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Title: Energy the Divine Feminine and Masculine
Post by: marjon339 on July 08, 2016, 08:57:25 PM

The idea of Feminine the Mother and Masculine the Father energy has become so dominant nearly everywhere one looks these days that I thought it might be of some value to express a very grand view of what these energies are at the most elementary level. While this description may sound counter intuitive I am hoping you are able to agree at least in some measure in what is said but if you cannot agree in any way I would be honored to understand more about your position. Whatever you may think please keep a lite heart while reading this.   


I will use my understanding in words that are familiar to me to help describe fundamental characteristics of both feminine and masculine energy outside the context of gender.  I make the observations concerning these energies as much to help clarify for my own understanding but hope that others may also appreciate what I consider the ‘truths’ herein.
The divine feminine and masculine energies are an intimate part of all things but are in different proportions similar perhaps to Yin & Yang. This proportion is according to the overall function of the system. For the purposes here I define a “system” to include all living beings or things. The energies by themselves do not determine Gender but rather manifest character traits relative to the balance within each individual. (important) Regardless of the proportion contained traits of the energies may appear either overt or covert in either gender, such as stereotypical males that have highly creative feminine energies. Or it may be the reverse with a stereotypical female who is less creative but is a master at project plan implementations that require near continuous action. There are myriads of diverse examples that can be cited but it is only the idea that these energies are far from exclusive to gender and or what that gender may be or might manifest as.    

Divine Feminine - Mother

The divine feminine is the essential creative energy from which all life emanates from.  It is at the very core of creation. Without regard of magnitude it is at the most basic level a potential or a static charge. As with all things it has a consciousness. It is not restricted to any particular dimension and is universal in its very nature. It is the most important aspect of all creation and allows the existence of all that is in the universe. It is many times the most subtle of all energy and in my opinion the most undervalued and most overlooked at least in this realm.
When applied to a mortal being regardless of gender the energy manifest as being a supreme creative force receptive to other energies and nurturing and protective to all life.
Divine Masculine - Father
The divine masculine energy is very much ‘Kinetic’ and by definition is that of motion, action or flow. It is the carrier of work throughout the universe. It too is conscious but cannot exist on its own indefinitely. It likely causes or directly aids in expansion of the universe and clearly expands life throughout but it is not the principle creator but is a Co-Creator with the divine feminine energy.  
It can be a subtle energy but more times than not it is anything but subtle or it could be said the nature of the masculine energy is generally overt. It is not restricted to any particular dimension and is universal in its very nature.
When manifested in mortals regardless of gender its primary attribute in addition to being kinetic tend to be Defensive rather than Protective. Though these two words are often used synonymously, however in this case it is important to make a distinction. The difference is, Defense is a cause or reason for action and may be of a group or larger effort. Many times defense is regarded as a ‘mission’ particularly in military or paramilitary organizational structures. Defense and defensive systems generally though not always must be programmed or built to accomplish a function. Conversely Protection is for extremely specific purposes and is usually an innate or naturally occurring attribute requiring no intervention for it to exist.
We may Defend the Fort but God Protects Each of Us.