitz especially for Dominick is having trouble just keeping awake he is in such deep misery over so many things now.  He is truly in need of a Commission hug but you dare not spend money at all right now and face trouble too if you do not stay tight for awhile at least for a fortnight.  Be assured it is not for years.  Be assured Gitz hears good news too and Dominick must stay with you but he waivers so badly we wonder what his fate might be without you to help him hold on to a real nasty surprise for mother if she presses it too much.  We shall see how this unfolds for him alone.  Good day Ron and eat a little before you turn in soon.  MOTHER SPIRIT."

Title: Re: Present Conditions and Urantia Standards in Spirit
Post by: Wenebojo on October 13, 2019, 04:26:20 am
Ron, I'm here. I monitor this site during the third shift while I'm at work. Kind of like a night watchmen. Although nobody transmits during these hours for the most part. I read your post and I'm not sure what you are trying to tell me. Is there something that's about to happen to us that are staying vigilant with you ? Also I am glad to hear about the Origins book. It would truly be a Godsend for those in need. And that's odd that you mentioned your teeth. Because I just had a dream before I came to work, that all my front teeth fell out. My Adjuster or Guardian Spirit has already gifted me the various scenerio's that are to take place on our Earthly home. Although none of my visions show me how it all starts, just the aftermath. I have even seen a character representing either Monjoronson or Adam. It was a gentleman wearing a suit that looked about 7 to 8 feet tall in one dream talking to a group of people outside of the hospital where I work. That dream was a while ago though.
Title: Re: Present Conditions and Urantia Standards in Spirit
Post by: Lemuel on October 13, 2019, 08:27:12 am
Ron, I want you to know that recently I have been pleading, yes, that´s the word,

pleading with my Indwelling to let me depart this world now, in peace.

Main reason, of course, is that I see no future for me if I cannot be of service

to my brothers and sisters, due to old age, a decrepit body,etc, etc.

The world´s a stage and we all have our part to play, said Shakespeare and he

was right. Well, I stopped acting more than 50 years ago when I realized that we are 

all on the stage of life and I can modify my interpretation. In other words, I can

also be my own director.

Later, in the 70¨s I decided to leave the stage and sit with the other spectators,

only to discover that there were no other spectators, just yours truly.

So, what to do?  I was still in the theater!

Enter my Beloved!  "Leave this theater." "There are others of a higher-order".

Are you guys still with me?

If you are, I shall continue.

Leaving the theater, any theater, you leave your old reality, forever. No Return!

Now you become an observer of all, with the help and guidance of your Guides

and your Thought Adjuster but in a much more tangible way. So much so, that

your faith and trust in Them is 100%

Fast forward to the present!  WE have all been made aware of recent events

that have taken place on the stage of our local theater and I feel that I am

totally out of it, in the sense that I left the theater years ago and that is precisely

why I ask my Beloved to get me out of here!

And guess what!  He sais, "No Way"! "If Ron Besser stays, so do you"!

My response, "Oh shit!"

My Beloved Thought Adjuster has plans for me, to reach a large audience,

whatever that means!

I can only surrender to Him, as always and say, "OK, you´re the boss, bring it on"


I must thank Him, although you will understand why I hesitated.

Title: Re: Present Conditions and Urantia Standards in Spirit
Post by: Wenebojo on October 13, 2019, 08:48:04 am
Lemuel, I have to confess that I've often prayed for The Father to take me home early also. Even before the announcement that this planet is slated to be a Finality Corps University campus of sorts. What of our life plans to accomplish anything here ? Other people going to school to be something better or all these young people starting families thinking their going to be around to see their kids grow up, get married and run off to college ? I'm not even sure we're still part of the Contact Commission to be of any service anymore ? But my Father Fragment also has informed me, despite the unrestful appearance of Urantia, that I'm in it for the long hall too.
Title: Re: Present Conditions and Urantia Standards in Spirit
Post by: Clency on October 13, 2019, 11:48:08 am
As long as the word ‘END’ is not displaying like on the screen of a cinema hall while watching a movie, as long as the curtain of a stage theater does not drop down, as long as we are not told that it is all over now, that we can pack-up and go back home, as long as the final whistle is not sounded, announcing the end of the game, there is still hope of a U-turn. There have been many up's and down's, we may think that we have seen it all, but wait...the best is to come. As the saying goes: '' Quitters do not win and Winners do not quit ''. Domtia
Title: Re: Present Conditions and Urantia Standards in Spirit
Post by: Ron Besser on October 13, 2019, 12:01:25 pm
Wenebojo, you work so hard to understand and it does not require that much work.  In plain English, you are working to retail yourself to be of service on a level you are not prepared to work yet.  I can provide information just because your Thought Adjuster and many other Adjusters use me to provide you information you are not prepared to assimilate yet you are going to be forced to a lot more than you are now just to survive what is going to be a nasty pedigree of a winter and perhaps a real  hot war in which the United States finds itself trapped in to fight and finish.
The difficulty you present Wenebojo is you persist in your habits to insist on wearing the ministry frock in a sensational climate of cold war and disbelief except for how the church ministrations the usual way.  You are a natural doctor for spiritual ills and do so well, but it also must occur to you that your mind and heart you care with is being subjected to revisions that force how your body, your brain, and the power of God that works through it, are entering a period of division even you must be very caring not to make worse.

I am also telling you you are not alone as almost everyone on this list and who uses this web site to get a clue as to how the way God operates with a broken nation state on every corner of our globe, the energy changes to see to your use of the future as a God loving entity or being or ascender, requires a whole new mental attitude and approach you are forced to use that is alien to your entire upbringing.  That is right, a large time of discomfort in mental adjustments is yours to do and withdrawing from here or us or yourself just does not bring peace.

How you bring the adjustment forward, and this is to Lemuel and all of you who fail to find any satisfaction with day to day life, is to pray openly in your own mind that your Adjuster now understands you cannot always cope with what you have to believe to make the transforming act complete without God the Supreme calling the shots.  Your Adjuster is doing that, and even HE must lean the steps to an unfamiliar role to HIS own training as  to how to prepare the human he loves and indwells to move you easily into new phases beyond the physical. 

The physical is what we as living members of the Urantia family of humanity have to work through.  I am in hell most of the day with a transgression against me over energy systems and physical disability.  You have neither of those problems Wenebojo, but you are very slow to recognize you are not going to get very far by standing still and wondering just what a dream means anymore.  Everyone of us, including yourself, has to be sure you understand the internal spiritual advice you are getting now runs COUNTER to what you first believed you had to do to find God.

I would be interested to know your job, Wenebojo, at the hospital.  Tell me if you would please what you are assigned to do and while an Adjuster probably could, yours at least has no way about that work at all to me yet it takes the bulk of your time to do it.  I did engineering work for over thirty years yet I had no training whatsoever to do it but I was successful because I could do work they as engineers did not do well at all, and that was to see to it that people understood what they were being charged for and it was done well.  You may be into a type of counseling, but I would like very much to know what you would describe it as.  Your spiritual adjustments are slow compared to your understanding but you are required, I think, to conform to practices that undo your understanding, and you bulk at putting things into effect that would free you of public insistence on useless practices.  That is confusing to me too because the advice I get is to tell you to stay the course and allow a new thought dawn in you as it can be thought to you and you stop progress by releasing resistance too much.  Finally, just realize that in spite of your dislike of a lecture, you are going to get one or two from the people you will truly work for in a few months.

Lemuel, you and Wenebojo, and I include my self and most of those who fused with Adjusters here, you fight the good fight with such ill health and loss of appetite to be about the Father's business, you like me, ask to exit in order to avoid staring into the night without any sense of redemption for all you planned and hoped would come to you.  You are as weak as a puppy, I know you are.  You take it hard to be out of circulation with people, as I do my self.  Old age is not for the faint of heart ever and frankly they can keep it as far as I can discern the business of dying off so a new generation can grow up in our place.  You have been hit with most of us get hit with and that is irrelevancy at the time your need it the most and to feel at least some kind of love for you, but it is far too cold in the new generation to feel anything but what they want.

In any case Lemuel, I am solidly with the idea of getting about the Father's business, and I find it ludicrous I have to listen to Donald Trump lecture the Persians they are the devil in the world, when Donald Trump is a bozo clown without the sense to come in out of the rain of disfavor around the world for a rogue President we placed on the world stage with a so called electorate that is as evil as Trump can be.  You Lemuel suffer the same where you are but only because you have to get up every morning to take care of being alive on Urantia still and yet and what seems forever now. 

I am getting at the very thing that Wenebojo suffers too and most here who read these words: the place is a ruin! !  Do you realize that and give it some reason for your unhappiness? We live in it yet there is truly little good to participate in just because the world focuses on health insurance and shelter out of war, without realizing they need to adjust to changes in energy in our heads that make us wheeze instead of using our own breath of life in comfort of our maturity.

Wenebojo, you know that already and are sensitive enough to play it better than a lot of us really do, yet you dream fantastic nightmares of spirit education to yourself and pass it off far too easily.  You are not a good student when it comes to understanding what they are telling you, and Lemuel you stopped dreaming for the most part for reasons they do not tell me.  Your preoccupation with serious health issues are like mine, and I am disgusted with the entire business with physical life that always reminds me I am old and of little use to society as is.

I close this with a message to all of you who may seem to think this is an exercise not for your time yet, and I say this:  Eat for now and keep yourself going as the world turns uneasily over the issue of who should run the world.  God is going to insist he does and plainly shown soon enough we may loose a President over legal issues, but we may also lose you over spiritual issues unless you learn to adjust to the new spirit ministry at work inside you, and realize that the world community is against almost all of it.  Places like this web site can address it, but this site cannot adjust you except to make you aware of it.  I close with a word from MICHAEL OF NEBADON, now:

"I as Michael of Nebadon am never without words to warn everyone.  Wenebojo you are far to satisfied with your life style.  It will kill you eventually.  Lemuel you are caring to be cared for yet no one has the time to tell you to favor yourself better and bide your time in silence, for your wish for service is never abrogated even if it is truncated much more than you ever experienced before.  In both Wenebojo and Lemuel and even Ron, the trial to persist is upon you.  Stay out of pleasentries that are empty and flail against unthinking authority that has no sense about it at all anymore just because they have no spiritual center to speak of.

"Ron does not mention Armageddon but it is upon you.  He rightly says you all live in a ruin!  It is true and there is no renewal because the building materials to put it back right are missing entirely EXCEPT IN ALL OF YOU!  Let it be known that Ron is the last of the Mohicans, and by that I mean the last of those who fully understands where life is being led to on Urantia, and it makes him wildly discussing these issues even to you people who understand zilch.  Wenebojo you eat well but never feel fully fed.  Lemuel you do not eat enough yet you are not fully interested in eating all the time either.  It is a standard fare that Ron must take supplements to feed an otherwise good body to come out of this morass of crime against our State too as he was to be murdered standing tall for us.  Wenebojo you need to straighten out in your mind that nothing is free anymore and that your life is paying the price of those costs to take what you used to assume was yours to take,  But not so since your hospital work requires discipline and not ministry which is what you prefer to give but without avail to people who have no idea what you mean when you say, be at peace young man or woman, and leave yourself to heal after this ordeal.  Ron never knows that kind of peace anyhow and wonders what Jesus is talking about and someday you will have it too.

"I close with the homily that goes like this:  'Give to man his daily bread, but give him not his daily prayer, as he must live his life according to his light, and then learn no light is his, for the peace of God passeth all understanding.'  Amen."


Title: Re: Present Conditions and Urantia Standards in Spirit
Post by: Wenebojo on October 13, 2019, 04:42:01 pm
Ron, I work as a patient transporter, just taking people to their tests in a wheelchair or cart and bringing them back. In my imagination I'm kind of like Mother Teresa helping Jesus, when he's naked I cloth him, when he thirsts I give him water, when he cries that nobody loves him anymore, I give him a hug, a smile and try to comfort the Jesus's of this world. It is not necessary that I journey to Calcutta for there is love needed where we all live. I've tried to quite this job several times but keep coming back to it where The Father needs me to take care of His sons and daughters for now. With all the forecasts, whether it be a nuclear war or Mother Nature adjusting her girdle with floods and earthquakes. The hospital seems like the only job or place that would be still going after an apocalypse. So I stay my job for now. My job as a T.R will also prevail even when the lights go out. When ever that happens ? For I will rely then on the Light from within me to guide my way. My Jesus sandals are ready when Michael of Nebadon calls I will wear them then.
Title: Re: Present Conditions and Urantia Standards in Spirit
Post by: Ron Besser on October 13, 2019, 05:14:01 pm
Now I gotta hand to you:  job security.  You have it right as hospitals never go out of style big or little.
Why do I feel I sometimes speak in cross purpose to you at times?  If you were a piece or stick of white chalk, my blue advice seems to leave you wondering which end to absorb a bit of blue?  No advice really to you but to encourage you to stand a little taller with your abilities than you tend to do right now.  You will never leave the idea of transmission alone either as it can save your life and be about more of it as this place is ungodly quiet so much it freaks me out!

The other thing I need to remind myself is that you are quite new.  You have done remarkable well to become a standard bearer here and work hard to give us your dreams and thoughts and even transmissions, but you fill them with so much thought you get transferred to your own ID.  That is not ego or anything else, but the central composition of identity and self determination that Freud never quite knew how to handle as he had no real idea of personality transference.

That reminds of the cartoon character the Wizard of ID and his chief Knight, Rodney, who wound up chained to the cellar prison wall for giving too much advice to the sour aristocratic king.  I tried to find it with a good picture on line but it is so heavily copyrighted now nothing fresh to find.  Thanks for all.  Ron

Title: Re: Present Conditions and Urantia Standards in Spirit
Post by: wendy.winter on October 13, 2019, 08:53:43 pm
At least the Wizard and Sir Rodney got a good back stretch 😁 (see attached comic clip)
Title: Re: Present Conditions and Urantia Standards in Spirit
Post by: Ron Besser on October 13, 2019, 09:59:45 pm
Thanks Wendy, I couldn't find one to snip out.  Great.  Ron