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Title: Bulletin 8/DirectorMagisterial Fndation concerning the Supreme[ his views alone
Post by: Ron Besser on December 10, 2019, 11:44:30 am
Bulletin 8
December 10, 2019

Ronald Besser, Director
The Magisterial Foundation

It is now incumbent upon me to further state how I view the present situation regarding the operation of the Magisterial Foundation, as currently endowed by your donations and your help as readers of the Urantia Book, the fifth epochal revelation, and my use of the term “spirit of goodwill.” The statement is in parts as written below:


[Summary: Urantia left alone too long to be raised by God the Supreme and now cannot do anything but genetically accept the roaring Father to bring us up to ascend to his perfection. We are genetically incapable of raising the Supreme any longer and the Supreme has rebelled to force us to do so anyhow]

I must place before you the startling conclusions I have come to regardant the present state of the union of the Local Universe of Nebadon, and all that is employs as spirit and morontial, and all that may lie in-between those states of living and being.

God the Supreme instituted a spirit rebellion at the highest possible level of condolence and support for the material creation of which we are all apart to read these statements given herein.

To the idea of open rebellion I show you my views and hope they are reasonably close to the actual truth as we have to operated with it.

          A. Humanity on Urantia is incapable to genetically embrace the rebellion as stated on Urantia that all things cohere in God the Supreme. The Supreme believes it has full sanctity in becoming the leader of all spiritual development on Urantia,

          B. Humans, for the most part on Urantia, are not generically designed to partake in a universe where the Father is relegated to second place ever. Now the disposition of the term “Supreme Acting Adjusters,” is in the position of nearly or is an oxymoron of the true intent of God the Father to bestow Jesus on this planet and the regain the enmity of God the Supreme, for the success of his bestowal mission to Urantia as is. As director of the Magisterial Foundation this is a profound indictment of the role of God the Supreme in our spiritual history, and I serious refute all rights of the Supreme to name or act for the Local Universe of Nebadon to be subjugate over issues of spirit transference to those planet so badly affected by the Lucifer rebellion and the subsequent God the Supreme rebellion implied here.

          C. God the Supreme forces the entire issue of compliance on a frail genetic system in every human indwelt by the Father on Urantia and likely other spheres experiencing the same affect on them with the Supreme rebellion stated here.


[Summary: The Ancients of Days hate the idea of me complaining about the Supreme but admit I am probably right but have nothing to do with my speeches here. So you are on your own if you want the Ancients of Days support for what I say here.]

“We endeavor to separate ourselves from this indictment by the Director of the Magisterial Foundation. He is not self appointed, but these are his view of the travesty of what has occurred after t he Supreme removed himself for reality on September 26, 2019, when the Supreme universally removed himself from the Havona circuitry he has held since the inception of God the Supreme, in the time/space areas of the proposed Master Universe.

“We dare not agree or disagree from these statements, but abide with the fact that the Director has been so completely attacked by God the Supreme, he resides near death at times in order to avoid further discrimination against him by a rebel strong hold located deep with the space areas of Orvonton, that hold that any human on Urantia who dare step forward to accomplish any aid to Michael of Nebadon, and any court system that Nebadon uses to adjudicate the Lucifer Rebellion, is subject to other murderous attacks on life so supporting Nebadon and the Creator Son of Nebadon, including the Creative Censor, the Creative Spirit of Nebadon, who holds well with the Director based on his performance in the past to supply the means easily for an approaching Magisterial Mission which had two Magisterial Sons, and named Serara and Monjoronson, for their use in the work for Urantia’s redemption.

“As the Ancients of Days, we must never show support for contravaling views of Paradise, as it is Paradise that is controlling the use of God the Supreme on Urantia, but that controlling is in direct violation of the genetic disposition of those born on Urantia, and who had no direct representation of God the Father, God the Son, or God the Spirit, ever to observe on the planet until the Bestowal Son, Jesus, arrived to end the Lucifer rebellion, and to set the stage of a return to normalcy on Urantia as far as raising the heart and soul of humans born there could be adjudicated on the mansion worlds as ascenders to be come Paradise Finaliters and to end their careers as happy spirits of the sixth stage of spirit development.

“The appearance of God the Supreme as a fully operational Deity sometime in the distant future, was to signal that the ascension of sixth stage human spirit was then to embrace the final seventh stage spirit of human ascenders to bravely approach the era of Absonity thereafter. All of that has been thrown into questions by the events of September 26. 2019, and then the presumption by God the Supreme, he had already fully explained why he had to ascend in place of the Universal Father on Urantia and in Nebadon, and to other affiliated Local Universes not named here, to the great cost to human lives everywhere and without pity.

“These statements by the Director of the Magisterial Foundation, that Foundation fully vetted with the Ancients of Days as the inherited response to the Magisterial Sons of record for Urantia, Serara and Monjoronson, now no longer refute the Supreme, but seriously question how the Supreme operates on many planets in this system of Local Universes, that have no humans capable of returning the spirit favors of God the Supreme, due to genetic dispositions left to grow in place of te Supreme after the Lucifer rebellion refuted the entire of humanity as a viable spirit force or material entity to be cut down as weeds along the roadside.

“It is to this discussion we add the following:

“No man, woman, or child, is capable of reviewing God the Supreme better than this Director of the Magisterial Foundation, due to his full and harsh treatment of God the Supreme, who constantly interferes with progress and standard bearing to the revelatory readership, and that the revelatory readership, is also in default due to its profound ignorance of what they espouse under a Urantia Foundation, that can no longer propose any selective effort to improve the fifth epochal revelation for study or dispensational changes required for them to adopt as a continuing representation of God the Spirit and God the Son, on Urantia any longer.

“God the Supreme fully supports the ongoing operations of God the Father on Urantia only as a necessary step to the rejuvenation of the planet Urantia in particular, and that Ronald Besser fully thwarts this idea by stating that the Supreme usurps spiritual development on Urantia, and must be removed categorically for the planet to retain a normal style spiritual development for the betterment of all. All Ron has done is support God the Father, God the Son, and the extent that God the Spirit has allowed, the Creative Spirit of his Local Universe for the repeal of God the Supreme as an active spirit force on Urantia forever. We stand adjourned for now.” End, Statement by the ANCIENTS OF DAYS in regard to these Statements I make to the public regarding the social aspects of a Supreme fully in rebellion and unable to be controlled as of yet on our planet Urantia/


[Summary: It turns out God the Supreme broke ranks with the Paradise Trinity, and is in its mind superior to the Trinity of Trinities the Supreme once reported through. God the Supreme uses his own supreme court and forces our local universe supreme court to eat dirt because he refuses to recognize that it can mete out justice to Urantia or the Local Universe of Nebadon. Not only do we have a rebellion, but a schism not unlike Avignon, France where it allowed two popes to glare at each other over who to bless. This cannot remain and one must be removed. This is a much more sophisticated war than the Lucifer rebellion ever got to be.]

 It is to the Paradise Trinity I next direct my remarks.

The Trinity as ruled by the three elements of existential Deity as the Father, the Son, and Spirit, are the Creators of God the Supreme. They created the Supreme to process that part of Infinity that could be materialized, and that part of Infinity which can be stated in material terms only.

As a result the Supreme was accorded a unique place in universe Justice, for that is the primary role of the Paradise Trinity in the first place. However the Supreme Deity learned from the Lucifer rebellion, t hat merely using existing origination of causes, was not satisfactory to the Supreme’‘s idea of control to run things himself in the material plane. Our planet Urantia is strictly a material sphere in spite of the fact the a Bestowal Son known as Jesus attended to its spiritual development by ending yet another rebellion, the Lucifer rebellion in which this planet participated fully and wickedly under the guidance of its planetary manager, Caligastia.

“Caligastia nearly won the day by forcing Lucifer to understand he was not interest in ruling the entire universe of time, but interested in cleansing his work off his past insistence that Urantia humans were idolatrous and unable to see clearly that choices to be made for leadership and family life, were so debased over ulterior self motivations for power and wealth, they are no longer even called spiritual but at best morontial entities requiring eons of deliberate reconditioning on the mansion worlds now. Adjudication by the local Supreme Court of the Ancients of Days or of the Local Universes has been snubbed by God the Supreme, in favor of his own judicial system on Urantia in particular.

Machiventa Melchizedek in 2018, was appointed Chief Justice of the Urantia Supreme Court, which demanded the removal of God the Supreme, and God the Ultimate from misaligned justice on Urantia, and demanded they remain obscured until their work was essentially the work of humans the planets attendant thereto.


[Summary: The MELCHIZEDEK Corps is a divine EMS unit created by the Deities in every Local Universe. Our Local Universe is number 86 in our Minor Sector, so please be advised, even local politics are huge due to the ratio of indifference most feel about the creation when they serve in such a big hall and cook endlessly for those they never meet. The Melchizedeks in Local Universe 86 out of sixteen thousand just nearby, have had to run for their lives when the Supreme shot the door lock off their opening to their Supreme Courts to clear the evil doers out for good. Here Machiventa Melchizedek, who is a Chief of their kind, speaks to what he cannot do yet and how he looks forward to normalcy of act once again.]

“WE fully realize that this human has no real power to speak to anyone on the scale he addresses all of you on,; however, he does speak the truth, and as such is a powerful voice to this Court. We had adjudicated him for several causes including for blasphemy against the Deity of Supremacy, and find him totally correct in remind the Supreme, that the Supreme is forcing powerful conclusions on the health and welfare of all on Urantia, but placing a regime of justice on them they are genetically incapable of supporting . This Director is made physically ill by the indwelling of God the Supreme, not by the indwelling of God the Father. His Thought Adjuster stands back out of the way of the Supreme, as the only way to stay inside the mind of this Director, and the Director refuses to compensate the Supreme for any reason whatsoever.

“There I have declined to rule on any case brought against any human on Urantia until the Father gains the upper hand in this rebellion of a Deity who has learned that the Lucifer rebellion won the say for over two dispensations and wishes to rule the next one, the sixth one, and not the fifth one as was proposed by the Supreme, when the first Urantia Book issued in 1955, was available to the general public. It is for that reason, I have recalled all of our PLANETARY RECEIVERS, as mentioned.

“Therefore, I stand back as a Receiver myself to this plant until a decent planetary government of the normal nature can be resupplied to Urantia after God the Supreme is defeated, as he surely as he must be to standardize normal planetary government for Spurt and for humanity. K”


[Summary: This section talks about the unthinkable. Did God the Supreme really and maybe secretly promise Lucifer a big hug if he could seize enough universe property to start his new religion without the FAther in charge? Read this section with an open mind for Lucifer complained about the Supreme a couple of times as being “two faced.” It may have taken a quarter of a million years that Lucifer took from we humans with his evil doing, but the Supreme is forced to deal, so it thinks, like Lucifer and smash opposition down with death and the destruction of place and things in several local universes already.]

   I cannot support the judgement system used by the Supreme to operate that determines right or wrong doing on what the Supreme wishes to take as his own without due process.

God the Supreme now operates as an arbitrary potentate. The Supreme acts injudiciously over the very questions of fairness of mortals who must deal with unusual circumstances and cannot meet the requirement of judicial compliance. I am one who has such conditions based on the idea that the Local Universe of Nebadon is the only processing unit to perfect human for spirit ascension to higher level of universe compliance of space and time and universal laws of behavior and policy adherence by the intentions of Creator Sons to cohere to the universe laws of the Paradise Trinity and the morality of the Universal Father for his manifold children in time and space, known as the Superuniverse and the Justice they attend to through the Paradise Trinity creations known as the Ancients of Days.

The Supreme being has no intention of using the Ancients of Days anymore. It now proposes it is not under the jurisdiction of t he Trinity of Trinities, or is it supporting the idea that the Supreme represents the First Experiential Trinity known also as the Second Experiential Triunity to the time worlds only. In fact, that is an error of judgement of the First Contact Commission, attempting to use the consistent language by Archangel 131527165, who was the management level to the Chicago based Contact Commission under the Sadler an Kellog workers of that Commission. God the Supreme refutes their work not at all, but it has to be refuted and a new epochal revelation put in its place that faces the problem of a Supreme rebellion, not sanction by anyone except the personnel assigned to work for God the Supreme by all local universes currently at work as this is written.

God the Supreme we believe, made a tactical error that hs resulted in rebellion and not just disagreement. Fully done, the Supreme would not usurp the Adjusters as the guidance to mortals to Paradise perfection in the name of the perfection of God the Supreme, and not as perfect as the Father decreed through Jesus all those long Urantia years ago.


[Summary: What Trinity wonders is how did they miss this duplicity? I question for them what they might be wondering themselves at this point. And the problem is not cleared up yet but as far as I am concerned, the Supreme missed the boat and never declared bankruptcy and got a chance to st art over, as missing him is so hard to do that the policies of Paradise are now looking for a way around sending Nebadon, our Local Universe, a scolding letter asking why the started the Supreme on such a tirade as forging a Trilateral Federation to find the personnel to clean up the old LUcifer rebellion too? Every leader in spirit is holding their head today about the noise and punishment being felt because the Supreme no longer ministers to the creators as he once, always, did.]

I must not seriously question the motivation of God the Supreme as it pertains to the Lucifer rebellion.

It has long be reported to me that Lucifer was a killer and a slave to his compassion that no one interferes with God when God has things to do that the Supreme knows nothing about. Lucifer pointed out to the authorities that the Supreme was in abeyance during his rebellion on our earth, Urantia. He also concluded there was no reason to punish an authority that recognized that Urantia was the holder of a very poorly developed humanity that promised little ascension if it could not be removed from the ideas of Thought Adjusters who pandered to learning in very small steps of self recognition they were little sons of God. He also question why the Supreme never objected to his assertion that he as a Planetary Sovereign also over six hundred plus human plants/ Lucifer carried out genocide on Urantia. killing billions of possible ascenders by refusing they go on to the mansion worlds for ascension training. This still stands out to me, as complicit standings by the Supreme over the entire matter of what constitutes a rebellion by definition found in the fifth epochal revelation.

WE therefore conclude that God the Supreme was complicit in the Lucifer rebellion as a co-conspirator against the Universal Father and to question his very existence. It must be reported that question was settled forever when your Director here received direct intervention against the Supreme in 1988, when the voicing of the Adjuster was strongly met and I was surrendered to the medical profession for their exit diagnosis of having a fit of general amnesia and possible anxiety disorder. They would not listen to what the Adjuster then called an intervention providing me with a full disclosure of the divine will to improve sociability,

Now God the Supreme is attempting to re arrange the power of Thought Adjusters to control ascension decisions, and replace himself as the master of knowledge that the Supreme knows better by direct experience in the planetary mode that power makes the difference in ascension, and not morality per the policy making of the Universal Father to make the world compliant on their hold decisions which are filters to the perfection the Father requires to operate the dynasty of perfected mortals Paddies calls FINALITERS.

When Lucifer entered the court of Final Decision regarding his life or its execution. for good and ever, he stood right at the front receiving circle before the three Supreme Court Ancients of Days. One stood for the Father, one stood for the Son, and one stood for the Ancients of Days as a total decision making apparatus as to whether life should continue for the awful Lucifer decision to murder life to complete his take over of the Satania Planetary System, then consisting of 612 human or inhabited planets ruled over by the Most Highs of the Constellation, Norlatiadek.

While Lucifer stood there, a queer miasma clouded the third Ancients of Day countenance. No one could read the view this Ancient of Days held for Lucifer at that standing. It turns out that the Father was reviewing the actions of the Supreme Being, and his possible collision with the rebellion in general. If this were the case, then the Ancient of Days must demand the entire review of God the Supreme over matters of state over earlier rebellions in other sectors of the space of time. That never emitted a peep from the Ancients of Days until the events of 26 September 2019 on Urantia, when the Supreme eliminated himself in Havona as a force to deal with in the ascension careers of all mortals everywhere. Concluding this statement I also amend no reason to declare the Supreme in rebellion, and must call upon all authority to recognize it as such, and to arbitrarily call it to a hale, as no evolutionary means is available to control the very Deity and entity that calibrates good and evil according to the values of spirit IT decides is proper. The Supreme has already ruled that Nebadon is not complicit in the proper rule of spiritual development in its creation of Nebadon, and that Avalon, Wolvering, and Alvoring, in particular are as complicit/guilty as Nebadon is in their refusal to obey God the Supreme in these matters at all.


[Summary: It is a horrible thought in some ways: Did the Sadler Contact Commission inadvertently play into the hands of the Supreme by depending on him to conduct the Contact Commission with the Kellogs? **  The repercussion are for Nebadon and Paradise, and Mantutia Melchizedek is not to blame except for writing a most splendid revelatory text, the Urantia Book. God the Supreme took many secrets with him when he blew himself up with ultimatons regurgitating Paradise plasma, not ever available in space but almost then the gravity body Nebadon depends on to stabilize its planets in the center started leaking the stuff after the Supreme cracked that body open. We are careful with this but speculate below.[
**[Note: The name Kellog in the Contact Commission was not spelled with the double "gg" by these participants although their histories are often written up to spell it as "Kellogg."  Anna and Wilfred Kellog were co-Contact Commissioners with Doctor Sadler and Doctor Lena Sadler, and along with the Sadler's only child, Bill Sadler Jr. The cereal people were direct or immediate relatives but Wilfred did not dispute some of their family adding a letter to a fine old name with one "G".  Doctor Lena Sadler was a Kellog, hence the tie in to the Contact Commission trust of family members to keep the secrets they had to hold all the time.]

if the Lucifer rebellion supported the appearance of the fifth epochal revelation, not because the Supreme was supporting the Father, but because he supported the standards of rebellion insisting that the Supreme came first, and not the Universal Father. Then we are face to face with a strong smelling default/

But let his stand first; Your Director is a reader and strong supporter of the fifth epochal revelation. It is truth personified in near poetry of the English language and must never be impugned, but only corrected as time changes the condition we must work with.

But it must be reported that while the Fifth Epochal Revelation is perceived in language it also supports God the Supreme as an innocent bystander for the rights and justice of all creatures and Gods in the diffusion of existential Infinity.

Where the support of God the Supreme for the fifth epochal revelation actually lay is now open to question only, and I do not ever impugn the fifth epochal revelation for any cause other than the dirty fingers of the Supreme over it to cause it problems later on.

In my second contention concerning the fifth epochal revelation, this revelation correctly states the entire matter we live and enjoy being indwelt by ?God the Father, and that we cannot claim allegiance of creation in God the Supreme, as we on Urantia were raised by the indwelling Adjuster, never by God the Supreme or the Ultimate, with the help fo the Deity Absolute, stayed away form the Lucifer contention that the Universe Father did not exist at all, but was the misrepresentation by Nebadon to force compliance with threats from a non existing Deity to behave they way Nebadon wanted them to behave.

The Lucifer Manifesto which we have written in part in the fifth epochal revelation text, states that the Father is nothing more than a breech of truth forcing Luther to be prepared to sacrifice himself in order to get a behavior on planets like Urantia to stray while the better planets were left to die over problems unstated in the Manifesto. I for one understand that different levels of spirit reality must battle to get consistency and agreement among themselves, but I do not agree ever, and cannot afford to, since I have had direct Adjuster speech to me for over thirty years now and at the testimony of the medial profession I suffered the idea of mental aberration and not a spiritual change.

We must also seriously question that the spirit agency on Urantia that handles the fifth epochal revelation, was entirely compromised from the beginning over faults of supreme collusion with the idea the Foundation must act through power to convert individuals by forcing belief they fully represent the only source of why the fifth epochal revelation was through them alone That leads to cult status and not of supreme satisfaction of service to the revelation of God for all humankind without pretense to status or mental ability.

I therefore contend that the Urantia Book is the ideal of our existence and reveals the truth as to why it is our ideal of existence. I never impugn the First Revelatory Commission and that the Sadlers and the Kellogs and that the Sleeping Subject and the spirits that helped with it, have only pride to show for this.

We conclude our view as Director of the Magisterial Foundation, and thank you for your time and patients to read these continuing statements that are from me and probably others as it is realized just what has happened and not to know what to do about it yet.

Title: Re: Bulletin 8/DirectorMagisterial Fndation concerning the Supreme[ his views alone
Post by: amethyst on December 10, 2019, 01:18:40 pm
Ron,  Thank you for your thoughts here.  This is profound and quite disturbing.  The best comment I can make at this time is as Jesus always said, "It is my will that the Father's will be done".  The Universal Father in His omniscience had to know the ending from the beginning, so I feel this saga is far from over.

I notice that in this you often speak of the Supreme in the present tense.  How can he carry out these deeds if he is now gone with only residual left?

Somewhere in the UB it says the law of the universe is ask and you shall receive, so I will pray daily that my Adjuster remain with me fully so that the Supreme will leave my Adjuster in place and that Father's Will will always hold sway with me!  Also I wonder how this affects those on the mansion worlds and are close to being fused with their Father Fragments.

Another suggested turn of events--What if Urantia is vacated for emergency purposes and left uninhabited? Would that leave nothing here for the Supreme to work with?  Is this possibility related to the movement of sector 10.  Is it possible it is being move for protection from the Supreme?

Title: Re: Bulletin 8/DirectorMagisterial Fndation concerning the Supreme[ his views alone
Post by: Clency on December 10, 2019, 02:05:28 pm
The actual status of the Supreme also troubles me. I can't fathom the fact that he is no more and at the same time is still acting as before his suicidal attempt and far more in a residual form. Now, we are learning that he must have been in collusion with Lucifer at the very beginning of the rebellion and perhaps even the "head-thinking" behind all this, the one who pulls the string. What do I know !! However, it is bluffing to note the likeness in the "modus operandi" of both. Domtia
Title: Re: Bulletin 8/DirectorMagisterial Fndation concerning the Supreme[ his views alone
Post by: Ron Besser on December 10, 2019, 06:09:57 pm
I cannot answer you fully, either one of you, how the Supremacy of God remains a potent force to deal with when that same force destroyed his Havona location on 26 September by our calendar.  Here is a list I put together concerning the status of God the Supreme.  I do not know necessarily how they go together or if they are all related to each other?  That is our mutual confusion how a neurotic Supreme killed himself and then holds forth in deep time space against Nebadon, Urantia, and in a couple of cases, against ourselves personally.  Amethyst, I had to stay in bed all day myself it was so bad and today is not much better either.

1 -  Father says the Deity of Supremacy cannot be destroyed, even by his own hand;

2 - The Eternal Son says the Deity of Supremacy resides with HIm now but is entirely inactive;

3 - God the Father indicates there is no Supreme available for the time sector of the Grand Universe, but that the residual Supreme is empowered by YOU;

4 - The residual Supreme is active on Urantia sufficient to seize the collective energy of the wrong doers on Urantia, to empower the residual supreme to force evolution back and declare itself valid;

5 - God the Supreme resides with me and I have deferred to him as little as I can get away with and dismiss his entreaty to speak and ask me for favors which I will not abide him.  That raises an anger level among his supporter seraphim and midwayers on Urantia, and they are often around me to make me ill and broken down pretty bad.  We both spent a day in bed thanks to their evil ministry;

6 - God the Ultimate empowers the Supreme on Urantia.  We know so little about this aspect I dare not speak to it much at all.  I have had days now of being indwelt by the Supreme-Ultimate, and it speaks kindly, but is an independent reporting voice in transmissions, and utterly impossible to be rid of .  I have asked the Planetary Prince to provide some way to counter this harassment but the Planetary Prince is too slow on the draw to know how the supreme-Ultimate even gets to me at all, but it can be 24/7 much to my dissatisfaction;

7 - MICHAEL OF NEBADON is completely aware of my fate with regard to the Supreme but cannot do a thing about it as he cannot do anything about it to the members here who are of my generation for the most part and none of us can abide the Supreme due to genetic differences.

8 -  Urantia did not have divine representation on it for a quarter of a million years.  Consequently the spiritual defense outsiders meaning harm to our population with us in it, had to be our Thought Adjusters.  Whoever rocks the cradle with human babies and youngsters, influences them the most.  God the Supreme attempts to enforce his influence over top of the Adjuster influence, and as a result it causes injury.  Amethyst you feel it, Ron feels it terribly, Lemuel and Clency and Sue and so on, as I do not know where attunement is among all members here anymore due to the removal of the very circuits that would inform us better from me.

Genetic Disposition on Urantia by the Census Director tells me as follows-

As of 545PM in York today as I write this.

Humans on Urantia who are descended from Cro Magnon:

Humans descended from the lower primates other than Cro Magnon:
2, 116,412,611

Humans without pedigree at all and are partially incapable of recognition of God:

Humans who are departing Urantia right now (they have just died)
62,112 at the rate of 16,104 ever minute from this sphere

Humans with out any hope of being resurrected from above group just dying now
33,500 give or take a few pending judges decisions

In full context the Supreme is responsible for most of this poor showing of human life on Urantia.  We share this information to bring home to you that the Supreme has nothing whatever to do with resurrection of these departing humans from Urantia, but is never available to help in the plans to provide the space and training for good spirit service from ascenders arriving on the mansion worlds in a constant stream of application to them for training.

9 - The entire matter is placed before the Council of Equilibrium, but they are hampered in a sense by the fact I dare not bring any charges from this level of human life, and so my Bulletin 8 states categorically that what i say is my opinion only.  

I leave it to all of you to attempt to work this out in your minds, as it and what the Supreme did is going to force a lot of decision making I think is likely premature for any of you to make when you die and leave for the mansion worlds today and in the near future that might be as long as the next fifty or sixty years Urantia time.

10 - God the Supreme is an inconcussable Deity spirit, yet utterly useless now.  That forces the Paradise Powers to either bring a conclusion to this Universe Age and beging a new Age called the Supreme Inadequacy Age - or maybe never address the word Supreme again and call it the Grand Universe Time Age.  I simply do not know any more than what is outlined here and will wait to see how the rules get changed for you and me
and the rest on this site as to how we are treated for our morontial careers.

MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK - ' You all have heard the lecture I must deliver to Urantia someday in the flesh.  I hope to God there is someone here to listen and heed our instructions on how to avoid total cataclysmic reunions with their souls at death as they must face the judges alive and conscious now as that is how the Thought Adjuster insist it be done starting at once.  That can be a shock to humans who ignore what is happening to them, their culture,. their civilization, and the end of a rainbow the Supreme had prepared for them once they departed the flesh.

:Ron just received a particularly nasty email from a Guest and sees it is likely from a South American female.  Somehow or other he is right and that prepares all of you to recognize that the guests who habituate this site are not after knowledge but to prove or disprove you all know what you are talking about is true for them too.  Most have no capacity to fully understand what is spoken to here for the simple reason they do not have the foundation of the fifth epochal revelation to provide definition of your terms in discussions here.

"I for one see the entire matter up for grabs on Urantia, for until there is a better estrangement with God the Supreme on Urantia, we must face the reality that the residual nature of the Supreme is doubting any of you are worthy to carry on beyond the present half century to come, and he may order Urantia closed down for good.  I have no idea what that causes, but it is never pretty to see an entire planet be devastated by a rogue Deity.  There is nothing further to report at this point either and so we leave with this solemn oath Ron swears at t hem: "YOU HAVE NOT RIGHT HERE! Get out! Stay out! and that cause hundreds of Seraphim to leave his person as they think him grand until they force issues on him he does not accept and that is killing him quickly.

"We state that Ron has no love for any of them and makes sure he is not against them personally, but he will fight to the death of one of them if they so much as enter his space and cause more blood to flow and heat through the disposition of burning his living cells to kill him off through a process they learned through Caligastia.  Now we are clear over this but be sure that nothing is going to return to Urantia to help them or it or the Supreme in the near future, as we have aligned these units with our own liaison forces and we will clear the planet entirely if they do not voluntarily remove themselves from Urantia entirely.  K:


Title: Re: Bulletin 8/DirectorMagisterial Fndation concerning the Supreme[ his views alone
Post by: DaCandyMan on December 10, 2019, 06:43:02 pm
I also find it hard to fathom that the supreme originated from the trinity believes it reigns above the trinity, the most similar example that i can think of is comparing the supreme to a human teenager.  it is like the teenage knows that the parents gave birth to them, but because the teenager experience the world differently to the parent they formed different views regarding the same situation.  often times the rebeling teenager thought they know better and refuse to believe the parent could understand them and refuse any guidance, but the supreme is completly different in regards to the level of existence that maybe too much power was given to the supreme that he thought he was untouchable.  from my understanding the supreme orinated before the first superuniverse, and through trillion and trillions years of experience, the evil that is accumulated must have affected him tremendously, and without perfect origination it must have been extremely difficult to stand firm and be unaffected by all influence.  just like all high universe sons that is created perfectly but not perfect in the fatherly perfect sense they must rely on seeking guiding, as oppose to us we have a thought adjuster.  if they take a wrong turn and is fixed in thier ways theres little others can do to change them. still theres many questions that are unanwsered and i'll just leave it for now.
Title: Re: Bulletin 8/DirectorMagisterial Fndation concerning the Supreme[ his views alone
Post by: amethyst on December 10, 2019, 10:41:41 pm
3 - God the Father indicates there is no Supreme available for the time sector of the Grand Universe, but that the residual Supreme is empowered by YOU;

4 - The residual Supreme is active on Urantia sufficient to seize the collective energy of the wrong doers on Urantia, to empower the residual supreme to force evolution back and declare itself valid;

These two points above caught my attention:

One lesson I have learned is that all entities require food, just like we need material food to survive.  The ‘food’ that is needed by negative entities is energy of anger, greed, hatred, fear, among others.   These negative thoughts and emotions actually give them strength and growth.  That is precisely what number four states, and why the Supreme wants to seize all the negativity it can get.  

Number 3, tells us that is us that empower the residual.  How could this be?  ALL NEGATIVITY WE FEEL FOR THE SUPREME IS CAUSING IT TO GROW!  That is precisely what number four states, and why the Supreme wants to seize all the negativity it can get.  The more of that it gets, the more powerful it will become.

Now I know that Urantia is a major target.  Let’s not feed it. I know it is very difficult to do this, but the Supreme has set us up to provide a steady stream of negativity energy to keep it going and growing.
Title: Re: Bulletin 8/DirectorMagisterial Fndation concerning the Supreme[ his views alone
Post by: 7inOcean on December 11, 2019, 01:22:46 am
Early this morning when I was in the process of reading the Director's view under Bulletin 8, a voice spoke and said to the effect, "..he is cutting it to the chase and leave that as it may...." ; it was more of an interjection into my thoughts and kind of surprised me a little. The Supreme sentiment came through in these statements and I was not going to entertain that for another minute and let the Director have his say in the matter. The Supreme seems to dispute the Director's statements as I read it. I had to get up and get ready for work and leave this for later as I found the Supreme attacking me in a mental way. If Ron and Amethyst are being affected in health which resulted in them being bedridden, then in my case, I was affected in my mental stretch and all day at work with much sniffling and watery eyes it seems I was allergic to something. Now I am home and refreshed, I sit down to catch up on this thread. I am in agreeance to think it wise to hold our views until we all properly peruse the SER's account on the Lucifer Rebellion and be properly educated on all matters pertaining to this subject. I hold my views until then. At this stage I feel that what is divulged so far is so contradictory it makes things more confusing for us to get a hold of in our minds. So that is where I stand at this point in time as to the matter of God the Supreme. His voice entered in my thoughts early this morning before I could even read what was being said by the Director of the Magisterial Foundation! What a jump to conclusions were his statements, I feel the Ultimate was also jumping into this as well. I leave this for now because I feel the Supreme is trying to sabotage our thoughts because we are so slow on the ball to realise what is happening.

For all I know lately, there seems to be a death wish on his list for most of us and that sentiment is so pervasive that it kind of puts me off balance as to what to think and do. I remain calm and hope for the best of what Father Michael can do to get some sort of normalcy back and I think that is even put into question after all that is said above. Since the Supreme is a Trinity creation, my question is how can the Trinity contradict itself? And for the Supreme-Lucifer-Caligastia collusion, I think it comes down to their dispute to the "imperfection" problem they deal with, since the mandate was set by the Father, "To be ye perfect as I am perfect." 

Title: Re: Bulletin 8/DirectorMagisterial Fndation concerning the Supreme[ his views alone
Post by: amethyst on December 11, 2019, 02:34:15 am
Sue,  I think your response is right on the mark.  We just can't know much at this point and the only rational thing we can do is wait for direction on high to shed more light on our circumstances.  And there may never be more information for us, but I do think we will hear some more at some point.  You are wise.

DaCandyMan, Since learning about the loss of the supreme, I am dumbfounded, like you, as I can find no real reason for what he did.  It makes no sense to me either.  With his parent, the Trinity, he had every opportunity to seek their guidance and help.  Your analogy of a teenager is a good one.  I think the most surprising thing about all of this is that the Trinity seemed to have no foreknowledge as to the thinking of their offspring.  Maybe someday we will understand if the did, and let it happen anyway, or were they totally as unprepared as the rest of us.
Title: Re: Bulletin 8/DirectorMagisterial Fndation concerning the Supreme[ his views alone
Post by: prozonov on December 11, 2019, 04:12:16 am
Dear friends, Hello!
I ask you not to blame me if what you read seems naive, stupid or incorrect. But this is my personal opinion after everything I read about the Supreme or Almighty in recent months.
Why is an angel, is it a pair - positive and negative? This is a balance.
Why does the Trinity and God Almighty or Supreme exist? This equilibrium is the Trinity positive charge, the Supreme negative charge.
The Trinity is nourished by the energy of Paradise. The Most High, the empirical god, feeds on the negative energy of mortals.
But equilibrium is disturbed when individual superuniverses no longer have inhabited planets and there is no replenishment of negative energy.
And then Lucifer appears with his rebels. And the balance is restored.
But the planets are moving towards light and life. Negative weakens.
Then, in order to constantly receive negative energy and give it to the Almighty in the form of negative experience, Lucifer creates on the planet that he hates “a chosen tribe”. He gives him instructions in the form of the Torah and the Bible - how to do evil on Earth.
The feat of Jesus Christ was not successful. The divine commandments of the brotherhood of people and the fatherhood of God managed to distort and plant false religions on the planet that served and still serve not the Father, but the devil.
It was the representatives of the “chosen tribe” who created, tested, and spread the nuclear bomb on the planet at the suggestion of Lucifer.
The Most High received a special surge of negative energy as a result of two world wars. But he wants a third world one, to forever deprive humanity of survival, and mortals to ascend to Paradise.
What will be the next planet ...
But then Ron Besser appears, who exposes the Almighty.
Lucifer and Caligastia self-destruct, but their negative energy merges with the Almighty. And he is again stronger than the creator sons.
To strengthen their leadership on Urantia, Lucifer and his representatives from the “chosen tribe” lead the planet into the chaos of revolutions. And blood flows like a river. And only the great Stalin was able to delay the destruction of civilization by educating the people without Jewish religious prejudices, partially embodying the divine truth: man-to-man is a brother. It was Russia that gave mankind a chance to live according to the will of God. That is why this great country was destroyed and now humanity is close to death.
What are the chances of survival.
1. Most mortals do not know, do not want and are not able to understand the divine truth. They are completely dead.
2. Those who are not yet lost should be helped to open their eyes. Let it be the fifth or sixth revelation - it doesn’t matter. The main thing is that a person understands and decides for himself why he came to the physical world and how he will go to another.
This will help people steadfastly survive the cataclysms and leave with faith in God and eternal life.
3. Nuclear destruction of the planet cannot be allowed. For the suffering and death of billions of mortals will give the Almighty tremendous energy for the multiplication and continuation of evil on other planets ...
4. One thing is offensive: the Almighty is very strong and he can deprive us of mansion worlds.
5. It's a shame ...
(if you will translate into other languages - take the Russian original ...)
Дорогие друзья, Здравствуйте!
Прошу меня не осуждать, если прочитанное вами покажется наивным, глупым или не правильным. Но это мое личное мнение после всего прочитанного о Верховном или Всевышнем за последние месяцы.
Почему ангел, это пара – положительный и отрицательный? Это равновесие.
Почему существует Троица и бог Всевышний или Верховный? Это равновесие – Троица положительный заряд, Верховный отрицательный заряд.
Троица питается энергией Рая. Всевышний, эмпирический бог, питается отрицательной энергией смертных.
Но равновесие нарушается, когда в отдельных сверхвселенных уже нет обитаемых планет и нет подпитки отрицательной энергии.
И тут появляется Люцифер со своими мятежниками. И равновесие восстанавливается.
Но планеты двигаются к свету и жизни. Негатив ослабевает.
Тогда Люцифер для того, чтобы постоянно получать отрицательную энергиею и отдавать ее Всевышнему в виде негативного опыта, создает на планете, которую он ненавидит, «богоизбранное племя». Он дает ему инструкции в виде Торы и Библии - как творить зло на Земле.
Подвиг Иисуса Христа не увенчался успехом. Божественные заповеди братства людей и отцовства Бога удалось исказить и насадить на планете ложные религии, которые служили и до сих пор служат не Отцу, а дьяволу.
Именно представители «избранного племени» с подачи Люцифера создали, испытали и распространили по планете ядерную бомбу.
Особый всплеск негативной энергии Всевышний получил в результате двух мировых войн. Но он хочет и третью мировую, чтобы навсегда лишить человечеств выживания, а смертных восхождения к Раю.
Какая будет следующая планета…
Но тут появляется Рон Бессер, который разоблачает Всевышнего.
Люцифер и Калигастия самоуничтожаются, но их негативная энергия сливается со Всевышним. И он опять сильнее сынов-создателей.
Чтобы усилить свое главенство на Урантии, Люцифер и его представители от «избранного племени» вводят планету в хаос революций. И кровь льется рекой. И только великий Сталин смог отсрочить уничтожение цивилизации, воспитав народ без иудейских религиозных предрассудков, частично воплотив божественную истину: человек-человеку брат. Именно Россия дала человечеству шанс жить по воле Бога. Вот почему эта великая страна была уничтожена и сейчас человечество на волосок от гибели.
Какие есть шансы выжить.
1. Большинство смертных не знают, не хотят и не способны понять божественную истину. Они окончательно мертвы.
2. Тем, кто еще не потерян, надо помочь открыть глаза. Пусть это будет пятое или шестое откровение – неважно. Главное, чтобы человек понял и сам решил, зачем он пришел в физический мир и как он уйдет в другой.
Это поможет людям стойко пережить катаклизмы и уйти с верой в Бога и вечную жизнь.
3. Нельзя допустить ядерного уничтожения планеты. Ибо страдания и смерть миллиардов смертных даст Всевышнему колоссальную энергию для умножения и продолжения зла на других планетах…
4. Обидно одно: Всевышний очень силен и он может всех нас лишить обительских миров.
5. Обидно…
(если будете переводить на другие языки – берите русский оригинал…)
Title: Re: Bulletin 8/DirectorMagisterial Fndation concerning the Supreme[ his views alone
Post by: White Stone on December 11, 2019, 04:57:27 am
I've got a problem with this number from the Census Director:

Humans who are departing Urantia right now (they have just died)
62,112 at the rate of 16,104 ever minute from this sphere

If the death rate is currently 1.8 persons per second, or 108 per minute, something isn't right. You've got 966,240 humans dying every hour. That's 23,189,760 souls each day, compared to reality, which is 155,520 each day. Maybe the Census Director was trying to trick you!

At this rate, our world population would be decimated in a short amount of time. 

White Stone 

Title: Re: Bulletin 8/DirectorMagisterial Fndation concerning the Supreme[ his views alone
Post by: Ron Besser on December 11, 2019, 10:21:42 am
Yes, White Stone the 62K is right.  That rate though is all kaflooey.  I did not look at it when ti was dictated.  I checked on line on the wolrd population site and attach below of their running death toll per day.  See below/
Title: Re: Bulletin 8/DirectorMagisterial Fndation concerning the Supreme[ his views alone
Post by: Pliktarious on December 11, 2019, 12:17:32 pm
Prozonov, I agree with you on most things you say here, we humanity, are been judged at this moment and the scales of justice are not leaning to our side.There is so much negative energy 
been produced on this planet through wars,famine,greed etc, and the deity residual supreme has more than he needs to condemn us.God the Father on the other hand remembers only our good deeds and Christ Michael is doing his utter best to save as many souls as possible before Armageddon arrives.They are probably asking themselves,is there anything worth saving,and I hope they will go the extra mile to do that. 
Title: Re: Bulletin 8/DirectorMagisterial Fndation concerning the Supreme[ his views alone
Post by: Andre_P on December 12, 2019, 08:03:45 am
Everything that happens in the matters presented in Ron B.'s Bulletin 8 is probably an important lesson for us. I don't know if any of us, forum members, can assess the weight of arguments presented by Prozonow.

I personally see only that the Deity Absolute has a positive attitude to the actions and positions of Michael of Nebadon and Melchizedeks, as well as to Ron, while the other side, i.e. the entire existing and undoubtedly evolving apparatus of the Supreme has been very frustrated with the situation for a long time, not only since September 26 2019. In this situation, the Deity Absolut said:

"I AM THE DEITY ABSOLUTE, and the most powerful spiritual power in the Universe of Universes. Ron knows me as a caring individual and sleeps well under my care, but I cannot stop experiential Deity from attempting to knock him off and kill his efforts here . "
(In: General Discussion / Re: Van the Steadfast Comments, Reply # 3)

There must therefore will come a compromise between the parties in dispute. (Balance, according to Prozonov.) I think that the Father of All and the Trinity may even be interested in experiencing their inferior creatures in achieving, on their own or with the help, such compromises. How this relates to the scale of our life on Urantia is another matter.

Title: Re: Bulletin 8/DirectorMagisterial Fndation concerning the Supreme[ his views alone
Post by: Ron Besser on December 12, 2019, 08:52:29 am
Andre_P, the situation is so vexing there seems little that Nebadon calls valid information available.  Father has controlled me for 31 years by now with a direct connection and Adjuster voicing since 1988 when it blew me out of the water and nothing has been normal in the sense of consciousness from then on.  I would say this to all of you:

It is now a personal challenge for each of you.  That is about all I can say and not get into controversy with the Supreme-Ultimate or with portions of my own views that the entire matter of human contact to Urantia is under serious redesign.  For the most part, the change to addressing the Supreme first on Urantia instead of the Father first on Urantia, is making me ill good and proper.  I may be just pushed aside, as some of you will be, and will never appear in the history of Urantia but as having lived a mortal life and be done with it.  This craziness is out of sync with Michael of Nebadon too, but I cannot makes sense of his doings lately either.  We all, on this site, are facing a dark corridor that is supposed to lead to a spiritual resolution as to what happens to Urantia and  therefor the people on it, but I find only conflict and continuously over the present situation.  so Andre_P, develop your attitude not so much with anyone elses reviews of it, but take your own steps to refute or embrace as you determine and see fit.  The battle in me is that I am Father fused and I dare not pretend anything other than that is important enough to give in to a review of spirit status on Urantia this way.

I also want to say in general to the list here is I have a BULLETIN 9 that looks at the Supreme and the impossibility I have using it and that will make sense to readers when they see it.

That is about it and we have no one here now to intervene with a contradiction of my views yet, but I am sure the general readership would find Bulletin 8 totally unassigned to their minds at all as they have no idea what the Supreme has done and the residual supreme on Urantia insists on staying put to the detriment of so many including some of you.


MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK - "Ron is using his last breath to deterimine he has been pushed aside over issues he has not real idea why they are important not to Nebadon, but to himself in particulr.  Yesterday he spent part of the day with an attorney and a mutual friend attempting to correct an imbalance in his views regarding what Missions are actually to affect Urantia.  We say to him keep the attorney busy for awhile as he sees clearly the mess you are in until it can be cleared by the fiat of discharging all responsibility out of the Magisterial Foundation for yourself and to another.  That is wise and well decided, but care that you remain active in the entire idea as we are not fully sure we know what the Supreme insists upon for Urantia or for you Ron.  That goes for all on this site too, and Ron is fully and totally disgusted with the entire matter regarding the Supreme and the Supreme-Ultimate, as they have fooled with his computer until it is a hightmare to even turn it on just to use.  I seem to thin he is getting ready to refute that entire matter with the Nebadon Chief of Staff who cannot get in edgewise due to the insistent voice of the Supreme which Ron wants removed but it refuses to budge and we see the matter coming to a conlusion soon enough should Father remove Ron and this site completely due to the rubric cube of insufficient synchrony with the Supreme among most of you anymore.

"I also see Ron smile not at the cure he has to go through as it is so painful and harmful he can hardly move.  I can do nothing about it nor can he.  The only one who can is Michael and Michael is up a tree really trying to understand how Urantia is being wrestled away from his contol and he refuses to involve any of you until there is some sign that the Supreme can be fully refuted.  That is Ron;'s view and great dislike over what the Supreme does to some of you and himself and he files divorce papers every day to get away from a Supreme relationship that binds but never provides comfort these days.  I am Machiventa Melchizedek and so are you Ron  . . .  er, not  Good day to all as I must leave Urantia already and stay out of this fight to regain power over the self as Ron is keenly aware he is being batter around and is profoundly disgusted that it cannot be better proclaimed that the Supreme is a rebel.  I do not disagree with that view at all, but I must remain circumspect, and you Andre are not taking judicious actions but just worrying yourself without decisions,  That will complicate your life if you do not cut bait and decide that this a a true disaster for you too and for Ron and for most on this site.  Michael has a word for all of you now:

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "I see Ron completely disgusted with the entire matter this morning.  He knows where the battle lines are drawn, yet mot of you do not know how to approach the disaster at all.  Yet we are together in one aspect and that is we have totally confused a group of people who kike what th is site discusses but cannot father what God the Supreme is.  No one can, and Ron has complained since day 1, where is the revelation of God the Supreme to the people of Urantia?  Do you know where God the Supreme is today?  Do you know how we battle it and why?  Most are content to sit out of the way, but the truth is that the Supreme has made a mess of Wendy and of Ron and of Dingxin and Michael Faraday and dozens of people you do not know, and the reason is there people are dedicated to the Father and not God the Supreme, and I know it is killing Ron badly to sit still to listen to nothing but wail of the blues from all of you without knowing just what it is that curses you right now.  I dare not get involved any deeper than I am with Urantia at this point, and here is MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK TO close this down for now."

"Ron you have prayed to be moved on as you cannot tolerate total blindness and pain so bad you cannot sleep well at all.  That is not over briefly surely soon as there is nothing your attorney can do when the entire matter of resurrection for you is no longer discussed well, but it is with contempt for your review in Bulletin 8 for all to see in Nebadon.  Most in Nebadon consider the Supreme righteous but you condemn him a rebel, as do I as does Michael as does Gabriel as does the Creative Spirit.  We clear the air just enough to say that today is nothing more but one more issue of pain and blindness not but of total disregard for the Supreme and its environs over this site and its care that you are destroyed quickly and impossibly but that is our view you fail only yourself and not us.  Be assured that the time is coming for better relations again as SERARA and MONJORONSON also know the score and must end the confusion you feel Ron over the lack of power in your life to cut through the diatribes you sense are all over you because people cannot father what a SUPREME is or does.  Put up Bulletin 9 and open their eyes at least a little Ron as it is a scholarly work worth a read.  Good day.:


Title: Re: Bulletin 8/DirectorMagisterial Fndation concerning the Supreme[ his views alone
Post by: JuliodaLuz on December 12, 2019, 03:00:53 pm
I have felt in the last months a great shaking on the spiritual level. In my view, analyzing the news of the Serara Forum, I think that this spiritual shaking occurred before the plight of God, the Supreme who was extinguished, on his own initiative. This caused various spiritual circuits to be affected. I am a human being, somewhat sensitive to spiritual energy. This is my view on this whole situation.

My refuge in this whole situation is in God, the universal Father of all, for above all, be made at the will of God the Father.


Eu senti nos últimos meses um grande abalo a nível espiritual. Em minha visão, analisando as notícias do Fórum Serara, eu penso que este abalo espiritual ocorreu diante da situação de Deus, o Supremo que foi extinto, por sua própria iniciativa. Isto fez com que vários circuitos espirituais fossem afetados. Sou um ser humano, de certa forma sensitivo a energia espiritual. Esta é minha visão nesta situação toda.

O meu refúgio nesta situação toda está em Deus, Pai universal de todos, pois acima de tudo, seja feita à vontade de Deus, Pai.
Title: Re: Bulletin 8/DirectorMagisterial Fndation concerning the Supreme[ his views alone
Post by: SonsofGod on December 12, 2019, 03:06:47 pm
Dear Ron, Bulletin 8 is thick and heavy information to my brain - mind-blowing, so to speak - that I will have to read again, but now I would love to understand that after God the Supreme has eliminated himself from Havona is he still continues to function all over the Super Universe other than Nebadon? You haven’t mentioned God the Ultimate and their association in this matter, and that would be my next question. On what basis or subject God the Ultimate came in agreement with God the Supreme?
Quote: All of that has been thrown into questions by the events of September 26. 2019, and then the presumption by God the Supreme, he had already fully explained why he had to ascend in place of the Universal Father on Urantia and in Nebadon, and to other affiliated Local Universes not named here, to the great cost to human lives everywhere and without pity.
Until now, I have not find the article with this explanation yet. Can you, or someone who knows, please quote or refer to where he explained this? It is obvious that from his point of view Michael of Nebadon and Ronald Besser are in rebellion against his will, but his actions speak louder then words. If Paradise Father, in agreement with both of you, has ordered the Supreme out of Nebadon only that is very alarming, for how could be expected that God the Supreme would rule properly in other sectors of the Universe? Why would not Father enter into judgment based on the facts already demonstrated, instead of further investigating his actions and motives in times past millions of years ago, while those who were partakers of the past rebellion have been judged and depersonalized already? I cannot help it but think repeatedly that if the satanic rebellion was stopped at its root, today we would not have to live out the consequences for ages. Since it had no precedence to the aftermath of such huge rebellion in the Universe before, it is understandable that Michael of Nebadon’s loving and patient nature and character and Divine Mercy attempted to reconcile the rebellion peacefully and patiently before judgment, even at the cost of His seventh bestowal mission. (I am sure He knew the end awaited Him in the person of Jesus, before He came to earth.) However, having the experience of the result of waiting more then it might have been reasonable if He could foresee the long-term consequences of the rebellion, why would Father wait another day (!!! that is a little over seven minutes to a thousand year on Urantia !!! again a WHOLE MILLENIA or two!!! ) to adjudicate the actions of God the Supreme? Of course, I wish he would repent and return to the way of Love, for Love is All that IS.  
This worries me more than the pole shift, for no matter what happens next, if we survive or not, here or on the mansion worlds we will be in the presence of the Lord. (I am not stating that survival does not matter, for we all seek to fulfill destiny while in the flesh and it would be awful to leave unfinished business behind, but I am stating that the pole shift does not endanger our eternal survival.) I am very concerned however that the tragedy that the Supreme Being represents and brought upon himself and the whole Universe will have consequences for many millennium, and that is the probable infection of more persons with sin (moral decay, willful act of rebellion against the Father’s Will). Since we have learned to hate sin more then death, we have been through the experience to sense sin and uproot it willfully before it conceives (even if not always succeed, we surely hate our sin and cannot wait to advance behind it (e.i.: negativity, criticism, bad attitudes, anger, love of mammon, fear of loss, etc.)) that only makes us seek the Father's Will all the more in reverential fear of tte Lord, which the Supreme (as author of the Bible?) described as the Beginning of Wisdom). But the quick recognition of sin does not apply to inexperienced souls and beings, for sin first have to manifest in order to be recognizable. So as Adam and Eve (and other Adam-Eve couples on other planets) had to suffer defeat with ALL the good intention of their hearts, yet not recognizing such an obvious sin as adulatory, unloyalty and betrayal that Eve knew to keep secret for a whole year or more! Wow! We know how sin takes us through the mind state of confusion and willful rejection (utter darkness) of facing off the Truth (light) until it manifests by being exposed to the Light. I hope I make some sense to you here.    
Urantia book paper 14 states that sin has never been in Havona. Is this not true anymore?
Quote: (155.3) 14:2.9 Neither has sin appeared in any creature who has entered Havona as a pilgrim. There has never been an instance of misconduct by any creature of any group of personalities ever created in, or admitted to, the central Havona universe. So perfect and so divine are the methods and means of selection in the universes of time that never in the records of Havona has an error occurred; no mistakes have ever been made; no ascendant soul has ever been prematurely admitted to the central universe.
Reading other posts I also came to understand that there was a fresh attack against your health and life on December 8 and 9. I pray that hurting you would be stopped immediately and permanently. Again, I would love to understand why the God the Supreme [and God the Ultimate?] cannot be stopped, or AT LEAST their servants from getting into your presence? How can that be?  
Thank you and wish you all the best. May God bless you with vibrant health.
Title: Re: Bulletin 8/DirectorMagisterial Fndation concerning the Supreme[ his views alone
Post by: amethyst on December 12, 2019, 03:38:32 pm
SonsofGod--You ask such pertinent and good questions.  Just as your post was coming in, I was writing in my notes a list of things I know and a list of things I don't know, trying to find some pattern or clue to all of this.  I feel like Alice who fell down the rabbit hole and all of reality is askew, and like an obsessed detective that cannot get THE clue that is missing to get the case solved.

I am so glad you wrote this post.  I will re-read it for any clues that can help crack this case, but alas having only a human brain, I do not know if this is doable for us on the human level, especially when you consider that Machiventa Melkizedek and Michael are struggling with this as well.

Another statement that caught my attention was that most of Nebadon was still loyal to the Supreme, even though Michael was not. (I could not find it, but I know I read it it in last day or so).  How is this possible if Michael is the SOVEREIGN Creator of Nebadon?  

I feel that we humans are at the mercy of time and decisions made by those on high.  
Your reference about sin having never entered the Central Universe of Havona is also quite thought provoking.

Also I want to echo your statement that says our eternal survival far, far, outweighs out temporal physical survival.  Forever and always may God's Will be done, no matter how many twists and turns it takes.  May God be with us always through our trials.
Title: Re: Bulletin 8/DirectorMagisterial Fndation concerning the Supreme[ his views alone
Post by: JuliodaLuz on December 12, 2019, 03:48:28 pm
To all

Perhaps the best solution to any impasse between personalities is to have a common response with the return, the reaffirmation of faith, and total submission to God the Father.

If all the personalities who believe in God, Father, do this, I believe that the impasses will be overcome, as the time will come for consensus in favor of God, Father.

In times of crisis the search for solutions is necessary. Spiritual circuits will be gradually restored, but the main reflection for all is in submission to God the Father.

God the Father knows us primarily through the Thought Adjuster that is within us evolutionary humans of time and space and who believe in God.

God the Father knows all our requests and prayers, especially the most important ones. Yes, we should also do our part, for example, with work and study, but leaving the final answer to our destiny, to God the Father.

Thank God, Father, for all the good around us. We strive to overcome difficulties and try to advance spiritually. These are personal responses to be reflected upon.

For collective reflection, however, the synthesis of this message, in my view, is the search and refuge in God the Father. God the Father who is love.

I feel I needed to write these more words.

With much love to all,



A todos

Talvez, a melhor solução para eventual impasse entre as personalidades é ter uma resposta comum com o retorno, a reafirmação da fé e a submissão total a Deus, Pai.

Se todas as personalidades que acreditam em Deus, Pai fizerem isto, eu acredito que os impasses serão superados, pois vai chegar o momento de consenso em favor de Deus, Pai.

Em momentos de crise é necessário a busca de soluções. Os circuitos espirituais serão aos poucos restabelecidos, mas a principal reflexão para todos está na submissão a Deus, Pai.

Deus, Pai, nos conhece, principalmente, através do Ajustador do Pensamento que está em  nós seres humanos evolucionários do tempo e do espaço e que acreditamos em Deus.

Deus, Pai conhece todos nossos pedidos e orações, principalmente, os mais importantes. Sim, devemos, também, fazer nossa parte, por exemplo, com trabalho e estudo, mas deixando a resposta final para nosso destino, para  Deus, Pai.

Agradecer a Deus, Pai, por tudo de bom que existe ao nosso redor. Buscarmos nos esforçar para superar as dificuldades e tentarmos avançar espiritualmente. Isto são respostas pessoais para serem refletidas.

Para reflexão coletiva, no entanto, a síntese desta mensagem, em minha visão, é a busca e o refúgio em Deus, Pai. Deus, Pai que é amor.

Eu sinto que precisava escrever mais estas palavras.

Com muito amor a todos,

Title: Re: Bulletin 8/DirectorMagisterial Fndation concerning the Supreme[ his views alone
Post by: Ron Besser on December 12, 2019, 05:15:54 pm
Yes, I was taken back with the Havona statement and the subject of sin.  I rather question it this way:  was the only sin the Supreme blowing himself up?  Or is that forgivable sabotage? 
When I can get myself better done today than I currently am, I have produced Bulletin 9 that examines just what the Supreme being did and who he was.  I had to rely on the Consummators of Universe Destiny, the Deity Absolute, plus what I learned from the Magisterial Son Rayson.  I also provide you some new vocabulary to deal with the evolution theory on Urantia and how to name what the Supreme did using those terms.  It should clear a lot of your questions up by SonsofGod.

I am also informed that  Bulletin 10 has to be done tonight as we have a surprise coming shortly regarding the SER.  Steven Gitz, sorry to ask this in the public forum, but do you have the time to place Bulletin 8 out to that email list?  Go ahead if you do.  Bulletin 9 needs to go too but I really have to put it into shape yet.

Concluding this response, Amethyst, I see you working so hard on this.  I am beat up and therefore just a tad heated over what the Supreme achieves at all that is worthwhile.  First, God the Supreme on Urantia is RESiDIUAL only and Bulletin 9 discusses how our biology makes that possible.  SonsofGod, Nebadon is NOT free of the Supreme and never will be unless the Father decrees it over for time in all phases.  Bulletin 9 addresses this but not as fully as the answer requires an I should add to 9 yet.

Amethyst, the Deity Absolute indicates to brush up on the Paper that discusses not the Supreme, but God the Sevenfold and then God the Ultimate so you know the relationship of the Supreme to the Ultimate and to God the Sevenfold.  They are not identical.

For all who read this:  God the Ultimate existed before God the Supreme.  That is because th Ultimate precedes the Supreme in order to establish transcendency of the Ultimate-Father over top of the time constructions to control time from becoming eternal without the Paradise Trinity causing time to be subsidiary to the Universal Father fully.  It is urgent if understanding is to occur that all readers understand there is no fat in the Urantia Book, and the information is supplied too well but not dug into enough ever, including myself. 

Qeustions to ask yourself on transcendency are:  Why does the Father permeate all circuits in time although we never hear him in them? 

Where does the Eternal Son abide in the absonite?  Now I hate that term because it never suggests what it means by its sound.  What the absonite is is to be bale to learn without have to take a class to know it.  That is timeless learning.  Still it makes no sense to me as I learn always with someone telling me to do to get it.  That is sequence and absonity is learning without sequence.  Still do not know?  Either do I  But we can talk about it as an object that the Father sees to alone if the Ultimate is too young to do it for Himself.  God the Supreme was far too young to do what he did to our Local Unvierses without being remanded into custody but that is not in Havona, that is on Paradise proper under the care of an Eternal Son who has a key to keep him with the Eternal Son.  Why am I so smart to know this?

Easy, the Eternal Son just told me so etc etc etc etc  . . . .

By implication then, we need to ask if the transcendency over time was fully established before the Supreme was promoted out of the original Havona circuit he occupies since eternity?  Heavy, but implied.  Do you know what things you already know are transcendency?
That's it.  More later.  RON

Title: Re: Bulletin 8/DirectorMagisterial Fndation concerning the Supreme[ his views alone
Post by: weydevu on December 13, 2019, 12:13:32 pm
Things are moving so fast or I'm slow coming to grips with whats going on. Just when I'm ready to post something another post pops up with explanations and answers of which I haven't read yet.

I have a couple of questions:

We're dealing with a being so powerful He rules all Superuniverses. Can or will the FATHER of ALL remove the fuse spirit of the Supreme from you?

RON HERE - Decisions today are being taken to address that very situation and I am advised it is to be done.  WE are all in a dire emergency situation as of today, and that is because the battle lines are now drawn between the MAGISTERIAL SONS to clear Urantia of all Supreme influences, including his ability to fuse minds on Urantia.  I dare not enter into the scope of those deliberations because I am just too junior to take part at all.  However, the Supreme-Ultimate attempted a fusion with me early this morning, and caused such a dislocation in my body they had to abandon the effort entirely, and as a result have further harmed my ability to have vision or see at all.  I am nearly blind now and asking for help to forestall total blindness and crippled leg muscles.  This is directly the result of attempting to fuse me and control the results and my Adjuster had to detach because of it and has been restored just recently today.  The ability for the Supreme, by my example alone, to fuse individuals on Urantia is removed shortly for everyone on Urantia, including you Weydevu. 

You use the term genetically several times such as:
    A. Humanity on Urantia is incapable to genetically embrace the rebellion as stated on Urantia that all things cohere in God the Supreme. The Supreme believes it has full sanctity in becoming the leader of all spiritual development on Urantia,

as it is Paradise that is controlling the use of God the Supreme on Urantia, but that controlling is in direct violation of the genetic disposition of those born on Urantia,

Serara and Monjoronson, now no longer refute the Supreme, but seriously question how the Supreme operates on many planets in this system of Local Universes, that have no humans capable of returning the spirit favors of God the Supreme, due to genetic dispositions left to grow in place of te Supreme after the Lucifer rebellion refuted the entire of humanity as a viable spirit force or material entity to be cut down as weeds along the roadside.

Could you explain please?

I see where you become ill with the proton issues how will that affect the general population?

RON HERE - "You have to take my word on this:  The Magisterial Sons are not longer counting on me or any human on Urantia right now to help difuse the attempt by God the Supreme to resolve its presence on Urantia, but fusing with billions of minds on Urantia, to guarantee his ownership of Urantia spiritually.  The Magisterial Sons agree with my views in Bulletin 8 which you refer to here.  However, I am a mere speck and have no spiritual standing ever in these matters, and that is my Thought Adjuster warning me to keep out of it for now.  I am too ill to know what they are doing, but they are refuting the Supreme their way as I am my way and we might meet later to talk about it somehow.  The battles is a rebellion aimed at gathering all of us on Urantia into the side of the rebellion the Supreme represents, and I for one see not point to a Supreme who cannot control anything including his temper over issues he is not grown up about to take on as a ruler.  Thank you.

I remember reading 'The Return of Rebel Angels', this angel that was reciting this story said that some of the angels that  went into rebellion  heard a mysterious voice, a soft sweet voice within them from deep space they didn't know who it was or where it came from, it had me curious to know also. Now after several years I'm thinking it was God the Supreme.  

RON HERE - "You must understand Weydevu, we are not in full receipt of revelation to fully comprehned how God is so fully in control of even the smallest dust dot.  He is never out of control but seldom exercises the degree of control he can exhibit.  Be assured that angel in that story heard not the Supreme. but the Supreme-Ultimate-Absolute, which has never been revealed for obvious reasons--  it is just a name to you and no one on an earth level will ever understand the condition that exists to call upon such an entity. They tell me because i have to pass on reasons for why some things are told and other things are never told, and today is one of those days I get to hear things I rather not know in all probability.

Your Weydevu are an extraordinary thinker when you apply yourself.  I myself have to apply myself so daily and it earns me confidence enough to ask questions like you do, except I get direct Voice of God answers and you have not developed that Voice just yet, and may never do so due to the health of your body parts that show signs already of weakening to cause you discomfort such as your adrenal system (kidneys).  I get how you deal life a little and you have to understand that what is unfair and prejudiced is not for you or against you but simply because of genetic dispositions within the Supreme that never let up and never give anyone a break unless the Supreme is somehow defeated by a loving Paradise Father.  I stand with you in your bravery and kindness and thought, and you must never forgive those who trespass against you easily, as they have harmed you too and that will be changed when we gather on the mansion worlds for us and have a good old time remembering the terrible old days with the Supreme on Urantia.


Title: Re: Bulletin 8/DirectorMagisterial Fndation concerning the Supreme[ his views alone
Post by: Ron Besser on December 13, 2019, 01:49:36 pm
Weydevu, just to remind you,  Look at yourpost above as I answered you there.  thanks